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The Top 10 Things You Loved And Bought Last Month: October Edition (Plus one Big Ticket Item We Did NOT Expect But 100% Approve)

Happy Saturday folks. Today we are back with a new favorite series of ours (here was last month’s). It’s one where we get to really analyze what products you guys loved and bought via the site and it happens to be delightful and intriguing data to compile. I am not one that is blessed with a “number crunching” brain but this type of data is FASCINATING to me. It is really fun seeing what you guys click on and it helps us understand what type of product recommendations you want to see from us in the future. It is also super validating when one of us recommends something we love and you all trust us enough to try it out yourself. Not to mention, there is a bit friendly competition around here to see who’s recs made it to the top 10 πŸ™‚ So, let’s get to it, shall we?

10. Ceramic Minimalist Vase

Ironically, when Mallory talked about this vase in this controversial post last week, the comments suggested y’all were not on board with these Instagram trends. But this vase was clearly an exception and I totally get why. It is beautiful, minimal, sculptural, and reasonably priced plus it would look GORGEOUS on this foam table, no?? πŸ˜‰

9. Sequin Unicorn Tulle Long Sleeve Dress

I am not surprised this little number made the top 10 list. This unicorn tulle dress is so dang cute and happens to be one that Miss Elliot Henderson won’t take off. It is sparkly AND has a unicorn. Plus it was one of her birthday presents so maybe the strategy is to never take it so her birthday never ends?? True genius. Regardless of a potential secret plan, it’s a slam dunk for any unicorn loving kid.

8. Harriet Pleated Floor Lamp

I am so pleased you guys liked this one as much as I did. I was contemplating purchasing this one but ultimately went with this Harriet Pleated Floor Lamp for my living room and I can tell you I made the right choice. It is a real beauty in person and looks perfect next to my beloved article sofa. Also, if you look in the comments the woman who actually DESIGNED this beauty, Ellen, commented. WHAT?? I still can’t get over it.

7. Women’s V Neck Bra

Just judging from the product photo, this bra looks like the most comfortable bra ever, but luckily both Jess and Emily can personally attest that it is an absolute game-changer. Emily first brought our attention to it in this post and convinced us ladies with larger “ladies” that it is the one “bralette” that truly works. Naturally, Jess loves it so much she bought herself 3 so she can always have them in rotation. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $23??

6. Cheri Longline Cardigan

Caitlin recommended this guy when we all rounded up our favorite cardigans and it is the perfect blend between coat and snuggly cardigan — AKA it is ideal for zoom meetings where you are rocking business on top and pajamas on the bottom or a quick run to the grocery store. Honestly, it’s ideal for nearly every setting.

5. Samsung Frame TV

This one was a bit of a shock only because big ticket items rarely make the top 10 list. But that aside, the Frame TV is a long time EHD favorite. They aren’t lying when they say it’s the most beautiful TV in the world. Plus remember when Em did that awesome partnership with them? I mean who could forget this incredible 120-year barn makeover (one of my personal favorite EHD projects), the idyllic, serene greenhouse makeover, the boathouse transformation, and of course the very fun and bold barge. Clearly, we are huge advocates of it and it is A GREAT investment if you are in the market for a new TV that will blend seamlessly into your decor.

4. Frisco Eyelash Cat & Dog Bolster Bed

It is pretty common knowledge here at EHD that Caitlin has the cutest most snuggly cat. We often see her waltzing over her owner’s keypad just because she needs some love and affection. So, of course, Caitlin treats her to the most snuggly cat bed of all time. To be fair, if I were a cat or dog I would want to cozy up in one of these (who am I kidding, I’d want to as a human as well).

3. Eve Pump

Emily has had these pumps for a while now and I believe they first made their debut in this fashion post where she coined the name of her boss lady alter-ego “THE CLOSER”. These are seriously power heels and when they went on sale Mal jumped at the opportunity to snag them, and apparently many of you did too. πŸ™‚ (Oh, and if you are a size 10 and want the white ones, they are available here).

2. Clarte Short Tumblers

I was also #emfluenced when Emily recommended these $8 (!!) 4 pk tumbler glasses. Emily explained that for the longest time she was ordering these Marta glasses becuase they were modern, delicate, and were the perfect size. However, they would break sooo easily. She thought there was no solution until these babies came along. Basically exactly the same but thicker! As someone who has broken a glass (or 50) in my day, I ordered them so fast once Emily vouched they are the perfect everyday glass and they DON’T break.

1. High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Danny Wash

These jeans have been selling for weeks and we totally understand why. Jess rocks them in this post and describes them as THE perfect skinny jeans. According to her they are the perfect high rise height, are super comfortable and the wash is awesome. So again, THE perfect skinny jeans.

Annnd there you have it. These are our top 10 sellers and I am dying to know if you purchased any of them and if so, have they lived up to our hype?? Let us know below and have a lovely weekend and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. xx

In case you missed it, check out what you bought and loved last month here.

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 14 Rules for How We Style the Perfect Bedroom (+ 3 New Reveals)

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11 months ago

Out of financial necessity, I’m not buying these days but it’s kinda fun to see what others are choosing. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip!

11 months ago

love the marta glasses! the glass water tumbler from zara home is another great dupe. a set of 3 is less than $5

11 months ago
Reply to  tbg

I do too! I haven’t had the breakage issue, which is surprising based on how delicate they are. Good to know about the Zara dupe!

11 months ago

Have you noticed that in all of your recent posts items you highlight are sold out in most sizes almost immediately?!?! Pretty frustrating….sigh

11 months ago

I despise living rooms set up to pray to the altar of the television, so on your recommendation I bought The Frame. Have not regretted it for a minute.

11 months ago

If you need glasses that won’t break, I definitely recommend Duralex. Not only are they sturdy, but probably my favorite thing about them is that the bottom is totally flat, so they don’t collect water in the dishwasher. So many of my other glasses allow water to pool there, which is so annoying when unloading the dishwasher and inevitably leads to water spots.

11 months ago
Reply to  Lauren

Completely agree! I actually got some of their small sizes (mini juice glass?) to train my toddler on drinking from real glass and none have broken yet!

11 months ago

the frame tv was likely on there because certain sizes were included in prime day, and other stores price matched, so it was a great deal! And I totally remembered the EHD frames when buying mine, so makes sense! BEST TV EVER.

11 months ago

Was anybody else repelled by the “foam” table like I was? Ew. Sorry Ryann-but still love you guys!

11 months ago

I love Madewell skinny jeans! They have been my top choice for several years now (I have a pile of pairs in various washes to prove it). I usually go for the 9″ rise, but that’s just personal preference.

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