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The Final Mountain House Reveal (for Now): All the Details of My Master Bathroom

Here we are, the reveal of the master bath of the mountain house (check out the bedroom if you missed yesterday’s reveal!). This bathroom is an actual fantasy and the fact that it’s ours is still insane to me. When people walk in, their reaction is “omg. stop it.” It’s been six months since it was finished and three months since we shot so at the end, I’ll let you know how things are wearing and any extra “learnings” because guys, THERE ARE ALWAYS LEARNINGS.

But first, this lady wasn’t always so pretty.

As you can see from the floorplan below, there was also a powder bathroom (that was attached to the then-upstairs-common-room now-master-bedroom), which was demoed out:

The Goal:

To create a luxury and smart bathroom, for ultimate relaxation. Our bathroom in LA is cute, but there wasn’t room for a tub and I forgot that I actually love a bath. So since we had the space here, I really promised myself to try to make it one that I would enjoy, of course not knowing that it doesn’t matter who you design a room for, unless you have strict rules YOUR YOUNG KIDS WILL BE OBSESSED WITH THE MICRO BUBBLE BATH, and then yes, take it over (and that’s okay).

The Challenges:

Ironically, when you completely demo/change all walls, fixtures, windows and finishes, you can really start new and in a way it reduces a lot of the original “challenges” of the dated bathroom. But here is a list of the awkwardness:

  1. The jacuzzi tub took up all of the bathroom and there was no shower, but we loved that the tub was in the window.
  2. The windows were low, the ceilings were low, the vanity was small, not to mention it opened to the old “master” that is now the kids’ room.
  3. There was a small CARPETED powder room with a strangely placed vanity that left lots of awkward space behind it on the other side of this space for a common area upstairs (now that master bedroom like I mentioned).

Here is a zoomed in original floorplan (though I actually think the toilet is wrong here…it was against the window parallel to the tub):

And what we proposed as the final plan where we sole from the powder bath as well as the kid’s room (which used to be the master):

For placement, here’s the final floor plan of the upstairs so you can see where we are in the house:

The original moodboard (shared here in the original I Design, You Decide) has changed, as all design does from the beginning, which I think is crucial to understand—don’t stick to a plan simply because it is “the plan” if you find it no longer works or pleases you.

Here’s where it all landed:


Oh man. I want to GO BACK RIGHT NOW—not in time, literally go back to the house and get in that tub.

First, let’s talk layout:

The shower is at the front (just across from the entry door), then because we wanted to work with the symmetry of the windows, we put the 60″ Kohler vanity on the opposite side of the tub that sat in the middle, with the toilet/water closet on the other side of that wall. Yes, we thought about putting a door on the toilet room, but for code, it would have needed to bump the wall out and have more room between the toilet and door, and that would mess up the symmetry and make it look a lot smaller so we decided against it.

The Wood Ceiling:

Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber clad the ceiling with the same beech that’s in the whole house and I can NOT believe how good of a job they did with all those crazy angles. I can’t stress this enough: if you are doing a big renovation, consider grabbing any ceiling height from attic space. Look at your roofline to see if you have enough to make it worth it. It can be a substantial cost, with demo, redoing any electrical and ducting, then cladding, but that obviously makes a huge difference.


Mixing lighting in a room can be hard, but I LOVE the combo of the vanity sconce (by Katy Skelton) with the Allied Maker chandelier (and the toilet sconce—from The Urban Electric Co.—which you can’t see here). We wanted something that lit the ceiling, while still casting nice light down. It’s streamlined and yet still a round shape that we needed. We also have cans in there because since it’s a bathroom, it needs the option for bright lighting.

The Floor:

We ended up not doing the pebble tile (yes, even though you voted yes) because Brian actually stayed in a bathroom that had it and he didn’t like it at all underfoot. But we wanted to stay dark as that was the original plan so we chose this classic slate tile from Clé (that has a total mountain vibe) to ground it. We chose a dark grout that STILL lightens up too much, and I wish we had gone with something even blacker so you don’t see the seams. It actually shows up way more in photos than in real life.


