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by Emily Henderson
Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_5

Well, it only took 2 1/2 years for me to redo what is the most disgusting room in our house. The rest of the house is virtually finished and this room just stared at me daily with a “WHAT. DON’T EVEN COME NEAR ME, ” kind of aggression. It needed a major overhaul, and fast.

Laundry Room Before

I knew what was going to happen – I was going to wait to fix it ’til we needed to sell the house, and then I would regret every single second that this monster stared at me up until that point. So I got on it.

Laundry Room Progress 2

We fixed the doors (we tried two different accordion doors and they didn’t work for really boring reasons). Long story is that the frames aren’t square and the size isn’t standard, plus we ordered the doors before we ordered the washer/dryer, so I didn’t know that there wouldn’t be enough clearance on both sides to open the washer or dryer doors.  So we put on two standard doors and it looks a lot cleaner than the accordion, anyway.

Next, we wallpapered in the back with the most wonderful water inspired paper ever – Cole and Sons Frontier Wallpaper and now when you open it, along with the clean washer/dryer, it looks so happy and fun. But it needed some more storage and some styling love.

So without further ado, here is my new, beautiful, tiny but wonderful laundry closet.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_3 Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_1 Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_4

I’m no longer apologizing. No longer embarrassed. No longer using 27 year old mismatching washer and dryer. I’m now proud and happy. I may even leave the doors open all day every day to show it off.

So let’s talk about the appliances. I partnered with LG on my closet and I couldn’t be happier with them. I love how they look and how they function. I’m officially a front-loader fan. Both washer and dryer are super easy to use, but have a lot of options when it comes to cycles, heat, speed, level of dirt, etc. They are so quiet and super fast. Our cleaning lady is obsessed with them too, which says a lot because she knows her way around a washer and dryer.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_2

My new favorite thing in the world (appliance-wise) is the LG Sidekick – that additional mini washer underneath the main washer that doesn’t take up any additional room because it is directly under the washer. See below. Here’s how it works: you place normal laundry and larger loads into the front loader, but then save your delicates, gym clothes, fancy yoga pants, and all your intimates in the sidekick (although it can wash whatever you want). I use it for my workout clothes since I recycle the same 2 pants and often don’t want to do a whole load just for those three things. I also do it for onesies for Elliot as I’m trying to now buy too many clothes for her that she’ll grow out of, and instead wash her sweet potato riddled clothes every day. It’s way less wasteful than doing a small load of laundry in the normal washer, as it uses less water and energy.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_6

You can add the sidekick to any LG washer purchased since 2009 – and you can do what I did which is use a pedestal drawer underneath the dryer and the sidekick under the washer. What it can do: The SideKick™ washer offers six distinct cycles,  each offering a unique combination of wash motions, water temperatures,  rinse cycles and spin speeds that are ideally suited for the different types of loads.

The SideKick™and the LG front-load washer can operate simultaneously or independently, so the user can wash one load in hot and one load in cold water at the same time. It’s wonderful.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_4

We had to add some storage and organization, obviously because this laundry closet is small. So we put up those shelves and allowed room for laundry baskets on top. Genius. The shelves housed all the detergents and other cleaning supplies as well as the iron, dirt buster and anything that we needed to grab quickly.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_7

We utlized both doors by hanging organizers on the interiors. On one side was a fold out clothes hanging line and the other was our mop and broom.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_8

The drawer underneath the dryer held all of our cleaning rags and some other laundry supplies – dryer sheets, oxy clean, spot cleaner, etc. I’ve never felt so pulled together in my life.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_9

On top we added a pre-cut ikea table top that fit pretty perfectly so we didn’t have to do anything custom.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_5

We put a tray, jar and dish as catchalls for all the stuff that is inside your jeans – coins, business cards, reciepts, lipstick, etc. Last we added a tiny garbage for lint and other disgusting trash that I find in my jeans constantly, like pistachio shells (WHY WOULD I PUT THOSE IN MY POCKET???), gum wrappers, and clothing tags.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_1Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_3

The best news of all is that the laundry closet (in the middle of the house) is now invisible with the doors shut, and so pretty with the doors open:

Emily-Henderson-Design-LG-Washer-Laundry-Room-Sidekick-Doors-Opening-GIF    Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_2

Having that closet done sends a surge of saratonin through my veins just thinking about it. It’s so wonderful. It’s functional, stylish and now that it’s organized has solved a lot of my random cleaning product problems.

So here’s the story, starting now through July 13th , LG is running a promotion in which consumers can purchase an LG Front-Load and LG SideKick pair starting at $999. Typically the washer is $799 and the sidekick is $699 so if you act now (through July 13th) you can have both starting at $999. Pretty darn good deal for 2 washers!

But if you are the “getting things for free” type then you are in luck because we have a giveaway: One of you will receive a free sidekick.

**** GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CLOSED. A big thanks to all those who entered and congrats to Lisa N. who is the lucky winner. LG will be in contact with you directly, so be sure to watch out for an email. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Enter the giveaway by commenting on this blog post with what clothing you’d love to wash in a SideKick, and by entering below:

A Rafflecopter giveaway

In case you were interested in seeing how I use said laundry closet, we have gone ahead and recorded it:

Emily-Henderson-Design-LG-Washer-Laundry-Room-Sidekick-Doing-Laundry-GIFSee how it works? That sidekick is pretty darn wonderful. I use it all the time for work out clothes, baby clothes, or tonight where I shoved in 10 stiff linen napkins to soften them for my shoot tomorrow. Not the most common use of it, but so convenient.

So there you have it. My laundry closet finally revealed, and in a way that I’m proud of.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_5

Here you go if you want to get that look:

Laundry Room Get the Look

1. Wallpaper | 2. Wall Shelf | 3. Double Wall Sconce | 4. LG Dryer | 5. LG Capacity Washer | 6. LG Sidekick | 7. LG Pedestal Shelf/Drawer | 8. Leather Catchall | 9. Laundry Basket | 10. Tiny Dust Pan | 11. Runner | 12. Expandable Wall Mount Organizer | 13. Broom | 14. Dust Pan | 15. Tray Set | 16. Over Door Ironing Board

A big thanks to LG and all of our sponsors who allow us to bring you original content every day.

*Photos by Zeke Ruelas, styling help by Scott Horne.

***You can find the Terms and Conditions for the LG SideKick Giveaway here

  1. Gah! This is stunning. I wish my gross laundry closet was as glam and functional as this.

  2. Well done! I don’t think I have ever wanted to do laundry more than I do now after reading and seeing this post.

  3. I have been wondering about those units and looking into getting that exact one. So glad to hear you love it. Definitely am going to enter that giveaway and keep my fingers crossed. Loving this so much.

  4. I’d wash my daughter’s favorite pajamas that she requests to wear every. single. night and her lovey that she carries everywhere and is disgusting all the time. Love the wallpaper!

  5. I’d feel better washing my fav Anthro clothes in there as opposed to my current washing machine and I know my workout clothes would be washed better.

  6. Would love a new washer and dryer!

  7. I would banish my husband’s gym clothes in the sidekick–forever! Right now they have to live in the garage until i get enough of them to do a full load. It would be so lovely to not have to wait!

  8. How nice to be able to wash small loads of workout clothes! Or stained business attire!

  9. I’m expecting my first baby this fall, and a new washing machine would be a godsend!

  10. We just bought LG front loaders and love them! Now you have us sold on the sidekick for baby clothes for baby #3 coming any day now.

  11. I’d definitely wash baby clothes in the Sidekick – they are endless in our house!

  12. I would love to win this bad boy. My current washer leaves rust spots on our clothes if we use the hot cycle. So I would wash all of our towels in piping hot water with this thing!

  13. Love the idea of that washing machine! Would be great for delicate tops that normally get thrown in a delicate bag to be (wrongfully) washed in a large load

  14. What a brilliant product! I would love a SideKick for baby/toddler clothes!

  15. I had no idea that sidekick thing existed! We haven’t done anything to our “laundry room” (unfinished room in the basement…) but maybe this would be the “kick” (groan) in the pants we need. 🙂

  16. I would wash my favorite everlane cardigan that I wear year round in the lower washer on delicate and the massive amount of laundry my kids generate in the top.

  17. I would absolutely love a way to wash delicates in a separate washer. I always feel so wasteful when I run them in a small load in my washer.

  18. I would wash all my delicates in there:)

  19. Would love these!

  20. This laundry space is oh so good! I love it. I am in a water aerobics class three times a week and the pool’s high chlorine count does a number on swimsuits unless they are washed after every wearing. The sidekick would be perfect for this chore.

  21. OMG I would love that for my workout clothes, and we have the same sports bra!! <3

  22. I would wash nursing bras! Or I would wash sweaters on delicate. Instead they just languish in my laundry room until they are no longer in season. Oh well.

  23. PRETTY .

    Question: you say that the countertop on top of the washer and dryer is Ikea. I have a Samsung washer and dryer, but I’m pretty sure they’re all standard sizes, and the Ikea countertop covers the washer but not the gap between the washer and the wall (aka: the gap of doom where spare baby socks go to die). Do you somehow not have that gap? HOW did you make it fit??

  24. I obsess over things like this–brooms, brushes, drying racks, etc. so I’m right on board. My fave thing is that little pull-down drying rack (but you need a tiny basket w clothespins in it, don’t you?).
    Also, I KNOW you don’t keep all your dirty laundry in one sweet little woven basket. Where could the rest of it be…. But it’s a huge improvement, certainly.

  25. Baby clothes for sure! We’re expecting our second child so our laundry room will be getting a workout!

  26. AHHHH that is brilliant! Both the room and the sidekick. I am about to buy my first house and therefore my first washer and dryer. This would be perfect!!

  27. I was in an interview with industry types who divulged that front-load is better for your clothes–wears them out less. Also less energy.
    This is an amazing job. That sidekick thing is mind-boggling. So is that pedestal/drawer for the dryer.
    I love that this is very nice but it isn’t ridiculously styled in a way that nobody’s house would be. This looks like a working laundry room, even though it’s exceptionally beautiful.

  28. Workout clothes and lingerie! Our cheap-o washer doesn’t even have a gentle cycle!

  29. I’d live to wash daily soccer uniforms and socks in the sidekick! Or swimsuits and delicates. Love this makeover!

  30. For small loads!

  31. LOVE the idea of a mini washer! Great use of space and would love to have this under my LG washer. We’re pregnant and are planning on cloth diapering, so this would be perfect for washing diapers.

  32. We’re moving into faculty housing soon. If we’re extremely lucky, there will be a w/d hookup and we will need a w/d. I’m sure we will also be in need of your services to bring the place to life.

  33. SO beautiful, and loving the space you do laundry makes a huge difference! I have a 4 year old and 16 month old twins (all girls), so I would definitely be washing small loads of small clothes that must be cleaned quick! I also always have a couple random delicate things in the bottom of the hamper that I would throw in there and save myself some grief. I need a sidekick!

  34. this cute sidekick would be so great for doing small loads of my toddlers clothing, plus i would loooove a new washer!

  35. I have an LG washer and dryer, but would love the Sidekick to keep up with all the laundry that my 3 week old son creates.

  36. Those would be great to replace my ancient washer and dryer!

  37. This is genius! I would definitely wash my intimates in this bad boy. I have a million bras, but I only actually use, like, two of them, and this would make it way easier to keep them clean!

  38. Beautiful job! So smart to do it for yourself and not wait til it’s time to sell the house. I never heard of the Sidekick before. How neat is that!!!

  39. Your laundry closet is beautiful!! Thanks for showing that we don’t all need to have tiled, loaded-with-storage and pinteresty-type-cubbies, full on ROOMS, for the place where we wash dirty socks. (Although wouldn’t we all love that type of room too?) I would love the side-kick for washing food-covered toddler clothes, and the occasional sports uniform that’s needed for a game in like, 1 hour.

  40. That is cute! I want a little sidekick for my delicates! Sometimes you just have a teeeny load but older washers don’t even have a delicate cycle. So much water is wasted.

    I really love the idea of the little trash can. One of those things you always wish was right there but don’t think to put (unless you’re a smart person. I always walk my lint to the kitchen).

