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The Best Online Plant Delivery Resource List – UPDATED!!

Wow, hello! Here’s the thing: last year, I wrote this guide to the best online plant delivery resources…but the sector has grown a lot, so I wanted to give it a little refresh. I’ve jumped back in and added 11 new big, small, and BIPOC-owned businesses at a variety of price points – the 2021 additions are designated by a cute lil’ asterisk, like this * – which can help make your in-house jungle dreams a reality. Let’s get to it, yeah?

HAPPY WEEKEND, PALS. Earlier this week, Emily showed you her (not really) IKEA-hacked desk. The entire post is gold, but one line REALLY caught my attention: “I need a tree, guys – any online plant resources?”

As EHD’s resident plant owner (at least, I think I’m in the lead — I have 18 very live plants and only 1 very dead tree currently living in my 1 bedroom apartment) and as a compulsive internet window shopper and bookmarker, I was like, “HEY BOSS, YES, I DO HAVE ONLINE PLANT RESOURCES TO SHARE!” 

And since we’re all kinda going through #TheBigQ together, I figured that maybe it’s not just Emily who’s on the hunt for a new plant friend — maybe a master list of the best tried-and-true online plant-shopping resources could be helpful for all of us. So today, I’ve pulled together my all-time favorite destinations (ranging in size from one-woman Etsy shops to West Elm), so you’ll be able to find the plant — and planter — of your dreams, within your budget, from the comfort of your own home.

But first — because I am nothing if not a broken record stuck on an unending loop of a track titled “support your local small businesses” — I’d urge you to research your neighborhood nursery and find out if they’re offering curbside pickup or delivery options! A few weeks back, I asked for help on what to do with my balcony and several of you suggested planting jasmine. (THANKS!) I DMed my local nursery, Mickey Hargitay Plants (#notsponsored, but highly recommended if you’re in LA), and they’ve been helping me turn my tiny outdoor prison into a scented garden oasis. Anyway, it’s great and important to keep money in your community! 

But if your nursery is closed, or you want to send a present to a friend or family member (Mother’s Day is COMING QUICK, y’all), or you just want a beautiful plant delivered to your house in a cute pot with explicit care instructions and a money-back guarantee in case you accidentally kill it (yeah, some of these places actually HAVE THAT) — this is for you. (Or if you, like me, are a compulsive online window shopper and you just want to look at some beautifully merchandised websites… it’s for you, too.) LET’S GO!

The Sill

Left | Middle | Right

Confession: I’m leading with The Sill because they’re my personal favorite. They offer monthly subscriptions (the best ones: this one for low-light plants, this one for beginners, and this one for pet-safe options), the best selection of pots, and affordable plant-care classes. They ship to the contiguous United States. (As a side note, if any gentleman callers ever want to send me a gift, I wouldn’t be angry to get something from the Sill in their Dolores planter. Just throwing it out there. 2021 update: I did, in fact, get sent plant in a Dolores planter and it was better than I had dreamed. #manifested)

Bloomist *

Left | Middle | Right

Oh my! We already love Bloomist for their affordable, high-end, organic decor and their eco-faux greenery line, but they’ve recently expanded into live plants and the quality is very, very, very good. They’re sustainably grown, the selection is great for beginners, and any of these would make the perfect present. Jess recently grabbed a fiddle leaf for her own apartment and we were blown away by the product – the planter is luxe, the plant was thriving, and they’re even topped with moss, which made for a really beautiful and finished look. 10/10.

Bloomscape (and West Elm)

Left | Middle | Right

Bloomscape came up a few times in the comments of Em’s post and with good reason: it’s an incredible resource. They have a broader selection with plants of all sizes (I have my eye on this XL tree, which they label as “perfect for beginners”) and also offer up bundles of herbs alongside tomato and pepper plants if you’re looking for an easy entry to the urban gardening game. Orders over $50 ship free! (They also have a few offerings available over on the West Elm website.)

Isha Plants *

Left | Middle | Right

This year, I fell in love with the IG feed for Isha Plants, which is a masterclass for anyone looking to learn more about propagation. To that end, Isha sells propagated versions of tons of gorgeous, rare, and healthy plants for you to grow at home (which is amazing, because these tiny plants can adjust much better to your specific environment). She even offers a monthly subscription so you can support a BIPOC-owned business while adding to your collection in a manageable, measured way.