The Windows:

We made all the windows bigger and prettier (using the same Marvin white oak frames), and our architect had the smart idea to make the middle window oversized, even though it goes lower than the tub. We love how it looks. It’s a picture window, while the other two use a crank to open. We put motorized shades by Hunter Douglas from Decorview on them for privacy and they are so lovely.


The Vanity:

The 60″ floating vanity gives it a custom and high-end look that I love (yet it was readymade from Kohler so it cost less than something custom would). I wanted to give it some architectural interest so I designed it with the Volaskas marble slab (sourced from Bedrosians Tile & Stone) extended from the countertop up into a backsplash with a 3-inch ledge that bumps out from the wall. At first, I was SUPER into the idea, then after it was done (but before all the materials went in) I was like “why did I do that?” but now that it’s totally done, I really like the subtle detail that looks more custom and adds depth. Plus yes, it does provide a place to put everyday product if I wanted.

We used the Purist wall-mount faucets from Kohler in vibrant polished brass from their Finish to Order program. They are extremely gorgeous, with the undermount sink making it feel really clean. Big fan of that “wall mount/undermount sink” combo in general and will continue to use if it works for a modern house.

Our plumber did, however, put the faucet plumbing too low, i.e. not centered vertically on the backsplash, and at this point, due to the fact that the sink plumbing and vanity were already installed, we couldn’t really move the vanity down (plus the holes were already drilled in the marble). My team caught this on a site visit and called me, so nervous that I was going to be bummed because I think we realized it was somehow our fault with our dimensions, but it’s SO not a big deal. Would I rather them be 2″ higher? Sure, but that might splash more anyway. They were worried that Brian wouldn’t have the space to put his head under the faucet, which I think is quite possibly the sweetest (and totally weirdest) concern from a designer.


The sconce by Katy Skelton is FANTASTIC, and while the brass doesn’t match the faucets (which we had ordered months prior) we don’t totally care, but yes ideally they would. The mirror was custom made by a local fabricator, which I believe cost around $800, but we wanted a very specific size and shape that was proving difficult to find.


The Tile:

The toilet room was kept really simple with the same tile as on the backsplash of the vanity, which is SO simple and pretty (from Clé—it’s their new terra-cotta line). We stacked it vertically, after much debate. Remember this “to stack or stagger” post?

HOT TIP: it’s more modern to have the smallest grout line as possible so we asked for the spacing of the tile to be the closest possible. Tile installers don’t generally love doing this because they have to be more accurate and can’t use the spacers they typically like, but I think it looks less busy which is prettier.

The Toilet:

I partnered with Kohler on this bathroom, with the intent that it would be a smart bathroom and this toilet is one of the most fun parts. I wrote all about the product here in our intro post, but trust me it’s fun. A fancy toilet is certainly a luxury and not necessary, but when you walk up, it opens, it’s warm and it flushes without you doing anything. So if that is a luxury that you are into and works with your budget then know that I love this one.

I’m also a huge fan of that Urban Electric Co. lantern sconce—pulling the black and gold throughout but giving it a slight cabin feel.


There is the other side of the room which shows you more of how it’s laid out (and where our shower is). The black DTV+ digital interface panel (which controls the shower temperature and features like the steam, rain bath, and tile body sprays) sits above the Forbes & Lomax light switches, which is above the nVent Nuheat radiant heating underneath. I wish those remotes stacked for sure, but it’s not a huge deal.


When people see the shower, they freak out, and it is awesome, but there is where I would have done some things differently (not necessarily stylistically but functionally).