  41. WOW! I love that wallpaper! The laundry room in my house needs a major facelift, too!

  42. OMG, I have a laundry room inside my house in Florida which is a huge bonus to not have to go into the 100 degree garage to do laundry…BUT, I still need to style it! The previous owner put a wall-attached shelf with hanger rod exactly where my head goes when I stand in front of the washer and dryer-genius (NOT). Anyway, I would die for those washer and driers with the sidekick! I have lululemon shorts and sports bras that need to be washed very frequently but aren’t very big so I hate to do 3 loads a week…the sidekick would be perfect! I’m in need of winning something for free…we are currently trying to get wood laminate floors off of our concrete subfloor and apparently the previous owner used atomic super glue…our demo guy can’t make them budge with his demo hammer 🙁 Pretty pretty please do a free design consultation contest sometime soon!!!

  43. Cloth dinner napkins and kitchen towels. We try to make less waste so we use cloth napkins and dish towels instead of paper. I am constantly washing them and they make up a perfect small sized load.

  44. If I’m honest, we recently got our own new washer and dryer so I feel bad entering this giveaway, but I also would LOVE having a sidekick, so here I am anyway. I wanna wash my swimsuit anytime I feel like it without gathering a whole load! Plus, like, other stuff.

  45. it will help make our creepy old unfinished basement laundry room so much nicer

  46. The area looks great! Our laundry area is a leftover from the previous owners in 1980 (washer and dryer included I think!). I would love the sidekick for delicate items and also when I want to run a load of dark clothes without wasting so much water.

  47. That wallpaper is everything.

    I’d probably wash all of my “hand wash” clothes in it because lord knows I’m not actually washing them by hand!

  48. This looks great! I’d love a sidekick cause I always find myself needing to do the tiniest load, but end up putting it off until I can get a full load.

  49. Dinner napkins! I never want to throw in our nice dinner napkins in with clothes or towels after a party, and washing them with dirty dish towels seems mean.

    Also, dirty dish towels and cleaning rags that I don’t want dirtying up my nice bath towels!

    Basically, all the small messy things that my snobby nicer things don’t want to be associating with inside the regular washer. The snobs.

  50. I have an LG WASHER and have never heard of these…AMAZING!!

  51. I would love to keep my bras in great condition and throw them in the sidekick!

  52. Such a beautiful transformation! An example that even the smallest of spaces can be both exciting and might I say, encourage you to want to do more laundry?! Our washer and dryer are also around 27 years old…so here’s to hoping! – Jessica

  53. This is a brilliant idea. I hate wasting water on a tiny load and waiting around to do it last. Usually, I end up skipping it. Perfect compartment for delicates and gym clothes.

  54. Love! I would use the sidekick for my gym clothes and delicates, which I normally have to hand wash!

  55. This little washer and dryer nook is insanely organized and well done! Bravo Emily and team! Makes me want to do laundry all day (which is quite the feat since I HATE laundry)!!!

  56. I’d wash swim suits this summer.

  57. A sidekick would change my life! With two kids playing sports year round I think I wash a uniform for them every day. Right now one has WHITE pants for softball – the worst!

    Makeover is beautiful and inspirational, as always.

  58. I’d love to update my ancient washer!

  59. I’d love to wash those workout clothes that seem to be too small a load!

  60. I love this idea! Swimsuits & gym clothes for me!

  61. Yoga pants all day every day in that sidekick. Yes. Love that wallpaper!

  62. Ooh, so cool! Our washer died last year and I did a ton of research but ended up with an agitator-free top-loading Samsung model that is capacious but otherwise unexciting. The sidekick option, plus the ones that have built-in sinks (!) for our sinkless laundry room, would have been better long-term choices!

  63. oh man I would love to add the sidekick! we actually just bought this same W/D combo as part of our remodel. I toyed with the idea of a sidekick and didn’t pull the trigger, but it would be so great for sopping wet post-dog-bath towels and gym clothes! I keep also thinking about installing temporary wallpaper in there, but now that the machines are installed I am having trouble motivating.. maybe this is just the inspiration I needed

  64. I would absolutely love a sidekick! My husband always ends up throwing my bras in the regular washer on a normal cycle every time he does the laundry – which actually makes me not want for him to do our laundry! We bought our LG washer & dryer last year (pre-sidekick, must be) and love it even without.

  65. I love the efficiency of the SideKick.

  66. Ugh I would love this sidekick for all the fancy yet impractical underwear I find myself buying!

    1. I would love this for small loads. Very cool.

  67. That wallpaper. Is. EVERYTHING.

  68. That SIdeKick has blown my friggin mind. I did not know a thing like that existed and now I must have it. I love that our LG washer handles delicates so well but I hate wasting water washing small loads. This is amazing.

  69. I would love to wash my workout pants too! I always do tons of delicates loads and a smaller washer for them would be awesome!

  70. I would definitely use them to wash my doggie’s favorite blankets.

  71. I already have the LG washers and pedestals, gosh the sidekick is amazing! My laundry room is right off my kitchen so I’d use the sidekick for dishtowels and and dishcloths. 🙂

  72. I’d love a sidekick! We have an LG front loader that actually belongs to our awesome tenants, but they put it in the shared basement laundry. Since we own a three-flat, ie: share laundry with 2 other families and have two toddler boys and a hairy dog of our own, an extra washer (even a tiny one!) would change our lives.

  73. Oh gosh, one word: BIBS. We have a messy almost-3-year-old and a messy 8-month-old and food-covered bibs are the bane of my existence. I often rinse them and then throw them in my washer to wait for my next load, but that’s just, well, kind of gross. Sometimes I run a full-sized load with just a few bibs because they desperately need to be washed even though that’s colossally inefficient. The Sidekick would be worth it for bibs alone.

  74. If I had a worthy washer and dryer I might actually make my laundry area attractive.

  75. Our new house has a horrifically ugly pair — would love a sidekick!

  76. Oh man I would use the sidekick to wash the mini blanket my cat sleeps on, which gets covered in hair way too quickly. Might have to snap one of these sets up for the house we’re renovating!

  77. I have owned my LG set for at least 10 years and love them! I sidekick would fit nicely under my front loading washer for all my smaller hand wash cycles.

  78. Beautiful, love that wallpaperl!! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the top of my washer/dryer – I am going to get a desktop at ikea pronto! I would wash so many things in that sidekick – our swimsuits since we have a pool, my blouses that are more delicate and I could do smaller kid loads. Such a nifty little appliance!

  79. I’m currently doing a laundry room makeover but keeping our old washer and dryer. A new LG sidekick would totally finish off the space!

  80. This is just the coolest thing ever, I’d love to be able to separate all my really special clothes to wash!

  81. Looks A-MAZ-ING, Emily! My current washer & dryer were purchase right before my older daughter was born…in 1994! The Sidekick would be perfect for the dozen of sports bras that we go through each week! Fingers crossed.

  82. I was so curious to see what that little bottom contraption was from the pictures. Very cool. Yet not as cool as your jeans. You really rock those bell bottoms and are making me consider a pair!

  83. sweaty teen-age boy clothes….

  84. OMG this would be super perfect for my son’s cycling clothes. They are tiny, but super stinky so they can’t wait (plus something about them needing to be washed separately)

    Also – LOVE the makeover! Pretty laundry area is so key to make sure the actual laundry gets done.

  85. I’d use that puppy to wash my bras.

  86. gym clothes and sweaters.


  88. I’d wash the same 2 dresses my daughter requests to wear every single day.

  89. I would wash all my unmentionables!

  90. We are renovating a mid-century ranch here in the heartland. The laundry room was pretty low on my list of rooms to spruce up when we moved in a year ago, however, it is slowly inching its way up on the prority list with every load of wash.

  91. Would love to wash socks-only. Hate when they get mixed in with everything else – a sorting nightmare 🙁

  92. Delicates & gym clothes for sure! A girl can dream…

  93. I would use the hell out of that Sidekick washing my stepson’s “cozy” (his blanket)!

  94. Laundry room envy!

  95. As a mom of a newborn, everything. Literally everything.

  96. I would love to own it because it looks awesome!

  97. I want BAD!

  98. Dish towels! Currently, they live under the sink until there’s enough for a small load in the regular washer.

  99. So so jealous. I would use the sidekick to convince my husband (after 20 years ) that whites and darks can be separated and he can still get his laundry done as fast. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

  100. Gorgeous! I too have a “laundry closet”. I would love this so that I can finally get rid of my top load washer and put a countertop in, as well! Totally worth more than a vacation!

  101. Oh, this is awesome, I really love it. And great idea placing those catchalls, I have to do that ASAP, too.
    Anna From Italy

  102. I love to wash my 6 week old clothes in the SideKick! It seems like by the time I get around to doing a full load of laundry he has already grown out of them.

  103. I would use it for small loads!

  104. What smart ideas! The Sidekick would be perfect for washing gym clothes. Pocket pistachios made me laugh! You never know when you’d get hungry 🙂

  105. That side-kick is awesome. I always have to do small loads for my work shorts. The sidekick would be perfect for that.

  106. That sidekick is genius. Looks perfect for bra washing, which I always (in my mind) envision myself washing like Carrie Bradshaw: very leisurely in my bathroom sink and hanging them to dry on the shower curtain whilst gabbing on the phone with my girlfriends setting lunch plans. But then I snap back to reality and realize I haven’t washed my go-to bra in FOR-EVER and scramble to throw it in with jeans and towels and whatever else is already going in the wash. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  107. The little extra washing drawer…genius!!!! I would definitely use it for delicates (undies and frillies and all that). Would love it.

  108. I don’t qualify for the draw but I do have to say that I love the laundry room makeover! It does look really great open and closed. Really awesome!

  109. I’m so tired of my lacy garments getting destroyed from my agitator! Ready to buy a front-loader!!

  110. I would wash all my delicates in the sidekick!

  111. Sidekick would be great for separating pet laundry from mine (which is honestly probably equally dirty!).

  112. Another stunning room. I’m jealous of your sidekick, I hate having to wait to wash gym clothes, my laziness only gets me to the gym twice a week or less, so they pile up until I have tiny loads of delicates. The LG sounds like it solved that problem.

  113. I would love a new washer/dryer/sidekick combo for our house, it would be so convenient for washing the soiled baby clothes/blankets/sheets/burp cloths that are in our very near future. We’re due with our very first baby girl in 3 weeks!

  114. Oh my goodness, the Sidekick would make my little organized heart sing. I love it! I need it!

  115. OMGoodness I have been eyeing the sidekick! I would use it for those pesky tiny loads that I feel guilty for washing in the big washer (usually my workout clothes).

  116. I wish that had been invented when I bought my front loaders 5 years ago. I seem to wear the same two pairs of jeans over and over again, despite owning 30+ pairs, and it would be lovely to be able to wash one pair without feeling guilty or creating a backlog of all the other laundry that needs to get done.

  117. I love the mini-washer idea! I would use it to wash all the delicate items I usually put in special mesh bags – bras, delicate knits, etc.

  118. This would be so great for delicates, I never have a full load so they gather for weeks until I finally have enough to justify a small load.

  119. I would LOVE to wash my white jeans in the little sidekick- they get dirty so fast that the sidekick would be so handy!

  120. What about that tiny garbage can? Love and would like to buy.

  121. My family goes swimming every night and the mini wash would be so efficient!

  122. Whoa! That’s some gorgeous wallpaper. I’m a little jealous they your laundry room is fancier than my living room. How wonderful to have everything organized, functional, and beautiful! That Sidekick looks incredible. I’d use it for kitchen towels and napkins. I like to wash them separately from the loads of clothes, but have major guilt wasting water to do so. Problem
    solved- viola! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  123. Gym clothes for sure!!

  124. Agh! My machine just broke last week. I’ve been checking Craigslist for something that doesn’t feel too creepy. What if I got this!!!??! If use it for pillowcases that get drooled on! And shared! 🙂

  125. We just (like Monday) finished finishing our basement where the laundry is. I put a big domsjo ikea farmhouse sink in there for hand washing sweaters, bras, and other fancy clothes, but I’d totally use the sidekick instead!

  126. I would love the Sidekick for my daughter’s ballet needs: tights, leotards, warmups. Sounds perfect!

  127. This washer is amazing! My husband and I are actually expecting our first baby in about 8 weeks and when I first saw the commercial for this washer I thought how perfect it would be to wash the smaller loads for our little girl. That’s what we’d use it for. So much nicer than our current old model that shakes like crazy in the spin cycle!