Left | Middle | Right

AH, Terrain. The literal Anthropologie of plant sites. This one’s more for the true, die-hard gardeners or backyard owners — you can grab a plant, sure, but what you REALLY wanna do on this site is poke around and look at the beautiful watering cans. And the beautiful chiminea. And the beautiful garden aprons. Ugh. In my next life, I want to be reborn as the type of person who needs a garden apron, instead of the type of person who accidentally forgets to water the tree I sit next to every day. BUT ANYWAY, this is a great Mother’s Day pick if you have a mom with a green thumb!

The Bouqs Co. *

Left | Middle | Right

You may know The Bouqs Co. from their flower arrangements, but did you know that they now sell plants, too? This is one of my favorite sources if I’m looking to buy a gift for someone who loves a fun, playful decor – how charming is this whimsical face planter? And get a load of these cute, happy little pink and mustard arched babies! Added bonus: since Bouqs is well-versed in shipping delicate flowers, you can trust that your plants will show up in tip-top shape.

Leon & George (and Williams Sonoma)

Left | Middle | Right

I think Leon & George may be the OG plant startup — they’re the first one I remember, at least, and I’m kinda obsessed with tracking this stuff. Their offerings are clean and simple and mid-century (and TBH, the prices for a plant + a Case Study-style planter + free shipping are not unreasonable). Small and medium plants ship nationwide; anything larger is limited to white-glove delivery in San Francisco and Los Angeles. They offer a 30-day guarantee AND lifelong plant support, though, so you’ll have an actual pro to turn to if an edge of a leaf starts lookin’ a little funky. Leon & George also sell through Williams Sonoma.

Floom *

Left | Middle | Right

THIS IS MY FAVORITE NEW ADDITION!!! Plug in your zip code and Floom will show you a huge variety of plants available for fast delivery via a local small business. In LA, I could grab a beautiful succulent arrangement or super-healthy orchid for delivery TODAY. I just love that Floom can empower tiny businesses with tools to help them compete in an on-demand economy – please check this out and see if there are any participating retailers near you! (They’re also a great source for finding floral arrangements.)


Left | Middle | Right

OH BOY, we LOVE Monrovia over here. This isn’t your traditional “online plant shop” — Monrovia is actually the nursery who grows all the plants that you actually find at your local nursery. We’ve worked with them closely before (like on the landscaping at the Portland project!) and guys, their stuff is top-notch. If you head to this website and enter your ZIP code, you can buy plants and have them delivered to you by your local garden center (and, as you recall from the intro, I’m A BIG FAN OF THIS OPTION). This is the ideal solution for all of you hoping to work on some bigger outdoor projects while you’re home!

Grounded Plants *

Left | Middle | Right

Grounded is an awesome BIPOC-owned business with a curated selection of plants designed to “elicit a sense of mindfulness and tranquility.” My personal favorite is their ponytail palm – a pet-safe choice! – because I have one at home that (a.) requires virtually no maintenance and (b.) that my cat can gnaw on/bat at without causing me an arrhythmia. Grounded also stocks some really gorgeous accessories, like this show-stopping watering can. In closing, I think this line from the website sums it up best: “Sometimes, when the world around you seems a bit chaotic, the synergy between plants and humans are a natural progression in helping us to remain grounded.”

Leaf and Clay

Left | Middle | Right

HUNDREDS OF SUCCULENTS. And affordable ones, too! My favorite offering here is the $20 monthly subscription, which lands you 3 special succulents (including shipping!). They also have separate pages for their weird (the page is called “weirdos,” which somehow makes it MORE CUTE) and rare plants — both are great resources if you either want something special or if you’re looking for a gift for a super knowledgable plant-loving friend.

Urban Stems *

Left | Middle | Right

Oh baby, another bouquet-delivery service that has expanded into the wild world of plants. When it comes to gift-selection, Urban Stems is pretty much unparalleled – there is absolutely an affordable plant/planter combo here for any taste and decor style. From whimsy unicorns to full, lush, English-garden-esque live wreaths to neutral textured boho ZZ plants…there’s a slam dunk present for EVERYONE here. Bookmark this site for the next time you’re stumped on what to give your pal who has everything!


