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House Tour: A Warm Scandi-Inspired Home + Shop the Look

We don’t do a lot of home tours here on EHD (that aren’t our very own projects, of course), but this one is special. Years ago, I had a design assistant, Samantha Gluck, who worked on two projects with me: Joy’s studio and Joanna Goddard’s apartment. She was a long-time reader who entered an Instagram styling contest of mine and won (5 years ago!) and when I saw her winning photo (and stalked her feed) I said, “Hey…do you want to work with me?” I LOVED her style and she did such a great job in every way (I liked her personally a lot, too). If she didn’t live in Orange County with two small kids and have a thriving career already, I would absolutely beg that she work with me again. She recently finished designing her own home and I thought it would be fun to feature because I love it and feel some sort of pride looking at these photos (I had nothing to do with it, it just makes me so happy when former employees do such beautiful work). So…welcome to Samantha’s beautiful home.

The house, built in the 1970s, was a bit of an overhaul for Samantha and her family. “We knew that with two small kids, we really didn’t want to be living in the house while the renovation was happening, but we also couldn’t afford to float two mortgages for very long, so we needed to move pretty quickly,” she says. “I worked on the design while we were in escrow so that basically as soon as we closed, we could get started on the remodel, which took four months. I knew I wanted to take my time with the decorating, though. Usually, when working on a client’s project, there’s pressure to get things wrapped up, because of course! No client wants to live mid-project for very long, understandably. But for my own house, I wanted to let it evolve a bit more and force myself to resist the urge to just get it done.”

I love love love how approachable and inviting her whole house is. It’s curated but not pretentious and has a lovely mix of pieces that are DIY, vintage, from big box stores and custom. It feels warm yet minimal and clean. “The house overlooks parkland and as such, I really wanted to go with a mostly neutral, natural California aesthetic; a bit earthy without veering boho,” says Samantha. I’d say she nailed it, don’t you think?

Okay, now that we have a bit of the backstory, let’s dive in room by room.


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Living Room Scandinavian Inspired

While the living room is such a breath of fresh air, that huge embroidery wall hanging is definitely an eye-catcher and SHE MADE THAT HERSELF. WHAT? I need to know the DIY on that one/become an embroidery pro ASAP because I’m crushing on that hardcore. This piece was her first attempt at something this large scale (she’s only done small pieces prior) and man is it beautiful. “When we partially opened up the wall between the kitchen and living room, we were left with the tall wall space above the sofa that I knew I’d need a cool, unique piece to fill,” says Samantha. “I’ve done embroidery for years, but on a much smaller scale. I’m not sure how I got the idea, but one day it dawned on me that rather than shopping for a piece for that wall, it would be cool to have something I made myself and that doing a really blown-up embroidery would be a fun experiment. I plan on experimenting with more pieces like this!” How cool is that? I also just love how her kitchen is so open to her family room because as a mom with two kids, too, I know how crucial that is.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Living Room Modern Wood Coffee Table

Samantha’s home is a great testament that staying in a “safe” neutral color palette doesn’t equal boring. She kept it bright and light, but with pops of blues, greens and blushes with a lot of wood to warm it up and black to keep it feeling modern. The house is a split level and most of the rooms open up to each other in some way, so she wanted to use the same wall color for soft visual transitions. “As a designer,” Samantha adds, “I like to have the flexibility to change things up with my accessories and I find that having a white backdrop makes it easier to do that.” I totally get that.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Beautiful Tv Nook

It’s California Casual, in a more young and fun way (apparently she also collects wooden hands and feet…I’ve got competition).

[drawattention ID=”157892″]

1. Sectional Sofa | 2. Blooms Pillow (similar) | 3. White Pillow | 4. Table Lamp | 5. Frame | 6. Side Table | 7. Storage Basket (similar) | 8. Black Bowl | 9. White Vase | 10. Coffee Table (similar) | 11. Rug | 12. Floor Lamp | 13. Throw Blanket (similar) | 14. Furry Stool | 15. Candlestick | 16. Ceramic Vase | 17. Woven Tray | 18. Wooden Hand (similar) | 19. Pouf (similar) | 20. Leather Chair (similar)


