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Mountain House Reveal (Yes, Another One!): The Coziest Upstairs Guest “Bunk” Bedroom

I bet you thought mountain house reveals were over? WRONG! We’re back in the upstairs guest bedroom, which we sort of showed you in this post, but now it’s fully done. We got weird with this one, and I’m so happy we did. A king and a queen bed in here, first on accident and then intentionally. Here’s how it went down: we messed up in the design process and didn’t make the windows wide enough to put a king bed in between the windows. We thought we did, but I think we didn’t account for the frame (this and other lessons in my next book that my team and I are spending 8 hours a day writing right now). So any king bed would hit the frame in the most awkward accidental way.

If you know me at all, you might know that I hate when things barely touch awkwardly (generally in life, actually). It needs to look intentional, so they can overlap just not barely touch. We started looking for wider beds to rectify this, in search of a headboard that would go so far over the window that it would be obvious that we weren’t trying to make it fit in between. Julie reminded me about the extra wide king bed from Thos. Moser that we used in the Portland project, and we were like “oh dear, that’s our bed.” We thought about all these DIY headboards that could have been a janky solution, but truly this bed made the most design sense (and needed to look good because it was going to be in a magazine, and on the blog, of course).

So we reached out to see if they’d work with us again. But first, a bit about the company: Thos. Moser has been around for decades—generations almost says it better; read about the history here. I’ve loved them since I was a stylist in New York, 15 years ago. They are a heritage, artisan furniture company based in Maine that makes their beautiful products right here in the US. It’s how we used to make and buy furniture: from a furniture maker that made high-quality classic pieces, then we’d pass it down from generation to generation. We reached out and pitched the trade, knowing that this bed was beyond our budget (that is how a lot of these partnerships work). If you have the budget, please support companies and makers like this. I didn’t due to being so far over budget on this house, but I’m proud to be able to support them in the ways I can, like exposing their work to our large audience, getting them press, social media and, best of all, photography for their usage. We work hard to create beautiful rooms for makers and brands we love and Thos. Moser is truly one of them.

Okay. Back to the dilemma. They didn’t have a king made (they are made to order, after all) at the time, only a queen, but we (all of us) REALLY wanted to try to get it in the House Beautiful feature. So they shipped the queen and we shot it here:

We could only shoot this vignette and not the pulled back room because the queen headboard did hit the windows awkwardly so we cheated it to the side so it would “clear” the window frame and just shot this side (a little smoke and mirrors).

Meanwhile, we put the king mattress that we originally had on the floor on the other side of the room and guess what? All summer long this room, with two big beds, got more use from families than any other. All our friends and family with small kids loved that they could sleep near them. It’s almost a grown-up (and more beautiful) bunk bedroom. So when the king was ready and arrived, we realized that both would fit—the king between the windows and the queen by the closet. It would mean little space for too much else, but at this point we realized that we were so over budget that indeed we would be renting out this house and having more places for people to sleep comfortably is a huge selling point.

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 5

It works and is somehow still so open and calming because everything is cohesive. All the wood matches, and the tones of the textiles and carpet all coordinate so well. Having the beds be lighter, visually (they are EXTREMELY heavy by the way, in a good way that you know will last probably hundreds of years) helps keep it feeling big despite having two beds.

Now, trying to coordinate bedding on both so that they worked well without matching was a challenge that took me, Emily Bowser and Julie WEEKS to figure out, but we did and we loved how it turned out. We tried to have the same amount of “visual weight” on both beds so it felt balanced and we used the same types of textiles on each so they coordinated but mixed up where they went. One bed has that pretty mauve on the pillows, the other on the blanket.


The window shades, which are Hunter Douglas from Decorview, are blackout shades, on remotes and super simple and lovely.

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 1

As for the wall-to-wall carpet…well, I never thought I’d do beige wall-to-wall in my life? But here we are. It was supposed to be light gray but we accidentally ordered the wrong colorway (ha a lot was happening fast, guys) and when it arrived, we were actually so pleasantly surprised and love it way more. It’s from Stark Carpet and we hacked it by putting 2″ memory foam underneath it (density 7 lb which was about $200 more to install than a standard install pad), so while it’s a low pile, it is EXTREMELY comfortable. Bouncy, even.

