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The Link Up: Emily’s Recent Art Find, Mallory’s $18 Shorts, & Vintage Floor Lamp Dupes We’re Obsessing Over


Somehow, someway it’s officially spooky season, which sort of makes sense considering this year is getting spookier by the second. Needless to say, we could all use some fun shopping links, house tours, and life hacks. So let’s get right into it…

This week’s house tour come is the home of Jaime Schmidt and comes to us from Lonny Mag. It’s the sassiest, moodiest dream house ever. We think we could all use more rust orange on rust orange in our lives. Prepare to be swept off your feet by clicking here.

From Emily: While I typically don’t go for big box store art (some are good, don’t get me wrong, I just love supporting artists directly). If I had seen this painting at a vintage store or boutique I would have bought it. I also think its a pretty great one to DIY (not to rip off CB2, but your own spin on it could create something more unique)

From Jess: I NEED YOUR HELP! This past weekend I went into my dad’s storage unit and grabbed most of our family photos (we have sooooooo many). I really want to digitize them because first, I want to be able to actually share them with my family instead of them sitting boxed up (maybe even create some beautiful books) and secondly, I want to have an extra copy in case of a disaster or accident which seem more likely by each passing day. So my question to all of you is if you have used a service like Legacy Box? My fear is to send them away because no amount of insurance will cover the loss of those irreplaceable items. Or have any of you done this a different way that you really loved?? I would really appreciate any and all advice!

Also From Jess: One of our favorite textile designers, Rebecca Atwood, just came out with some beautiful new fabrics! The Briar collection is even a performance fabric. I know! However, I think my favorite new design is the Blocks pattern… but can’t decide on my favorite color. What’s yours??

From Caitlin: A couple of years ago, my godmother showed me how she reheats leftover pizza in a pan (instead of a microwave) and WOW, it’s been a game-changer. If you’re also at the “my meal prep plan has shifted to me ordering a pizza that will last 3-4 days” stage of desperation and ennui brought on by the state of the world, here are some explicit instructions from a real chef so that you, too, can have delightful leftovers.

Also From Caitlin: IT’S BOOT SZN. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard? What is it like to live somewhere that’s not 90 degrees in October?) Last year, I grabbed these black heeled boots and wore them non-stop. They are so comfortable and warm and flattering! I actually even wore them while trekking around Quebec for a few days last winter during an actual snowstorm (and they cleaned up like a dream after being exposed to all that salt and slush). ANYWAY, they just released the same boot in brown and I’m very excited about it!!! (For what it’s worth, I do already own these Chelsea boots in brown and love them, but I do just prefer the shape of the aforementioned boots with my calves and ankles.)

From Mallory: I’ve only half moved on to the “wearing normal clothes thing” meaning that 50% of the time I’m wearing dresses, jean shorts, or skirts and the other 50% is workout comfies. With this crazy October heatwave here in LA (cough*global warming*cough), I’ve needed less leggings and more workout shorts. I stumbled upon these $18 beauties at Target and threw them in my cart (a ballsy choice since dressing rooms are still closed and I didn’t try them on). I’m happy to confirm that they fit VERY WELL and are mega comfy. I got them in this cute lil dusty purple color, but may go back for the red, black, and or grey. 10/10

From Ryann: After seeing this home tour on IG, and spotting this perfect Caprani floor lamp that I am convinced would be perfect in my home, I’ve been chaotically searching for a cheaper dupe. I like this one from Anthro, and the shape of this one from Urban is really good and could be improved with a simple switch of the lampshade. I am close to just flipping a coin at this point so does anyone want to weigh in??? Your considerations would be much appreciated to this indecisive Gemini.

That’s all we have for you for this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend & we’ll see you in the comments xx

Opening Image Credits: Home of Jaime Schmidt | Design by Osmose Design | Photography by Dina Avila | via Lonny Mag

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Kass Coleman

Hey Jess!

I was in the same family photo boat last year when my grandma passed. I didn’t feel comfortable shipping them off either and ended up using Google’s PhotoScan. I was able to scan each of them into a cloud folder I could organize and share with the whole family. It took a loooong time because she had so many, but it did a great job capturing all of them perfectly. I broke up the work over a few weeks which made it not so crazy. Good luck!!



