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The Most Comprehensive Wallpaper Resource Roundup (Probably Ever)

Wallpaper can be daunting to shop for, commit to and hang. But when you do it correctly, it really MAKES a room. We promise. In case you missed our post on the impact it can bring in to a room, click through here to read more. It not only provides a big pattern that creates impact but it actually makes the rest of the room easier to design because you have a pattern, color, motif or design that leads the rest of the room.

We are back for the THIRD time where we scoured the internet to pull together some of our favorite sources (both the ones that we use time and time again and a few that were new to us). With some of the patterns being discontinued, some new ones being introduced to the market, and so many new artisans creating beautiful prints that we love, we figured it was time to update the roundup. So, folks, here are 390 of our favorite wallpaper patterns and murals in alphabetical order. Tuesday just got a whole lot better.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Abnormals Anonymous 1

Abnormals Anonymous

1. Animal House | 2. Wavelength | 3. Mr. Blow | 4. Sea Tales | 5. Lily’s Pad | 6. Twisted Stitcher | 7. Holden | 8. Flash Dance | 9. Block Party

These guys are exactly what they say they are; a little bit abnormal and a little bit amazing. Emily has hung quite a handful of these in her old office for our opening party and everyone couldn’t get enough of them. They have reintroduced a lot of the classics in some more muted colors and we love the playful aspect of them.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Amy Wilder 1

Aimee Wilder

1. Analog Nights Eclipse | 2. Cosmic Splash Astro | 3. Cactus Spirit Mist | 4. Anemone Moonstone | 5. Secret Language Mariana | 6. Gameland Army | 7. Analog Nights Heather | 8. Herbario Canary | 9. Jungle Dream Glint

This has been one of our favorite sources for fun, fresh and playful patterns. They all come in a variety of colorways and Emily loved her Shadowcat pattern so much that she used it the Cattery project she did back in 2014. Looking back on that project is so much fun and she says she is still very into the pattern of the paper.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Anthropologie Updated


1. Cloud Formation | 2. Handloom | 3. Arcadia | 4. Bountiful | 5. Hornbeam | 6. Orange Grove | 7. Herbal | 8. Etched Arcadia | 9. Archwork

It might not be a secret to you, but if it is…here is our big secret: Anthropologie sells wallpaper, and their patterns are SO good. They really pick the creme de la creme of patterns and designers to sell online in a really curated collection. Their patterns rotate with each season so if you find something you love, snag it up before it’s gone. They don’t sell in-store, but some of the stores do use them in some of their installations.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Ashely Woodson Bailey 1

Ashley Woodson Bailey

1. Centerfold | 2. Into The Garden (blush) | 3. Cherry | 4. Reese Grasscloth | 5. The Calm Before The Storm | 6. Freedom | 7. Dutch Love | 8. Dutch Love Gold | 9. Magic

A couple of years back, we found out about these beautiful florals when she sent through some samples to our office and I love them so much. They also are a perfect complement to the Modern Victorian Trend that hit.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Betapet 1


1. Spot | 2. Stripes | 3. Leaf | 4. Ginkgo | 5. Vintage Floral | 6. Leaf | 7. Catalina | 8. Solid Gold Leaf | 9. Cheetah

Simple colors with beautiful geometric patterns (and some classic florals) that feel timeless but fresh.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Bien Fait 1

Bien Fait

1. Animals | 2. Stardust | 3. Coromandel | 4. Diabolo | 5. The Wild | 6. Chicoutimi | 7. Carpates | 8. Bahamas | 9. Cloudy

These guys are not for the faint of heart. They are not available in the US for purchase but can be shipped over. Emily used their Animal pattern in Charlie’s nursery in her previous house and misses that beautiful wallpaper so much. Their patterns are all custom made for your room so that their murals fit the space perfectly and really feel like they are made for the room (which they are).