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Kitchen Marble Backsplash

Her kitchen is on the smaller side but she did such a great job of keeping it open and super functional. I LOVE the cabinetry on the left that sits on the counter (something we are doing in the Portland project). She used Semihandmade cabinet doors on IKEA cabinets to save money and boy do I love that micro-knob. It’s a thing and we’ll be talking about it a lot soon.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Kitchen Floating Open Shelves

It’s a great mix of modern elements, but done in such a warm way (the marble and the wood keep it from being too neutral). Here’s a fun fact on the matte oak wood accents used throughout: Samantha and her family planted a big beautiful oak tree in their front yard and wanted to bring that material into their home (flooring, shelving, etc.). This makes my tree-loving heart SO happy.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Kitchen Marble Backsplash White Cabinets Scandi

[drawattention ID=”157897″]

1. Sconce | 2. Vase | 3. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore | 4. Semihandmade Cabinet Fronts | 5. Dinner Plate | 6. Gray Ceramic Tray | 7. Water Glass | 8. Salt and Pepper Containers | 9. White Ceramic Tray | 10. Pitcher | 11. Soapstone Bowl | 12. Wood Board (similar)


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bright Minimal Dining Space

Into her bright happy dining room. I love how she mixed chairs. I don’t know why I stopped doing that, it’s so charming and takes all the formality out of the “dining room” but can be hard to pull off. She did it well. That flooring is so pretty (wide plank, matte and light—it looks to be white oak) and the custom window treatments elevate the whole space (FYI, note how she used one long, straight Roman shade in front of the bay window instead of three individual ones on each window frame…smart—see this post for more tricky window solutions). As for the art: “The big space photo is just an inexpensive print, but having it printed in such a large scale and having it professionally framed makes it feel like a much more important piece.”

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Modern Minimal Dining Room Minimal Modern

[drawattention ID=”157899″]

1. Indigo Shallow Bowl | 2. Chandelier | 3. Terzan Galaxy Wall Art (similar) | 4. Leather Dining Chair (similar) | 5. Black Spindle Chair (similar) | 6. Farmhouse Table (similar) | 7. Rug (similar) | 8. Sheepskin Pelt (similar) | 9. Vintage Rustic Workbench (similar)


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bedroom Leather Headboard

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bedroom Vintage Inspired

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Living Room Modern White Brick Fireplace

Her simple and happy master bedroom’s color palette was taken from the vintage nude on her dresser (that she bought three years ago). It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who hoards vintage art knowing that someday I will find its perfect home. Here, it brings in just the right amount of color and depth into the space. “I love her so much,” Samantha says about the piece. “She dictated a few ‘brighter’ pops of color for my room which I’m happy to wake up to.”

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bathroom Modern Marble Counter

“For the master bathroom, the challenge was that the vanity area is basically open to the bedroom,” notes Samantha. “At least half of the vanity is visible from anywhere in the bedroom and I wanted a seamless transition. Our dark wood vintage dresser is basically on the same elevation as the bathroom vanity wall so we kept the cabinetry white to blend with the walls.”

We are working on a story about how to make wall-to-wall mirrors look custom and less “builder-grade” and I’ll be referencing the above photo. Just having that frame around it and, of course, the sconces on it take it to the next level. I’ve wanted to use that wood hardware for a long time but wasn’t sure how it actually played on cabinets, so it’s really fun to see it here. Her house is mid-century so this hardware speaks to that in a less predictable way.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bathroom Marble Detail

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bathroom Black Pepple Floor Marble Floor Tile

YAY for that shower. I love the vertical stack, honed marble and the black stone, hell, it’s very “modern mountain” to me. I’m curious what her shower tracks are because they are super minimal (and I’ve been researching a ton…more on that later). But we did get her pebble report and she said they are a little hard to clean but loves the look and says they are comfortable under their feet. I’m SOLD.

You can’t see it that well in the photo, but the window is SO SMART. “The shower’s half opaque window is my favorite element here. It used to be ’80s block glass, but there’s a great view from that window, so we just ordered a normal window and had the film applied afterward to part of it, and it looks great in person. So now we have the privacy obviously needed in the shower but can still see out the top of the window.”

