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Laundry Closet Makeover + Shop Laundry Utility & Decor

Well, it only took 2 1/2 years for me to redo what is the most disgusting room in our house. The rest of the house is virtually finished and this room just stared at me daily with a “WHAT. DON’T EVEN COME NEAR ME, ” kind of aggression. It needed a major overhaul, and fast.

Laundry Room Before

I knew what was going to happen – I was going to wait to fix it ’til we needed to sell the house, and then I would regret every single second that this monster stared at me up until that point. So I got on it.

Laundry Room Progress 2

We fixed the doors (we tried two different accordion doors and they didn’t work for really boring reasons). Long story is that the frames aren’t square and the size isn’t standard, plus we ordered the doors before we ordered the washer/dryer, so I didn’t know that there wouldn’t be enough clearance on both sides to open the washer or dryer doors.  So we put on two standard doors and it looks a lot cleaner than the accordion, anyway.

Next, we wallpapered in the back with the most wonderful water inspired paper ever – Cole and Sons Frontier Wallpaper and now when you open it, along with the clean washer/dryer, it looks so happy and fun. But it needed some more storage and some styling love.

So without further ado, here is my new, beautiful, tiny but wonderful laundry closet.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_3

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_1

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_4

I’m no longer apologizing. No longer embarrassed. No longer using 27 year old mismatching washer and dryer. I’m now proud and happy. I may even leave the doors open all day every day to show it off.

So let’s talk about the appliances. I partnered with LG on my closet and I couldn’t be happier with them. I love how they look and how they function. I’m officially a front-loader fan. Both washer and dryer are super easy to use, but have a lot of options when it comes to cycles, heat, speed, level of dirt, etc. They are so quiet and super fast. Our cleaning lady is obsessed with them too, which says a lot because she knows her way around a washer and dryer.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_2

My new favorite thing in the world (appliance-wise) is the LG Sidekick – that additional mini washer underneath the main washer that doesn’t take up any additional room because it is directly under the washer. See below. Here’s how it works: you place normal laundry and larger loads into the front loader, but then save your delicates, gym clothes, fancy yoga pants, and all your intimates in the sidekick (although it can wash whatever you want). I use it for my workout clothes since I recycle the same 2 pants and often don’t want to do a whole load just for those three things. I also do it for onesies for Elliot as I’m trying to now buy too many clothes for her that she’ll grow out of, and instead wash her sweet potato riddled clothes every day. It’s way less wasteful than doing a small load of laundry in the normal washer, as it uses less water and energy.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_6

You can add the sidekick to any LG washer purchased since 2009 – and you can do what I did which is use a pedestal drawer underneath the dryer and the sidekick under the washer. What it can do: The SideKick™ washer offers six distinct cycles,  each offering a unique combination of wash motions, water temperatures,  rinse cycles and spin speeds that are ideally suited for the different types of loads.

The SideKick™and the LG front-load washer can operate simultaneously or independently, so the user can wash one load in hot and one load in cold water at the same time. It’s wonderful.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_4

We had to add some storage and organization, obviously because this laundry closet is small. So we put up those shelves and allowed room for laundry baskets on top. Genius. The shelves housed all the detergents and other cleaning supplies as well as the iron, dirt buster and anything that we needed to grab quickly.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_7

We utlized both doors by hanging organizers on the interiors. On one side was a fold out clothes hanging line and the other was our mop and broom.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_8

The drawer underneath the dryer held all of our cleaning rags and some other laundry supplies – dryer sheets, oxy clean, spot cleaner, etc. I’ve never felt so pulled together in my life.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_9

On top we added a pre-cut ikea table top that fit pretty perfectly so we didn’t have to do anything custom.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_5

We put a tray, jar and dish as catchalls for all the stuff that is inside your jeans – coins, business cards, reciepts, lipstick, etc. Last we added a tiny garbage for lint and other disgusting trash that I find in my jeans constantly, like pistachio shells (WHY WOULD I PUT THOSE IN MY POCKET???), gum wrappers, and clothing tags.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_1Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_Detail_3

The best news of all is that the laundry closet (in the middle of the house) is now invisible with the doors shut, and so pretty with the doors open:

Emily-Henderson-Design-LG-Washer-Laundry-Room-Sidekick-Doors-Opening-GIF    Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_2

Having that closet done sends a surge of saratonin through my veins just thinking about it. It’s so wonderful. It’s functional, stylish and now that it’s organized has solved a lot of my random cleaning product problems.

So here’s the story, starting now through July 13th , LG is running a promotion in which consumers can purchase an LG Front-Load and LG SideKick pair starting at $999. Typically the washer is $799 and the sidekick is $699 so if you act now (through July 13th) you can have both starting at $999. Pretty darn good deal for 2 washers!

But if you are the “getting things for free” type then you are in luck because we have a giveaway: One of you will receive a free sidekick.

**** GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CLOSED. A big thanks to all those who entered and congrats to Lisa N. who is the lucky winner. LG will be in contact with you directly, so be sure to watch out for an email. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Enter the giveaway by commenting on this blog post with what clothing you’d love to wash in a SideKick, and by entering below:

A Rafflecopter giveaway

In case you were interested in seeing how I use said laundry closet, we have gone ahead and recorded it:

Emily-Henderson-Design-LG-Washer-Laundry-Room-Sidekick-Doing-Laundry-GIFSee how it works? That sidekick is pretty darn wonderful. I use it all the time for work out clothes, baby clothes, or tonight where I shoved in 10 stiff linen napkins to soften them for my shoot tomorrow. Not the most common use of it, but so convenient.

So there you have it. My laundry closet finally revealed, and in a way that I’m proud of.

Laundry Room_Emily Henderson_Big Wave Wallpaper_Blue_LG_5

Here you go if you want to get that look:

Laundry Room Get the Look

1. Wallpaper | 2. Wall Shelf | 3. Double Wall Sconce | 4. LG Dryer | 5. LG Capacity Washer | 6. LG Sidekick | 7. LG Pedestal Shelf/Drawer | 8. Leather Catchall | 9. Laundry Basket | 10. Tiny Dust Pan | 11. Runner | 12. Expandable Wall Mount Organizer | 13. Broom | 14. Dust Pan | 15. Tray Set | 16. Over Door Ironing Board

A big thanks to LG and all of our sponsors who allow us to bring you original content every day.

*Photos by Zeke Ruelas, styling help by Scott Horne.

***You can find the Terms and Conditions for the LG SideKick Giveaway here

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7 years ago

Gah! This is stunning. I wish my gross laundry closet was as glam and functional as this.

7 years ago

Well done! I don’t think I have ever wanted to do laundry more than I do now after reading and seeing this post.

7 years ago

I have been wondering about those units and looking into getting that exact one. So glad to hear you love it. Definitely am going to enter that giveaway and keep my fingers crossed. Loving this so much.

Celeste Morgan
7 years ago

I’d wash my daughter’s favorite pajamas that she requests to wear every. single. night and her lovey that she carries everywhere and is disgusting all the time. Love the wallpaper!

7 years ago

I’d feel better washing my fav Anthro clothes in there as opposed to my current washing machine and I know my workout clothes would be washed better.

7 years ago

Would love a new washer and dryer!

7 years ago

I would banish my husband’s gym clothes in the sidekick–forever! Right now they have to live in the garage until i get enough of them to do a full load. It would be so lovely to not have to wait!

7 years ago

How nice to be able to wash small loads of workout clothes! Or stained business attire!

7 years ago

I’m expecting my first baby this fall, and a new washing machine would be a godsend!

7 years ago

We just bought LG front loaders and love them! Now you have us sold on the sidekick for baby clothes for baby #3 coming any day now.

7 years ago

I’d definitely wash baby clothes in the Sidekick – they are endless in our house!

Jessica A
7 years ago

I would love to win this bad boy. My current washer leaves rust spots on our clothes if we use the hot cycle. So I would wash all of our towels in piping hot water with this thing!

Emily S
7 years ago

Love the idea of that washing machine! Would be great for delicate tops that normally get thrown in a delicate bag to be (wrongfully) washed in a large load

7 years ago

What a brilliant product! I would love a SideKick for baby/toddler clothes!

I had no idea that sidekick thing existed! We haven’t done anything to our “laundry room” (unfinished room in the basement…) but maybe this would be the “kick” (groan) in the pants we need. 🙂

7 years ago

I would wash my favorite everlane cardigan that I wear year round in the lower washer on delicate and the massive amount of laundry my kids generate in the top.

7 years ago

I would absolutely love a way to wash delicates in a separate washer. I always feel so wasteful when I run them in a small load in my washer.

7 years ago

I would wash all my delicates in there:)

7 years ago

Would love these!

7 years ago

This laundry space is oh so good! I love it. I am in a water aerobics class three times a week and the pool’s high chlorine count does a number on swimsuits unless they are washed after every wearing. The sidekick would be perfect for this chore.

7 years ago

OMG I would love that for my workout clothes, and we have the same sports bra!! <3

7 years ago

I would wash nursing bras! Or I would wash sweaters on delicate. Instead they just languish in my laundry room until they are no longer in season. Oh well.

7 years ago


Question: you say that the countertop on top of the washer and dryer is Ikea. I have a Samsung washer and dryer, but I’m pretty sure they’re all standard sizes, and the Ikea countertop covers the washer but not the gap between the washer and the wall (aka: the gap of doom where spare baby socks go to die). Do you somehow not have that gap? HOW did you make it fit??

Susie Q.
7 years ago

I obsess over things like this–brooms, brushes, drying racks, etc. so I’m right on board. My fave thing is that little pull-down drying rack (but you need a tiny basket w clothespins in it, don’t you?).
Also, I KNOW you don’t keep all your dirty laundry in one sweet little woven basket. Where could the rest of it be…. But it’s a huge improvement, certainly.

7 years ago

Baby clothes for sure! We’re expecting our second child so our laundry room will be getting a workout!