You can also use PhotoScan to just do a handful of your favorites before sending them out to be digitized, as a backup.


For Ryann, I’d totally get the Anthro floor lamp of I were you. It looks great!

For Jess, same boat – no idea what to do with my mom’s photos, but would love to know what the easy / low energy options are. Yes, some weekend warriors can muscle through a filing cabinet of photos in a couple of days; I am not that warrior and would be happy to pay to outsource this one.

emily jane

I’m team Anthro too -I think it would contribute a lovely graphic punch of sublime energy to the already existing pieces in your living room : )


The reheating pizza in a pan hack is a GAME CHANGER….it makes pizza so crispy and delicious and is still super quick!

S Hudl

I used Scan My Photos. It is a leap of faith but now that’s it’s done, I feel a weight off my shoulders.

S Hudl

I used Scan My Photos. It is a leap of faith but I had no issues.

Brooke Kincaid

I’ve been using photomyne to scan my photos and it’s worked great!!


Jess, there’s a really good photo scanner that’s not too expensive that a lot of photographers use. The Epson perfection v550. It’s not too expensive at all and honestly would probably save you money just to buy it. It’s super desirable too, so I’d bet you’d have no trouble at all reselling it after you use it.


Alternatively, I would look into local film developers. 35mm film is having something of a resurgence in popularity and so you’ll be able to find local companies that develop film and will have a professional-grade scanner if you don’t have time to do it yourself. That way you don’t need to send them off and insure them.

ps. I say this as a film photographer.


Ryann, I have been DYING for a caparini floor lamp and I just can’t swing the cost of a real one either. The antro one is really nice…but tbh I think it’s more of a le Klint 365 than the caparini. Not that there’s anything wrong with a le klint 365…. IDK if I’d really want to replace that lampshade though because I feel it’s more consistent with the le klint original? Unless you could get a better replica. I think on that side you might be better off leaning in to the Le Klint style? Alternatively, you could just make it your own by leaning into the granny look with a floral printed, knife pleated shade to set off the industrial metal style and that would probably be a really great look as well. The second one from urban outfitters is more of a caparini look…the wood does seem necessary to get that look. I was seriously considering that one myself until I realized they don’t ship to Canada…. It really depends on the quality of the lamp I think. It’ll either work or it’ll look like a cheep replica. I ended up giving up on the Caparini look… Read more »



I’m a designer at Anthro and I designed the floor lamp you have your eye on. So I’m a little biased but I think you should go for it! The Harriet lamp was inspired by Caprani as well as the Roattino floor lamp by Eileen Gray. The UO lamp is a little truer to Caprani in terms of shape and material, if you’re going to switch out the shades I would check out LeKrazyHorse on Etsy for a great pleated shade. So glad you liked my lamp! -Ellen


Jess, I’m also in need of scanning photos. I’ve thought about one of the services, but the photos are currently just a mess in multiple boxes. I tried to sort them years ago, and there are duplicates. It was always something I planned to do with my mom, but she passed away 4 years ago. Now with the fires, I’ve been thinking about it again. My plan is to buy a scanner, since I think it wouldn’t take much longer to scan as I sort. And because I have so many to do, I can justify the $600 expense for one of the top rated Epson scanners. I just need to do it, and this is a good reminder. I’ve used GoogleScan on my phone for some photos, and it is certainly good enough if you want to use a photo in a printed digital album or print a snapshot. And it’s definitely better than doing nothing, which is where I’m currently at. Ryann, both lamps are great, especially if you swap the shade on the UO one. However, while I love the rattan, I think the Anthro one is more timeless and can seamlessly blend into different styles, especially… Read more »


Thank you, Rachel!


Anthro lamp over UU. No contest.


Ugh. I mean UO.


Jess – I recently had the same issue. We have so many family photos that Legacy Box was way out of my price range. I got this scanner ( ) and it has been a life changer. Because it scans photos 36 at a time the process goes quickly. The photos upload to my Google Drive (Dropbox is also an option). The scanner is pricey, but I’ve scanned my photos, my husbands photos and all the photos at my parents house. It’s been a great investment to get everything digitized. I’ll be sharing it with my siblings and extended family so we can be sure to preserve as much family history as possible.


