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A *First Round* FarmHouse Reveal – Readying Our Guest Room For Family To Visit

Round one guest room reveal – a quick scramble to make this room functional asap (and of course, it’s the most done room in the house). Brian’s parents visited almost immediately after we moved in, eager to see the house and squeeze some grandkids. Luckily, Target wanted to sponsor this endeavor (and post) so I was able to pull together this room very, very quickly – from the mattress on two weird twin bed frames to an inviting room over a weekend. As you might have seen on my instastories, I finally unpacked all my favorite things that were in boxes for two years from LA (it was like Christmas) and pulled mostly from that inventory versus buying new, but we needed new sheets, bedding, and towels. So I went to Target, found some pretty darn wonderful options.

Heavyweight Linen Blend Comforter & Sham Set | Jersey Solid Sheet Set | Machine Washable Cooling Bed Pillow | Patterned Quilt | Throw Blanket (unavailable) | Round Pillow (unavailable) | Sheepskin Rug

We don’t know what the full function of this room will be – def guest room, but possibly also Brian’s office and/or kid’s playroom/den. As you can see there is a desk in the corner where Brian writes right now which is working. While we love offering a king bed to Brian’s parents that come frequently, we also might forgo it for a pull-out sofa to have more space for Brian or the kids to play. But for now, we have this king mattress and a dumb bed frame that you can’t see so it’s a proper guest room with future use TBD. The walls are a really cozy rosy pink color (I’m obsessed with it, I love it so very, very much and wish it were in our bedroom), and it really determined the color palette for the rest of the room. It was a super clear vision which made it really easy to shop for and decorate: The brief was warm cozy pink-toned bedding and Target had it in store (shout out to the Beaverton Target).

Side Table | Table Lamp

I opted for the Casaluna comforter set (instead of the duvet set) because Brian’s parents are top sheet people, which means that we don’t have to wash the duvet each time, just the sheets (they are likely our only guests). But besides that, I had just styled with them in another shoot and the comforter is SO FLUFFY and cozy, and then I didn’t have to buy an insert. The side table is Target that I bought last year when everything was in storage and have found that I’ve moved it around a lot – it’s highly versatile. It works great here since the closet is so close to the bed.

I bought the jersey sheet set to be extra cozy and tonal and then layered on this pretty quilt to add some pattern and interest on top. The two decorative pillows I’ve had for a long time and worked really nicely. I have no idea what headboard/bed we want in here but honestly, the room works really well without one right now!

I want to say on the record that Brian was right about painting the window frames and sashes white, instead of the same color as the wall which is what I was pushing for. It really highlights the beautiful original windows and gives the pink more context. It makes me excited to paint our room a tone and see our windows pop more.

Eye Mask

No curtains? Sleeping masks FTW. Now, you might notice that there aren’t window treatments in here, which historically would be very bad for guests. I was so tempted to hang some temporary curtains for this shoot (and for Bob and Suz) but am really trying to not do things just for quick photos (especially when it involves new holes in our home). For these windows, we need these top-down-bottom-up-shades because when you are in there the view is almost the entire roofline of the 60s addition. We have them in the kid’s room and love them so much, so we ordered some for in here as well. For now, I left some sleeping masks (these silk Casaluna ones are excellent) and hope that the early sunset and late sunrise are ok until the shades arrive.

Vase | Candle | Lamp (unavailable) | Chair (vintage) | Desk

This is right now where Brian is working (he’s in a master’s program for writing), so this desk needed to double as a nightstand as well. I bought this from Urbanite (an awesome Portland antique and craft mall), made by a local maker and the top is this really, really beautiful maple. It’s not game-changing but it was solid and affordable (and I felt good about supporting a local maker). The candle is the one we linked up the other week (apple chai) and the vase with the dried flowers is Threshold with Studio McGee (I know I have a lot of vases but the color/shade is perfect in here).


