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What Moms REALLY Want For Mother’s Day (Seriously, We Asked And You Delivered)

Last Friday Emily did a call out on Instagram asking what you Moms out there actually wanted for Mother’s Day. We didn’t want to do a roundup that was dull, off the mark or just like every other guide we’ve seen. Reading all of the feedback was probably the most fun thing I’ve done in a hot minute (excluding going to the beach to watch “the sunset” with my friend in the cloudy, freezing cold and faceplanting after chasing a runaway napkin. But seriously we laughed the whole time at how bad we are at living in LA.) ANYWAY, I couldn’t get enough of your answers! Some were totally understandable, some very surprising, and some actually were the quintessential “mother’s day” ideas. But hey, if you want a robe then a robe you should get. You survived a year in quarantine! With kids! Let ALL THE MOTHER’S HAVE CAKE!

Me Time and Services

  • Alone Time at Home – This was BY FAR the most requested gift from moms with kids that still live at home. Surprising? Not to us when collectively this was likely the most intense year of mothering in our lifetime. I also asked my best friend (mother of a one-year-old) what she wanted this year and said that all she wants her husband and baby out of the house so she can binge Chinese food and watch season two of Broad City on repeat. That sounds like an ideal day if you ask me.
photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: my girls weekend at the ojai valley inn
  • A Hotel or Airbnb Room Alone – Another big request. I mean who doesn’t want a luxurious room they don’t have to clean, can indulge in whatever activities they want. AND get room service. Bonus points if you pay for them to get a spa service:)
  • A Girls Weekend – Another BIG request. Now that vaccines are here, a girl’s weekend isn’t out the picture this year! So maybe block out a weekend and give your mom (or partner) the time to go spend time with her friends where she doesn’t have to think of anyone but herself.
  • A Massage or Facial – This was the #2 most requested and DUH. I just booked my first since 2019 and I could truly cry thinking about it and I don’t even have kids soooo, ya. It’s a slam dunk. I really love HeyDay for facials which is in LA, NYC, and Philadelphia. Then there’s Massage Envy that has locations all over the US. But honestly, Groupon has incredible spas and is always worth checking out for a great place and a great deal.
  • A Car Detail – I think this is an AWESOME idea but was surprised by how many moms said this. Again Groupon is a great place to go if you don’t have a local favorite. So make your mom some breakfast and go take her car for a makeover. Bonus points for changing the oil and filling it up with gas. But if money is a little tight you could always do it for yourself.
  • House Cleaner – Yep, your wonderful money is SO tired of cleaning 24/7. So even if it’s a one time deal, she will LOVE coming home to a clean house. We used to use Handy for our office and they were great! But a quick search on yelp will give you a bunch of options.
  • Do Her “Get Done” List – Has your mom or partner been asking you or some to fix xyz? Sound familiar?? Well, this Mother’s Day TO IT! Or you can hire someone (Handy and Task Rabbit are great for that too). I promise this will make her extremely happy, heard, and less stressed.


I was really surprised how many moms wanted loungewear and new PJs. But I guess there is something very renewing about a new, pretty set of pajamas and these are the ones you and we love:

1. Washable Silk Tank Set | 2. Siro Draped Jogger | 3. Pima Drape-Back Top + Pima Classic Pant | 4. Beautifully Soft Short Sleeve Pajama Set | 5. The College Sweatshirt + The Cropped Sweatpant | 6. Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set

1. Lunya was the #1 requested loungewear company by far. It makes sense. They are VERY special pieces that a mom might not normally buy for herself. But also… washable silk?? Heck yes! This is a great set for those warm upcoming months.
2. More Lunya and one of Emily’s favorite joggers. Pretty draping and pockets deep enough for your mom’s phone. Win!
3. If your mom is maybe a bit more modest and classic then this is SUCH a pretty set (top and pant). I love how the top has that lovely cross drape that makes it really special.
4. Both Emily and I have this set from Target and love it. I’ve had it for years (in a different color) and is always my first choice if it’s clean:)
5. This is a set (top and bottom) that Emily lives in (or did in the thick of lockdown) and said that she just felt cool in it. Hey, your mom or partner deserves to feel cool too. It’s definitely splurgy but if it’s in your price range is extremely worth it. There’s also a bunch of other colors:)
6. Ok the last Lunya:) This is a BEAUTIFUL option that gives a bit more coverage and honestly looks good that I would wear this out.