Left | Middle | Right

Annnnd now I’m gonna share my secret: Etsy is home of 2 of the most affordable plant shops on the internet. It’s always hard for me to share my sources, but it’s also my job, so I guess it’s fine. Tropical Plants of Florida has 2′ monstera plants (and a ton of beautiful flowering plants and trees) for under $50 — yes, that is a good deal — and HouseplantJunkie offers a ton of basics for under $10. Both offer free shipping for orders over $35. Please let me know if you have any other favorite Etsy vendors! These are just my two tried-and-true favorites.

Tal & Bert *

Left | Middle | Right

So uh, Tal & Bert is technically a vessel/housewares store that also sells air plants, buuuuuut…COME ON. LOOK AT THESE PLANTERS, GUYS. They’re the perfect finishing touch for a bookshelf or a nightstand or a coffee table vignette. And air plants are sweet, more manageable, happy, perfect hits of greenery and life for those with black thumbs.

Modern Sprout

Left | Middle | Right

I just can’t. I’m lost for words on this one. Our entire team wants to buy EVERYTHING HERE. Seed lollipops! PLANTING YOUR OWN POPCORN. You can grow a flowers in a jar!!! Tree kits. Push pops to attract pollinators. I know my job is to distill the best products and tell you the best things on each site, but EVERYTHING HERE IS THE BEST THING. (The thing that I, personally, am most excited about is the self-watering herb kit, which apparently also got Oprah’s seal of approval. So basically, I have the same tastes as Oprah, which is a huge compliment to me. Also, this wall-mounted planter/grow-light combo that is actually beautiful.)

Breck’s *

Left | Middle | Right

Breck’s is over 200 years old – founded in 1818 – and they are an amazing resource for any large-scale outdoor projects you have going on (check out their homepage for custom plant recommendations based on your geographic area!). But they also have a special offshoot, Breck’s Gifts, for folks looking to grab a potted, indoor plant with a variety of planter options for themselves or a loved one. While their site doesn’t have the same IG-aesthetic, this is hands-down one of the most affordable options out there (e.g. full plants & planter combos for $45 instead of $80+).

Lula’s Garden

Left | Middle | Right

PRESENT TIME. Lula’s Garden is the best option for gifting — your order can come in a super cute sleeve with a message like “Just Because,” “Congrats,” or “I Love You.” You can buy one succulent (in a really beautiful, minimalist pot), but their best options are these Verdant Gardens. Each contains 3 hand-potted succulents and they can be shipped nationwide (or hand-delivered in LA). Bookmark this one for all future holidays! *

Left | Middle | Right

If you’re like, “wow, dummy, I can’t believe you didn’t include a website literally called in the first iteration of this roundup,” well…I’m right there with you, TBH. The plant selection here is unparalleled – everything from bamboo to bonsai trees to huge, standalone plants to orchids to cactuses. (My personal favorite page is the curated “Feng Shui plants” collection.)


Left | Middle | Right

This one’s for our NYC readers only (I know, I know, but there’s enough New Yorkers that I gotta include it!). I’ll keep it quick since it’s pretty exclusive: flowers and plants with some same-day delivery available. If you live in NYC, click through for more details.

Greenery Unlimited *

Left | Middle | Right

Two in a row – NYC residents, you’re in luck. Two specialty services just for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Zen Succulent

Left | Middle | Right

I’m SO EXCITED to share this one with you. The Zen Succulent checks all of my boxes: a North Carolina small business with 2 retail locations that’s 100% women- and BIPOC-owned. They’re currently offering a great collection of DIY Terrarium kits and I’m also very into their hand-made steel air plant stands.

Home Depot *

Left | Middle | Right

The well-loved, tried-and-true garden center resource now ships plants straight to your door, too! While some plants are still in nursery pots, the prices for delivery here are unbeatable and the variety is unmatched. Plus, maybe you can add a few of our favorite starter tools to your cart so you can beautify your space AND take on a DIY project all at once 🙂

Nature Hills Nursery

image sources

And you know I have to give one more recommendation for my exterior landscapers. Nature Hills has an enormous selection of bushes, trees, and flowering plants if you’re trying to tackle a backyard project or add some curb appeal. (Or, maybe you just like gardening for fun and it’s not about aesthetics, which is VERY COOL, too.)


Left | Middle | Right

If you already have your preferred pots on hand, Planterina is a great choice. They offer ceramics but they can also just ship a plant in a grow pot (the normal black/green plastic thing that plants normally live in), too, which can save a ton of money. Planterina also offers a great Daily Deals section AND free shipping on all orders.

