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Insanely Comfortable Underwear & Bras (As Told By Women Who Can Personally Vouch)

For those of you working from home right now, what’s your wardrobe looking like these days? I (Sara) started off strong, waking up every morning and putting on a full outfit (with shoes). Then I stopped wearing shoes and switched to slippers. Now I’ve reached the “loungewear” phase of my work from home uniform. Luckily, I’ve realized my productivity isn’t linked to whether I’m wearing jeans or not. So I’m sticking with comfort to get me through the day, all the way down to my underwear and bra.

While the transition to daily leggings and sweatshirt is new to me, I’ve always been a connoisseur of ultra-comfortable underthings. So much so that I haven’t worn a bra with underwire in approximately two years, and since I switched to seamless underwear for reduced panty lines, thongs are a very rare occurrence. And now that so many of us are working from home, I have a feeling that there are more than a few pushup bras out of commission for the time being. With comfort and functionality on my mind more, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a round up of comfy underthings I’m obsessed with. But I’m just one person, with one kind of body. So I brought in the rest of the EHD team to share their personal favorites too (along with a special guest appearance by beloved EHD alum Arlyn, who has some comfy recs for the bustier among us).

Before we get into it, here’s a quick rundown on our measurements so you can get a better idea of who’s recommendations you might align with best:

Emily – Bra Size: 32dd, Height: 5’4″, Waist Size: 26

Sara – Bra Size: 34c, Height: 5’2″, Waist Size: 29

Caitlin – Bra Size: 36f, Height: 5’8″, Waist Size: 32

Jess – Bra Size: 36c/34d, Height: 5’3 3/4″, Waist Size: 31

Arlyn – Bra size: 36h, Height: 5’3″, Waist Size: 33/34

Veronica – Bra Size: 34c, Height: 5’7″, Waist Size: 27

Julie – Bra size: 32c/34b, Height: 5’5″, Waist Size: 26/27

Mallory – Bra size: 32a, Height: 5’7″, Waist Size: 26


Like I said, I haven’t worn a bra with underwire in about two years. But for some, underwire is essential for comfort. And the majority of the EHD team do regularly wear bras with underwire. So here are the most comfortable bras we’re wearing these days – structure and support included.

1. Matila Side Support Plunge Bra | 2. Classic Uplift Plunge Bra | 3. Auden Unlined Bra | 4. Lightly Lined Wireless Bra | 5. Amelia T-Shirt Bra | 6. Breathe Wireless Bra

1. Arlyn – I’ve owned three of this bra and I don’t ever plan on stopping buying it unless Elomi betrays me and stops making it. It’s a great everyday bra but also works really well for nicer clothes. A true day to night situation. It’s by Elomi, and their sizing is SUPER consistent. 

2. Caitlin – Around this time last year, I caved and ordered this Thirdlove bra after being served targeted IG ads for months. Once it came in the mail, I put it on and was like, “oh, why did I wait to buy this?” There are tiny inserts in each (I take my right one out because that boob is slightly bigger – TMI?) and it actually IS comfortable for my F.

3. Jess – I feel pretty silly that at age 31 I didn’t know that “no lining” bras were a thing until Emily Bowser told me about this one. I think I thought the only “non-lined” bras were the lacey sexy ones which are great but not what I want to wear on the daily. So basically this bra changed my life because no longer am I dealing with the horrible “extra bulk” that most larger chested gals have NO NEED FOR. Plus it was only $15 as opposed to the $50 bras I was buying before. It’s also super soft and the underwire still gives me the support I need. 5 stars!

4. SaraThis is the only bra I own from Victoria’s Secret, and it took me 4 tries to find the right one (back when I thought having a bra from VS was an undergarment requirement). But I actually love this bra. It’s ultra-comfortable because it doesn’t have an underwire, but still feels shaping and sexy.

5. Arlyn – I searched for a T-shirt bra that was supportive and not the least bit padded for, I’m not kidding, a decade? Doesn’t exist. But the closest thing I did find is this Amelia T-Shirt Bra by Elomi (one of my favorite big boob bra brands – bx4). It looks great under everyday clothes, doesn’t budge and also doesn’t feel like I’m in a bra prison. If it helps, I wear a 36H in this brand (yup, this is a size, people).

6. Sara I’ve had a version of this bra from Gap Body since I was in college. It’s just the perfect t-shirt bra. Simple, classic, affordable. And the soft jersey material feels like a hug for my boobs.


