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Mountain House Reveal: Our Calm Scandinavian Master Bedroom

Here we are in the master bedroom, quite literally my favorite place to wake up in. This house didn’t really have a master bedroom. There were four different common areas, this being one of them, but only three bedrooms, so we turned this former family room into the suite. So today, you’ll see the reveal of it as well as hear how we live in it and what has changed since the shoot 2 months ago.

Let’s revisit this space’s original glory with the text of what we THOUGHT we were going to do:

Emily Henderson Lake House Before Upstairs Living Room 1 2 New 2

As you can see, there was a stairway up from the downstairs family room and you guys gave me the genius idea to simply get rid of it. We don’t need it and haven’t ever missed it. Getting rid of the stairs made this room so much more usable, not to mention bigger.

Emily Henderson Lake House Before Upstairs Living Room 1 1 New 2

I BARELY remember this space and can’t believe what we turned it into. We changed everything: all new windows, flooring, and the most important thing we did was pop through the ceiling to vault it and then obviously clad it.

Emily Henderson Lake House Before Upstairs Living Room 3 New 2 2

This room (along with the family room beneath it) are the two that changed THE MOST. It’s basically unrecognizable.

Mh Master Bedroom 15

First things first: the wood ceiling/floor. Vaulting the ceiling made the room feel HUGE and by putting in four Velux skylights, it’s flooded with light (they have blackout shades on remotes, don’t worry). We got the wood from Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber and Ross and his team did the most BEAUTIFUL job cladding the ceiling and trimming it out.

We used the same fireplace from Montigo that we did in the Portland house because we loved the indoor/outdoor nature of it, but this time had our GC figure out a custom steel cladding to fit into my Scandi cabin dreams. We LOVE the look of it, and in the winter we used it a decent amount, mostly during the day while I was hanging out in there.

There are a couple of caveats to it, though. The blower is pretty loud outside if you have it up high, so we have it low which doesn’t create THAT much heat if it’s freezing outside. I guess I thought I’d be able to sit with a cup of hot tea in the evening in the snow, but in order to feel that kind of heat, you have to turn the blower up so loud that you can’t really talk.

Oh and the flue is faux and just for looks; you don’t really need it but we loved the drama of it.

Mh Master Bedroom 04

You are likely wondering what is behind that headboard wall—it’s the walk-in closet (which just got installed last week so we are shooting it soon). Why did we do this? Because we needed a closet and didn’t want to carve out a big one that would break up the squareness of the room. We could have taken the wall to the ceiling like normal people but it would have made the room feel smaller and we were used to seeing the expanse of the ceiling all the way back.

So Velinda designed this black steel and glass enclosure that made it look intentional and architecturally spectacular (just having it be empty up top could have looked unfinished). I almost scrapped the whole thing because of budget but ultimately decided for a variety of reasons that it was worth ponying up the $15k to build and install the panel and door (more to come). We worked with Bananas and Hammocks on it (they were GREAT if you are in the market for custom steel/glass doors). If you look into the closet (through the mirror reflection), you can see it unfinished with just a dresser…again, we’ll reveal that soon!

Mh Master Bedroom 05

That chair was a gift from the Portland project by the local Oregonian maker, Justin Nelson of Fernweh Woodworking.

He said that after we featured it in Portland, his business bumped up and the press flocked. I love nothing more than hearing that we are helping the businesses of small makers. It’s quite possibly the most beautiful chair in the world and I accepted it with absolute honor.

We paired it with a Target table and that awesome Katy Skelton sconce. My apologies that we wrapped up the cord for another shot but you get to see that unedited blip. 🙂 A good solution would be to have the cord cut to go directly into the outlet without slack, but I doubt I’ll ever actually get to that.

Mh Master Bedroom 06

Mh Master Bedroom 08

Speaking of sconces, we worked with one of my favorite lighting companies, Allied Maker, on a lot of the fixtures for the house and these might possibly be my favorite. They are so modern and sculptural and give off AMAZING soft ambient light.

