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A Girl’s Bedroom Makeover With Stokke + Get the Look


Hey guys! It’s Brady, and today is a very good day because 1.) It’s my birthday and 2.) I am taking over the blog covering all things nursery and toddler (with Emily’s blessing, she is in Iowa after all). Don’t worry I am not expecting, but I had so much fun pulling this project together (for my sister) that I practically have that pregnancy glow (just without the baby bump). Let me give you a little background before we get started. Stokke reached out to us (you know, the Norwegian makers of the famous Tripp Trapp Chair that Emily has used for both of her kids) to highlight their modular furniture system, Stokke Home. It is a well designed modern line that allows each piece to adapt with the child as they grow from baby to toddler, so before we even had a child or project in mind that it could work for Emily and I immediately said YES. The brand is one that we have always loved so it was a great excuse to not only showcase Stokke but give a much deserving room (and small human) a makeover.

Around that same time my sister moved up to Los Angeles with her husband, newborn baby and toddler from Laguna Beach. I asked her if she would be interested in a sponsored room makeover and she immediately said “YES, do you need to come over now? I can be home whenever you need me, and you can do whatever you want.” She was obviously as excited as we were and not only did it become the perfect room to makeover for a very deserving family (mine), but gave us a great place to create original makeover content for you featuring a brand we love. I mean look how cute these children are. 

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_2

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_3

Let me introduce you to Sophie – she is half monster and half pure perfection – although some days I am not sure which is more prominent. To say that I am absolutely obsessed with that little girl is a complete understatement, so creating a new room for her was something I could not be more excited about. The room before was not bad by any means as you can see in the pics below, but it definitely did not feel pulled together, cohesive, or a room where Sophie and her parents would want to hang out. It was white, generic, and had some good elements going on but nothing that made it feel special or fun for a growing girl. A lot of the items that were in there before were hand-me-downs from family members and friends or were quickly purchased to fill the room when they moved. So, everything was fair game and they were ready to start over.

Emily Henderson_Makover_Nursery_Girl Nursery_Before

Emily Henderson_Makover_Nursery_Girl Nursery_Before_Side by Side

When I first started the project I had a very official business meeting with Sophie and her mom, and Sophie had two requests, 1.) pink, and 2.) a swing. Little did I know that she would be more opinionated than her mother on every single element of that room. Speaking of mom, she added to that list: a grown up toddler bed, somewhere for Sophie to read every night, a better light blocking solution for the windows, and some more functional pieces for both clothing and books so that Sophie could start learning how to put away her own things. With that in mind, I went to work designing. The bed (which I wish came in my size) and dresser were the first two elements in the design plan and served as the jumping off point for the rest of the room

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_10

Both the bed and dresser are simple, classic and completely modular which meant that she could grow with each piece. With their new modular line all of Stokke’s pieces not only work together but can be added to or adapted as the child’s needs and sizes change. They grow as the child grows, making them perfect pieces to have throughout their childhood. The home crib (which is more like an epic playhouse/crib/bed/best place in the world to hang out) can easily be turned into a toddler bed which is how I used it. It was the perfect piece for her to finally graduate from her old crib to a big girl bed – and what little kid doesn’t want a miniature play fort complete with a roof and curtains in their room, and if you are looking for the ultimate fort they even make a tent for it that has walls, windows, and a roof. I think I grew up in the wrong generation because all I got was a hand me down bunk bed, a terrible brother to share my room with and my grandma’s afghan. Fortunately the brother has made a full 180, which we are all thankful for. But, less about me and back to the design of the room. We moved her old hand me down dresser out of the room and transferred most of the items she didn’t need every day into the closet and replaced it with this dresser which was smaller and a better scale for both the crib and the room.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_2

Because every child needs an oversized wicker giraffe in their room, I used this 5ft beauty my sister and I picked up at the Long Beach flea market a few months back. Sophie has grown quite fond of it and insists on giving hugs and kisses to it every night before bed. If only she insisted on giving those to me instead of me having to bribe her with fruit snacks to do the same. I digress. Directly behind it is a custom Jane Denton piece that I commissioned for the room that turned out so beautifully and could not have made Sophie happier. I am not sure she understood what I meant when I said “custom needlepoint,” but the color pink she definitely understood as she screamed “It’s PINK!” as I was pulling it out of the packaging. Speaking of pink you may have noticed that I did a color blocking on the walls in a very soft pale pink (Sweet Pastel by Valspar). Painting 3/4 of the way up not only brought in her favorite color without it feeling like she lived in a bottle of pepto bismol but also plays a slight trick on your eyes immediately drawing them up and making the room feel taller.

