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Blue & Red IN BED! Is This The Next Bedroom Color Trend? (+ The No-Fail Formula Used To Make It Work In 28 Different Rooms)

A quick and timely anecdote, since the Olympics are kicking off this week – growing up, I was lucky enough to spend time living in the Olympic Training Center (the one in Lake Placid, if anyone else ever stayed there!). It was such a dream and I learned so much every year (about sports, sure, but also just in the general abstract way) but LET ME TELL YOU, there’s one thing I remember more than anything: the bedspreads. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget them – they were blue with a white tile check print mixed with a red, green, and yellow stripe topped with a black chevron print (I’ll post a picture in the comments). I know they were supposed to be spirited and festive and inspirational (Olympic colors and all), but all they really did was put me off of primary colors for 15 years. 

So imagine my surprise when I started pinning THE SAME BEDROOM, over and over. Red and blue, ad nauseam. I can’t stop pinning them – the color combination feels simultaneously fresh while being pretty foolproof and classic. But I’m not talking about fire-engine reds and cobalt blues paired with stark whites – you know, the kinds of rooms you see in magazines that scream “AMERICA” and “this is a rarely-used room in the vacation home on the Cape where our family has summered for generations” – I’m talking about bedrooms on the other end of the spectrum. They’re layered, soulful, livable, and cozy with just the right amount of color and personality. Let me show you the two rooms that started this obsession for me…

Are you already seeing a pattern? Beata Heuman and Luke Edward Hall are my two favorite designers – if they’re on board, I am also on board. To steal from an age-old idiom: if they jumped off a bridge, I would ABSOLUTELY jump off the bridge immediately (just probably in a less impressive, less elegant way).

More than anything, I love that this is a formula that we can all take home. Paint a soft blue wall – dealer’s choice on the exact shade! – and then add a candy-striped bed, vintage nightstand, and personality-filled light fixture (the shape of Beata’s is so playful and charming; the shade on Luke’s is illustrated). Finish with simple bright white sheets with a final hit of green for a tailored room that’s soulful, bright, and clean without feeling too overpowering.

And in case y’all thought I was joking about this being a trend, I’d love to present these two rooms to you. Both lean a little harder into the red (check out those quilts!) but the bones are generally the same. I really like that these rooms feel elevated and decorated without feeling too stuffy or precious. Added bonus: check out those tiny curtains on the left (proof that rules are meant to be broken!) and the un-photoshopped outlet on the right. It’s nice to see some actual humanity in a room, right?

But I have a feeling that you’re not necessarily here to look at 20 more photos of striped beds (unless you are???), so I wanted to highlight how folks with a variety of styles interpreted this color palette and how you can make it work in your home, too. Let’s hop in to the tips with some more eye candy…


Orlando said it best, so I’m going to pull my all-time favorite nugget of wisdom from his book Get It Together: “Usually when people choose paint colors, they go for a color they love. Normally, that color is bright and vibrant and exciting. I’m telling you right now, YOU DON’T WANT THAT COLOR IN YOUR HOUSE. It seems like a good idea, but it’s going to look like Mickey’s Toontown and you are going to lose your mind in a matter of seconds. The key to creating a home that looks sophisticated enough for an actual grown-up to live in is to select your color, then look for a SUPER DESATURATED version of it. ‘Desaturated’ just means a lot subtler, more gray and neutral tones, less vibrant. I know this sounds boring, but putting full-on bright-ass colors in your house is a surefire way to make you projectile-vomit every time you look at your wall.”

How perfect is that dusty blue and aged-barn red in the kids’ room on the left? As someone who grew up with a chartreuse, hot pink, and orange striped bedroom, I think I’m especially partial to this shot – the wavy cut on the edge of the built-ins add a ton of whimsy and youthfulness and the family won’t have to, you know, use a ton of primer in an attempt to cover up two-decade-old neon paint when the kid grows up. (Not speaking from experience or anything here.) Timeless primary colors, fun shapes, and age-appropriate design that can grow with the family? WIN/WIN/WIN.

The room on the right is similarly sophisticated (except, you know, for adults). Check out the special moulding paint detail on top – I love the way it echoes the bedding! The bright whites really keep this space feeling light and fresh – it’s like walking into a hotel suite at home.

But we can desaturate even MORE, guys. Take a peek at these two spaces, which are rocking a deep slate (I know they look gray, but that room on the left is actual Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue!) alongside a super rusty, almost-orange red. This is an easy way to dip a toe in the color pool – plus, as you get more comfortable, you can start to re-introduce more saturated tones in the same family (like the lamp, coverlet, and pillow arrangement on the left).