In terms of overall lighting in the room, we didn’t put cans in because we didn’t want to break up the ceiling with them. We did, however, put in LED strip lighting on top of the collar ties (horizontal beams) which lights up the ceiling in a beautiful way, but it’s still soft.

As of now, I don’t miss having cans. The sconces provide enough light. I’d imagine during the winter (when it gets dark so early) if I’m getting ready for a nighttime dinner then I MIGHT wish that we had them, but as of right now I never even think about it (we did put them in the bathroom because you need better light there, and there is cool direct track lighting in the closet).

Mh Master Bedroom 10

The windows and doors are the same white oak from Marvin we used throughout the house, which are just stunning. We custom-designed the door to have glass panels with really thing frames to let in the most amount of light. I love them so much.

Mh Master Bedroom 16

Mh Master Bedroom 11

The window treatments are all remote-controlled blackout shades by Hunter Douglas via Decorview. I’ve worked with them so many times and every time they are GREAT. They send an expert to your house and we went room by room to really help advise on what type of shades you want, depending on light and style needs. We wanted something as minimal as possible so we went with an inside mount, in a clean white fabric and it stacks really small, unlike a Roman shade that takes up more of the window. We really wanted the white oak of the window frames to be the feature.

Here’s a GIF below so you can see what they look like when they are down.

Master Bed Gif 01

Also, above you’ll see that we styled it cleaner at first (then we changed it and made it more relaxed, so that’s why the bedding doesn’t match throughout).

Mh Master Bedroom 09

Speaking of bedding, we used a combination of Brooklinen sheets (they are the softest), with a Target duvet and an awesome faux leather bolster from Target’s fall collection (which was originally supposed to be on sale August 25 but they had delays. It’s coming soon and we’ll do a post about it to let you know).

Mh Master Bedroom 14

Ha. Here we styled out the bed even MORE messy and made the pillows more casual (the magazine asked for some messier shots). We couldn’t use the bolster styling it this way because it was too long.

The green quilt is Target and that patterned blanket is, well, it’s my favorite blanket in the world that we borrowed from Lost & Found for the shoot (and returned it right after because it’s $750). It’s honestly a work of art, and handmade in America by the designers/artisans so I respect the craft, just couldn’t justify the cost. 🙂 I did find a good blanket from CB2 that has a similar vibe but not nearly as special.

Hb Master Bedroom 03

We saved on the bed by using this super simple and lovely one from Article, knowing that I like to change out bedding a lot and didn’t want a statement bed because the architecture of the space is the highlight. But I did want the room to feel unique, so I found these vintage nightstands on Chairish that we had sandblasted (thanks MidcenturyLA). The bench is super simple, from Rejuvenation, and ties it all together.

The simple white painting is by local LA artist Melinda Forster. I discovered her the flea market and begged her to do another piece for me—thank you Melinda. 🙂 It’s so quiet and the black frame really picks up the black steel framing and the fireplace.

Mh Master Bedroom 17

I love this room more than I ever thought I could. It’s just so simple and easy to live in it, plus the rug (from Lulu and Georgia) is like walking on a cloud and the bed is so comfortable.

On to the what has changed since the shoot or the “what would I change” portion of the post:

I wish we had put a TV in here. I know all the expert advice that you are only supposed to sleep and have sex in a bedroom, but well, I wish we could also marathon Big Little Lies. The faux flue of the fireplace could be taken off and we could mount the TV but it would drastically compromise the design of the room. For now, we just both watch the same laptop in bed, but it’s not a big TV. If I go another year wishing we had a TV, I might try to figure out a better solution.

The fireplace is GREAT that it’s indoor/outdoor and acts as another window, however, it doesn’t have a shade so we have to shove a blanket in the crack and cover it at night. This weekend I might create this DIY idea that is a blackout square of fabric, with magnets sewn into it and see if that works. Obviously there is a solution, but for now, it’s a weird blanket always shoved over it.

The sconces flanking the bed were supposed to be wired with a light switch to control near the nightstand, but that got lost along the way. We will likely bring an electrician back to do this as it’s pretty annoying having to get out of bed and walk all the way to the door to turn off the light before we go to sleep.

