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Bunny Themed Nursery Makeover + Shop The Look

Welcome to the sweetest little nursery for the sweetest little baby ever (except Elliot’s and Charlie’s and of course all of yours, obviously). It’s teeny, tiny, but kinda perfect just like that new little baby that sleeps there. The best part? All, yes all of the furniture and accessories are from my (America’s) favorite retailer, Target. It was fast, easy, affordable, and totally steal-able. Hop on in, little bunny.

We were at Jen and Jayson’s home, meeting about the upstairs playroom makeover when she showed me the room for their expecting baby. I said, “Jen, no offense, but …may I?” They had just moved in and the furniture was too big and bulky for this room (don’t worry, it was handed down to a friend). I was going to be shopping for kids furniture anyway, installing at their house anyway, and honestly nurseries have become old bonnet to me because I’ve done so many. They are easy, fun, and I figured really good content.

So we lumped it in and we designed/styled that room as well. Here’s what it looked like before:

Target Pillowfort Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink and White Emily Henderson Before Photo 1

We created a mood board using a combination of Target’s new Pillowfort line, baby, Oh Joy and Threshold – the whole gang is playing together here perfectly.

Target Pillowfort Nursery Baby Girl Pink and white Emily Henderson Moodboard

That wallpaper became the hopping off point (HA) of the whole nursery, then we layered neutral furniture and punched it up with the accessories. Keep reading while I break down the whole process – or just watch the video of the whole makeovers:

Welcome home, little baby.  Emily Henderson Pillowfort Target Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink-300_A

From now on I’m only designing rooms for the unborn. It’s just so easy – you only need a few small furniture pieces (crib, chair, changing table, maybe storage, rug) and none of those pieces tend to be too expensive so there is less stress in the design process, and then yea, the client almost always approves.

Emily Henderson Pillowfort Target Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink-35_A

This room was actually only a temporary nursery – for the first year. Upstairs, by the playroom near Sienna’s room will be this baby’s real kid room. This room is really close to the master bedroom and will eventually be the guest room, so we didn’t want to do anything too permanent on the walls. Enter this amazing temporary wallpaper. We found it via Chasing Paper and it is basically just contact paper that you put on your walls. Its perfect for a temporary room as its not pasted and won’t last forever. They recommend a really smooth wall for best application. Our wall had a bit of texture but we were fine with it. Our wallpaper installer was not, though and he found it hard to install because he’s a total perfectionist. I think when it comes to temporary wallpaper you don’t hire someone, do it yourself and don’t obsess too much about matching it perfectly. You can shift it, peel it off and replace, and just know that making it perfect can be hard.

It’s such a sweet color and pattern – not too busy for a small space but with enough life to add personality (which means you don’t really have to do a lot of other things to make it look exciting.)


The changing table is part of the Babyletto collaboration which is so simple, warm and great to transition into a bigger kids room. We didn’t put anything above the dresser because babies have go-go-gadget arms and can rip anything off the walls. We mounted the mirror in Charlie’s room with insane glue, and we have definitely hung little mobiles over changing tables, but otherwise keep those little bodies safe.

Emily Henderson Pillowfort Target Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink-39

That side table is one of my favorites in the Threshold summer collection. Emily Henderson Pillowfort Target Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink-42

I have these stacking white bins in our playroom, too, and while they aren’t fancy or particularly stylish, they are so practical – Charlie can access toys easily and help put things away afterwards. For the shoot we styled them out all cute, but as you can imagine ours certainly don’t look like that right now.

Emily Henderson Pillowfort Target Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink-44

I love how the whole room turned out – simple, happy, sweet without a lot of bells and whistles and yet it feels impactful and stylish. Here are a few things you might be thinking:

1. No blackout shades. Jen and Jayson have some rolling blackout shades on their way, but they weren’t there for the shoot – so don’t worry, they are coming.