So step one to achieving this look at home: desaturate, baby! Break out those muted tones. What’s next, you ask? Well, it’s time to layer on those patterns…


In case those first four beds weren’t enough, I wanted to highlight two more favorites. Let’s kick it off with the room by Studio Giancarlo Valle, which you’ve actually already seen – this is the bed portion of the room with the sweet built-ins that we talked about earlier.

design by studio giancarlo valle | photo by stephen kent johnson | via the design files

I *love* when a room is kind of subtle – this is the perfect example of a room that’s a little safari-themed without hitting you over the head with a monkey mural or a rug in the shape of a lion (she said, having recently designed a room with BOTH of those things). Like, sure, this is great for kids now…but don’t you also kind of want to crawl under that canopy, too? These stripes are timeless and in this space, they almost read as a neutral – they’re the perfect way to add movement and interest without overloading your eyes.

design by beata heuman | styled by sara mathers | photo by simon brown | via architectural digest

OK. I know what you’re saying. “HEY, DUMMY, THAT’S GRAY.” And you’re not necessarily wrong, but look at that blue bed skirt! And those fun paisley curtains! And MAN, get a load of that electric cobalt end table and those fiery red lampshades! (And while you’re at it, look at that circular cutout with the face on the right. And the light fixture! And the use of an overhead light AND sconces AND lamps AND a reading lamp. And that tiny quilted end-of-bed-blanket! There’s so much to discuss here!) In any case, I love this room because it’s filled with similarly-scaled patterns without FEELING too busy or dowdy.

But if stripes aren’t your cup of tea, never fear! There’s another route to explore.

Florals + Global Textiles

design by sally breer, etc for short | photo by laure joliet

SWOON. This isn’t the first time I’ve shared this photo and I doubt it’ll be the last. Admittedly this is a little bit more difficult to achieve for most folks (unless you’re a master craftsman or a contractor owes you a favor) but my, what an impact! It’s incredible what a tiny bit of architecture, some drapery, a whole lot of intention, and a statement lumbar pillow. Minimalist AND maximalist. CHEF’S KISS. (PS. I met Sally right before quarantine and y’all would not BELIEVE how uncool and nerdy I got – I would love her to design my whole life, please.)

And now we jump to full-on maximalist territory. If blue and red are a little too intense for you, you can always temper it with a touch of pink! The home on the left actually belongs to Molly Mahon, who is an awesome textile artist – I love that her home really reflects who she is as a person. It’s a great feeling when someone walks into your place and is like, “ah, yes, I can tell that *YOU* live here.” She’s really taken this trend and put her own stamp on it (pun wasn’t originally intended but wow, I kinda nailed it, huh?)?

And then I am drooling over this luxe, glamorous version on the right. It’s from an NYC pied-a-terre which feels like the perfect place to play with bold patterns and rich textures. The shine of the lacquered chest and lamp alongside the hits of brass really speak to the wallpaper, bounce light around, and warm it up.

design by br design interieur | photography by hervé goluza | via leopold hotel

Does that fabric on the headboard ring a bell? If you’re a daily reader, it may – you probably spotted it in wallpaper form in this house tour. This is one of the more saturated rooms that we’re peeking at today, but it’s all anchored by that incredible House of Hackney floral print. I also love the decision to go with soft and textured linen sheets instead of a more formal velvet quilt at the foot of the bed – it reduces the formality of the space and makes it a bit more livable. Plus, how sweet are those tiny half-marble nightstands? 100% recommend taking a peek at all of the rooms in this hotel as each has its own custom headboard with different Hackney fabric and they’re all STUNNING.

design by beata heuman | photo by simon brown | via vogue

To no one’s surprise, this may be my favorite room in this post…and I have a feeling that it may end up being yours, too. Sure, the room has blue and red, but it’s a lot less permanent than some of the other spaces I’ve shown you. Do me a favor and cover-up that blue runner beside the bed with your finger for a second – do you see what a huge difference that hit of color makes in the room? It feels really incomplete without it and the runner’s also a great modern balance to that sweet floral headboard. (Also, if anyone else wants to geek out about the blanket/pillows/lamp + lampshade, I’ll be in the comments.)