Lastly, we moved the tree down to LA and gave it to a friend because I knew that we couldn’t keep it alive and I didn’t want the guilt.

Okay. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. It’s so calm, quiet and comfortable while still being modern and it feels fresh (to me, at least).

A huge thanks again to my team for helping me execute: Velinda took charge of the closet/steel glass design and the fireplace, while Julie helped project manage and design throughout the entire process.

Come back tomorrow for the master bathroom!!



White Oak Contemporary Windows by Marvin | Custom White Oak Door by Marvin | Door Hardware by Baldwin from Marvin | Beechwood Flooring and Tongue and Groove Ceiling Cladding by Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber | Antique Bronze Light Switches by Forbes & Lomax | Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights by VELUX Skylights | Pure White by Sherwin-Williams | Fireplace by Montigo | Glass and Steel Closet Enclosure by Bananas & Hammocks


Bed by Article | Vintage Nightstands from Chairish (no longer available) | Leather Sling Armchair by Fernweh Woodworking | Bench by Rejuvenation | Black Side Table by Target (no longer available)

Art & Decor:

Window Treatments by Hunter Douglas through Decorview | Large Artwork Over Bed by Melinda Forster | Green Quilt by Target (coming soon) | Striped Blanket from Lost & Found | Grid Fitted Sheet & Shams by Brooklinen | Leather Lumbar Pillow by Target (coming soon) | Rug from Lulu and Georgia | Tassel Throw by Target (coming soon) | Concrete Planter from Target | Ribbed White Ceramic Vase by Sheldon Ceramics | Leaning Mirror by Article


Bedside Sconces by Allied Maker | Plug-In Black & Brass Sconce by Katy Skelton | Small Single Bulb Sconce Triple Seven Home

***Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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3 years ago

For your TV+clean design dreams, have you considered a ceiling mounted projector and remote retractable screen? Since you might not need as massive a screen as my media nerd husband, I bet you would be *too* upset with the visuals since it could kind of disappear into all that ceiling space, and same with the projector.

A couple things to note are that the picture quality will never be amazing during daytime if you have *any* light coming into the room (probably even with all your amazing blackout shades just because there’s always a bit of leak) and the bulbs can be quite expensive so the overall cost feels like more than a TV. But it could be a binge-worthy solution and there are a lot of high end vendors that can help you get a decent look given the budget you’d likely have compared to a more typical consumer.

Caroline Charles
3 years ago
Reply to  Virginia

This is exactly what I was going to suggest! And, if you’re only going to watch it at night you can totally get a cheap projector next prime day. Ours was about three hundred pounds and provides a 100 inch picture that disappears when it’s switched off. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a projector!

3 years ago

So good it’s unbelievable. This whole house is my dream home.

Jim Jan
3 years ago

Beautiful. Looks like you could get a projector to watch tv on the white wall space above the door.

3 years ago

Have you considered using smart bulbs for the lights instead of calling an electrician? You’ll be able to turn off your lights from bed with your phone, and likely save some money.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

I second this! Smart bulbs are soo much easier than dealing with an electrician. And if you ever get that TV, and get a smart remote (we have Harmony remotes) you can dim and turn off each light from the remote, without having to take out your phone!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Was coming to comment the exact same thing. You’re already used to the remote controlled shades, so this would be super simple. We did the same in our bedroom as getting up to switch off the lights was similarly driving us crazy. Plus that way you don’t need to clutter up the walls with another switch plate

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

SAME! Alexa turns off all the lights in our house when we go to bed. It’s AWESOME to be lying in bed and then notice that a light is on in the living room. “Alexa, turn off the living room”

Depending on the ones you get, you can even set the temperature of the bulbs to give the exact light quality that you want.

