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The Reveal We’ve All Been Waiting For! Caitlin’s Mostly Thrifted, Postmodern Regency Deco Living Room

I need you all to know that I am sitting down to write this post with the same manic-meets-panicked energy of Michael Scott during a fire drill. Like, OH MY GOD, IT’S HAPPENING. (In case you’re just tuning in – my name is Caitlin and I head up partnerships and revenue around these parts. You may know me from greatest hits like “Caitlin designs an insane bathroom” and “Caitlin tries and fails to buy a condemned house that’s falling off the side of a hill.”) Today, though, I’m FINALLY welcoming you into my actual living space (and it only took 3.5 years to build up the courage, so that’s something). 

Some context into the process, before we deep dive into the very personal photos up ahead: I’d say that this room was “collected” more than “designed.” Sure, there are a few new investment pieces in here – my dream swivel chairs, a classic rug, a modern record cabinet – but the rest of the room is filled with vintage furniture, family heirlooms, flea market finds, gifts from friends, and hand-me-downs from the big boss’ garage. (I am very lucky!!!) Here’s a quick reminder of where we started…

The Before

The good: a huuuuuge space (14’x20′!), original hardwood floors, plaster walls, beautiful moulding, a decorative fireplace, 1930s sconces, gorgeous windows, nearly 100-year-old hardware…SHEESH. The bad: well, it gets kind of hot? (I’m underselling – it regularly hits 90 degrees in here in the summer. It’s VERY HOT. But then I think about all of the people who buy sauna blankets and who love sweating, and about how my apartment – seemingly built of top-of-the-line insulating materials like “a piece of paper” and “a prayer” – is kind of like my own rent-controlled sauna blanket, and that helps.) All in all, it’s a beautiful place with incredible bones and I’m still so grateful that I get to live here, surrounded by so many special original details.

The Progress (Alternatively, “Trust The Process”)

This is where I last left you – most of the major pieces were in place, but I knew the layout, paint color, and styling still needed some SERIOUS tweaking. Earnest confession time: honestly, sharing this in-progress content left me feeling anxious and insecure. Like, my full-time job is to help the EHD team turn around beautiful, scroll-stopping makeovers in a matter of weeks…but this was as far as I’d gotten in my own home after years of collecting?

And while I could see the light at the end of the tunnel – I imagined new curtains, warm paint on the walls, two chairs flanking the fireplace, all kinds of stuff that made me feel excited and hopeful! – I also felt worried that my space wasn’t going to be “designed” enough to be internet-worthy, especially when I looked at all the beautiful, cohesive, seemingly uninhabited spaces on my Instagram feed. The absolute insanity of me – a journalism grad with 1. a business development background and 2. a tight budget – comparing my living room to the work of AD100 designers is not lost on me. But I couldn’t stop!!! I felt really disappointed in myself, honestly. The negative self-talk and self-flagellation were at an ALL-TIME HIGH, friends!!!

The After

…buuuuuut then I saw this image pop up on Sara’s laptop screen. (HI, WELCOME TO THE REVEAL PORTION!) It was the first photo we took, and, well, it took me WAY back in time. I thought about the 13-year-old version of myself who had designed a striped pink, orange, and green bedroom and who had filled that space with wicker furniture and chrome accents and geometric lamps. (I’ll link a photo on my IG as not to fry your retinas; proceed with caution.) 

So when I stood behind Sara and really looked at this picture, I just saw me. Like, that colorful (borderline abrasive?) style I had developed as a loud, strange kid? Turns out that I still have that same taste now, nearly 20 years later, as a loud, strange adult. It was a real “wherever you go, there you are” moment, you know?

Since the shoot, I’ve been thinking a lot about going back in time and meeting up with that weird kid in her nearly-neon bedroom – sitting her down, showing her these photos, and letting her know that it all does work out in the end (mostly, at least). Because friends, let me tell you: that lil’ freak who just wanted to get out of Delaware and who loved color and chrome and quirk would have FLIPPED OUT. She’d be overjoyed to live here, in Los Angeles (a lifelong dream!), in an apartment decked in her signature pink, orange, and green color scheme.

So after spending so much time worrying about how I’m stacking up to my “peers” (read: full-time famous designers who are by NO MEANS my actual peers in any way, shape, or form), realizing that little me would be SO proud to live in this apartment feels really fulfilling in a new way. It’s a welcome, WAY overdue change in my perspective. It may never be Elle Decor cover-worthy or Pinterest perfect, but it’s filled with things I love and it feels like a Lizzie McGuire set from the early aughts that’s enough for me. (FINALLY. Only took a photo shoot to get there, NBD.)

The Paint + Coffee Table

Paint | TV | Rug | Chairs

OKAY, ENOUGH BLUBBERING. Let’s talk about paint (because that’s a good transition, right?)! After a little bit of trial and error with my color selection (mainly “error,” TBH, as detailed previously here), I covered the walls with two coats of Pueblo from Sherwin-Williams and I couldn’t be more thrilled about how warm it makes this room look and feel. It’s technically a light orange (!!!), but it’s the perfectly barely-there, almost-pink shade – a little neutral, a little peachy, and SO GLOW-Y. We shot these photos in the late afternoon, and you’ll be able to see how the light and color change throughout the day as the sun goes down – it’s one of my favorite parts of living in this place.