Bralettes are what I’m wearing 99% of the time. Even before I was spending most of my time at home, but especially now that my main go-to in terms of tops is a sweatshirt. And while half of the EHD team hasn’t been wearing a bra on the reg with our new WFH protocol, I personally like wearing some support throughout the day. The bralette is the perfect middle ground between a bra and going au natural.

1. True & Co. V-Neck Bra | 2. Maddie Seamless Bra | 3. Modern Cotton Bralette | 4. Freya Francies Bralette | 5. Convertible Strap Bra | 6. Longline Lace Bralette | 7. Free To Be Bra | 8. Seam-free Tank Strap Bralette | 9. Auden Lace Padded Bralette

1. Emily – I was never a real bralette person – I am an adult WOMAN after all. Definitely not in public, anyway. When this all went down I was unprepared for the extreme comfort that my ribcage truly desired, and the WIRE CAGE was just not working. We all brainstormed posts per usual and in a fit of desperate rage I shouted out, “I JUST NEED A COMFORTABLE BRALETTE!” My team gave me some ideas and I said, this has GOT to be a post and Sara totally agreed. So I ordered a few from Target that I LOVE and while there might be a lot out there that are awesome, I can tell you that I go from day to night to day to night in this one and this one and I’m about to order more.

2. Sara – Most of my bralettes these days come from Urban Outfitters. They just have a really good selection of cute and comfortable bralettes in tons of colors and styles. This is a recent favorite and works just as well under a sweatshirt as it does under a loose-knit sweater.

3. Veronica – I have this bra along with the matching underwear in three different colors and they are the comfiest darn things! I usually wear the bra under sweaters with sweatpants for around the house, or wear it to sleep in during the hot summer months.

4. Arlyn – Okay so no bralette will EVER be supportive at my chest size, but sometimes I do want a little shelf action without the intensity of an underwire. I’ve had this one for a few years and it does the trick for lounging around. Looks like it’s actually discontinued but there are lots of sizes and colors still available. I bought the largest size they made (XL) and while I won’t be doing any running in this thing, it at least has adjustable straps and looks really nice on. 

5. Sara – This was a bra I bought due to marketing hype, but I’ve been really happy with it so far. I especially love the color, but I also like the wide comfortable band, the optional padding, and super soft fabric.

6. Julie – My everyday bralette still crosses the line onto the fancy side but is one that I forget I’m wearing halfway through the day. That’s cause I only wear a bra about half the time anyway.

7. Caitlin – Plot twist: these Lululemon bras used to be my pick for everyday wear. (Actually, now that I’m home, they’re back to being my first choice!) They’re ACTUALLY cute and they keep my boobs feeling kinda lifted and together without the annoyance of underwire or like, general back lumpiness. (And don’t be afraid of the A/B cup advisory — I buy either 10s or 12s and they fit F cups just fine! Plus, Lulu now offers these strappy back bras in medium and high support, so the site’s just worth a peek if you haven’t poked around in a bit.

8. Emily – This is the other must-have bralette I reference in #1 that I will never “lette” go of 🙂 Too corny?

9. Julie – This is my “fancy” bralette, it’s one that has a bit of padding without the underwire (which is, of course, boobs mortal enemy). I love a bra that makes me feel sexy without compromising the comfort factor.


Personally I’m a change my undies twice a day kinda gal (fresh pair to get me through the day, fresh pair to get me through the night). So I have a LARGE underwear collection. The majority of them are different cuts of seamless underwear. They blend the no-show look of thongs, with the wedgie-less feel of briefs. I’m a huge fan, especially for daytime wear.

1. Seamless Thong Underwear | 2. Auden Bonded Mico Bikini | 3. No-Show Boyshort | 4. Laser-Cut Thong | 5. All Stretch High Rise Hipster | 6. Cheeky Bikini with Mesh Back

1. Veronica – We’re talking ultra comfort here, people! These undies come in very cute colors + they basically feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. Like a little cloud. 🙂

2. SaraThese are my bread and butter, everyday, no-fail, always comfortable underwear. I wear them under leggings, jeans, with dresses, while lounging, exercising, and going out. They feel like butter.

3. Caitlin – If you love the comfort of a boyshort (like me) and wearing leggings (also like me), but hate VPL (visible panty line), I have a solution: SEAMLESS HIPSTERS. I have these in a bunch of colors (the scalloped versions make me happy about putting on underwear in the morning, which is weird, but I’m rolling with it) and they’re my go-to for both workout attire and slim-flitting dresses. For whatever reason, these stay put (again, no wedgies is my priority) and don’t show any lines. 10/10!

