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Inside All Our (Super Organized) Drawers & Cabinets in the Mountain House Kitchen


I’m pretty sure there is a support group for those of us who get an unnatural thrill from staring at the perfectly organized pantry. Previously I have only done so in the magazines (please read like on the internets) or at the Portland house. But thanks to my genius design team + NEAT Method + Target’s Made by Design line, we are dripping with tips on how you can design, organize and style your kitchen, including how to store EVERY SINGLE THING in the most efficient and frankly beautiful way possible. Or if you just want to know where I hide my kids’ sippy cups, we got that covered, too.

We’re going to go into every area and every drawer, but before that, we wanted to get all the deets from Krisztina Galambos, owner of NEAT Los Angelesabout her top five expert tips that anyone can use to get a super organized kitchen, regardless of how much space you have.

Tip 1: Take inventory, purge, categorize. Our process at NEAT Method is to start by taking everything out of a space, sorting into categories, measuring the space for bins/containers, purchasing products and then implementing them into the space. For the pantry, we recommend tossing expired items first to free up space. From there, create your categories for like items: baking, spices, snacks, pasta, canned goods, etc. If you can see everything you have, you are less likely to buy duplicates which means eliminating clutter. Decanting also helps with seeing everything, and as long as you find a brand with tightly sealed lids, it will preserve your food longer, too. 

Tip 2: Find your flow. Think through how you move in your kitchen on a daily basis. You’ll want to place items in areas that create efficiencies so you aren’t walking in circles! There are obvious things like wooden spoons and spatulas near the stove, oven mitts near the oven, cleaning supplies near the sink, etc. but there are also questions we like to ask our clients about how they function in the kitchen that helps us understand how a space can be customized for them. For example, having sweet treats stored out of reach from the kiddos or storing serveware up high because it’s only used once a year when your mother-in-law is in town.

Tip 3: Win the war against tops. Where possible, keep bottoms and lids together (storage containers, pots/pans). If space is an issue, use drawer dividers and stack bottoms on one side; lids on the other in order vertically filed by height (we like to use bamboo dividers like these).

Tip 4: Help your kids help themselves. For those of you with families, we love creating a kids drawer of plates, cups and bowls (we did that here in Emily’s kitchen). Having said drawer where your kiddos can help themselves at mealtime is a great way to teach them independence in the kitchen. If there are any drawers you do not want them getting into (such as fragile items), consider child locks.

Tip 5: Conquer the “junk” drawer. We typically don’t like to recommend “junk” drawers, but there definitely needs to be a place for multi-use items like pens, scissors, batteries, keys, post-it notes, etc. A drawer divider tray is a great solution in a spot off the beaten path in the kitchen, and we try not to leave empty space for “stuff.” It’s best to decide what to do with an object right away instead of delaying the decision by “dealing with it later.”

I know you’re just itching to see the inside of all my drawers, but first, we asked Krisztina what her can’t-live-without kitchen org products (and what to skip) and here’s what she recommended: “Our must haves definitely include bins/baskets, lazy Susans, risers for canned goods, drawer dividers and labels! If on a budget, maybe skip decanting as this can add up quickly.”

Okay okay, let’s open up those drawers and cabinets now:

Cooking Central

Cooktop Labeling

There have been so many soups cooked here, guys, and since everything is SUPER organized and exactly where I need it to be when I need it, that souping has been nearly effortless. We labeled where it all goes in this area above, and it’s really so great not having to run around the kitchen to find the top to a certain pot or containers to put away leftovers. Three cheers for kitchen org!  

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores29

I knew I wanted a window here, which meant less uppers, so it only made sense to put in deep drawers for pots and pans, dishes, etc. We toyed with having this be a cabinet front with drawers you pull out, but that was a two-step process to get what you needed, while this was just one: pull open the drawer you need and boom, done.

Cooktop 3x1 Junk Drawer Pots Pans

To the left of the cooktop are all the pots and pans (with every lid that belongs to each pot paired so there is no digging around) as well as our “tech” drawer (this is NOT a junk drawer…yet).