I also added this leaning blanket ladder so that she can easily pull them off when she decides it is time to tear the room apart and make forts – which happens more often than you would think. Basically anything that I could do to become the “fun uncle” all while making my sister’s life harder when it comes to clean up time is what I did for this room.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_11

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_3

For her bed I wanted to play a bit with pattern and echo the stripes that are in the rug. A quick tip that I learned from Emily – when it comes to mixing and matching you can mix both pattern and color but it does get tricky and busy when you bring too many colors and patterns into the mix. So, rather than mixing a bunch of of different colors I kept it pretty tonal and allowed the variation of pattern and different textures to visually bring interest to the bed.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_13

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_7

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_1

On the dresser I used this lamp to echo the dark blue from the rug. It helps to bring some cooler tones into the room and keeps the variation of color peppered around the room so that the space doesn’t start feeling too washed out and tone on tone. On the wall I installed this copper circular mirror from Bloomingville which I now officially want for my own apartment. I wouldn’t suggest putting your makeup on with it as you might over apply the bronzer, but it is a great way to bring some color into your room in a modern and simple way.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_5

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_12

On this side of the room is where I put this hanging rattan chair to check off Sophie’s request for a “swing,” and her mom’s request for a place to read every night. Not only is it a fun place for her to hang out in, but it helps to bring some warmth to that side of the room and balance out the more modern bed and dresser. She is still learning that this new addition is more a chair than a swing so she can’t jump off of it or push her friends around in it like a crazy maniac when they come over to visit, but the look on her face when she gets to sit in it while Uncle Brady rocks her back and forth is worth every time I have to tell her she can’t swing “too hard” in it. Under the chair, I layered this thick sheepskin rug which makes the perfect place for cuddling with her favorite stuffed animals before bed or playing with her toys during the day. Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a thick memory foam rug pad like I did for both of these rugs. I promise once you step foot on them you will not regret the extra money they cost and if you have kids it makes for the perfect soft surface for them to play/fall/be maniacal monsters on all while staying safe. Oliva, Sophie’s little sister highly recommends it. 

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_6

I also swapped out the tragically terrible vertical blinds for this woven roller shade and these linen curtains with a blackout panel behind them. Not only do they make the room feel way bigger and less like your landlord lives there, but they completely block out all light when it is time for those mid-day naps. A quick tip when it comes to curtains for baby/kids rooms. If you fall in love with a curtain that might not actually block out light but stylistically works with the room, grab a pair of these black out panels that attach to your curtain rod which will do the trick.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_6

Number 2 on Sophie’s favorite things to do besides watching Minnie Mouse (which her parents allow every so often) is reading books. In her old room she had a few floating shelves that held her books. These were functional but not the safest, as she would constantly try to climb up the chair to grab whatever book she wanted to read rather than let someone else grab it for her. She is just at the age where she wants to do EVERYTHING herself without any help. So rather than see her climb up to those books and risk me having a heart attack, I brought in this bookcase which has both open and closed storage and lots and lots of accessible shelves for her to grab whatever book she wants to read and then put it back at the end of the night.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_7

Another fun thing that she has now become obsessed with is turning on and off that little lamp I placed on one of the shelves. When it’s story time she immediately stops everything and tells me that she has to turn “light on.” She then walks over and flips off the room lights and clicks on this one and then says “ok now it is warm and we can read.” It melts my heart and makes me never want to let her grow up. You would think she is my own due to how obsessed with her I am, but I assure you she has two perfect, loving parents that have made it very clear that she is their child and not mine although I can come play whenever I want.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_14

Just behind the door, I gave her a little dress up area to call her own because well, little girls love to play dress up. I attached this modular bookshelf to the wall and screwed a few large hooks into the bottom so she can hang her tutu’s, miniature rattan purses, parasols, you know the everyday necessities in the life of a 3 year old.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_Room_9

All in all, I couldn’t be more happy about Sophie’s room and seeing her start to discover every little part of it makes it all worth it. In case you are wondering how Sophie’s Scandinavian Big Girl room came together, we made this “style school” video to walk you through how we pulled the room together and how you too can bring in color, pattern, texture, and fun into a rather boring white room. Be sure to check it out and if you are wanting to “get the look” all the products and links are below.

Thanks again to my sis for letting me completely destroy her room for a few weekends, but I think these two look pretty happy if I do say so myself.