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Cavern Home 1

Cavern Home

1. Paleolith | 2. Burst | 3. Thesis | 4. Trellis | 5. Triple Gem | 6. Plume | 7. I See You | 8. Best Coast | 9. Rays

Some of these are a little bit off the wall but in all the right ways (no pun intended). They have some large scale prints that really command the space as well as some darling prints like #7 that add just the right touch of whimsy.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Cb2 1


1. Cross Hatch Navy | 2. Damask Navy Blue | 3. Expressionist Rounds Gold | 4. Expressionist Rounds Black | 5. Palm | 6. Lucky Floral | 7. Time Travel Foral | 8. Damask Light Grey | 9. Cross Hatch Black and White

In case you weren’t aware, CB2 now sells wallpaper and they have a great little selection.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Chasing Paper 1

Chasing Paper

1. Italian Tile | 2. Peonies | 3. Delicate Thoughts | 4. Wild Things | 5. Botany | 6. Leaping Bunnies | 7. Tree Toile | 8. Parrots | 9. Palm Springs

These guys make GOOD peel and stick wallpaper in such great patterns. We used #6 in a nursery makeover and it instantly made the room so fun and playful. If you need temporary paper, then definitely check them out.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Cole & Sons 1

Cole & Son

1. Geometric II | 2. Flamingos | 3. Zambezi | 4. Seafern | 5. Melville | 6. Mosaic | 7. Cow Parsley | 8. Woods | 9. Feather Fan

Flamingos, waves, trees, poppies, fish and parrots…these guys have it all, and we love their saturated but not crazy prints. Their patterns are classics and feel painstakingly hand-drawn by artists. Emily used their wave pattern in her old laundry room, making laundry a bit less terrible.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Devine Color 1

Devine Color

1. Buffalo Plaid | 2. Celestial | 3. Tropical | 4. Speckled (black) | 5. Ribbon Peel | 6. Weave | 7. Karat Metallic | 8. Black Buffalo Plaid | 9. Speckled (gold)

We love this brand and have used a few of their patterns before. These guys do peel-and-stick and sell directly through Target, both in-store and online, which makes them perfect to pick up this weekend for a quick project. ๐Ÿ™‚

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Eskayel 1


1. Dynasty | 2. Bali Stripe | 3. Up For Anything | 4. Midnight | 5. Stratum Mural | 6. Cyrrus | 7. Lumier | 8. Bare Grasscloth | 9. Cocos

These guys have a lot of tribal and watercolor-inspired prints which if that’s your thing would be perfect to add to any of your walls.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Farrow & Ball 1

Farrow & Ball

1. Gable | 2. Aranami | 3. Hornbeam | 4. Turbillon | 5. Uppark | 6. Lotus | 7. Yukutori | 8. Peony | 9. Amime

Farrow & Ball has long been the king of the best paint colors but they also carry wallpaper, and my, is it beautiful. It leans more to the traditional side but we love some of their prints so much. Emily has used quite a few of them in her current house and they made every room they were installed in feel so special (and also so much easier to design).

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Finest Wallpaper 1

Finest Wallpaper

1. Seascape | 2. Sea Houses | 3. Senzo Spot | 4. Tanzania | 5. Spring to Life 2 Tone | 6. Seahorse | 7. Woodlands | 8. Swan | 9. Ripley

Artful and fun patterns in a variety of colorways. Some of theirs are pretty busy so they might not be the best for the bedroom, but man we could be very into using #1 in a smaller space like a powder room.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Florence Broadhurts 1

Florence Broadhurst

1. Waterfall Gardens | 2. Chinese Floral | 3. Waterjet | 4. Branches | 5. Oriental Filigree | 6. Egrets | 7. Aubrey | 8. Japanese Floral | 9. Pagoda

Oh, Florence. She is a super inspiring Australian designer and her patterns are mostly from the ’60s and yet feel so incredibly fresh and just generally amazing. They aren’t cheap, but man are they special.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Graham & Brown 1