AHH. Two rooms for our world travelers! On the left, leaning into the blue and red color scheme really lets the Suzani on the bed shine. Plus, the restriction of color really leaves some room to play with styling – how interesting is the tiny art above the bed and that wall-mounted cabinet above the door? On the right, the wallpaper and linen on the headboard were inspired by antique textiles – fully recommend clicking through to House and Garden as you can really zoom in and admire how detailed each piece is. Both rooms are warm and happy and they give a lot of space for their special textiles to breathe and sing. Love, love, love.

Whimsy Shapes

Okay. We’ve desaturated and we’ve picked our metaphorical pattern poison. That brings us to the cherry on top…the fun 🙂

design by rita konig | photo by paul massey | via house and garden

How can you NOT love a scalloped chair? Y’all, the English are really on to something with this whole tastefully-done red, white, and blue thing. The only other thing I’d like to note here is the choice to bring in a hit of black through the lamp instead of through the framing – each piece in this room is actually framed in a light wood, which keeps the walls looking light and airy.

And I didn’t know I needed a Moroccan-inspired teardrop headboard until now…but WOW. We’ve seen a lot of whimsy shapes here today (see: canopies, wavy-edged built-ins, arches lined with florals, et. al) but playing with proportions and using unexpected shapes can really breathe new life into a classic color scheme. Do you remember that scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte is like, “NO, BUNNY, this is MY HOUSE and I’m going to decorate it” and she proceeds to basically do a modern take on Bunny’s style? That’s how I feel about this – we’re taking something super classic and giving it a little modern update.

Tiny Hits of Red

“BUT CAITLIN,” you say. “I WANT TO PARTICIPATE BUT THIS IS A LOT OF COMMITMENT.” I got you, boo!!! Let’s look at some simple ways to start spicing up your bedroom (the unintended puns keep coming, guys!!).

Break out that finger again and cover up the red blanket and the red pillow. WOAH, right? It’s wild how much they add to each room. Before committing to an all red-and-blue scheme, can you just test out a super-bold accent piece in your current room? It may even surprise you. (And again, Luke Edward Hall super fan here and am truly floored that a leopard carpet can be paired with that wallpaper, that lamp, and those pieces of art – INCREDIBLE.)

Ah, the little touches! Take a peek at those red lacquered legs on the table AND bench – what an impactful statement made by such a tiny piece! We spend so much time thinking about the tops of things – you know, how should we style the table? How should we upholster the bench? – that it’s a real treat to see folks putting focus on the bases. Super refreshing, super eye-catching, and pretty DIYable – please let me know if you decide to try this one out at home!

When In Doubt, Add Yellow

But wait – THERE’S A SECRET SAUCE. A no-fail addition. It’s come up a few times throughout this post – if you already clocked it, I’m impressed! – but let me show you some of my favorite examples!!!

If you’d ever told me that I’d be THIS into primary colors, I never would have believed you! But this formula is foolproof, y’all. Let’s peek at the room on the left and compare it to the first rooms I showed you. Soft blue wall? Check. Printed and upholstered bed with hits of red? Check. Black end table? Check. Exciting light fixture? Check. The goldenrod throw at the end of the bed is the perfect finishing touch – it ties in the printed shade and sham. LOVE.

And ah, what a breath of fresh air is this space on the right by House of Sui Sui? I’m usually a print loyalist (sign me up for stripes and leopard in every room, thanks) but I love how calm and serene this feels. It’s also fun to see it juxtaposed next to the space on the left – they’re similar but executed in SUCH different ways. I guess there really IS a red and blue room for everyone 🙂

There’s something so special about these bold, sunny hits of yellow next to these blues in particular – it’s almost like being outside, right? And the mixing of red and yellow on the left is MASTERFUL – I know that color combination, in particular, can be tough to attempt because of uh, certain brand connotations (hello, golden arches) but MY, it can really shine when balanced out by some vibrant textiles.

design by brandon schubert | photo by paul massey | via house and garden

Last but not least, I wanted to leave you with this space as it’s such a treat for the eyes AND it encapsulates EVERY. LESSON. FROM. TODAY. Can you believe it? We’ve got a striped bed frame, some gorgeous textiles on the bed, a bright red rug and bold art, a cobalt lamp (with a leopard shade! For me!), and it’s all unified by a grounding swath of yellow drapery. This room has SO much color (basically the whole ROYGBIV spectrum is here!) and so many patterns (6 in this shot, if I’m counting correctly) but it just feels livable and curated and collected thanks to its main color palette of reds and blues.