[drawattention ID=”157903″]

1. Bed (similar) | 2. Bedding | 3. Throw Blanket (similar) | 4. Table Lamp | 5. Alarm Clock | 6. Nightstand | 7. Rug (similar) | 8. Vintage Dresser (similar) | 9. Mudcloth Fabric (similar) | 10. Vintage Nude Painting (similar) | 11. Set of Candlestick Holders (similar)


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bright Modern Playroom

How pretty and sophisticated is this playroom?? While any parent knows—and Samantha confirmed with us—this pristine space is normally covered in toys and little kid messes. My house is the same way. I don’t think there’s any way around it. But right now in these pictures, it’s pretty darn perfect. The muted colors, light wood tones and minimalist design make me feel happy and ready to play with that dollhouse. “It’s just a happy room that’ll transition well from playroom to something else as our kids get older,” she says. “It feels fresh to me without feeling too ‘kid.'”

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Floating Wood Mantle

This is what Samantha had to say about one of her favorite pieces in her house: “The Karina Bania painting over the mantel in the playroom makes me happy every day.  It ties together both the pinks that my daughters wanted and blues that I wanted in the room and the pops of black feel sophisticated.”

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Giant Chalk Wall Playroom

I love a chalkboard wall in a kids room. Remember the Studio City playroom I did about five years ago? It’s so fun. But what is great about this one is that it’s not only a constant cute art project for her kiddos but camouflages the TV. GENIUS. We did a post on that topic if you need more ideas.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Playroom Reading Corner

This built-in reading nook is GREAT. It’s stylish but brings in the personality of her family with books and family photos.

[drawattention ID=”157908″]

1. Dollhouse (similar) | 2. Hippo Bookend | 3. Footed Bowl (similar) | 4. Light Blue Planter | 5. Ceiling Light | 6. ‘It’s Cool’ Print by Jim Jam (similar) | 7. ‘Full Circle’ by Karina Bania (similar) | 8. Rug | 9. Cabinet Fronts for Floating Shelf | 10. Kid’s Table | 11. Kid’s Stool | 12.  Jute Floor Cushion | 13. Blue Marbled Pillow (similar) | 14. Grey Pillow (similar) | 15. Black and Cream Pillow | 16. Vintage Indigo Pillow (similar)

Now onto the very cute, adjacent powder room…


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Traditional Modern Bathroom

I’m still so happy whenever I see a good seascape and the vertical shiplap gives the walls a quiet pretty texture that I’m very into. Samantha told me that since this bathroom is a totally separate room, she took advantage, veered away from the white and painted the shiplap a soft blue. “We used the same blue to paint the floating toy storage cabinet in the playroom—the powder room is in the playroom—so the spaces relate.”

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Traditional Vintage Bathroom

Samantha and I are one in the same with our love of turning dressers into vanities. I used one in my old guest bath and tried to use one in my current powder bath. It ended up not working, sadly. However, when it does work, it’s a great way to get the unique vanity of your dreams without having to start from scratch. Here’s what she said about the customized casegood: “I wasn’t finding any vanities that I really loved, but I fell in love with this mid-century buffet that had the perfect dimensions for the room. And that cabinet and three drawers make for perfect bathroom storage.” It was clearly a find because look at ALL THAT STORAGE. Like I said before, this powder room is right off the playroom and Samantha wanted the room to feel happy and kid-friendly without being a “kids room.” Unfortunately, kids don’t stay little forever (even though I think I’ve convinced mine to. HA), so keeping it playful but sophisticated will give the design longevity and save money in the future.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Traditional Bathroom Black Tray

Lastly, we have the kids’ bathroom…


Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Pink Bathroom

I love that Samantha took a “risk” with the wall paint in this bathroom, and urge anyone to consider the same thing. It’s a smaller room so it can feel less intense to chose a fun color, wallpaper or tile. What I mean is that the wall color is unexpected and fresh but isn’t so bold that you’re in visual overload. This sweet blush is the perfect blend of fun and neutral.

When designing, Samantha wanted to make the kids’ bathroom more youthful and per her 4-year-old’s request, they decided on this soft blush. Now, I’m sure that her girls will forever want to keep this bathroom blush but she chose paint over something more permanent to give flexibility for changing it in the future. Smart lady. For parents designing for young kids, take note. It’s a really good idea to chose materials that can change without costing a fortune. Don’t worry, Birdy knows she isn’t allowed to have anything but pink forest wallpaper forever and ever :).