Chair (vintage) | Throw Blanket | Pillow (unavailable) | Side Table | Art (vintage)

I bought this vintage Carl Malmsted chair online (I must name-drop because I’ve wanted this chair for 10 years) a year ago, hoping that it would work somewhere in the house in its original fabric (which I LOVE). Sure enough, she found her home and it’s the perfect scale, shade, and style for this room. The vintage paintings I’ve had forever, from the Rose Bowl surely, and the tiny side table is new from Target and fit perfectly since we had very little space.


I bought these pink Casaluna towels because they look so good with the bedroom and bathroom, but I’m not ready to show you the bathroom yet so we styled them on this chair. They look extremely high-end for how affordable they are. I’m kinda done buying expensive towels because I find that even the $40 towels only last a year or two (less if rarely used, obviously) and I’ve ranted out white towels before and how hard they are to keep looking fresh. So for this house thus far I’ve only bought Target (pre-partnership) and none that are white (gray, blue, green, and now pink). If someone has a secret magic trick to keep white towels white hit me up, but until then I’m buying lovely-looking non-white towels like these.

Naturally, this room is the only room that is pulled together, as well as the room that is the least used or seen. Funny how that works. It did motivate me to not wait for a design plan and start pulling from my own inventory (which I’m obviously lucky to have) to make more of the rooms look styled out.

It was a big hit with Bob and Suz and gave me a big reminder of how fun decorating and styling can be. Now that the renovation process is almost over I’m having SO MUCH FUN playing with my things 🙂 Style. Play. Every Day, y’all.

A big thanks to Target for making stylish affordable bedding and towels for my parents-in-law to enjoy:) To see every Target item in one place head over to my new Target Store Front)This post was sponsored by Target but all designs, words, and thoughts are my own. Thank you all for supporting my favorite home brands that support this blog. #targetpartner #targetfam

*Styled by Emily Henderson (me:))
**Photos by Kaitlin Green


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111 thoughts on “A *First Round* FarmHouse Reveal – Readying Our Guest Room For Family To Visit

  1. waaahhh!! I am so excited to see this!! Haven’t even read the post yet but wanted to be the first to say – it looks BEAUTIFUL!! Those windows! So looking forward to these reveals.

  2. I love this room. It feels like old Emily and Mountain house Emily are finally integrating ❤️ So happy to see you honor all the parts of yourself!

  3. I love this paint color! This is a beautiful room, especially that chair.

    I’m confused by towels only lasting about a year. What happens to them that you feel like they are done for? Our nice towels are about 10 years old now. They aren’t white, though, I agree about white towels. And MIL bought them so they were probably expensive. We don’t wash them with every use, we hang them to dry after use and they are good for about a week. Maybe you are washing them too much? The kids are using 15 year old towels from Target. Those look fine to me as well.

      1. Also agree – I’m so confused about the towels! What happens to “ruin” them? Mine are not high end and have gone through many years of hard use. I wash them in the machine with oxyclean sanitizer (I have kids) and use an extra rinse cycle. They’re still bright white and look fine. Maybe Emily uses fabric softener (not advisable) or needs a water softener? Or perhaps owns a washing machine with teeth?

        Anyway, love the wall color! It’s a beautiful room.

      2. Well you never need to throw towels away, you give them to animal shelters. Shelters desperately need old towels, sheets, comforters, and blankets so whether your towels are disintegrating or you just are in the mood to switch things up, you can donate your old towels to an animal rescue place.

        1. as someone who folds laundry in an animal shelter island has seen the rooms upon rooms of towels, i’m not sure that’s a reason i would refresh my towels often… they good.

    1. Ya- so confused. I inherited towels from family after an international move and the tag says “Made in Western Germany”! & They’re totally fine.

    2. This was my question too! I have some 20 year old towels that have gone limp and only stick around as backups but what is actually happening to your towels that ruins them?

      For white towels, I find vinegar and sunshine work best, although I support non-white ones to make life easier. 🙂

    3. The towels we got as wedding gifts 10 years ago are still looking and feeling great. There are a few color changes on the colored ones we got, but the white ones look fine (I run them in a bleach load when we use them, but mostly we use the colored ones). We hang to dry between uses, washing about once a week. No holes. I have never heard of buying towels so frequently!

