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The Ultimate Family-Friendly Media Room + Wet Bar

Welcome to the Portland project’s party central…the ground floor media room. It’s 540 square feet of family fun. We really thought about how to present this lady, trying to figure out how to make its reveal “editorial” but something about saying “how to design the ultimate entertaining space that’s as large as some people’s apartments” just didn’t feel right. Sure, there are takeaways here for anyone who has even 1/4 of the space (color palettes, how to slice up the areas, etc.) but I know this is a pretty aspirational room, and I didn’t want to sell it as anything but that. It would be like putting eyelash extensions and a matte red lip on a beaver and passing it off as a beauty queen. Wait, no…backwards? Because this is a beauty queen, not a beaver, so whatever the opposite of that would be. So, I thought it would be best just to show you this baby in a “look at this eye candy” way and walk you through the room. Ready?

As Built Floor Plan Ground Floor

This whole bottom floor felt like a bit of a waste when we got our hands on it. The home already had a pretty sizable garage, so a GIANT storage area (the bottom half of this floor plan) was itching, nay, crying out to be repurposed. Unless the new owners were somehow going to be an Amazon distribution center, it just didn’t make sense. We shifted the smaller bedroom down into the storage area (and where we also built out a laundry room area and moved the stairs), so that we could open that whole area up to be a kick-butt media room and wet bar. It ended up being 36 feet long by 15 feet wide, and the French doors open up to the backyard so it can feel really indoor/outdoor (you know, when it’s not raining in Portland).

Proposed Floor Plan Ground Floor

The space above the mechanical/storage room is actually a little different, where we landed. It could have been one big closet (like in the floor plan), but we built-in a daybed nook on the right half, leaving the left half open to be used however the new owner wanted (for staging, we put in a games cabinet for board games and other fun family things).

Emily Henderson media room ideas

We really wanted the vibe to feel casual yet sophisticated yet a little funky and special. Tall order, but I feel good about where we landed and how we got there. You know I love a bold wall color, so we brought the same shade from the powder room upstairs down here (Sherwin-Williams’ Waterloo) because it looked so, so good streaked with natural light. And because we didn’t want it to be too cave-like (which wouldn’t have been the worst thing, frankly), we designed a “feature ceiling” to draw the eye up and add in that little bit of “funky special” that was on the checklist.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Because I envisioned this being used as a family space, I wanted the color palette and textiles to be playful and not as serious as they were upstairs. A striped rug from Dash & Albert is subtle but adds a nice graphic punch (as does the black and white pillow on the armchair) and the throw pillows and blanket bring that bright but comfy pop with some earth tones (and of course, lots and lots of wood, because I can’t help myself and every room benefits from the warmth of wood). Oh, and that Maxwell sofa from Interior Define is SOOO deep and comfy, which is great for lounging and extended movie watching.

In line with the whole “family-friendly” idea were these custom draperies and rods we had made through Decorview. The traverse rod (their flat fascia wood traverse rod, to be exact) paired with their light filtering “Sheriff” fabric in the steel colorway make for a really easy-open situation so no one ever has to tug forcibly to get rings over humps in the rod.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Wanna see one of our favorite little details in this whole house? This was originally going to be a closet, but then we thought WAIT THIS SHOULD BE A BUILT IN DAYBED. Perfect for impromptu naps, as a reading/coloring corner, or a place to hide nooked into a corner talking to boys late at night (you know, for the teenagers…or grown women).

Emily Henderson media room ideas

I think maybe a tree wallpaper or mural should be my calling card. Never leave a project without plastering some tree trunks up on a wall somewhere. I do very much love this soft blue paper by Sandberg mixed with the striped and graphic Schumacher fabric from the throw pillows. Altogether, it’s sweet but not saccharine. If you have a nook like this to work with, I say treat it like you would a powder room…have some fun, take some risks, it’s just a tiny little corner.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

We made sure to build in some shelving to make this the ultimate reading nook (you need a place to set a drink, maybe glasses…other books). Plus, it doubles as a “nightstand” if you want to use it as an extra spot for a guest to sleep (it’s an actual twin-sized mattress in there covered with Schumacher’s Olympic fabric…Arlyn can attest because it’s where she slept—very comfortably she says—during the open house event this summer).

