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Our Most Viewed Pins On The Internet In 2021

Hey everyone! Mal here, ready to bring you the top 10 most viewed pins on the internet. Well, OUR most viewed pins on the internet. These roundup posts are so fun for us because it’s like looking back through everything you’ve put your blood sweat and tears into the past year and then focusing on the POSITIVE (aka what did very WELL). Hopefully, it’s fun for you guys to see, too, and we’re so excited to walk down memory lane with you. Now let’s get goin’.


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the ultimate family-friendly media room + wet bar

Ah, the Portland Media room wet bar. What a star…I haven’t seen this gif in a MINUTE (and it was before I started working at EHD so that’s seriously saying how old it is). How exciting that something from the 2017 archives is coming in hot on this list!! The team did such a good job with this gif, I’ve watched it for hours now and it’s making me want a glass of wine. Please hold.


design by studio rey | photo by carmel king | from: blue & red in bed! is this the next bedroom color trend? (+ the no-fail formula used to make it work in 28 different rooms)

Okay, wine’s in hand and we’re ready for super fine number 9. Our very own Caitlin wrote a post on how much she loves blue and red bedrooms and gave SUCH solid inspiration photos. This one being a crowd favorite, clearly. I love that floral pillow breaking up the solid colors, but man that color palette is seriously slaying.


via pinterest | from: ‘what are “the young people” into? it’s called “aesthetic” and “avant basic” I had no idea, and now i do’

I cannot stop laughing at this one. You may remember the post I wrote on what Gen-Z’s design style is and clearly it must’ve had some truth because this photo from the post got repinned A BUNCH of times. The records, the butterflies, the polaroids. It’s SO ‘aesthetic’ (you’ll get what I mean if you read the post) and it did WELL.


from: ‘ripped & distressed jeans roundup + a genius shopping hack for affordable denim’

1. Premium Cigarette Jeans | 2. Classic Straight Jeans | 3. Stella Skinny Jeans | 4. High Rise Skinny Jeans | 5.Levi’s Wedgie High Rise Jeans | 6. Maggie Mid-Rise Straight Leg Jeans | 7. Ripped Ankle Straight Leg Jeans | 8. GRLFRND Distressed Jeans | 9. Curvy High Rise Skinny Crop Jeans | 10. Vintage 505 Distressed Levi’s (size 32) | 11. Ribcage Straight Jeans | 12. Vintage 716 Levi’s (size 28) | 13. Rag & Bone Low Rise Jeans (size 23) | 14. Levi’s 501 Taper Jeans | 15. Vintage Levi’s 501 (size 32) | 16. Vintage Levi’s 501 (size 29) | 17. Rag & Bone Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (size 23) | 18. Vintage Levi’s 501 (size 27)

Ah hello, little roundup. We started repinning these roundups a while back and we’re learning that people really like seeing everything in one spot like this. Denim is HARD to find so I get it, this really breaks it up visually and lets you really see the jeans (from a lot of different places at once). This was from a few months back, so I included the links but be forewarned that some of them may be out of stock or may not exist anymore (sad day).


design by sarah gibson from room for tuesday | from: the 2021 #showemyourdiy: 22 diy ideas to transform your sad backyard into your favorite place

This is BACK with a vengeance!! This DIY by Sarah from Room For Tuesday has absolutely killed the Pinterest game for a few years now. It’s a step-by-step, idea-based graphic that seems to really get the concept across quickly and is a total scroll stopper. We updated the #ShowEmYourDIY backyard post earlier this year with some more awesome ideas, so in case you missed it, click here.


from: achieving the ‘effortless expensive’ style: furniture

Wayfair Side Table | 2. Jayson Side Table | 3. West Elm Side Table | 4. Anthropologie Side Table | 5. Urban Outfitters Side Table |  6. CB2 Side Table | 7. Jayson Home Side Table | 8. Urban Outfitters Side Table | 9. West Elm Side Table | 10. Ikea Side Table | 11. Wayfair Side Table | 12. Neustadt Studio Side Table | 13. Viva Terra Side Tables | 14. Shop Horne Side Table | 15. Wayfair Side Table | 16. Wayfair Side Table | 17. Shop Horne Side Table | 18. Rejuvenation Side Table

Another roundup for the win! This was from a post about getting that ‘effortless expensive’ look in your home. AKA organic, California, kind of transitional thing that is STILL very hot right now. Again, this graphic has a lot of inactive links since it was from a few months ago, but the important thing is that that side table from Jayson Home is still available (#2).

4. The Portland Kitchen

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: all the what’s, why’s & how much’s of the portland kitchen (+ big reveal)

Wow, two Portland Project photos made it wahoo! This house was so pretty, and the kitchen was a TOTAL star so I completely get it. Also how about that insanely beautiful paint color?? (It’s Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green btw)


design by samantha gluck | photo by alison bernier | from: house tour – a bright & warm scandi-inspired home from an EHD alum 

Okay, how meta is this…a top pin from a past post about TOP PINS??? EHD alum Sam Gluck KILLED this nook. It’s constantly one of our top-performing photos – from Pinterest to Instagram this thing has GOT IT GOING ON. I mean a giant build-in bed with a bookshelf?? It’s the ultimate.


image via pure wow | from: ‘rethinking the shower niche’

Ah, the shower niche strikes again too! This post did shockingly well a while back, and it’s no surprise that the beautiful bathrooms to go along with it are also performing insanely well. How pretty is a clean & fresh bath with that GORGEOUS shower door? Might get a bit cold since you can’t shut it all the way, but hey we aren’t super opposed to fashion over function if it brings you joy.


And in number one we have Caitlin’s hallway idea pin!!! We actually did this in partnership with Sherwin-Williams (for their 2022 color of the year, Evergreen Fog) The hallway was in need of something colorful enough to stand up to 3 busy wallpapers, but also muted enough to go with all the colors…Caitlin made this transition space so beautiful (we were all SO impressed) and the before and after was just so good. Check it out if you haven’t seen it…it’s SO FUN.

So that’s all…thanks for reading and tuning in. See ya in the mornin!!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: The Griffith Park Master Bedroom Reveal

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2 years ago

Love all of these pins, especially Portland kitchen and the built in daybed/bookshelf. I used to love Pinterest too however, i wish it was better at showing new pins and I wish I could remove all the rendered interior pics.

Katherine Randall
2 years ago
Reply to  Christa

exactly. i kinda hate pinterest now, i don’t know if there is any way of changing this but it’s a terrible experience

Vincent E George
2 years ago

Such wonderful ideas. I can see why your website was suggested to me. I will keep an eye out for more of your ideas.

Megan Tannahill
2 years ago

I was definitely one of those that lived that reading nook so much! I even reproduced it in my house under our stairs with a slanted bookcase. It is my favorite part of our house by far!