Cooktop Junk Drawer New1

Our cabinet maker built in a charging strip so our phones, laptops and tablets could be tucked away here (away from cooking splashes and spilled juice cups), and if you’re currently renovating, THIS IS THE WAY TO GO FOLKS. The left side of that drawer has a removable top compartment, so the top part is where we keep all our “office-y” stuff and down below is a handy tool section. NEAT Method kept it all organized with Made by Design clear dividers. My goal was to come in, drop off my phone and laptop and not touch it over the weekend and my theory was that If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t check it mindlessly.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores11

This house was meant to be minimal, and the kitchen’s focus was just all that beautiful wood and crisp countertops, so I didn’t want to get clutter body by having a utensil canister up top, hence the pull-out drawer to the left of the stove that has different “cups” to hold all our whisks, spatulas, ladles, etc.

The above photo was taken before the drawer-within-a-drawer was inserted above the utensils. If you are thinking “geez, that’s a lot of wasted space,” you are right and our cabinet maker simply forgot about it but it’s now installed, don’t worry.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores89

The downdraft of the stove takes up a good portion of the left side of the cabinet underneath it, but on the right side, we took a pan organizer and used it for all my cutting boards, and added small hooks to the door frame for pot holders and trivets.

Cooktop 2x1 Spices Butter

Hold on…I want to ask everyone: are you a butter on the counter or refrigerator person? I know this is polarizing, and both have merits (soft, spreadable butter 24/7 vs. you know…food safety??) but please tell me. We are VERY warm, spreadable butter people over here and believe strongly in butter dishes (though note, we kind of just grabbed this pretty container for the shoot, but it’s a bathroom organizer, and not sure whether it’s food safe).

Okay, back to org lust. The pull-out two-tiered drawer to the right of the stove is where we keep all the spices, oils, vinegars, shelf-stable sauces and below. There’s plenty of clearance on the bottom shelf for anything that might be super tall (this was intentional because we are sauce and oil heavy over here). Decanting is my life mission, forever and always, but I’ve never done it with spices before, thank you NEAT Method. Those come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so getting cohesive containers keeps it all visually pleasing, plus the labels on the tops make it super easy to find what you’re looking for. I think it’s not as necessary as other decanting, but for me it’s more about the labels on top. Why don’t all spice companies just put labels on top, too?

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores47

Moving over to the far right are all the drawers with kitchen tools, baking sheets and tools, and food storage.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores44

The knife holder, again, keeps things off the counters, which makes me very very happy. FYI, all these things (the can opener, garlic press, masher, etc.) are all from the Made by Design line, and I love how they all coordinate and are all similar in size (makes putting them in a designated divider so much easier). The price point on these are SO great and work really well/feel solid. I splurged on the cabinets, I didn’t need to splurge on the tools (and while I do have a budget at Target for these posts, I had actually bought most of them in December because I knew we would be living up there). My goal was to match and not be expensive.

Cooktop Baking Tupperware

We didn’t really have storage near the oven for all the baking stuff, so it went here, but because I’m not using this stuff every day, it works just fine for my “kitchen flow.” Also, can I recommend something that will make your life so much easier hence happier? Get yourself coordinating sets of food storage, instead of all those rogue repurposed takeout containers or mix-and-match stuff that’s all different colors and shapes. When everything can be stored together and properly, you’ll avoid that inevitable avalanche of tops. And I much prefer glass over plastic because I can heat up leftovers without transferring.

The Wall Unit

Wall Unit Labeling

I knew I wanted a full-wall unit like this one, where all the appliances were hidden away and I had an actual pantry (our LA kitchen doesn’t really have a pantry…it’s just a cupboard with random empty granola bar boxes).

Before we reveal that glorious pantry, let’s start over on the left:

Wall Unit Sliver Storage

Backstory: we actually intended this to be at least 12 inches wide with pull out drawers for more food storage (you might remember from this kitchen functionality post) except there were some things we didn’t plan for and had to make some adjustments. We were left with this sliver which isn’t ideal, but it actually works for keeping oven mitts, extra cookie sheets and “auxiliary” things like cupcake liners and sprinkles. Extra storage is extra storage, so we made it work but the proportion of that cabinet is HILARIOUS.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores55

Directly to the right of the double oven (which is hidden behind all that beautiful Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber cladding) is the coffee and tea bar. There’s a built-in outlet so there’s no need to pull out the coffee maker when we want to use it. The doors tuck back in, so we usually just leave this open all morning while we’re up here, then close it up when we move on from caffeine to adult happy hour.