Lastly, if the bulbs are exposed, you can install a Smart Switch instead, that also allows you to turn it on and off via phone or Alexa or GoogleHome or whatever…

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Agree! Even Ikea sells these bulbs now – there are lots of options and they’re a fantastic solution for my old house.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Full agreement! I can ask Alexa to turn on and off all the lights in my bedroom and it makes me feel like the queen of the castle. It’s such an affordable solution too.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

If you can’t get smart bulbs for your lights, you can also switch the switch to a smart switch that will work on bluetooth or wifi. Lutron makes the Caseta, which works with a wide variety of lights.

3 years ago

Beautiful! Are you able to share when the “coming soon” items from Target be available?

3 years ago
Reply to  Julie

Seriously, I feel like it’s been forever! I did see that they had some of the other items from previous rooms that were “coming soon” now up on the website, but I’m very interested in that green quilt.

3 years ago
Reply to  Julie

Second that motion.

3 years ago
Reply to  Julie

I keep checking back for the green quilt, too. I looked on their website and didn’t see it.

3 years ago

I love it! But you also said bed was so comfortable and would love to know what mattress you have ( as I am desperately looking for a mattress I love). Thank you!!

3 years ago

This room is so so beautiful! I love everything but especially the bedding! I’m so sad you didn’t keep the blanket! $750 doesn’t seem like that much after a 15k closet enclosure… Pretty please buy yourself one more birthday present!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Cf Betcher

I was thinking the same thing. That blanket is an heirloom piece and a closet is just a closet.

Régine from The 256 Project
3 years ago

This is master bedroom goals! It’s understated elegance, while also being cozy and comfortable. It’s relaxing just to look at it. Well done!

3 years ago

I scrolled that entire post waiting for the link for that throw blanket and was crossing my fingers it was part of the new target line! The price tag is unfortunate, but man, I totally understand it. That thing is burned in my mind now. True art.

I love this room very, very much. 🙂

3 years ago

Wallace Sewell (who made the blanket) is a British company (so not made in the USA, I think) that makes the dreamiest plaids. I feel like they even do upholstery fabric, which I would be happy to use if price were no object. The best I’ve been able to afford is a shawl that I LOVE.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

Yes – kind of sad that the details are lost about it being designed by one of the great female textile designers of the bauhaus and being British made.

I can spot Stolz work at 100m.

3 years ago

Dear Emily,

Your work is simply SO inspiring and fresh !
I would appreciate if you shared the colors (company and name) of the walls at your dreamy mountain house.
Love from Greece !

3 years ago
Reply to  Elina

It’s in the sources list. Paint is Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

3 years ago

So gorgeous! Have you considered using Hue bulbs or Caseta switches for your sconces? Both would allow you to control your sconces with your voice or a remote and don’t require any new wires to be run. We have been renovating our house and adding in more smart features like this and LOVE it! Can’t wait for more reveals!

3 years ago

Love it and worth the agony of all the individual design decisions. Great job by Velinda and Julie. I understand about theory and real life (the tv). I’d take down the faux statement chimney and put up a frame TV with some great art in it’s place. You know how good they are…

3 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

Love it. It is beautiful. I can see why you would want to wake up there every single day! Would you mind sharing details about your mattress. Im on the hunt. Thanks!

Barbara Boxley
3 years ago

The master bedroom is truly amazing. The wood beams and ceiling steal the show for me! ???

3 years ago

Absolutely beautiful and exactly what I’d want in a bedroom.

3 years ago

This room is amazing as is your whole home. I love everything! For the fireplace have you thought of taking a piece of canvas and sewing in magnets to hold it in place? It could easily be removed and would look neat and intentional when needed. Just a thought.

3 years ago

Gorgeous bedroom!! So much inspiration. Melinda Forster’s painting is beautiful. As for adding a TV – I have mine on an easel.

3 years ago

Each, little, tiny, reveal of your beautiful mountain house (that you’llbe living in as your base soon…coz I manifested it for you 😉 ) just inspires me to calm my home down!
I’ve been really into colour and texture……wondering how to do that WITH calmnessssss??
Waking up in that room will make each day a dream. 🙂

3 years ago


3 years ago

This is definitely my favorite room (so far)! The ceiling really transformed the space. From the first picture I was in love with the blanket and kept waiting for you to mention it. All I can say is OF COURSE it is $725. I always like the things I can’t afford.