4. Sara – If I’m going to wear a thong, this is hand down the one I’m wearing. Super soft fabric and an ultra stretchy waistband get about as close to “not there” as you can.

5. Sara – Wow, me again. I TOLD YOU I’M OBSESSED WITH SEAMLESS UNDERWEAR. This is a little pricey, as far as underwear goes, but they feel like real quality. They’ve got fuller coverage than any of my other recommendations, so there is very little wedge-ability. A key factor for me.

6. SaraThese are what I wear when I want to feel a little sexier, without going full lace or string. They’re still super comfortable, but the mesh gives them a little something extra. The mesh IS super soft, I don’t know how they do it.


Sometimes you just want to wear a pair of good, old-fashioned, doesn’t slip up your butt (unless you want it to – see #6 and #8), doesn’t cut into your sides, panty line flaunting UNDERWEAR. Same. Listen, even Alexa Chung said panty lines are back in style. I especially turn to these when I sleep (the office is divided on whether to sleep in the buff or while wearing a pair). Here are our ultra-comfy underwear recommendations, seams and all.

1. Textured Seamless Hipster | 2. Markie Seamless Ribbed Bikini | 3. Cotton Boyshort | 4. Brief | 5. Logo Boyshorts | 6. All Over Lace Thong | 7. Seamless Boyshort | 8. Logo Thong Panty | 9. Stretch Cotton Hipster

1. Emily – I just bought these for nighttime and they are perfect. Does anyone else have nighttime specific underwear??

2. SaraThese are a great pair of comfy underwear that I usually have on under sweats or when I’m going to sleep. The ribbed detail makes them feel cute, but the cover my whole butt so I don’t worry about them giving me a wedgie.

3. Veronica – I meaaaann, come on, who doesn’t love a good boy short? I have these in three different colors (Christmas edition included), and they are super comfortable! Pair these with an oversized tee, and BAM, you’re Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

4. Sara – The waistband on these alone make them great, plus they come in a ton of cute colors. They’re from a newer underwear brand, and I was sucked in by the marketing. But their flexibility got me hooked.

5. Caitlin – I used to buy underwear by walking straight into a Victoria’s Secret and then aimlessly opening and closing every drawer, just trying to find five pairs that are like…cute enough? Passable? Hopefully comfortable? Then I discovered these boy shorts — guys, I order these online now. ON PURPOSE. They’re so comfortable and the best part: NO WEDGIES. Plus, everyone’s butt looks cute in boyshorts. It’s science, I think.

6. Emily – These are my absolute favorite but size up (I wear a large and can’t feel them, but they stay in place = the goal). I actually have a VERY serious and strong panty theory. I do not want to feel it’s there. I’m talking no cut-ins, nothing up the butt, no waistband, no seams. This is crucial to me. So therefore, I wear these lace thongs (soft wide band stays put) with jeans or pants that are fitted. I can NOT, however, wear a thong with something loose – i.e. dress, baggy sweats, pajamas, jumpers – for that I need a very comfortable, seamless and stay put full coverage panty. This is my official panty stance.

7. SaraThis is the same pair as #2, but in a boy short version. Perfect for lounging at home in the summer with a t-shirt, or as impromptu PJ bottoms.

8. Mallory – Puberty was great for two things: Getting boobs and learning that days of the week princess underwear just wasn’t cool to wear to slumber parties anymore. Well actually the whole “boob” thing never happened for me, but if I had to choose one or the other, I’d pick learning to wear better underwear any day. I remember the day I bought my first 5 thongs (on Victoria’s Secret 5 for $25 sale, obviously) and I’ve been buying them ever since. From that moment forward, I realized I actually hate wearing anything other than thongs, because it feels like I’m wearing a diaper. Unpopular opinion, I know, but that’s my honest, genuine underwear rec.

9. Arlyn – When I want to wear underwear that just feels like a comforting hug (ahem, especially during those key days during the month), these are my go-to. They’re not invisible under clothes, necessarily, but they’re so comfortable that I hardly care. I’m a 12/14 in pant size (depending on the week) and the Large fits perfectly. 

So there you have it, our most comfortable undie offerings. If you are looking for some new pieces I sincerely hope this helps, and if you have any recommendations of your own PLEASE put them in the comments. BUT the real question we must discuss is: Are you on Team Alexa Chung Underwear Lines or Team Seamless Bottoms For Lyfe?? Can’t wait to see where we land:)

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3 years ago

You guys need to try Knix. They make the greatest bras. Comfy and supportive at the same time, no joke.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Yes – KNIX!!! Amazing Canadian brand… can you get it in the US?? I am a devoted fan.