Under the coffee bar is our small appliance storage and while some people might think it’s odd to have a microwave this low, it doesn’t actually bother me. Plus, if the kids want to make popcorn, they can reach (with adult supervision, of course).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores3

Oh man. I think we all know I didn’t do this alone. NEAT Method really delivered here and I just want to sit and stare at this all day. With all the constant grabbing of food and snacks (and kids’ hands), it doesn’t always look like this, but it’s kind of fun to try to keep it this organized. All the drawer dividers, lazy Susans, cereal and snack sealed containers and baskets make it MUCH easier though to get it all back to tip-top shape. I have SUCH pride for this pantry cabinet, I force all my guests to sit and have me show this off to them when they visit (you’ve been warned).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores5

We’ve never thought to use lazy Susans like these and they are a game changer. Everything is so easily accessible, the kids can spin them to grab their snacks and everything is visible. Same goes with the air-tight storage containers from Made by Design. I LOVE THESE THINGS. I’m not great at clipping bags and boxes to keep things fresh, plus I always just forget I have stuff, so I end up with four bags of open almond flour, half tipped over. Yes, buying containers to decant can add up fast, and it’s an investment, but I find that I buy fewer multiples of things because I can SEE things. Plus, they keep food fresher longer (LOVE the cereal containers), so there’s less food waste. I want to start buying more in bulk to also reduce packaging in general, so it’s an initial spend but will eventually spend less by buying in bulk.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores63

Next is the dry bar which we outfitted with a dark stone from Bedrosians. I typically keep a small cutting board in here to cut citrus for cocktails, pretty bar tools, pretty bottles and all the glassware I need for “happy hour.” Should I need to bring in a blender to make something frozen, there’s an outlet (with that amazing bronze Forbes & Lomax) here, as well as that super sexy dimmer switch.

We went back and forth between whether to do a bold tile back there (which you can see through the glass cabinet doors here and in the coffee bar) or a simpler textural brick, and ultimately landed on the brick (from Bedrosians) and I’m so happy with it. It’s just enough texture to keep it interesting without stealing attention from the wood.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores13

We didn’t get a great photo of it, but the drawer under the double oven cabinet is where I store bigger bowls, serveware and linens for the nearby dining room and the drawer under the bar is for larger bulk bottles of drinkies and bar tools.

The Island

Island Labeling

I spend so much time hanging out at this island (there are barstools on the other side where people perch all day) mindlessly tidying anything that ends up in the sink as I chit chat with guests so I love how visually simple it is with the hidden dishwasher and the trash bin compartment (instead of having a trash can against the island, hiding the special ebony stained wood).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores51

We had trash bin and recycling compartments built in with a side section to hold all the bags. There was enough room to put up a hook for a small brush and dustpan.

Island 2x1 Under Sink

Under the sink are all our kitchen cleaning supplies (dish soap, sponges, brushes, cloths, etc.), a towel rack for a hand towel and a higher up little shelf for more brush storage. I don’t normally keep the dish pods that accessible because with little kids, that can be a hazard, but if you don’t have small children, this is a great way to further decant and know at an instant glance if you’re running low on anything.

The Peninsula

Peninsula Labeling

The last “arm” of the kitchen is the peninsula, which is part adult and kid plate storage, part drink storage (there is my dream nugget ice maker in the middle and refrigerated drawers for snacks, juice boxes, beer, etc. at the far left).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores70

Like I said, there are no traditional “uppers” in this kitchen, so drawer storage was the way to go for us in terms of plates, bowls, etc. To prevent things from banging around inside and breaking, our contractor installed this peg system which we love. You can move around the pegs based on the size of your dishes or what you’re storing and they’re awesome.

Peninsula 3x1 Utensils Plates

And while I love a mix of vintage and handmade plates, they can either look messy or just waste space generally. This simple set from Made by Design keeps everything looking cohesive, plus they are super light and stack SO well and tight, so it takes up very little space. It’s affordable, durable and works really great for our family up here.