SO many of you just want a nice robe to start and end your days in so here are some great options from both you and us:

1. Solstice Organic Relaxed Robe | 2. Waffle Robe | 3. Lemon Zest | 4. Super-Plush Robe | 5. Women’s Cloud Weave Robe Coat | 6. Beautifully Soft Robe

1. This is my robe and I can’t tell you how much I love it. We all got one for this shoot back in 2018 and it may be one of my favorite (and definitely most used) things I’ve gotten as a gift since I started. 10/10
2. A LOT of the robe requests was this waffle robe from Parachute. It comes in a few other neutral tones and I’m sure it’s very cozy.
3. Do you have a fun mom??? Well then get her a fun robe like this one. PrintFresh is a new company to me but they have a ton of great prints and sizing that goes up to 4X!
4. Now this is Caitlin’s robe that she couldn’t stop talking about for weeks. She loved it so much that she bought one for her mom soon after. So if your mom loves a very plush robe then this is the one for her.
5. Another big follower rec that looks totally wonderful and comes in a variety of colors.
6. You know we love a Target PJ and this is the robe version of that suuuuper soft fabric we can’t get enough of (modal) and this one is under $25.


Your mom wants some cool skincare tools! So we will get into those in a minute. But a GREAT thing to do that some moms asked for was just a restock of what they already have. How fun would it be to give her a basket of her hair products or skincare routine. It’s a GUARANTEED great gift! But also a Sephora or Credo (an exclusively clean beauty shop) gift card would be awesome and give her an opportunity to try some new things:) If you or she needs product inspo, here is a post with all of our favorites. Onto the tools:

1. Elite Mirror Ten Brush Set | 2. Trinity Facial Toning Device | 3. Nail Glow Nail Enhancer | 4. LightStim for Wrinkles | 5. The Mani System | 6. Sephora Collection Deluxe Brush Set

1. This was the first time I had heard of this brand but boy do these brushes say luxury! A few moms were VERY excited about them. So if you have a makeup-loving mama and want to splurge, this is a great idea.
2. As a fellow gadget-loving lady myself, this advanced-microcurrent toner is a great gift and was DEFINITELY requested on the call-out.
3. Another item I didn’t know about but really want to try. Basically, this clear “polish” just enhances your mom’s already pretty natural nails. So if she’s not a big nail polish fan but wants her nails to look nice then this is it, folks. Plus it’s under $30!
4. FDA-approved and mom wanted. Light therapy is very popular right now and is a really easy way for your mom to feel a little more confident in her skin. This is a great device to do that!
5. I was NEVER one to do my nails on my own. They were either beautiful or…not. But then I got this kit for my birthday last year and it’s wild how much I love it and love doing my nails now. I’m a changed woman! Olive and June also has a pedi set I am dying for. Both are seriously great gifts.
6. More brushes but at a way more affordable price. I love my Sephora brushes and can totally vouch for their quality.


Here’s the DL on Mother’s Day jewelry. It was split pretty 50/50 on moms wanting nothing to do with their kid’s names or “mom” jewelry and moms who REALLY wanted their kid’s initial(s) on the necks and fingers. So moral of the story…know the kind of mom you are gifting jewelry to. I know that may seem like common sense but I don’t think it is for everyone considering we’ve alllll gotten some “head-scratcher” gifts. Amirght??

Delicate Necklaces and Lockets

Your mom or partner (like the moms who responded) just want a touch of glam that they can wear every day. Delicate gold jewelry is our favorite accessory too! Heck, we even wrote a whole post about it. But let’s get into these first:

1. Personalized Yue Necklace | 2. Mama Necklace | 3. Dollhouse Locket | 4. Paperclip Chain | 5. Bali Antique Locket Necklace | 6. Diamonds Station Necklace

