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A Bunch Of Really Good Rooms Painted Pink Because It’s Valentine’s Day And We All Deserve It

It’s Valentine’s Day so what better time to talk about pretty pink paint colors? Last year we painted our guest room Artistic Taupe and it created such a warm, cozy vibe. This warm mauvey nuanced pink couldn’t be more perfect. While you are about to see some bolder, more daring, pinks below, for my home I want/need something that has a more neutral undertone and one that makes me feel calm. So if you’ve been toying with painting one of your spaces a pink tone here are some that we’ve used and loved. The ones I’ve used I couldn’t be happier with!

Artistic Taupe by Sherwin-Williams

Once I painted this room Artistic Taupe I realized that I am far more of a pink lover than I thought I was – WHEN it’s the right pink. And since I loved this tone so much I felt confident in picking my next pink (the powder bath below) a darker rose/mauve that is two shades darker on the same paint stick.

Cocoa Berry by Sherwin-Williams

photo by kaitlin green | from: our farmhouse powder bath reveal – pink and wallpaper and vintage oh my!

The color on the left wall (not under the light) is the most accurate – look how pretty it is! But first, before I chose Cocoa Berry I chose Glamour (only one darker) below:

Glamour by Sherwin-Williams

photo by kaitlin green | from: the farmhouse powder bath update (did we stick with the blue walls??)

I caught the painter before he did the second coat and realized that this room didn’t have enough natural light (none) to have this tone – it just wasn’t reading in person. So we took it one shade darker. But this color, Glamour, is SO BEAUTIFUL and I would absolutely use it again in a room that has more light moving around. And we recently painted the lightest color on that same paint stick called White Truffle and it’s SO PRETTY.

El Mirage by Portola Paints

design by elspeth benoit and arterberry cooke | photo by alex zarour of virtually here studios | staging by a 1000 X better | from: master class in using color in your home without it feeling like a colorful home (it’s not the decor)

So Gorgeous. Portola Paints are extremely gorgeous (and cost more :)) I love how A 1000 x Better paired this pink with the yellow – so bold.

Wing It by Clare

design by orlando soria | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: dreams do come true! the londo lodge is now a vacation rental (see all of the fun new updates + tips on renovating with a small budget…)

Orlando has been using pink since we met – it’s almost like a neutral for him. I haven’t been in this pink room yet but V excited for a future EHD team excursion up to Yosemite soon. Also, you can rent it out now so if you are headed to Yosemite stay at his house!!

Yours Truly by Benjamin Moore

design by orlando soria | photo by zeke ruelas | from: orlando’s master bedroom reveal

Another Orlando pink. His style is so eclectic, postmodern, and yet always looks like him (and always so cozy).

Sweet Pastel by Valspar

design by brady tolbert | photo by tessa neustadt | from: a girl’s bedroom makeover with stokke

I totally forgot about this sponsored bedroom makeover we did with Stokke YEARS ago. Brady did it all, for his niece I believe. How sweet is that room and that soft pink?

Unspoken Love by Benjamin Moore

design by erik staalberg | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the pink dining room erik designed before he found his apartment

Our stylist friend Erik Staalberg (he was a frequent freelance stylist on my team for 7 + years) is one of my MOST favorite souls in the world. No one owns himself more than Erik and I so admire his attitude in every way. He is also clearly so bold with his choices and loves embracing color like in his old dining room with this pink.

Pueblo by Sherwin-Williams

I LOVE this almost coral that Caitlin used in her bedroom that everyone freaked out about (in a good way). Caitlin has such an incredible sense of style and I didn’t see this peach coming, but so glad it came.

English Scone by Dunn-Edwards

design by arlyn hernandez | styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: 3 years in the making then an unexpected move: arlyn’s bedroom reveal is a lesson in the beauty of “unfinished” design

While the world was freaking out about the new Pantone color of the year (peach!) Arlyn’s English Scone is the warmer and more nuanced version of it. Again, I didn’t actually get to see this room but love how her bedroom turned out).

So those are our pink paints! I am clearly very partial to the mauvey end of the spectrum but whatever pink you choose and love will undoubtedly make it a happier space. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: A *First Round* Farmhouse Reveal – Readying Our Guest Room For Family To Visit

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5 months ago

I would also add Sherwin Williams Insightful Rose as well as Dressy Rose. They’re such a pretty neutral mauvey pinks! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pink is always going to be the best paint color in my opinion. My living room ceiling is a pale pink by Benjamin Moore called Pink Harmony. You can see it on my Instagram:
It just gives a beautiful pink glow when it’s sunny out and in the evening, its a nice opaque subtle pink. So good.

5 months ago

Exactly! This is why pink can be so good.

5 months ago

I’ve read very flattering assessments of BM’s tissue pink but rarely see it online. Has anyone used it?
I always prefer a peach to a pink..probably always will.

5 months ago
Reply to  Kristi

We just painted our living room Tissue Pink! I love it so much and it feels so inviting on these winter evenings (living in Maine).

5 months ago
Reply to  Kristi

Yes! I’ve put it in two bathrooms. It’s a soft blush that is pink, but not babyish. I like its painterly quality and put it next to BM Cloud White trim.

5 months ago

Setting Plaster and Dead Salmon by Farrow and Ball don’t get a mention? These are the best pinks!

5 months ago
Reply to  janelle

My bedroom is setting plaster and it is the best. I love it with black accents.

5 months ago
Reply to  janelle

Also Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink! I have it in my tiny, north facing bedroom and it’s the most gloriously moody mauve that changes drastically depending on the time of day.

5 months ago

What a nice way to revisit some past favorites. One correction: those images of Caitlin’s space, and that lovely corally peach, are from her living room, not her bedroom.

Sue Sue
5 months ago

Sue Sue here. Having slept in Emily’s guest room many times, the Artistic Taupe is such a warm, calming shade, I sleep like a baby there.

5 months ago

We just used Benjamin Moore Victoriana in my daughters’ room, and it is so gorgeous. Everyone was doubting the choice and I saw it on the walls (and trim) and it’s just amazing.

Ellen @ohcondo.mycondo
5 months ago

I painted my 70’s fiberglass shower insert pink. it was the best $550 i spent in my kids’ bath renovation. I love it!

5 months ago

I painted my bedroom a super pale pink by Martha Stewart called Ballet Slipper. It’s a great warm, light color that doesn’t read overwhelmingly PINK. It’s a great backdrop for my antique wooden furniture and doesn’t glare in the afternoons in my west-facing room like white did.
Still not a big fan of peachy pinks. I was exposed to too much 80s ugly for me to accept it yet.

5 months ago

I did my daughters’ shared room in Wing It by Clare and I’m super happy with it. It’s warmer than it seems it will be and truly not overly baby-ish.

5 months ago

Oooo. That lovely guest room needs the custom headboard that’s in your bedroom. It would be so dreamy!

5 months ago

We recently painted our bathroom Benjamin Moore’s Odessa pink at 50% strength, and it’s the perfect glowing blush pink.

Anne M.
5 months ago

Just want to put in a plug for my favorite peachy-pink: Flamingo Peach by Glidden! I already had it in my dining room (photo attached) and recently redid my bathroom in it as well. I love it so much!

4 months ago

Looking gorgeous!
Wonder if there is a similar round-up for light/baby blue rooms?