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by Emily Henderson
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I’ve made a very important personal style and career change decision after a couple weeks of reflection, a change that you won’t hear ’til the end because you need to experience my style evolution to form your own opinion. It’s been almost 10 years of showing my style to the world and, sure, things have changed, and yet kinda stayed the same. I guess that goes for personalities and all of life: if you haven’t changed in a decade then something might be wrong, but if you are unrecognizable then where did YOU go? I suppose growing up means that your tastes, circumstances and budgets change and thus it affects your choices (and trends obviously play a part). It’s made me wonder how things have changed, stylistically for me, why they have changed and more importantly, is this change good? Let’s walk you down EHD memory lane and show you a lot of the former spaces in my homes past and present.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 13

The above photo was my living room prior to Design Star, nine years ago. It’s the first real photo of my house I ever took and it actually helped me get on DS. And I kinda see why. It’s eclectic, happy, clean, bright and fun. The rug was purchased on Craigslist for $75, the sofa is from IKEA and everything else was thrifted or vintage. I’m very happy to say I still have and love three pieces of that art, my vintage fabric floral pillow that I sewed and boy do I wish I had that coffee table because it’s just so simple and classic. In a lot of ways, that room is still me, just a younger version of me.

I was 29, broke, kid-less and had so much time to play in my apartment.

Emily Henderson Styling

I’d set up vignette after vignette and work with a professional photographer (Teri Lyn Fisher) to shoot it (even then I knew that professional photography was the key to any sort of blog success).

I didn’t have specific goals, I just bought weird, cool stuff and put them in a vignette—and while some of these colors aren’t what I’d gravitate toward now, I love so much of what I see in these.

Console Styling Emily Hendereson

I mean, that above is a hot mess, but I still love everything in there. Just not ALL of it together.

I had fun, shot constantly and put a lot of brass and/or ceramic animals places. After Design Star, I decided it was time to purchase my first grown-up vintage sofa, from The Good Mod in Portland, for $700, below. It was the biggest purchase of my life up until that point.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 16

That was 2010. That version of the living room went a bit more Victorian-country-midcentury-boho but you know I can go there. Perhaps that’s even who I really am. I DIYed the flag on some wood to frame it and again, everything else was vintage except maybe the white pillow. That is still me.

Emily Henderson Commonwealth Fireplace

I still have most of that art except the portrait of the man. Why, for the love of god, would I have sold that? The sins of our past…

Apparently, I thought I was missing some BOLD pattern and glam in my life. Thus, entered the below (side-by-side with the previous photo so you can see the changes quickly).

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 12

Now, if I could go back in time, I’d love to see that room (the one with me in it) with a solid rug or something more subtle like a vintage Tabriz. I still love the sofa, the safari chair (RIP) the flag, the coffee table, leather pouf (which I gave to a friend, but still visit) painting and even that white bird lamp. It’s just the rug, the 300-pound cement dog, the granny pink roses on the side table and the letter A on the mantel that I would change.

Basically, I like it but now would have way less stuff. Is that because being “crazy eclectic” is out now? Is it because being more minimalistic is “in” or is it simply that I want less stuff because I have too much chaos with two kids in my life already? Maybe all of the above.

Meanwhile, I was shooting the show and while we don’t have a lot of great photography from it, I still love Ian’s house:

Emily Henderson Secrets From a Stylist

The sofa needs a refresh, and of course they have changed a few things (his now wife, my friend, Trilby moved in and obviously had her style to incorporate) and yet I still love this space, nine years later. Being proud of your design choices a decade later is something to celebrate. And I suppose it’s because it’s layered, eclectic, full of vintage pieces and in a color palette that does not date.

Around the same time, I was REALLY starting to express myself. These are what we refer internally as my “Commonwealth” years (where we lived in a generic bungalow on Commonwealth Street). Here, I became even more eclectic and glam and like a kindergartener, I really “explored my colors.”

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 1

Hot pink was having a moment, clearly, and I was its brand ambassador. I FLIPPED OUT when I found those hanging lights and I still love them in a way, for sure. Everything was vintage. The navy tufted headboard, lights, rug and paintings are probably a bit much and there is certainly something Liberace about it all, but it’s still kinda exciting to look at. I still have that painting and blanket. (I think my pants were vintage, too and boy I think I look strangely older than I do now?)

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 11

This is also when vintage campaign furniture (those nightstands) hit the market hard. I bought those on Craigslist and refinished them myself. Oh to have that kind of time. And that Deco rug was from Bette Midler’s house (via CL).

Our living room at the time (2013) looked like this:

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 20

I’d like to quote a former commenter now when he wrote, “This living room looks like SpongeBob Square Pants threw up. Everywhere.”

I get it. There are A LOT of strong moments and it’s kinda wacky. We honestly still laugh about that quote. But I still love the sofa, coffee table, side table, wooden hand (which just got returned to me last week—Orlando was holding it hostage) and a lot of the accessories. I would just take down the tapestry, and switch out the pillows for something more neutral. Also, girlfriend loved some accessories on the mantle of which I would reduce now. But I still like the room, guys, and it’s still “me”, for better or worse.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 17

Then we moved into our first purchased home and had our first baby. I sold the navy sofa (I still regret this) and went with a more muted color palette of lighter blues and blushes. I think we can safely say this was the beginning of the “blush and blue” era, that frankly still reigns supreme. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in a blue and pink place basically since Day 1. It’s just the shades that change. I love that sofa in the above shot, but I think I should have kept my other sofa forever. It’s also just so sentimental to me…if you bought that sofa and are looking to sell it back, I’ll pay more than I sold it for just to have it.

Here, we have a lot of teals and brighter pinks. This was also when I was designing the ban.do house and using crazy bright colors that informed my decisions at home.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 19

I truly love that room, even though the colors are a bit too bright for me right now in my life.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 24

I still have so much of that pottery and art, but it’s not in my living room anymore. I still love this vignette and I would double tap on Instagram.

Emily Henderson Style Evolution Dining Room 2

For the book, I got back into my SpongeBob costume and admittedly, that dining room above is hilarious. It’s like I was trying to prove to the world what quirky meant. More on that later.

For a Good Housekeeping feature (which was at least a year later), we switched somethings out and I LOVE how it looks, still.

Emily Henderson Style Evolution Dining Room 1

That table (from Jayson Home) is so pretty and I do miss those chairs, although MidCenturyLA still has more that we could reupholster, so there’s hope.

We tweaked things a bit for the Darling Magazine feature, which I still liked a lot and has a little less color.

Emily Henderson Mid Century Traditional Living Room

Then a shift happened, where I wanted to go a bit more muted and sophisticated. To be fair, it was fall. I think bright, saturated colors had had a larger moment and the blush and powder blue moment that infiltrated design was starting to take over the brighter tones. I fell victim to this zeitgeist for better or worse. I also was pregnant with another kid and could sense the impending chaos.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 18

The above shot was taken by Tessa and the below was for the Good Housekeeping fall story, and while I think that there is too much stuff in the above, I love it.

Then we staged it to sell, and I may have been the happiest yet with it.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 6

That was almost two years ago and it’s by far my favorite version of the room, visually at least. I currently super regret giving my friend my coffee table for her 40th birthday, but the truth is that it’s so heavy to move and we do move our coffee table all the time for wrestling matches or fort making so it’s not really the right coffee table for us right now anyway.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 4

In my opinion, that room is hard to argue with and was a good lesson to me, which was to stick with more neutrals and layer on lighter colors. But there is still a lot of vintage and it’s pulled back and simple.