2. You may have noticed that there is a mobile hanging over the crib in the video but not in the shots – its a funny story. We made a DIY pom pom mobile for the nursery and it was all sorts of adorable, but I didn’t know that Target has agreed to all Safe Sleeping guidelines which says nothing in the crib or over it. Whoops. So we had to edit the DIY out of the video and photos. The wallpaper was so hard to photoshop that we had to send it out to a retoucher to get it done right which is why it took this post so long to get published. There is some footage of it in the video that you can sneak a peek at if you’d like.

Emily Henderson Pillowfort Target Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink-100_A

Jen was 36 weeks pregnant there. Yes, life is unfair. And Ive seen her since and she looks like nothing ever happened.

I love this adorable little happy family of three that just got their world rocked by adding another child. While we were shooting I did a decent amount of warning about how exhausting the transition from one to two young children is. I think they were like ‘ok, i get it, its going to be hard’. Then when I saw them a couple weeks they both looked at me and said ‘YOU WERE RIGHT THIS IS CRAZY HARD’. It gets easier, sweet family, hang in there.


No makeover story is complete without a proper before and after:

Target Pillowfort Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink and White Emily Henderson Before and After 3

All the before furniture was gifted to someone else, don’t worry.

Target Pillowfort Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink and White Emily Henderson Before and After 1 Target Pillowfort Nursery Makeover Baby Girl Pink and White Emily Henderson Before and After 2

I hope you enjoyed this little bunny themed sweet nursery. If you are into it you can go get that look yourself:

Target Pillowfort Get The Look Baby Girls Pink Nursery Emily Henderson


1. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible White Crib | 2. Striped Fabric Floor Bin | 3. Leno Weave Sheer Curtain Panel | 4.  Leaping Bunnies Wallpaper | 5. Floral Bear Throw Pillow | 6. House Shelves With Pinboard | 7. Column Gold Heart Table Lamp | 8. Stackable Laminate 2-Compartment White Bin | 9. Babyletto Bingo 3-Drawer Changer Dresser | 10. Blinky Bunny Stuffed Animal | 11. Party Hedgehog Figurine | 12. Toucan Multicolor Mini Pillow | 13. Round Brass Mirror | 14. Glass Ball Table Lamp | 15. Babyletto Bento Glider | 16. Heart Ottoman | 17. Marlton Marble & Gold End Table

Also available: Newborn Blush & Gold Moccasins |  Cream Plush Shag Rug |  Ice Cream Pattern Throw Pillow | Unicorn Character Throw Pillow

All photos by Tessa Neustadt, video by Propeller Content. 

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8 years ago

I am in love with that bunny wallpaper and the little party animals!!

8 years ago

This turned out beautiful! And I have to say I loved the video so much. I watched Design Star back in the day, and you were my favorite, obvs 🙂 Is there a link to the pillow with the tassels that lost out to the ice cream pillow? I kind-of really want it for my house!

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Thanks for the link! Love it!

8 years ago

This is adorable! So soft and sweet.

Also, Jen looks amazing! I selfishly really want to know where her shirt and sandals are from, but realize she’s probably a little busy to be doling out fashion advice.

8 years ago
Reply to  Katie

The sandals are from Sole Society, probably two years ago. I know, because I have the same pair and love them!!

Cris S.
8 years ago

I totally have that lamp in blue – was walking through Target two weeks ago and it was so cute and inexpensive and now it is by my daughter’s bedside and she loves the touch base/turn on feature. I want one in every color!

8 years ago

I used to think only chunky babies could give me baby fever, but no, this nursery has me wishing for a little one of my own, because let’s be honest, that’s basically the entire point of having babies – to have a chance to decorate, am I right???

I love just how much personality you can add to any room with some funky wallpaper; currently on the hunt for something moody for a feature wall in our master bedroom.

Also, let’s talk about that brass mirror. I’ve been checking the Target website every day, hoping it will be back in stock, but nooooooooo! I’ve literally checked every store within a 200-mile radius – and they are ALL OUT! Since you’re basically BFFs with Target, do you have any idea if they plan to re-stock? My master bathroom is dying for a pair of round brass mirrors!