Which brings us to the end of the post today. The moral of the story? Desaturate your colors! Add a stripe! Add a floral or a textile! If that’s too much, just try a tiny pop of red! And when all else fails, tie it all together with a fun hit of yellow. But now, my question for you: would you try this at home? And maybe more importantly…which one of these would you move into? (I’m calling dibs on Luke’s bedroom with leopard carpet, but I’m also willing to fight for the room with the canopy and for Beata’s room with that floral headboard and that big lamp…)

Opening Image Credits: Design by Luke Edward Hall | Photo by Benoi Linero

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1 year ago

This was so fun and felt doable with your guidance, Caitlin! Loads of ideas for our next apartment.
PS. Dying for an update on your house-hunt… it seems suspended what with all the MOTOs??

1 year ago

Caitlin have you considered Oceanside or Vista (or any of the towns between LA and San Diego)? Not saying they’re cheap, but they are cheaper than LA and 1h30 min away.

1 year ago

Oh, Caitlin! I’m sure you have all our sympathy. But you are being so wise to live it up where you are right now! There’s enough of us who put things off until we had a better home we liked more that we probably outnumber the Mormon Tabernacle choir!

1 year ago

Speaking of MOTOs, Caitlin, will we get to see the reveal of the nursery?

1 year ago

What a treat this was ! I will revisit it again and again.

1 year ago

This is so timely. In my old hair salon, they have a red bathroom with minty blue accents that I was obsessed with. I finally was able to channel it into something I could live with – light blue and white striped linen pillow cases with a bright cherry red lumbar pillow. I then layered my great grandma’s handmade quilt at the end of the bed. It’s surprisingly modern and unexpected.

1 year ago

I love this combo so much I have it all over my house! Red in the bed with deep navy painted bed, blue velvet couch and red rug in the living room with a yellow chair!! Add some green accents in and you have my whole house. It is my favorite look.

Elisa F
1 year ago

I’m here for the Olympic Training Center photos!
Also, I love the way you break down in each photo the elements that make them so special

1 year ago

Such a great post! So much inspiration and such unique spaces. Thank you!

1 year ago

JUST painted my guest bedroom/office in Light Blue with the intention to add a red quilt. Needed this post to know I’m on the right track and the tips are so helpful!

1 year ago

None of this is for me at all, as I’m more into soothing tone on tone color. But I loved reading it because I adore your perspective, humor and writing style! And you also pointed out details I would have skipped right over. You were so right the times you recommended covering up a detail to see the difference in the room with and without it. Those splashes of color changed everything and it was a really good lesson.

1 year ago
Reply to  MKP

I feel the same way!

1 year ago
Reply to  MKP

Thirding this! This is totally the Caitlin Magic. Whenever I read Caitlin’s posts I run to the comments to try to put into words how much joy they bring me but just wind up bumbling out some version of “I love you, Caitlin.” So…I love you, Caitlin! Thank you for all the humour, wit, insight and effervescence you bring to EHD and its readers!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  MKP

Same! This was not my style AT ALL but Caitlin’s analyses provided great design tips and concepts that I can apply in a way that’s cohesive in my home. She helped me understand ways to find inspiration in a room that is “not my thing” and then translate those elements for my own interiors. In some ways that’s better than just finding a straight-up inspiration image on Pinterest because it forces me out of that mode where I’m just recreating someone else’s design in my space. Thanks, Caitlin!

1 year ago

I loved this roundup!!! Such a great lineup of mega inspiration. I love the color balancing and how some rooms pulled it off with a traditional nod and others pulled the color scheme off with a more global nod. I could scroll through roundup 5 more times but I suppose I should start work now;)

1 year ago

Love how you broke down the details! Don’t think I can do “primary color” red and blue yet, but I’ve always been in love with the mint/aqua/turquoise combo with rust/tangerine/terracotta. I’ll have to look over these rooms and your comments again to really absorb how each detail makes the difference! Thanks for the guidance!

1 year ago

I absolutely adore this exploration of color combinations and variations on the theme. I’m totally into it! I’ve used some versions of this color pairing in some of my homes/rooms. Currently our bedroom is a soft oceany blue with either a soft coral solid quilt or an oceany blue linen duvet with tangerine roses print. It’s a muted version of this concept but I’ve also embraced brighter styles too. I really like the rooms with the bright primary accents that tie everything together. So much inspiration! Thanks!

1 year ago

I’ve been inspired by British country house design for awhile (aka Emily’s “eccentric, well-travelled British grandma” look), and we painted our bedroom a rich blue, and have used lots of block prints, paisleys, and suzani wall hangings, with lots of red. We absolutely love it. When we first painted the room and hadn’t decorated it yet, I completely freaked out because it looked like we had just used blue painter’s tape all over the walls. But once the curtains, wall hangings and bedding were added, we were super happy with our choice. -Next up, pleated fabric lampshades (if I could find ones that don’t cost an arm & a leg).