Emily Henderson media room ideas

On the other side of the daybed nook wall is this inset area that would and could easily be a closet but we left it open and used it more as games central with a cabinet.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

I highly recommend adding art and creating a “moment” on any horizontal surface you can get your hands on, so we brought in three pieces—the left two from MaryAnn Puls, and the embroidered piece by Annie O’Dorisio—and rounded it out with a brass “small” (as we call little decor pieces like that in the styling arena). I’m not sure what it’s for, but I’d like to imagine it’s a giant coaster that holds your beer while you open this beautiful Room & Board cabinet to grab one of the 438 available ping pong balls or prep for a riveting game of Bingo.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Speaking of ping pong, is this not THE most unnecessarily beautiful ping pong table you’ve ever seen? I mean, the net is LEATHER (as are the paddles…well, leather and wood). I’m sorry, I just can’t. If you’re on the market for an “artisan” games table and have a spare $6,000, I highly recommend this one from City Home for your home (no, seriously).

We are now entering the wet bar area of the room and I’m not afraid to admit that it’s so very beautiful.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

It has all the essentials of a wet bar: wine/beverage fridge, ice maker, sink and faucet, easily cleanable hard surfaces (and the added bonus of a dishwasher, keep reading).

While the perimeter of the room uses a really fun cage sconce from Rejuvenation, we opted for a more classic sconce within the wet bar but in the same polished nickel finish. They’re super streamlined and elegant and don’t pull too much attention from some of the other statement pieces here.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Can we take a moment to admire the detail of this sink and prep faucet by Kohler? We could have gone with a traditional sink here, but if you have the opportunity to do something a little extra special, why not? I went with the polished nickel here as I did the rest of the house, which I’m loving because it’s traditional but warm (unlike chrome that can feel very cold).

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Emily Henderson media room ideas

A beverage refrigerator (which was provided by along with the other appliances) with side-by-side compartments that have their own temperature control lets you keep “adult juice” in one at some fancy “perfect for rosé or white wine or cabernet” temp I won’t pretend to know, and, well…more “adult juice” in the other…just in canned form…but extra cold! Or of course, a bunch of La Croix or sodas for the whole family.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Emily Henderson media room ideas

A smaller dishwasher is perfect for a wet bar area, especially on a floor removed from the kitchen. It’s just roomy enough to throw in glasses, popcorn bowls, plates crusted over with pizza cheese…you know, typically family area things (this one holds 10 place settings). We went with a panel-ready option so the bottom cabinetry wasn’t just a line of stainless steel and we could show off that dreamy blue paint color.

And, of course, like a good tree mural, I can’t leave a room untouched by an ice maker, for all my icy cold water/beverage dreams. This compact guy makes 45 pounds of “restaurant quality” clear ice a day and I don’t know what that really means, but it sounds like you’d never have to make an emergency ice run mid-party again. Oh, and a pretty cool feature is the door is reversible, so you can decide to make it left or right opening, whichever feels best for your kitchenette or wet bar.

Emily Henderson media room ideas

Emily Henderson media room ideas

A ledge made of the same material as the slab backsplash blends in but also keeps the counters more easily clear (where else will you put the pizza boxes, otherwise?).

Emily Henderson media room ideas

And there you have it. The ultimate family party room from soup to nuts (TV to ping pong table?). We put together two Get the Looks, one with all the furniture and styling, and another for the wet bar with all the details of everything we used here. As always, we’d love to hear from you…any questions, comments, concerns, loves, hates (kidding, don’t hurt my feelings)…leave for us in the comments below and we’ll chat back!

Emily Henderson media room ideas

1. Maxwell Custom Sectional Sofa | 2. Custom Drapery and Drapery Rod by Decorview | 3. Window by Milgard | 4. Hourglass Stool | 5. Tripod Coffee Table by Ethnicraft | 6. Woven Cotton Rug | 7. Floor Lamp by Rejuvenation | 8. Pender Charme Chair | 9. Metal Tray | 10. Ceramic Salt Cellar | 11. Ceramic Match Striker | 12. Lumbar Pillow Cover by Rejuvenation | 13. Canvas Pillow Cover | 14. Block Printed Pillows by Cotton & FlaxCotton & Flax via Mantel | 15. Tweed Throw by Rejuvenation | 16. Stripe Pillow (fabric available here) | 17. Cotton Throw | 18. Sconce by Rejuvenation | 19. Media Console | 20. Coffee Table via The Good Mod | 21. Wood Containers by Thos. Moser | 22. Vase | 23. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 24. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 25. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 26. Embroidered Art by Annie O’Dorisio | 27. Ping Pong Table | 28. Glass Door Cabinet | 29. Wallpaper | 30. Faux Leather Storage Bin | 31. Lamp Shade | 32. Dipped Ceramic Small Lamp | 33. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 34. Abstract Art by Mary Ann Plus | 35. Abstract Art by Mary Ann Plus | 36. Zoila Fabric by Schumacher | 37. Rania Stripe Fabric by Schumacher | 38. Cusco Ikat Fabric by Schumacher | 39. Olympia Fabric by Schumacher | 40. Ribbed Sculptural Vase via Mantel (similar) | 41. Sculptural Vase via Mantel | 42. Wooden Chest via Aurora Mills | 43. Wood Flooring by Hallmark Floors | 44. Waterloo by Sherwin-Williams | 45. Pure White by Sherwin-Williams | 46. Baseboard by Metrie | 47. Window & Door Casing by Metrie