  128. The laundry closet came out so great! I wish I could make mine look like that. The side kick sounds pretty cool. I love my LG washer dryer. I would wash my babies cloth diapers in the sidekick. Have to wash them daily in hot water and they are such a small load that it would be perfect. Doing 2 loads at the same time sounds awesome.

  129. It’d be great to use the sidekick for small loads of baby clothes and delicates.

  130. That’s awesome. I have to imagine the platform features have got to help with all the bending required for a front loader. I need knee-pads for mine…

    1. I have the same exact laundry closet (I guess it’s common in homes that age) and old machines too! I’d love to replace them with the LG Sidekick. Please pick me!!!!

  131. Love the Sidekick! I would use it for bras and teeny baby socks.

  132. Pretty & functional indeed. I bookmarked it! I’d totally wash delicates, film clothes & swim wear in the sidekick!

  133. I’d put my kids’ blankies and lovies in the sidekick for a quick wash as needed. Those beloved items get so gross!

  134. This is wonderful! Practical beauty at its best! Well done! I’m almost inspired to go do some laundry…maybe if I win a sparkly new LG washer with SideKick! I have daily small toddler-made-messy clothes loads–this would be perfect!

  135. It’s beautiful, light, and energizing. And, I didn’t even know how much I needed a Sidekick until right this very minute.

  136. I would love to use that wallpaper in my laundry room, but I have stupidly textured walls.

    That sidekick is awesome — I’m the same with workout gear. I have a few favorites and hate washing small loads,

  137. Whaaaat!? I had no idea the LG Sidekick existed. I love my LG washer and dryer and this little addition would be amazing. I just finished painting my laundry room (like 15 minutes ago) and am waiting for the paint to dry before I squeeze the washer and dryer back into their corner. Love your new space and the wallpaper too!

  138. would look awesome in my new home, and I gave that rug already so even better ! 😉

  139. I would love a sidekick for cloth diapers!

  140. Nice job!

    I’d wash those badly stained items right away in the smaller washer so they don’t sit around for a full load and set in to the fabric.

  141. My baby’s clothing!

  142. I am having a baby boy in less than a month and I would LOVE to have such an amazing washer (to replace the one that literally broke last week). With everything we are buying for the baby, it would be perfect timing financially!

    Thanks for always having such great give-aways!!

  143. I would wash all those cute baby clothes that need to be washed right away before stains set in

  144. I would definitely be washing the kids messier clothes, delicates, and handmade clothing! I love this laundry closet, pinning to remember this when we remodel our awkward half bath + laundry area.

  145. I bought the same washer/dryer set in May – when we discovered 48 hours after closing on our condo that the washer/dryer combo it had didn’t actually do a full wash cycle. I LOVE these machines. Everything gets so clean. A sidekick would be great for sweaty gym clothes and delicates!

  146. I’d wash my daughter’s onesies and bibs!

  147. Beautiful! so jealous. I want it

  148. I would love a sidekick to wash all of the stained baby clothes!

  149. I’ve never heard of the Side Kick washer, but that’s a wonderful option. I never seem to have enough whites/lights to make a proper full load, so I think the mini-washer would be ideal for that.

  150. I would wash my lingerie and cashmere sweaters and scarves! ????

  151. Very lovely! Just FYI it’s spelled serotonin. Love your blog!

  152. Wow-great giveaway! I’d wash all my husband’s running clothes in the SideKick!

  153. I would use the sidekick for delicates and workout clothes. Our washer/dryer are 30+ yrs old so we are in need of an upgrade!

  154. The same as you! I’d wash my workout clothes that are constant rotation!

  155. Hands down I would wash infant clothes non stop in that side kick. And my husband’s gross workout shirt that he throws in the laundry room wet with sweat. And my favorite jeans when they inevitably become my son’s napkin/ boogie catcher.
    Also, that wallpaper is stunning!

  156. Amazing transformation! I’d use the sidekick for both my fiance’s work (contractor) and workout clothes because he manages to sweat and dirty his clothes in ways that defy logic.

  157. Yeah. This would change my life in ways untold…laundry is my nemesis right now.

  158. Ummm lets just say 4 boys in the house soon to be 5 and a DaugterInlaw so this would be a mighty fine upgrade!!! Lol

  159. I’d wash my husband’s delicates. After all isn’t it “Happy husband…happy wife?”.

  160. I am jealous! This looks so beautiful!

  161. I have been lusting over the LG washers and dryers. I would love to be able to use the Sidekick for intimates and workout clothes.

  162. I need this whole set up ASAP! We just bought a house and I’m have major envy. I’d prob use the sidekick for lulu pants and handmade items!

  163. I would wash my husband’s cycling spandex in the sidekick because they are super stinky and need to be washed alone.

  164. I would love this, I have so many tiny delicate tank tops that can’t wash with my regular loads but they don’t equal an average size load on their own. If I had the LG sidekick, I could take care of all my delicates the same time as my kids basketball clothes.

  165. My washing machine is in bad shape! The knobs are both broken and we use a pliers to change them. I would use the sidekick to wash my workout clothes. I also have a 5-month-old who is a spit up expert and we go thru plenty of bibs and burp clothes…

  166. The sidekick would be perfect for those sweaty hot yoga clothes. I need this in my life.

  167. I’d wash my expensive workout clothes if I ever wore themthem!

  168. Workout clothes for sure! Those things can stink up the whole laundry bin! Also dishrags and towels!

  169. I had no idea LG even had the option of a Sidekick Mini Washer. It is genius. Especially with little babies getting poop I’m things… And you just don’t want to wash that with everything else 😉 This post was perfectly timed for me – I’m getting my first closet-style laundry room, and I really didn’t know a good way to handle it! Now I have some good ideas (and have been forewarned about accordian-style doors! I didn’t even think about them taking up side space (!) Thank you!

  170. Ugh I have a question and it’s going to get buried (I don’t even want a washer!!) but where is the drying rack from! That’s what I need, not a food out ironing board 🙁

  171. I’d wash my expensive workout clothes if I ever wore them!

  172. Ugh I have a question and it’s going to get buried (I don’t even want a washer!!) but where is the drying rack from? That’s what I need, not a fold out ironing board 🙁

  173. Would love to win! Buying a new house and need a washer dryer. I would love to use the sidekick for baby clothes.

  174. I would use the sidekick for the inevitable peed upon or spit up on clothes that happen right when I finished doing laundry all day and don’t have anything else to add for a full load. I swear it happens every single time ?

  175. I would use it for cloth diapers! Or kitchen towels and washcloths!

  176. Look gorgeous! How did you pick the counter on top of the laundry machines? Is it custom or pre made? And how is it attached – just to the wall itself? We are having our own laundry room wars and that’s been a question! Thanks! 🙂

  177. I would use the sidekick for gym clothes, dog blankets and my daughters favorite blankets that get washed far less often than I care to admit.

  178. I would love to use a new washer to clean my soon-to-be-born daughter’s clothing.

  179. i’d wash everything.

  180. I want this whole set up.

  181. Horseback riding clothes! Other family members have allergies, so they can’t sit around and wait for a full load…

  182. This great! Perhaps my “mom uniform” would get washed more often 😉

  183. I would looooove new washer/dryer! Ours leaves detergent stains and rips things…

  184. I’ve been using a stackable apartment sized washer for my family of five for 13 years. It’s been my dream to get a new larger LG washing machine that can fit more than 1/2 a normal load in at once. I’d start by washing my husband’s unbearable gym clothes! ?

  185. We will move into our new house next week and still need a washer and dryer. I would use the sidekick daily for our dishrags…I hate to put them in with regular wash, but they need to be washed right away to keep them from smelling. Fingers crossed!

  186. Amazing transformation! Love the whole look. I would wash my boys’ blankets (that are constantly getting dirty since they go everywhere with us). Keeping my fingers crossed…we’re using hand-me-down machines and could really use an upgrade. Great giveaway!

  187. Beach towels and swimming suits!!

  188. I would wash the dog blankets in it every other day….

  189. I too am using a 27 year old set. I’d love an upgrade to help with my two year old daughter’s food stains!

  190. I would love this for my sons clothes!

  191. Oh, man. We JUST re-did our laundry room and I love it, but I want that SideKick SO BAD. I have a 21-month-old and an 8-week old, so I’m doing a ton of laundry these days. I actually kept track this past week – 21 loads in seven days! I’m really particular about sorting and pre-treatingtoo, so the SideKick would be AMAZING for smaller loads, like delicates and frequently-used (and soiled) baby items. Wish I’d known about it sooner!

    Love the wallpaper in the laundry closet too!

  192. Oh MAN I just got a brand new beautiful WHITE loft space downtown LA and I have no washer and dryer!!! I would looooove to wash all my pretty delicates and new sheets (that I desperately need haha). YAY Em!

  193. This is lovely! My laundry room is definitely resembling your “before” with my hand-me-down washer and dryer.

  194. I would love to use the Sidekick for washing my workout clothes and that one shirt I forgot that I needed to wash before my big meeting 🙂

  195. Love this! I hadn’t thought much about the walls in my laundry room. Time to get cracking!

  196. I’d love to throw ALL my clothes in there, but especially my favorite black skinny jeans in the Sidekick washer since I always want them to be clean and ready to wear!

  197. I could see the sidekick being handy for swimsuits/beach towels or softball uniforms (especially when it’s tournament time and they’re playing almost nightly).

  198. Genius! I would also wash mini loads of gross baby clothes, which are usually covered in liquified strawberries and hummus. How convenient!

    And your laundry room is nothing short of inspiring.

  199. I would love to wash socks it in so I don’t lose pairs! I hate that game!

  200. The sidekick is genius!! Where have you been all my laundry with 3 kids life?? I’d keep you busy with my beloved lululemon yoga pants and unfortunately sidekick you’d get a lot of smelly boys sports socks that I fear washing with the main load!!

  201. So envious of a dedicated laundry space. Neeeeeeed that little SideKick for workout clothes!

  202. Ooooh! I wish this was around when we were shopping for washers and dryers. I keep having unsightly piles of workout clothes “airing out” while I wait for a full load of clothes to accumulate in our two-person household. And since all washers are MONSTERS nowadays, that can take a while, and I WILL NOT wash small loads, even though the machine has a load sensor…

    And yeah, how rad would it be to do all the “hand wash only” clothes in the sidekick? Or that one shirt with a huge stain that needs a long & hot soak? Yaaasss!

  203. I’d wash my unmentionables and granddaughters pretty dresses, and swimsuits all around.
    I’d love to win this; my washer just went caput, and I was planning how to replace it!

  204. Would love to wash my delicates in small batches in a Sidekick so I don’t have to wait so long to fill up a load!

  205. I’d love to win because I hate running small loads of laundry. The LG sidekick would enable me to run small loads without feeling guilty.

  206. Two teen girls… Plus a 5-lb dog who needs sweaters because he’s always cold during winter months. We would be using that laundry drawer nearly every day!

  207. Love this makeover! Our washer and dryer are smack dab in front of our bathtub in our townhouse. If we had these, I wouldn’t mind looking at them every day!

  208. All the delicates that I keep shrinking!!!

  209. I love my LG washer and dryer, both front load and awesome! I tried to take them w me while selling my house and the buyer asked for them. I had to say bye?
    I now have my moms washer from the 90s
    I would love to wash that one dirty stuffed animal or my gym clothes!

  210. I just bought a new house and the laundry room/bathroom DESPERATELY needs this makeover!!

  211. Wash mine and my daughters light colored clothes while washing the boys dark colored clothes in the big machine!

  212. I’m the getting things for free type & nothing has ever been thus stunning. I suppose I would dream of washing everything in there but the kitchen sink!! 🙂

  213. I also have a laundry closet. It is very plain jane and I want to do want you did. I also have brand new LG machines and am honestly in love with them. I would love to add the Sidekick to my washer. We have a new Newfoundland puppy and I would use it to wash the towels we use to clean up all the water he leaves all over my kitchen floor.

  214. I’d love a sidekick for my bras and my baby clothes!

  215. I love the makeover!! That wallpaper is so pretty. I would wash my workout clothes in the sidekick. I’m the same way. I only have a couple pairs that I cycle through.

  216. I would love to win this! The sidekick is awesome – I would wash delicates.

    1. Oh and duh I totally forgot to tell you how fresh and beautiful your laundry closet is now. Immediately bogarting everything you’ve done here.