That bottom drawer is where we keep the kids’ plates/cups/silverware and napkins and it’s so convenient. They can help set the table, help unload the dishwasher because it’s all easy to reach and feel like they’re contributing.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores93

And now you’ve seen inside everything (well, except for the refrigerator and oven…more on appliances soon).

Thank you again to NEAT Method who did such an incredible job getting me organized and maximizing space in this kitchen (both Krisztina from the Los Angeles team and Nicole Loiterstein from NEAT Method St. Louis). There’s a place for everything and everything tucks away into its space. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

If you’re ready to tackle your cabinets and drawers, seriously check out the Made By Design line from Target. Also, a quick tip is don’t just look in the kitchen section. We hit up the bathroom storage section and general home storage and org collections, too. Get creative and just find the shapes and functions you need, regardless of the room.

As always, let us know in the comments if you have any questions, and browse through the below Get the Looks we put together with all the product we used (and loved).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Made By Design Get The Look 2 2

1. Two Tier Server | 2. Metal Wire Basket | 3. Black Mug | 4. Tall Tumbler (set of 6) | 5. White Mug (set of 6) | 6. Wine Glass | 7. Coupe Glass | 8. Moscow Mule Mug | 9. Wood Tea Cup | 10. Travel Mug | 11. Champagne Flute | 12. Glass Straws (set of 8) | 13. Japanese Style Jigger | 14. Cocktail Shaker | 15. Tea Cup | 16. Cocktail Picks (set of 8)| 17. Old Fashioned Glass (set of 8) | 18. Stemless Wine Glass (set of 6) | 19. Long Coffee Spoon | 20. Expandable Drawer Organizer | 21. Vessel | 22. Cutting Board | 23. Canister | 24. Black French Press | 25. Drawer Organizer | 26. Black Flatware (5 pc) | 27. Spoon Rest | 28. Book Easel | 29. Bowl | 30. Salad Plate | 31. Dinner Plate | 32. Pasta Bowl | 33. Tall Storage Container | 34. Small Storage Container | 35. Pot Holder | 36. Spinning Organizer | 37. White Tumbler | 38. White Square Plate | 39. Organizer Set | 40. Terry Dishcloth (set of 6) | 41. Shelf | 42. Drying Mat | 43. Pot Holder and Oven Mitt | 44. Cabinet Turntable | 45. Tea Towel | 46. Food Storage Container (12 pc) | 47. Pan Organizer | 48. White Basket | 49. Spice Jar | 50. Spice Jar Label | 51. Bathroom Tray | 52. Knife Dock

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Made By Design Get The Look 1 Updated

1. Tongs | 2. Pasta Server | 3. Serving Spoon | 4. Slotted Spatula | 5. Solid Spatula | 6. Electric Tea Kettle | 7. Pour Over Coffee Maker | 8. Coffee Maker | 9. Strainer | 10. Can Opener | 11. Measuring Cups | 12. Mixing Bowl | 13. Toaster | 14. Dutch Oven | 15. Measuring Pitcher | 16. Cooling Sheet | 17. Box Grater | 18. Jumbo Cooker | 19. Skillet | 20. Jumbo Cookie Sheet | 21. Pizza Pan | 22. Cookie Sheet | 23. Rolling Pin | 24. Wood and Silicon Spatula | 25. Wood Turner | 26. Wood Slotted Spoon | 27. Wood Slotted Spoon | 28. Loaf Pan | 29. Muffin Tin | 30. Garlic Press | 31. Masher | 32. Scrub Brush | 33. Round Cake Pan | 34. Dish Brush | 35. Dutch Oven | 36. Sauce Pan | 37. Sauté Pan | 38. Hand Broom and Dust Pan | 39. Cake Pan

***Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD

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No, of course I am not crying, just got something in my eye 😉


Ha, thank you ?


wow! So many things I love about this kitchen! Thanks for inspiration!

thank you xx


Soooo, zero regrets on sink and cooktop placement? Do you think it’d work well for a full-time home too? Curious as we ponder kitchen plans…

Team Room Temp Butter, been doing it 15 years straight, no illness yet! (We use about a stick a week…it doesn’t sit for months…)

Good, efficient organization is such a game changer….good work!