Graham & Brown

1. Rene Shimmer | 2. Marbled Grey and White | 3. Muse Bleu | 4. Stroma Stone | 5. Lotus Summer | 6. Frames | 7. Lagom Geo Navy & Gold | 8. Felt Tip Pink | 9. Dots Green

We are sure that we have all seen that Frames wallpaper on one of our Pinterest boards somewhere (Emily used it here). These guys have a little bit of everything to suit anyone’s taste levels and generally, the prices are affordable.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Hygee & West 1

Hygge & West

1. Cards | 2. Piedmont | 3. Stardust | 4. Mermaids | 5. Storyline | 6. Rosa | 7. Bruno | 8. Daydream | 9. Slice

Hygge & West carries some of our favorite patterns that we seem to go to for inspiration each time we need a new wallpaper for a project. They have a range of styles from old world, to modern traditional, to a little bit kitschy. We love all their stuff.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Jill Malek 1

Jill Malek

1. Dune | 2. Sandstone | 3. Aegean | 4. Peel | 5. Plume | 6. Terrains | 7. Baby Elephant Walk | 8. Stampede | 9. Refractions

You have heard me say it before, but Emily loves designing nurseries and playrooms and she could be completely satisfied with so many of their prints in any and all nurseries/playrooms that she designs. They are fun fresh and totally modern in a way that will stay current for years to come.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Joss And Main Updated

Joss & Main

1. Spatter Black | 2. Lines Washed | 3. Bomba | 4. Banded | 5. Casner Windsong Crane | 6. Wave | 7. Trellis | 8. Polka Dot | 9. Floral and Botanical

Yep, one of your favorite online retailers also carries wallpaper now. They have a large selection that you might have to dig through, but we did find some really good ones.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Juju 1

Juju Papers

1. Pavlova | 2. Waving | 3. La Strada | 4. Sisters of the Sun | 5. Silhouettes | 6. Big Moon | 7. Cle Elum | 8. Pas de Trois | 9. After Chinterwink

Juju Papers are local to Portland and you all know how much we love a small business, especially a small business in Portland that puts out some lovely patterns for your walls.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Kelly Wearstler 1

Kelly Wearstler

1. Graffito (teal) | 2. Rarity | 3. Entangle | 4. Currents | 5. Rapture | 6. Agate | 7. Covet | 8. Graffito | 9. Avant (black)

What doesn’t Kelly do well? First interiors, then chocolate, and now beautiful wallpapers. The prices aren’t for the faint of heart, but these patterns are worth every penny.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Lizzie Allen 1

Lizzie Allen

1. London City Gents | 2. Jazz in Central Park | 3. Red Buses & Black Cabs | 4. Festival of Britain at Southbank | 5. Red Buses & Black Cabs | 6. Changing of Guards at Buckingham Palace | 7. St. Paul’s | 8. The Royal Guards | 9. Up, Up & Away!

For those of you that miss a little bit of class or English charm in your life, you might find it on your walls with any of these prints. They have a great collection of British inspired prints in some very fun and vibrant colorways.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Lulu & Georgia Updated

Lulu & Georgia

1. Nueva NYC | 2. Echo | 3. Whispering Leaves | 4. Jungle | 5. Woodland | 6. Vivian Mae | 7. Connie Terrazzo | 8. Lemon | 9. Moroccan

Another one of our favorite online retailers has some fun and fresh wallpapers that will give life to any room. Remember when Emily used #6 in Sara Sugarman’s floral glam nursery (founder of Lulu & Georgia)?