I didn’t exactly do that in our old bedroom, as I really went for it on that custom bed, but I do still love it. It’s risky. It’s bold. It tells a story with high impact, but the rest of the room was quieter.

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 21

If I could go back in time, I probably would have reduced the scale of the headboard and the footboard. But I still have that rug, nightstand and bench.

Birdie’s nursery was finished and blogged about around the same time, and honestly, there is NOTHING I would change. I almost wish that I had used that same wallpaper in her current nursery instead of the pink one, just because it pops so much more (although her current room is tiny so we wanted to keep it feeling as big as possible).

Emily Henderson Style Evolution Elliots Nursery 2

There was this mix of bold paper, solid rug and that amazing vintage daybed. Sadly, I’m actually looking for another one of those for Birdie’s new room because the kids want to share a bunk bed in Charlie’s, so I may get a napping room/home office!!

Emily Henderson Style Evolution Elliots Nursery 3

Then we moved into a 100-year-old english Tudor. Before I “decorated it,” I brought the furniture we had from the other house:

Unique How We Refinished Our Wood Beams Emily Henderson Indoor Cat House Plans

While I actually love (and kinda miss) that room visually, the sofa wasn’t terribly comfortable. I do wish I had kept those chairs and we still have that coffee table and the other comfy chair up at the cabin. When I found this image online (while Googling myself, of course) I was like “Woah, that’s an awesome room.” But at the time, I thought it was too mid-century for the 100-year-old house. Some of you called me out on it, saying “I think you are getting too into this ‘100-year-old style’ and forgetting who you are.”

Because as you are about to see, there was a pretty big shift:

Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 7

The reasons for the shift?

  1. I moved from mid-century to “English Tudor” and frankly was ready for a new style, creatively.
  2. I wanted every single room and every single piece of furniture in that room to be extremely comfortable. Not just a place to sit, but a desirable one. That awesome vintage leather strapped sofa in the first image was just not comfortable. Generally speaking the more beautiful a piece of furniture, the less comfortable (like shoes).
  3. I had two kids and needed everything to be kid-friendly and not precious.
Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Living Room Reveal11

Despite how much I love that room (and rug) in the photos, in person, it was too much stuff and too chaotic for me mentally while living in it. I just wanted the whole house to be tonal, quieter, less bright red and pink and more blues and grays.

New Modern Traditional Neutral Living Room Navy Sofa

Replacing the rug was the big shift and it worked. It quieted the room down A TON.

Bright English Tudor Modern Living Room Brick Fireplace

And while it all looks good in a photo, for sure, the room itself is less interesting than I want it to be.

Living Room Gallery Wall Article Credenza Modern Art Emily Henderson Am I Boring Style Evolution Living Room Master Bedroom 15

We obviously don’t live with that much stuff on our coffee or side tables (kids, etc).

When I walk into this room, it feels less young and quirky. It feels safer. It is safer. I showed this evolution to a new architect friend the other day who didn’t know anything about me or my style and he said, “It looks like you’ve gotten less eclectic and more practical.” Indeed. But is that what I want??

So why the shift? What drove it and who is to blame? After much thinking in recent weeks, here is what I’ve come up with:

  1. The original shift happened after the SpongeBob comment. Sure, we laugh about it, but I saw it, too, and I remember thinking “oh boy, that person does look silly.” I remember a fairly famous person came into my house around that time who didn’t know me and said “Oh I get it. Your style is ‘thrift.’ That’s cool” and it wasn’t meant as a neg, but I remember thinking, I have a design show, shouldn’t my house be more elevated, more “designed” than that? So I made a shift to look more “pulled together.” More sophisticated. More high-end.
  2. Having kids meant being more practical. Practicality can kill creativity and having two kids can really bury it deep. Comfortable furniture is not as beautiful as sculptural furniture. Kid-friendly fabric is not as textured or beautiful as what I want to put on my chairs. Splurging on expensive furniture feels stupid and anything too refined will quickly get destroyed. I could still take risks on art, accessories, but the main pieces needed to be more practical.
  3. Having kids also meant WAY LESS TIME. They say it takes either a lot of time or a lot of money to have a stylish home. Before kids, I had more of the former, less of the latter, but now it’s all shifted and time is the one commodity that you can’t buy (although I’m trying by hiring so many people so I can have more of it). How does time have anything to do with it? Well, I used to go to the flea market religiously and buy cool vintage stuff. I used to thrift in the valley on Saturdays and buy garbage to redo. I used to DIY, play, not care, experiment because I had so much time and I didn’t mind upheaving my house to see if a credenza would work in that corner. IT WAS FUN. Lack of money meant I had to be more resourceful, and excess of time meant I could dedicate hours to that resourcefulness. And where practicality kills creativity, resourcefulness ignites it. This is not to be misconstrued as “poor Emily can’t have fun because she’s so busy but can just buy stuff instead.” It’s really just the truth for ANYONE.
  4. Less time meant that I was buying new, online way more from my laptop at 9 pm on Friday nights. I also get a lot of new pieces gifted, where vintage never is, so when a company with awesome chairs is gifting them, it’s hard to say no when I don’t have the time to go shop for some vintage alternatives. I’m just being honest.
  5. Also, many of you commented along the way that vintage is less relatable because you guys can’t easily “recreate” the look and I was getting a lot of feedback about that. So opting for something that could be purchased by the masses was good for you guys. I liked that you could recreate what we were doing and SO many of you have.
  6. Age. We take more risks in our youth in every way and I suppose design is no exception. We don’t mind messing up, we aren’t embarrassed by it because that is what you are supposed to do. But once you are “established,” the expectations for yourself and from others change. When you have two kids and limited time, staying “safe” seems “smart.” But the evolution of creativity will always need risk-taking.
  7. There has also been this resistance to me changing things around my house, which I don’t understand but I have previously tried to respect. When enough of you think that me switching out a rug or repainting a room is wasteful, then I resist doing it at times or even do it in secret. But that is what stylists do and if a fashion stylist only wore an awesome pair of shoes twice a year and then sold it on consignment, people wouldn’t balk because they would understand that that is how she/he expresses their creativity and practicality is often not part of it. I really try to balance it, mixing affordability with pieces with longevity, comfort with style and I really TRY to not change things too much for no reason. But I’m DYING TO. My dining room is a good example of where practicality won out over creativity and it’s bumming me out.

As much as I really like everything in that room, there is nothing risky here. Not one thing. I want to play around with replacing some pieces, either the table, chairs or light but every time I think about it, I know I’ll get shamed by many of you. But why? It’s not like I’ll throw the table away or burn the chairs. I’ll either paint/redo, donate it to charity, or sell it to try to recoup some of the cost.

Spending my time and money redecorating my house is not wasteful; it’s an act of creativity and self-expression. Styling my house is my hobby. Yes, I worked hard enough and was lucky enough to turn my hobby into my career, but that doesn’t mean the joy has to be sucked out of it.

I miss being a stylist.

My tagline used to be “Perfection is boring, let’s get weird” but when was the last time I ACTUALLY GOT WEIRD? And then my tagline was “Style. Play. Every Day” but I feel so much pressure to get it perfect the first time and not change things, which is exactly what “playing” means. I’ve taken playing out of the process because I don’t want to be “wasteful” or have things out of scale or not 100% perfect. It’s like it should say “Style. Be careful. Don’t mess up. Everyone is watching. Do it once and never touch it again.”