1. For the initial loving moms, this necklace is such a pretty and very delicate option. Even with a few charms, it’s still very simple which I love.
2. This was a requested necklace and while it’s very on the nose, it’s so pretty (and high quality)! Think how sweet this would be, especially for a new mom.
3. STOP. I want this too. Lockets were a big request and so was the shop Catbird, making this a perfect gift. The locket is very small which I think makes it really special.
4. Paperclip necklaces are very on-trend (I have one myself) but they don’t scream “Look how trendy I am!”. Instead they are delicate and are great for layering.
5. From Emily: “I bought this locket for a fashion shoot and am so surprised by how much I love it. Also, Birdie says every day “but mama, when are you going to put a picture of me and Charlie in there?” SOON. It’s just pretty (and $65 is pretty affordable for special sentimental jewelry).”
6. Splurgy but I mean look at it. This necklace so pretty and while it’s not for everyone, I think most moms would LOVE this.

Honorable Mention: Morse code necklaces were mentioned a couple of times and I found this one that I think is really pretty. It’s a secret way to have a personalized piece of jewelry:)

Stacking and Signet Rings

These two styles of rings are what the moms want, people! We got so many answers that specifically asked for stacking and signet rings and these are the ones we all love:

1. Micro Signet Ring | 2. 3 Bold Zoe Set | 3. Twist Ring | 4. Small Heirloom Signet Ring | 5.

1. First off, GLDN was the most talked about jewelry brand in the feedback and I get it, it’s all so pretty. And this ring is both signet AND stacking. Dream team! It is a personalized one though so make sure your mom or partner wants those little initials on their hand at all times:)
2. I LOVE these simple rings and think they are so simple but so chic. Perfect for the casual, no fuss but still stylish mom that isn’t an “initials person”.
3. Elegant, simple but with a twist (pun intended:))
4. Very splurgy but sooo freaking special. I would never take this ring off and a bunch of moms talked about this wonderful shop.
5. Another GLDN pick! This ring is technically “personalized” but instead of an initial, it’s a birth month flower. And maybe instead of a kid’s birth month flower, it’s hers. Juuuust an idea;)
6. Now this is a very cool, chunky signet ring for the mom who likes more of a statement. Also. it’s adjustable so you can’t mis-size her finger. Pretty great right!?


Moms also want a little revamp in the accessory department and the #1 request? Birkenstocks! Let’s get to it:


1. Arizona Colorblock Sandal | 2. Arizona EVA Sandals | 3. Arizona Torty Big Buckle Sandal

1. Moms are ABOUT this two-toned new look! So many asked for them specifically. They are comfortable and CUUUTE. I love this blue/pink look but also the coral/tan combo is awesome. It was very hard to decide which one to feature.
2. Another specific ask were the plastic (aka waterproof) ones. Y’all this is the perfect summer shoe and it comes in a tone of other colors.
3. Tortise Buckles! Are you kidding me?! These might be my first pair of Birkenstock sandals and I needed you to all know that they exist.


Sunglasses are a little hard to buy for someone unless they tell you specifically what they want. BUT these are all VERY cute and returns are always possible if need be. But also gift certificates, y’all:)

1. Peyton-104 | 2. RB2448N | 3. Wright

1. Does your mom have a vintage flair? Well, Coco and Breezy have incredibly cool and unique sunglasses. These ones are on the more streamlined/classic side but go check out their site!
2. These are Em’s new favorite sunglasses! And as someone who’s not really a “sunglasses person,” I think that says a lot. Plus they just look cool and timeless.
3. You might know this but Warby Parker has GREAT sunglass options. Plus if your mom needs prescription sunglasses this is a one-stop-shop! How cute are these?

Everyday Purses

Your mom probably needs a new everyday bag (at least that’s the vibe I got from the other moms) Here are our picks:

1. The Canvas Medium Transport Tote | 2. Midi Sac | 3. Eden Carryall

1. Who doesn’t love a Madewell tote?? I love my black leather one but this one is in that GREAT green canvas fabric and would add a little fun to any outfit without overpowering it.
2. Clare V was heavily requested and if looking that this stinking cute bag doesn’t explain why then I don’t know what to say. It’s SO PRETTY.
3. Whenever Em isn’t sporting one of her belt bags, this is her all-time favorite carryall. It’s the perfect size for a laptop but isn’t too big if you need to go from day to night. Plus it’ll last forever which is always a good thing:)

Plants and Garden Tools/Decor

Gardening might feel a little cliche for Mother’s Day but IT. IS. NOT. So so many moms want trees, plants, tools, shoes, you name it. I’m going to give a couple of options here but this post on tools and this post on plants have WAY more.