I wanted to take a second to call out the vintage coffee table, too. It was a 2019 steal from AES of LA and it’s lived through every iteration of this room – I love that it’s statement-y, but not loud. The copper tray and stainless Georg Jensen vase were hand-me-downs from Em’s garage (zero qualms about mixing metals over here, can you tell?) and you can also spot my much-loved Horchow card box (copped for $25 on Chairish!) on top of a few recent book purchases from Hennessey + Ingalls. We kept the styling really true to life and only added some fresh flowers – I know I write a lot about maximalism, but it turns out that I like to keep surfaces pretty open in my own home. 🙂

The Closed Storage

Chairs | Ceramic Lamp | Rug

Let me set the scene real quick: I’m currently writing from this exact spot (it’s my favorite place in the apartment!). My go-to playlist is on shuffle, the sky is blue, it’s 76 and sunny (after three months of nearly non-stop gloom – what gives, LA?), there’s such a nice breeze coming in from the open window, and I’m getting occasional whiffs of clean laundry from the laundromat next door. IT’S SO DREAMY.

Speaking of dreamy…can we talk about that vintage campaign dresser? It’s a workhorse that stores everything from board games and puzzles to wallpaper swatches and tile samples. The ceramic lamp is new from Crate & Barrel, and I love how it’s a modern cousin to the original sconces flanking the fireplace. The green glass vase and pink glass bowl are both family heirlooms that Brenda shipped to me before we shot (thanks, mom!!!), and it’s fun to think that my love of color is at least a little genetic. 🙂

The Dream Swivel Chairs

Chairs | Ceramic Lamp | Rug | Cat (Similar)

You may recognize that Salterini end table from the last update – it was a Rose Bowl flea find that I’m still pinching myself over. I also can’t speak more highly of the swivel chairs. I knew I wanted upholstery here to balance out the leather sofa, but I didn’t want to invest in something that couldn’t stand up to pretty intense daily wear-and-tear (I spill everything – no joke, I literally spilled Hawaiian Punch all over the sofa while we were shooting – and Buffalo spends at least half the day scaling chairs like a feline Alex Honnold, so performance fabric was essential.)

To that end, Sunbrella was the only upholstery option that made sense for my life, and I was THRILLED to find the offerings at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. I was immediately taken by the Costello Swivel Chair – customizable! Clean lines! No bulky cushions! The perfect arm shape for those of us who love to pull our legs up into our chairs! – and after ordering a few fabric swatches, I customized my pair with Sunbrella’s Performance Basket Weave in Almond fabric and Natural Wood bases. I’ve been living with these for 7 months and I genuinely couldn’t be more pleased – I love how they look (clean, modern), but I also love how they feel (comfortable, supportive) and how easy they are to maintain (seriously – if you’re only using Sunbrella fabric outdoors, you’re missing out).

A Lazy Gal’s Frame TV Hack

Chairs | ‘Yee Haw’ Pillows | Rug | Planters | TV

Um, hi, TEXTBOOK LIBRA REPORTING FOR DUTY. It’s not groundbreaking, but I love symmetry. A few other things I love: the vintage wooden sugar bowl on the left of the mantel (purchased from this Ukranian Etsy shop in 2020 – they’re still shipping and it’s a great business to support!); the old blue Anthropologie vase; and the little geometric candle, which was a gift from Em on our most recent team trip to Portland. And y’all, don’t even get me started on those Yee Haw needlepoint pillows – they’re so fun AND they’re from a small business in Texas, which rocks. (Who else grabbed one?!) I’ve had the embroidered Mexican Otomi pillow on the right for years – it was a Rose Bowl find and I never get tired of looking at the embroidery.

BUT WAIT, LOOK UP. You see that stack of books on the right side of the mantel? That’s actually the receiver for my Frame TV – I just wrapped it in a black book jacket right before we shot. There’s a famous Bill Gates quote that goes, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it,” and baby, IT’S TRUE. No need to make a fancy electronics cover or run wiring through the wall – just strip down a book, wrap it around your technical eyesore, and call it a day.

A Fun Planter

Planters | Cat (Similar) | Rug

I found these face-shaped planters at a Target in Glendale the night before we shot. I sent Bowser about a trillion texts about them (“Do you like these?” “Do you think they’ll look okay in the photos?” “Is this too weird?” “Am I overthinking?”)…and then I bought them anyway before she responded because the heart wants what it wants. (Nothing like repotting plants in the dark, amiright?) I think they’re kind of quietly kitschy – especially when paired with ponytail palms!!! Guys, it’s like they have little ponytails!!! – but most of my visitors haven’t really clocked the faces, so it’s like a fun inside joke with myself (and now with you, too).

An Updated Neutral Rug

Rug | Chairs | Media Cabinet

After years of writing “my apartment has the best bones and the best light,” it’s SO EXCITING to show you said “best bones” and “best light.” It’s so warm and bright, even at sunset – my favorite. 🙂 I wanted to honor the light and airy feeling in here, so I chose the Harwich Rug from Annie Selke to anchor the room. I love the timeless harlequin pattern – I think it speaks to some of the more classic architectural elements of my apartment (the moulding, the hardware, all that jazz). Beyond that, it can take a BEATING (read: daily maulings and clawings from a certain feline companion). It’s surprisingly comfortable underfoot and it’s held up beautifully over the past 7 months. If you’re on the hunt for a neutral rug with a little extra ~spice~, I’d wholeheartedly recommend this one.

Oh, and that vintage wicker duck basket is an all-time favorite of mine. I grabbed it 7 or 8 years ago from Pepe’s Thrifty Shop (there are two in LA – the one on Centinela is the good one!!!). Pepe’s genuinely has the best inventory, the greatest prices, and it’s owned by the sweetest family team. If you’re in the area, you’ve gotta follow them on IG and stop in sometime!

