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A Countdown of Our Top Pinned Images From the Year

***Written by Arlyn Hernandez

Looking at what you guys Pinned the most this year from the blog is a fascinating experiment. It’s one thing to guess what readers will like the most, and it’s a totally different thing when you actually SEE what gets your finger to click on “Pin It” on a blog post. And guess what? You guys REALLY dig bathrooms (specifically vanities in bathrooms) and book nooks. Maybe you already know that about yourself, but it’s a little bit of surprising news to us. Is it that many of you have lots of bathroom reno or decorating projects in the works/tons and tons of books you gotta figure out what to do with? Or maybe it’s none of the above, and you just really like sinks and shelves. Sinks + Shelves + EHD Readers = A Tale as Old As Time?

We think this would be a fun ongoing thing to do, like…a month in review of what you’re Pinning from EHD blog posts. Would you be interested in something like that? Let us know in the comments if so (or if not, either way, we want to hear what you think). For today, we dug into our analytics and tallied up all your top favorites from the year so far.

And to really amp up your anticipation and be a bit extra about the delivery, we’re counting down from #15 to #1, so…

Coming in at #15: This Sweet Little Window Seat from House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home.

Window Seat Reading Nook With Built-in Shelving
Photo by Alison Bernier | From: House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home

This image was featured in a house tour we did earlier this summer, designed by Samantha Gluck Interiors (who a few years back worked on Joy’s studio and Joanna Goddard’s apartment) along with Salt Coastal Interiors. You guys hit the Pin button for a handful of these images (as you’ll see pop up later on in this list), and we’re taking a guess that you liked this one so much because you can imagine yourself sitting in that little nook, sipping on that coffee mug. Plus, A+ to that narrow ship-lapped book storage.

Coming in at #14: This pretty shot of Emily’s living room that ran in Living Room Rules to Know.

Emily Henderson Modern English Bungalow Living Room
Photo by Sara Tramp for EHD | From: Living Room Rules to Know

The Living Room Rules to Know post was obviously not the first time you saw this shot of Emily’s living room, but I mean, it’s totally Pinnable every time you see it, so, we get it.

Coming in at #13: This moody, deliciously-painted sitting room (library?) from Achieving Modern Victorian Style – Furniture.

Moody Dark Green Painted Living Room
image source | From: Achieving Modern Victorian Style – Furniture

The whole Achieving Modern Victorian Style series was a BUFFET for anyone who craves rich, luscious interiors but this (and the shot that came in at #10) were your guys’ favorites evidently. I mean, there’s really no mystery here why. That tonal paint job (I MEAN THE FLOORS!) is not something you see done well often.

Coming in at #12: A Millennial pink bedroom that’s minimal but still inviting from Achieving Modern Victorian Style – Wall Treatments & Art.

Millennial Pink Bedroom
image source | From: Achieving Modern Victorian Style – Wall Treatments & Art

Just when we thought ENOUGH WITH MILLENIAL PINK, we published this and it was like JUST KIDDING, GIVE US MORE. Yes, that color is like the Beyoncé of hues at this point (you either REALLY love it to the point of worship or you’re all “bye Felicia” about it…and probably also done tired sayings like “bye Felicia”, too, so nm). We personally think this shot is so appealing, regardless of where you stand on Millenial Pink-gate, because it’s so…subtle? The warn wide-plank floors, rumbled linen bedding, and basically no other ornamentation. Who wouldn’t sleep well here?

Coming in at #11: Another goodie from the Modern Victorian series…from Achieving Modern Victorian Style – Furniture.

Floral Wallpaper Velvet Sofas
image source | From: Achieving Modern Victorian Style – Furniture

Chintz wallpaper, citrine velvet sofas, pink velvet poufs, brass, fringe…you know how when they say certain things work on paper but just don’t have chemistry IRL? This is the opposite. On paper, it’s like…no, wait, that’s too much to visually handle, but when it’s put together, it clearly gets you all to hit that Pin button. It’s one of those rooms you know you’ll NEVER live in, but you want to imagine having a cocktail in it while on a trip abroad.

Coming in at #10: An insanely cozy, perfect little reading nook from House Tour – A Bright & Warm Scandi-Inspired Home from an EHD Alum.