1. Variegated Pink Lemon Tree | 2. Philodendron Florida Beauty Red Stem | 3. Phlebodium Blue Star

1. Lots of lemon tree requests and this sweet thing is only $68! It’s so darn pretty and really produces fruit. I think any green thumb mama would adore this tree.
2. Now this is cool. So you are sent a stem and you are taught how to propagate! There is also a monthly subscription if you think your mom would be really into this.
3. Bloomist just launched their live plants and they are nothing short of gorgeous. I just got a baby fiddle leaf that I love but look how wonderful this one is. They also come in beautiful pots and topped with moss. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

Bonus Request: Get a gift card to her local nursery! That way she can see and touch the plants herself and support a local business:)

Gardening Tools And Decor

Now for those moms who have gardens, like to work in them and want to decorate them a little:)

1. Rubber Garden Clogs | 2. Bird Bath | 3. Rain Chain | 4. Hori Hori Knife | 5. LED I Shape Hydroponic Indoor Garden Grow Light | 6. The Essential Garden Seat & Tool Kit

1. Plenty of requests for good gardening shoes because who wants to get their normal shoes dirty?? These clogs are perfect because they also are pretty cute.
2. Lots of asks for garden decor and I just LOVE this bird bath. Simple, textured, and timeless.
3. I didn’t even know rain chains were a thing until someone asked for it on Instagram! If you don’t know either they are a decorative replacement for gutter downspouts. This one is modern and cool:)
4. “Hands down the best gardening tool out there” per Cailtin’s mom and my dad!
5. Not all moms can grow a garden outside so some want to do it inside. This is a great little indoor garden for your mom to enjoy!
6. A good garden bench is important and this one is one this also full of tools! Perfect for the beginner gardener mom that needs a jumping-off point.

Activities and Fitness

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: working the ehd crew out with culligan water

I of course wasn’t super surprised that moms wanted to get their fitness on. BUT when the requests for paddle board kept coming in I was like well damn that is fun and really good to know! So let’s just start off there:

Paddle Boards

I’ve only been paddle boarding once but I really loved it so I see why the moms want to paddle all summer long. What I love about these options is that they all come with paddles! So you don’t have to worry about piecing everything together. But do a little research but sadly I am not a paddle board expert…yet.

1. PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Set | 2. Pau Hana Malibu Classic Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle | 3. Boardworks SHUBU Solr Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle

1. This inflatable guy is highly rated and very affordable considering the research I’ve done. Plus it comes with a pump!
2. So this one is solid and weighs about 31 lbs but is apparently VERY durable and your mom doesn’t have to spend any time inflating.
3. This is another great inflatable option to check out! It is more expensive than the first one so I would just make sure your mom really wants to get into paddle boarding:)


Paddle Boarding wasn’t the only fitness-related item on our mom’s wishlist. Let’s get into the main ones:

1. Peleton Bike | 2. Aaptiv Subscription | 3. Theragun

1. Peleton is still the king (or Queen) of the at-home fitness world. It’s a splurge but if your mom or partner has been begging for one I think you would be the favorite:)
2. A few moms just wanted a fitness subscription and our favorite is Aaptiv! It’s super approachable and fun. Very affordable and something that she would actually use (if she wants it of course).
3. Whether your mom is really working those muscles or just suffers from aches and pains, a Theragun is SUCH a good gift. I got one for my dad for Christmas and it was his favorite gift. He uses it all of the time.

Food And Cooking

They are moms who like to cook all the time and moms who well… don’t. We have ideas for both!