7 years ago

AHHHH that is brilliant! Both the room and the sidekick. I am about to buy my first house and therefore my first washer and dryer. This would be perfect!!

7 years ago

I was in an interview with industry types who divulged that front-load is better for your clothes–wears them out less. Also less energy.
This is an amazing job. That sidekick thing is mind-boggling. So is that pedestal/drawer for the dryer.
I love that this is very nice but it isn’t ridiculously styled in a way that nobody’s house would be. This looks like a working laundry room, even though it’s exceptionally beautiful.

7 years ago

Workout clothes and lingerie! Our cheap-o washer doesn’t even have a gentle cycle!

7 years ago

I’d live to wash daily soccer uniforms and socks in the sidekick! Or swimsuits and delicates. Love this makeover!

7 years ago

For small loads!

Ashley R
7 years ago

LOVE the idea of a mini washer! Great use of space and would love to have this under my LG washer. We’re pregnant and are planning on cloth diapering, so this would be perfect for washing diapers.

7 years ago

We’re moving into faculty housing soon. If we’re extremely lucky, there will be a w/d hookup and we will need a w/d. I’m sure we will also be in need of your services to bring the place to life.

7 years ago

SO beautiful, and loving the space you do laundry makes a huge difference! I have a 4 year old and 16 month old twins (all girls), so I would definitely be washing small loads of small clothes that must be cleaned quick! I also always have a couple random delicate things in the bottom of the hamper that I would throw in there and save myself some grief. I need a sidekick!

7 years ago

this cute sidekick would be so great for doing small loads of my toddlers clothing, plus i would loooove a new washer!

7 years ago

I have an LG washer and dryer, but would love the Sidekick to keep up with all the laundry that my 3 week old son creates.

7 years ago

Those would be great to replace my ancient washer and dryer!

7 years ago

This is genius! I would definitely wash my intimates in this bad boy. I have a million bras, but I only actually use, like, two of them, and this would make it way easier to keep them clean!

7 years ago

Beautiful job! So smart to do it for yourself and not wait til it’s time to sell the house. I never heard of the Sidekick before. How neat is that!!!

7 years ago

Your laundry closet is beautiful!! Thanks for showing that we don’t all need to have tiled, loaded-with-storage and pinteresty-type-cubbies, full on ROOMS, for the place where we wash dirty socks. (Although wouldn’t we all love that type of room too?) I would love the side-kick for washing food-covered toddler clothes, and the occasional sports uniform that’s needed for a game in like, 1 hour.

7 years ago

That is cute! I want a little sidekick for my delicates! Sometimes you just have a teeeny load but older washers don’t even have a delicate cycle. So much water is wasted.

I really love the idea of the little trash can. One of those things you always wish was right there but don’t think to put (unless you’re a smart person. I always walk my lint to the kitchen).

7 years ago

WOW! I love that wallpaper! The laundry room in my house needs a major facelift, too!

Emily P
7 years ago

OMG, I have a laundry room inside my house in Florida which is a huge bonus to not have to go into the 100 degree garage to do laundry…BUT, I still need to style it! The previous owner put a wall-attached shelf with hanger rod exactly where my head goes when I stand in front of the washer and dryer-genius (NOT). Anyway, I would die for those washer and driers with the sidekick! I have lululemon shorts and sports bras that need to be washed very frequently but aren’t very big so I hate to do 3 loads a week…the sidekick would be perfect! I’m in need of winning something for free…we are currently trying to get wood laminate floors off of our concrete subfloor and apparently the previous owner used atomic super glue…our demo guy can’t make them budge with his demo hammer 🙁 Pretty pretty please do a free design consultation contest sometime soon!!!

7 years ago

Cloth dinner napkins and kitchen towels. We try to make less waste so we use cloth napkins and dish towels instead of paper. I am constantly washing them and they make up a perfect small sized load.

7 years ago

If I’m honest, we recently got our own new washer and dryer so I feel bad entering this giveaway, but I also would LOVE having a sidekick, so here I am anyway. I wanna wash my swimsuit anytime I feel like it without gathering a whole load! Plus, like, other stuff.

7 years ago

it will help make our creepy old unfinished basement laundry room so much nicer

7 years ago

The area looks great! Our laundry area is a leftover from the previous owners in 1980 (washer and dryer included I think!). I would love the sidekick for delicate items and also when I want to run a load of dark clothes without wasting so much water.

7 years ago

That wallpaper is everything.

I’d probably wash all of my “hand wash” clothes in it because lord knows I’m not actually washing them by hand!

7 years ago

This looks great! I’d love a sidekick cause I always find myself needing to do the tiniest load, but end up putting it off until I can get a full load.

7 years ago

Dinner napkins! I never want to throw in our nice dinner napkins in with clothes or towels after a party, and washing them with dirty dish towels seems mean.

Also, dirty dish towels and cleaning rags that I don’t want dirtying up my nice bath towels!

Basically, all the small messy things that my snobby nicer things don’t want to be associating with inside the regular washer. The snobs.

7 years ago

I have an LG WASHER and have never heard of these…AMAZING!!