Same with the room-temp butter. Food52 has beautiful butter keepers that I haven’t bought yet but they’re supposed to keep butter airtight and room-temp


I got myself one of those beauties, but the hubs got ahold of it…and then didn’t :(. I loved it for the short time it lived in my kitchen!


Butter bell crock is a lifesaver for team room temperature butter!


Kitchen is stunning and beautiful! It is entirely my age showing when I say ‘shelfliners’ to you!!! because breadcumbs, leaks of dish soap and real life happens. Protect that beautiful interior wood on your cabs. ?


Your (beautiful & organized) pantry reminds me of moms that I babysit for that say, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I really need to go to the store because we have no food!” and then their pantry is FULL of snacks and I’m like, JACKPOT! So many fun snacks I would never buy for myself as a single woman but I’m more than happy to enjoy with the kids (or after they’re asleep.) Remember your babysitters while you’re grocery shopping, this is a major perk of the gig 🙂

Susie Q.

I love the “hilarious” cabinet–I’d been waiting to see what you put in it.
I’m a butter in the fridge person–I don’t think I use it enough to justify having it out all the time. I’ve seen a “butter saver” (?) which is basically a little covered pot where you put a block of butter in, then turn it upside down in a half-inch of water when you’re not using it (the water covers the exposed surface of the butter).
Everything looks very nice, but I must say that squatting down to use the toaster is not something I’d enjoy doing!

oooh interesting. never heard of anything like that – i’ll have to check it out!


It is called a butter bell. I am a room temp butter person (except in the heat of summer–too warm here) and tried the butter bell but found it kinda messy. So back to various butter dishes.


Yeah I think they’re also called butter bells?? I was always fascinated by them but don’t use butter enough to need it out on my counter.

Susie Q.

Thought of something else: years ago I tutored two young kids in Japan. This is what their parents did: every week they’d give each child a small amount of money (about $5, I think) to buy their own snacks–this was for candy, chips, etc (not for stuff like fruit or carrot sticks). Each child had their own box to store their snacks and could take a snack out whenever they liked–but when that week’s snacks were gone, they were gone. I thought it was a great idea for teaching kids how far your money goes, and it encouraged them to postpone urges to eat too much junk. It also gave them the freedom to experiment re which snacks they liked best.


Susie Q., thank you for sharing this! I love the amount of control and independence it gives- definitely going to try it out in my house : )


This is such a great idea!


I fear there might be some snack stealing happening in our house to make that £5 last a bit longer!


Looks beautiful!! But I have heard from a lot of people that made by design containers are not air tight! And neither are they bpa free. Can you please share if you know that to be true? Thank you!


I use Takeya b/c they are both. More expensive but of course that’s why. I was excited about Made by Design when EH first promoted it (Muji for the masses?) but the one product I purchased was such a fail that it turned me off completely – metal bowl with plastic lid that didn’t actually fit – on a product line that’s promoted “good design”??

This beautiful $50K kitchen is the perfect macro example of you get what you pay for.


Yup, that’s exactly what I heard as well. How unfortunate because the containers look so good! I’d rather buy something more expensive if I know they will actually last.
Thank you for replying!


This is not a 50k kitchen. Wassaaasyyyy more. And I love it!


So beautiful! But we NEED pictures of the double oven behind those doors! I have been waiting for months to see how you made this work because it’s a genius idea and we are always looking for clever ways to disguise appliances for our clients. Please share more details! xo

Coming in just a few days!


I’ve been trying to put my finger on what about this kitchen doesn’t feel right to me and I’ve finally decided it’s the lack of backsplash tile. I see you did some in the coffee bar cabinet…why didn’t you carry it throughout the rest of the kitchen? Was it a budget issue? I hope you add it later because the plain drywall next to that beautiful wood cabinetry feels unfinished.

Also the beams on the ceiling would be so pretty wrapped in wood to bring the warmth of the cabinets up. Just my two cents!


Inspiration for days. Marie Kondo would approve!


Ooh, totally disagree – I love the clean look given by just using the plain upstand piece. I also think that wrapping the beams would be a wood overload!

