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About Those Integrated Appliances in the Mountain House Kitchen


This kitchen is my pride and joy, mostly because it’s not only visually very lovely (I’m trying to be modest here, when really I just want to scream  IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN IN THE WORLD) but it also really works. There really aren’t very many restaurants up there and we have a lot of weekend guests so we cook A TON. But being new at kitchen designs (I’ve only really done a handful of them), I really didn’t want to mess this up. I didn’t want to have regrets later and wish that I had put the fridge somewhere else.

My team did some painstaking research to ensure that the set up we created would really work the best it could while keeping it open and making sure the reclaimed wood cabinets and island + natural light are the star. We intentionally designed a kitchen where the appliances take the back seat to the design, visually, which I know is controversial (but I honestly don’t know why). To have a kitchen that houses everything you need, but is visually streamlined and beautiful is the future. That’s not to say that appliances aren’t nice to look at because they certainly can be (I LOVE a beautiful range like the one we put in Portland project), but you can reduce your finishes/contrast and have them integrated into your cabinetry if you are into this look. And these days, it’s not that much more expensive than comparable non-panel-ready appliances.

We worked with who has such fantastic personalized customer service (whether you’re trade or consumer level) and a huge selection of some of the best products out there in terms of style and new tech. They are all excellent in every way. Here, we used almost all Viking appliances, which made me incredibly excited, never having had a luxury brand of appliances before. Let’s get into it:

Wall Ovens:

Emily Henderson viking appliances2

Emily Henderson viking appliances3

The double oven—the Viking 5 Series 30″ Wide Double Electric Oven—is hidden behind our cabinetry which slides back into pockets while in use (and until the oven is completely cooled down). Although honestly, this oven is pretty enough to look at all the time. We went with this versus a range because I wanted a double oven and wanted a cleaner cooktop area. I roast a lot of chicken and we bake a lot of cookies (yes, at the same time) so it was time for a double oven and now I get it.

Emily Henderson viking appliances4

It has all the bells and whistles it should for anyone who’s serious about their ovens (plus it comes in seven great colors and finishes). Each of the ovens has 4.7 cubic feet of capacity and the knobs are super easy to use with lots of cooking modes, including convection and broil. Something that’s REALLY useful is the Rapid Ready pre-heat feature, which basically means the oven pre-heats much faster than your standard oven (12-15 minutes to 350, and no preheat on convection mode if using center rack).

The TruConvec convection mode—a much more efficient heating method in ovens compared to conduction—is great for cooking those chickens (or cookies, or brownies) much more evenly and quickly. These babies have the largest fans in the industry (8 1/2″ inches), which maximizing airflow and just makes whatever you’re baking or roasting better (more even cooking, less chance to dry out, etc.).


Emily Henderson viking appliances5

As I’ve said in the past (specifically, this post from almost a year ago), I wish we had gone integrated and panel-ready in our LA kitchen instead of having the large stainless-steel refrigerator steal the show from the pretty green cabinetry, so I knew when it came to mountain house, these would be panel ready FOR SURE. While we originally had planned for the refrigerator placement to me swapped with where the dry bar is right now, you guys talked us into flip-flopping them and I’m so glad you did (THANK YOU). Basically, there were 48 inches of clearance between the wall unit and the island, and opening up the fridge and freezer drawers would have been a pain with anyone sitting at the island. This makes SO much more sense.

Having it where it is works great because we pull out what we need, bring to the island or peninsula to prep (and having the sink right there is also super convenient for washing anything off like produce), then move on to the stove to cook. It’s a flow that works really well for us, even if it doesn’t follow your traditional work triangle (we thought about this ad nauseam, trust me).

Emily Henderson viking appliances6

We went with the Viking 7 Series 36″ Wide Bottom Mount Energy Star Rated Right Hinge Refrigerator, and its 13.6 cubic feet capacity (in the refrigeration portion) fits all my souping necessities (plus all the leftovers). The spill-proof shelves are easily adjustable in the case I need to store a big stock pot in here or something and it’s nice to have a continuous, big crisper drawer instead of two separate ones for larger greens like kale and long turnips and whatnot. The LED interior lighting also feels very schnazzy.