Cooking Tools

1. Always Pan | 2. Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven | 3. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine | 4. All-Clad 6.5 Qt. Slow Cooker | 5. The Dutchess| 6. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender

1. Lots of requests for this pan and I get it because it’s so pretty and useful! Isn’t cooking more fun when the pan is cute??
2. This is THE pizza oven of the year and moms want it. Mallory has one and says it’s the best thing they own. So if your mom loves making pizza then this could be great!
3. I think if anyone needs caffeine it’s parents! This is a highly rated espresso machine and would really bump up your mom’s coffee game. Also, the great thing about buying it from William-Sonoma is that you also get a complimentary ticket to one of Williams Sonoma Coffee Club classes.
4. If your mom doesn’t have a slower cooker yet (and might want one) we got requests specifically for this one. This pretty beautiful and is on sale!
5. A good slow cooker can also be beautiful and this one is definitely that. 10/10
6. You bet our moms want a Vitamix. I have one and it really is amazing! And I really like the copper sides on the new model.


  • Food Delivery Service – A lot of moms really would love some help in the meal department. And not the meal kits. Like actual meals that are cooked. Freshly and Sunbasket are options!
  • Order In All Day On Mother’s Day – Even if for a day, moms don’t want to even look at a stove or dirty dishes. So a lot of moms want it alllll delivered
  • Get Them Good Wine – They want wine. Like most of them. Go to your local wine shop OR sign but for a wine subscription like Winc!
  • Chocolate – A lot of moms want some chocolate so go get them their favorites:)

Tools And Tech

Power Tools

My heart sang with how many moms want power tools this year. They are ready to DIY their hearts our and we can’t wait to see what they do! If you also want to start building your tool kit but don’t know where to start here is a post just for that.

1. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit with (2) Batteries, Charger, and Bag | 2. 15 Amp Corded 12 in. Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Blade Wrench & Material Clamp | 3. RYOBI 1,600 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

1. Talk about a really awesome starter kit! RYOBI is a great brand for beginners because its price point is great without sacrificing quality. Also HOT TIP: Having your power tools from the same brand makes it so can use the same battery for multiple tools. It’s a win-win!
2. Lots of asks for miter saws and this one has over 4.5 stars with almost 3,000 reviews. So do with that what you will:)
3. Who doesn’t want a power washer?? They are so useful and it’s sooooo satisfying to see how much dirt they can remove. This was a real request, I promise (and I love it)


We all love some good tech and some of these are things I wouldn’t have thought! Let’s get into it:

1. Wake Up Light Rise with Wood Nightlight | 2. Roomba i7 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum | 3. Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat | 4. Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker with FM Radio & Suction Cup | 5. Ember Mug 2 | 6. MacBook Air

1. This was a surprising one but also so good! Kids shouldn’t be the only ones that get to gently awaken from a dark room, making it nicer to transition out of sweet slumber. Mom should too and this is a really cute and affordable one.
2. Roomba robot vacuums were a big ask in the DMs. But also, OF COURSE. If DJ Roomba can take over at least one of the chores then let that robot do its thing.
3. Not all of us can afford a FULL Toto toilet but you can just get the seat which for some reason I didn’t know! It’s still not cheap but this might be a game-changer for me. Y’all it has a heated seat, a fan, and a front and back sprayer, etc. The mom that recommended this is a genius.
4. More than a few moms wanted a shower speaker which I think is so fun! Let your mom or partner fully enjoy their alone time and this one is only $25.
5. Another multiple request item! These moms really want this magical warming mug. So if you have a mom that loves coffee or tea this could be a slam dunk.
6. This one is a BIG gift. But if your mom is in need of a new laptop and if you can swing it, this is another “best gift” guarantee. Some moms also said they wanted AirPods which is a lot more affordable if they don’t have them and have an iPhone.

Decor (But Really Art)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a modern and organic dining room makeover
  • Vintage Art – So many moms asked for vintage art and WE GET IT. Vintage art is so special but also veeeeery personal. So if you know your mom or partner’s style then go for it and here is an Etsy resource post to get you started. Also, Chairish is great for vintage art (and haggling:)). But if you have no idea then a gift card to either Etsy or Chairish would be a dream. You could also plan to take them to a Flea Market with the promise of a paid for piece of art! FYI the Rose Bowl is happening on Mother’s Day for anyone near LA.
  • Original Art – Second to vintage was original art. Our favorites are Uprise Art, Tappan, Saatchi Art, and Minted (these are prints but beautiful). Don’t forget that gift cards are your friends!
photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we designed our super kid friendly family room
  • Framed Kid’s Art – Moms (Emily too) love displaying their kid’s art but in a pretty way. So find a piece you think she’ll love nicely framed and go to either your local frame shop or Framebridge. But also Target or Ikea (we love the RIBBA frames) are great too and we use them a lot.
  • Professional Photo Session – We’ve talked about this before but a lot of moms just want some nice family photos. So get on the google machine and find a great photographer so she can stare at the wall her beautiful family is on as much as she wants.
  • Digital Photo Organization – And in the same vein as family photos, a free thing you could do that the moms asked for would be to organize all of the photos on her computer. It’s time-consuming but would be SO nice to do for her.