This is a prime example of how we all have a different aesthetic and how we’re all correct!


Eye Candy!!

Team Room Temp Butter here, too. Been doing it for years, never had a problem — and that’s with many guests in the kitchen and all five of us cooking (i.e. lots of exposure to lots of different germs). And: Spreadable Butter! yum

You are inspiring me to maybe start decanting. This just looks so, so nice!!


First off, this is totally beautiful and I love it. Second… because my eyesight is awful and I was scrolling, at quick glance the candles looked to spell out “fart” and not “party” and I thought well Emily IS quirky, maybe it’s a fun inside joke. lol.


All gorgeous and smart. Agree with you about buying bulk. Amazes me that people do not do it more. So much less expensive and much better for the environment.

Since I am on a very tight budget I regularly go to thrift shops, Salvation Army etc. It amazes me how often I find brand new unused appliances and a lot of storage and kitchen ware that I see in the stores. Well worth the effort.


I don’t buy in bulk because I live in a very small home and I don’t want to live surrounded by stacks of canned goods and toilet paper that I have no place to store. 😉


Just have to comment that you don’t have to live in a large space for it to make sense to buy certain items in “bulk”. (and I think in J’s comment and the post, bulk isn’t necessarily referring to Costco-sized giant packages of toilet paper, but unpackaged “bulk” food products.) We live in 600 sf with a tiny kitchen but we buy things like coffee, spices, flours, nuts, and dried fruit in the bulk sections of our local co-op and grocery store. I would buy everything that way if I could.
Definitely a money and space saver because we can buy only exactly as much as we need for two people and I decant into jars that I can stack easily inside the cabinets. 🙂

Would definitely encourage you to give it a try!

Yes! I know it depends on what city or state you’re in, but here in LA, we have a store called Sprouts that has bulk items like nuts, rices, beans, snack mixes, even spices and dried herbs available to buy in unpackaged “bulk”. It keeps my costs down because I just buy what I know I’ll use. It’s amazing!


Fivebyfive — I’m pretty sure Emily is referring to buying dry goods from bulk bins (not packaging) not from “buy in bulk cases” stores like Costco.
The beauty of buying in the bulk section is you get to buy exactly the amount that you want. This is especially helpful for things like spices that are expensive and go stale within a few months. I buy all my grains, spices, dried beans, granola, dried fruit….etc etc etc…in the amounts I want. I can bring my glass jars in and have their weight subtracted from the total or just put the dry goods in paper bags and decant into my containers at home. Cheaper, better for the environment, and I get exactly the amount that fits in my small kitchen. : )


I moved to the States from Germany about five years ago and one of the first things I “taught” my American husband is that butyer belongs in a butter dish on the counter or kitchen table, haha! In Germany everyone has their butter out so that it is always ready for spreading. I’ve never heard of or seen butter going bad at room temperature, it is usually eaten within a week and the dish is washed before replacing the butter. I think food safety is a little bit crazy in the USA, in my opinion, we have been given our senses for a reason, if the butter looks weird, smells weird or tastes weird you can still throw it out and be safe, but alas that has never happened to me or anyone I know.
Love your minimal kitchen organization and that you only own the bare essentials in this kitchen. Inspiring to me for when we finally finish our kitchen remodel this summer.

Carly Waters

Honestly this kitchen is the most exquisite thing you have ever done – ???. Re butter – opt for ghee in glass and it always stays out (per the package recommendation !)

Thank you so much xx


Beautiful! How did you deal with plastic wrap, ziploc bags, that kind of thing? They seem to take up so much room without great storage solutions …

thank you xx and yes, we decanted all those things to save space!


This organization is a dream as is the kitchen! Team room temp spreadable butter all the way!! We are in a panic when we get to the last bit and forgot to take another stick out of the fridge, ha ha!!

Courtney Madden

Where are adult cups? Or do you only have mugs/cocktail glasses?

Ella Todeschini

Yes, I was wondering about regular glasses, ie what do you use if you want a glass of water?


That’s exactly what I’m wondering too! Seems obvious that something’s missing. Maybe they’re in the dining room? But I would want some near the tap…


Side note on the outlets in the “tech drawer”

If you’re building a bathroom I can’t recommend enough having outlets installed in a drawer in your bathroom (The drawer should be around 10-12″ deep).