Cris S.
1 year ago
Reply to  Lisa

Yes to this last sentence – I think I need to figure out how to make fabric lampshades. Not just to save a lot of money in my own home, but to also MAKE a lot of money selling them!!! They are expensive! Try Ballard – they aren’t inexpensive, but with a sale, they are the most affordable I’ve seen so far.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cris S.

I’ve recovered a lampshade before, so if you can find an inexpensive one that’s the right size, you can add any fabric to it. I did it probably 20 years ago, but I’m guessing Martha Stewart still has instructions on her website.

Paula Carr
1 year ago
Reply to  Lisa

Yeah, we painted our living room a gold color that looked like cheddar cheese when the walls were painted and the room was bare. We freaked, too! But with all the decor and pictures and furniture in place, it’s a wonderful warm, glowing backdrop.

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

I pinned several of them! I remember seeing an article in, I think it was, House Beautiful, several years ago, where they were showing this color combo. And there were some beautiful spaces with a very pale blue, dark wood and deep red textiles, along with whites. I loved them and I love a lot of these! I especially love that Studio Duggan bedroom with the gold bed cover. And also the Rita Konig and Erin Gates spaces. Thanks for rounding all of these up!

1 year ago

Ormando was right about saturation. I once had a red and white striped sofa that made you feel like a bug stuck on a candy cane every time you sat on it.

1 year ago

Love this, Caitlin! I grew up in England, and a childhood friend lived in a cottage that had bright red carpet throughout and delft blue ceramics on display. It made a mark. I always come back to red and blue plus florals/pattern. Your notes about desaturation are especially helpful. Thank you for showing this current, yet classic, combo some love.

1 year ago

This was such a great post. Caitlin, I love your writing, and the way you broke down each photo and built up the layers so helpful. I already had a bunch of these rooms pinned, and now I have so many more.

1 year ago

LOVE this roundup and your exciting and inspired analysis ! Love you brought up yellow, I am feeling yellow so hard right now, just changed my moss green velvet living room curtains for yellow fake linen last week for summer and I am loving it.( yes I am behind schedule) I couldn’t find the shade I wanted so I dyed them.Not perfectly… I would LOVE sources for nice saturated linen yellow curtains beyond IKEA SANELA.. I’m also seeking the perfect vibrant but not overwhelming but not grayed out yellow paint for my South facing front entry/ sun room which LMK if you have any suggestions guys, turns out yellow is kinda difficult to get right…. For these rooms my two faves overall are Luke Edward Hall and Nicola Harding but I also see why these are designed for British hotels. Specific to a place and situation, not something I could live with forever. LOVE that you brought up whimsy in shapes- For me when there is too much STUFF and too many right angles it it feels fusty, overwhelming, again brings up my decor PTSD of my 1980’s British mom’s style LOL…Similarly rooms with blue and red and yellows are… Read more »

Sarah H
1 year ago
Reply to  kk

Not sure if you can get it in the US but I really love Bassoon by Little Greene as a not-overwhelming yellow. Just about to paint the inside of my front door this colour.

Good luck with the skim-coating / priming / painting!

1 year ago

I love this post! Great speaking to the details, really i teresting!
I really enjoying reading this, even though tge majority of the rooms, spesh striped bedheads, are not my style.

1 year ago

Caitlin, I just wanted to say I love your posts. Your writing and humor is so wonderful but most of all you help me to see how to decorate with color and print that still looks elegant, curated, and relaxing. When I look at Beata Heuman’s work I often wonder “How does she do that?” (and I still do) but your post breaks things down for me and helps me to catch a little glimpse of how I may perhaps do something like that one day. Please continue to do what you’re doing so fabulously. I look forward to reading your future posts!

1 year ago

I love the giant lumbar in the room with the blue floral canopy. Is anyone by chance familiar with the source? I tried clicking through to the designer’s site but no luck.

Thanks for this post, Caitlin! It really helped break down some things for me in a way I feel like I can implement in my own home.

1 year ago
Reply to  K

Ok, turns out I’m a regular Nancy Drew and found the source myself! Block shop textiles in case anyone else is looking.

1 year ago

I’m only halfway through the post because I am soaking up every word and image, but I wanted to say that I felt like I was reading a decorative arts critique in a master’s class. I love the way you brought the reader along by scaffolding your thoughts and images! You are on the way to writing a book! Brava!