  217. Oh man! Are you effing with me there’s a mini washer you can install under your regular washer? And it’s an LG so it’s pretty. Mind blown. I would totally put the bedding and towels in the big one and because I’m OBSESSED with laundry, none of my pretty bras and undies ever see anything but super delicate cycle. But as a woman, those items, even all of them, don’t really justify a whole load. Plus who wants to wait for many half full loads in a row when you can WASH BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Amazing. Entering sweepstakes immediately.

  218. Using it to wash baby clothes would be the best!

  219. I would wash my kids’ bathing suits and towels. I am running a load right now in our front loader but I feel guilty it’s a tiny load. This would save a lot of energy and water!

  220. Just lovely! We are about to be a family of five so this would make life much easier for mamma!

  221. OMG, I have been obsessing over this washer for last few weeks! I always wash our socks separately so the sidekick would be perfect!

  222. Just opened escrow TODAY on MY VERY FIRST HOUSE! And I need a washer and dryer! In that sidekick I’d wash all the bathing suits we use on a daily basis. My three young children think they’re actually fish and are in the ocean/pool/splash pad all day. Pick me!

  223. My washer is so old. This LG sidekick is amazing. My two boys are playing summer ball every Monday & Wednesday – I would wash their uniforms with this new washer!!

  224. Love love love the wallpaper! And that LG sidekick is genius and would go great with my LG washing machine 😀

  225. I always want to wash my most versatile skirts and pants that I want to wear frequently. But feel wasteful unless I do a whole load of laundry. I would love to have that Sidekick for washing efficiently.

  226. I would wash the kids’ sports uniforms! It’s my dream to have a laundry area that is in the main living level!

  227. Soccer uniforms. So I’m guessing you can’t use a tide pod in the side kick.

  228. We just purchased 8 dinosaur tees for the kiddo who gently demands “rawr” and “rawr” only… Sidekick, where have you been all our lives…

  229. This is such a cool idea! They look amazing! The sidekick is brilliant. I think anyone who has ever done laundry could use one, but I’d love one for delicate pillow covers, the lightweight woven kimono style cover ups I love so much, and everyone’s intimates! Would be so nice to have a mini load you don’t need to sort before drying!

  230. I would SO wash my bathing suits and sports bras in the sidekick! Love it!

  231. The Sidekick is genius!! I would use it for my delicates as well as for baby onesies and kids special clothes.

  232. Wow! I love everything! I will be so motivated to do laundry everyday if I have a laundry closet like that! That wallpaper is so stunning! I want it!

  233. This would be perfect for all my tiny loads of tiny baby clothes!

  234. Holy wow. That’s ever toddler mama’s best friend. Now I want a Sidekick too!!

  235. Love that wallpaper. A place to wash wet bathing suits and sweet but stinky little boy sports clothes would be awesome. Love the idea of the sidekick!

  236. I’d use it for baby clothes and cloth napkins!

  237. What a great give-away! I’d wash my girls’ fancy dresses in the side kick!

  238. Love, love, love the makeover! We also have an ancient washer and dryer from 1997 that I can’t wait to replace! I would wash all of our chlorine-filled swimsuits so they are ready to go the following day.

  239. Beautiful!

    I love my two-year-old LG washer and dryer. I had no idea that there was a Sidekick option. It would be great for all my delicates.

  240. Blankets and sheets!!

  241. Um… EVERYTHING! I would wash EVERYTHING! Simultaneously, because that is some coolness right there.

  242. Wow! I love everything! I will be so motivated to do laundry every day! I love the wallpaper too! I want to win! Pick me!

  243. I’d love a sidekick for my hand wash items and my mid week small loads.

  244. That wee sidekick is awesome! My daughter washes her work clothes (polyester, because server at restaurant, and limited amount, because polyester) after each shift, so this would be great.

    Also, I have to wear a lot of black and denim in my job, so how nice would it be to throw in a small load of that? Really nice.

    I want a purty laundry room. I tried, but the towels that are rags took over and kicked me out.

  245. This sidekick sounds amazing! I love my LG washer and dryer and I would go crazy to win the sidekick! I have 3 young girls so it would get used a lot!

  246. This machine just went and one upped all machines. Dang, do I need this. My family needs this. We all need this.

  247. That sidekick would be so useful. I’d use it to wash my undies and small loads of doggy towels.

  248. Would love to be able to wash small loads without feeling bad for wasting too much water

  249. I’d LOVE to win because my current washer is about to die… you know that noise your washer makes when it’s on it’s last leg? Yep… thats the noise mine is making.

  250. I need a new washer and dryer SO badly! Ours is so old that we have to hold the start button for 2-5 minutes in order to get it to start. I’m 6 months pregnant and barely want to do laundry. It would be a lot easier with these!

  251. Your makeover is fab. I love it! I would love having the smaller washer so much! My daughter’s sweetly colored clothes are always such a tiny load and I hate to put them in with other things just to make a full load. What a cool addition that would help with those little loads so much!

  252. I’d love that! Super convenient.

  253. I just used my LG washer tonight to launder ONE PAIR of workout pants to take on vacation. Love the quick wash setting.
    Would adore a supplemental washer! Love the idea!

  254. Looooove this Laundry!!! Can’t wait to redo mine!

  255. What a great idea for washing small loads!

  256. I too have inherited the mismatched washer and dryer that I’m sure are both older than me! I have a 3 and 1 yr old so I’d use it for their clothes. Love the wallpaper!

  257. omg i would wash the workout socks and few bras that i really don’t wash quite enough. tmi? 🙂

  258. That Sidekick is such a good idea! I would use it for nursing bras and tanks that I wear errrryday and am constantly having to wash. Onesies, gym clothes, and my husband’s baseball uniform would be perfect to go in there too. Here’s hoping!

  259. My washer and dryer look like your before photos! I would happily wash everything in those beautiful machines!

  260. Sports bras and lulu lemon pants. They’re too expensive to have too many so I was them constantly.

  261. Fingers crossed! I would love to win this. My husband and I are trying to fix up our new “straight out of 1974” house. Our washer is 26 years old, but functioning. I’d love to replace it since it’s sooo not energy efficient, but there are more important things first. Like flooring. And a roof. My active toddler makes messes of his clothes hourly and I’d love to be able to put his stuff in the Sidekick to wash it quickly before stains set in. And I’m sure my husband would love having our bathroom sink not always be full of tiny man clothes, so he could wash his hands like a normal person once in awhile.. Lol

  262. I have been craving a sidekick! I would definitely wash my workout gear in it, because it needs to be washed separately but it tends to get left behind. Awesome giveaway, thank you!

  263. I would wash all my delicates.

  264. I’d love to use the sidekick for my delicate laundry and linen napkins!

  265. I’d definitely use the Sidekick to wash my toddlers superman tshirt that he must wear everyday along with my favorite denim shirt I want to wear everyday!!

  266. Undies undies undies! I’d use it for undies.

  267. Anything delicate! My washing machine agitates so violently it has ripped holes in my clothes!

  268. I am insanely jealous of your gorgeous laundry closet! Mine has been on the list to redo for 3 years now, and this post is a kick in the pants to get ‘er done. If I had an amazing LG sidekick set like you, I’d also be using it to wash sweet potato stained onesies. And avacodo stained onesies. And onesies stained with things we will not mention here, nor will we post about them on Facebook. (Though lets be real… How can babies be so ridiculously adorable and yet simultaneously create such disgusting laundry situations?!)

    Please, oh pretty please, giveaway gods, pick me, pick me!

  269. I’m 8 weeks postpartum and so only 2 athletic shorts and 3 tops fit me. The sidekick would he amazing for washing my “capsule” wardrobe!

  270. I have 4 boys, so anything that minimizes my laundry time would be AWESOME!

  271. Stunning! I have laundry in the basement and would love to make it a more beautiful space. The sidekick would be perfect for when I pre wash fabric for various sewing projects. Brilliant to have that mini washer for small loads.

  272. I would wash my work scrubs because it is such a waste to wash a few pairs after each shift! Great giveaway 🙂

  273. My laundry ‘closet’ is almost identical. I love the wallpaper. Would love to replicate and ‘delicates’for sure in the sidekick!?

  274. I would wash my delicate summer linen dresses in the LG sidekick!

  275. So gorgeous! I’d save time and money washing my work out clothes and newborn laundry – drum roll please – At the same time using the LG sidekick! Amazing!

  276. That sidekick is VERY COOL. My laundry room terrifies me so maybe one day….

  277. I would love to use it for the constant sock pile my kids leave everywhere!

  278. Love it! Question about the shelves. Did you cut them to size or can you actually fit a 48″ shelf in the space? I would love these in my laundry closet of doom but would need to cut them down.

  279. The wallcovering is amazing. We have a red LG washer and dryer that we bought almost 6 years ago, and I’d love to find a pattern to complement them. That Sidekick would be awesome for washing my bras on the delicate/hand wash funtion! Thanks for inspiring us to make laundry a little more fun, Em!

  280. Emily, your laundry closet is beautiful-that wallpaper is the best! We recently got a new front load W/D-different brand and I’m in love. They have a really high capacity and I honestly don’t know how our family of five survived so long without them. I have to mention this as I noticed it but I got really nervous when I saw the OxyClean in the bottom drawer and your babies being within reach of getting to it. My kids would be all over it. Take care!

  281. You guys did it again! The side kick would come in so handy. Especially for the yoga pants. And I’m totally adopting the catch all idea. Genius!

  282. I’d wash all the laundry summer generates – bathing suits, pool towels, sheets and towels from many guests, etc. Lovely transformation!!!

  283. Oh and in the sidekick I’d wash our newly made tie dyed shirts for the kids – fun summer project but you’re supposed to wash separately for a while!!??!!

  284. Oh I’d def be washing my delicates in that sidekick. Love the makeover. My laundry closet needs serious help!

  285. i need to spruce up our laundry room pretty bad as well and getting the sidekick would make that happen!

  286. I would love this for my swimsuits! They never take up much room, and it would be so great to have the little washer for them!

  287. What I’d wash in the sidekick:
    – the load of “super darks” (darker than regular colors – e.g. black-colored clothes and dark-rinse jeans)
    – the “tiny reds” load (for when you want to wash like 4 red shirts together but can’t justify doing an entire load for just them
    – the “my toddler destroyed this at daycare today” load (always a surprise load you weren’t expecting to run)

  288. I would SO wash my workout pants in that little Sidekick! I splurged on two pairs and need to keep them in good shape and ready for action!

  289. Love our LGs we purchased in 2012! A Sidekick would be awesome for washing my daughter’s food stained shirts. We wash in cold water typically, but stains sometimes need hot water–would be helpful to have that option!

  290. The LG Sidekick would be perfect for all of my favorite summer whites!

  291. This is genius. I’d use the Sidekick to wash my delicates and scarves mostly, but also for my nicer clothes that I don’t like to mix with my husband’s super-dirty work clothes.

  292. I would love to use mine for workout clothing, other clothes I would like to wear last minute! LOVE the closet!

  293. I don’t dry clean much of anything (but my winter coat) so I’d use the sidekick for the more delicate kid clothes (daughter’s dresses, tutus, twirly skirts), my tops and cotton dresses, and all my favorite T-shirts that tend to be of that thin kind of cotton (even if they’re not vintage). And yoga pants and sports bras, of course. Fingers crossed!!

  294. Oh my gracious- we’re in the middle of a move and looking at these combos now! What a fun win this would be! I’d totes wash my stuff. Anything that’s mines and not my husbands or my sons. Because I’m the only lady in the home so I’d get the dainty washer to my self. Ha!

  295. This is amazing! Great inspiration for my new house, and we’re in the market for a new washer and dryer.

    If I had a sidekick, I’d wash that random shirt I always manage to find while packing for a trip, that I suddenly couldn’t imagine my vacation without.

  296. I think the sidekick would be amazing for delicates! I not very have enough for a big load and always feel like I’m wasting space and water

  297. I’d wash anything I don’t want put in the dryer! That way my husband can’t shrink stuff!! Win win!

  298. This is such an amazing makeover. I love everything about it!

  299. Ahh, I didn’t even know something like the LG sidekick existed! We could get so much use out of that with gym clothes & our pricier pieces that I don’t always feel super comfortable putting in the regular wash.

  300. would love to use the sidekick to wash my workout clothes (especially my good sports bras!) and the random items that my husband HAS TO HAVE WASHED IMMEDIATELY, which he usually tried to do ~2 hours after I have finished 3 full loads.