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Makelike 1


1. Contour | 2. Slash | 3. Forage | 4. Tangle | 5. 2.0 | 6. 100 Things | 7. Monument | 8. Roll Right | 9. Wrought

They make modern yet whimsical patterns that would bring any room to life. It’s a fun mix of botanicals, modern graphic prints, and well…mushrooms if that is your sorta thing.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Milton & King Updated

Milton & King

1. Olive Dapper | 2. White Rock | 3. Travelers Palm | 4. Mice & Cats | 5. Jungle Fever | 6. Palm Springs | 7. Tulip Seeds | 8. Earston | 9. Wetherby

These guys are an Australian brand and have so many fun and fresh patterns. How cute is number #4?! Whoever is designing a kids’ room needs to use this ASAP.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Mini Modern 1

Mini Moderns

1. Dungeness | 2. Peggy | 3. Whitby | 4. Bauhaus | 5. Moordale | 6. Gulls | 7. Pet Sounds | 8. Pleasure Gardens | 9. We Had Everything

We love the updated mid-century modern designs. They have some very fun playful prints to feast your eyes on.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Minted


1. On The Canal | 2. Edges | 3. Ice Canyon | 4. Batik Forest | 5. Mud Cloth Organic | 6. Linear Cityscape | 7. Mountain Range | 8. Emily’s Mark | 9. Birch Woods In The Winter

Minted is one of our favorite places to find awesome affordable art and now they are doing wall murals. YES. You may recognize #4 from our recent Flash Makeover and #8 is a wall mural version of Emily’s collaboration with The Fourth Artist for The Parisian Bedroom

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Miss Print Updated

Miss Print

1. Laurus | 2. Palm Tree Glades | 3. Frontier | 4. Guatemala | 5. Foxglove | 6. Shapes Element | 7. Little Trees | 8. Mountains | 9. Ditto

They have got some fun and crazy patterns that would be great to add some serious drama to any room. The saturated colors and bright patterns might not be for everyone (or every room) but for the right space, they could really make it special.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Paper Mills Updated

Paper Mills

1. Topo Hum | 2. Strata | 3. Sargasso | 4. Little Havana | 5. Quartzite | 6. Shanti | 7. Zebra Fern | 8. Pablo | 9. Artemis

These guys take abstract wallpapers to a whole new level. Some of their prints even look like they have been block printed so it really makes your walls look custom and much better than any old bland beige paint that you could slap on.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Pottok Prints 1

Pottok Prints

1. All of Us | 2. Aquatic | 3. Dead Trees | 4. Shadows of the Paranormal | 5. Girls | 6. Hands | 7. Aquatic | 8. Lined Forest | 9. Coins

Pottok has some very fun prints and patterns. If you are looking for stripes, chinoiserie, or anything too classic then steer clear but if you want fun, modern, playful and youthful prints then you can get lost in some of their wallpapers.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood

1. Mixed Stripe (Gray) | 2. Dawn Stripe (Taupe) | 3. Dotted Leaves (Garden Green) | 4. Marble (Taupe) | 5. Dashes (Gray) | 6. Circle Stripe (Stone Gray) | 7. Dotted Palm (Ivory/Black) | 8. Dreamscape (Ocean Blue) | 9. Speckled (Taupe)

We’ve long been a fan of Rebecca Atwood’s painterly, ethereal yet hushed prints, from her fabrics to her pillows and now her wallpapers. We used #1 in the Portland dining room and #5 in the Portland powder bathroom, so, like we said…fans.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rebel Walls 1

Rebel Walls

1. Bellewood | 2. Cotton Skies | 3. High Seas | 4. Animal Tree | 5. London Houses | 6. Tres Tintas | 7. Happy Hills | 8. Pulse of Passion | 9. Briar Roses

Emily originally stumbled onto these guys when she was sourcing tree mural wallpaper for Elliot’s old room (yes I know she has had tree mural wallpaper in both rooms) and fell in love with so many of their prints. Some of them are a bit wild and bright, but they do have a great selection and the tree mural that she used could not have been more perfect for Elliot’s first nursery.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rifle Adn Co 1

Rifle Paper Co.