So where does that leave us? How am I changing?

I’M BACK. I’m a stylist, again.

What I learned from the Portland house is that no matter how many mistakes I made and had to fix, when we decorated that house, it SUNG. I looked around and remembered thinking, oh, this is what I’m good at. For the mountain house, now is the time where I get to go shopping. Buy what screams out at me even if I don’t know where it’s going to go. I’m far more experienced now than I was before so I have a much better sense of what will work and the risk-taking will be far less stressful. I like shopping and styling, not making 1,285 permanent decisions while I’m also trying to be a great mom, be on camera, produce videos, pitch books, write every day, run a company, blah blah.

Does this mean that we won’t do renovations? NOPE. It means that I’ll have a team of people (the lovely design team) who are focused just on the interior architecture and renovation portion of this job and frankly they are better at it than I am. I’ll be more like their client, almost like I have been with the closet design, upstairs bath and powder room. I’ll be involved, but not stressed, although they likely will be. 🙂

I’ll focus on creating interesting spaces, full of personality, warmth and comfort…and yes, with A LOT OF VINTAGE. Sure, this time around the vintage pieces will likely be more special with surely some investment pieces by designers whom I have loved for my entire life. But that will take time. And by the way, there is a reason that so many houses designed by interior designers don’t drip with personality and instead, are all starting to look the same and that’s because sourcing vintage takes too much time, while pushing “place order” takes far less. I get it. I’ve been there and it’s one of the reasons we stopped working with clients. It takes so much time or an endless budget to create a home that represents your personality (assuming your personality is interesting :)). But I’m not going to put a deadline on this house…I have the time. I’m going to let myself have SO MUCH FUN designing it.

I’m so excited to get back to expressing myself creatively and I do that by buying weird stuff, trying to put it in a space, assessing whether it works or not, and then recognizing the mistake or celebrating its success. I’ll do this in a more mature way, with more cohesion, experience and practicality. But if and when I want to put a tassel on a doorknob for no reason, I will. If I want to string vintage beads over the back of a chair, I will. That’s what stylists do. We buy something that brings us joy even if it doesn’t have a use, and we put it where we can see it even if that place makes no sense. We lean art when we could hang because we like the flexibility of life. We have unnecessary collections of vintage fabrics because it brings us hope that we will turn one into that perfect pillow. We hoard beautiful things like a writer jots down ideas on cocktail napkins. We don’t know where they are going to go but we know that someday they will make a room. We source, curate and create vignettes for no other purpose than to extract a compelling emotion in the unused corner of a room.

This time around, I’ll care more about function and practicality, sure, because I have two kids and I also REALLY love to be comfortable. I’ll buy an awesome ’60s wingback and recover it in vintage deadstock fabric…or a flag…or a quilt…or vintage denim—WHO KNOWS. Maybe I’ll recover it a few times. I’m not sure. It’ll be whatever I feel like doing because it’s my house, and my house is my laboratory for creativity and my blog is where I document it all for those of you interested.

And for those of you who aren’t interested in this more eclectic, vintage, style experimentation OG EHD, don’t worry. I’m not the only person here and not everyone on the EHD team shares my enthusiasm for experimenting (in a good way). Velinda,  Julie and Grace are MUCH more precise and, intentional in their designs. This year, you’ll see their homes, along with Sara’s new house, Jess’ apartment, Arlyn’s first LA home, Emily B’s place and I’m sure Brady will shake things up (he is a changer, like me). Not all of them are as nuts as I am but they are all talented and have interesting and creative design perspectives.

Emily Henderson Article Credenza Modern English Tudor Living Room 05

So there you go. That’s the face of a woman who can’t wait to start moving things around/swapping things/shifting things ALL OVER HER HOUSE and, well, getting weird. If I still know how to. Stay tuned.

  1. I have never commented before, but this post moved me to. YOU GO EMILY!! I’ve always loved that eclectic, weird, colorful style that you, and only you have. You made me realise that my home can be designed, and still not look the same as other ‘designed’ homes. LOVE THIS Emily, please do you and run with it!!

    1. I agree! Emily was a huge inspiration for me to start shopping vintage, and my house had never looked better!

    2. Thank you 🙂

    3. yes yes yes! never commented either but it’s yet another reason why i love reading your blog (and i really dont read many and def not consistantly anymore except for yours). and it’s even more inspiring preceisely because ive always loved you being you – here is you being you and being ‘hey i want to be more me again’….yayayayayayy cant wait to read and see and thanks for modeling this!

    4. Yes! I comepletely agree with this comment! I’ve also never commented before, but I wanted to add another positive and supportive voice to contrast those that might have caused you to feel creatively suppressed in the past. I can’t wait to see what you do (and hopefully pick up even more valuable tricks along the way)! All the best.

      1. thanks, guys! xx

  2. Yay! Be yourself!

  3. hallelujah! i am so happy to read this and look forward to what’s to come!



    1. SHE’S BAAAAAACK!!!! Yes, girl, yes. Listened to (Hillary Kerr’s) Second Life podcast and thought I heard a renewed sense of you in your voice…I was hoping and waiting for it to reveal itself on your blog, and here we are. Yes, yes, yes.

      1. Ha. Interesting. I should listen to it. Yes it was a couple months ago that I was like ‘what am I doing? I’m not having any fun because I’m too stressed out’. I can’t imagine starting out doing this again now that social media is what it is, before my brain was fully developed. The stress of being creative in front of an audience is high enough, but the trolls and their meanness really make you want to throw in the hand towel. THanks for all of your support.

        1. I love your renewed sense of self, and really hope you can tune out the mean people, because I (and I’m sure most readers here) are so glad you are back!!! I have been a fan for years and remember you posting the first few photos. The SpongeBob room is still one of my favorites ever -if might too much at times, but every piece is so special and different, I can’t not love it.
          You have inspired me since a young age to not be afraid to let my weirdness come through in my decor no matter how different the style from other people’s, and no matter how much they let me know so.
          So I hope you hear all your support so you can keep at it. Every one says that one is lucky to turn what they love into what they do, but no one ever mentions how painful it is when the “work” takes over the “love” part and it ends up not being fun anymore. So I’m glad for the change. I can’t wait!

  5. Welcome back Emily! I’ll admit that I’ve not opened a blogpost of yours in months because I guess I was missing the old Emily. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

      1. Yes, this!
        I have been reading the post headline…sometimes scrolling it….I used to devour every single word and picture (usually twice)….and since Brass Petal. I wasn’t sure if I was just getting too old for blogs/my house was already “done”
        Or what……I think I was just missing the stylist EmHendo!
        I’m so excited!!!!

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      2. Me too. This is the first post I’ve opened to read probably this year? When I used to read daily.
        I miss you and your stuff, you’re great at styling stuff.

        I hope Mountain House has more personality than Portland. THats not a criticism, that house was purposed to sell. But Mountain House is to be a home of adventures and memories.

    1. Agree 1000%!
      It’s time to be yourself again. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s missed the old Emily design aesthetic.
      So happy and ready to be inspired by Emily again.
      Honestly I was feeling a little left behind by the fact that you’d taken the design road away from where I wanted to be and what drew me to your non-style style initially.
      So happy and excited to see what’s next!!