ALRIGHT, Y’ALL. That’s all of my plant resource knowledge and it’s officially been bestowed on you. If you’ve had an experience with any of these companies or a review to share, I’d love to hear it. If you know a different site that I didn’t mention, let me know! And if you’re in a city or town with a nursery that is currently delivering, feel free to share the knowledge so your neighbors can help support, too. 🙂 LET’S CHAT, OK?

Opening Photo Credits: Photo by Zeke Ruelas | From: Modern Art Deco Kitchen Reveal


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33 thoughts on “The Best Online Plant Delivery Resource List – UPDATED!!

  1. You are so right about the local thing, lots of local nurseries here have curbside delivery if you call. We also have a service called BloomBox in Philly that does doorstep delivery, which is fantastic.

    Some of those options are bananas… Bloomscape is selling a tomato plant for $65 (in a too-small pot, even!). Pearls clutched :O

    1. My nursery will do instagram tours and you can DM to buy, and they put plants and gifts and pots online – theyve been great about curbside delivery & just put everything in my trunk and I close it. Honestly its getting me through things! I miss going to the nursery.

  2. I am very ready to order an indoor tree for my bedroom. Plants just really add joy to a space. AND I’ve gotten so much better at keeping them alive!

  3. Thank you! I’m trying to turn my thumb green, the modern sprout herb jars may be a perfect start.

  4. LOVE this post on plant resources!!!
    Please make sure and get a pic of your Jasmine and let us know how it’s going 😊

  5. Thank you for all the great places to check out. I have some plants in trying to rescue from my cats. The plants are nontoxic, but the cats love to chew on them. I’ve tried providing cat grass, but they destroy it, and I end up with a mess to cleanup. Tips on house plants and cats are appreciated.

    1. Betsy Begonia on YouTube has a good video about how to keep your cats from chewing on your plants. I use her method as well and it works (I have 100+ plants and two cats).

  6. In the DC/NOVA area, we have a local place called Nall’s produce which is a nursery and sells produce and meat from local farms. They also are great at answering qs on Facebook, and have a Facebook group for new gardeners.

    This is such a great timed post bc I know I have been puttering around in my yard more. I’m trying to get plants in to repel mosquitos before summer hits.
    Also, #thebigQ made me chuckle.

  7. Proven Winners has a great selection and helps you focus on outdoor plants that can be grown in your zone (will also help you figure out your zone).

  8. That horrible video takes over your blog. It covers half of the text side-to-side and on my little 12″ screen, it takes up 1/3 of the text top to bottom. Sigh. Makes it very hard to read the blog. It won’t close — never gives the option. Gah!! AM I the only one having this problem every. day.

    1. So sorry about that Kim, we have reached out to our IT this past week to fix so it should be done shortly!

  9. I always love seeing where people are buying plants! I would add Logee’s, Pistils Nursery, and Arium Botanicals to the list. Most of my 100+ plants are from Logee’s, which has a very well curated selection of unusual houseplants. I’m successfully growing citrus, orchids, begonias, jasmine, hoyas, succulents, ferns, and many other plants in large part thanks to their healthy plants and care advice provided for each plant. Logee’s also has a lot of plants for outdoor planting, but I haven’t bought any yet because I don’t have a yard. Pistils and Arium are houseplants only, and offer mostly easy care plants. Glasshouseworks and Kartuz Greenhouses also have some interesting offerings.

    Also if anyone is looking for tips on houseplant care, I can’t recommend enough Tovah Martin’s books, The Unexpected Houseplant and Indestructible Houseplants. She is always right (even when I don’t want her to be) and her plant wisdom is the second (or maybe first?) biggest reason I have a thriving plant collection.

  10. PlantGem launched this Spring, and we ship unique plants for outdoor gardening nationwide also! We have a very curated and unique inventory, perfect for a first time gardener (as so many of us are this year!) and we also have edible plants if you’re planning a victory garden!

  11. I was just minding my own business one night and Jenna Marbles uploaded her plant tour video – seeing how much she cared for them was so inspiring!

    I have 100+ house plants (Kaylee Ellen taught me all I know) – it’s such an addictive hobby. I’m lucky enough to have a really good local garden centre here in the UK, but Etsy is so good for finding specific plants I’m looking for.