3 years ago

You could do a remote-controlled screen that drops down from the backside of the horizontal cross beam in front of the fireplace and project TV/movies from the clear glass wall in the closet. No, not really. That would be horrible. But wait would it? Yes. Maybe not. Oh no. Indecision.

Roberta Davis
3 years ago

That is a dramatic transformation of the space, and looks like a wonderful place to inhabit! I love that black sconce, but it’s too pricey for me to justify. Maybe sometime you can do an “affordable lighting” post to show close alternatives to the many beautiful but luxury-priced pieces throughout the house.

I hate snow and cold but I can picture a cozy, snowy weekend there!

3 years ago
Reply to  Roberta Davis

There was an affordable lighting post last week with some nice options. It should be easy to find. I think it was Wednesday or Thursday.

3 years ago
Reply to  Roberta Davis

I think there was one last week! It was more of a list of sources with a few picks from each, but I found and saved a few from that post for future renovations 🙂

3 years ago

It is the most beautiful bedroom I have ever seen. I designed several bedrooms and always thought, that this room should be small to keep it calm, just bed, nightstands and some storage. But then I had once stayed in the guest house in Tuscany, where they had this big bedroom. I was sleeping so well there! I dont know, maybe more air…but it works. Dream bedroom, Emily!

Kelcey Bower
3 years ago

OK but where did you *get* the tree. I’ve been looking for one in the LA area and have been hitting dead ends left and right!

3 years ago
Reply to  Kelcey Bower

That is a Ficus benghalensis, commonly known as Ficus Audrey. They aren’t too hard to find. I have even seen them at Home Depot. One thing to know about ficus is that they adapt better to their environment if you buy them at a smaller size and they do need quite a lot of light.

3 years ago

This room – the whole house – is amazing. I seriously love it. My request is to see photos of all the light fixtures you’ve selected turned on in the evening. I know it’s hard to photograph, but it would give us such a good idea of how the spaces feel after dark, warmed up and cozy.

Paige Cassandra Flamm
3 years ago

This room is amazing! All of the colors and textures are perfect!


Mariya Zafirova
3 years ago
3 years ago

This room is just wonderful! Quick question – what species is the tree? Not sure if it’s just the light but it doesn’t look like a fiddle lead fig in these photos. Thanks!

3 years ago

When my husband and I were young(er) and broke(er), we used to snuggle together and watch TV shows on a laptop. We have a TV in our bedroom now, but I still kinda miss it. Just a thought.

3 years ago

I LOVE this room! It has such a calm, simple modern vibe yet still has that warm and cozy mountain feel with the vaulted wood ceilings and fireplace. Great job!

3 years ago

Can you do some sort of smart system for the lighting (like a google home?). That helped me and my husband with our nightly “fights” on who would get up and turn off the light! Not sure if you were trying to keep everything analog.

I love all these mountain house reveals. It’s my favorite house of yours (well besides the Glendale one)

Angie RS
3 years ago

So many STUNNING architectural choices. This made space made me happy-sigh.

3 years ago

Beautiful room and so glad that you’re enjoying it! For the sconces – instead of hiring an electrician, you could put in a smart switch (or bulbs) that you could voice control (we have it in several rooms and use an echo dot)- that’s likely much cheaper and adds extra luxury!

3 years ago

Wow, this is lovely. I find the glass/metal portion of the wall kind of weird though. I get what you were trying to accomplish but I’d have chosen to just run the wall all the way up and have it feel cozier. Regarding the TV, could you just mount it to the flue? It would be visible but might be worth it, especially for Big Little Lies which I dearly love!!!

Now that the mountain house is completed, I’d love to see a post on the total cost of everything. There is a bit here and there, but it would be very informative to have that, especially for anyone reading that is contemplating a full remodel.