Built-in Reading Nook
Photo by Alison Bernier | From: House Tour – A Bright & Warm Scandi-Inspired Home from an EHD Alum 

Okay, who doesn’t want to be curled up here after a long, hectic day? You obviously agreed because you guys didn’t just love this post on Pinterest, but it was also a HUGE hit on Instagram when we posted it (it was actually one of the top pics in our feed all summer). We gotta say, a perfectly styled “shelfie” is always nice, but there’s something pretty refreshing about those shelves that are just…out here living their truth. Those are shelves that belong to a reader, and we aren’t mad about it.

Coming in at #9: This soothing, spa-like Scandi(ish) bathroom vanity from Mountain Fixer – Let’s Talk Vessel Sinks and Wall-Mount Faucets.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018
image source | From: Mountain Fixer – Let’s Talk Vessel Sinks and Wall-Mount Faucets

There’s been a big push toward exposed, unfinished pine (maybe that’s pine? we’re unsure…) lately that you might be seeing all over the design-o-sphere lately. It’s super relaxed, unfussy, and kind of…primitive? Okay, so there’s nothing “primitive” about this bathroom, but it’s that idea of casual, nuts-and-boltsy undecorative design that we’re all loving lately.

Coming in at #8: A perfect distraction to that big black TV box from Designing With Your TV + A Media Console Roundup.

How to Style a Media Console
Photo by Ryan Liebe for EHD | From: Designing With Your TV + A Media Console Roundup

Let’s get real, a big black flatscreen TV is SUCH a part of our everyday lives. All those photos of living rooms in magazines without the TV IS A GIANT LIE. Yes, some people/designers get very creative in hiding the TV (did you see how Jenna Lyons hid her TV in her apartment featured in T Magazine late last year…GENIUS), but most of us are happy enough to plop that thing on a media console out in the open in the name of practicality. BUT, one way to steal attention from the tech “eyesore”? LOTS OF ART.

Coming in at #7: The perfect combo of matte black, brass and cement from Bathrooms I Pinned For the Mountain Fixer (& Why??)

Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2018
image source | From: Bathrooms I Pinned For the Mountain Fixer (& Why??)

Because sometimes, you just need to ooh and ahh over a Euro-modern, glam bathroom, amiright?

Coming in at #6: This tree and cat-emblazoned powder room shot from Emily’s Powder Room Reveal.

6 Farrow And Ball Wallpaper Hornbeam Traditional Tudor Bathroom
Ryan Liebe for EHD | From: Emily’s Powder Room Reveal

Sure, that Farrow & Ball wallpaper is great, but come on, you know it was that stack of cats art that did you in. Or do you guys just really love toilets?

Coming in at #5: This moody, glam bathroom vignette from Mountain Fixer – Let’s Talk Vessel Sinks and Wall-Mount Faucets.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018
image source | From: Mountain Fixer – Let’s Talk Vessel Sinks and Wall-Mount Faucets

While she was designing the bathrooms for the mountain fixer, Emily and the design team went on a JOURNEY to find inspiration photos of wall-mount faucets with undermount sinks and well…didn’t find much at first. Every time they found a wall-mount faucet, it was paired with a vessel sink. The photos were beautiful, sure (like this one) but not exactly as minimal as she was hoping for the mountain house. She finally found some good shots to pull ideas from (and even consulted with friend Nate Berkus who said, well…check out the end of the post linked here to see what Nate had to say).

Coming in at #4: Emily’s master bathroom from Softened Water & Me – A Love Story.

4 Emily Henderson Culligan Water Softner Benefits 6
Sara Tramp for EHD | From: Softened Water & Me – A Love Story

Another shot from Emily’s house, this time, her master bedroom of her current home, re-featured in a post about how she keeps all those yummy (but kind of higher maintenance) unlacquered brass faucets looking great using a softened water system from Culligan.

Coming in at #3: TBD from House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home.

Wood Bathroom Vanity Cement Tile Floors
Photo by Alison Bernier | From: House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home

Another no-brainer. Who could NOT Pin an image with yummy high-contrast cement tile floors, a warm wood vanity and cool bubble sconces (a trend we dished about here) placed DIRECTLY on a mirror. Go ahead, Pin it again…you know you want to.

Coming in at #2: A cool loft-like interior from Mountain Fixer – The Kitchen Cabinet Evolution.