  301. I’m a nurse, I’d use it to wash my work scrubs right away so they don’t sit in the hamper (germing-up my house!) waiting for a full load

  302. I would wash my toddler’s clothes every day in that little loader we to keep the never ending stains from setting in. I love the mini load concept!

  303. Looks great! I didn’t know it until now, but a Sidekick is what’s been missing in my life, great idea for workout clothes and delicates!

  304. I’d love to have more room in my laundry room and I’d love to be able to wash my gym clothes on their own!

  305. The SideKick is such a good idea. I’ve been piling up dirty rags to make a more sizable load before washing them. Kinda gross.

    I have the same kind of laundry closet that i’ve been meaning to redo. This post is very inspiring. Maybe this is meant to tell me I need to redo it now!

  306. With almost no room in our laundry room and a two-year old with a penchant for spills, this would be a DREAM for our family!

  307. Ohmygoodness! As I was reading your post, I was thinking that 1) not only do I need to tackle our laundry room as well, but 2) the Sidekick option is amazing! What a genius idea; I can totally relate regarding the yoga pants and workout gear. I always end up scavenging my husband’s laundry basket to make it worth running a whole load of wash just to clean my workout clothes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the giveaway since we already own LG machines! 🙂

  308. I would wash all the baby clothes!!! And doggy bandanas 🙂

  309. Wow – beautiful!! I would love to win this new washer! Our washer doesn’t work right half of the time & the LG would be fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity to try to win!

  310. I’d wash my workout clothes, boring but true.

  311. I had no idea the sidekick even existed!!

  312. It would be so handy to have the sidekick added to our laundry room! We are getting ready to welcome a foster child into our family and going from 2 cats to now a child…. I imagine we will have some extra laundrying to do 😉

  313. I would use the sidekick for washing toddler underwear (we’re potty training, ugh)!

  314. Definitely workout clothes to avoid the waste of water on small loads and the abundance of smell from waiting for a full load.

  315. This is fantastic! I love how cute you made this little nook look, and how functional it is… Way to go LG for sponsoring this post, too. It just all around is an enjoyable post. I’ll be redoing my laundry room sometime next year so this is great to get ideas with… And I would use the sidekick for work clothes – I usually wear them multiple times until I can get enough of a load together but it would be nice to be able to wash a little more often and do smaller, gentle loads.

  316. Love it! My little laundry room needs to organizational help too! Thanks for the drawing!

  317. I’d use it for workout clothes!

  318. I would love to own one because I love the idea of being able to wash a very small load, and be able to wash two loads at the same time: efficient and convenient and saves on space.

  319. I NEEEEEEED that sidekick! Not only is the set beautiful..but I always forget a handful of things and that little guy at the bottom is perfect for the leftovers.

  320. Definitely whites. I rarely accumulate enough for a full load. Thanks!

  321. Love it. Especially the wallpaper.
    (I think you mean “seratonin”)

  322. I’d love to put my kids’ gross clothes from daycare in the bottom washer! Amazing!

  323. Beautiful! I’m just about to move into my first place without a dedicated washer/dryer and have been considering buying! A mini washer :is the stuff of my dreams. It’s like doing the dishes as they get duet instead of waiting for the sink to reach its dirty dish critical mass. I’d wash socks and underwear…I always go through those so much faster than everything else!

  324. Love your laundry closet. I have mismatched appliances too and this blog has inspired me to redo my laundry room 😀 I would wash my scrubs because after a day in the hospital, the last thing you want is to wash your work clothes with your regular clothes. The sidekick would be so convenient!!

  325. I would love to wash my workout clothes in the sidekick!

  326. Love the transformation and I need a side kick in my life ASAP!

  327. Um……..what did you do with the dryer vent? It’s a necessary design challenge for any laundry room. Something I wish you’d covered in between all of the words devoted to The SideKick™. I get the need for sponsored posts, but consider including some practical tips in between the brand content for some balance.

    1. I also am curious about the vent – perhaps it was moved to the stud space (dryer vent ducting is usually only 4″).
      My two cents – I don’t see any conflict between sponsored posts (this product look amazing) and technical details. It’s just a question after all 🙂 Plus Emily et al are interior designers….specific building system questions often need a tradesman (or architect). After all dryer vents are fire hazards when improperly installed.

  328. OMG so useful! I’d wash all my work out gear & the girls bathingsuits which get worn daily but need more frequent washing!

  329. I hate doing laundry and would love the sidekick for doing small loads of dish cloths and towels that pile up during the week.

  330. So cute! Great idea to make laundry more fun! I would totally use a sidekick for intimates.

  331. I’d wash our family’s running and sports clothes!

  332. I’m so happy for you!!!! What a big improvement visually and functionally!

  333. I’d love to use the Sidekick to wash my 2 year old’s stinky clothes!

  334. I’d love to be able to wash my disgusting, sweat/dirt-covered clothes right away instead of waiting for a full load!

  335. I am having serious appliance envy right now! We’re closing on a new house today and all of our appliance budget has filled the kitchen and my laundry room is so sad 🙁 That sidekick would be amazing for workout clothes, undies and any dress I can figure out how to wash instead of dry clean!

  336. What an improvement – it looks great! My washer/dryer are limping along – would love to have this washer. The Sidekick would be great for my lingerie and workout clothes!

  337. Oh man! I would wash so many baby clothes in this!

  338. Gorgeous! Such a cute little area to do your laundry…. I would definitely use the sidekick for intimates and the hubs gym clothes.

  339. I need this beautiful set-up to wash my kids filthy, stinky summer camp clothes!

  340. Scarves. I would wash scarves in the Sidekick. In Chicago scarves get a year round work out – cold outside in winter and cold inside in summer. Mine need a delicate wash that my very old toploader can’t be trusted with.

    I love the laundry closet. Mine is in my living room. It looks nice when you open it- I made it both pretty and very functional. What doesn’t look nice are the piles of laundry my family leaves in the living room. “Hi! Come on in! Ignore the mound of underwear please!”

    So, in the spirit of someone who loves her laundry closet (in spite of the location) may I just suggest that you replace those cheap looking metal shelves that look like they will fold over and slide off the wall if anything substantial is placed on them? I know you don’t want to drill into the wallpaper, but you could run a line of nice looking, more substantial shelves almost to the ceiling and really solve some storage issues while also getting rid of the cheap feeling that is at odds with the rest of the lovely space.

  341. Hopefully more than the pile of dish towels and rags that are in constant rotation!

  342. Ahhhh love everything about this. I washer and dryer are on their last leg!

  343. Love this! I have a feeling I would use the sidekick feature alot!

  344. I can’t believe you put wallpaper up in your LAUNDRY ROOM! This is why you are my favorite. person. ever. Adorable!

  345. Workout gear for sure!

  346. LOVE the runner outside of your laundry room as well as the wallpaper! And that washer?!?!?! Crazy awesome!

  347. Lovely little laundry room! (Say that 5x fast) We had front loaders before we moved states and I’ve been missing them for 6 long years. Like almost cry when I do laundry things should always be functional and pretty! xx

  348. I’m thinking baby clothes most definitely!! I will be copying everything you did here…never knew how much I would envy a laundry closet.

  349. id like to have one so i can wash all my nickers and sons socks in pretty handy

  350. Lovely! The kids finally moved out after moving back in, twice and we would love the sidekick to go with our LG pair.

  351. Crazy how adding a little beautiful into such a utilitarian space is so satisfying and yet it is! I would definitely be washing my favorite delicate shirts in there. My husband is the laundry king in our house and I don’t want to jinx it by adding rules to how he does his thang!

  352. This little sidekick washer is so amazing! I had no idea it even exsisted! I would use the sidekick for small loads and definitely delicates and gym clothes.

  353. I’d love a sidekick for washing small loads of whites. I never seem to have enough to make a full load and then I feel guilty about wasting water!

  354. I feel guilty when I run a small load for gym pants or delicate items so this would be perfect. Love the wallpaper and now regret having my laundry area hidden away in the basement!

  355. This would save all my shirts. My current washer somehow puts a hole in everything

  356. I’d wash my daughter’s clothes. She’s due in 18 days! She’ll be our first, and about a year ago we moved into an old (c1860) home that has enough space to accommodate a family. We’ve been fixing EVERYTHING and having something new, that I trust to clean things properly, would be amazing!

  357. I would use it for what my husband calls Runderwear.

  358. Ugh. My washer is putting holes in my clothes everyday, would love to be able to separate my loads more efficiently!

  359. It is so beautiful! I’m so inspired to work on the laundry area in our new house. The LG Sidekick would be an awesome addition. I would love it for washing small loads of delicate items.

  360. Also, I love your voice on the doors. I think it looks so I h better than accordion.

  361. Beautiful! In the Midwest, where I grew up, they devote whole room to laundry. In our California, the most we can hope for is a similar laundry closet. I’d wash my boys much loved but much muddied jerseys and sports clothes!

  362. It would be so great for washing my yoga pants! I’m always afraid they’re going to get torn up in my old apartment top loader!

  363. This is awesome. I already have a LG washer/dryer combo, but the Sidekick would be great for doing swimwear and delicates. Or maybe I’d relegate it to doing my sons poopy potty training laundry! 😀

  364. Love the wallpaper!

  365. Definitely the workout clothes, and since we are still in full mode potty training here, those wet panties would go in there too! And the wallpaper is ?

  366. I would be so thrilled to win! I wear a uniform to work that has to be washed separately, along with two very active sporty teens. This would save me an ENORMOUS amount of laundry time!

  367. This laundry room is HEAVEN!! I feel like I am watching someone propose, it gives me the chills!

  368. Love, love, love!

  369. This would be perfect for those hand wash only items that I put through the wash anyway!

  370. Love that wallpaper!!! I’d happy separate my husband’s cycling & workout clothes to the sidekick.

  371. I’d love to wash every piece of clothing I own, the neighbor’s, and wash my body!

  372. All of my daughter’s baby clothes!

  373. My laundry is currently a hideous beast I hide in my garage! Would love an LG sidekick 🙂

  374. It would be so useful for baby clothes!!

  375. Can I wash myself in it? Just kidding (sort of – with two small kids and a husband who has been away all week for work I wouldn’t mind being shut up in a laundry machine for a little bit…) What I would actually use it for is my son’s beloved cat stuffed animal which looks like it’s 20 years old even though he’s only 3 and got it brand new. TGIF y’all!

  376. Augh, I am so jealous of your beautiful laundry room. I also have a terribly ugly laundry situation that contains the old, beat-up washer and dryer we found under a pile of junk in the garage when we moved in to the house. Because they work fine, we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to replace them, but they’re in the mud room connected to the side door of the house, which we come through EVERY DAY, so the’re a constant eye sore. I’d love to have a pretty new pair to welcome me home enthusiastically every evening and send me off with a sparkle every morning. Since we’re doing a lot of landscaping, the sidekick would be awesome for impromptu loads of laundry when we’re both so muddy from working in the yard that I make my fiance strip right there in the mudroom before tracking all that dirt through the house.

  377. that sidekick is fabulous! Will definitely use for delicates so that I don’t mix them up, forget they’re being washed and throw them into the dryer (ruining them) – the way i usually do. Love what you’ve done to your space. Thanks em!

  378. Would love to be able to wash workout clothes in one!

  379. I would love that little sidekick to wash delicates in. What a fabulous laundry room makeover!

  380. With four little kids, what wouldn’t I wash in the sidekick?!? Maybe I would find the bottom of the laundry pile. I keep joking with the hubs that all I want is a mini laundrymat in the garage – how genius that you can have two washers in the space of one!!!

  381. Is the ikea tabletop installed in some way, or did you just place it on top of the machines? Thank you! Looks amazing.

  382. We love our LG washer and dryer, we got the mega size because we have a family of five with lots of dirty clothes. It can handle the whole hamper load in one wash. I would love the side kick for bras and panties so they don’t get caught in the other clothes and stretched.

  383. I’d use it for my son’s favorite clothes (he loves wearing his Jungle Book pjs, at some point, almost every day!) and his favorite stuffed bunny. Love the post! <3

  384. I would wash my workout clothes too! So smart, Emily.

    Nice work!

  385. LOVE! Just bought a new house and have extremely old washer and dryer. Definitely looks like these would be a good fit! Awesome job as always!!!