Shower Lessons:

  1. I didn’t know the CA water regulations when I ordered those beautiful body sprays. You can’t turn on more than two legally due to water restrictions, and you can’t have any fixtures (overhead, real rain, steam OR body spray) on at the same time. They are so pretty and if you could have all six on at the same time, you’d get a pretty incredible hydro-massage, but definitely check your state regulations before you order them. Just having one on does not keep you warm enough.
  2. Stylistically there was no need to switch up the tile here, and I could have done the same as the vanity backsplash and toilet room. Again, I LOVE this tile—it’s from Artistic Tile and is a herringbone Thassos marble that has so much movement and reflects the light in such a beautiful quiet way, but it was incredibly labor-intensive (i.e. expensive) to install in THIS bathroom due to all the angles of the ceiling and the nooks and all the plumbing fixtures. My contractor thinks it took about a month to install because of all the cuts of the tiny tiny mosaic tiles. It such a beautiful tile for a backsplash or a contained area without a ton of angles, but as you can see the ceiling angles a lot, which just cost way more in labor.
  3. We didn’t put in a curb because, well, it looks more clean and modern to forego it, but yes it can leak out, which isn’t a big deal, but just something to link about.


The Good News:

I can sit in there for hours and hours. I love the steam feature (except I have lash extensions so I SHOULD wear goggles which feels, well, totally odd) and the square overhead panel—Kohler’s “Real Rain” feature—really does feel like soft warm rain. I sit in the back, on that slab bench, like a sauna, and put on the steam and the real rain overhead and it feels like I’m in my own spa. I’m looking forward to winter for this exact reason.

2x2 Grid 2500 Pixels Horizontal Copy

And yes, you can control everything on the inside of the shower as well, don’t worry.


It’s truly, truly, truly the best bathroom I’ve ever been in, quite possibly because it’s mine and it was designed with so much love, with so many pretty materials that I love individually and together it feels like a simple, bright, clean and fresh home spa.


Any questions??? I need to get a proper bathmat (I think a dark gray as it is more seamless with the floor, and don’t worry I have since bought a reclaimed tub-tray from Ross Alan for me to rest my wine, I mean soup, on as well as my copy of House Beautiful, of course.

Here are all my lovely resources and partners we used to pull this together.

Finishes, Windows & Doors:

Pure White by Sherwin-WilliamsWhite Oak Contemporary Windows by Marvin | Beechwood Tongue and Groove Ceiling Cladding by Ross Alan Reclaimed LumberReclaimed Beechwood Door by Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber | Vanity Backsplash Tile by Clé Tile | Shower Herringbone Tile by Artistic Tile | Volakas Marble Slab Countertops from Bedrosians Tile & Stone


Vanity Sconce by Katy Skelton | Water Closet Sconce by The Urban Electric Co. | Chandelier by Allied Maker

Bath Fixtures by Kohler: 

Wall-Mount Faucet | Sink | Freestanding Tub | Floor Mount Bath Filler | DTV+ Digital InterfaceDTV+ Steam Adapter Kit | DTV+ Eco System Controller Module | Shower SoundTile | Real Rain Overhead Panel | Real Rain Trim | Showerhead | WaterTile Round Bodyspray | Handshower | Toilet Paper Holder | Robe Hook | 24″ Towel Bar | Towel Ring | Toilet


Door Hardware by Rejuvenation | Cabinet Knobs by Waredesignworks | Drawer Pulls by Waredesignworks | Antique Bronze Light Switches by Forbes & Lomax | Slate Flooring by Clé Tile | nVent NUHEAT radiant heating

Furniture & Decor:
Mirror | 60″ Vanity by Kohler | Vanity Roll-Out Storage by Kohler | Vanity Makeup Storage by Kohler | Window Treatments by Hunter Douglas through Decorview | Leaning Ladder by Katy Skelton | Sheepskin Rug by Article | Vintage Black Wood Side Table (not available) | Art by Addie Juell | Towels from Target | Robe by Parachute | Marble Vanity Tray by CB2 | Black Ceramic Lidded Jar by Ferm Living

Thanks again to my design team Julie Rose and Velinda Hellen for all your lovely help and talent, and to Emily Bowser who helped pull together the styling for the shoot.

***Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Check out the rest of The Mountain House reveals here: The Kitchen The Kitchen Organization | The Kitchen Appliances | The Powder Bath | The Living Room | The Downstairs Guest Suite | The Loft | The Kids’ Room | The Upstairs Guest Bath | The Dining Room | The Family Room | The Master Bedroom

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4 years ago

I love it. Thank you for taking us through your lessons learned. The whole room is magical.

4 years ago

I would love to see what that beautiful master roof pitch looks like from the exterior

4 years ago

This is absolutely stunning!

4 years ago

Wow, what a transformation! I love it all but I especially love that you vaulted the ceiling. It makes such a huge impact! Thanks for the lessons learned too–always helpful!

4 years ago

Looks really nice. I especially love the chandelier. And of course the ceiling in general.

4 years ago

I’ll be over here mourning the pebbled floor. Quietly though, so as not to disrupt the Zen;).

Carolyn S
4 years ago

Love it!

4 years ago

Stunning! Thank you for sharing the crown jewel!

We love the gray TOFTBO bathmat from Ikea! It dries quickly and can easily be draped across a tub, hotel style! We’ve been rolling with these bathmats for 6 years running!

Maybe I missed it in the article, but how did you end up with wooden hardware? Do you like it?

Also, could you perhaps do a piece on mirror height. I struggle with mirrors in dinning rooms and bathrooms!

4 years ago

Where is your toothbrush holder from? its beautiful!
(The whole space is breathtaking, but that little item really caught me eye)

4 years ago

beautiful! speaking of bath mats, would LOVE if you could do a round-up of non-boring bath mats! was just thinking i need an upgrade!!

4 years ago

That tile in the shower…the marble….the toilet sounds very swish…and I love how you designed the vanity install with the little ledge. Bliss!
LOL… “Brian actually stayed in a bathroom that had it”…sounds like he slept there. 🙂
Luverly. You deserve all the spa-ness. So much work and skill and vision.

4 years ago

funny question, but where is the dark slate colored drain in the shower from?

4 years ago
Reply to  heather

This could be from Kohler but I bought my linear drains from Infinity Drain. They have different finishes such as satin bronze, matte black or white, stainless steel, etc and you can even cut them to fit.

4 years ago

It’s gorgeous. I love everything; although if I spent $5300 on a toilet – my marriage would be down it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Diane

No kidding—pretty but not for us average folks. I checked the price of the wall sconce—over $2800 for one fixture!!?? I’ll continue to just dream…,,

4 years ago

This is beautiful. I think from the original renderings I thought it was going to be a much smaller bathroom but it looks massive in the photos, probably in large part due to the high ceilings. I really love the floating vanity (and yes, the ledge). It honestly makes me wish the other bathrooms had vanities that better fit this vibe.

In my opinion a nice luxurious bath is one of the best ways to de-stress. Enjoy!

4 years ago

AMAZING! Definitely my favorite room in the mountain house and maybe your best work yet. Enjoy!

4 years ago

Gorgeous! The architectural interest of the ceilings here and in the bedroom is stunning.
And I had no idea that $5000+ toilets were a thing!

4 years ago

Beautiful luxury renovations – full of suggestions and ideas which most readers could only dream of actually having.

If someone could please address a general technical question/problem that I continually have with ONLY this site is the constant reloading of same while reading – why does this happen sometimes 4+ times everyday on this site?
Does anyone else have this continual annoying issue with this site?
Is there something I can do to prevent it?

4 years ago
Reply to  Karen


This happens to me all the time too, and has been happening for years now for only this site! Both on desktop and mobile. It drives me absolutely nuts, I hate coming to the site because the page reloads, so many ads, etc. I’ve just had to visit less often to avoid the frustration of trying to enjoy this content. I haven’t found a solution, either.