3 years ago

Bralettes and sports bras are what I’m wearing 95% of the time! They’re just so much more comfy!

3 years ago

Aaw yay I love it when you do these posts! And Arlyn Yay! Its so nice to have you “guest star”! Also we’re bra-size neighbours so I always looove getting your tipps 😀 I’m a 36G(G) myself and loooooove Elomi too – they always fit me really well and buying one of the model you linked here is definitely on my to to list 😀 My current favourite bra of all time is their Sachi in blue – I never thought it’d be my kind of bra, but I feel *very* cool in it and its super comfortable. For the bigger boobed among us who want to try out the look of a bralette but sitll might want a wire I can totally recommend the Love Note bra by Freya, its made of slightly stretchy lace and really comfortable as well – damn I want to buy bras now!! 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Just looked up the Love Note bra and I have a very similar one from Freya (another great brand but I find their bras run a tad smaller than Elomi). Also, I’ve eyed that Sachi bra for a while wondering if it would create weird lumps and bumps…glad to hear you recommend it. Maybe next time I’m bra shopping, I’ll scoop it up to try. Thanks Lisa!

3 years ago

I wish y’all posted this before I went out and bought some “eh good enough” underwear! But quarantine seems like as good a time as any to try out a bunch of new bras and undies – retail therapy FTW

3 years ago

Unrelated: is Emily actually cold enough to wear both a thick sweater AND a winter hat inside the mountain house, or is it more of a this-is-cute-and-snuggly thing?

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

:‑O I was hoping it was because she looks so cute in them. Hope you get a break from the rain!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

I’m glad you asked, Jessica. I’m in SoCal and wearing a fleece jacket but my house is only ~ 55°F inside, hardly winter hat weather. On the other hand, some people are sensitive like that!

3 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

For Californian natives, 55 degrees is cold. Even one of my good friends, who grew up in Toronto, complains when it drops below 60 degrees. So yes, sweaters, hats, mittens are a necessity for us weather wimps.

3 years ago

IF I’d had more time before self-isolating for health risks (chemo), I would have investigated a bralette. I don’t buy much online, mostly things I’ve already tried on, felt, at a store and I buy it online to save $$. Especially Birkenstock coz they’re very pricey in Australia … @ at leadt $130 for a basic pair.

Soooo, I wouldn’t risk buying a bra online and going through the disappointment of it most likely NOT fitting my F cup boobs.

I also recoil a bit about returning things as sooo many people do with massive regularity. Just not my thing .. I guess also in that, is the fact that underwear returns aren’t even a thing here in Australia for hygiene reasons. Can you do that in the USA??!! ?

3 years ago

I never feel comfortable without underwire…and I like Natori bras because they are comfy and have cup sizes for larger breasts (32DD here).
I will however, check out the seamless panties from Target!

3 years ago
Reply to  Tina

I second Natori bras; they are my absolute favorite—literally the only ones I’ve purchased for the last decade (32ddd here).

3 years ago

thank you so much for including larger bra sizes. the struggle is real.

3 years ago
Reply to  Loren

Ha when Sara asked me if I’d recommend some comfy bras, I was like ??? what is a comfy bra at this size? But I’ve worn very uncomfortable bras, so “comfortable” for me means it doesn’t dig into my sides, it actually supports what it needs to and I don’t want to rip it off my body in a few hour’s time. IT’S SO HARD.

3 years ago
Reply to  Arlyn

I appreciate your recommendations because I wear the same size. I am bummed that my go-to seamless/wireless bra is on sale with only the small size left but there may be a newer version in the same design. It’s ridiculously comfortable and gives me the separation I need. It holds up to multiple wearings/washings really well. I don’t wear it for vigorous exercise but walking the dog, yoga and the like are fine. It’s this one:

3 years ago
Reply to  Arlyn

Another current H here. Nordstrom carries a few lines of larger bras (and does free bra fittings). I don’t live near one, but doing the fitting a few times over the years helped me analyze my size. (It’s a crazy situation trying to size for nursing bras to order online) I’m back in typical bras now. Both Chantelle and Fantasie work for me. It sure is a process to find what works!

3 years ago

I have two really great bras from CUUP. They have lots of sizes too. I haven’t tried the underwear, but I really like the bras because they are comfortable and don’t have any padding/lining at all. They have 3 or 4 main styles. I have the plunge and balconette styles.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kristyn

I keep seeing ads for these on my social channels and I’m always curious if they are supportive. Not sure they make my size (I prefer UK brands for their sizing) but I’m going to look and maybe give them a whirl.

