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The One Accessory We ALL Love and Wear 24/7: Delicate Gold Jewelry

Acquiring good everyday jewelry has become a beloved hobby of mine. A gal can never have too much in my opinion and it should come as no surprise that EHD is no stranger to a delicate necklace or tiny gold hoop. With the exception of an occasional statement earring (usually inspired by the one and only Veronica Crawford), we frequently don delicate gold pairings because some cute yet subtle gold jewelry always levels up an outfit — even if it’s a t-shirt and jeans. A few delicate pieces can effortlessly make an outfit look more pulled together and that is peak efficiency. So since we are all quite passionate about these gems on our bodies, today we are FINALLY sharing our everyday favorites along with the ones we have our eyes on right now.

Emily’s Favorites

Gorjana Bali Antique Locket Necklace: I bought this for a fashion shoot and am so surprised by how much I love it. Also, Birdie says every day “but mama, when are you going to put a picture of me and Charlie in there?” SOON. It’s just pretty (and $65 is pretty affordable for special sentimental jewelry).

A while back Brain bought me a customizable necklace that says ‘Bird and Bear’ on it (for Birdie and Charlie Bear) and it’s just so sweet and dainty and special to me. I think we all know this, that personalized gifts are kinda the best, so thank you, Brian.

Love Knot Ring: This was an anniversary gift from Brian a few years ago and it’s another piece that is so special to me. I love it and still wear it every day.

Sara’s Favorites:

Chain Necklace: Gold paperclip chains are very trendy right now, and I’m not immune to their charms. So in an attempt to see how I could manage three necklaces at a time (I usually wear a nameplate necklace, and my “M” initial necklace), I ordered this sweet little chain. So far all three are playing very nicely together. 

Initial Necklace: This was an anniversary gift from Mac 4 years ago, and I still wear every. Single. Day. I asked for it (demand probably isn’t too strong a word), because I wanted something I could wear every day and think of him. I truly enjoy and cherish it 24/7, and it hasn’t rusted, faded, bent, or broken in all that time. I never take it off, including the pool, ocean, and shower.

Initial Earrings: I love an initial piece. I wear the “M” initial necklace from Maya Brenner every day (“M” for Macauley). But I felt like I needed something that represented me – so I searched “initial earring” and this is the one that called to me. Now I’ve got a little “S” always on my left ear.

Hoop Earrings: These were an investigative purchase, to see if huggie hoops were the right hoop for me (I’ve traditionally worn endless hoops, which I love, but are much more difficult to take off and sometimes I just want to sleep without my hoops). Guess what, they are! I love the ease of being able to pop them on and off, and I like the chunky-ness they have. So now I feel ready to invest in a 14k gold pair from here

Double-Sided Earring: Targeted ads are a thing, and they work very well on me! If I’m remembering correctly, this little friend was a “sponsored” recommendation, and I instantly fell in love. My one concern was how secure it would be without a backing, but I’ve been wearing it 24/7 on my right ear for the past two months now and it hasn’t budged.

Solar Ring: I was getting Mac a ring for his birthday, and spied this daintier version and caved. It’s simple and understated, but still somehow manages to elevate an outfit.

Jess’s Favorites:

The Sun Necklace: This was a piece I bought in Barcelona last year and I fell for it as soon as I saw it. It’s both simple and unique which gives a little oomph to whatever I’m wearing. It has tarnished a little because I literally don’t take it off (the shower is the real problem). But anytime I look in the mirror and see it, I smile (something that’s actually priceless).

Initial Charm: My newest edition! I plan to eventually get it its own chain but I love the modern vintage look it adds to my collection. It feels unique to me (the fact it has my initial might have something to do with that). It’s perfectly delicate and a little fancy which really helps me feel more put together when leggings and t-shirts are my current uniform.

Ryann’s Favorites:

Gold Hoop Earrings: A classic gold hoop is essential and these ones are the perfect size in my opinion. They are my everyday hoop earring but I like to wear these chunky ones for a fancier look.

Zodiac Necklace: This has been my favorite necklace for years. Even when I lose it or accidentally break it (which has regrettably happened twice) I buy a new one. It says Gemini in Old English font and it layers really well with any other gold necklace.

Initial Necklace: Apparently everyone needs an initial necklace. This one is very subtle and it’s also very cute to layer with.

Not pictured: This bracelet that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday that I also wear daily. I love the bolo-tie clasp and it’s simple enough to wear all the time so I rarely take it off.

Earrings: I’ve been working on moving my “delicate gold earrings” towards “kinda delicate but more interesting than just regular gold hoop” earrings. Does that even make sense? Hopefully. But anyway, these are fun bc they’ve got FRINGE. 

Rings: I lose my rings constantly and it’s definitely a problem, but these are the ones that made it out. I love an opal so here’s a link to a similar opal ring to the one I wear every day and the other stackable rings are really old Madewell so here are some more similar ones!

Necklace: I LOVE a layered necklace but if you read my jewelry storage post, you would know that they always get tangled and I still need to order my storage solution.