3 years ago
Reply to  Karyn

At first I was intrigued by the glass ceiling, but the more I look at it, the more I agree with you. Not sure why they couldn’t just leave the space above the closet open to the vaulted ceiling. Why does it need a glass enclosure? Or, if it must be enclosed, that wall behind the bed seems relatively tall – why not just put a flat glass ceiling over the closet that isn’t visible when you’re standing in the bedroom?

Louisa Rosetti
3 years ago

Emily.. I love everything you do. Will you please come out with your own furniture line and design oval tables??!!! They are the hardest thing to find!


3 years ago

I’d love to know more about the nightstands – what did they look like before sandblasting? I know there’s so much more in this post and I think I love everything but really intrigued about the finish on those

3 years ago

Quick and maybe cheaper hack for the light switch…but a smart switch, connect it to your Alexa or google home and “clap off” your lights from your bed. “Ok Google good night” is my favourite phrase to say every night haha

3 years ago

You saved the best for last I love this room!!

3 years ago

It is absolutely stunning. The whole house is. Just stunning. I am typically a lover of color, but you have me convinced on this calm, neutral color palette. It is just designed SO WELL. It is a treat to see it all.

3 years ago

Just gorgeous! Regarding the TV….how about having the Ross Allan Lumber folks build a motorized TV lift cabinet for the end of the bed. I bet they could come up with something gorgeous to fit right in. TV disappears when you do not watch it but is perfect for viewing in bed. And, for the fireplace……have matching steel doors mounted outside that stay closed until you want them open. You have so much light in the room I bet you wouldn’t miss the thru view, and because the doors are outdoors they would have no impact on how the fireplace looks inside.

3 years ago

The black Target side table that’s no longer available…
I did see it today at a Target (in Houston (290 & Hollister)) on clearance. They also had it in brass. I was trying to figure out if I needed it or not!

3 years ago

This looks beautiful. Thank you for including such detail in the writing and multiple photos – it’s immersive! Any chance you can share more detail on “sandblasting” the nightstands? Is that a form of refinishing? Why did you decide to go that route? Does any furniture restorer do this, or are specialized skills needed? Is it more/less expensive than standard refinishing? I have some beautiful dark solid wood mid-century pieces in storage that I can’t use because their dark color is too heavy for my small apartment, but maybe sandblasting is the solution!?

3 years ago
Reply to  Juanita

I’m curious about this, too! I had never heard of it—might be fun to have a post where you go over ways you could work with a thrifted/vintage piece and what sort of pro might be needed (or if it’s DIY-able). Refinish, paint, reupholster, update hardware, sandblast apparently…

3 years ago

Lovely, warm and welcoming

3 years ago
Reply to  Jenn

Where is the closet for clothes?

Dee Nowak
3 years ago

Such an amazing before and after, Emily! I love the feeling of light and openness in this space.

Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

3 years ago

What a transformation! The architecture is stunning but even more I like how the lighting and vintage pieces are curvaceous in shape, to balance out the square and angular architecture. The handmade chair is gorgeous! The art is interesting and unique but still so calm. The Lost & Found blanket is the highlight of the bed, so beautiful. This room epitomizes your goals for this house.

3 years ago

OMG!!!! That chair….it truly is ‘the world’s most beautiful chair’.

Daniel Craig
3 years ago

Really, it is not difficult to live there no … beautiful and light!

3 years ago

I have a few technical questions…We live in a small house and I have been wanting to pop-up our ceilings in two places and put in sky lights, and the two places would make a big difference. So my questions are: Did you keep the beams that were already in the ceiling and just finish them? It seems like it might be cost prohibitive to replace them since they are structural (at least in our house). Were you able to insulate in between the ceiling and the roof? And finally, which maybe I have missed in the last skylight posts, but what kind of professional do you need to do this work? Are there people who specialize in just this, is it a window person? I live in the Bay Area and I feel like most contractors are like Linda Evangelista circa 1992 and won’t get out of bed for less that $10,000, I have no idea who I need to even call. Thanks!

3 years ago

What vacuum do you use for that shag rug?

3 years ago

What vacuum do you use for such a thick rug?

3 years ago

One of my favorite rooms ever.

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