Emily Henderson media room ideas

1. Faucet by Kohler | 2. Tile by Pratt & Larson | 3. Sink by Kohler | 4. Marble Countertop | 5. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 6. Abstract Art by MaryAnn Puls | 7. Vase | 8.  | 9. Textured Carafe | 10. Cabinet Maker | 11. Pull by Rejuvenation | 12. Knob by Rejuvenation | 13. Sconce by Rejuvenation | 14. Serving Bowl by Rejuvenation | 15. Napkins (set of 4) | 16. Marble Tray | 17. Ivory Knives (set of 6) | 18. Bronze Bottle Opener | 19. Wine Glasses (set of 4) | 20. Textured Lowball Glass | 21. Trapeze Glassware (set of 4) | 22. Beverage Fridge via | 23. Ice Maker via | 24. Dishwasher via

***Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD

Design and styling by Emily Henderson and Brady Tolbert (and team). JP Macy of Sierra Custom Homes was the General Contractor, and Annie Usher and the architect.

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99 thoughts on “The Ultimate Family-Friendly Media Room + Wet Bar

  1. It’s great! Is there more storage in this house than we are seeing? I guess you can turn one bedroom into big storage, but I think this room does need closets/ built ins for games, things for outside entertaining, etc.

  2. Love the color palette and that C+B media console. My TV is 70” though. I wish there were a few more longer consoles I liked as much. What size if the TV in the room?

    1. Yes! Please! I was looking at it too and was thinking I could stain a piece of lumber and and hang it in front of a rod to get a similar look?

    2. Yes! I am so interested in alternative window treatments (just ordered some African Mudcloth to make into my own “blinds”). Can you talk about the rods used here and also consider doing a story on unique window treatment materials and ways to hang? Thanks!

    3. YES. I want to know everything about the curtain rod and ceiling paneling. I love everything about this room but those are two details that I would incorporate into my own home in a heartbeat.

    4. It’s a traverse rod (so it has a track with clips built into it which makes opening the draperies so smooth and easy). These are the “flat fascia wood traverse rod” from Decorview.

        1. Decorview does custom orders only. The rod we used here is their flat fascia traverse rod and the drapery color is steel and the pattern is sheriff xx hope this helps!

  3. Woop woooop! I love me some eyecandy and this looks beauuuutiful! In fact I would take that as my living room right now (minus the ping pong table maybe, but then: why not? ;)). Low ceilings can look so depressing and, yes cavelike, and sure for an entertainment room the cave-look would have worked too, but I actually love that it looks like a very stilysh yet casual living room, too – although maybe aspirational as a game room, this feels very attainable and adaptable for a family and living room! Thanks for the inspiration guys!!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the reading nook, and the blue paint color the best!

  5. STUNNING! This is by far my favorite space in the Portland project (that we’ve seen so far). I could seriously move right in and not change a single thing. I would love more details about the curtain rod, ceiling, and daybed nook — all 3 look like things I’d love to incorporate into my own home someday (as well as the bar, so thanks for the details on that!) Well done Emily & team. xx

  6. This space is stunning! Well done, team! I am so jealous of the family that gets to enjoy this Portland beauty 🙂 One question…. that wallpaper is amazing but how can we get it in the States? The website/direct link is in pounds, isn’t very helpful, and when I do “store locator” there’s nothing even remotely close??

  7. Gorgeous! What a lucky family to have this room. I love the paint color and that ping pong table is amazing.

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    What a great space!

  10. The Portland House has been more and more amazing after each reveal! I think you have undersold how amazing this turned out, just STUNNING at every turn. Just shows the general level of excellence you and your team pull off, seemingly effortlessly, to us on the reading end 🙂

  11. I love this reveal – it looks stunning! The colors are wonderful. I would totally hang out in there. I second the reader request for deets on the curtain rod situation – it looks great!

    I’ve been thinking about the Portland (less than optimal amount of) enthusiasm from the readership of this blog, and wondered if maybe the Portland house was just too big for people to get behind? One of my favorite reveals was the Hurricane Sandy beach house fix-up (it was a partnership with World Market, and like a million years ago, but I still Google it because I loved the dining space, and also the bedroom and bathroom), and it was only a one-bedroom one-bath home. A smaller home fix-up might be quicker, more budget-friendly, and also easier for people to get behind? Not sure. Just spit-balling. I have also Googled Sylvia’s living room and master bedroom many times, and that was also a smaller home.