XO, Oksana

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily

GOOD NEWS!!!! I know if anyone could understand, it would be you! haha

So some of my friends are currently on a beach vacation about 8 hours away, and GUESS WHAT I FIND when I check their Target location?! TWO FREAKING BRASS MIRRORS still in stock!

Am I a total moron? Is it selfish to impose my decor needs on their vacation like that? I don’t know… What I do know is that two round, brass mirrors will be arriving at my house this weekend – I’m so happy, I could explooooode!

8 years ago

Upon seeing the crib my first thought was, “oh look, they didn’t put a bunch of crap in it that you can’t actually have in there in real life. Good for them!” I like the safe sleep guidelines in the advertising. Good job Target!

Also, that family photo at the end is so sweet. Fun post!

8 years ago

Can anybody comment on the sturdiness of the Target end table? I’ve been contemplating it for my living room, but I’m worried that my toddler might pull it over on herself. Thoughts?

LA Lady
8 years ago
Reply to  Jenny

I have it and it looks amazing and is sturdy!

8 years ago

That is temporary wallpaper?!

Temporary Wallpaper for president.

8 years ago

The bomb!

8 years ago

It looks like you have 2 mattresses in the crib, is that correct? I am seeing this all over the place and am confused if you actually buy 2 or what is done to achieve the look.

8 years ago
Reply to  Amber

I think it’s a crib skirt.

8 years ago

Love the bunny wallpaper! When I found out I was pregnant I thought I’d just throw a crib in my office and call it a day, but then hormones kicked in and I created my own mood board (and now my office will be relocated to the bedroom!).
The only item I’ve purchased so far is the rug, but next on the list is the glider since it takes a while to arrive. I fell in love with the Como glider when I tried it out, but I’d LOVE to hear your opinion on whether it’s totally worth the price and if you used it all the time. Please help me make one of the 8 million baby decisions, Emily Henderson!! 😉

8 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

I have the Como glider and no regrets– I think it is absolutely worth the price. I tested out several rockers/gliders, and it was by far the most smooth and comfortable. My baby is 6 months old and I’m still happily clocking multiple hours in that chair every day, nursing and reading stories.

8 years ago
Reply to  Kate

Thanks for the feedback, Kate! It’s great to hear from someone who has the glider and loves it!

8 years ago

I love that mobile! Please share how you did it!!! Pleeease!

8 years ago

Too much cuteness!

8 years ago

That wallpaper is so cute. This room is perfection all the way. Love it.

8 years ago

please discuss the “it gets easier.” WHEN!?! Three month old and two year old = F*ing insanity. This stay at home gig is not for the faint of heart. Send home via family update post, Emily! I need honest light to look towards!

Adorable wallpaper!

8 years ago

This room is beautiful! Excellent work! I’m wondering where the baskets pictured in the mood board are from? Or if you have a link to them on Target’s website? I’m searching high and low for something just like them for my nursery and I keep coming up empty!

Amber Lindsey
8 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Great! Thank you so much!

8 years ago

This baby room is super duper cute and it looks like you guys are expecting baby girl. Lots and lots of good wishes.

8 years ago

I love love love all these nursery makeovers–I’m about to move into my first house and looking for inspiration for my 6 month old daughter’s room!

The wallpaper is gorgeous, but I’d be super interested in a mood board that is a similar take on these nurseries with paint–maybe a similar color, but with larger scale art inspired by the wallpaper?

I’d especially love a wall paint color inspired by Elliott’s room! If would copy the whole room down to the details, I love it so much!!

8 years ago

The reviews on target website for the babyletto dresser are that the quality is atrocious. Just FYI.

8 years ago

That wallpaper is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!

8 years ago

Love the video!

I really like the wallpaper and the furniture too.

8 years ago

Looks like you had a great experience. I love the result!

8 years ago

Its really a good article. It gives me lots of pleasure and interest..!!

8 years ago

i really miss his

8 years ago

wow it is amazing , i like it.

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