      1. There are much better options than bleach as other people have commented – it’s really bad for the environment.

    4. I go through towels pretty fast too. In a house with 6 kids and a dog the towels end up not just being used for bath purposes, but also sopping up emergency messes and containing chaos. We just continue to use them until they get really bad and I can’t stand looking at them anymore. It isn’t worth the struggle to keep the “good towels” looking better than the rest. So I just buy more and cut the old ones up to use for house and car project clean up.

    5. I definitely have worn out towels. In my house, after about 6 years, they’re shot – not absorbent, mangled, faded, splotchy, and frayed. Not sure how you guys are having such luck after 15 years? I’m washing on cold after three days of use (1-2x use per day), and yeah, I use them at the pool (chlorine) and beach too, and I have hard water, and I have about three towels per family member so they’re getting used frequently.

  4. Don’t give Bob and Suz a pull out bed. You say they come often so keep the King. No one wants to sleep on a pull out. Especially the grandparents.

    1. I think Emily is planning to eventually turn the adjacent Victorian house into a guest space, fwiw.

      But wanted to mention that I recently put a Room and Board pop up daybed (queen size) in my husband’s office, and it’s super comfortable and easy to use. I’d pick it over the bed in our guest room any day.

          1. I’ve had this pinned as a possible guest bed and always had my husband protest because we assumed it would be very hard and uncomfortable. It’s so nice to hear a user review. Thanks for sharing!

          2. The daybed itself is definitely on the firmer side – which I think is fine for an office – but as a bed, I think it’s comfortable. I really like that it’s two solid pieces, with no uncomfortable bars underneath. And the mechanism works really smoothly with almost no effort.

          3. We also bought this and get rave reviews from frequent guests, I can’t recommend it enough! It is a little firm, and we bought a Target mattress pad that lives on it permanently and it’s literally as comfy as my bed with the 1 inch foam pad and firmness of the couch. Another bonus is it is made strong enough to use as a queen bed or also as a trundle if needed for a not couple (my mom and sister stayed on it that way too).

    2. Yep, came to say the same. Pull-outs just aren’t comfortable, especially for older people, and you may inadvertently send the message that you don’t value their comfort or even want them there. Please rethink. Also, put up some hefty bags to cover the windows so they can get some good sleep.

    3. What about a full? I know a king is nice but my parents (and I think many older people) are used to smaller beds.

      1. This made me laugh so hard! My parents are turning 80 this year and will not sleep in anything less than a king, or in a twin bed apiece. Even a queen just does not work for them. If I offered them my daughter’s full size bed I don’t think their backs could handle the stay and we just wouldn’t get to see them.

        1. Almost everyone in my family sleeps in full beds except my parents! They passed the full on to me recently. Pro: amazing antique beds for CHEAP. Con: guests are SURPRISED haha

    4. I think it depends on the pull out bed. I got one a few years ago that is both the pull out mattress as well as an air topper you blow up when pulling the bed out. What’s great is that the couch itself is a craftsman/leather looking piece so it is stylish and also comfortable for guests to sleep on.

    5. We’ve solved the problem of a real bed for guests and daily use for other purposes with two, extra long twin mattresses and frames. We set them up in an L with lots of big pillows as a daybed/couch for our regular use. For guests, we sometimes use them as two twins but often push them together add a foam king topper and an elasticized cover that holds everything together. It’s a great compromise and very flexible.

  5. i LOVE this pink room so much. pink is always going to be my favorite go-to color. i also love the light wood + light pink combo. that’s always going to be the softest most cozy look in my opinion. i love that vintage desk chair so much, and the idea of a desk as a nightstand. our bedroom walls are the very lightest barely there pink and all our bedding is pink and creams and when the sun shines in there in the winter (when all the leaves are off the trees), the room just glows!