The Best Cheap Curtains, Shades, and Rods

Curtain Rods | Drapery Rings | Roman Shades | Curtain Panels

Well. Since I’m clearly not good at gatekeeping my favorite resources: LET’S TALK ABOUT MY CHEAP, FAST, AND GOOD WINDOW TREATMENTS. Y’all, these fooled Bowser and Sara – both gals thought they were gifted and custom, which is THE BIGGEST COMPLIMENT I COULD EVER RECEIVE.

From the top (make it drop?): I bought the French Rods and Drapery Rings, both in Bronze, during one of Ballard Designs’ 30% off sales (they happen frequently and they’re worth the wait). The cordless woven shades were from Amazon (about $40 each, and they come in a ton of sizes and colors – this one is “Squirrel”) and the curtain panels (in “Tuscany Green”) are currently on sale for $34 each. I used 7 rings per panel and I LOVE how they turned out (you know, in case you’re also the type of person who Googles questions like “where do I place my drapery rings” and “how many rings do I need” and “what’s the correct drapery ring spacing”). I’m really proud that I was able to outfit all the windows in here for the price I’d been quoted for ONE custom window treatment. Feel free to steal the formula for your own home!

A Vintage Tulip Table

Curtain Rods | Drapery Rings | Roman Shades | Curtain Panels

If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember that this corner was my problem area…NOT ANYMORE! I considered a lot of different things for this space – game table? More storage? Sculpture? Large light fixture? – but then I saw this $120 vintage oak tulip table on FB Marketplace and was like, “oh, that’s what’s supposed to go there.” I love how this piece feels like it’s “friends” with the rest of the room – the white base speaks to the bookshelves and trim, and the wood speaks to, uh, the other ~15ish wood tones I have going on in here.

I’ve loved having a table in this corner, though – it’s fun for puzzles, practical as a bonus workstation, and it looks pretty freakin’ nice with a big bunch of branches, too. 🙂 Bowser grabbed this bundle of blossoms at the flower market in DTLA for only $20 (!!!) and a ton of blooms continued to open up in the weeks after we shot, which was such a genuine delight. (PS. Guess who gave me the big ceramic vessel – her name starts with “E” and ends with “mily Henderson.”)

A Little Decor Break

Media Cabinet | Circle Pillow | Rug

Welcome to the entry! The open space to the side of the door is typically reserved for my ice skating duffle bag (huge and ugly, so it did not make the cut for this shoot, but just know…it’s usually there). And man, I finally found the spot for my vintage horse mirrors!!! I bought them from Old Green Garage on a Rose Bowl trip with Jess in 2021 – our first excursion post-lockdown! – and I really, really, really love them. Speaking of vintage, you can spot the 1800s pear “box” that I grabbed in a Hungarian antique shop last November on the shelf right above the sofa! Thanks to a few brilliant commenters, I learned that what I thought was a ~fun souvenir~ is actually an $$$antique tea caddy$$$.

And while it’s not thrifted (finally, something from this decade to talk about!), I also wanted to call out the ceramic vessel on the top of the bookshelf, which was made by an artist I love named Scott Cooper. He’s based in Philadelphia (just a hop from my hometown in Wilmington, DE!) and I’ve purchased a few of his pieces over the years. All of his work is unexpected and irreverent and fresh – grab it while you still can!

The Best Vinyl Record Storage

Media Console | Record Player | Speakers

Pivoting around for a minute to show off my final new acquisition: the Keaton Media Cabinet from Room & Board. Y’all, I spent YEARS looking for this piece. My wishlist was incredibly specific: I needed something long (at least 60″ to fit a good chunk of my records), low (under 19″, to keep the windows functional), with closed storage (for blocking sun AND for blocking nosy cats), and with a simple shape (something that can work with any future styles or trends I decide to try). CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. I grabbed the Keaton in white oak, pulled out the removable shelves, loaded it up with LPs, and it’s been the PERFECT base station for my little record zone.

All the decor on top is from the flea market with the exception of the blue glass decanter, which is another family piece that Brenda shipped to me before we shot. I’m so glad I got to document it like this! 🙂 And if you’re in the market for a high-quality audio setup that will not (majorly) bankrupt you, you cannot go wrong with a U-Turn Audio Record Player and these powered AudioEngine speakers. It’s easy to set up, aesthetically appealing, comparatively affordable, and it sounds WAY better than the all-in-one turntables out there. (PS. All the wifi/router/cord/mess situation in this room is just shoved behind the curtain on the left.

A 1980s Sofa Moment

Shelving | Rug | Circle Pillow

It’s THE DREAM SOFA. I loved it, I loathed it, and then I learned to love it again. I bought this 1980s caramel leather baby sight unseen from Modtiques, an incredible vintage retailer in New Jersey…but when it arrived, I realized that I hadn’t considered that the shape (curved), material (leather), and construction (armless) makes it more of a “talking” sofa and less of a “lay down here and don’t move for the whole day” sofa.