Emily Henderson_Brady Tolbert_Stokke Home_Nursery_Kids Room_Pink_Boho_Scandinavian_Modern_White_Pink_Blush_5

Emily Henderson_Stokke_Little Girls Room_Neutral_Blush_Scandinavian_Modern_Get the Look

1. Crib Roof | 2. Crib | 3. Crib Guard | 4. Wall Color | 5. Bunting Banner | 6. Linen Curtain and Blackout Panels | 7. Woven Roller Shade | 8. Curtain Rod, Finials, Pleat Rings | 9. Hanging Rattan Chair | 10. Sheepskin Rug | 11. Woven Rug and Rug Pad | 12. Sweaterknit Pillow | 13. Yellow Velvet Pillow Cover | 14. Painted Wood Pendant Lamp | 15. Plush Ballerina Pillow | 16. Plush Llama | 17. Cloud Pillow | 18. Blush Marbled Stripe Pillow | 19. Grey Stripe Pillow | 20. Copper Mirror | 21. Dark Ceramic Lamp | 22. Dresser | 23. Rocking Horse | 24. White Table Lamp | 25. Framed “Malibu View No. 2” Print | 26. Framed “Spot” Jane Denton Piece | 27. Mini Library Bookcase | 28. Wooden Elephant | 29. Wooden Rhinoceros | 30. Wooden Giraffe | 31. Brass Round Tray | 32. Ceramic Cup | 33. Picture Frame | 34. Blue Bulb Light | 35. Woven Basket | 36. Cream Linen Stripe Pillow | 37. Potato Print Pillow | 38. Mustard Round Fur Pillow | 39. Plush Unicorn Toy | 40. Wood Bookcase | 41. Wood Accent Ladder | 42. Navy Knit Throw | 43. Yellow Stripe Throw | 44. Copper Baskets | 45. Wooden Blocks | 46. Pink Tutu | 47. Pom Pom Purse | 48. Pouf

***P.S. YAY BRADY!!!! Can you please design Charlie’s room because I AM STUMPED and I love this room so much. What a lucky girl and such a great uncle/designer. xx

After photos by the always lovely, Tessa Neustadt


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What a lovely room and beautiful furniture. I’m sure your nieces will be very happy there. However, there are two things screaming at me “danger zone”!

1. The light bulb above the bed: it looks within easy grasp of a toddler’s reach and could lead to shattered glass, electrocution and, God-forbid, even strangulation. Please do move it to a more inaccessible place.

2. The ladder propped against the wall: one pull of the blankets and the whole thing will tumble on her. Please believe me! Toddlers like to scramble all over furniture (my son has even had the dreaded IKEA Malm chest of draws tumble on him. Fortunately he was prevented from being squashed by the fact my bed was in the way).

Sorry to be such a worrywart about what is a beautiful girls room but think I should flag the above to you and your sister.

Thanks so much for the kind words. I actually had a few of the same thoughts of you, so the lightbulb in the pendant is a large plastic one that she can’t reach up and shatter or burn herself on, and the pendant stays unplugged at all times although she is at the age where she knows it is not something to play with and is just something pretty to look at. The ladder we also attached to the wall with an at home earthquake anchor which you can’t see but helps to keep it in place and from falling over. After the shoot, my sis and I went through the entire room together with Sophie and tried to make everything as safe as possible as both of us are prone worriers too. xx


I’m glad it’s not just me that feels this way. I don’t see how a swinging chair, climbable ladder, and a hanging lightbulb are in any way safe for a toddler (nevermind on that’s prone to climbing like Brady mentioned). Don’t get me wrong – this room is absolutely beautiful, I just think there’s several safety issues that aren’t addressed well.


gorgeous! she is a lucky little girl : )


Brady! Outstanding job as usual! LOVE that Jane Denton custom piece, and the fact that this room will definitely grow with Sophie. Nothing about it is too over the top or “baby”. Bravo!


Looks wonderful! Brady, can you please explain how you used the blackout panels? Did you just clip the blackout panels to the back of the linen curtains using the clips on the curtain rings? I don’t see the tabs from the tab top panels in the pictures. Thanks for any info! Would love the option to make any curtains blackout.

The blackout panels can either slip onto the curtain rod, if you have tab top curtains or they can be clipped into the curtain rings which is what I did. It is such a great option to make any curtains blackout and could not have been any easier. Hope that helps. xx


Looks great. And it’s just the inspiration I needed 🙂


What a beautiful room for a beautiful little girl!! Can you tell me where you got the original rug? I’ve been looking for something exactly like that.


You can buy it at Target or find it at another online retailer- I’ve seen it on several sites (, You can shop around for the best price…:-)


Whoops, didn’t see the other comments when I posted! 🙂

My sister actually picked up that one as a hand me down quite a while ago, but I believe they still sell it online a few different places. xx


Wow, Brady, this is wonderful. So much inspiration for my two little girls and their room. And I totally understand and celebrate your obsession with your nieces as my brother is exactly the same. Great work. I love, LOVE when you guys use sponsors to create real rooms for real people.