This is the scanner I’m considering. So good to see your recommendation!

Joan Renee Stark

The CB2 art reminds of “art” a lady made from dryer lint. Can’t we do better?

leslie A Heuer

I used Legacy Box and had a wonderful experience with them, highly recommend!


Please share any insite into the photo dilemma. I have been trying to figure that out for years.

Lori E.

Me, too! I don’t just have boxes…I have four trunks full of pix! This is from 40 years of motherhood. (I know, I’m a terrible family archivist, but my kids turned out great, so there’s that.) I hope–by commenting–I will be linked to the discussions on the perfect solution to storing photos that can be shared with all family members. I live in California, and our past few years of devastating wildfires have finally woken me up to finally taking care of business.

Jamie Nuccio

Is that site legitimate? Because woah… want…

Jamie Nuccio

I’m not sure!! If anyone has experience with that site, let us know!


I looked into it a bit. I sent them an email but they never responded. I also noticed they have two facebook accounts. It seems like they’ve only been around for a few months. All of the pictures of the lamp are from google images. They do take paypall which would mean you’d have an easier time getting a refund and their site is, at least minimally, secured for online shopping. But I don’t really trust it.


I am taking an online, self-paced course on organizing my digital photos; and it is so helpful already. I had started the process before I started the course and discovered all kinds of mistakes I was making and ways I was over complicating it. She has a course on digitizing physical photos, too, and I am sure it would be great. if you’re interested. It’s very reasonably priced.


Thanks for sharing the class link. Might be something to do while hibernating this winter!


Ryann! I’ve been searching for a new floor lamp to replace my grandma looking 20yo one. After giving ppl, I decide only to replace the lampshade. ONLY? Good god. Impossible to find the perfect shade. Love your selection, but refuse to follow the pleated shade trend yet again since I know I won’t be able to replace the shade when I want. Can you say dust catcher? Have you seen this swoon-worthy one?
Not helpful. Sorry. If you know of a great lampshade source, please tell me.
Thank you and good luck.


Commenting so I can be updated with any photo suggestions. I have quite an amount of my own and I took all of the family photos when my Aunt passed away 2 years ago.


woahhhhh, just clicked through on Legacy Box. I had NO IDEA it was that expensive! I was thinking it would be a few hundred dollars for a box of pictures, but they price by INDIVIDUAL ITEM? So, 40 individual photos would be over $1,000!! I’m floored! I can see the value if it was old family VHS tapes, one tape is the same cost as ONE PHOTO. I mean, I guess a scan is a scan, and it’s digitized for life but holy crap, anyone know of any alternatives??


I am undecided between the Dari and Chelsea Nisolo boots! Can anyone speak to the difference??

for me, the dari has more room at the ankle and i thiiiiink it comes up a little further! but beyond that, it’s purely aesthetic with the elastic upper vs. the zipped back – both are super comfortable though and i had no break-in time or issues with either pair!

Emily, I understand your position of wanting to support artists directly. However, many of the big box stores work with companies that do exactly that. We provide artwork to big box stores, along with many other art avenues representing individual artists. This allows artists to continue to focus on creating while we help provide revenue for them to do so. Many people can’t afford originals and this offers them the opportunity to have great art at an affordable price that does support the artist. Target has offered many pieces from our artists over the years. You can check out our web-site, but it is password protected so our artists do not get knocked off.


I reheat pizza in the oven – put on parchment lined pan, put pan in oven, turn oven on to 375F, leave for 11-12 minutes. The pizza heats up gradually as the oven heats up and comes out melty, HOT, and still crispy.

E E Deere

Jess: there will be local businesses in your area that will digitize your pictures for you. There are different ways to look. You could look for a company that supports law offices, or you could look for a company that does filming and photography (like wedding photography), or you could just ask at a business selling cameras and electronics. Good luck! I couldn’t bear to mail my pictures away either. And someone professional will know how to enhance and restore older images.
On Ryann’s lamps, I vote for the Anthro choice, it’s elegant. And finding a cool lampshade for the Urban one could get expensive.

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