    I even started a plant blog because I was sick of seeing the same tired tips being churned out – poor sansevieria always end up being relegated to the darkest recesses of people’s homes when a beautiful Calathea, philodendron or syngonium could do pretty well there.

    If anyone’s struggling with keeping plants alive GET A MOISTURE METRE. They’re super inexpensive and will help so much with knowing when to water.

    1. I was at a nursery once, and the owner said that sansevieria could grow in a closet. Made me crack up.

  12. I know a lot of your readers are in LA (plus the EHD team!) and they should check out Shop Greenwood! A dear friend opened it more recently and she has an amazing collection of plants, pots, plus plant related home goods. She’s offering no contact curbside pick up and shipping (including some plants!).

  13. I have a question about plants and windows. Our house faces east and west, so we get sunny morning light and warm afternoon light. It is wonderful because our house is nice, bright and warm. We built our house 20 years ago with large double paned windows. Not too long after we moved in, we noticed that our brand new furniture was fading from all that sunlight, despite having window coverings. So, we had some of the glass replaced in our windows with UV protected glass, to prevent further fading. As a result, I can’t really grow plants that well here. It has been kind of sad. Now that our house is 20 years old, it is getting to be time to replace some of the windows. I know there is new technology and we can increase the numbers of glass panes from 2 to 4 (I think….?). Is there also glass that you can install that will prevent sun damage to your possessions, while still allowing for plants? We are in Canada, so you would think that the sun wouldn’t be THAT big of an issue (thinking of places like Arizona) but it is!

  14. This is so cool. Once we’re out of our confinement I have to check out Mickey Hargitay’s (any relation to Mariska?). What an awesome plant store…and such cute kitties.

    Have you ever been to Rolling Greens? I don’t know if they deliver, but they have a a great selection.

  15. Completely went down the rabbit hole with this post in the best way! Thanks so much for sharing all of the great info:)

  16. I’m a big fan of – they send you lil baby plants (“plugs”) for $3 each, and they’re US native plants.

  17. I would definitely suggest seeking out a local source. A lot of places offer curbside pickup or potentially even free delivery. Now is the time to give your dollars to local businesses, not West Elm. And a lot of these online options (with the exception of some Etsy and nursery sellers) are way overpriced! Plus by buying locally you can limit the number of unnecessary packages coming to your home and being handled by your mail carrier.

  18. I try to avoid buying plants from places like the Sill, Bloomscape, Terrain, etc. because they are overpriced. Etsy is really good for harder to find succulents, cacti, and houseplants, especially if you are looking for something in particular and need it right now. I used Etsy a few times recently after Texas experienced a big freeze and had no power for days. It got so cold in my house that several indoor plants died. 🙁
    Other resources I have found:
    Pigment (online & store locations in the San Diego area, also has cute pots and gifts),
    Wet My Plant (online & store location in Houston),
    The Flora Culture (online & store location in Houston),
    Grow (online & store location in the Dallas area),
    East Austin Succulents (online & store location in Austin),
    Steve’s Leaves (online, direct to consumer from grower),
    Gabriella Plants (online, direct to consumer from grower, inventory update every Wednesday night),

    1. Oh, and (once you order your plant, they send you a picture of the exact plant before it ships).

  19. Planterina has a good Youtube channel. Just talking about plants. Also, Autumn Rayne Oaks or Epic Gardening/Epic Homestead. All fun channels with a lot of useful information.
    Thanks for the great list!

  20. I was so excited to see this post until it became clear that this is for LIVE plants. So sad! I’m one of the millions of your readers who cannot think to keep a plant alive for more than about 6 weeks. Good looking faux plants have been my life saver, as people always initially think that they are real. My problem is that other than Petals and Afloral, I don’t have any other really good sources, with lush, beautiful plants and a good price point. Any help for the Black Thumb Club?

  21. OMG, how did I miss this post last year? you mean people actually pay $35 for a spider plant???

    I have so many spiderlings that I don’t know what to do with and can’t give away. I accidentally propogate plants (especially spider plants) in my every day life. Like whoops broke that off, ok stick it in some soil or water and voila! new plant! Last December when I brought the plants in for the winter, I had more than 30 spider plantlings to give away. Plus other kinds. Unfortunately, still have most of them and don’t know what to do with them.

    I do like the idea of getting some nice planters. They’re so incredibly expensive.

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