The room looks great! Could you address why you only painted 3/4 of the way up? I really like the look and wondering if you did it for any particular reason?

I added a little blurb in the text to help answer your question as I totally forgot to address it when I was writing the post up. But I did it because I wanted to bring some color on the walls without the room feeling too “girly” or like she lived in a bottle of pepto bismol. The colorblocking also helps to give a modern treatment to the walls which echoes some of the more modern elements in the room and draws your eyes up making the room feel taller than it is. Hope that helps! xx

Whoops! I meant to respond to Danielle’s post above.


Uncle Brady did a wonderful job!

She will definitely be able to grow with the furniture and style of this room.


Absolutely love this — it’s beautiful.


First of all, Happy Birthday! Secondly, OH. MY. GOODNESS. They couldn’t be cuter! those eyes! that hair! the little headband!! I’m becoming an aunt to my first niece in July and I am very much looking forward to having a little girl to spoil. I love the room and I will dream about that mirror tonight. Great job!!


All I can say is… MERAKI~!!

The soul, creativity and love put into your projects continually amaze me!
Way to use your eyes and ears to hear the needs and use your talents to meet them.
Happy Birthday Brady-you did not come into this world on this day to be mediocre-
Thanks for lifting us higher

I could not be a prouder Mom


This is super sweet.


omg, this is such an amazing thing to say! i am saving this to remember to say similar things to my daughters!

i love the room too and those girls are cuties! i am a proud mama of two girls also and I know from cute!


I love the whimsical Scandinavian look! I just finished my little girl’s room in a similar style and had a hard time finishing inspiration that wasn’t too girly or minimalist. This is the perfect mix! The two-tone paint is such a subtle, beautiful touch. Please oh please share your paint colors. In the meantime I’ll just be over here shopping for a giant wicker giraffe….

The paint color is linked up in the get the look (#8) but is Valspar’s Sweet Pastel. It reads pink but is very soft in person!


Happy Birthday, Brady! What a beautiful and inspirational room you created for your niece! The girls are adorable and you will undoubtedly be their favorite fun uncle for life. Thank you for sharing so much of the how and why in your process. Your style in design and in writing are inimitable.


The room looks fantastic and those girls are the cutest! Thanks for the advice on the memory foam rug pad!!


You. Are. The. Best.
The room is perfection! I love it! And how you include tips (memory foam and blackout).
My babes are older now, but I’m still clicking thru to the memory foam right now.


Aaaaah, those little girls are such muffins! They are adorable. The room is absolutely beautiful as well.


Absolutely lovely, Brady!


Perfection! What a lucky girl!

Love that hanging chair with the round ottoman! Perfect for story time before bed.


WOW! Well done, Brady…and Happy Birthday! I seriously want to put those pillows on my own big-girl bed! 😉 The link to the yellow velvet pillow doesn’t appear to be the same pillow featured (target version is smaller and w/ a flange). Can you provide the source for the one in the image?

Hey, you should definitely grab those pillows for your own bed. And good catch! The original is from IKEA although it is not available online so we linked up a very similar one. Hope that helps. xx


You did a really great job, Brady! This is a room well-designed for both the little girl and her parents, which can be a hard line to walk. Happy birthday!


THE GIRLS ARE ADORABLE! (And the room is so very nice, too!)


I really enjoyed this, nice job. Are the window roller shades brackets mounted on the molding instead the usual inside mount? I have wondered how this type of mounting would look, I like the clean look of how you did it.

They actually are mounted just above the molding on the wall as it didn’t fit perfectly inside the molding due to the custom size of the window. The hardware stays hidden with the drapes although you mounting inside the window would be a very clean look. xx


I LOVE the bed! The roof with the curtains is too sweet. It’s girly but in a modern way. I think I was born in the wrong generation too because this would have been my dream room:) Great job Brady!


Wow!! AMAZING! in L-O-V-E! I’m currently working on a nursery for our future baby girl (our first!) Can you tell me anything about the light fixture, or the approximate dimensions? The scale is perfect for the room!…are these 8ft ceilings?

The light fixture was actually swapped out before we did this room and is one that we picked up locally from lamps plus a couple months prior to all of this happening. Here is the link:


Thank you so much!!! and Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Brady! I love reading your posts because your personality shines through. Thanks for the Wednesday inspiration from a mom-to-be.


Absurd question- but where is little Sophie’s dress from? Beautiful room and kiddos!