We knew that we wouldn’t have a ton of space for lamps, and wanted to add something architectural to the room, so we ordered this sconce from One Forty Three and we love what it did to the room. It’s quiet but really interesting (please note the wood ball on the bottom arm, which ties in with our light wood throughout).

For anyone who wonders if nightstands have to match, the answer is no, not really. Here, we used two sets (one for each bed), though it’s a visual lesson that they could also be mixed and matched if there were just the one bed. The round wood ones above are from IKEA (which are so great and obviously affordable). Once the king bed came in, we didn’t have room for that sherpa chair (from Target and awesome), sadly.

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 4

On the other side of the room, we have two smaller nightstands (mostly for a glass of water) from CB2. We hung these awesome sconces from Humanhome that saved space but provide the light that those guests would need. The cord hangs and attaches to the wall (and you turn them on/off from a button on the floor).

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 8

I repurposed my Jane Denton pieces from Birdie’s old nursery here and, of course, still love them. Between those and the mirror and sconces, that’s all the room really needs. It’s soft and minimal.

The closet doors are by Ross Alan and yes you have space to open them. We put a dresser inside for the guests to be able to put their clothes away.

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 7

Excellent bed styling ladies. Pulled together, cohesive yet soft and inviting. The shams in that photo are actually euros that we cheated for the shot, so if you are on Pom Pom at Home’s website, know that they don’t exist in standard or king size (although we think they should and technically, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could just size them down).

This room has its own bathroom (reveal here) and while I love no room more than our master bedroom, this room is fought over.

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 9

That beautiful vase is from Sheldon Ceramics (how perfect is it?) and fun fact, those branches lasted for months and are dried so we didn’t even have to buy new ones for this shoot.

Mountain House Upstairs Guest Room 6

There you go. The most beautiful bed in the world in what might be the coziest bedroom I’ve ever designed. Come back tomorrow for another mountain house update (we played around in the kids’ room and did something maybe a little controversial??). See you tomorrow for that.



Foreside Queen & King Beds by Thos. Moser | Small Ivory Hex Nightstands by CB2 | Tiered Wood Side Tables by IKEA

Bedding & Decor:

King Bed Area: Swing-Arm Sconce by One Forty Three | Round Mirror by CB2 | Mini Nub Dish by Ben Mendansky | Terra Cotta Vase by Sheldon Ceramics | Table Lamp from Finnish Design Shop | Lumbar Pillow from Filling Spaces | Shams from Pom Pom at Home | Blush Pillowcases from Target | Linen Blend Duvet Set from Target | Berry Quilt from Pom Pom at Home

Queen Bed Area: Plug-In Sconce by Humanhome | X Art (above bed) by Jane Denton | Art (above bed) by Jane Denton | Lumbar Pillow from Filling Spaces | Berry Shams from Pom Pom at Home | White Pillowcases from Target | Cream/Gray Duvet Cover from Pom Pom at Home (similar) | Diamond-Stitch Velvet Mauve Quilt from Target | Blush Blanket from Pom Pom at Home

Hardware & Finishes:

Closet Hardware by Schoolhouse | Door Hardware by Rejuvenation | Light Switch by Forbes & Lomax | Pure White Paint by Sherwin-Williams

Windows & Doors:

Hunter Douglas Room Darkening Solera Soft Shades from Decorview | Treemont Stria Carpet by Stark Carpet | Contemporary Windows by Marvin | Beechwood Doors by Ross Alan Reclaimed

And lastly, I wanted to give Thos. Moser another shout out (this post isn’t sponsored, I just really love them) and show you all my other favorite pieces, some of which haven’t changed since I loved them 15 years ago. If you are in Freeport, Maine, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., or San Francisco, you can check out these pieces for yourself at their showrooms.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Upstairs Guestroom Thos. Moser Roundup