Then you can plug in your hair dryer (and any other hair tools) into that drawer and you just open and close the drawer to use them and you never have to plug it in, or put it away ever again! Life changing.

Another place to put an outlet in in the bathroom is inside an upper cabinet or inside a recessed mirror for an electric toothbrush – keeps it off the counter.

Omg yes! I stayed with a friend once who had an amazing guest bathroom with outlets in the drawers and it just made things feel so easy and effortless.


Whaaaa! Mind blown! Thanks for the suggestion.


Wonderful! Beautiful!

Was Krisztina able to give some input for how to organize the entry into the family room where there is no mud room? Looking forward to hearing how you solved all the issues you previously mentioned!


All that organization is just a big fat YES for me. I have a tiny kitchen (not as small as some you’ve featured) and must be super organized. My happiest find was drawer liners from Target (YouCopia 6pk In Drawer Spice Organizer Gray) just the right size for holding spice jars. They fit perfectly in two long skinny drawers. Also love my magnetic knife rack; holds all my good knives and keeps them from taking up drawer space.

Love your kitchen even more now.

Jordan G

I am SO impressed with this. I love your kitchen in general, but this is such good content. It’s both a perfect partnership with NEAT and a fantastic showcase for the Made by Design pieces. Win / win / win for everybody. I’m very inspired to buy a lot of these products for my kitchen and bathroom. Thank you for putting together such thoughtful content partnerships!

Thanks so much for your comment Jordan! That feels really nice to hear (for the whole team).

alexandra montaperto

Wowzers, that’s one beautiful kitchen!
Just wondering, did u have issues using the screws that came with the hardware from schoolhouse?
We ordered the exact same hardware as u from schoolhouse and omg the screws ruined one of our cabinet doors!

Oh no! we didn’t have any issues with the screws as far as I know!


Wow, what a gorgeous, organized kitchen. I agree with others, decanted food should be stored in glass or stainless containers – not in plastic, especially plastic containers not labeled BPA free. Other than that – love the organization and having everything in its place. A real dream kitchen.


I’m so excited about this post! We (hopefully) get to move back into our newly renovated 60’s farmhouse in early May, so the timing of this is PERFECT! Great ideas all around!

oh yay! that is so nice to hear xx


Really pretty. Loving all the natural wood. I’ve never been one that feels the need to hide all my appliances, but I imagine it feels so nice to walk into such a clean space in the morning.

Also, random parenting tip: I also love the Made by Design clear containers with white lids…but for toys. I don’t like storing food in plastic, but those things are GREAT when it comes to all the small little figures my daughters play with that get unruly when not organized. Legos, little peppa pig figures, calico critters, etc. The lids are easy to take off, they can see their stuff, and my sanity is improved.


This is AMAZING! And such perfect timing – our kitchen reno is starting so I’ve been looking for kitchen/cabinet walkthroughs to help me think through space planning, and was so excited to see your IG post 🙂 We will also have almost entirely lower cabinets (drawers) – what width are the drawers you store your adult and kid place settings in? I’m waffling on the right size (big enough to hold everything but not unwieldy when full of dishes).


We just did an all new Ikea kitchen and used 24″ drawers for our dishes with different depths. Ikea, in Canada, has a great design section that was a great help to us.


looks beautiful. unpainted wood cabinets can go wrong easily, but these are so well done.
about the butter – whipped butter is the best of both worlds – stays in the fridge & spreads nicely.
also, can you please give a resource for the wall sconces on the window/stove wall?


You just saved my life, do you know that?!


Brilliant. Can we discuss the rug? I am so considering a black and white striped rug (indoor outdoor), but will it need hosing down every week?


Are the Made By Design dishes breakable? I gave away my heavy, stoneware Pottery y Barn dishes when I moved recently intending to get something thinner and lighter. Because I am a complete clutz, I was expecting to buy plain white Corelle dishes but I like the look of the Made By Design set better. The description on the Target website says they are glass. I really need something that can take some wear and tear. Have you used them long enough to have any breaks, chips or scratches from utensils?