My sister said that it is from Splendid! xx


The bed and dresser are so cute! I love that it’s not too “baby” and modern yet with your amazing design expertise the room is still soft and feminine. When I have a baby I’m calling you. k? 🙂


So cute! In the title of the post, it kinda sounds like you think your nieces are boring and bland!

Bringing Color and Style to a Boring and Bland Little Girl’s Room

Try: Bringing Color and Style to Little Girls’ Boring and Bland Room 🙂

I like your version better! She is definitely not boring or bland 🙂


Amazing job, Brady! Lovely room without being over the top, nausea-inducing pink!

The images below the comments aren’t working as links for me. I’m on a Kindle.



Can you tell me the source for the brass curtain rod? Thanks!

Happy Birthday! This room is precious and I really want the itty baby’s outfit for myself (with the poms!) 😉


Here it is in another color way. Probably a bit small for a grown up, but perfect for a gift!




Best comment ^^ <3


Beautiful job!! Happy Birthday, Brady!!


happy birthday!
please tell me, did you get the same size rug? I assumed you went larger than the previous one, but now as I look between the two images like crazy, I think they are the same size and it’s the hide that makes it look like it’s the correct size? please advise…especially because I am stalking a 5×7 rug on craigslist that I was sure was too small, but now I’m thinking I could maybe use!


the room is 10×10 for reference. thank you.

The rug was about 5×7 which typically wouldn’t work for a bedroom as it would float in the middle but when I layered the other rug on top it gave the room enough rug underfoot to work. Don’t be afraid to layer vintage rugs though in your space if you found one that you love.


Really beautiful job on the room and happy birthday!

I love the colors used in this room – the gold and pale yellows with the blush/pale coral and navy seem really fresh in this context! I love all Stokke products too – we have two of their Stokke Steps and could not happier with them. Happy to see the brand featured here!


Love it! Kids rooms need lots of floor space and love how the swing doesn’t get in the way of playing. I also love how you added some comfort to the room with the soft textures and colors. It’s all so beautiful and yet so functional. The furniture is timeless and there is definitely room to keep all these pieces with a big girl bed someday. I love that it feels so glam and yet kid appropriate. But that ladder looks like it will get ripped right off that wall…even with the earthquake kit. Cute but looks like an endless place to jump off while laughing 🙂


And Happy Birthday Brady!!!! I hope it’s a good one 🙂 While this room is not in your own home your super sophisticated yet super fun style is still right there. Happy Happy Birth-i-versary 🙂


Wow, I’m obsessed with that pastel color blocked wall paint – so fresh and modern, and the proportions are just right. Such a lightbulb moment and exactly the inspiration I needed! Thanks Brady!!


Sweet room and kids but more of a webpage technical comment here: the space used for your header and sidebar are using up so much space on my screen that I cannot see an entire photo in the remaining content area. Is it my computer or do others have this problem? Thanks.


Perfection Brady! Perfection! ?????


So…we get it. You partner with target. Do you know how obnoxious the video ad is that now pops up advertising target at the top of your page?! The one that freezes the scrolling on my phone and I can’t X out of?! Please remove it. Ads at the bottom like you have are fine…but good lord lay off the sponsorship.


Can you please tell us what color shade you used? It looks like natural, but could possibly be the wicker color. Adorable room! Great job! Thank you!

Hey! It is linked up in the get the look but it is sweet pastel by valspar! xx

Yes would love to know how you came up with these ideas. They do have some great ideas I am going to try thanks

Yes this is a nice style of a room do like look of it and layout

One of the prettiest little girl room’s that I have seen. Well done to you and your team, I would want to live in that lovely and happy room. Your sister and nieces are lucky girls.


Gahhh, I want this room for myself!!!!!!! It sucks to be a grown up…


This room is so beautiful! I had a pepto bismol room when I was younger and we actually called it the pepto bismol room. We moved into a big old house and one of the bedrooms came with pepto bismol carpet, so we painted the walls to match (WHAT?! WHY?!), threw up some pepto bismol curtains and got some pepto bismol bedspread sets from the JCPenny catalog. My sister and I shared that room until we were in middle school. Surprisingly, we both only endorse a blush pink now and neither of us have a trace of pink in our houses. 😀 I’m bookmarking this shade of pink in case my daughter wants to break my heart when she’s older and requests a pink room. Actually, this room almost makes me want her to ask for a pink room. Loved hearing your thought process behind the design choices (echoing the stripes in the rug with the throw, variation of pattern and texture rather than colors with the throw pillows, blue lamp to pull from the blue in the rug, etc.). I remember first hearing Emily talk about the importance of keeping a consistent color palette back on Secrets from a… Read more »

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