1. Foreside Bed 2. Wishbone Extension Table | 3. Hoop Mirror | 4. Hancock Table | 5. Continuous Arm Chair | 6. Dr. White’s Chest | 7. Eastward Bench | 8. Table Minimus – Oval | 9. Ellipse Arm Chair | 10. Vita Blanket Box | 11. Continuous Arm Bench | 12. Pencil Post Bed | 13. Continuous Arm Rocker | 14. Hartford Sofa – One Place | 15. Foreside Mirror

***photography by Sara Liggoria-Tramp, design by me with assistance from Julie Rose, styling by Emily Bowser and Julie Rose

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4 years ago

I can see why this room is fought over. What a dream. I would replace the X O prints with something black and white.

Loveley of
4 years ago

love this room immensely. for a guest room, this is PERFECT for families! and Thos. Moser is all so beautiful. adding this to my lottery dream list.

4 years ago

Love both of the Thos. Moser benches in the roundup. SO pretty.

4 years ago

Gorgeous and I love the carpet. What’s wrong with beige?

4 years ago

I love this room so much. Perfect for a guest room.

4 years ago

I love this room, so calming! But the Californian in me cringes slightly when I see mirrors or art above a bed-in case of earth quakes! But it’s gorgeous!

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Me, too! I moved out of Cali, and still can’t bring myself to hang anything heavy above the bed

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Same here! Nothing hung over a bed in my home that can fall off in an earthquake and hurt you. Most definitely not a mirror.

Beautiful room!

katie y chang
4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

ha! i had the same thought immediately. i’d love to have a mirror over our bed but could never do it for this reason.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Same thought! There are already enough ways an earthquake could kill you.

4 years ago

BRAVO! It’s a welcome break for my EHD eye to see no blue in here. Wall to wall with memory foam seems so inviting these days (as I trip over area rug seams all over my place).

4 years ago

Those beds are EVERYTHING.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Lovely, airy room! Very tranquil. One thought; if you are reading in bed, to turn off the scone light, you have to get out if the bed to use the button on the floor?

4 years ago

oh my gosh this room is so beautiful i can hardly stand it. i want to live in it. and i am so not a pink person… the perfect shades of adult, “neutral” mauve, light wood, and white.

Tina Schrader
4 years ago

So pretty! I love the color on the beds, and they look super comfy. The only thing that would bother me are the cords supporting the mirror running across the window — aesthetically, that would be unappealing to me — and that I’d feel nervous sleeping under a mirror. Anything happens, like an earthquake (although perhaps in the mountains, the shaking isn’t that great) and I’d wake up with a face full of glass. But overall, I think you did a great job!

Susie Q.
4 years ago

The room is very beautiful and calming.
As a person who frequents many an airbnb, though, I just wanted to add a thought: visitors really need surfaces to put their stuff on. Maybe they would have that in your bedroom closet; I’m sure there is space in the bath as well. And if guests are renting your whole house then sure, they’ll have plenty of space, even if it’s not in that particular room.
But a tip to anyone and everyone–it’s pretty frustrating to rent a vacation home and have to put away the million knick-knacks (and then put them back out when you leave) because you have nowhere to put your clothes, food, etc. And narrow rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms need hooks on the walls for this same purpose. Just a tip.

Roberta Davis
4 years ago
Reply to  Susie Q.

totally agree!

4 years ago
Reply to  Susie Q.

Hooks! A few for the once worn pants, pajamas, the other handbag….. they are the most useful of guest room accessories.

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

Gorgeous in every way.

Cf Betcher
4 years ago

This is the prettiest room. I love everything in it! I would LOVE to stay here.
I’ve had the luck of touring the Thos. Moser workshop. It’s so beautiful and everyone is so talented there!!!

4 years ago

Wow, I love the bedding! So elegant but cozy at the same time.

4 years ago

I was having such a garbage day at work, and then I came here and was instantly calmed. This room — this whole house — is beautiful, and such a breath of fresh air. It’s the kind of space that just makes you want to exhale and let everything else melt away. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits today. I hope the whole EHD team knows how much your hard work means to all the people who are touched by it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Margo

Margo, I am so happy that these photos could brighten up your day! You made me tear up from your comment and I wanted to let you know how much this means to all of us. I hope you have a lovely rest of your week!