Funnily enough, A LOT of moms said they really DO love candles and that makes me happy as I have been trying to fill the beautiful shoes of one Sara Tramp as the EHD candle lover. Here are six candles that are truly incredible and I would be so happy to receive:

1. Tatine Forest Floor Glass Candle | 2. Palo Santo 14 Classic Candle | 3. Paddywax Palo Santo Suede | 4. Redoux Candle “529” | 5. Paddywax Parks – Glacier | 6. Tatine Garden Mint

1. I blame Sara for turning me onto this candle company. Every scent is heaven and this one is no different. This candle just makes you feel special.
2. A splurgy classic that I will never tire of. Le Labo knows how to make a beautiful scent and this one is earthy and wonderful.
3. This is a new one I just got, love and it’s only $24! It’s light but masculine and I’m already sad knowing it will be done soon. O and the shape of the vessel is so cool!
4. Welcome to my summer candle (that I burn year-round). This one is brighter but has a ton of depth and ultimately is just really unique. I LOVE it so so much.
5. I originally got this gem at Whole Foods and when it was done immediately ordered it again. It’s fresh and makes you feel like you are in the woods.
6. I HAD to call out one more Tatine candle. This was the first one I smelled at Sara’s and I don’t know how to describe it but it changed how I felt about candles forever. Basically, it started my sickness.

Ok that’s it! You made it! What do you think? Do you agree? Now we of course HIGHLY value thoughtful gifts over material things so here is a post FULL of ideas in that category. But sometimes a nice robe is really just…nice. I think in addition to maybe one of these gifts, your mom or partner just wants to be told they are doing a good job. Even in the best of relationships, we can forget to say how much we appreciate everything our loved ones do for us. So even though all of you aren’t our moms, we want to say that you are doing A GREAT job. This past year was mind-blowingly hard and the fact that you are still here standing is honestly a big deal. Happy early Mother’s Day<3

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: EHD At-Home Spa DIYs with Culligan

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2 years ago

Y’all, my husband got me a Lunya set for Christmas and I’m in love. Like, might spring for a second set with my own money despite my innate cheapness, in love. I sleep like a radiator and most pjs make me too hot, so the cool-temp factor is huge for me. Plus they make me feel like I have my life together, instead of ripped tshirts and undies. Not a bad feeling in These Trying Times. Do I want them more than the house to myself? That’s a tough one…

2 years ago
Reply to  Meredith

Swing for the fences: “What I’d love for Mother’s Day is a brand new Lunya set to wear while being in the house alone for an entire day.”

2 years ago
Reply to  Allie

While also ordering in your favorite foods and enjoying a wine delivery.

2 years ago
Reply to  Allie

Or even better:”I want to spend an entire day at home by myself in a new Lunya set” sounds like 1 gift 😀

2 years ago

May I add: If you’ve ever heard your mom complain of thinning eyebrows get NeuBrow! It’s my favorite find of the past year. It works in 30 days. I am thrilled with the result. Also, how about scents? I love my Santal 33 but it’s so pricey. That would be a nice treat. I know Birkenstocks are all the rage, but they don’t fit everyone because they’re fairly wide. Mephisto has the same style but in a much better fit (for me). And, no books? I just finished The Color of Water by James McBride, the extraordinary story of his mother’s life. Highly recommend.

2 years ago
Reply to  patty

Patty, I have really narrow feet and my Burkis fit like a dream from day one!
Birkis come in 3 width!!!
I recommend going to a proper Birki store and getting fitted to know your true size.👍

2 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Agreed! I have the skinniest feet and find it impossible to get shoes to fit but the narrow for Birkenstocks are amazing. I have 2 pairs of the EVA ones and they are hands down the comfiest summer shoes I have ever owned. They are super lightweight, durable (I’ve had one pair for nearly 5 years and still going strong) and just amazing. No break in, no rubbing …. I love them!