1. Safari | 2. Peonies | 3. City Toile | 4. Pineapple | 5. Queen Anne | 6. Peonies | 7. Peonies | 8. Rosa | 9. Queen Anne

You might be familiar with their stationery but these guys make some pretty joy-inducing wallpaper patterns as well.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rocky Mountain Decals 1

Rocky Mountain Decals

1. Cactus | 2. Madelyn | 3. Japanese Wave | 4. Bear | 5. Mountain | 6. Grey Sparrow | 7. Blush Flower | 8. Moody Floral | 9. Moon Phase

Haven’t tried these guys out in person, but they do have some pretty cute temporary wallpaper options.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Serena & Lily 1

Serena & Lily

1. Priano | 2. Summerside | 3. Fairfax | 4. Astoria | 5. Hammonds | 6. Granada | 7. Stowe Stripe | 8. Larkspur | 9. Kalahari

We are longtime fans of everything Serena & Lily does, and their wallpapers are no exception. We love how beautiful and high-quality they look.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Sian Zeng 1

Sian Zeng

1. Chinese Trees Wall Mural | 2. Classic Mountains | 3. Woodlands | 4. Dinosaur | 5. Chinese Storytelling Trees | 6. Spring Wild Rain

Emily found this company a few years ago when designing Elliot’s nursery and fell in love with their prints and patterns. Emily used #1 in Elliot’s bedroom because who doesn’t need a pink tree mural in their room. She cannot say enough good things about the details, quality and coloring of their stuff.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Studio Print Works 1

Studio Printworks

1. Faux Marble | 2. Recessed | 3. New Amsterdam | 4. Maiden and Moonflower | 5. Pineapple | 6. Webs | 7. Cones | 8. Relics | 9. Yee-Ha

They have got some very off the wall patterns and narrative murals that are bound to make your friends, and your walls talk (literally) and if that is not your thing then you can find some beautiful geometrics and florals in their shop, as well.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Tempaper 1


1. Tokyo | 2. Coffee Beans | 3. Mosaic Scallop | 4. Celestial | 5. Swell | 6. Papillion | 7. Feather Flock | 8. Check You Out | 9. Moire Dots

We love using Tempaper because they give you all the big impact without the permanent part. Plus, we promise that it is so easy to put up that anyone could do it…just take your time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup The Jungalow 1

The Jungalow

1. Phoenix | 2. Ayo | 3. Eucalif | 4. Tigris | 5. Chaya | 6. Phoenix

The Jungalow is THE go-to place for the most vibrant, awesome bohemian patterned wallpaper. The amazing Justina Blakeney is a true artist and it’s impossible to not look at her work and smile.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Trustworth 1


1. Alice In Wonderland | 2. Hydrangea | 3. I Love Little Pussy | 4. Seagulls | 5. Apothecary’s Garden | 6. Bat And Poppy | 7. Bird And Holly | 8. Four And Twenty | 9. Whoot

These guys make reproductions of some of the most beautiful antique prints. That Alice in Wonderland print is beyond words, it makes us so happy.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Turner Pocock Cazalet 1

Turner Pocock Cazalet

1. Penguins | 2. Ostrich | 3. Toucans | 4. Zebras | 5. Cricket (blue) | 6. Owlet | 7. Cricket (natural) | 8. Ibis | 9. Tennis

These guys fulfill my animalistic tendencies in all the right ways. They have got some great patterns that are fun, youthful, and perfect for a kids room.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Urban Outfitters 1

Urban Outfitters

1. Swansy | 2. Pink Current | 3. Amy Floral | 4. Laura Ashely | 5. Mid Century Geometric | 6. Gail | 7. Retro Stripe | 8. Ayat | 9. Peaches

Urban Outfitters has been expanding their home collection and introducing some very good items into it, including these wallpapers. As with Urban Outfitters, a lot of them are retro and vintage inspired.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Walnut Wallpaper 1

Walnut Wallpaper

1. Mr. Fox | 2. Hua Trees | 3. Dreamhouse | 4. Windmill Vinyl | 5. Seascape | 6. Wings | 7. Lichen | 8. Equinox Harvest | 9. Spiro Trip