    2. Same! Maybe longer than months…
      So excited to see where this goes!

      1. Ditto to the above comments and YAY! so glad to have the “old” Emily return.

    3. Same here!! I’ve definitely missed the old Emily– those happy, quirky, eclectic, thrifted design impulses almost always inspired me in my own home. I don’t have a huge budget, but I , too, love to experiment and changes things up. Your thoughtful use of quirky vintage pieces mixed into spaces (in the past) showed me that great design and style could be available to me as well, despite my small budget. Past Emily helped me develop a more discerning eye– and more confidence in my choices! I’ve missed that inspiration… excited to see your next evolution!!

    4. Same here! I went from reading your blog nearly every day to checking it out every few months and hardly ever reading it.

      1. Same here. Anyway, the faux Tudor thing really felt staid to me, it’s very Homes and Gardens (British interiors magazine for the preppy crowd), so I stopped reading. I can’t get any of the same furniture as you because I’m in the UK plus I don’t have the money, so I’ve always treated the blog as style inspiration rather than a shopping list and skipped the posts on getting the look, so when the fun went out of the style I drifted away. I’m so glad you’re going to have fun with it again!

    5. Me too! I didn’t know why I had lost interest, but you basically summed it up, Emily. There will always be haters, but ignore them and you be you. It’s your life, and you don’t owe them anything. Greatness means making A LOT of mistakes. They’re part of the process. This is a good reminder to all of us.

      1. Thanks, guys. But remember I still don’t have the time to write every post – 2-3 max a week is all that I can do. But hopefully I can do more. xx

  6. Superb, substantial post Emily. I’ve followed your career for quite a few years, and though I’ve never had negative notions towards you like some there haters out there ( I have three kids and no time for that) I’ve often wondered how you DO IT ALL!?!?
    I’m 41 and beginning a major home renovation and this has been an inspiration. Super brave post about fearlessly styling:)

  7. Fantastic post. And I’m thrilled you and SpongeBob are getting back together, so to speak. 😉 Vintage and weird, with a sense of mature, confident style makes for a VERY interesting home. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    And thanks for a consistently great blog.

    1. Emily + SpongeBob 4eva 😉

      1. Reunited and it feels so goood

  8. This… “I’M BACK. I’m a stylist, again,” made me smile. Good for you AND good for all of us who love and missed this part of what makes you extra special

  9. Emily! I’m so excited for you! I’ve followed your blog for a long time and looooove your quirky vintage style. The SpongeBob lounge room is actually what drew me to your work. Don’t get me wrong, everything since then has been great, but I like the weird! I’ve missed the weird! I can’t wait to see what comes of your experimenting and playing ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Me TOOO!!! When I saw that room, it was magic!! (But, I literally loved watching Spong-Bob as a teenager, so…there’s that.)

  10. I think you are amazing as a person and as a designer! You have obviously worked very hard and I’m so glad you are putting the fun back into your job! And I’m glad you’re realizing you can’t make everyone happy!!

  11. Such a fun read! I’ve follwed along since the brass petal days and have always loved you no matter what. Excited to see more you coming out. And love the confidence behind the decision. Hope you get the navy sofa back 🙂 And personally ambso inspired by the vintage finds. Looking forward to it all!!

  12. Yay! Lets get weird! i am a mover too. Before kids my husband joked that he was a mover on the weekends bc I always was moving furniture around. its been a long time since my creativity has been stoked, but I think YOU just stoked it!
    LETS GO!!

    1. ha. yes I have actually always said that I wanted to be a mover. Its physical (which I like) but so satisfying. But i’ve never phrased it like that – being a ‘mover’ xx

  13. Huzzah!!! Get weird girlfriend!

  14. Bravo.

  15. Yay! I really miss your old thrifting/flea market/vintage finds posts. Yes, finds like that are hard to recreate, but they give me courage to pull the trigger when I find offbeat things. And most of the time, buying vintage is the opposite of wasteful! Not only is it already “out there”, but it’s often better quality than new, cheaper and you can almost always sell it if it doesn’t work out! I think lots of folks don’t understand that. So excited to see what you find and how you use it!

    1. Tracy said it perfectly. Who wants to perfectly recreate all the things you (Emily) have? I think that’s weird, not your style. Lol. I love seeing fun found stuff. It’s like you encourage me to try and be different and not have a home that looks like everyone’s else’s. No grey or white walls in my house.

    2. Amen!

  16. I’ll pin and double tap the pretty just like anyone else, but what I always really appreciated about your content was the breakdown of why something does or doesn’t work. It’s like the explainer for those of us who love beautiful spaces but don’t get it when most “artistic” types talk about going with their gut, or whatever. Simple rules-of-thumb, how to incorporate weird finds to get personality into a place, and curations of widely available and accessible but well-designed items is where it’s at from this blog for me. I feel like the voices in the blog are good about being aware of practical concerns too, so even if most families wouldn’t be restyling their spaces as frequently, it’s more like your home is an experimental lab to tease out what works and what doesn’t and why, so that the rest of us can learn and apply it ourselves.

    If you feel like renovations aren’t your strength though, can you talk any more about what your second book is going to be about??? We’re house hunting currently and I was going to take seriously the note to wait to renovate until 2020 for book 2!!!

    1. “What I always really appreciated about your content was the breakdown of why something does or doesn’t work.”

      Yes! This x1000. Not that you don’t do that anymore, but in the earlier days and during SFAS (rip- still so so sad that I lost my old DVR’d episodes), I enjoyed learning about the mixing of styles, and I guess overall maybe I just enjoy the whys of styling more than the whys of design/renovations.

      Thank you, Emily, for all the content you create!

      Also loved hearing your thoughts about time/practicality winning out depending on the season of life – so relatable.

      1. Interesting. I suppose the whys of styling are maybe more of a mystery because design is more formulaic? I also felt that ‘styling’ was a buzz word that people were getting sick of and it could feel forced and not natural. Like the perfectly styled coffee table that nobody really could live with on a daily basis, but maybe its still inspirational regardless of whether it stays like that all the time?

        And @KWU it IS going to be more about renovation than styling. Its basically everything that I wish I had in one book while I was renovating both houses, but in a pretty ‘styled’ type of way. Room by room, beautiful infographics in a sort of vintage text book style. Its a lot about helping you know the rules (which I had to learn) so that you feel confidant in your decisions that way when you break them you are making a choice not a mistake. But its like a year and a half out 🙂

        1. Yessssss book 2 sounds like exactly the education that I need! As always, thank you Emily for experimenting in your own life and then teaching us what to do <3 I think we might need to pick flooring, non-master bathroom reno, taking down the wall between the family room and the eat-in kitchen, and making a decision on the "original to 1975 but also dark and oppressive looking" giant fireplace hearth/knotty wood paneling feature wall in the family room…but I will try to hold off on everything else 🙂

          Re: the whys of styling,
          1. Is design formulaic? Design is also a mystery to me. It's like what you said about the book, there are rules but I don't think I know them and so it's not intentional when I break one.

          2. Yeah, I can see the internet ankle biters carping on styling as a buzz word and how the styled coffee table isn't how anyone would actually live. But I felt like the EHD voice has always and continues to be real about all that and would be the first to point out the lengths that were gone to in order to achieve the beautiful photo. It's definitely still inspirational, but also accessible in a way because otherwise I'm feeling like there are all these bloggers and Instagrammers that just perform magic.

          Instead, after discovering EHD, I feel like sure, maybe I don't have native talent, but I can certainly try to cultivate my eye and pay better attention. The "if you love color, the way to stop things from being overwhelming and chaotic is to have a calm background and then limit your color palette in the accessories" advice was a huge eyeopener to me! It's similar to why when I go to museums, or visit new cities, I actually really like taking guided tours. Not typically the big production touristy ones, but in small groups instead, where there's an expert explaining things and pointing on details I don't notice otherwise.