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Soft Pink Bathroom

Once she picked the wall color, Samantha chose cabinetry, lighting and a mirror that felt modern. She then used textiles and art that were soft and delicate. This creates a balanced and sweet bathroom that her young girls love and a style that still works with the rest of the house.

[drawattention ID=”157912″]

1. Black Towel Ring | 2. Navy Striped Towel | 3. Black Widespread Faucet | 4. Wood Cabinet Handle | 5. Ceramic Tray | 6. Sconce | 7. Storage Basket | 8. White and Wood Ceiling Light | 9. Stonewashed by Benjamin Moore | 10. Black Rimmed Mirror | 11. Wall Mount Faucet | 12. Vintage Seascape (similar) | 13. Black Tray | 14. Vintage Sideboard (similar) | 15. Brass Towel Ring | 16. Brass Toilet Paper Holder | 17. Tassel Bath Mat | 18. Wood Stool | 19. Rose Gold Rimmed Mirror | 20. White Ceiling Light | 21. Sheer Pink by Benjamin Moore | 22. Floating Vanity | Black Single Hole Faucet | 24. ‘Garden in Bloom’ by Lunartics (similar) | 25. ‘Garden Flowers’ by Lunartics (similar) | 26. Pink and White Bath Mat | 27. Pink Striped Hand Towel 

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson

Here is the wonderful and talented Samantha Gluck herself. I’m so excited that we got to share her beautiful new home on the blog and if you want her style in your home, we have created Get The Looks throughout for each space (as you’ve probably seen by now). Also, get ready for more Samantha because we will be sharing one of her client projects very soon, so STAY TUNED…

***Design by and home of Sam GluckPhotography by Alison Bernier

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5 years ago

This took my breath away!! So beautiful. Samantha is really talented. Is there anyway we can convince her to make a tutorial for the embroidery art?

5 years ago
Reply to  Sina

We asked her (because we all also want to know at EHD headquarters). Stay tuned.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sina

That embroidery piece is spectacular.

5 years ago

Emily this is a wonderful idea sharing the work of your past employees/collaborators. I love “sticky-beaking” around other people’s homes and Samantha’s is just beautiful. Please more home tours! xx

5 years ago

Wow, every room is perfect. But that playroom! The tv on the black chalk wall is brilliant.

5 years ago

Beautiful! Yes, please, more home tours. And, agree with previous comment that would love tutorial for the embroidery art. Thanks for sharing Samantha!

5 years ago

Ugh, this is wonderful and now I hate everything in my old dingy home, lol. Great work Samantha!

Julie P
5 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

Lol!!! I feel the same way!! Awesome work Samantha!

5 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

you know something’s good when you just want to chuck everything you own out the front door and start over (I know this feeling too well!).

Hannah B.
5 years ago

The kitchen and the guest bath (that vanity!) are amazing. And, if anyone’s looking for the dollhouse they actually have in the playroom, it’s from Ikea. (I have one and use it as a shelf.)

5 years ago

I want to live in that playroom! That nook under the window next to the fireplace is so dreamy! As is the book nook. I love the whole house! When can I (and my two kids and husband) move in?? 😉

5 years ago

This is gorgeous – I thought I was over Scandi inspired but not after seeing this!

5 years ago

A) I recently painted our guest bath blush, so this was validating to see!
2) So far, Sylvia’s bedroom has been my #1 fave and constant reference, but now that I have that one mostly memorized, this will be my new constant reference! So much inspiration that resonates! Thanks for the tour! (Also, I can definitely see similarities in taste! This reminds me a lot of your old house! Actually, I think she might be the middle portion of a Venn Diagram with EHD on one side and YHL on the other!)

Megan T
5 years ago

Amazing!! Thank you so much for this! It is a beautiful home. I think that reading nook is one of my favorites!

5 years ago

This home is so lovely! We’re about to make a big move and are mostly starting fresh with all we own. Such inspiration here! All her finishings are perfection. I love how she has vintage pieces but the house doesn’t seem overly mid-century. Really I just wish I could clone this home for myself. Question though – is her couch only available to the trade?