Emily Henderson viking appliances7

There’s a “feather touch” built-in internal water dispenser with filtered water, and let me tell you, having that inside the fridge as opposed to outside is so much more aesthetically pleasing. (It’s on the left wall of the fridge right above the first shelf if you’re looking for it). Yes, it’s a few more steps to open the freezer drawer for ice then open the refrigerator for water, but it doesn’t really bother you once you get used to it and it’s a small price to pay for full integration.

Oh! And for anyone who suffers from “stinky fridge syndrome” (it riddles approx. 88% of Americans…very serious), you’ll love Viking’s BlueZone Fresh Preservation Technology, which uses patented air cleaning that strips microbes, ethylene gas, hydrocarbons and odors from the air inside your fridge.

Emily Henderson viking appliances8

Having freezer drawers is so much better for us than a top-to-bottom freezer sliver typical to French door refrigerators (which we had in previous houses and once we made the switch to the wider format in my LA house, there’s no going back as long as you have the space for it). So much of that space is wasted because you have like…10 inches to fit in everything you need and it’s a game of Tetris. Things get lost in the back and fall prey to the dreaded freezer burn, only to be remembered during a big freezer purge.

Emily Henderson viking appliances9

We liked the double drawer (as opposed to the freezer drawer within a big freezer drawer compartment) because mentally it’s easier to organize that way. When it’s the drawer-inside-a-drawer situation, it’s easier to just open the freezer and just make things fit any way they can, while the two drawers make me compartmentalize what goes into each. For instance, the top drawer here is for easy to make frozen food and veggies as well as sweet treats, while the bottom drawer (which we forgot to shoot, whoops), could be used for frozen meal prep items, or meats. The clear divider is there to help keep things organized and can be moved around (or removed) however it works best for your storage needs.

Cooktop & Downdraft:

Emily Henderson viking appliances10

Because we went with the double oven, we didn’t need a range, so we went with Viking’s Professional 5 Series 36″ Wide Built-In Gas Cooktop and paired it with the brand’s 36″ Built-In Downdraft Ventilation System. I knew I wanted to have the cooktop near that beautiful Marvin picture window and didn’t want a hood, so the pop-up downdraft is an unobtrusive solution I’m pretty obsessed with. It has an 18-inch rise, two-level lighting so you can create your own illumination adventure and four fan speeds. Do note that you’ll need to build in room in the below cabinet for the downdraft to be stored as well as its mechanism, so there is some storage loss there.

Emily Henderson viking appliances11

The six burners range from super high output (18,000 BTUs in the front left burner) to 6,000 BTUs in the front right burner, though all of the burners have variable simmer options (that allows for different pot sizes and liquid volumes) for all those delicate sauces I whip on the regular (or delicate broths, of course). The knobs are really intuitive, so there’s no futzing around, plus I like that they are off to one side instead of in the front which keeps them out of reach of little hands.

Viking is a high-end appliance brand, and this range feels like it. There’s no “click click click” to ignite the flame, plus it re-ignites automatically if the flame were to go out at any point during cooking (say, if I open up that sliding window and a gust of wind comes in), and the porcelain-coated cast iron grate is really easy to clean.


Emily Henderson viking appliances12

Because throwing dirty dishes out the window instead of cleaning them every day is not an acceptable way of living by any means, we need the luxuries of a dishwasher. This is the Viking 24″ Setting Energy Star-Rated Built-In Dishwasher from their 3 Series, which also has an adjustable upper rack that allows for taller items on either the top or bottom rack. Customization, folks. That’s a true luxury. It fits up to 12 place settings, though their new, even quieter model (the FDWU324, which isn’t online just yet but will be adding in a few days), has a 14-place setting capacity. It has six cycles—posts/pans heavy soiled, China/crystal, regular wash, hour wash, quick wash (35 min.) and rinse/hold—and five options (express drying, sanitize to NSF requirement, high-gloss drying, half load, and delayed start up to 24 hours).

At 50 decibels, that means you can have a normal conversation standing at the island while it runs and you’ll barely notice it (it’s actually one of the quietest washers on the market right now). For context, 50 decibels are equal to the hum of a refrigerator. It also has something called “turbidity monitors” which “senses” how clean your dishes are so everything always comes out squeaky clean.