          Thanks again for taking the time to share more on the concept for book 2! Can't wait!

  17. FANTASTIC!! On a much smaller scale, I am the same way. Love playing and testing and changing (and also am a housewife with 3 busy kids, so practicality has to reign also!) My husband on the other hand is like the logical/serious commenters who are like, “Wait. You had that there and it was fine why did you move it, why are we changing it and why can’t we leave it for the rest of our lives?.” But I read somewhere one time that no one tells a musician to stop writing music. No one tells an author to stop with one best seller. No one tells an artist that they should be satisfied after one masterpiece! Creatives need to create. Soooo….keep on creating!

    I love this post b/c it has fire! 🙂

    1. ha. thank you. I couldn’t agree with you more. And my editors had to even tone down the fire. I think I was like ‘LET ME BE ME’ in a way that they were ‘like, ok calm it down, we don’t want to start a riot’ …. 🙂

  18. Thank you for your post Emily! What you have said is so relatable to what many of us mothers go through, even if we’re not in the design business. “This is what I used to love! Who am I and what am I doing?!” Good for you for being so keenley aware of your situation and making a change. That is so hard to do. Enjoy your journey girl, I’m cheering for you!!

    1. Yes yes yes! Like Meg Ryan in the diner YES! Here for this. This to me is relatable. Taking time finding pieces to love and playing with different layouts arrangements and configurations. Go OG EHD!

  19. You go Emily! Be the best version of yourself. Looking forward to your new direction.

  20. I’ve been a long time reader, and have noticed how the comments have gotten cattier and more judgemental as you’ve become more successful. You’ve been so gracious throughout, and I hate that you had to write a blog post defending yourself and your right to experiment and change things up. This is your blog! Your life! You are so awesome for letting us tag along, and I’m so excited to see more of the OG weird Emily.

    1. TOTALLY. Your comment paired with Emily’s post made me realize why the heck I’ve been feeling like a judgmental blog reader….it’s because I miss Emily being OG WEIRD EMILY! She was and IS so good with finding the quirky vintage pieces, styling it all together, and telling all of us why it does or doesn’t work. When something didn’t work, she swapped it out later and told us why. It felt cool, evolving, more temporary, and something we could do in our own homes.

      With all of the renovations, it has felt less like Emily. She’s been making more “permanent” decisions and when those get changed, I hate to say it but I have definitely felt more judgmental. For example, somehow swapping out a sofa that cost $8000 and rearranging a living room feels more relatable than redoing a ceiling for $8000. I could rearrange my sofa and not buy a new one but I can’t redo my ceiling. It hasn’t been the Emily that got me hooked on this blog.

      And Emily, I’m so happy that you’re back in your stylin’ shoes!!! I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

    2. It’s sad to hear that you felt so constrained by judgements of others for a while but I’m glad you’re feeling freer again now. FWIW I enjoy both sides of your styles, the really considered, careful stuff and the go with your gut stuff but I’d rather see whatever feels most authentic to the creator. I hope you find the next phase more fulfilling creatively! I’ll be reading along regardless x

    3. THIS. I’ve read all kinds of negative comments here that I immediately recognized were referenced in the text of this post. I really hope that everyone praising this decision now recognizes that there’s nothing more creativity-killing than receiving support of the change initially but the same old ‘support’ post-change…

      1. I get the judgement, I do. And believe me, nobody wants to make less permanent “mistakes” than I do (imagine doing it in front of so many people?’ but I need to be able to at least admit them and call myself out so that we can all learn from something. xx

        1. Making mistakes is how we learn! How can we teach our children to take risks and to love learning and to experiment when we’re not willing to do the same!

  21. Thank you for sharing that window into your style and how it’s evolved. I learn so much when I read about the process that other designers go through and it helps me reflect on my own methods and choices as I work through a project or piece. I’m super inspired to look through the catalogue of my own work to see how I’ve evolved through the years and perhaps question if I like where I’ve been and where I’m headed. Thank you so much!

  22. YES! Get it girl! I am here for it.

  23. You’re WAY too young to recognize this but as Ricky Nelson sang a million years ago, “You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself “. Along with all the child, spouse, business stuff you try to juggle, attempting to please even a portion of the people who post critiques of your work is guaranteed crazy making. Do what YOU do. There may be some shake out of people who don’t like it and stop following you but that will just leave an opening for other people to find you who seek out the road less traveled in design choices or life. Most people value integrity even in quirky design choices so be yourself.

    1. It actually used to be one of my mottos “I don’t know the key to success but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone’. It actually got me through years of negative comments. But sadly it was originated by Bill Cosby so it lost its, uh, positive angle … but the point is that. I mean, its just so easy so show a generic version of yourself online after days and days of editing any personality out of anything because it could be perceived as something someone won’t like.

      I wrote a draft years ago that was titled ‘Negative comments are making us all generic’ and it wasn’t just about me. Trying to not offend anyone, and still be yourself is extremely hard to do when you write like I do (stream of conciousness). Anyway I never published it for that exact same reason, but I wish that trollers knew that all they were doing is making the content they read less interesting. xx

  24. This is great. Good to refocus sometimes. Also, I grew up with an artist who moved the furniture every other week and was always buying and selling stuff even when we didn’t have any money. So this totally makes sense to me!

    As a mom, I find that I’m able to shift back/forward as my kids do. Developmentally, they reach a phase where I’m able to look up and go, “Oh right?! I remember doing/being/wanting that!” It’s time. Go for it. Have a blast.

  25. I’m super excited! Can’t wait to follow along. I was just looking at my LR last week and thinking why is it no longer a place where people could comfortably lounge around in that is a collection of my eccentricities but now is (trying) to look like a magazine cover.

  26. Yes! Great post! Look forward to watching you play.

  27. This blog has helped wake up the creative in me- a working mom with 2 kids, married to a man I adore, with a homeful of pets and projects to tend to…

    Your re-working of L.A. client projects (one job where you brought in maybe 10-12 sofas to experiment with) or your musing over your kitchen a year later…proved to be so helpful/practical and very inspiring to me: I got that even as a fab stylist/designer, you didn’t know what would work immediately, so why would I have that perfectionistic expectation for myself as we finally start to renovate and style our house, 10 years into being homeowners, now that we have the time and money?

    Inspiration can happen strangest of ways, and it’s key to have that easy commitment to mixing it up to see what emerges- as the result could be way better in the most unanticipated of ways. Case in point: My dining room has been bothering me, and while I knew- from your Dining room rules- that the rug was too small, I thought I’d just keep it there till I figured what to do with the whole room re-design. Well- the dog was sick and recently peed on the rug a couple of times and I had to get it cleaned. As weirdly committed as I was to the wrong rug, I was stunned to see how much better the room was without the rug when it was being cleaned; the 100 year old wood’s patina was on display and the subtle but persistent color conflicts between the rug and paint color were suddenly gone. It’s way more calm and enjoyable for me to be in that space now- and I can rest easier in my home just because the rug’s out.

    All this to say, being in a mental space where it’s easy to let myself mix it up and consider letting go of things that once seemed “fixed” has been so important to me loving the rooms that I now ADORE in my house while also still working on the rooms that need help. So good and liberating to be in more of a creative space now. Less agony, more play and amusement.