5 years ago
Reply to  Amy

I second the question about the couch, if you guys know. I am moving soon and this is the only sectional I have seen so far that looks perfectly cozy but still has a little structure to it. And… every design choice in this house is beautiful. Not typically my style but just gorgeous. She found the perfect balance of not too trendy but also not boring/too traditional.

5 years ago
Reply to  Beret

Pretty sure I know the answer to this 🙂 it’s from Lee Industries, which I’ve seen in other people’s homes and have looked up before. They have dealers all over the country that carry their furniture! You can find one near you here

5 years ago

Love this feature. It is a great addition to your blog.

5 years ago

Oh man! Is there anyway to get the source for that headboard?? I’m in love

5 years ago
Reply to  Haley

She said she had it made custom xx

5 years ago

Well, this was amazing!!! Great work Samantha. And great work Emily on supporting other great designer/girl bosses! Go ladies!!

5 years ago

I love everything about this. Question about the window in the shower: What did she use for the frame? We have a 100-year-old Victorian that was updated with shower put in where we suspect only a bath used to be, and the trim is peeling and rotting, of course. We were planning to close it off and put a skylight above instead, but if we can keep a window without having the frame rot, that would be great.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

In case you don’t get an answer…..We recently changed out a window in our house for the same reason. I was told wood framed windows in a shower are bound to rot. (And, when I was a kid our bathroom had a wood window frame and did indeed also rot… parents recently replaced that window with vinyl even though the rest of the windows in the hours are wood.) We used vinyl, but I saw that Emily said in her kid’s bath in the mountain house they’re using one with a fiberglass frame.

5 years ago

Loved this post! She has such great style and offered lots of inspiration for my own home!

5 years ago

LOVE THIS!!!! This has to be one of my favorite designs that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s so peaceful, clean, minimal, yet inviting. I want every bit of it for my home now.

Loveley of
5 years ago

i seriously love all of this. i’m dead. sigh.
also, that vintage Drexel credenza turned bathroom vanity….i had that and sold it a year or two ago. been regretting it and now i’m extra regretting it! i love it.
seriously. i love this whole house.

5 years ago

BEAUTIFUL! I love this house. And I LOVE this kind of post—please, please, please intersperse these kinds of things more often. It’s refreshing!

5 years ago
Reply to  Abby

Noted. Thanks for the feedback Abby. We love these, as well, so stay tuned for more in the near future.

5 years ago


5 years ago

absolutely loved this tour, gorgeous home… loved everything.

5 years ago

Love this post! Gorgeous interior. 🙂 Dumb question: Where can I buy faux or real stacks of wood to decorate the fireplace? And the grate to sit the wood on? We have a working wood burning fireplace in one room but don’t use it because it’s so messy and potentially unsafe with a preschooler.

5 years ago

I love absolutely everything about this house. So pretty!

5 years ago

Lovely, such a nice light & airy feel! I might try to mimic those kitchen cabinets…

Susan O'Connor
5 years ago

Lovely home! What kind of film did you apply to the bathroom window?

5 years ago


5 years ago

I love her home! Would love to see the outside. I really admire how you continue to partner with past employees and promote them, it’s very refreshing!

5 years ago

THIS HOME TOUR IS THE BEST! I want ALL the home tours!

5 years ago

I love everything!

5 years ago

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! And I feel like since we have the same name, she should let me move in….right?! (I also happen to have a pink bathroom in my house!)

Also, I gotta know where the black showerhead in the kid’s bathroom is from.

5 years ago

Just Beautiful!! Can you provide the source of the white bookcase (with the tv in it). It’s perfection!!

5 years ago

Oh, wow! I love this home. I’d like to move right in. So many good ideas! I wonder if she would share the source of that little collection of tiny wood houses on the mantle in the playroom? I’ve already been on Etsy to see if they are there!

5 years ago

It’s just too white for me. I live in SoCal, too, and I hate feeling like I’d have to wear my sunglasses indoors. I am light-sensitive, so it’s probably just me. I’m kinda over the all white everywhere with just small “pops” of color. It’s seems contrived, and the “pops” look more like spots floating in that sea of white. It doesn’t have the visual flow of color I prefer. But I’m not a millennial, so this is not meant for me. I DO love the blush in the kid’s bathroom. And that pink and white bathmat is really pretty.