Wine Fridge:

Emily Henderson viking appliances13

Now that we’ve talked through your everyday appliances, it’s time to shift into the real fun (no kids allowed). How adult are you when you have a separate wine fridge? I’m pretty sure that means you’ve “made it,” right? This puppy (the EdgeStar 15″ Wide 26 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Reversible Door) stores up to 26 standard size wine bottles on its slide-out shelving, has two temperature zones to chill reds and wines at their own particular temps (I feel so sophisticated saying that), a door that can swing either left or right, plus an integrated door lock.

Refrigerated Drink Drawers:

Emily Henderson viking appliances14

The peninsula is “drinks central.” We put in these Marvel 24″ Wide Built-In Refrigerated Drawers for Brian’s beer, fizzy water, juices and kid snacks and we LOVE them. It leaves the fridge space for actual food and larger items instead of cluttering shelves with La Croix and Go Gurt. The temperature settings (which you adjust on the top drawer) range from 34°F to 42°F, which means drinks will always be so cold they’re nearing freezing point without actually freezing over. This is my happy place. As cold as possible without being a chunk of ice. THIS IS THE FUTURE.

Emily Henderson viking appliances15

We use the top drawer for bar carry over (citrus, tonic and seltzer, beer, etc.) and the bottom one is at the perfect level for Charlie and Birdie to be able to grab apple sauce, cheese sticks or whatever healthy snack is there on their own (by the way, both drawers have that nice soft close feature so nothing bangs shut). They wouldn’t be able to reach anything in the refrigerator really at their current age/height, so this is their little spot.

According to the specs, these offer something called “Dynamic Cooling Technology” which equates to cooling things down almost two times faster than competitors, which is great for parties when you make a drink run and want to get everything nice and cold ASAP.

But, in case that’s not fast enough for you, let me introduce you to maybe my favorite thing in this entire kitchen…

Ice Machine:

Emily Henderson viking appliances16

Oh man does this thing make me happy. As soon as I found out it was an option, I could accept nothing less. It’s a NUGGET ICE MACHINE.

Viking, let this be my wholehearted thank you for thinking to make this amazing machine. You know that soft, chewy, pillowy, DREAM-LIKE ice you get at Sonic or Tijuana Flats or wherever else they’re smart enough to make you a loyal customer via their ice selection? This is the stuff.

Emily Henderson viking appliances18

Just look at those beautiful pillows of crunchy ice up there. The things true ice-lover fantasies are made of. It produces 80 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period and holds up to 26 pounds of ice at any given moment. Is it a necessary addition to a kitchen appliance plan? Well, no, but if you’ve always dreamed of having this restaurant-style ice at your fingertips, know that it’s a possibility and will up the fun ante of your kitchen and cocktailing by about 255%.

Emily Henderson viking appliances20

Again, I just want to give an enormous thank you to for working with us on these amazing appliances. Everything feels like SUCH a luxury (mostly because it is) and makes me want to just spend all my time in here whipping up stew after soup after bone broth. If you’re going to be doing a kitchen remodel soon, or swapping out your appliances, absolutely consider They are super knowledgeable and their project experts are so helpful in helping you to find exactly what you want and need for your home. They’re available to talk (phone, email, online chat) every day of the week (and advice is always free, whether you’re a customer yet or not). Plus, their prices are honestly hard to beat, and once you order, you get a dedicated account manager that helps to streamline ordering, delivery, quoting and coordination. You don’t have to be a trade professional to benefit either.

Emily Henderson viking appliances21

All available through Viking Refrigerator | Viking Double Electric Wall Oven | Viking Dishwasher | Marvel Built-In Refrigerated Drawers | EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler | Viking Ice Maker | Viking Built-In Downdraft | Viking Gas Cooktop 

This wraps up all the mountain house kitchen posts. Phew, there was so much to talk about (hope you’re not tired of us yet). In case you’ve missed anything so far, we’ve done the big overall reveal last week as well as all the inside organization of the drawers and pantry this past Monday. We’ve been answering your questions along the way, but let us know what else you’ve got for us (or if we didn’t answer something specifically in the posts or from your comments).

*Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD

**This post is in partnership with but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.

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OK, who wrote this article?! I’m dying to know who referenced ice from Tijuana Flats! I’m from Orlando, where it started (Winter Park, whatttt!!), and it’s a fairly regional chain so I’m curious who on your staff knows it! (Their ice is legit legendary so it’s an accurate call-out!)


Probably a dumb question, but how is the oven vented?? My immediate reaction — besides thinking holy crap it’s beautiful— is oven inside wood paneling isn’t a fire risk?!


Exactly! I also wondered why you would cover up an $8k+ oven with doors? It doesn’t make sense to me.


All wall ovens vent the same way – through the front. They’re insulated so the heat doesn’t transfer to your surrounding cabinets. No different than having a combined oven/range. For the wooden doors, Emily noted those are open while cooking and until the oven cools down.


We’re in the process of planning our kitchen and selecting appliances so this is super timely! I’d LOVE to include an integrated fridge in our kitchen but the prices for a fridge alone are coming close to what we wanted to spend for our appliances alltogether… are there any other options to make a non-panel ready fridge feel a little more custom and disappear into the cabinets or am I out of luck?


Yellow Brick Home did a post on integrated appliances and list some affordable options (GE!).


I bought my panel-ready fridge in the scratch and dent section of my local appliance store and it cost me less than half what it would have cost if I bought it from the showroom. Plus there is actually nothing wrong with it!


Those refrigerator drawers are what kitchen dreams are made of, especially when you have the toddler variety in your home. I am trying to figure out what I do/sell/how to win the lottery so those can be a reality in my home.

Kitchen dreams with everything in the Mountain House! Yall did an amazing job!

thank you thank you thank you. when i’m up here, i never ever want to leave and spend so much time in this kitchen. it’s my dream come true.

Johnene Proctor

Appliances have come a long way. Love the refrigerated drawers. Your home is beautiful.

thank you so much. I’m pretty enamored.


You can make up as many reasons as you want to show more of that gorgeous kitchen.


so beautiful! i’m pretty sure that if i was financially able to get viking appliances that i’d want to show those babies off!


I have witnessed perfection, and it is this kitchen (If I wasn’t at my desk at work, I’d give it a standing ovation). Aesthetically, it’s breathtaking (that pocket door cabinetry tho!). But I am even more impressed with the functionality and the *thought* you all clearly put into it. Thanks for the legwork, ideas, and inspiration!

Cris S.

Did you think about an induction cooking countertop appliance instead of gas? What made your decision there? Also, what is with the Dubai and Abu Dhabi spam this morning? Yikes.


I want ALL of these appliances, really I do. Especially those refrigerator drawers. Unfortunately, spending $30K on just appliances is well outside my budget and probably will never ever be something I can afford. I’m sure you’re contractually obligated to recommend these particular appliances but I would love a more budget friendly option for most of these (if they exist). I’m guessing the majority of your readers can’t throw around this kind of money for their appliances either. If our current fridge broke I’m sure it would hurt but we could come up with the $1000 to replace it. If an $11,000 fridge stopped running it would require about a year of planning and selling an organ to replace.


I can’t even afford a kitchen reno for 30k much less that money just on appliances. I do love seeing these beautiful renos, but damn this has to be out of reach for most who view your blog. I’d love to see much more budget friendly options as well. I did a half ass reno for about 3k a few years ago and am just now about to pull the trigger on replacing cabinets and building in a fridge.

Leila Khoram-Work



I clicked through on the oven and let out an audible “what?!?” at the $8k+ price. I get that they are “luxury” appliances but those prices are totally insane. I could never justify spending that much (which is not to say that other people shouldn’t) Yikes!


Yeah, we have actually done some big, costly home renovations, but $35k in appliances is completely mind-boggling to me. No shade, just shock!


What’s not to love with a 35-40k appliance package? Don’t need to be a designer to pull that off. Let’s see a 10k appliance package that looks gray. Now that’s something to read about.