    1. What color pink do you have? I just painted my laundry room pink (Benj Moore Marry Me), but I want something rosier and softer. I love this pink in Emily’s room, but my laundry is tiny and has no windows so I’m afraid it would read more neutral (taupe) than I want it to. Basically I want mine to look like Emilys looks right by the windows. But I have to achieve that in a room with no windows.

      I wish there was an app that would do that. Where I could say I want it to look just like this but In a room with X features (i.e. no natural light).

      I’m new to pink, so any favorites you have found would be much appreciated!

      1. White sheets (it’s a Behr or valspar color, I can’t remember) is a beautiful pink. (in spite of its name). We used it in a windowless bathroom and it’s hands down my favorite paint color of all time – and pink isn’t even my favorite color. Might be worth a look. This post reminded me of our bathroom color right away

        1. Thank you! I found one called Cotton Sheets by Behr and it looks really great. I will definitely sample it.

      2. The color we used in our bedroom was Ecru by Benjamin Moore. It’s like just a whisper of peach/pink over white. I wouldn’t recommend it for a windowless room though. I was just looking at the Benjamin Moore website. Maybe Dream Whip or Eraser Pink or Dusty Mauve?

        1. Oh dream whip is really pretty – maybe at 50% for me. Thank you! I also like Benj Moore Rose Blush.

  6. Great work on your beautiful home and sourcing beautiful meaningful furniture. This home is amazing. To second other comments: I don’t buy new towels frequently it’s all! And I buy used hand towels all the time. Vintage chair=awesome, vintage towels=equally awesome

  7. So gorgeous – I love everything about it! So sad that side table is sold out because it is amazing. Do you have links for the art over the bed and on the desk?

    1. Erin, when I looked earlier the table (in Natural) was sold out but I see 3 in stock at a few local stores today. Maybe keep checking?

    2. Erin (or anyone), I see the Hearth & Hand table (in Natural) back in stock for shipping on the Target website.

  8. I have Japanese towels that are striped on one side and white on the other, which allowed me to ignore how gross the white side was getting. I soaked them in a strong oxygen bleach solution overnight, and that did the trick (a couple of them required two treatments). This worked for white sheets too.

    I believe another important trick for keeping linens white is not using too much laundry detergent. It leaves a film that acts like a magnet for skin oils etc.

      1. You can use OxiClean, but I usually buy a generic version of sodium percarbonate because it doesn’t include bluing, which can leave weird streaks when you use a lot at a time.

    1. My husband recently started working at a popular washing machine manufacturer (among many other home appliances they make). They just had a washing machine education day and his biggest takeaway was that people in general use too much detergent. That is why the manufacturers were so glad to roll out their automatic detergent dispensers – the clothes look better and people then happier. But of course the detergent makers weren’t happy with people using less detergent and did an end run with the detergent capsules. Let your machine judge how much detergent should be dispensed!

  9. That paint color is just perfection but the first thing I noticed was the beautiful windows so yes, glad you painted them white and are doing shades not curtains. That chair – WOW! – now I’m going to want to buy it for ten years. 😉 And I know I say it every time I post but that carpet is just dreamy. The entire room is so cozy but chic. Just goes to show that you can make a room feel lovely even if some of the big-ticket items – shades, bed – are on hold.

  10. I was excited to see this room styled without a headboard. My tall husband cannot stand a headboard or footboard. When I want to spiff up the look, I use European-style pillows behind the sleeping pillows and the king-sized sham-covered pillows.

  11. We also have a guestroom/playroom/workspace, and a murphy bed has been a gamechanger! We don’t have guests that often, so dedicating so much room for a bed was such a waste for us. We would 100000% recommend Bedder Way- they offer a lot of styles and finishes, and ours just looks like a lovely large cabinet.

  12. I love this! Also can confirm Beaverton Target is the best target in the greater portland area.

  13. Love this room! It is a great guest room and that carpet looks awesome! Only think I would change is the either adding a headboard or having larger more impactful art over the bed. Otherwise, it’s perfect! Love the tones you have going. Good job Emily!