I would like to know the same thing! Love the dishes but am wondering if they break easily?


Hi @susanincolumbus-FYI if you buy the plain Corelle ones, keep your receipt.i found the quality has been variable as I had a plate spontaneously break in a cupboard,and cracks in the glazing on the edges from my dishwasher. (Interestingly the plates I bought in Asian are different from the exact same model purchase in the US.)

Kelly Manas

Butter in a dish for sure!


I love this kitchen so much I might have to stop following you. I have all the envy.

Room temp butter for LIFE.



I just love the warm yet streamlined feel of your kitchen and I just noticed you did not do a back splash, kind of refreshing not to see subway tile. I love that you don’t have to have a hood and I’m very curious about how the down draft stove works, does it really draft out enough>Maybe you can cover that in your appliance post!!!.
Job well done!


UNREAL. This is next level awesome Emily & Team!

– Land O Lakes butter that stays soft inside fridge.
– Recently converted to dish drawers and had a hard time picking a peg system (decision fatigue hit at the end of the long reno) so put down some IKEA drawer liners to tide me over until I had more energy and was pleasantly surprised that dishes actually don’t move or clank around inside a dish drawer – so that was that. (No pegs also means more real estate in the drawer.)


Putting an outlet in a drawer is a code violation in many states.

tonny ken

Your blog is great, I will always support you, you really know how to share
run 3

Odette McLure

Now this is what I call a well designed kitchen! I like every thing except the farm style sink. The light above the island is very cool. The beverage and waste centers are very practical.
Well done!

Maryann Ibrahim

This is awesome and perfect for Spring cleaning. Do you remember the source for the clear baskets used underneath the kitchen sink? Did you add the labels to the clear bins?


Lovely, clean and organised!

One point about this post though that was really jarring to me was that the overhead photographs of drawers were presented from the wrong perspective – surely they should be viewed ‘front on’ to give an accurate feel of a drawer? I surely can’t be the only person who turned them round to get a true feel for the organisation?


Emily, Love all the organization!! Question out of nowhere – how does one go back to your post the prior day or the day before that? I don’t see a way to scroll to a previous day’s post or go forward day by day if an old post is found and one wants to catch up in order.


Regarding the butter question, a French butter crock keeps butter fresh and at the perfect spreadable consistency.


So so beautiful! I love the way the coffee bar doors tuck back into the cabinets. We tried doing this in our kitchen and the hinges were very tricky and scratched the paint off the doors if they weren’t pushed at EXACTLY the right angle. Are you able to share the type of hinges used and if you experience anything similar? Thank you!


In the process of choosing a new (london / smaller!) kitchen layout and loving everything about your design. About the only thing I was sure on – apart from wanting wood also, and needing a full length pantry cupboard as opposed to food scattered in many drawers – was no appliances in the island. I felt like it would look messy with washing up /drying up. What does everyone think? Now rethinking!


Team Land O’ Lakes whipped butter in a tub, left on the counter. Don’t feel so bad leaving it out, since it is in a sealed tub. Not necessarily pretty, but does the job!

The kitchen turned out beautiful! And seeing the front entry from the one picture, please do not enclose the wall by the front door. Keep the openness, and figure something out for the coat rack!!


Wow… I’m in love! 🙂 So beautiful!!! Well done!!!


Hey Emily, what’s it called when the cabinet doors tuck in like that? Is there a special hinge or track to make it work? I’m dying to do that to my laundry nook.


Stunning, Fantastic its looks so astounding. Much obliged to you for sharing this article and keep doing carpets in dubai

[…] inside interior stylist Emily Henderson’s SUPER organised kitchen. My inner Monica Geller was salivating over these […]


God, what a beautiful kitchen. Designed Exactly as I imagined. Brilliant, bright, relaxing and functional. Emily Henderson signed a great project again.
I would like to make a Small suggestion; I think this kitchen will be even more perfect if it is colored with organic Turkish tea towels in pretty colors.
I am very pleased to use it in my home;

[…] This kitchen is so organized!  I loved getting to peek inside the drawers.  We used the same drawer dividers, spatulas, and other gadgets for a refresh when we painted our kitchen in January. […]

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