Oh my gosh, Emily, this kitchen is SO beautiful!!!! I grew up with a paneled fridge and dishwasher (way back in the 90s so you know the wood was not nearly this pretty), and these appliances make my heart happy! I also had no idea that a “normal” person could have ice like that and now that’s all I will be thinking of if I ever get a real kitchen…. Safe to say I will be living vicariously through this kitchen since mine is a tiny NYC apartment one! Everything about this is so good!!!

thank you so much. i didn’t know a normal person could have it either, but you bet as soon as i found out they could, i made it happen (well, viking made it happen).


@Emmy there is a countertop version of the pebble ice maker! It’s actually pretty compact and looks nice. It’s about $500 I believe, my sister in law received one as a gift. It’s wonderful!


Evane – Oh! That’s so fun!! I’ll have to look into it 🙂 Thank you!!


I am in the midst of a whole house renovation now–and have used for quite a bit. Their customer service has been stellar, even though I am buying things that are nowhere near the level of these appliances. I would whole heartedly recommend using them. On another note…stunning kitchen. There have been a ton of helpful organizational tips that I will be using for sure. I order cabinets Friday so these posts were very timely!

congrats on your renovation! and yes, agreed, fantastic customer service. we worked with them for the Portland house, too, and it’s been a great experience both times. xx

Kim Smith

I was one of the commentators who asked for a slower voice from you and thank you so much for your immediate response!
Really does make it more enjoyable and easier to understand!
Thanks again

you’re welcome! 🙂


So when can I move in???


i love learning from all your research on these topics!

re: ice – my grandparents had a restaurant-grade ice maker in their lake house for years. I took it for granted at the time, but i still fantasize about those ice cubes. And also – my college self, stopping by their house to fill up coolers to go out on the boat with my friends – yay for ice makers!


It’s bad enough to spam the comments, but you’ve put about 10 comments on here now. Begone with you, bot!

we cleaned it all up! not sure what was going on there.


This kitchen is beyond gorgeous. I’ve always wondered though, when you an integrated appliance, such as a fridge dies and needs to be repaired or replaced, how simple is that? Is it hard to get a replacement to match the cabinetry? Does it pull out for repair access? Love the idea and aesthetic but am concerned about down the road. Thanks!


This question has not much to do with kitchen appliances but with the kitchen and whole house. That first shot of the kitchen is so gorgeous!! It shows the floor, cabinets, and island all in one picture.

My question is this. Can you do a post on how to mix different woods in the different styles (CA Modern, Traditional, New Victorian, etc)? I would struggle with this because they are different colors and textures. Maybe I’m not the only one. I’d love to see some information on this to create a space as stunning and beautiful as this!!

we’ll put it on the list!


How are you finding accessing the top shelf of the fridge? It seems incredibly high up and difficult to use anything but the very front of the shelf, unless you’re using a step stool.


That’s what I was thinking!


As a currently pregnant person who is constantly craving ice to chew on, the nugget ice maker is practically making me WEEP with jealousy. GAH. WHAT A DREAM. I love, love, love this kitchen. <3

Rachel S

Love this post! I renovated my kitchen last year and we went with a combo of integrated, and “regular” appliances. The fridge and range are SS, dishwasher and fridge drawers are integrated. I love how it turned out. We also have the floor to ceiling wall of cabinets with the fridge and I wanted the stainless steel to break it up a bit, plus, I often find that an integrated fridge ends up looking like a slightly less attractive cabinet instead of disappearing entirely. Yours looks incredible, but I was nervous.

We are so totally obsessed with our fridge drawers, I’m so so glad we got them. It was my husband’s only hard line request. Beer in the top drawer, seltzer on the bottom. It’s awesome.

Irmarie Cervera

I just died and went to kitchen heaven. 🙂 Beautiful, and very efficient.


Hiding the appliances was the way to go. Kitchen looks amazing! It’s my favorite kitchen that you’ve designed.
Question if you don’t mind, how do you create those images with the moving images? The one that is the second image, not sure what you call them. Through an app, photoshop…?


The wood is so incredibly beautiful ?


Damn. The views inside the cabinets really drive home just how GORGEOUS this kitchen is. I sort of wonder about how it would look with the island another color, instead of black — not that I dislike the black, I’m just curious what you would do if you were to change it. Beautiful job. I really hope I win the vacay up there so I can experience those ice pillows myself!!!