Painted White Brick Wall Modern Living Room
image source | From: Mountain Fixer – The Kitchen Cabinet Evolution

Okay, lots to like here. That West Elm chair (from a collaboration they did with Commune) is SO GOOD, and unfortunately no longer available. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s line for Semihandmade is also SO GOOD (featured on that credenza). The oversized black-and-white photograph is SO GOOD. The sculptural lamp is SO GOOD. All those elements come together to create an image that’s…you guessed it…SO GOOD. For the record, those drawer and door fronts on the SSS credenza was a big inspiration for the EHD design time in putting together the mountain house kitchen, but not exactly where they landed (even though, where they landed STILL might change, so stay tuned).







Coming in at #1: ANOTHER little bookish corner from House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home.

Shiplap Fireplace and Open Shelving
Photo by Alison Bernier | From: House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home

The other side of the image from #15!!! It’s a book nook sandwich…starting and ending with essentially the same image…well, the same room, just a different portion of it.

SO, which was your favorite? Which did you previously save to your own Pinterest boards? Do you want us to keep doing these (but maybe just top 10 images, instead of 15?) So many questions, so many opinions wanted.

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5 years ago

I love round-ups, but maybe only quarterly instead of monthly? Give me a bit of time to forget about all the great posts from the last couple of months.

5 years ago
Reply to  Nina

Agreed. Great idea but need some time so I think, “Oh yes, that was fantastic.”

5 years ago
Reply to  Christina


5 years ago
Reply to  Nina

Disagree – I love seeing this content!

5 years ago

I’m surprised how few of these are EHD designed houses. I wonder if after all the Portland reveal posts of that will change.

5 years ago

Love the pretty pix, but monthly is way too often for my likes. Quarterly, maybe?

Paige Cassandra Flamm
5 years ago

That white and navy bathroom is gorgeous! I was actually just thinking of a white and navy kitchen the other day, and that picture reaffirmed my ideas for the space!


5 years ago

Since you asked, I’m not really interested in this type of post, particularly as many of the images aren’t EHD images. Perhaps annually? Or twice a year? Monthly seems a bit much.

5 years ago
Reply to  Emily

100% agree. These aren’t EHD designs, for the most part, so I’m not interested in these types of posts.

5 years ago

I don’t think you should do this more than 2x a year.

5 years ago

I like it. I like it a lot. I’m always up for a round-up post.

5 years ago

This post is one of the reasons I love your site. You are so generous with us and other designers. There is always so much eye candy,

5 years ago

I’d be interested in seeing this 2x or 4x a year and cumulatively. Maybe a section where this lives permanently would be cool. Like looking at a photo album backwards. I’m always interested in seeing how preferences and styles evolve over longer periods of time.

5 years ago
Reply to  April

Yeah, monthly would be way too much – it seems a bit… self referential? I think yearly is a better idea, fits into the ’round up’ narrative and is less self congratulatory – which – yes be proud of your work! But i feel like it’s a bit too meta – same with the ‘most popular web traffic’ posts things.

5 years ago

Love this idea–so interesting to see what images are resonating with other people!

5 years ago

I love hearing about stats and analytics. I’m game for this type of post – maybe even *other* types of analytics, too? I guess I do agree with the sentiment of giving me time to forget about all the lovely images, though. Then there’s more “BAM!” when I see them again.

5 years ago

Quarterly sounds good to me. It’s interesting, and I think clearly we loved Samantha’s work!

Julie S
5 years ago

This is interesting because although I have pinned quite a few images from EHD over the last year, I didn’t pin ANY of these and really only like 2 of them (both reading nooks/book shelving, which I actually do have one of and have a pin board for to help me with). So, I’m maybe as surprised as you?? lol! You have def influenced me to be more interesting in using mid to navy blues in my home though!

Yes to quarterly not monthly roundups for most pinned if you want to do this, but honestly I’d be fine with twice yearly when I think about it.

5 years ago

I was really interested in this! It’s funny to see what the other EHD readers all like as well! I feel like these images are all either completely doable: bathroom with white beadboard and Penny tile, and killer wallpaper….or looking at those shelves to help me style my own shelves…. OR the pictures are just “I could never actually do this in real life and I won’t even try but GOSH that’s nice to look at” 🙂 also, I don’t read all of the round up posts when they go live, (I’m not not chomping at the bit, ya know?) BUT I do find myself referencing and loving them when I need them, so……. do with that what you will 🙂

5 years ago

Sort of along the lines of someone’s comment about EHD designs, and along the lines of revisiting pictures from the past, I would love to see more of Emily revisiting and commenting on her past designs – what she still likes and doesn’t like. With my limited budget and opportunity to design, I actually find it quite useful to try to zero in on classic things, and I love to know Emily’s thought behind things with staying power.