Thanks, gals! Like I said, you can never have too much gold jewelry so here are some more we have our eyes on:

1. Dainty Oval Necklace | 2. Jules Chain | 3. Circle Bar Necklace|4. Signature Initial Rectangle Necklace| 5. Open Circle Necklace | 6. Gold Figaro Chain Necklace | 7. The Ojo Necklace| 8. Crystal Gold Necklace | 9. Bar Necklace | 10. Celine Necklace | 11. Kelli Necklace|12. The Empowered Necklace

1. Abstract Ring | 2. Dainty Oval Ring | 3. Dainty Black Gold Ring | 4. Twisted Stacking Ring | 5. Personalized Ring | 6. Yellow Gold Vermeil Thin Love Knot Ring | 7. Personalized Initial Ring | 8. Adjustable Gold Ring | 9. Thin Beam Ring | 10. Baguette Gold Ring | 11. Minimalist Gold Ring | 12. Minimalist Pearl Ring

1. Chloe Mini Stud Earrings | 2. Chunky Small Hoop Earrings | 3. The Brenda Hoop | 4. Flower Pin Earrings | 5. Square Hoop Earrings | 6. Door Knocker Stud Earrings | 7. Chevron Earrings | 8. Three of Swords Gold Earrings | 9. Argento Vivo Bar Stud Earrings

1. Reyna Bracelet | 2. Create Your Own Pull Chain Clasp Bracelet | 3. Tubular Bracelet | 4. Cuban Link Bracelet | 5. Box Chain Bracelet | 6. Modern Box Bracelet | 7. Bespoke Plate Adjustable Bracelet | 8. Curb Link Bracelet | 9. Delicate Collection Demi-Fine Opal Chain Bracelet

Now you know our favorites and because we can’t get enough of dainty gold jewelry we would love to hear yours. Drop your favorite jewelry pieces/brands below and let’s chat. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: My 6 Favorite (And Mostly Affordable) Fashion Accessories That I Wear All. The. Time.

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3 years ago

Where is Emily? 🙄 She’s MIA. Is it book finalization stuff that’s removed her from the scene, or has something happened?

I like the delicate nature of the jewellery you all have. It’s sweet and personal. Much nicer than OTT stuff I see so much of.

Oopsie…there’s still a “Brain” instead of Brian.

3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Guessing she’s on the paid subscription page… 😬

3 years ago
Reply to  Mkw

Oh. Yup.
I sent an email about that, but never heard back. 🤔

Lisa N
3 years ago

Nothing in silver? 😔

3 years ago
Reply to  Lisa N

Lots of these pieces come in silver! But the roundup is called “best gold jewelry” so yeah. That was the focus. 🙂

3 years ago

I recently bought a few pieces from

I’m loving so many of these pieces. I’m particularly interested in Automic Gold because of their use of recycled gold. Now to decide which pieces to get!

3 years ago

Is any of this actually gold? Or gold-colored metal? I can’t wear the latter – nickel allergy!

Lauren b
3 years ago
Reply to  Carol

Yeah, it would have been great to see (and maybe have an explanation) for which are solid gold, vermeil, plated, etc.

3 years ago
Reply to  Lauren b

Have the same question! I’m looking for a nice necklace but don’t want to spend A lot on something that will start to rub off.

3 years ago
Reply to  Carol

Me too!

3 years ago

This conversation isn’t complete without talking about Noonday’s Storyline Collection. (Full disclosure, I’m a Noonday Collection Ambassador). But seriously, the dainty gold necklaces and bracelets are great for layering. Added points because they support the mission of rescuing women from sex trafficking and providing them with vocational training and dignified jobs.

3 years ago

I’m surprised mejuri isn’t on here! It’s a Canadian brand but I thought they were pretty well known. I have some awesome pieces like these from there and they’re high quality and reasonably priced, plus their marketing is really cool (I don’t work for them but I wish lol)

Lauren b
3 years ago
Reply to  Caitlin

I was surprised at that too! I have that endless gold bracelet from them and I love it. And it’s real gold, not plated.

3 years ago

Sara’s headband 😍 Can you share where it’s from?

Is the rest of the EHD team into headbands right now? I’d love to see a headband roundup. They are great for Zoom calls when my hair is in a bun for the umpteenth day in a row.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mallory

This! Hair accessories that can survive having to wear headsets for video calls. Also, headbands for large heads–mine almost always pinch badly behind my ears.

3 years ago

Ryann, can I ask where your glasses are from and what style are they? They’re adorable on you!

3 years ago
Reply to  Amber

Yes! They are adorable.

3 years ago

Thank you, thank you for this post. I love your design advice and follow blog religiously. This is my first comment ever. I had to let the EHD team know how much this particular post meant to a mom, WFH in times of COVID. Trying to juggle it all, my daily uniform is leggings and a T. Having a bit of flare and beauty with the simple pieces you recommend will be a game changer for how I feel. Thank you!

3 years ago

Lovely selections…and a shout out to you all. I cringe when people go out of their way to post snarky comments here and always feels pulled to speak up on your behalf. Thank you for providing tons reading material and resources for us all! And congrats on the new paid Community too!

3 years ago

Susumi Studio in LA ( has some of the most beautiful delicate gold jewelry ever. I like to wear my jewelry 24/7 and I can do that with the earrings and the “Infinity” bracelet I got there. And not that it really matters but I get compliments on my jewelry all the time.

3 years ago
Reply to  Karin

And they have white gold, too.