    This blog has been so instrumental for me to smartly and confidently tackle renovations (2 full baths), be comfortable mixing things up (art, furniture), using trays to beautifully organize, working the color palate to make the rooms work, and just to approach things more creatively, with less of a punishing perfectionistic tendency. Cheers to your continued commitment to honor yourself and keep the creative juices flowing! That’s inspiring and I’ll continue to check in daily. 🙂

    1. Thank you Beth. What a lovely, thoughtful comment. Yes, there is a bravery that i’ve lost because I didn’t want to mess it up. Glad you love your dining room floor now 🙂

  28. Yes!!! I miss stylist Emily who takes risks and has fun! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next 🙂

  29. Whoop whoop! Super excited for you (and us!)!

    1. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  30. Yay!!

    You used to comb Craigslist and post vintage steals from different cities, which I totally loved, and would fit in with this new/old direction super well!

    1. We’ve got to do this again. It’s not hard its just a bit time consuming. I’m going to get on it, asap. xx

      1. OMG I remember those posts! One time you found my identical dresser and said “Nothing special but for this price it’s definitely worth it.” I still laugh and (let’s face it – beam with pride) at my dresser choice that EmHendo once called Nothing Special!

        Excited for the changes Emily. I too miss the old you.

    2. I’ve missed this, as well. Do Salt Lake for me, pretty please? ☺️

  31. I also feel like I’ve lost myself a bit stylewise in the same way. I used to be so colorful and quirky and now I’m pretty minimalist in clothes and home decor. I think it’s for all of the same reasons you said, kids, trends, chaos. I have no idea how to get back so I’m looking forward to watching you lead!

    1. I don’t know either. I know that I want more vintage, but otherwise I fear that I just have gotten more conservative stylistically. I think for me it starts at the flea market or thrifting. OK FINE I’LL DO IT. XX

  32. This is awesome! this is exactly how I feel when I started doing graphic design again for me, for my clients, and I’m gonna have fun! No more of the boss who’s like you’re not good enough.

    I’m glad you’re feeling good about this shift. It’s been really amazing to see you grow, evolve all these years ever since Design star! I rooted for you on design star, and this growth is awesome!

  33. So very inspiring to read, and exactly what I needed to hear! I am an interior designer, with a very young business – I have read your blog since conception and have always admired the beautiful spaces you design, this gives me optimism that better days are coming. Wishing you all the best for your next chapter.

  34. This makes my heart happy. An artist creates to create from their own heart, not to please the masses. Bring on the SpongeBob!

  35. Yes!! I love this. It’s hard to do your thing when you have all the voices on the internet telling you to play it safe, don’t be wasteful, what are you doing! Yet, your style is amazing and original and needs to be shared. I love the fact that you use vintage and it doesn’t mean that people can’t use it too, it just means they are going to have to look for it. Plus, we need to be taught/given permission to play.

  36. So happy you are back. I missed YOU in your work. It was starting to feel like anyone could style your rooms.

  37. Just adding one more comment saying I’m IN, I love it and can’t wait to watch!! Been following for about 3 years now and watched the evolution since then and I love it. I respect and look up to you (I’m 24) and SO excited to see OG EHD!!!!

  38. I can’t believe that some of your readers have told you, a professional interior designer, that! Crazy! I don’t care about round ups and that kind of posts, but the post about your personal style and changes in your own space are the most interesting to me. They get me inspired in my own home and make me re-think and evolve my own style.

    Right now I feel kind of mad to those commenters that made you think you shouldn’t make changes and continue to experiment and be creative in your own space. It’s your job after all and there are many people interested to see what you do with your decoration.

    I’m very excited about this CHANGE in the blog and in you Emily! Be you. Be brave, creative and quirky! Can’t wait to see what you are going to do 😊

  39. Yay!! I’m excited to see you incorporate more vintage stuff again! Seeing how you used your vintage items in the past helped me figure out how to use mine- it’s even helped me appreciate what I already have. I find that content very relatable, even if I may not have the exact piece you do.

    1. Good to know. Thank you!

  40. Hooray for you! I have been a daily reader for YEARS and adore you in all your incarnations. I applaud you expressing yourself with your design however you see fit! You inspire me with your design and with your authenticity and life choices. You GO GIRL!!!!!! xo

  41. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! The renovations are fun, but your styling (even with an emphasis on vintage pieces that don’t have a link at the bottom) is much more relatable and transferable to our lives! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  42. Amen, sister!!!!!! I’m ready for the OG EHD to make a come back! I’ve been a reader for years and years, and I really miss your eclectic, vintage-inspired style. You do you!

  43. Looking forward to it!

  44. Bravo! I so respect your soul searching, vulnerability and growth process — your willingness to say, “This is who I am.” As a creative myself, this is incredibly inspiring and helps me breathe, too. Thank you. Can’t wait to see a little more “weird Emily” back on the blog.

  45. My partner dubs the change in our apartment ‘The Churn’ because things turn over so regularly. Bless his love and acceptance of my styling hobby! I was initially drawn to your blog because it would give me fresh eyes towards my own creative possibilities. Your style example helped hone mine towards a purer, more distilled version of my own style while still embracing my love of quirk. I MISSED let’s-get-weird-Emily 🙂 Your style in all of its incarnations is beautiful, intelligent, and insightful. Looking forward to the next edition!

  46. Yeeeeeessss!!!! I have been following you since the beginning. Your blog is my first stop every morning. Those first photos are the ones that made me fall in love with you. I remember counting down the days until that HGTV magazine spread came out. I have poured over and studied your work and you have helped me realize my own style and how to reflect it in my home. I loved the “spongebob” living room and every space since. I come here to hear what you have to say.. whether it be about design, fashion, home life, or politics (gasp). I love seeing your process and hearing the ins and outs why you do what you do and think what you think. I want you to feel free to be the you-est you and to not be apologetic about it. I know it can be hard to live your life so publicly.. so thank you for letting us in on it ♥️

    1. THANK YOU, Nissa for following along for so long. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thank you thank you. xx

  47. I can’t wait! Your blog from the beginning has made me care about the style of the home I live in and has taught me to mix high and low styles. I learn so much just by seeing how you approach a room. Your SpongeBob living room is what called me to your blog – I personally thought his throw-up was totally awesome!! SpongeBob vomitus for life!

  48. LOVE this!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. So inspiring.

  49. I saw your post on IG this weekend with the Obama image/photoshop. I read the horrible comments and your calm/modulated responses. And I thought…shots fired by Emily Henderson she is really putting herself out there and I like it. But I wondered why now? Where is THIS coming from? It’s a big move for a Saturday night IG post.

    Today reading this piece I’m realizing you are coming into your own. You are using your voice, your platform, and your joyful spirit to be authentically yourself. You are older, wiser, and stronger. And you aren’t gonna be safe anymore. I love it. I’m not sure I’ll love all the sponge bob design but I will love the heart of a powerful social media presence and design aficionado doing the damn thing HER way. Welcome to the world baby girl…your gonna love it and we’re gonna love you! 👍🏾😍

    1. Yah, that could have been better timed and it sure gave me anxiety all the next day because I lost 4k followers (thus why I finally archived it). I got 2k of them back (I suppose they were trying to make a point). If I had time I would write every single post on social and the blog so I’m just figuring out how to do that. xx

      1. Wow. 4K followers. Yikes. On other hand the amount of vitriol and negativity of those comments makes me wonder how much you want to keep those followers. But that’s a big ask for you to be comfortable loosing that amount of followers. But I liked that you said something. I wish more social media mavens would take a stand…but I certainly understand the troll/loose followers risk. Either way. I’m super proud and excited to see how you move forward. Take the risk. Live your life. It will be grand.