Also, not about this post, but when you (Emily) did your master bedroom reveal, I was super taken aback by the price of your nightstands. But now that I’m trying to find the perfect nightstand for myself, I totally get why you went for those. They are perfect. The proportions, the shape, the storage, are all so good. Granted, I can only spend like maybe a tenth of what you spent, but it’s amazing how you (I) don’t truly appreciate the beauty of a design until you go looking for an item for yourself.

Joanne Michael

I’m loving the glimpse into your cabinets. Beautiful design and products. Love that ice machine!!


Beautiful kitchen! Just one more tiny “must have” appliance (if it’s even called that)…tortilla chip machine that gives you crispy paper fine hot chips!


We are now building a condo in Canada to be used about 6 months of the year in nice weather. We were interested in having an ice machine but the builder didn’t recommend as turning it off for extended periods wouldn’t play well with the water line. Is this true? I guess you aren’t away from your lovely place that long!

cindy allen

Love it all. Does the downdraft suck the flame is you are using high heat?


Absolutely gorgeous and functional kitchen. I love everything about it. Well done. EHD team.

Paula Carr

The mention of bone broth made me flash on the opening number of “At Home with Amy Sedaris” this past week. 🙂

Jen P

What’s not to love about your kitchen?! But really, where’d you get those boots? I covet them.

Nicole roe

I literally just wrote down notes from this post. We are a few years from a full blown remodel (3 boys under 6 with a 4th boy on the way) but the layout and everything is so perfect. I may have just texted my husband that our kitchen yearly savings needs to double.


Great post! Terrific evolution of wood cabinets. Where is the light fixture over the kitchen island from?

[…] Неповторимая кухня от дизайнера и блогера Эмили Хендерсон в блоге […]


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While I think the kitchen is gorgeous and the appliances are very handsome, when I started clicking the links to the appliances and realized that all together they cost well over 30,000 bucks I got a bit upset. Not that you got them for free or are featuring them, but that in a prior post you estimated the cost of this kitchen to be anywhere from 50-75,000 dollars. Clearly there’s no way the kitchen only cost 50,000- id estimate way closer to 100,000. Honestly I don’t think you had to put an estimate on the total cost, but if you were going to it would be easy to be a little more accurate. It just felt like you were purposely trying to downplay the cost of it all which feels disingenuous.


I don’t mind the high prices. I can extrapolate the concepts and use what’s possible. One very practical request – with cooktops, can you show them from above so we can see how the knobs are set into the surface? I’m totally serious. I cook a lot, and cleaning the cooktop is my job, and I always wonder if there’s a way to make knobs you can clean without having to take them off:).

Also we have a downdraft, and while it doesn’t suck the flame, a tip is to boil water on the front burners because on the back burners the draft seems to delay the boil noticeably.


Thanks for doing this post!! Each appliance was better than the last then when you got to the wine fridge I almost dropped my phone!! ❤️❤️❤️ The little fridge drawer for the kids snackies was a fun addition too.


Looks absolutely lovely. One question…have you used these Viking appliances in any of your kitchens?


This is an absolute dream kitchen!!!!


Love that you are in kitchen heaven with the beautiful appliances! Can you please make a note to report back on the Viking ownership experience, after a year or so? I was strongly discouraged by multiple stores from buying this brand due to bad reliability and even worse service/repair history. I love the look of that double oven though!


wisdom is going to be a starter
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To answer Celia’s question on the Viking appliances. Personally , I can say that their products are a big disappointment. In less than 4 years my Viking refrigerator and oven were not functioning properly. I would not ever buy them again. I did ask Emily if she had any experience with these products but did not get an answer. Not sure if these products were Emily’s choice?


Just want to tell Celia that Viking products are not reliable. My personal experience with their double oven and refrigerator were bad. I think the name does not live up to quality products. I did ask Emily if she had experience using a Viking product but did not get an answer.


If I made a negative comment about Viking, trying to answer someone’s comment, why are you not posting it? All you are saying is that I already said that but I don’t see that email in your comment section. Thanks


Hi. Just wondering why the ice machine and wine fridge need venting when the famine fridge freezer dont?


There has never been a more American alliance than that ice maker ??? 80lbs of ice in 24 hours is a DREAM.

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