These guys have an extensive collection of prints, botanicals, and geometrics in a huge variety of colorways. They also have a handful of designer collections that are tailored to suit every style.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup West Elm 1

West Elm

1. Modern Femme | 2. Ikat Stripes | 3. Etched Clouds | 4. Nova | 5. Labyrinth | 6. Spliced Geo | 7. Digital Terrazzo | 8. Wave Brushstrokes | 9. Small Geo

Another major retailer that is now carrying wallpaper. We don’t think any of the stores have these in person for you to see, but from what we found online, it does look like they have some good ones.

There you have it folks, 43 of my favorite wallpaper retailers. Now get out there and wallpaper your life, and in case you missed our other EPIC roundups, check out: Best Online Fabric and Best Online Art.

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Martha Buckwalter-Davis
4 years ago

I also love Surface View in the UK – Many of the wallpapers sold by Trustworth in this roundup were designed by Arts and Crafts designer CFA Voysey and they are all available through Surface View in their V&A Museum collection. They do collaborations with British historical institutions such as museums as well as other amazing designers. And it isn’t just wallpaper, you can get prints and fabrics and tiles as well.

4 years ago

Love this post! Thank you!

4 years ago

What a great resource for wall paper you have gifted us! Thank you for putting that together. I had a dear neighbor (she just died at age 102) whose entire house was done in wallpaper from 1957. It was such an impressive, sophisticated collection with every room different but not clashy in any way. She geniusly chose patterns that never were dated and many of the rooms had fabric that matched. I just loved being in the midst of it all. I would love to wallpaper a room or two as a tribute to her.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

okay I know about 98% of the population would think matching your wallpaper to fabric is fuddy duddy, but if it’s done right, it’s SO chic and special. Your neighbor sounds like she was someone I’d want to know.

4 years ago

This was the 50’s when she did this so it definitely didn’t look modern but it was done well. She was far from fuddy duddy, so cool for a 100 year old.

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

Wow! Thank you. These are all fantastic and inspirational. I love wallpaper and am so happy to see it make a comeback.

4 years ago

These options are so good! I didn’t know West Elm had wallpaper. I have used Wild from Chasing Paper and love it so much I plan on using it again. Another local wallpaper source that is updated and fun is from Kate Zaremba.

Looks like this post came at just the right time for us wallpaper junkies!

Mande Gaffney
4 years ago

Dying. Makelike and Eskayel are my new favs.

4 years ago

Great post! Love wallpaper! Here is one of my all time favorites, Timorous Beasties!

4 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

oh yes! I LOVE them. Such artistic, whimsical work.

4 years ago

Ty For Wallpaper

4 years ago

Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for good patterns for a small bath. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Pattern Collective
4 years ago
Reply to  Josh ? let me know if you need samples

The Pattern Collective
4 years ago

These are some of our favorites too!

4 years ago

A couple of weeks ago I had my daughters room professionally wallpapered and I’m disappointed with the results. It was a dark blue paper with white and gold stars to match her star/galaxy theme. Since the paper is dark, you can see the white lines for each sheet that was put up. I’m just curious if this is normal for dark wallpaper and a way this could have been prevented? Everything cost an arm and leg so it’s not something I’ll redo any time soon, I’m just curious if anyone has had similar results with dark wallpaper.

Carol A Christensen
4 years ago
Reply to  Hannah

I have hung a lot of wallpaper in my time, Hannah! The walls should have been primed in the background color of your pattern. It’s just too hard to match the seams so perfectly that in some place the wall color will not show through. However, I have also used markers on occasion to “correct” my mistakes!

4 years ago
Reply to  Hannah

Itโ€™s definitely a very normal occurrence with dark papers. Hardly any deal papers are actually printed on a dark backing itโ€™s always white and very hard to get around in some cases. The installer could have tried chalking off the edges previous to the installation. If you use a chalk pastel that matches the background color it will fill in the seams and calm your eye from seeing all the white. Maybe you could call your installer and check in?