  386. thanks for reminding me about that sidekick. my washer is about to kick the bucket and I love this idea.

  387. I would wash anything and everything in the sidekick!

  388. Perfect timing for this giveaway–my washer just broke at my cabin! Thank you!

  389. Yoga pants and baby clothes, it would be so great to be able to do such a small load without feeling guilty!

  390. I’m daydreaming about washing my disgusting gym clothes in a small batch – what a great product!!

  391. Always love your makeovers no matter how big or small! I would use the sidekick to wash small loads of gym clothes as well.

  392. I would wash my husband’s work clothes in the Sidekick. They get dirty from a day’s work.

  393. Yoga Pants and Baby Clothes! It would be so nice to be able to just wash a few things at a time without feeling guilty.

  394. Side kick perfect for the one pair of jeans that need washing NOW

  395. I’m in love with the wallpaper! It is stunning!

  396. I would use it for my delicates! Thanks, Emily!

  397. I’d use it for activewear!

  398. Pee soaked sheets every morning ?

  399. I would utilize this sidekick for all my delicate office attire wardrobe, no more husbands washing items on HOT! 🙂

  400. I’d definitely be putting my fancy yoga pants in that Sidekick, and you can retro-fit older washers! Brilliant! Love, love, love that wall paper too 🙂

  401. Love your laundry set-up! I would wash delicates and gym clothes (of course, not at the same time!) in the sidekick — such a great contraption :).

  402. That little mini washer sidekick thing is amazing! I would wash all my workout gear in it! Also your design looks so good and it doesn’t look like it was over the top expensive. Definitely something anyone could do!

  403. I would love to win because my washer is old and it would save me lots of time doing laundry. Plus, it’s a really nice washer!

  404. Potty-training my toddler… therefore need a Sidekick in my life right now!

  405. I would use it for bathing suits!

  406. Hi Emily – I would pre wash my fabric before I start a new sewing/quilting project!

  407. Wow, I’ve never heard of the sidekick until just now reading this post, and it looks so great! With three kids in three years and a fourth on the way (it’ll be four kids under five)…holy cow, I could use this for everything! Especially, however, all the little white onesies and burp clothes we’ll soon be going through like crazy.
    Great post, loved seeing your new laundry closet, seeing how you organize, and finding out about the new sidekicks!

  408. love this! my mom would kill for a new washer/dryer and i think the LG sidekick would be just the solution!

  409. I would love the sidekick for many handwash items that need special care. They pile up in my laundry forever waiting for attention.

  410. Our laundry room is in SERIOUS need of an upgrade!

  411. I’m with you Emily, delicates and work out clothes. Having the sidekick would be a game changer in my laundry routine.

  412. Truly looks amazing come style my house. I love what you have done with it darling. I am sharing this as my favorite reads tonight on my #littleloves post. 🙂

  413. I would wash those sweet, super delicate baby clothes you can’t quite throw in with the rest of the baby food smothered mess to keep them in tip-top shape.

  414. OMG my daughter just had her fourth baby…her current washer is so small that she can only put a very small load in there and towels become water logged. I’d love to surprise her with this!

  415. I would love the LG sidekick to wash all of our swimsuits this summer! 🙂

  416. Ha! I would also use it for work out clothes. The air dry method isnt really cutting it! (

  417. Love this! I would want everyone to see my laundry room, too! Inspiring

  418. Love the Sidekick! New sundress would be the first in, then swimsuits!

  419. I scoffed at the sidekick when I first saw them, but since I am a nurse, I actually started pondering one because it would be nice to keep my scrubs separate, and keep bad things from mixing with my laundry!

  420. That wallpaper will be in our laundry closet before the year is out! I swear it!
    We recently upgraded to a modern dishwasher and it was such a massive life improvement. I can’t imagine the happiness levels a new washer/dryer combo would bring. Good to know that you can get both for about $1k. #appliancesfrom2000 #stillaliveFTW

  421. I could definitely use the Sidekick for gym clothes and for delicate whites as well as some of my kid’s favorites. Great idea! Would love to try it.

  422. We have a LG washing machine (in red!) and I absolutely love it. Our ancient dryer came with the house and refuses to die so I can force my husband to buy me the match to our washing machine. Who knew these would be my dreams as an adult?

    In the meantime, that sidekick sounds amazing!! There are only 2 of us so sometimes before a trip I might do a few smaller loads – the sidekick would be perfect for that or just to use it for delicates like you do. Fingers crossed!!

  423. What a functional small laundry space and that wallpaper is so pretty! I would love to use the sidekick for delicates.

  424. My delicates would be so happy not to sit in my creepy basement for months waiting for me to want to spend 30 minutes down there hand washing them. And that wallpaper is to die for. <3!

  425. This is genius!!! Would use it for all the things I don’t put in the dryer – smaller loads of intimates, work out clothes, and other delicate clothing.

  426. I would wash all my Teens Daughters clothing she is hoarding in her bedroom, unless they walked away on their own accord.

    Pick me, please!

  427. Yay for LG

  428. the sidekick would be great for my 9 month old’s clothes. I feel like I have to ‘create a load’ by grabbing towels and random items of my clothes to make a full load with all his tiny items. the sidekick would be great for cohen’s tiny outfits.

  429. I’ve got me an LG and need the sidekick please!!

  430. I have been coveting a sidekick ever since I first saw it. I would use it for rags as I try to use fewer paper towels and I don’t want to do a whole load of laundry for 3 little items, but then they don’t get washed forever!

  431. The sidekick is exactly what I need for my sweaty running clothes or stained baby clothes.

  432. I need to exercise my bad knees in the pool daily. The sidekick would be perfect for my bathing suits, cover-up and towel. That’s a pretty inspirational laundry closet Emily. It makes me think I might almost enjoy laundry.

    P.S. Since I can’t have your bed I think I’ll make do with that gorgeous wallpaper.

  433. Brilliant! I always feel guilty about doing my very small delicate load – I need this in my life.

  434. I was JUST looking into getting a new washer–ours is SOOOO old and kinda grossing me out. Winning one would be SO much better than buying! And I LOVE the idea of a place to wash delicate/small items and save water.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  435. Main, I could use this–I always struggle with the smaller onesie loads!

  436. Umm…how about that wallpaper? Amazing. Would use that sidekick for my little 4 yr old sidekick’s clothing!!! 🙂

  437. As a fellow “tiny laundry room” owner it’s nice to see it done nicely. Would love the tiny washer for work out clothes and favorite shirts that need to be clean daily!

  438. I’d wash socks the that Sidekick. I never have enough for a full load, but I like to wash them without other stuff so we don’t end up with a random little sock jammed in the sleeve of someone’s sweater.

  439. I’m obsessed!! I ride horses and my riding breeches need to be washed by themselves, it’s such a waste of water since it’s never a full load! Also they are super delicate so the fact that there is no agitation arm in the middle is awesom!!

  440. I’d love a sidekick to throw in my husband’s dress shirt that he spills something on at dinner nearly every night! He ends up running an entire load for one shirt!

  441. I would use it for my workout clothes and the one or two shirts my toddler spills on every day – I am always rounding up dirty laundry from all around the house so have enough for a load before the stains set in!

  442. I had no idea the sidekick existed, but am now coveting one! I’d wash toddler clothes after every meal.

  443. Love this laundry room and LOVE the new SideKick, what a great idea! I’d wash my larger load of darks on the top and my smaller load of whites on the bottom! I always wait until I have enough whites to wash a full load and now I don’t have to!

  444. I would wash all my socks!

  445. Your laundry room is super pretty. If I had the LG sidekick, I would wash my white delicates and my husband’s white work socks.

  446. I love the idea of doing smaller loads in the sidekick! I’d wash my son’s restaurant uniform, which has to be done daily…I’m always scrounging around looking for extra things to wash along with his uniform so that I don’t waste water and energy! Thanks for this!

  447. Between a toddler and a new baby the sidekick would definitely come in handy for the small loads that seem to pop up everyday.

  448. I would not tell my husband about this secret sidekick so I could wash my delicate sundresses SEPARATE from his stinky tees and gym shorts! 😉

  449. I would use the sidekick to wash my husband’s horrifically smelly hockey jersey, shorts and underwear. The smell emanating from his hockey clothing could singe the nostril hairs off of anyone within a five mile radius.

  450. husband’s gnarly landscaping clothes and toddlers avocado stained dresses NEED SOME SIDEKICK LOVE TONIGHT (separately of course). We were already in the market for new machines but it just jumped to this weekends list (three cheers for being old and loving it!)

  451. I would wash my undies, bras, and any avocado covered shirts! (thanks kids…)

  452. Love this. I like to do separate washes for hang dry and items that go in the dryer. With this I can do those loads at the same time…. Hang Dry Heaven! (I’d put all my hang dry items in there). Thanks for sharing!

  453. Newborn only has 2 sleepers and he always spits up! so baby sleepers!

  454. That would be so useful for my yoga mat towel, and workout clothes! Need to wash them asap after hot yoga, but never a big enough load!!

  455. I would wash my bathing suit and clothing from daily kayak voyages, Ophelian floats and rope swing launches on the creek.

    And, hate to be the spelling police, but being a biogenic amine nerd I cannot help myself on this one…

    It is spelled “serotonin” not “saratonin”

    I fell you though. Joy, lots of joy.

  456. I live in an attached ohana here in Hawaii so that means there are two households sharing the attached laundry room. This would be a blessing for all of us, and sure would be nice to help get all of my lovely pups bedding cleaned thoroughly!

  457. WOW! What a difference! That wallpaper is on my list of favorites! I love it used here. I’ve never seen a washer like that with the sidekick….that’s an amazing idea!

  458. you are so talented! love it!

  459. Lab jackets, bras, yoga and workout clothes. Actually, I would prefer to wash frequent, small loads of most everything. But now I keep adding to the laundry hamper until I have enough for a large load. I would need fewer clothes with a Sidekick!

  460. I would love a sidekick! My husband constantly washes his gym clothes and it takes so much water and energy!

  461. I would wash THINGS THAT CANNOT BE THROWN IN THE DRYER in there. Why do I have so many of those? And then I always forget that they’re in the load and throw them in the dryer anyway. Such a mess.

  462. Love the laundry room! I have a LG steam dryer I bought a few years ago. I spent the extra $$ on the steam feature and I had it repaired twice and it still does not work correctly. It’s a design flaw that they can’t fix. It still drys clothes, but the steam feature had an error code if you don’t have the right conditions (too cold outside.) Anyway if they want to give me a new one, I would be curious if they fixed it.

    GE used to have a mini basket that fit inside the washer. I used to love it as a teenager when I wanted to wear my favorite clothes all the time. With front loading washers you can’t get it anymore. Glad it’s coming back. Maybe I’ll get one when I have a teenager.

  463. I would use sidekick to wash my fabrics before sewing/quilting.

  464. The sidekick is brilliant.

  465. Funny I just learned about the sidekick today as I was shopping for the matching dryer for my LG washer before I read your post. Its perfect for MY laundry. I seem to do loads of kid/husband laundry but always wait until I have a enough delicates to justify washing my own clothes (all my clothes are delicate, aren’t they?!?!?) Selfishly I would love the sidekick for all my stuff. Maybe I’d share it. Maybe.

  466. I love my LG. That sidekick would be great to wash my exercise clothes and the kids sports clothing. Wait till the sports stage. It lasts for years.

  467. This would be so great for newborn clothes!

  468. Looks great! What a transformation!

  469. I* wash a ton of onesies, this would be perfect!
    *actually my awesome husband does the laundry. He would love it!

  470. The side kick would be perfect for those small loads especially for my husband’s fire department clothes that I don’t want to mix with ours!

  471. My two year-old’s swim gear. It’s pool season! And the penguin stuffy she chews on.

  472. I love the wallpaper you’ve chosen! I have been thinking about wallpapering or hand stenciling my laundry room and I think that you’ve finally given me the inspiration to do it!

  473. Clothes that get stained the day after doing all the laundry!

  474. I would love this for my mom. She has an LG and this would be the perfect accessory to add. It would help so she could do small loads.

  475. YOGA PANTS! I feel like I have to wash them all the time since I only have 2 quality pairs!

  476. Love how this turned out!

  477. this would be a great addition to our lg washer dryer in our new home 🙂

  478. Baseball clothes! I hate doing a separate load for those clay covered uniforms…but it’s so fun to watch happen 🙂 or all the cute little girl things my daughter insists on wearing with great frequency. Either way, the Sidekick sounds fab!