Enter: the shaped, textured pillow. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I realized I just needed to change the types of pillows I was trying to use here – this one from Crate & Barrel doesn’t slide off the leather, which makes the whole setup infinitely more comfortable and usable. PROBLEM SOLVED. And as it turns out, having a sofa that doesn’t make me want to waste the day lying prone and staring at the ceiling is kind of a win too, you know? It all works out! I love this sofa and I’m glad I learned to work with her. 🙂

A Little History

Shelving | Rug

Well, well, well…if it isn’t more vintage 🙂 The gold chrome lamp was a pandemic purchase from that I topped with a cheap lampshade from the Rose Bowl; the wicker elephant was a 2017 Long Beach Flea find that I bought for a single $2 bill! (Can you believe it?!) Bowser and Sara pivoted him out so you could get a nice look – the table’s in awesome condition and I love him SO much.

One of my favorite pieces, though, is the little tiled tray on top of the elephant. It was made by my great-grandpa Frank! He passed away when I was pretty young (6 or 7, I think), but he worked with tile as a hobby. I have a few pieces he made (smaller ashtrays, larger trivets) and they’re all so cheerful and geometric and colorful. It’s so exciting that the pieces he made decades ago blend in so seamlessly here, you know?

My other favorite piece in this shot is the leather box on the bookshelf farthest to the right – it was my dad’s backgammon set. He passed when I was very young (18 months – I know that one for sure!) and while I don’t have any memories of him, I love that his things also fit in perfectly here. It feels nice to have a connection to my family, even though they’re no longer around. 🙂

Bookshelves (with Books!)

Shelving | Candles

And here’s some real up-close intel on SO MANY of my little treasures! The framed dog matchbooks on the left were a 2019 Christmas gift from Sara; the Carl Durkow candles up top were a 2022 Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s parents (literally was blown away when I opened the package – the Keenans knocked this one outta the park!!! I’m very lucky :)); I bought the pink vessel after writing about it here in a post about affordable accessories (purchased it minutes before the post went live, naturally); the chess board, lamp, and original chrome tangle are all flea finds; the “Doomed” art was a limited run piece in 2020 by my all-time favorite band, Los Campesinos.

I’ve always admired bookshelves that are styled a little more sparsely – you know, all curated vessels and objects in a cohesive palette – but I like to read, so I needed space for actual books, and I love to see all my little favorite sentimental pieces of decor displayed (even when they don’t technically “go together” – like, yes, of COURSE, I needed to display my tiny wooden mushroom forest next to a 1970s space age lamp). Overall, I love that the shelving units back here are a blank canvas with a ton of room to grow – I can’t wait to show you the next iteration someday in the future 🙂

That’s Just the Beginning…

Dining Room Wallpaper | Kitchen Wallpaper

On that note, HERE’S A SNEAK PEEK INTO WHAT’S NEXT. Lots of color, lots of wallpaper, and lots of fun. One day I’d like to get a big piece of art for the wall on the left to balance out the campaign dresser, but I’m still saving up for something special. (Dreaming of a Monica Ajenjo piece, TBH.) The dining room to the back is still a work in progress, but I CAN’T WAIT to show you the awesome $75 vintage china cabinet I just had delivered – it looks SO GOOD in there. (Did anyone catch it on my stories last week?!) I also finally hung my lucite ribbon chandelier! Just need some comfy dining chairs and some art and we’ll be cruising towards a shoot date. 🙂

The galley kitchen in the rear is almost ready to share, though…just finishing up a few hardware and lighting swaps. Are you ready for it?

But That’s All for Today 🙂


Here’s where I leave you – sitting in my favorite party dress with a champagne coupe filled with Hawaiian Punch. You know, JUST A TYPICAL TUESDAY. (Not pictured: me spilling all over myself and the sofa. You’ll have to imagine that one for yourself.) ANYWAY. If you’re also struggling with self-doubt and insecurity when it comes to the design of your home, I hope this helped a bit – we’re all our own toughest critics. I mean…did you notice that my TV is seriously off-center?! No one else ever does – and I didn’t have it fixed in the photos, because I wanted to keep it real! – but the idea of sharing all these small imperfections originally left me feeling scared. Now, though, it makes me feel kind of powerful – like, HERE’S MY HOME, MISTAKES AND ALL! It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me. 🙂

Signing off from my strange lil’ “1999 Limited Too Exec Time Travels to 2023″-style apartment. Thank you for being here. Any thoughts, questions, concerns? I’m ready to hear it all. WHAT SAY YOU? Let’s chat. See you in the comments. xx

*Design by Caitlin Higgins (me!)
**Styled by Emily Bowser
***Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp


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  25. 1) It looks amazing.
    2) Limited Too Executive is an amazing description. I enjoy your writing deeply.

    1. I was going to say the same thing! I haven’t thought about Limited Too since like fourth grade and man did this take me back (plus the Lizzie McGuire reference). So so fun!

  26. This post was a total delight and so heartfelt. Thank you for expanding my vision of what’s possible in a living room full of play and heart!

  27. I’ve been wondering and wondering when this post would come, and it is really worth the wait. Am travelling and rushing to get a bus to my next destination but HAD to stop to read this. Seriously beautiful and filled with warmth and personality and interest. It’s just a lovely, lovely room and could easily fit in the pages of AD. Well done, and thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward very much to the final spaces!!!

  28. Caitlin, this is perfection and now I am jealous of your perfectly styled bookshelves and the fact that you have that limited edition print from also my favorite band, Los Campesinos! Their prints are so good and this is the perfect place to bop around to 🙂

  29. Caitlin, you’re an absolute delight, as is the room. And “Cat (similar)” made me laugh so hard.

  30. Caitlin – this room is so amazing! Seeing all of the treasures you have shared over the years plus the ones you’ve been holding on to for longer pulled together makes me smile! This room is YOURS – it’s beautiful, it’s welcoming, it’s real life. I love it!