Vicki Williams
4 years ago
Reply to  Karen


Tina Schrader
4 years ago
Reply to  Karen

I do, sometimes. Not sure what phome you have…I have an Android, and I always wondered if that was it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Yes, so frustrating when you’re trying to read a post. If you are advertising on a blog post I’m trying to read and your add makes the most unpleasant to visit, I’ll visit less and certainly not buy your products.

Monique Wright
4 years ago

I think this was my favorite room in the house! Loved it!

Paige Cassandra Flamm
4 years ago

Oh my gosh, this space turned out amazing! I love those tile floors the most!


4 years ago

So lovely

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

It is beautiful to look at. It seems like a showroom of ultra-expensive products. If you were designing for people who had to pay for everything, you would find less expensive products and it would be just as beautiful.

4 years ago

Love the bathroom! That ceiling is amazing! The floor tile is fantastic. I’ve been looking at gray slate for my kitchen. Think this would work in a kitchen as well?

Rishav Jain
4 years ago

Amazing ideas and creativity. Love the way you changed the overall look of the house.

Home Remodel Tips

Tina Schrader
4 years ago

So beautiful! As to any questions, I wasn’t going to ask because you’re the designer, you would know and you’re happy with it, and that’s all that matters, but with no curb on the shower floor, how does the water not go everywhere? Surely some leaks out, and then you have to clean it up. I’m just curious; I’m not trying to rain on…your shower…okay, that didn’t work, but I’m not trying to spoil your happiness! 🙂 You just asked if we had questions, so…

4 years ago
Reply to  Tina Schrader

ha. i addressed it up there, but if a kid is in there and playing with the hand shower and they aim it at the door, it does. but honestly its not bad but its something to consider.

Tina Schrader
4 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Did I miss the explanation? Forgive me if so. Well, here’s to your lovely new mountain house and to kids aiming the shower head at places other than the shower opening! 🙂 You can be very proud.

4 years ago

Isn’t there some way around the water restriction, such as housing water in a tank from which the shower draws? Given the amount of money put into this house, I would think whatever cost to do something like that and make the necessary changes to the plumbing would be well worth it. It’s such a shame that the shower can’t function as intended.

Nisha George
4 years ago

Lovely bathroom! How have you found the cleaning of the microbubble jets to be so far? Does the freestanding acrylic tub retain heat well during a bath?

4 years ago

It is out of this world, but truth be told, I love the look, feel, and style of that downstairs powder room even more.

4 years ago

Ok – 1st – the herringbone edge of the tile outside the shower in the first shot caught my eye first and became my favorite part.

2nd – goggles–HAHAHA

This bathroom is beautiful.

4 years ago
Reply to  j

Goggles ? S T U N N I N G work. Again.

But that tub is my dream. I could happily live 80% of my life from there. Please tell us more about micro bubbles and how it works!

Also, maybe I missed this, but is the floor radiant heat?

4 years ago

How does using the space in the attic for a gorgeous ceiling affect things like heating the house? I’d love to do it but my husband always grumbles that it’s there for a reason, insulation, etc.

4 years ago
Reply to  kayleigh

we had to re-do the heating, but it absolutely works so well.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Loves: CEILING!!!!, toilet (is that possible?(wish it was bidet too)), TUB, windows??, stacked Cle tile ??, sink ledge ?, mirror….pretty much everything

Don’t love: shower tile (ohhh how the stacked cle would have looked, but does it stand up to a steam shower?)

4 years ago

Clear simplistic lines, no frills, yet so stunning – plus it looks like it’s easy to (keep) clean.
I also love the hanging vanity.

4 years ago

Wait – did I miss the part where you talk about the TUB?! This bathroom is stunning – and I deeply appreciate your lessons learned on the shower. When you initially showed us the kohler hardware I was a little like “how will that meet code?” and now I see you just have to switch between. Thanks for your transparency around that.