4 years ago

You weren’t kidding. This is the ULTIMATE roundup. Thank you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Alex

we don’t joke around here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 years ago

Fabulous post. Such a well curated compilation of wallpapers!!

4 years ago

What a great resource! As an apprentice learning to hang paper I highly recommend working with a professional installer throughout the whole process. Especially if you are investing in a higher quality paper.

If anyone is looking for an installer the Wallcovering Installers Association is a great resource to locate an installer near you!

4 years ago

I love there is an insane variety that.
Iโ€™ve found some awesome stuff on eBay.
My current obsession is Ellie Cashman Designs dark florals. Itโ€™s stunning!

4 years ago
Reply to  Samantha

Oh yes we do love Ellie Cashman!

4 years ago

How many rooms is too many to wallpaper? Because I found a favorite for every room in my house! This was an awesome round up!

4 years ago

Having survived a horrific wallpaper removal process, I have to say that … I love wallpaper … just not on my walls. For all those who love the designs of great wallpaper but don’t want to have to put it up or take it down, and can’t afford to pay someone else to do it, I have a solution: Books about wallpaper.

There are some beautifully illustrated books about wallpaper, including these favorites:
1. The Wallpaper Book, by Genevieve Brunet.
2. Bitten By Witch Fever: Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home, by Lucinda Hawksley
3. Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland, by Emile de Bruijn
4. And one I want, coming out in August: “Zuber: Two Centuries of Panoramic Wallpaper.” Looks gorgeous!

4 years ago

Wait…how could you leave out Schumacher?!

Caroline Wetherell
4 years ago

Beautiful options – my all time favorite is mind the gap International but then I do love the maximalist look….

Dotty Lee
4 years ago

Great choices – did you look at Perigold? Check them out too.

4 years ago

I love this post beyond words. Youโ€™ve saved me so much time! Almost too much to digest at once, but great to file away. Thank you!!!

chirurgie esthetique Tunisie
4 years ago
Reply to  SGH

Article original, bonne continuation ๐Ÿ™‚

keith at mini moderns
4 years ago

Thank you so so much for including us in this fabulous round up!

4 years ago

should add Drop it Modern

4 years ago

I would also add Kate Zaremba!

Kristy Hicks
4 years ago

I need guidelines for picking wallpaper for our long hallway. Our home is a 1923 “Craftsman” that leans toward Mid century modern/traditional as far as decor goes. Any help in how to pick wallpaper for this hallway?

4 years ago

I’ve been searching for the right wallpaper for my new powder room for MONTHS. This post yesterday introduced me to Milton & King and I FINALLY pulled the trigger! Ordered the Palm Springs wallpaper this morning! Thank you thank you for this roundup.

4 years ago

The Lizzie Allen wallpapers look a LOT like the illustrations from an M. Sasek from the 1950s. She doesn’t appear to give him credit on her website. I love her wallpaper but wow, it seems like she copied very heavily.

4 years ago
Reply to  Barbara

She didn’t give him credit in an article on SurreyLife either…claims the figures are loosely based on family!!! But her changing guards are a straight up copy of Miroslav Sasek, so… Although she has designed the word ‘London’ across their belts so maybe she’s just “heavily influenced” ๐Ÿ™‚

Still though, a cracking round up Team EHD!

4 years ago

Great list. My personal favorite and what we used is flavor paper. Beautiful though pricey!!

4 years ago

So honored to be part of this list! So many amazing artists. Thank you Emily Henderson for supporting our small wallpaper biz!

This is an amazing roundup ๐Ÿ˜‰

Veronica Rabadan
4 years ago

would love to see a post on tips and tricks for HANGING wallpaper and how much it should cost for someone professional to do it. pros/cons of DIY vs a professional? the roundups are great but i like to see stuff in practice too!