  31. Caitlin. If you go for it, you’ll get to AD. You have the talent. And you clearly have the personality to engage not just clients, but also the media. I hope you do have clients- if not, go out and get them, and have the confidence to say, I can give you a beautiful, unique home with soul. It’s so fun to watch you- get out there and dream big, girl!

  32. I absolutely love your writing style is so funny. Thank you for your thrifty living room design I really like how you just made things work and it’s all so unique

  33. I never comment on this blog but I had to chime in here. This room is INCREDIBLE! Such a unique style, I was just smiling the whole way through the post. And the photo of you at the bottom! It’s just so clearly a reflection of YOU—and really, what more can any of us ask for in our homes?
    I always have a hard time buying little trinkets/cool or quirky items that speak to me when I’m out shopping, but your home is inspiring me to just go for it and trust that if I love it, it will find a place. Looking at all your beautiful items with such strong memories attached reminds me that those little items are what make a room personal.
    Can’t wait to see more!

  34. I think the design of you apartment is amazing. Original, creative, completely random and also totally cohesive and in line with the architecture/feel of the place. You’re really a talent!

  35. Love it! What a unique and beautiful space. Your posts are always the best!

    I love the lamp way up high on the campaign dresser—I also need to add lighting and have no lower surfaces. How did you deal with the cord—did you have to swap out for a longer one?

  36. This reveal is absolutely stunning! Could hold its own on AD for sure while being absolutely YOU. At the end of the day, fi you have the resources, anyone can copy trends. Collecting and loving things into a cohesive space takes vision, perseverance, and self knowledge. I have a feeling this room is going to break the Internet too!

  37. It looks amazing and I love the view looking from the record wall into the dining room. Just so well matched. Rooms should always be this well collected.

  38. Good story, Caitlin! And I like this room better than some I’ve seen in those hoity-toity magazines. Man, there’s a lot packed in here and it looks great! (credit to Bowser and Sara, too!). It’s definitely you- the grown-up you! And I love the paint color with the dining room wallpaper! And your kitty really knows how to class it all up with some impressive poses! (So many exclamation points!)

  39. Taking time to find the pieces you love and making it your own is the design lesson here, and it pays off in spades. You’ve mixed in just the right amount of new with your vintage finds to bring it all together. I want to lie down on that beautiful rug and spend the evening listening to records and just hanging out in your cool apartment. I agree with the others about the AD cover, you’ve nailed it! And your dress and image at the end are perfection. Shoutout to Emily and Sarah for helping you capture it all, too, which really helps the personality of it shine. Bravo!

  40. Yes!! I agree with all the comments. It just works and reflects who you are. I had my doubts for this room when you shared the pieces you were collecting, but dang girl, you put them to together and turned this room into perfection with your artistic magical talent. What a fun gift you have.

  41. Caitlin, I love your space so much! I love how it reflects your wonderful personality! Your voice is so distinctive and delightful and so is this space! Colorful but calming, eclectic and interesting. You brought together a lot of disparate elements and made them sing beautifully together! They say if you love something, it will work with all the other things you love. I have to admit, I am sometimes skeptical of that old adage, but you’ve proven it to be true here.
    Getting to peek into your lovely historic apartment was such a great way to start my week. Thanks for the delight!

  42. This is amazing!!!!!!!!! This is what I dream of my home looking like someday. I have so many quirky collectables from over the years and I dream of the day when I have a home of my own (no roommates) and have a living room as wonderful as this. One small thought I had about that place for the big piece of art until you’re able to afford your special something, get a big canvas and do a Rothko style painting! Would take one afternoon and could give you the balance and pop you’re looking for and you can customize colors to be exactly what you want.

  43. Love everything about this reveal. The sherbet walls, the “cat (similar),” the bookshelves teeming with real(!!) books, the collection of curios, the voice of your writing … it’s all so good. Kudos on an inspired space! And on finding boyfriend in-laws who understand your taste and buy you rad candles … that’s a feat in and of itself.
    P.S. Immediately added those face planters to cart. They are just the right amount of kooky, esp. with those drape-y, wild haired palms.
    P.P.S. if ever you get tired of that chrome ball table lamp … I’d gladly take it off your hands. 🙂

  44. Love it! Love the sofa, the curtains (which I also have! ;)), the paint color, the vintage finds and YOU! Such a perfect combination that creates some magic!

    Proving yet again that you’ve always been cooler than I’ll ever be. 🤩

  45. I remember how my insides felt the day I revealed my living room. Similar to the day I birthed an actual real live human and was going to introduce her to people. It’s incomparable, vulnerable, beautiful, exciting, nerve-wracking. There’s nothing I love more in design than seeing a person in their designs. Not like you standing in the room but you in the details. Booooo boring rooms that anyone could live in. Yaaaayyy to spaces that literally only one person could live on. I love this. I love you!

  46. This is so close to my style, and I love it SO much. You’re teaching me how to be bolder! Everything here is perfect, and I can’t wait for the dining and kitchen reveal! Amazing.

  47. Caitlin! You’ve accomplished the hardest thing of all, making this look effortless. At first I was going to say that this is such a great example of buy what you love and it will work – which is true! But to have this (very pinterest worthy) level of an outcome requires skill beyond simply putting everything you like together. Well done, you have created a beautiful home.