But really, a shot of you (or someone?) enjoying that tub and view is what is currently missing from at least one of my pinterest boards!

4 years ago

Wow! So yummy! I would love to learn more about your expanded windows…how does one address that on the exterior exactly? I am looking at MCM/ranchers and the bedroom windows are usually so tiny and up high.

Julie S
4 years ago

Soooooo pretty. I love all the quiet details. Totally get your point about the labor on the herringbone tile and how a different tile would have been better, but I do adore the fine scale texture of it and am glad it’s there. I have been hankering for a steam function in my shower for a few years now and I bet it’s BLISS in there when you’re sauna/spa/relaxing. If only one could bring a book into the steam shower.

4 years ago

Going through this post was like a spa experience in itself, hah. So relaxing, so gorgeous. Just perfect.

Silly question: Is that branch that appears in a lot of your photos real or artificial? It’s so beautiful, I’d love to get one if it’s not real.

4 years ago

I’m installing vertically stacked tiles next week and going over layout tomorrow with my builder so this is just in the nick of time! I would not have thought to specify size of grout lines but it does look much better! What size spacers did you use for the wall in the water closet and also for the floor tile?

Tina Schrader
4 years ago

Did I miss the explanation? Forgive me if so. Well, here’s to your lovely new mountain house and to kids aiming the shower head at places other than the shower opening! 🙂 You can be very proud.

4 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the space and the floor tile is my favorite thing. Curious, where are you hanging towels for the shower? It looked like there was a robe hook and the towel ladder, but i cant imagine you’re using those for the shower? Thanks!

4 years ago

Gorgeous! Was the rain panel difficult to install? Any tips for troubleshooting prep/install?
Thank you!

4 years ago

Wow, love the entire space!! We are doing 2 bathrooms and also using the Kohler Purist wall faucets. I fell in love with them when I first saw them!! I love the slate floor. Maybe I’ll rip up what we put down in the one bath and put it in there. Kidding, but maybe not!!

Trpl D
4 years ago

My husband and I read your blog together and what he comes up with cracks me up. Regarding your fancy toilet: “I get a certain satisfaction from flushing the toilet by hand. I like to have the final say in the matter.” Adding, “As a man, I would feel as though I’m riding side saddle, instead of full bronco.”

Antoinette McNulty
4 years ago

I love that you included plans in this one (even with the rotated toilet). much easier for me to visualize the spaces and how they connect together. Really lovely bathroom and overall Mountain House!

4 years ago

Beautiful bathroom!

All elements are gorgeous.

I am a kitchen and bath designer in Oregon….doing a curbless shower is definitely NOT less expensive ( as posted on IG lead in). There are two ways to do it properly and both increase costs in our neck of the woods. Still have some building inspectors that are skeptical as well.

4 years ago

This is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. I especially love the herringbone tile that was labor-intensive. And that tub! Wow.

4 years ago

How many inches are the current faucets from the countertop? And what height would you have preferred? I’m redoing my bathroom currently with wall mount faucets over an undermount sink and trying to figure out the ideal placement. Thanks, and the bathroom is an absolute dream!

4 years ago

I’d like to know about the microbubbles that are delighting your kids! Never heard of that before.

4 years ago

This bathroom is 100% gorgeous top to bottom! I do have one question just for clarification for those of us who don’t live in CA. Do the water regulations mean that the fixtures must be installed so that no more than two are actually functional at once, or are they merely relying on the users to voluntarily comply with the regulations? Hope this isn’t a dumb question but I am curious. Also, I love this blog and always look forward to it!

4 years ago

Hee hee! “I can sit in there for hours and hours. I love the steam feature (except I have lash extensions so I SHOULD wear goggles which feels, well, totally odd)” The things we do for beauty! But, one must look good in such a good looking space!

4 years ago

I LOVE all of this! But I have to know who makes that gorgeous toothbrush holder? It’s such a standout piece and would look perfect on my bathroom sink, too. Please share! 🙂