  479. I would use the Sidekick to teach my tweens how to do their own laundry!

  480. I would love to wash my exercise clothes in a Sidekick!

  481. I would love one of these!

    1. this is the nice idea i think

  482. I would wash my workout clothes in the Sidekick!

  483. I would love to wash (spit up on) baby clothes and delicates! And we JUST bought an LG washer and dryer (after also using a very old set for 12 years) and we love them so much, so this sidekick would be perfect!!

  484. I would wash all of my 2.5 year olds dirty dirty summer clothes since he loves to somehow come home dirty from the park everyday. Along with my new born baby clothes coming this fall! Oh and not to mention I need to start potty training which I have been putting off……

  485. Love the new laundry set up! That wallpaper is perfect in there.
    I would use sidekick for cloth diapers!

  486. Such a beautiful laundry room. Love it!

  487. Love the idea of the Sidekick! I’d wash gardening clothes in it- they get so dirty and I don’t like washing them with the rest of my laundry!

  488. I would love to wash all my yoga pants.

  489. LOVE the wallpaper, so perfect for a laundry room! And LOVE the Sidekick concept – ingenious! For sure I would wash delicates and pricey gym clothes but also perfect for quick loads when one of the kids (or hubby) spills something that could stain if not washed immediately. This would be perfect to replace our 15+ year set. Fingers crossed!

  490. I have just a small amount of delicates that need to be run separately everytime and it just about kills me to have to always put them in as one load. Would totally love a sidekick!

  491. Things I never thought I’d say – I have major laundry room envy! I’ve been ogling those Sidekicks for months now. Love the idea. I’d love to be able to wash my undies and a few more delicate pieces separately but simultaneously.

  492. Love it, would really like it.

  493. I would love to use it for my hand washables or Lulu gear!!

  494. Love that you can do 2 washes independently

  495. I’ll Love to have it! ..cheers…Gina F

  496. I would use the sidekick to wash my sweaty hot yoga towel and yoga clothes. I have to run my normal size washer just for that every day (talk about inefficient)

  497. amazing! Your design is perfect as always & I need that sidekick for all my kids clothes!

  498. I love the thought of washing smaller loads without feeling guilty! I’d wash my gym clothes, shirts, and intimates.

  499. I would love to own a Sidekick because my family is always doing single outfit loads, and it drives me crazy. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  500. Would love, love to update my LG front loaders. I have used them for years!! (so time for a new set, me thinks). I would wash my kids hockey stuff in them, or my work-out stuff, or the small lovies that need more washing love, or the cloth napkins that I think I should use more often, or the kitchen towels that I like to wash almost daily, or …

  501. I’m starting a new home soon and would love to be able to wash tiny loads! So cool!

  502. i would love to wash all my workout clothes on a daily basis with these units.

  503. Sand… there is enough sand in every piece of my 4 year-old’s clothing that you would think we lived at the beach. But alas, we do not. He is just a sandy little boy. And while I applaud his brazen approach to going ‘all in’ when playing in his sandbox…
    I wish now in retrospect, that I had kept a jar to collect all of the sand he brings home for some absurd form of validation (that’s totally not weird, right?!).
    My current washer doesn’t seem able to remove all of the aforementioned sand from his clothing… perhaps a brand new shiny washer would!

  504. I’ve only heard great things about the lg sidekick. I love that it has special cycles and a Tub Clean cycle!

  505. Totally genius. I would definitely use the Sidekick to wash workout clothes– I don’t like to waste water, but I don’t want them sitting around, either!

  506. Oh, Emily. Only YOU could get us excited about laundry–and the most hilarious moment of July this far was caused by this post.

    While reading about the Sidekick, I got excited and said, “Wow, this front-load washer comes with a baby washing machine!” My husband seemed inordinately confused by this, and eventually we realized he thought I meant a BABY-WASHING machine–as in, a machine that would give Elliot a bath while you do laundry.

    Let the hilarity ensues!

  507. workout clothes too – so true!

  508. Wow, this sidekick would be a huge upgrade from our current washer situation!

  509. Ohmigosh. A small washer for swim class stuff would be great. Or, at least, better than my current plan of “drop kiddo’s wet suit & towel in basement and wait for a not totally full load and hope it doesn’t mildew.”

  510. Why? Well …we have 4 kids, ages 7 and under …I can just imagine all the things that we would need it for (and daily, too!)!

  511. Never thought a laundry closet could look so fab! I’d wash all my socks for sure.

  512. Your closet is amazing!!! I think I would do blouses and swimsuits in the side kicks.

  513. The LG Sidekick would be perfect for those days when my thrifty trips yield just one blouse or pair of jeans. I hate running my regular machine for just one item, but I’m also a firm believer in washing an item as soon as I bring it home. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  514. I’d use it for my delicates and work out clothing. It’d be great to have! Your laundry area is awesome. Well done, indeed!

  515. I’d love to wash rugs in the sidekick and regular clothes in the main washer

  516. The SideKick would be perfect for delicates.

  517. I would love to own this because my washer is broken and it would save me the trips to the laundromat

  518. I am so inspired by your makeover! I would use the sidekick to wash our swimsuits after a day at the pool.

  519. What a cool idea! I’ve considered putting in another smaller washer/dryer in the master closet for small loads, but the sidekicks solves that need.

    I’d wash my delicates in that little guy. Currently, they go in a zippered pillowcase in the main load, but with the sidekick, they’d get their own cycle. Love it!

  520. I am in desperate need of a new washer and dryer! Our is so old and can barely keep up with my toddler. I love the idea of that Sidekick – absolutely genius!

  521. I have wanted one of these sidekicks SO badly to wash my bras. I recently lost some weight and had to invest in a bunch of new ones and HATE the idea of them shrinking on me already. <3

  522. Stained kids clothes would be my first load.

  523. I’d love to wash my bras in there! No more misshapen cups!

  524. I’m so glad to see a laundry closet makeover – it’s functional and beautiful! Love it!

  525. Military uniforms and dog towels!

  526. So awesome! Would save my life in a million ways. I would definitely wash delicates, workout clothes, cold wash only items such as wool sweaters, hats, and swimsuits.

  527. I’d use it for washing small loads of kids’ clothes, bras, stained items…the list goes on! What a beautiful little room. Now to organize my own…

  528. What a transformation! Those lg washer and dryer sure make being organized easy! My husband does the laundry and I think he would love these ?

  529. Love this! My washing machine just broke and these are in my cart! I’d use the side kick for my girls swimsuits. It’d be perfect!

  530. I would love to wash our swimsuits in that sidekick! Every day during the summer!

  531. I’d wash gym clothes, delicates, and baby clothes!

  532. I’d love to wash all the baby clothes!

  533. My daughter is only 6 days old and we are already doing tons of baby laundry. An upgraded washer & dryer would be so helpful. Thank you!

    1. Oops…misunderstood the giveaway. This is why I shouldn’t be doing these things when I’m sleep deprived. Yes, sidekick would be amazing for many things but mostly for baby clothes right now.

  534. My washer is older and I’d love to win a new high tech one like this.

  535. Please, please, please! Two kids requires this type of convenience!

  536. we are adding to our family and the sidekick will be useful for the extra clothing.

  537. I’m buying my first home this year and this LG Sidekick would be absolutely perfect! So excited about the opportunity!

  538. this is so beautiful!

  539. Oh man…that sounds amazing! I am in an apartment with a majorly crappy 90s era washer/dryer. I am moving into a house(hopefully!) in the fall and would LOVE to have this! Yes for workout wear of which I have little. Or delicates. Or basically all the stuff! What a great idea…omg who have I become? LOL!

  540. Perfect timing – I’m just redoing my laundry room! I hadn’t considered a sidekick, but now I can see the benefit of it. Also, I think the little tray with the change jar is a smart idea. I end up having a pile of those little things accumulate on top of the washer until I remember to take them out, but that just looks so much prettier.

  541. I dig that side kick, what a handy addition to the washer!

  542. Would definitely love one of those sidekicks for my delicates!

  543. The sidekick is awesome!!

  544. I need the sidekick. Just now, I am dreading pulling together a full load of laundry because one of the kiddos had an accident in the bed. Sidekick would make it so easy!!!

  545. Oooh – could finally graduate from post-partum underwear and nursing bras to pretty little delicates again – and have a place to wash them!

  546. I would use the drawer to wash Bathing suits!

  547. Hot yoga clothes! They have to be washed immediately afterward, and not with other things because they are GROSS. Thanks!

  548. Wow! I’ve never heard of the sidekick. I’d wash my expensive jeans and yoga pants.

  549. Socks! I don’t understand how I lose them, but maybe washing them on their own will help? 🙂

  550. I would wash my husbands coaching gear since he pretty much wears the same stuff every. single. day.

  551. Love it all. The wallpaper is fantastic!

  552. I love the wallpaper and it makes me want to give my laundry room a makeover too.

  553. What an amazing laundry space! I have a 7-month-old, so I’d also be throwing food-encrusted baby clothes in there everyday!

  554. I’ve been reading about the sidekick! It seems like the perfect solution for sweaty yoga cloths or yard work shirts/pants.

  555. We need one of these LG sidekicks! I don’t know how many times we just needed to wash one or two things, not a whole load. Dog leashes, workout clothes, military uniforms…. All of these things that we need washed ASAP but don’t have enough for a full load.

  556. I would LOVE the LG sidekick mostly because there are many times where I only need a few things washed and don’t have enough to make a whole load of laundry. I have tons of sports bras, gym clothes, swimsuits, etc that need to be washed ASAP that can’t wait till a full load is ready because they will have the funk pretty soon. I need an LG sidekick!

  557. Would love the sidekick for small loads of baby clothes!

  558. I’d wash my 3 sons clothes. Love your laundry closet, it looks fabulous!

  559. So cute! I got a LG W&D a few years ago, but didn’t know about the Sidekick. I would use it to wash running and hot yoga clothes daily!

  560. The sidekick looks awesome. If it doesn’t have an agitator, I would use it to clean my husband’s knee braces.

  561. With upgraded technology laundry would be a lot easier

  562. I’d wash my jeans. I only have one pair and they’re my favorites!

  563. I had no idea that this sidekick thing even existed. And now I want/need it to deal with my yoga clothes. Hot yoga does a number on fancy yoga leggings!

  564. I’d wash my unmentionables!

  565. Thank you for giving information about planet and star


  566. Ahh, we need a new washer so bad!! I love the idea of the sidekick! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  567. Workout clothes, bras, all those cute lace panties that get tattered in the normal wash.

  568. Would definitely use the sidekick for gym clothes! Such a good idea! Oh and maybe underwear ?

  569. This little thing sounds awesome! I would use it daily to wash my husband firefighter’s uniform and my own wand wash precious items ?

  570. Please, please, please!

  571. What a beautiful makeover- you did such an awesome job! SO jealous! What an absolutely amazing product. This would be such a dream come true. My sweet Nana passed away in May and the washer and dryer we have is so old.. probably like 15 years old. I am in nursing school and I work at a hospital so I wash so many scrubs/ school clothes. This would be such a blessing!

  572. Oh your laundry rooms is so gorgeous! I wouldn’t even mind doing laundry if my space was so pretty. How brilliant is that small washer drawer!

  573. Id love to throw in my daughters bunny blankies.

  574. I would LOVE a Sidekick to take care of all of my oldest son’s school uniforms!

  575. This would be so handy for doing a small load of hubby’s work clothes separately every day!

  576. this is gorgeous! my laundry room is unfinished and has GREAT potential…if I ever get around to it!

  577. Such a cool idea! So many possibilities..I’d wash kitchen towels and aprons and workout gear for sure!

  578. I’d wash my Gardening clothes in that sidekick!

  579. I’d love to wash my favorite cocktail dress and my lucky Spurs jersey in the Sidekick. Variety is the spice of life!

    xx Hannah // http://www.HomemadeBanana.com

    1. Such a cool idea! So many possibilities.

  580. Such a cool idea! So many possibilities.

  581. LOVE this laundry room and all you do, Emily!

  582. I would wash all my husband’s dirty wheelchair racing clothes in my new LG!

  583. La la LOVE LG. Have been a faithful LG owner of all things from cell phone to TV’s for years. They do electronics right and are ALWAYS the best.