1 year ago

Poor Orlando would cringe if he saw my teenage bedroom (in the 70s): I painted the walls and ceiling bright yellow, the baseboards and door bright orange, with a giant orange circle on the ceiling! Oy.

1 year ago

Love me a good red-blue combo! Studio Shamshiri has some of my favorite, moody examples. The main bedroom in their Bel Air project…chef’s kiss! The addition of that dusty olive green…yes please.

1 year ago

My teenage daughter just bought herself a red/pink chintz covered floral armchair from Craigslist so I guess granny -chic is in! I’m so happy color and pattern are back. The all-white-pale-wood-25-foot ceiling trend was unachievable for those of us with imperfect homes and lives. These rooms (and your writing) are so joyful and fun!

1 year ago

This is such a fun and welcomed post. Thank you! I, too, appreciate how you’ve broken this down into doable pieces. Several of these rooms remind me of Meta Colman’s design flavor. She’s definitely worth a follow on social if she’s not already on your radar.

1 year ago

This is so weird, lately your posts have all been things I am looking at or doing. i just painted my trim blue, and was looking for red bedding and red curtains. It has to be done in a way that is easily changed, as i don’t think i could have a red, white and blue room forever, but for now different and chic.

Paula Carr
1 year ago

Some gorgeous pics! I usually hate the July issue of any decor mag because of all the primary red, white, and blue. It’s usually the issue I go through once — quickly — and recycle immediately. But these rooms have the depth and the layering and the oomph of color without the overbright that usually kills a room.

Cynthia Strand
1 year ago

Love it. I just got a blue Swedish style bed. Do you happen to know the source for the rug in the look that was your favorite by Beata Heuman?

1 year ago

Love the post. I’ve been looking for striped material and it’s hard to find(except for sunbrella which I don’t want.). Molly Mahon sells some, but at $100./yard and from the U.K. it’s not doable. Any suggestions as to where to find good striped fabrics?

1 year ago
Reply to  Susan

There are a lot of striped home decor fabrics here:

1 year ago

This is a quibble, but it should read “whimsical” shape. Whimsy is a noun ( a room with a touch of whimsy), the adjective is whimsical. Love the post, but this has been bothering me

1 year ago

I love deeper red accents with sky blue or aqua walls. And the tip of adding yellow is so true. Take the primary colors, then skew them a bit, either by going deeper or by desaturation. Classic stripes and small scale florals are a great touch. And always layer something vintage. Love all the examples. So much variation!

1 year ago

A whole lot of NOPE

Sonya McKelvey
1 year ago

Check out the masterful use of this palette by Angela Chrusciaki Blehm :

1 year ago

I would move right into the last bedroom! I crave color and that space is a brilliant example of how to use lively color and still maintain serenity. Genius. Thank you, Caitlin, for another uber-educational post!

1 year ago

Love this post! (Although I feel obliged to stick up for chartreuse, hot pink and orange as a colour combo, as I love those colours together!). I pinned heaps of these and I also love Beata Heuman – I think her rooms look cosy and comfortable and interesting and polished and all things good without tiring they eye or feeling overwhelming. Don’t know Luke Hall but look forward to investigating him further. Very good break down of the elements and useful analysis of why these work. Now I’m off to check out the Leopold Hotel further!!

Arthella Starke
1 year ago

As a little girl in the 50’s, these rooms look exactly like all the homes of my parent’s friends. This was a trip back in time for sure.

1 year ago

I loved all of these rooms! Then I realized why . . . as I’m sitting in my living room on my mustard yellow sofa, surrounded by a lot of light greyish-blue 🙂 I think I may try out a red throw pillow and/or vase and see what happens. Thank you so much for this enjoyable and informative and funny post!

1 year ago

Hi! What I learned from this post: I can’t get on board with red and white stripped bedrooms/headboards as they keep either reminding me of peppermint candies and/or a circus tent. The only pic of these I could get behind was one of the last stripped headboard that looked like it was more of a peach or light coral.
However, I am DEF on Team Pops of Red and Pops of Yellow!!!! LOVE! I think I am def more of a green and blue person apparently. I also do love some of the pattern mixing many of these pics presented. And this also re-affirmed my love of flowers (wallpaper, etc) but only with black backgrounds. I love that Leopold hotel room!!!
And, how cute were those Moroccan headboards?! (Those rooms reminded me a bit of Wes Anderson’s style?! xo).

1 year ago

great post! good writing and i love the way you broke down each picture and tied it back to the theme.

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