  14. That paint color is *gorgeous* and the windows look amazing with the contrasting white. I love that you’re pulling from stuff you already have. Of course the thing I love most is the crazy-expensive vintage chair! Everything looks cozy and welcoming.

  15. Love this!! I would love being a guest in this bedroom. And I totally agree about the windows – love how they pop! Those old windows really give good soul.

  16. I have been struggling with white towels yellowing. I am trying bluing. (Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing.) It seems to help, certainly helps on my newer whites. Hasn’t rescued my much loved Frette white terry robe yet, but I am still hopeful. Apparently, mfrs use bluing in the finishing process for white goods. You have to read the directions carefully and use it carefully otherwise it will STAIN and make a mess.
    I love the window frames!
    The pink color is delicious. My husband recently did a venetian plaster accent wall in a similar color, and we are considering offering it for limewashes.

  17. Sooo glad Brian was firm about the window frames remaining white!! Beautiful framing – without the white = no actual ‘frame’.

    Such a welcoming room. Love the chair! Also love that Brian’s desk is a bedside table – I really don’t like matchy-matchy nightstands. 💗 Like how the carpet suggests wood-width via the stripes.

    I suggest EURO PILLOWS to provide a sort of ‘headboard’ situation. It would make things even cozier and provides a better comfort for sittinb up in bed, reading, etc.

    I checked out your target store page and it says: “Favorited Finds”. Do you mean FAVORITE FINDS???
    (Eternally sad Aussie Target is crap compared to the US store. The only similarity is the logo and name. Phoot!)

    1. Favorited means when you click the heart button next to a product, usually – so you “favorite” it, past tense is the ungrammatical Favorited. At least that’s what I assume!
      So true about the Aussie Targets – I lived in Sydney for a year a while back and it was a sad discovery 😀

      1. Yup, I get that. Doesn’t seem to be an appropriate heading though, as colloquial terms aren’t fenerally used in this way.

  18. Wow, love the room colour. Obviously you need to decorate your house for your own comfort and pleasure but I love this look much more than the mountain house and found quite inspiring.
    Like others, am puzzled by the towels. I’ve got towels (in good condition) that I’ve had for 30 years and I take great pride in my linen and manchester. None is threadbare or stained. White is definitely telltale – that’s why hotels use, so you can see if they are clean and washed or not.
    Your windows are the most beautiful I have seen. Just beautiful!

  19. That vintage chair is gorgeous! I’m excited to see you keep decorating by pulling from your existing items and putting a new spin/style on them!

  20. I love the wall colour! The windows look beautiful and definitely pop with the contrasting trim, and the vintage chair (also the desk chair) is fabulous – I particularly like the cosy chair corner, with the warm tones and the vintage art 🙂

  21. After having looked over all your target sponsored posts over the decade, I have from time to time followed the links to target site and from what I’ve seen, 9 of 10 recommendations have garnered terrible reviews on target site. It’s remarkable to me how really bad most of the recommended target products are performing for real people who really use them.
    i felt after so long, compelled to comment.

    1. I love Target for clothes, but I got fairly expensive ($1800 for two chairs and a sofa) outdoor furniture from them 3 years ago and its completely fallen apart. Customer service wouldnt do anything about it, so I no longer buy furniture there. 🙁

    2. Those Casaluna towels will be lovely & luxurious for month and then start falling apart after a year’s worth of use. Ask me how I know. 🙁
      And no, we don’t launder our towels after every use.

      1. We have had the black versions of the Casaluna towels for 2 years now and they have held up wonderfully. Might just depend on the family!

  22. Gorgeous! A really beautiful, tranquil retreat. I love the pink and wood combo. Your guests won’t want to leave 🥰

  23. Love the wall color, especially with the white trim and carpeting. Very elegant and perfect for a soothing bedroom space.