    Fingers crossed as my janky old washer and dryer are about to bite the dust!

  584. I would LOVE to use the sidekick to wash intimates; I could definitely see how that would make life a lot easier!

  585. I’d love to have the sidekick to upgrade my old washer and to throw my workout clothes in! Beautiful laundry closet 🙂

  586. I’d wash my kiddo’s cloth diapers! Need these!

  587. I would wash my husband’s gross work clothes, he needs to do every night!

  588. The sidekick would be fabulous to use to wash my dirty jeans after a day of gardening! Love your closet!

  589. We’re going to be purchasing the LG dryer and I’d love to have this! This would be super great for our growing family 

  590. That wallpaper really is amazing. And if I had the sidekick I would totally wash my delicates and my daughter’s onesies!

  591. We just bought a new house and are in the market for a new washer/dryer so this couldn’t have been more timely!!!

  592. Lovely! I really like how a few simple changes really upgraded such an often-used, but often hated, space!

    I’d love to win the washer & dryer, but alas, I’m an apartment dweller with nowhere to put them! Maybe someday!

  593. It looks great, but what happened to your dryer venting that was going up towards the ceiling? Did you fur out the wall behind to hide it, did you manage to vent out the side, or is the dryer ventless? Curious minds who have to deal with and design for these everyday necessities want to know!

  594. We have twins on the way so I’d love that sidekick for all of the baby laundry that I know is coming my way!

  595. Totally agree on the workout clothes! I’d rather keep wearing the most flattering ones, but don’t want to do a whole load to do so.

  596. That sidekick is awesome…I haven’t seen that feature before. I would use it for more regular washings of my delicates and socks!

  597. That little drawer! So genius. And I love the idea of a splurge wallpaper in a functional space. You don’t need much of it, so why not?

  598. My neighbors have the LG washer / dryer and the sidekick and I love how it runs. I’m definitely planning on purchasing this! My kids go through loads of laundry and this seems like it has the perfect cycle for everyone!

  599. Love the wall paper…will be doing a house at the beach and I think I might steal this laundry space. LOVE.

  600. Most gorgeous laundry room! I want to wash all the poop stained baby clothes in that adorable, tiny washer. Then I wouldn’t feel bad about only washing a few onzies at a time in the big one.

  601. What a great makeover! I would love a sidekick for small loads of gym clothes too!

  602. LG is a brand that my family and I trust. Love that you can wash the delicates seperately instead of hand washing them.

  603. I’m a runner and have a little one on the way, so this would be awesome to tackle all the laundry in my future!

  604. Genius!! I have three children under the age of five so this would be amazing for me!

  605. I would love to replace my old half-broken washer with the LG Sidekick. These things look awesome!

  606. Love the wallpaper! Such a smart idea to have the mini-washer. I would wash my son’s clothes when they come home from daycare covered in all kinds of grossness .

  607. i would LOVE to wash all my workout gear in the sidekick! It’s such a pain to wash them separately to keep them looking new and preserved – the sidekick would be a daily champion in my house!

  608. My old dryer was removed a few years ago by my landlord so now we only have a washing machine that barely washes. Having the option to wash clothes in our house instead of at the laundromat (some 30 minutes away) would be a godsend! We currently have loads piled up because we haven’t been able to afford to wash them altogether since my husband lost his job earlier this year.

  609. such a seamingly simple up do to the laundry room w such a drastic change so pretty. Great giveaway I’ve been wanting one of these awesome little things! This would be great for our small loads of undies I like to wash separate lol

  610. Love this! I would wash gym clothes and nicer shirts that tend to just hang out forever in a basket until I wear another similar top in a similar color. Ridiculous! My laundry room could definitely use some love!

  611. Absolutely love this space! The sidekick would be a wonderful addition to our home, just in time for our little one to arrive in September! I would love to be able to wash all of his laundry in it:)

  612. I would wash my husband’s gross underwear in it.
    I wanted to buy one, didn’t know the cost. Yikes!

  613. I need that sidekick in my life!

  614. Wow, I never knew the LG sidekick washer existed! I’d use it to pwash my layering tank tops, camisoles that I wear often. Love your laundry closet update!

  615. Wow, I wasn’t aware of this excellente LG invention! I’d use it to wash my layering tank tops/camisoles that I wear often, & of course my kid’s clothes.

  616. Pretty laundry rooms are literally my idea of porn. That room looks great.

    That sidekick the first thing I thought of was “tiny baby clothes” and you mentioned the onesies. Must have for a family of littles, which mine is!

  617. I would love to own an LG SideKick to share with a special friend who currently must rent a machine. Maybe she would help me with my laundry!

  618. Would love to wash delicates and baby clothes in the sidekick! Our laundry closet is in a bedroom and is in desperate need of a makeover… And relocation.

  619. This would rock my domestic (baby-clothes-washing) world. So inspired!!

  620. I like the way you have described the entire article. Along with i also like your site structure neat and clean. Thanks for sharing this awesome information with us.

  621. I NEED this kind of organization in my life! Simply stunning!

  622. We have a new baby on the way and I LOVE the idea of being able to do small loads in the sidekick!

  623. One tiny baby in our house; so much laundry. I would wash everything that gets ‘hit’ before stains have time to set in.

  624. The sidekick would be amazing to wash my work out clothes! I don’t like to waste water, so this would be super helpful.

  625. I would definitely use mine for workout gear! So convenient to be able to wash just that instead of running a full load!

  626. This would make doing laundry a dream! Love!

  627. Two washers would enable my nitpicky laundry sorting dreams to come true. Instead of darks/lights/towels I could do a load of just kitchen towels, or just my dark t-shirts or just the kids camp t-shirts that need to be washed everyday. Laundry bliss!

  628. I would use the sidekick to help minimize my wardrobe! I have been slowing pairing down, but I notice my basics (high waisted black skinny jeans in the fall and black or grey shift dresses in the summer) get dirty and I have to either buy multiples to wear all week or the stuff I only seem to wear when everything is dirty – IE the stuff that I ideally should get rid of. Love the idea of doing a small midweek load and making my clothing go further while saving water/big washes for lager items and loads!

  629. This makeover looks stunning! I love the wallpaper and this washer/dryer set looks amazing!!! I would wash my intimates and work-out clothes in the sidekick and then wash my niece’s little clothes in their own load. She would love that! Such a great idea!

  630. Oh wow! I had no idea you could add a sidekick to an existing washer! I would love to win one! <3

  631. I would love to add the Sidekick to our LG front load washer/dryer combo. Between a toddler and two incontinent dogs, we are constantly doing tiny nightly loads of soiled laundry whether it be clothing, bath mats, towels, etc. This seems like the perfect solution for those emergencies that happen when I’m also in the middle of doing actual laundry.

  632. Love this and LOVE the idea of a Sidekick – wish I had known about it when I purchased my Samsung last June. It’s perfect for gym clothes and other mini-loads!

  633. Beautiful – love the blue!

  634. Laundry room envy!

  635. Laundry is my favorite chore of all time!!! With 2 babies in the house, I can find 50 thousand ways I can use the sidekick! I’d love the whole set up actually in my mudroom – as my current washer/drier is old – sad face!

  636. brilliant! sidekick what the heck-who knew

  637. I have a small wardrobe right now because I’m pregnant so I would wash all the small loads of clothing and not have to sort through all my husband’s clothes when they are done! Haha!

  638. SO PRETTY! I have a sad laundry closet and I honestly didn’t know it could be better than it is. It is such a bummer but now you have me scheming. That wallpaper is perfect! Those waves even look sudsy!

    That sidekick is so cool too. Having a machine that could do tiny loads would be PERFECT for everyday gym clothes (my bf has to run a load daily of yoga clothes, which drives me a little bonkers because he’s always trying to find ways to fill it up) and also bleach loads… because I don’t have a TON of whites, but what I do have does require bleach. Also love the idea of doing one hot water cycle and one cold at the same time. I think my productivity levels have gone up just thinking about it.

    Thanks for the super fun (and I imagine immensely gratifying!!) post!

  639. Love the Sidekick! I’m a single mom of a teenage boy who often comes in late at night asking me to wash a jersey he needs for the next day. The Sidekick is perfect for that sort of thing!

  640. I would wash everything I own in a sidekick. I wish my laundry closet looked like this!! I guess I should just be thankful I have a laundry closet in NYC!

  641. three little kiddos = LOTS of dirty laundry! This would be so convenient!!

  642. I would love to replace my old, sad washer and dryer!

  643. i would love to win one for my mom! she is a zumba instructor, which means tons of workout clothes to wash! 🙂

  644. I would use it for all the extra baby clothes we will need to wash by the time baby #3 arrives in August!

  645. First of all, I just spent way too much money on laundry baskets after reading this post, but I’ll justify it that I hate doing laundry and at least I’ll have something pretty to look at while I begrudgingly wash my delicates. I have a very special talent for putting holes in shirts. Delicate, normal, hot, cold – it doesn’t matter the cycle, I destroy them. So they sit in my laundry room, in their own little basket for WEEKS until I finally collect enough to run a full load. I hate it. I would LOVE to be able to throw them in as a small load and walk away without stress. Plus I live with a man who lives outside most of the year as a river guide, and his carhartts have seriously stressed my sad little washer to the point of despair. LOVE THIS!!

  646. Ahh 23 hours left..just in time 😉 I was catching up on my EH Blog post, and saw this one, then noticed the giveaway, and instantly thought I missed it, but after checking noticed I barely made it! Woohoo! I would be thrilled to have an efficient and high tech way to do laundry, something I typically do not look forward to, but with this set who wouldn’t be happy to wash clothes?!! Also to be able to separate my work clothes, towels, Childs clothes, and pets bedding would be awesome! Plus to not constantly be concerned the washer might and probably will eat my cami’s, bras, and panties that I can’t really afford to buy new nor have the time to hand wash. Anyway, thank you Emily and LG for offering such a great truly useful and generous giveaway and I know whoever wins will be blessed!! Sincerely, Mary

  647. As my condo came with a cheapo W&D, and I’m too poor to buy another, I’d love to wash everything in a new W&D!!! 🙂

  648. I love the idea of the SideKick! It would be great for washing my husband’s stinky gym clothes separately from my less stinky gym clothes!

  649. Wow! Love the organizational aspects and the wallpaper. I would love to wash small loads of my delicates.

  650. I’d definitely wash my sports bras in the sidekick – I drench one almost every day!

  651. I love the Sidekick idea! I think I would use it for my delicates – swimsuits, nicer blouses, lingerie…I’m trying to teach my kids to help switch the laundry but they have no clue what can and cannot go in the dryer! (Nor does my husband, truthfully) so this would be a perfect solution!

  652. our current laundry room looks just like the before, definitely a project for me when we move in!

  653. I love this! I would totally use the sidekick for outfits for those spontaneous nights out with the boyfriend. I never seem to have my new favorite top ready to go with my trusty date jeans!

  654. i would love to wash everything in these washers–it’s summer time so at the moment I am running a million mini loads on gentle for my swimsuits–and I’d love to get them into new machines like those!

  655. I’d love a sidekick because I’m a little OCD about laundry — and wasting water. It would be so great to have one! It would also be great to have wallpaper in my laundry room. But I guess that would be a different giveaway. 🙂

  656. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! If I won I would give this to my sister who is expecting her second baby boy in December.

  657. What a good idea! Need that for my “unmentionables”- small loads that are gentle cycle or handwashable! Now I’m inspired to wallpaper my small laundry room to give it some zing!

  658. My day would be so much happier working with your laundry “room”!!!! That sidekick would be my go to washer as I’m always doing small loads of delicates etc. The wallpaper makes the room beyond special

  659. This would be amazing for baby clothes! Love the wallpaper!

  660. I would wash everything in those two machines simultaneously. I’d love to knock out multiple loads in one fell swoop, from underwear to jeans. How cool!

  661. I never knew this existed!!!1 As much as I would love to own one, I would give this to my daughter, as she just had a baby girl.
    My first grand daughter!! She can wash ALL the adorable pink and ruffled clothes I buy for her EVERY time I walk into a store 🙂

  662. These look amazing! Since we’re renovating our laundry room, and basement, I’d love to wash my worn out, dirty clothes in these beauties! My current set are old, mismatched, on-their-last-legs, and on opposite sides of the basement due to the renovations!

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