2 years ago

I love stuff, too, but I mostly like to pick it out myself. This year, as always, I’m asking for my son to draw a picture of the two of us together (I do this every year) and for my husband (since our son is 8) to make a donation to the National Bail Out Collective, which posts bail for Black women and caregivers and supports bail reform efforts.

2 years ago
Reply to  Annie

i love both of these so much!

2 years ago

It all makes sense. Moms (at least this one) want to feel and look good while being home too. And sometimes they want an entire day to themselves to do whatever. Catch up on sleep, tv, hobby, go forca walk.

2 years ago

So many good ideas! I’ve been looking at the Cuyana sleep shorts and tops, but now I gotta make sure the Lunya won’t win out!

I think so many parents, more than the thing in the gift wrap, is to know that their needs are being given attention to and that they are, in general, being noticed. This can be done in so many ways, including physical gifts, but having a note that says, “I noticed _____, so we _____ .” I noticed that your favorite slippers have holes, so we got you new ones. I noticed you were stressed out about your car, so we cleaned it out for you. The kids noticed that you like having dance parties with them, so we got a new speaker to blast the tunes. Even if the gift giver misses the ideal “mark” a bit, it’s meaningful to know that thought and care went into the idea.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lashley

Ok, so a good 1/3 of my sentences are missing words, but I THINK you can still piece it together.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lashley

YES YES YES that explanation is GOLD.
The most romantic gift I’ve ever gotten was for mother’s day, actually (Context: I handle money, and it was really tight and I was stressed) – my husband gave me 3 tulips and a note that said that they’d gotten tulips because he knew they were my favorites, and he’d gotten 3 because he knew that if he spent more than 5$ on flowers I’d be peeved about it. And I was just like – you LISTENED to everything, and you NOTICED things, and then you ACTED on them. ROMANCE!!!

Lindsay Socotch
2 years ago

I took matters into my own hands this year and bought myself a Mother’s Day gift…a 3D resin printer! I’ve been wanting one for ages and figured I’d take the opportunity to make it mine. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

2 years ago

Oh my goodness, I’ve been buying myself Mother’s Day gifts for years. It’s a deluxe habit.

2 years ago

I LIVE in my waterproof Birks over the summer. I will never willingly wear a pair of flipflops again since they made these — they’re superior in every way. Highly recommend getting yourself a pair if you don’t get them for Mother’s Day (or anyone else, really, every member of my adult family loves theirs).

2 years ago

This is such a sweet roundup! I was so stoked to see GLDN on your list, I have several of their pieces and love them and they are right in my neighborhood. I can also vouch for that Madewell tote, I have had the canvas one for years in black and it washes up so well; I throw it in the washing machine=no problem! My dad has even commented on the quality of that tote, it’s all in the name.
Sending love out to all the people missing their mamas on such an important day.

2 years ago

I bought myself a screen printing kit, because I’ve always wanted to learn. And my partner bought me an Apple Watch, because I wanted a better heart rate monitor. Oh, and he’s getting cinnamon rolls from Manresa Bakery, yum! The car detailing is a real thing. That’s what I got a few years ago. I haven’t tried Lunya pjs, but I love their silk sleep mask. The other thing I’m doing for Mother’s Day is going to a small French Antique Faire in Marin. It’s the second Sunday of the month, and a friend said it was really fun, while also small. It’s a bit of a drive, so it’ll be a day in Marin for us. Fortunately, we’re vaccinated and will be at an outdoor venue.

2 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

This is awesome, Suzanne! Both the antique faire and your screen printing adventure. If you need any printing supplies or need help getting your images onto your screen, please consider my small family owned and operated shop Westar Solutions. We have a lot of enviro-friendly and user-safe products because there are a lot of nasties in the screen printing chemical world. Happy Mother’s Day and happy printing! And sorry for the shameless plug EHD 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Erin

I think your supplies are a bit more industrial, rather than for the home crafter. I got something from The Crafter’s Box, which I love for trying new crafts.

2 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out, you rock!