  24. LOVE this paint color, how soothing. That chair is beautiful too and such a great find. Also, same feelings on white or lighter color towels these days. I’m on the hunt for good, decently-priced towels after using the same light gray ones for the past 15 years. They are headed to the local animal shelter as soon as I can replace them. I tried the target Casaluna organic towels in black and the lint was…well, reLINTless! Had to, sorry. But seriously, this was the craziest towel experience of my life. I kept them for 4 months and washed them probably 20 times and the lint was everywhere all the time…all over my body, my light gray tile floors, the baseboards, counters….and obviously since I chose black (farthest from white I could get lol), it was very noticeable. I saw reviews saying the same so I’m avoiding any of the casaluna towels now, even though they’re super fluffy and yummy. I do want to say that I was able to return them to Target for a full refund with no problems at all. So this is not any shade at Target because I feel like they made it right. I just don’t know what to try next and can’t spend a fortune. I would love to hear how the pink ones above work out since they also come in black.

    1. I have the exact pink towels from this post and they’re fine… no lint issues at all. Someone else commented that theirs started falling apart after a year … I’ve had mine for about a year and they’re still in good shape. I’m not saying they’re amazing, but they work for me!

  25. Gosh this is dreamy. The colour is just sublime, painting the walls and ceiling gives it a real cocooning vibe. And the white frames…110% the right decision. I love that you are shopping what you own and reimagining all the stuff you have in storage.

    Question though – what’s the black grate on the ceiling with the little pullies. I’ve never seen this before – is it aircon?

    1. I think they are pull chains to open and close the ceiling vents – kind of like you’d use on blinds.

      1. Came back to say thanks Amber! I’ve only ever seen small ugly plastic vents, and even then only high up on external walls. They don’t look half as pretty as this one does.

        I ended up falling down the google rabbit hole and bouncing from ceiling grilles to HVAC systems (we don’t have them in Ireland). Every day is a learning day! TY ☺️

  26. This is such a good example of mixing different tones within a color family. I don’t know why I was so suprised to see burgundy with blush pink, but it really does look good together. And the mid tone pink of the shams adds another layer of saturation, as well as the towels. Well done, and of course the art ties everything up so well. Brian’s desk is a little sad for a desk that someone has to use full time though.

  27. Hi Emily,
    Guest room looks inviting. What is the floor covering looks cool?Love the herringbone patio.

  28. I was really stoked by your early posts which showcased your ideas about the decor having Victoriana / Farmhouse / Cottagecore / Jean Stoffer vibes.
    For me, alas, this doesn’t feel much different to the 2010s in minimalism or style.

  29. Tiny side question. I got that same candle from Target. The wood wicks are supposed to make it simulate a crackling fire. Mine, even with the wicks trimmed, crackles so quickly and wildly that it sounds stressful. Even my BF reeled. Did I get a lemon and usually these sounds relaxing?

    1. Haha I don’t have this exact candle but I’ve gotten the same response from other wood wick candles. They entertain me for the first five minutes but then the sounds rings with mania in my ears and my husband starts with the “that thing is driving me nuts” side eye. My take? No, you did not get a lemon and maybe they sound relaxing to some people but definitely not me.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t have any wood wick candles, but the last thing I want is noise or sound from a candle. Clearly we are in the minority based on this (questionable?) “study” LOL “wooden wick candle wicks have a distinct crackling sound when burning, and a generally more calming and appealing aspect in creating ambiance- in a consumer-facing study, a whopping 96% of consumers said that wooden wick candles are more calming vs. their cotton wick counterparts, and 92% of consumers stated that wooden wick candles create more ambiance. you can’t argue with those numbers!”

  30. This room is lovely. Please leave the king size bed; your in laws will be so appreciative you two might get a weekend away. Brian can still work at the desk or sit with his laptop on the gorgeous chair.