4 years ago

Love this room. Really beautiful and serene. One thing I have trouble convincing my clients of is hanging wall sconces with cords. I see it all the time in designer images and I’m down with it but I find most people think it’s gauche. :-/

4 years ago
Reply to  nic

I like the look – but they provide almost no directional light. When I’m in bed I want to be able to read. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful room and so refreshing to not see anything blue (not that there’s anything wrong with that : ))!

4 years ago

This is perfect. The colors are serene. I have a question and would love insight. Can you talk about when to use panels and when to use just shades? This room looks finished without panels — but can you explain the WHY? How does it look good here but in other places, would look unfinished?

4 years ago

I love Thos. Moser! I furnished my living room with many of their pieces 12 years ago. Truly heirloom furniture, and the best customer service!

4 years ago

I love how this room came together! Is the color way of the Stark carpet you used the Linen?

4 years ago

Would have never thought of putting BOTH beds that size in one room but obviously works! But I’m still hoping for the playroom reveal.

4 years ago

Loved that bed the first time I saw you use it in the Portland house! Amazing! All of their pieces.

4 years ago

Love this room! Great inspiration! Do you have advice on how wide a room should be to fit in a king bed and 2 nightstands? We have a lot of extra room in front of our current queen bed but would like to switch to a king bed. Thanks and hello from Montreal! 🙂

Sarah M.
4 years ago

I need a cheaper duper for that beautiful Thos bed!

4 years ago

This is a really well written article.

Julie S
4 years ago

It is so dreamy and soothing! I’m amazed by the simple perfection – simple isn’t easy. And pink/mauve is SO NOT my color but I STILL want to roll around in the cloud of peaceful bliss this room emanates.

4 years ago

since we are in CA I tend to steer clear of putting breakable shard shattering things above the headboard. the Mirror looks like it could do some damage to someone sleeping during an earthquake. but I do love the two big beds in one room!

4 years ago

Oh Me oh My the king bed is 9459 with the bedding and mattress . You are now officially out of my league!

4 years ago

Oh Me oh My the king bed is 9459 without the bedding and mattress . You are now officially out of my league!

4 years ago

Like so many couples, my DH and I disagree on interior design – but we agree on Thos. Moser. Yes, I know, it is expensive but you buy a piece ONCE and keep it for a lifetime. Our first purchase was a bed frame – still going strong after a couple of decades. Several side tables. Two wing chairs. A Windsor chair. And not a regret in the bunch. It’s quality stuff.

In fact, thinking about it, maybe we should do these beds in our guest room. DH would love that idea!

4 years ago

One of my favorite EHD rooms, ever. But $12,000 for beds? This is out of reach several times over for so many of us who would love to invest in American craft. I’ll be dreaming about this for years to come.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kate

I have to agree. This is stunning, but so far out of reach in terms of price that it’s frustrating!

4 years ago

This looks so lovely!

Anyone know where that original rust red quilt is from? I looked but can’t find the link!

4 years ago

Really fancying the beautiful combination of the mauve with the wood. The colours are just so soothing! Surely using this as an inspiration for future projects. I bet your guests would love it in here.

Arvind V.
Alankar Interiors and Beyond

4 years ago

Don’t know if others experience this but it seems no matter what device I use, (even on a brand new laptop, on my phone or with one tab open) to view the site lately, it uses way too much memory. It takes minutes to get through the page because of how slow it loads. It took me forever to be able to type this comment! I used to read daily but now only read sporadically because of this. 🙁

Paula Carr
4 years ago

I absolutely love this room! I like it more than the master, and I WOULD fight to stay in it.

“If you know me at all, you might know that I hate when things barely touch awkwardly (generally in life, actually). It needs to look intentional, so they can overlap just not barely touch”. — This is MY mantra. Too many people arrange objects/pictures so nothing is touching/overlapping, and nothing looks more “I don’t know how to arrange a vignette” than this.