    2. The comments on the IG post bothered me all weekend. I’ve always found the political discussions on your blog so constructive. I think because a design blog, and especially Emily’s with her happy attitude, is a largely positive, and largely female, space – unlike basically the entire rest of the internet. Instead of just a bunch of name-calling, in the past (why did you vote for Trump, why are you okay with guns? posts), I’ve legitimately learned a lot about the ‘other side.’

      But your IG post felt totally different – immediate threats to unfollow, but scariest of all, a lot of folks of both stripes describing the ‘other side’ as “violent,” as well as claims that you “can’t trust the media”, or that whatever the midterm election results are, it’s rigged. When we start seeing those we’re opposed to politically as violent crazies, any action against them can be justified. We need a critical eye when looking at news in the internet age, but ultimately they are the fourth wall – the only ones investigating those in power. And you need to have a critical eye on your own opinions, always.

      Seeing these perspectives, which I had previously thought were fringe views, coming into a female-dominated space that has previously been so respectful – well, I have to admit I didn’t sleep so easy. I hope, Emily, you find a way to address this on your blog. I don’t know how, but you’ve managed to bridge troubled waters so well before I’m hoping we can all come to understand that we don’t need to demonize each other.

  50. Welcome back! I’ve loved you since the Brass Petal!

  51. Exciting! I miss the quirky vintage stuff.

  52. Yasssssss! Love the new old Emily! Can’t wait to see some weird again!

  53. Love it! You have so much talent and creativity to share!! I love seeing you experiment with design and the joy that comes out of it!

  54. This is awesome. Been reading the blog for years and so excited to see some of old Emily come back and play with new.

    Can I gently suggest to you, though, that if someone put that “spongebob” comment on your blog now, you’d likely not take it in stride so well? I understand not wanting to read mean negative comments but I’ve noticed some pretty mild criticism getting deleted recently. It’s so great that you can laugh about that comment AND trace the way that it affected your style … maybe part of bringing some of old Emily back is being a bit more open to criticism again. Hope this doesn’t offend.

    1. If they are mild criticism about me that doesn’t have to do with a client, the portland house or a sponsor then they usually stay (I don’t know I rarely delete them). Every now and again it will be mild but it will be the very first comment of the day which changes the tone and really affects everyone’s day and how they perceive the post so yah, we delete. Its hard to say what exactly will make me nauseous, but my team tries to generally delete anything they think would make me nauseous and ruin my day 🙂

      1. Pft you should so be allowed to delete negative comments. Keep mild criticism? Sure. Duh. Obviously. But I’ve seen some crazy mean comments on here, and I just don’t see how any of us are better off for reading them. This is a home design blog, for godssake. Not the news, not a court, not a referendum on free speech. Emily, you should not have to take abuse in exchange for the opportunity to make your living here. Can we all please just chill and enjoy our fun free content on the daily?

  55. YESSSS!!!! BRING BACK THE FUN! And color. And vintage. Not only just for myself (because that is wayy more my style) but also because when you are having fun it really shows. I’m so pumped.

  56. I love this. I am an antique dealer (you shopped with me at Marburger Farm in Round Top). I get the difficulty with scaling vintage items, but nothing really compares to vintage for me. I am also a mom to 4 so I understand the challenges of balance. I can’t wait to see what you do.

  57. YAY!!!!!!!! I have been with you since the DS days. I have loved the journey, but my fav is quirky, vintage EHD❤️❤️❤️

  58. So thrilled for this, and you! Nice work listening to yourself- can’t wait to see what comes from it all. The Portland house is GORGEOUS, and also (as a local) I wished there was more variety (ie what you’re writing above) in some of the vendors, makers, etc. This post sings in terms of what you ace in your bones (the look) and also what your heart has been telling you to return to (taking time to mix it up). Get it!!

  59. Wooohooooo!!!! I was nodding along with your style evolution and each explanation, especially the having kids/lacking time/trying to accomodate to naysayers. I’ve been a fan of yours since Secrets of a Stylist and have totally noticed the “safening” of your style the last few years. I’m so glad you’ve decided to get back to playfulness, trying stuff that might need changing, a bit more color and vintage and WEIRDness! I’m thinking your spaces may begin to reflect your personality again, rather than starting to meld into the sea of sameness that many designers share. I deeply appreciate your exploration of what has happened as success and social media have affected you, and I celebrate your recommittment to being true to the quirk inside and shutting out some of the voices that your people pleasing has bent you to.

  60. I have actually loved all the iterations and evolutions you’ve gone through – but for your sake, I am glad to hear you are pushing yourself back to being more experimental despite what some followers may want. Whatever feels honest for you is perfect : ).


  62. Hell, yes!!! I’ve missed YOU!

  63. I like it. Congrats on your newfound relief. We can’t wait to see everyone’s talents shine. Let’s get weird (sometimes)

  64. Yesssss!!!! I actually preferred the emphasis on weird vintage stuff as opposed to ready made because vintage/thrifted/DIY (plus Target, let’s be honest here) is where my budget is, plus I don’t like having the exact same thing as everyone else. I also identify with the whole comfort level/practicality thing, so I am pretty stoked about this direction!

  65. Yes to all of this! Do you. Be you. Thank you for sharing you. I don’t want to copy you. I want to be inspired. I am excited!

    1. I’m excited, too! 🙂

  66. I love all of this! Also, sad to see the Obama-feminist post come down off Insta (but I get it). Please be the TaylorSwift of the design world and share your politics! And I look forward to weird vintage vignettes!!!

  67. I loved reading this: a history and a mission statement in one! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been here since Commonwealth and am excited for what’s next!

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  68. I have always enjoyed your approach to the work you do. 🙂 Love everything about this post! So excited for you and I can’t wait to continue to watch your journey unfold. As a fellow mom and furniture mover arounder and Changer of all the things in my home, …. I am inspired today by your honesty and your joy to create. Thank you for that. Have a great week. 🙂

  69. I loved reading this: a history and a mission statement in one! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been here since Commonwealth and am excited for what’s next! Also, Ian’s house is the first image I ever pinned, and I still LOVE it.

  70. This was a beautifully written, heartfelt and inspiring post. I will forever be a fan, not only because I love and can relate to your style, but because you make interior design accessible to all. In addition you share ups, downs, and all parts of your life. Thank you for being you, it’s inspiring me to keep being me.

  71. YES!!!!! Welcome back, Emily!! I can’t wait to see you get weird again!! BRING ON THE SPONGEBOB (but not the Spongebob commenters – stay away, haters)!

  72. So exciting! Go for it!

  73. Yes!! Go forth! Really excited about this development!

  74. Yay! I am getting so sick of every home looking exactly the same. I fell in love with your blog around the spongebob phase 😂

  75. I am totally on board with this. I would much rather see rooms filled with interesting items that can’t be easily reproduced than a room filled with Target furniture. I like having a mix of items, new and old, and ideally at a range of price points.

    I have probably been reading your blog for 6+ years and my favorite post of all time is still the one where you talked all about reupholstering furniture and gave examples of different pieces you had purchased and the reasons why, etc. I really like the new, more neutral Emily, but I am very excited to see you make neutrals interesting in your style.