  31. I have always bought white towels because I love the way they look. I keep them white by adding 1-2 Tablespoons of Sodium Percarbonate (aka Green Bleach) with my detergent in my front loader (note do not add oxyclean to this; it nullifies it). If you have a top loader, add a scoop. Sodium Percarbonate is great because it’s color safe, doesn’t wear away the fabric and it’s good for the planet. I find it often works better than bleach does. If you have stains, let it soak first. I’m picky about my towels and my faves for several years have been the Charisma at Costco. They have remained fluffy and soft. And for like $8-11 for a bath towel, the price can’t be beat.

  32. Looks lovely. I think it is all well and good that you decided to get more new stuff from Target for this room, after all, the tis how you make your income. BUT, implying that you NEEDED new linens because you could not possibly use the ones you already have because they have been in storage for 2 years (instagram stories) comes off as frivolous and wasteful! Obviously, those of us who dont have a Target benefactor would just wash the linens we had. Just noting this because lately you have been writing about NOT being wasteful, but this just comes off as wasteful. Own up to the fact that this is how you make money, and let your readers know that you will be donating older things to good causes as necessary, but don’t tell us that sheets and towels that have been in storage for 2 years are not useable!

    1. Really?!?!?! Ridiculous! My children’s clothes are in storage in the attic in plastic bins, and they are just fine for the next child to use several years later. In fact, because we didn’t know our first child’s gender before he was born, we have a lot of gender-neutral baby clothes and goods (blankets, burp cloths, etc), which have been used for four children over seven years. Sometimes things look a bit yellowed when they come out of the bin, but they wash up well and are ready for re-use. I can’t imagine buying all new linens just because it’s been in storage for a few years!

    2. Didn´t they have water damage in their storage? Their sofa was stained from undiscovered water. So it can totally be that textiles took mold and evrlasting smells.

  33. The paint color is perfect, but the wood furniture all feels off (and the pink is pulling all the orangey tones out of it) and the room is crying out for a bolder, bigger art moment over the bed. Maybe patterned window treatments? Maybe more pattern on the bed? I love the pink, but maybe also…less pink and more of something else? Or way more pink, like with some painted furniture pieces in shades of pink? The room just feels really safe and normal — there’s nothing unexpected, no Wow moment, no intrigue. Normal is boring…can Weird Emily come back soon?

  34. Many many thanks for the Newsletter I like your post very much. I like the guestroom it looks simple. Everything was very well placed in the room. Take Care. Best Regards Khurram

  35. If someone has a secret magic trick to keep white towels white hit me up, but until then I’m buying lovely-looking non-white towels like these.”
    See, this is so genuinely confusing to me, as I can only keep white towels/sheets looking fresh?!?! I bleach them every week. Given that I’m a woman and I have monthly bleeding, and I don’t always see the spots in time to immediately treat with hydrogen peroxide, I HAVE to bleach my towels and sheets. I really, really wish I could use those adorable, colourful ones that I’m always seeing in store, but instead I’m stuck with white, because it’s easy to keep clean. 🙁

  36. Lovely dusty rose space. Personally, if I never see an other hairpin leg in my life, I will be quite happy though.

  37. Oh gosh this is so pretty! I gasped when I saw the teaser pic on your instagram stories, I just love the pink walls and the rust colours. Feels so cosy.

  38. This is a beautiful guest bedroom! All the colors look really great together. Do you have a source on the carpet that you used? It looks like a really great neutral with a nice subtle pattern!

  39. Emily, THAT CHAIR👏🏽 Name drop every day bc I’d never heard of the designer and am typically a wingback girl but I LOVE the more modern look of that one. I’m a sucker for a good chair! Congrats on making it work, not rushing every detail AND still building a beautiful room!
    Lastly, Brian, congratulations! That’s so exciting about your writing program and if you’re ever up for it, I’d love to hear more! Much like when Em does her career posts, it would be interesting to read more about yours. Really happy for you!

  40. Looks very sweet. You begin to mention the top down bottom up shades and you said got them here but then there is no link or mention of where. I love the wall to wall carpet the most so curious which company it is from? I would love to see something black in the room! Something rough iron like a standing lamp by the chair?

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