  48. I’ll echo what everyone else is already writing in these comments. This room is such a beautiful and happy space that is filled with personality. The vintage and secondhand treasures delight me! Huge congratulations on putting together such an inspiring space.

  49. My favorite EHD reveal ever! 😍 I’m going to come back to this in future for that balance of maximalist vibes with mostly clear surfaces. So inspiring!

  50. What a wonderful room! Hurrah to Caitlin for stepping up and sharing in the super competitive world of internet design. It’s not a small thing to identify what gives us doubts. And what a delight this space is.
    It’s always interesting to see the range of vision and style that Emily’s team brings.
    To focus on a minor aspect, I planned on OCD’ing on Google today to find out about spacing of rings on curtains, thanks for sharing how many you used.
    But best of all the links to: Cat (Similar). How charming and fun.

  51. CAITLIN!!! It’s as beautiful and fun and warm as you are! I also feel so lucky I’m usually the first who gets to read and look at your masterpieces<333

  52. Can I just say how much fun your living room is? I love the colors and unique, vintage pieces(the elephant 🐘!!!) ! Such a relief from all of the beige, farmhouse decor plastered all over social media. Definitely snagging those curtains for my new place.

  53. Also, I have that exact same record player from U-Turn Audio and I love it. The brand makes their turntables outside of Boston. My turntable needs a permanent home and I love Room and Board. ☺️

  54. Caitlin, it’s beautiful!! It’s so bright and happy. The color of the curtains against the paint color is perfection. So pretty.

  55. Caitlin, you’ve done a beautiful room and thank you so much for sharing it. I admire the way you always express gratitude to your family and colleagues, and I’ll just add that your mom Brenda, all the Keenans, and the EHD folks are very lucky to have you in their lives. And so are all the rest of us!

  56. FRIGGIN STUNNING – i will take a collected, lived-in space over a “designed” space any day!!

  57. I love all of it. But I can only focus on the fact that you named your cat Buffalo. Epic. Just epic.

  58. I don’t comment often – at all here really – but was moved to comment on this. I LOVE this room, it has given me a billion ideas for a room I’m working on now, and I love the amount of inner child healing and validation too!!! Amazing, it’s so beautiful.

  59. I love it all!!! I am literally on the Sherwin-Williams site getting that paint color RIGHT NOW. Obsessed. This post is the perfect inspiration for the living room I have been struggling with for TEN. YEARS. No joke. I think this was the push I needed. Thank you!

  60. omg this room! so you! cuz i know you so well HAH i don’t know you except through your writing on this blog and you animal decor and leaf plate setting purchases. I love how this connects to your bathroom colors and animals too lol. AAAAAnd I love how you see yourself in this. It’s just so good! And bless you for referencing Lizzie McGuire heheheh My eyes were bouncing around making connections- texture, animals, yee haw, horse mirrors, matching the couch lines, matching the room tones… its so good! Amazing amazing job and encouraging. I’ve been at a standstill will my bedroom. sigh why do we spend our lives making our rooms feel right and happy and us?? I think this room and your post make a good case for this. good job!!! and way to source so many used thing! Happy belated earth day!

  61. Great! This reminds me of early EHD that I miss, with a personal view and innovative and creative ideas. Looking forward to the dining and kitchen reveal!

  62. i lOoOooVe it! So gorgeous and eclectic. Dying for the coffee table, the gold chrome lamp shaped like a spring, the pair of horse mirrors, ahhhh. I second the Monica Ajenjo art, would be perfect there.
    I so appreciate the continuation of wild style on EHD, even as Emily moves into her modern farmhouse era.

  63. This is such. a. wonderful. post. and reveal. The things you love all look just right. I love your things on the bookshelves along with the books. I love the family pieces that add color as well as history and how each piece feels just right for its place. I love the wicker animal pieces that fit seamlessly. I love that giant spring/spiral floor lamp and how it speaks to the chrome sphere lamp. I could go on and on. This is all put together so beautifully, with the eye of a stylist and much heart. Thank you for taking a giant chance and sharing it with us.

  64. I love it! Anything that makes your younger self happy is always a win! And it’s all so personal and one of a kind. Well done!

  65. Absolutely love your collected-over-time living room! I appreciate your desire to make the space useful AND beautiful. I also really appreciate your transparency about how long it takes a “normal” person to achieve a collection like this. It’s good for collections to happen organically over time, and I love that you’re giving us a sneak peek into how this has happened for you. Is continuing to happen, really, because you’re currently saving up for a piece of art!

    Thanks so much for sharing. This is simultaneously inspirational and relatable.

  66. I’m not really a “modern” girl, but when a room is good, it’s good. The genre doesn’t matter. And this is a seriously good room. Pulled together, chic, and comfortable. Is that fluffy kitty Buffalo? If so, he’s a gorgeous guy (gal?).

  67. Those horse mirrors are to die for. And I love your paint color. Lovely, happy room.

  68. I want to live in your place, even with a round sofa that I usually hate.
    Green curtains are going to be next neutral for me.
    You will be very happy in this living room

  69. Caitlin, this is one of the best reveals on this blog ever! Your space is gorgeous and has so much personality! And that pulled back shot with the peeks into the kitchen and dining room beyond–stunning! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  70. I……….I am speechless with delight! What a fantastic room! It is both objectively gorgeous and also so very YOU! That is my goal with our living room—to have a room that reflects US—and I just can’t seem to get there. This post is so inspirational and aspirational! I have to ask, did any of the Hawaiian Punch get on that lovely rug? If it cleans up that well, then it’s going on my cart! (I’ve got two boys and a clumsy dog, so spills are a definite).