One thing about the pebble tiles in the shower floor (other than the cleaning issues), try them out on your bare feet first. Samantha finds them comfortable, but I find them painful. I stayed with a friend who had them in her guest bath, and I took the quickest showers I could while I was there, because my feet HURT standing on the pebbles for even a very few minutes.

5 years ago

P.S. The seascape is very nice. I’m very lucky to have a gorgeous watercolor seascape painted in La Jolla in the early ’50’s by one of my uncles. I really treasure it. Since he was a semi-professional artist, it’s really well done.

Steph Lawrence
5 years ago

Gorgeous! This is such a great home and post with so many amazing ideas. Sourcing question(s) (I re-read post and comments and didn’t see so apologies if I missed but….): Any sourcing ideas for 1) The Amazing master bath vanity – both how Samantha did this (custom? Combo IKEA?) and 2) Those gorgeous wooden handles on said bath vanity and 3) The white penny tile in powder room? I know it should be simple to find but on the lookout for where to source for our new renovation project. I will surely be drawing inspiration from everywhere in the home. Thank you!

5 years ago

Loved every single thing! Especially that reading nook – which I am now saving to use in a holiday house we’re building. Gorgeous!

Kayla Atwell
5 years ago

Man oh man, this is fabulous. Is giving me some serious home inspo.. but my hubby says I’m not allowed to redo anything else for a while (sigh). Gonna have to have an open house to sell everything off then he won’t have a choice but to let me redo the house! Muahahaha!

But alsooo, she needs to make and sell those large beauties. Need like.. 10 asap.

5 years ago

I feel like I never can find a designer/house that represents my personal style (Light California + Scandi + Modern + Clean without any boho) and this is it! I would hire Samantha in a minute to re-create this feeling in our house (and just might if she’ll travel to Boston). Obsessed with all the finishes and small details!

5 years ago

I hope the “more on that later” comment means a shower door post is coming very soon! I love the minimalism of this one and am about to embark on a master bath redo myself. Could we get the source? This may be the one shower door my husband and I can actually agree on 🙂

5 years ago

I love everything about this house. If you have the information on what kind of kitchen counter she has and the name, please share!

5 years ago

I would love a source for those shelf brackets in the kitchen!

5 years ago

Is it weird that my favorite room was the kids bath? I literally saved the photo and created an album labeled “future bathroom” in my phone. I’m in love with that pink!

Julie S
5 years ago

I’m wiggling with delight – I feel like I’m looking at my house in 5 years, if one notch more modern. Guess that means I’m on the right track with my hard-thought-out design choices in our SoCal 70’s renovation! Not a huge fan of the peach bathroom though, as I’m about halfway done with de-peaching the 80’s from this house… the kitchen and living room are truly wonderful, and I adore the reading nook, of which I have a verrrry similar one lol!

5 years ago

What a wonderful post! Full of eye candy, but in true Emily Henderson Team fashion, also full of helpful tips and places to source materials. While I love a good house tour (and there are so many on the interwebs!), I often end up feeling frustrated because I don’t know where to find that one beautiful piece I fell in love with while staring at a particular room. The ‘Get the Look’ part of this post is AMAZING and unique, and I’m so grateful that your team took the time to make this more than just a basic (although obviously stunning) ‘house tour.’ Thank you!

5 years ago

This house is a dream! I appreciate seeing a home with a smaller kitchen and a 1970’s build. Definitely will be referencing this one for my own home — thanks!

5 years ago

LOOOOOOVE this house.

What happened to the close-up pic of the embroidery?! I wanted to come back and reference it.


Whitney Lemons
5 years ago
Reply to  Anna

Check Samantha’s instagram

5 years ago

I loved this post so much. Thanks for sharing, Emily! Any chance you can tell me where I can get the drapes and curtain rod in her living room?

Whitney Lemons
5 years ago
Reply to  Rosie


5 years ago

Her house is perfection! I love it and Emily’s best friends place more than anything. Those two homes are really my dream. Btw – Is that embroidery or quilted?

5 years ago

Just pinned at least half of these pics! The sectional, the kitchen counter/backsplash, the headboard, the vertical panels in the bathroom. All of this is so good!! Loved this post.

5 years ago

Beautiful! If all your home tours were as pretty as hers, you should do them all the time!