3 years ago

Soma Wireless Bralette’s

Most comfortable bras I have ever owned.
Was fortunate to have gone into Soma shop to try on all their products in January when visiting relatives. All the rest of bras are same ‘ol, same ‘ol for my girls, but these are wonderful. Bought 6 on the spot. Saving the bra numbers so I can buy online in the future as no stores in my area.

Biggest things I learned from fitting by store manager? Wasn’t buying big enough bra. Never wear a bra day after day; trade off so stretchiness can revert back (this I was doing right), and if washing in machine, use a lingerie bag. Have been wearing only these bras continuously since January and they still look like the day I bought them.

Cris S.
3 years ago
Reply to  Molly

Thank you! Just ordered one!

3 years ago

Chantelle for no-show super comfortable panties!

3 years ago

The Canadian brand KNIX is definitely missing from this roundup! It’s truly the best of ALL worlds: comfort, support and style.

3 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions for asymmetrical bras for different sized breasts?

3 years ago

I love this info! I would love if you would put the picture of the recommendation with the caption right under it rather than doing them both in blocks – it’s a little annoying to scroll back forth trying to match the caption to the photo! Just a thought!

Whitney G
3 years ago

You HAVE to try Handful. So comfortable!!!

Lynn W
3 years ago

Love this post!! Great info…in my earlier life I was a “fit specialist “ for Macy’s. I learned a lot and saw many different shapes, sizes, old and newer boobs! Fake ones too ( they are the hardest to fit )
Anyway, all of this has come to help me with my daughters and their fit. I’ve even helped friends and of course my Mom.
For super comfort these days I do love my True bra when I’m hanging around, but my fave brand of all time is Wacoal.
Thanks for giving us some insight and personal info ?

3 years ago

Oooh can we get a post on cute womens boxers or little shorts??

3 years ago

Would love to see a segment on strapless bras ratings.

3 years ago

If you like bralets, you should try “nursing sleep bras”. Auden and Bravado and several other brands make ones that are nearly identical. The crossover design makes them more supportive than most bralets and the wide straps stay put without digging.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kay

This is a great tip! I loved my crossover nursing bras. And I did a search and found a brand that has regular and busty sizing, so with a small band size and large cup size, I think they’ll actually fit.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kay

I accidentally bought a 2 pack of nursing bras from Target that were the Auden brand – I just needed a basic, soft bralette and those were so comfy! Didn’t realize until I got home that the tag said nursing bra – but who cares? I’m not entirely sure how good they would be at that anyway – they’re just a tank fit, no crossover or anything, so I’m not sure how “easy access” they would be, but they’re my go-to now in quarantine!

3 years ago

Aerie wireless bras are life changing. I will never wear anything else. So buttery soft and comfortable.

3 years ago

I’ve been wearing Commando cotton bikinis for years. They are seamless and have razor cut edges to prevent panty lines. Admittedly, they can ride up when wearing dresses, but they are still my favorite. I’m a size 30DD or 28DDD, which really limits my options. As for bralettes, True & Co are one of the few that I’ve found that actually fit, provide support, and look good under clothing. Unfortunately, if I even sweat a tiny bit, I feel slimy and gross, so they are cool weather, no exercise bralettes. I actually love my Third Love everyday t-shirt bra, but I bought it when I thought my size was a 30D, and the cup is too small and the band too big, and they do not yet think 28DDD is worth making. I love their no slip shoulder strap. I wish others would do similar straps. I want to try the Cosabella curvy line, but I’d like to see it in person. I also recently tried organic cotton bralettes from Pansy, a small maker in Oakland, CA. I love their full bra and athletic bra. They actually fit my tiny rib cage, large cup combo.

3 years ago

Just a recommendation for Arlyn. She should try the wacoal t-shirt bra. No seams or padding. I’m a 34 H and this is my go to bra.

3 years ago

When it comes to avoiding panty lines, I am team Commando–for example, I never wear underwear with tight leggings. I know this horrifies some of my friends, but what I have learned it is largely about differences in physiology. I’m pretty “contained” so underwear doesn’t need to provide so much of a barrier between myself and my clothing.

The only time I wear a thong is if I’m wearing a form-fitting dress, because I’m absolutely terrified of falling and revealing my bits to the world!

3 years ago

Emily, those bralettes don’t give you a uniboob? I tried True & Co and just got a uniboob look by the end of the day… I’m 32D-DD