5 years ago
Reply to  Liz

Agreed regarding classic choices with staying power! I loved the design “rules” series, because basics like scale really don’t change over time. I’m still slowly renovating and decorating my home (and we’ve been in it for 8 years!). I want to make our long-term fixtures as timeless as possible.

5 years ago

It’s more than a roundup, it’s an interesting look at human click behavior. Quarterly!

5 years ago

I really like the way commentary was added to this roundup post! I love how the words are directly next to the picture and each pictures was commented on!

5 years ago

I would enjoy seeing a countdown of the top 5 or 10 pinned images from a month.

5 years ago

My favorite are the book nook ones of the mid century home and one of the bathroom ideas for the fixer. I have no problem with seeing someone else’s work along with yours. I’m glad you’re not so rigid that you would leave that out. Also I agree with seeing this quarterly, and the analytics of what is most popular is interesting to me.

5 years ago

#10 is best because it has a book nook AND a bathroom in the same shot.

More posts like this one please, it’s interesting to see what people are into.

5 years ago

YES! Love the idea of a quarterly round up of top pins from your site. It’s dry interesting to see what other EHD fans are into.

Erica M Price
5 years ago

I really like this type of post to be an end of year post! Kinda like a year in review here are your faves round up! I LOVED everything about Samantha’s home. I think the reason is because its approachable and feels do-able to just about anybody. It’s no extra design-y frills and feels totally livable.

TBH I miss alot of the old posts- the round ups, the “everyday design”. As much as I like trendy, edgy design, I just probably won’t do it in my house, so I find myself reading some of the posts thinking “How does this relate to me and how I approach home design?” I like content that is more applicable, approachable and affordable.

5 years ago

more book corners! maybe a whole post on reading nooks?

5 years ago

Now I want to know which images from this post will be most-pinned. Will they come in at the same order? Also ALL FOR roundup posts always.

5 years ago

Twice a year would be fun. Maybe the top 25?

Renee Bouffard-McManus
5 years ago

Such a great round up! Always love seeing my art behind that TV! Thanks! Also, that Odessa pink bedroom is so beautiful. I want to paint my room that colour…maybe just the wall behind the bed.

5 years ago

Bathrooms could be such popular pins because they are normally a smaller, attainable space for someone with limited time and resources to remodel their home. Much more realistic of a project to take on than the rest of the house tends to be.

5 years ago

Hi Em! This “look back” was great fun and inspiring all over again. I love seeing the rooms and styles that inspired others to “pin” particular images. As for me, since January 2018, the series that inspired me, helped us with our home and the one we continue to reference is your fabulous “Achieving Modern Victorian Style”! LOVE!

5 years ago

I think 2x per year would be good. Monthly would be a bit much. I am surprised at how many of these aren’t really my personal taste (all of the book ones plus #8 resonate with me, but not the others). I guess I’m atypical?

5 years ago

Love the round-up, I agree quarterly is a good idea. One nitpick on the Nate Berkus quote–I followed the link to the blog post about wall-mount faucets and under-mount sinks to see what he said, and at the end of the blog post, y’all basically wrote, “to find out what he said, go to my insta story (but spoiler he said yes it’s good)”. What did he say?! I couldn’t find it on your pinned stories and now my curiosity is all piqued and no satisfaction. Oops.

5 years ago

I love how generous you are in promoting other designers that used to work with you. It says so much about you! Would love to see these quarterly and it’s fun to check out what other people are pinning.

5 years ago

I agree with everyone saying quarterly would be better than monthly – it seems like monthly is too quick to really look back and make observations. I would also be curious how instagram likes compare to pinned images. Pinned images seem more permanent, like a reminder to reference the picture in the future, whereas instagram likes would reflect general popularity. I think people pin things for a particular element that they like, or a major remodeling project, whereas I might like an image on instagram without needing to remember where to find it later for reference, because I may not plan to go emulate it in my own home. That may be why bathrooms and bookshelves are so popular for pinning – it’s a place to put ideas before you go build/remodel that thing in your house. I bet kitchen pictures are going to be popular too once the mountain fixer kitchen gets revealed.

I’m not bothered about many of these being from other designers than EHD, like some commenters are. I think it’s still a good way to pick out trends and ideas.

Thanks for indulging those of us with analytical brains!