  12. This is stunning! Love the wall color and the ceiling.

    There is a typo and I’m guessing you meant to say “we are now entering the wet bar area” instead of “we are not entering…” 🙂

  13. This space is gorgeous! Would you possibly be willing to share more details on the ceiling?

    1. Yes, I’m interested in the ceiling as well. Kind of wish there was a “create the look/DIY” option for the ceiling, though I don’t even know how feasible that is…

      I also have not really enjoyed the Portland reveals, but even though this one contains many items outside of my price range, I do like it for inspiration a lot more than I liked the other posts.

      1. I too love this space despite not having enjoyed the others. It seems more personal, less corporate. Perhaps my career traumatized me.;).

    2. Seconded! Ceiling deets, please! This room is fabulous. Thank you for presenting it exactly as it is: really really fun eye candy!

  14. Even though the size and budget of the Portland project is a bit out of my league these days, I LOVE every single one of the reveals for this house. Sure, I can’t afford a $6,000 ping pong table but there are elements of this room I can bring into my own space. The colors, fixtures and styling are spot on EHD team! That daybed nook: amazing. I’d also love the source for the throw shown on the sectional.

  15. You asked for hates? I hate that it’s not mine!!! I am loving the daybed nook and I’d take that wet bar over my entire kitchen. I’d probably also trade my dining table for the ping pong table (throw back to my childhood thanksgiving dinners when all the relatives ate around the ping pong table because it was bigger, haha!)

    1. Yes Yes Yes! I have pinned this room as my future retirement home. DWR and HD Buttercup even market ping-ping/dining tables. I wonder about having one made on the cheap.

      Emily, I think you should consider some Julia Child approach – don’t ever apologize for making the effort to create. This and the kitchen yesterday are some of my very very favorite posts.

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    1. We’re sorry to say we’re pretty sure it’s from Schoolhouse and no longer available.

  17. This room is stunning! I love the detail on the ceiling. I’m curious, how high are the ceilings? 8ft? 9ft?

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  19. I love this! What a great use of space. The wet bar is amazing. I don’t know how you make liquor bottles look so good. You are all very talented. My favorite spot is that built-in daybed. I need this in my house asap.

  20. Gah. I’ve loved everything about this Portland House…but this room. It is perfect. And the styling is so great, I found myself repeatedly looking at every picture trying to take in every little piece. It is BEAUTIFUL. The most beautiful rec room that ever existed.

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  24. Beautiful… but the top of every door in the wet bar being at different heights would drive me crazy. And it looks like the ice maker and fridge both need to have the feet adjusted so they sit straight. Your photos are usually perfect but that was all I could see in every one of the wet bar AHHH. Maybe as an architect I have just seen too many kitchens ruined by poor alignments to appreciate the overall picture haha

    LOVE the reading nook!

  25. I think this is JUST the inspiration photo that I’ve been waiting for! Can you please tell us more about the sofa? Which fabric did you use? Which leg finish?? I think this is the one I need for my tv room and I’m headed out to get a paint sample now 🙂

  26. Perfect combo with yesterday’s tiny kitchen!

    I have also loved loved LOVED that Sandberg wallpaper for ages now…in all its colourways.

  27. How is the shelf in the kitchen supported? Are there hidden brackets underneath the backsplash slab?

    Thanks so much! And wonderful design! I’m super inspired for some areas of my home

  28. Back for maybe the 7th time today. Really beautiful space. With all those games and that large wet (snack) bar where a table for four to play a game, drink a cocktail or snack on some messy wings?

  29. Fabulous room! Might I ask what fabric you chose for the sofa? I looked at the swatches and assume you used a family-friendly fabric forthat room but which one and what color?

  30. Has anyone actually bought and lived with that ID Maxwell sofa? I was going to pull the trigger, but the one I saw in the NYC showroom looked pretty sad and saggy, which made me worried that it might not hold up to heavy family use. I’d love to be wrong, though … such a nice shape, and a great price, too.

    1. I have this same sofa (Maxwell who designed it was my old boss!), and it does need regular fluffing because of the down interior, but it’s super comfy and just deep enough to curl up but not so deep that you feel like you’re falling into a pit. After a few days of sitting on it without the fluff, it needs a little love, but then it goes right back to being plush and beautiful once I lift up the cushions, bang them with my hand a little, and that’s that.