  71. Well THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE JOY!!! I love the space so much even though it’s very different from my own style. You can tell that so much love, time, and thoughtfulness was poured into every single decision – it shines!
    I also love that so many of your bookshelf items look like sex toys 🙂 haha

  72. FUN AND GOOD FUN AND GOOD! Thank you for sharing, it’s great seeing a room with so many thrifted pieces and how it evolves over time with budgetary constraints. You have pulled together such an interesting, cozy, modern space that feels super high end! Thank you for being you and buying so much weird old sh*t, I genuinely love it.

  73. I love this, Caitlin! You really got it just right. It feels very designed and pulled together, while also representing you and your love of vintage and color. Love the mix of collected items, personal/family items, and books. Feels real and beautiful. Way better than many AD100!

    Now a question. I’ve been looking at pairing comfy swivel chairs with a tulip table for a breakfast nook. Do you think your swivel chairs would work with your tulip table for something like that? I have a table, now I’m just researching chairs, and I love yours and the custom fabric options, especially for durability and cats. I’d love your input.

    Thank you for sharing this space, and I can’t wait to see the rest of your home!

  74. Long time reader, first time commenter. This is so delightful and literally the most original room I have ever seen. You should be so proud! Brava!

  75. Absolutely love it! But my favorite part? Cat (similar) with a link. I already have my own adopted kitty and it’s definitely the one decor element no Home is complete without.

  76. Love this reveal so much. Such a perfect color palette full of cool vintage finds. Appreciate that you wove the authentic feelings anyone these days has with comparing themselves to the perfection of the internet with hands down the coolest $2 bill story I’ve ever heard. The room is gorgeous and the storytelling of how it came to be is the cherry on top. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  77. I really loved reading your comments and seeing your living room. So inspiring to someone who hasn’t finished her living room in ? years. Not going to say the number out loud.I love all the history of your finds. Your comments were so helpful and thank you for sharing you doubts and triumphs. It is a wonderful room, lovely, comfortable and personal.

  78. This is in my Top 10 fav projects on the blog. Your finds, dilemnas, design solutions are so grounded in reality – so many pops of fun, color, personality. You aced the ‘You do you’ vibe.

  79. Before I even read the headline of what I was looking at, I said out loud “I LOVE this!” It so warm and inviting and has actual personality! Everything I’m looking for in a room. Thanks for sharing!

  80. Hi Caitlin! Thank you so very much for your authenticity and for giving us the grand tour of your sacred space. The read truly provides such a visceral and emotive experience bringing out my own calm and confidence with decorating my home. All the details you provided, on all levels, are extremely appreciated. Thank you and I’m excited for more! 🤩

  81. Your space is beautiful and so fun! There are many cool features and items but my absolute favorites are the Yee Haw pillows. As a native southerner now living in VT, I have to have these to remind me of where I came from! They are currently out of stock but thankfully being replenished soon. Thank you for the gorgeous reveal and for just being you!

  82. Caitlin, this is beyond wonderful. It is so refreshing to see a space so full of personality. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for me. I am doing Ingrid Fetell Lee’s “Design A Home You Love” course and this is such a perfect example of a home that has a unique voice with a great sense of style. I decided to do the course cause I noticed I was getting drowned in a kind of homogenous instagram version of spaces (I’ve taken to calling it “California Boring” ) that was making me lose connection with the way I like to feel in my spaces. This feels like a huge confirmation of that decision. You knocked it out of the park! Way to go!

  83. Caitlin! I LOVE it and I LOVE your posts!

    Your style is so delightfully offbeat and playful — a lot like mine. In fact, I painted the ceiling (well, and walls above the picture rail) chartreuse after your post all about the color! And, ummm, I LOVE it.

    This room looks amazing. Total inspiration! I can’t wait to see and hear about more of your rooms.

    Way to make it speak to YOU and what YOU love.

  84. Love everything about it! Nothing like a “collected” home with personality and whimsy. I too live in quite a thrifted home – there is so much great stuff out there that mixes so well with a few splurges. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful home!

  85. Thank you for sharing. First, I appreciate the thought process behind the design choices. Second, I love your writing style so I learned from your experience. Third, I LOVE that you made sustainability look so good. Finally, everything just came together so darn beautifully that I just love the end design! Enjoy!

  86. Love this space! As a fellow Libra I like the symmetry, and I love the Frame TV hack! Looking forward to seeing more of your home, well done.

  87. Caitlin, this room is wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  88. This is a SHOW STOPPER!! Oh my freakin gawd, it’s so so good! It all works so well and the light and the glow are unreal and alllll the vintage pieces are amazing, yet it all still seems like a place some can actually live in! You are a talent, I CAN NOT wait for the next two reveals, that wallpaper on wallpaper view is 😍

  89. This is how a room should be! Collected, loved, lived-in, playful, built for function and fun! Well done. And far superior than things I’ve seen that are designed for the gram or the big AD100 photo shoot. You can tell a human actually lives in this place as is, and it’s still so beautiful!

  90. Caitlin I would take a million of these posts over those uninhabited rooms in AD any day. Maybe it’s because our tastes are very much the same but come on! you knocked it out of the park! It’s beautiful, and filled with delight, and fun and interesting. It’s YOU. That paint color is extremely dreamy. All your pieces – hand me downs, found items, new art – have so much soul. I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of my fave reveals. Can’t wait to see the kitchen and dining room.