2 years ago

Phenomenal list. Every holiday I ask for my husband to clean his office. We’ll see if it happens. 🤪 I’d definitely be happy with a clean, tidy home though! Like IG ready where I don’t have to shuffle things around for an impromptu pic, ready. Haha. I haven’t heard of most of these brands but feel excited to delve into them! Happy Mamas Day everyone!

2 years ago

Hello EHD Gang❣️Wow, did you hit the nail on the head 🤩 I want every single one of these gifts. This Mother’s Day seems to mean more than others, stupid pandemic. Sadly my daughter is too busy to read fantastic blog compilations. I’m exactly like the SNL mom giving amazing gifts and then getting a robe 😭 💋💋

2 years ago

Gotta say, I have lunya cotton (“tencel”) pajamas and they started to pill almost immediately, which was really disappointing given how expensive they are. I highly recommend Cuyana pajamas, instead.

2 years ago
Reply to  Piper

If you want to try other tencel lounge and PJs, I love Hernest Co. they’re in Canada, but ship here. I’ve loved all my pieces from them.

2 years ago

Just sent this to my sons for consideration in gifts for their wives! Great ideas! And pointed out that when they lived at home, my dream gift was 24 hours home ALONE – sweet, selfish (😉) personal

2 years ago

This is lovely list! I got the Ember mug for Christmas from my husband. I was appalled at the price and did NOT think I needed it. Let me tell you, it might be the best gift he has ever bought me. Like above all jewelry. My coffee stays hot to the last drop. It is amazing and luxurious.

2 years ago
Reply to  Adrian

I”m sending this suggestion to my husband, I love my coffee staying hot for as long as possible!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Adrian

I said the same thing in my comment!! I would have never brought the ember for myself but I love it.

2 years ago

Oh my gosh this list. I could have personally signed off on at least 2/3 of the items on it.

I WOULD advise a word of caution with regards to practical gifts – I feel like anything that implies that it’s my job to do housework or cook make it not a gift. We have a roomba… it was a joint gift to each other, because it is not MY JOB to vacuum, it’s a joint responsibility (like, is it a chore? Would you consider it to be a fun father’s day gift? If not, don’t.) Similarly, the crockpot is a kitchen tool. (The dehydrator for my husband’s jerky hobby was for him, though. He’d specifically expressed interested, it was a hobby-tool, not a chores-tool).

2 years ago

Love your blog! Great list overall but I was really interested in the bird bath but the reviews are not good.

2 years ago

I don’t want anything with a waistband to lounge in. For Mother’s Day I would love a pretty caftan (kaftan?). I wish I had some of my mom’s from the 60’s! She would glide about in them at her pool parties with gold sandals, huge hoop earrings and her bouffant hair. That’s the kind of summer lounging I aspire to! Miss you mom!

2 years ago
Reply to  Patti

I would love a caftan roundup!

2 years ago

I HAVE those tortoise big buckle birks and can confirm that they are very chic and very comfortable!

2 years ago

All I want for Mother’s Day is for someone to clean the microwave.

2 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

I feel this.

2 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Heat a bowl of water, with lemon juice for a few minutes in the microwave – and then wipe it down. It makes cleaning it so easy!!

2 years ago

People need to really pay attention to the need for time off. I got divorced when my children were 11 and 5 y/o. I realized then, with Dad having them every other weekend, that if we had about 4-6 weekends off a year, we might have been able to salvage our marriage. I adore my children, but geez Louise, the break was so awesome. Then, it was too often. Anyway. Hard lesson to learn the hard way.

2 years ago

I have 13 and 16yo girls. I just want a good long hug from each of them. My 16yo is really anti hug, I can sometimes get one from my younger daughter. It would mean the world to me, more than any store bought gift

2 years ago

It’s interesting to me how many moms want the day alone. Those must be moms of little kids. As a mom of teens, what I want is a day spent together doing things they know I’ll enjoy. Bring me breakfast in bed, join me on a walk, work in the yard with me…

2 years ago

I received an ember mug last year and it’s the BEST. Small children require co stand attention and that means setting down your coffee mug constantly to attend to their needs leaving mamas with a cold cup they have to keep reheating. The ember mug allows me to drink a whole cup of warm coffee even with interruptions. Love.