    2. Yes, I bought the U-shaped Maxwell and returned it. The fabric I chose was supposed to be kid-friendly. It pilled badly. For all the measuring I did beforehand the seat was much too low to the ground for my tastes. The hypoallergenic pillows did not hold their shape well even with constant manipulation by me. The sectional came in three pieces and didn’t line up completely straight even when they sent a local tech to fix and due to scheduling I missed the 2 week full refund return window. With all the issues I experienced I still wouldn’t count I/D out. Lesson learned. If they come out with more products that suit my needs and improve their materials I would buy from again.

  31. Gorgeous! I love the blue color and all the extra touches are fantastic. You knocked it out of the park on this one.

  32. Emily, this is absolutely STUNNING!! I love all of the thought that your fabulous team put into designing such a warm and beautiful, yet fully functional family space. I could totally see myself curling up into the fetal position in that daybed nook for DAAAAAYS.

    Oh, and I hard a hard time getting past the “beaver” part. Good lord, woman – the imagery! For the rest of the post, I envisioned Beauty Queen Beaver narrating this story to me. But she did such a “damn” good job! Ba dump bump!

  33. I’m not sure if it’s becuase no one actually lives here or what, but you mentioned that the Portland house posts ended up being a lot less popular than you’d expected, and I was trying to think about why. I think even though you’ve used beautiful art and top notch decor it still just seems strangely sterile. I don’t know why. Does anyone else feel this way? Thoughts?

    1. It looks like a model home. Tons of inspo, but is everything totally liveable? Most, maybe not all. The super tiny and sparse office comes to mind as the one space I thought was definitely faux-family. This rec room is definitely gorgeous. Now for my family we would need more than just that L sectional for movie watching and we would need a card table, but I could totally see this as being a real family’s space that doesn’t mind sitting on the floor to play.

      The Portland house really has resonated with me and that’s probably because I decorate/ style like my home is always for sale. Lol

  34. Oh wow, I was totally putting that ping pong table on my wishlist until l saw 6k. Well done though l loved seeing it in this room.

  35. I pinned a bunch of pictures from this one! SO GOOD.
    Love the ceiling, nook details (WOW), and overall vibe of the room. Inspirational and elements of attainable. Thank you!

  36. I have a room ofna similar scale that will have the same function. That wet bar will be major inspiration with the addition of a microwave. Seeing the blue on the walls makes me think that much color may be the right choice?

  37. Gorgeous! Love love love that cozy reading/teenagers making out nook.

    Also, could we get a post on the greenery used in all the style shots here? Like is it usually faux, are you clipping branches off of trees? What do you do in winter? I love the look of using greens instead of flowers in vases but it’s hard to translate into real life.

  38. Beautiful but it’s so perfect its verging on boring. I need more of the fun emily on your posts.

    1. We checked in with the design team, and they mentioned the installer took care of all of that and we aren’t sure of the exact mechanism used. Sorry!

  39. I love this room. I’m curious about the stone ledge in the wet bar. I know the stone must be very heavy, how is it mounted, I don’t see any brackets?

  40. This is a very silly question, but what kind of flowers are in the little white vase, listed as #7 on your second “get the look” list? Love everything here!!

  41. This is a very silly question, but what kind of flowers are in the little white vase, listed as #7 on your second “get the look” list? Love everything here!!!

  42. This is fantastic. My favorite Portland room so far, and I’m not sure why. Maybe the fun use of color?
    Great job!

  43. I think this is the most fun and cheerful room you’ve done in forever! I love every single element!

  44. Love this room! It is beautiful! And that ping pong table makes me want to take up the game! The only thing I would change is to make the games nook a full-on closet to store everything needed for entertaining. I love the daybed nook idea! Just wondering though–did you put an outlet in there for a lamp, charger, etc?

    1. Yup there’s an outlet behind the pictures (as well as a hookup for a small tv). I charged my phone in there that one night I slept (cocooned?) in there!

  45. I’m commenting because I like you and I feel bad about being mostly bored by the Portland house :-p I love reading nooks! This one is perfect. We have something very similar at one end of our long living room with an upholstered mattress/seat. I’ve struggled a bit to figure out its back wall – visible from all over our open floor plan, so I don’t want it too attention-getting but after a year of living with it, it def needs more texture and a somewhat deeper color than the regular white of the other walls!

  46. Love this space.
    Could you do a post discussing, and rounding up, vases/vessels and branches?

  47. Wow…I’m completely in love with this room and all the details. The book nook!? The wet bar!? The cozy sofa!? All amazing and can I move in right now? GREAT JOB!!!

  48. I’m so excited to see you do a space this size! Don’t forget, everyone in the Midwest has a basement so it’s not outrageous to us to have a rec room this size.

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