  91. Would love to see the deep dive process post about how you went from SW Romance to SW Pueblo!! (Who pulls the orange paint chip at the hardware store? No one, it’s orange!! So how did this happen? Inquiring minds want to know!)

  92. I agree with all the other commenters, this space is so inspiring, fun, joyful, authentic and full of great ideas! Well worth the wait for all us readers 🙂 Congratulations on your beautiful, happy space!

  93. Beautiful!!! Love all your posts Caitlin. Second all the great comments already made re the awesome job you did with this room. (I also LOVE your bathroom post and all the wallpaper and look forward to seeing more in the reveals still to come.) I also felt really moved by two things – (1) the affirming of yourself and by extension all of us who are critical of how far or not we’ve gotten with our own homes and/or sometimes compare ourselves unfavorably to others and (2) the inclusion of family heirlooms sent by your mom and items made by/special to your grandpa and dad. As said by others, mixing some of those items into a room in a way that keeps it cohesive and beautiful is important to many of us but can be HARD to do well – and you nailed it! While I’m here praising you I’ll also say your how to use FB Marketplace post is one of my all time favs – I’ve sent it to many many people. 🙂

  94. Caitlin, your reveal is about so much more than a well designed space. Thank you for opening your heart to us. In doing so, you have shared your trepidation and sense of vulnerability and I am very grateful. Your post is extremely motivating as I too have some of the same reluctance to publicly share my personally designed spaces. This is so timely for me since I’ve been thinking about sending you a picture of my dining room because I recently took your advice and purchased the same curtains (in a different color) and was so thrilled with the final product! My hesitancy to share is firmly rooted in my own fear of being judged. Your post, however, has inspired me to set aside my reluctance. So, thank you for helping me to work towards overcoming my own hesitancies. And, here goes…

  95. This is such a special room, thank you for sharing. I see your unique voice everywhere in it. Two big takeaways for me in my space are a) to display the things I love or that remind me of loved ones, even if they don’t seem to go together and b) THE FRAME BOX HACK. WTF WHY HAVEN’T I THOUGHT OF THIS. I have been holding off on a Frame because we have 120 year old plaster walls that I didn’t want to tear up and if you can’t hide the box what’s the point, right? GAME CHANGING!

  96. First of all: rude. I didn’t ask to be attacked by your youth, beauty and brains.
    Second: your note to your younger self made me tear up.
    Third: Cannot wait to get into that dining room.

  97. Love this so much! Go beautiful, joyful, & eclectic! Can’t wait to see your bedroom, too, along with the dining room & kitchen!

  98. The amount of personality in this space is incredible! This is what I wish more design content was – a highly personal collection of treasures that come together into a beautiful, quirky whole. Please please please keep sharing exactly this. Sincerely, a wannabe 2000s American Girl Magazine editor transported to 2023 from her own purple and green bedroom.

  99. This room is a triumph!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Caitlin! I wish I could read a reveal like this every day. This room is just so interesting!! Amazing work.

  100. Hi! LOVE EVERYTHING! Well done you! Could you please tell me the the dimension of the tulip table top? I can only find side tables and dining tables and really need something in between, the height of the dining table base but a coffee table top! Well, in short, exactly like yours!

  101. Wow Caitlin. Your room is amazing but you have me teared up! It was so inspiring and relatable and exactly what I (and the world) needed. THANK YOU! Also, scrolling to the shot with the wicker duck I laughed so long and loud that my toddler ran over and started belly laughing too which was magical.

  102. WoW oh WoW! I absolutely love everything you did Caitlyn!!!!!!
    You did such a wonderful job bringing all the elements together to create a beautiful, whimsical, collected, personal space that does deserve that AD cover! WoooHOOOO!

  103. Absolutely knocked it out of the park Caitlin! Love all the joyful, playful and fun elements that have personal meaning for you. And my absolute favorite thing you. slipped in there, did anyone else notice?, is the link for the “cat (similar)”. HAHAHAHA

  104. I absolutely love this room, it feels cozy. I have a front bedroom I want to use as an office/sewing room and I am dying to incorporate GREEN somehow. This room is so ME. Excellent job!!

  105. Caitlin, I said it when you posted your bathroom reveal and hall reveal, and I’ll say it again: you’re the real deal. College major be damned, you have a seriously good eye and a marvelous creativity. I have zip-zero-no idea what it’s like to post one’s home on a design website — I’m sure I’d be shaking too — but you love this apartment, WE love this apartment, bring on the AD100!!!

  106. Caitlin, I could not love this space more. It’s beautiful and so inviting and so interesting to look at. You knocked it out of the park.

  107. This is seriously amazing! I couldn’t see how it was going to come together from the in-progress photos, but your bathroom was so freakin’ good that I figured you would pull it off. And you did. You have an incredible/fearless way with color, and a knack for creating balance and peace within a room that is incredibly filled with personality. Bravo!

  108. My favorite part of this post is the caption “Cat (Similar)”! It is a really good cat! Love the rest of the room too. So fun!

  109. I love all the affordable options, the vintage finds, and I can attest that the U-Turn Audio record player is beautiful and sounds great. My brother, an audio engineer, recommended it and I’m so glad I bought it a few years ago. Also love how it almost looks decorative, it’s so pretty. I just use an IKEA Besta unit to put it on and for record storage (records put in a bin cause the size isn’t as perfect of a fit).

  110. I love this so so so so so so so much. Truly you have such a delightful and unique voice, and I really ADORE your home!

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