    1. i so agree with this. i’m a long time follower (circa 2011) and feel that things started going downhill for me around the time of the target collaboration. it’s like i didn’t trust you anymore and just felt like you were pushing target stuff to make money off us buying it. i’d still check back daily because i love you, but miss the older version of you authentically mixing new and old and not just promoting stuff or doing massive renovations that most of us will never do. i just hate promoted stuff but realize you have to do it…. looking forward to this new content!

  76. Yay! I miss this Emily so much. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  77. AMAZING. Also have never commented before but this resonates for me as a designer BIG TIME. Thanks for sharing and HAVE FUN!

  78. Yes! Do it! So excited. I can’t imagine how weird it is having strangers chime in on your design decisions in your own home, but I hope that tuning the haters out gets easier. Trust and believe, there are people like me who follow you for inspiration, and the truest expression of your creativity is the most inspiring.

  79. Good for you Emily! I can’t wait to see the new designs from the old Emily. 🙂 I’ve always loved your style and it impacts decisions in my home also. I have no idea how many times I’ve asked “WWED?” when selecting new items at Target lately. I love switching out by the season. Thank you!

  80. I love and have missed old Emily! I’ve followed your career since Secrets from a Stylist, back when I was in college. You inspired me to make a lot of bold choices (i.e. I once played with paint in my bedroom a la this post – https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/my-guest-room-makeover). And my bedroom today is still inspired by the Curbly house . SO so glad you’re going to have fun with your home again. Lots of love!

  81. Spongebob squarepants is hilarious and silly and fun and pretty much recalls all the antics I had when I was younger and trying to figure myself out. Now that I’m older (with kids) all the realities you described are so true. Less time/more grownup/more serious, it’s sometimes pretty boring. But the world is serious enough on its own (I mean it’s pretty much burning around us, no?) So not much room for fun these days it seems, but our homes are our safe havens, our escapes, let’s keep the fun alive! Cheers to taking our time and waiting for just the right pieces when they come and when we’re ready for them! Cheers to vintage and not buying more stuff that trashes our earth and ends up in the landfill. Cheers to creativity and relatablility! And cheers to beauty and doing what you love and being able to make a good living at it! Let your light shine Emily! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  82. YES!!!! I have followed you since the Design Star/Secrets of a Stylist days and have always loved your style. Even if I wouldn’t mimic it exactly as you would, I always loved that you weren’t afraid to be “weird” in your choices. (I love touches of vintage and think blue is the best color ever, so obviously I was all over your jam.) When you announced the Tudor I was super excited to see how you’d mix “you” with a very different house creatively. Although I very much like a lot of what you did, nothing made me die with love and admiration as some of your past work had. I wondered where you went. It was so traditional and maybe too achievable. If that makes sense. I am SO excited to see that you feel the same way and are moving back to what made you so wonderfully great. And I’m excited to see what that translates to now that you are older, have kiddos, etc.

  83. I love weird!

  84. Get it, gurrrrl! We’re here for you.

  85. YAAYY EMILY, WELCOME BACK! We missed ya, girl. Hell yeah to the playing and messing up and unleashing your inner weirdo.

    I’m positive that the backlash is caused by jealousy at your ability to buy all this stuff. I get it – I wish I had enough money to buy it all, too! But while I can’t relate to the gorgeous houses you’ve bought and remodeled, I sure as heck can relate to the resourcefulness and joie de vivre in your work. It’s so inspiring that it makes me kinda emotional. Because THAT I can actually put into my rental apartment 🙂

    SpongeBob+Emily forever.

  86. So excited to watch you get weird. I’ve been following since your Design Star days, and I love your quirky, unexpected sense of style most. Watching your experiment and *gasp* not get it right the very first time gives the rest of us hope and those are some of my favorite blog posts. Keep it real, girl. Who YOU are is why I read!


    1. Oh also FWIW I think people only get a little bugged when you switch things out when they are brand new and firmly in the “not weird” category. i.e. you are switching out one beautiful thing I cannot afford for some other beautiful thing I cannot afford and you only got the former beautiful thing about 6 months ago meanwhile I am here with the same couch I have had since college. That’s what is unrelatable, at least in my opinion. I guess what I’m saying is I *think* people will be less turned off by experimentation/styling edits when you are doing it with vintage/funkier/thrifted stuff like before, where theoretically the individual items might be cheaper.

      But also just do whatever you want because you are cool and thoughtful and everything you do is fun to watch.

  88. girl yes!!! I missed weird emily! bring on the brights (sometimes), the textural ottomans (a lot of the time), and the creepy face paintings (all the times!)

  89. Been following since Commonwealth and have always enjoyed watching your style evolve, and always been surprised/bored by your negative commenters. Some people just need to complain and use blog comments as their arena. I was legitimately bothered for a couple days about the “should I integrate my fridge” backlash! You do you; that’s what we’re supposed to be here for.

  90. The spongebob part makes me so sad, that was/is my favorite and most interesting room of yours ever! Not everyone thought that! Great post though!

  91. I think comparing home design is so similar to fashion. There are staples in your closet and things we change every season. I don’t see why our home shouldn’t be any different. I’m glad your saying you don’t get it right every time. It feels like less pressure in my own home. If I buy something and don’t love it I shouldn’t feel guilty for spending money and living with something I don’t love. You have given me the courage to buy this “risky” fabric for an accent chair I have been thinking about for a year. It’s not brain surgery if I don’t love it no one dies. It is worth the risk for a special home.

  92. I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I hope you feel liberated and re-inspired because I’m feeling that way just reading this post! I loved your blue couch and the cross flag and the 300 lbs dog and the string art and the crazy Sponge Bob tapestry. And to be totally honest, I didn’t feel energized by your new decor and the Tudor house. It’s really peaceful and grown up, but like you said…not so much weird.

    I had a baby 3 years ago and my style went from boho Turkish rugs, sculptural chairs, glass tables and huge vases to, a stroller in the middle of the living room, a gray rug that hides dirt, no coffee table so my son doesn’t give himself a concussion, keeping our old dirty couch because why buy something our dog and son will ruin, no accessories so he doesn’t break them and it’s BUMMING ME OUT. I never felt comfortable at home. Now that he’s older, I want my style back. I ordered a new couch (leather, still practical) dusted off the boho rugs, and am changing up my art. I’m feeling so much more like myself and I can only imagine that since you do this 7 days a week, you’re going to be born again. Hooray!

  93. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of your style. And frankly, I’m happy you are the one making the “mistakes” and experimenting so that I can learn from them. I don’t have a large budget to play with, but I can look at what you do and how you change things to learn what will really work in my home.
    I would love to see your thought process on investment pieces. How long do you look at them before purchasing, how do you choose a color, how do you determine what price is reasonable for the piece. I am at the stage in my life where I’m slowing replacing my IKEA furniture with “nicer” furnitutre, but I don’t always know what the best things to spend my money on are. Coffee table?? Sofa?? Chair for that random empty corner???


  94. I first loved you for your original style! Vintage is so special and more unique (and more fun to find). Adds feeling to your home. Go you! ❤️

  95. Yay!

  96. Very excited about this! I’ve been a religious follower of your blog for years and years, but to be honest, lately I’ve been skipping more days. Your posts have become more like everything else on the net. I miss your zany, fun side. I loved all the vintage pieces and the way you pulled eclectic pieces together. I’m glad you had this epiphany! : )

  97. I’ve missed your risk-taking! So happy to hear it’s coming back 🙂 BTW next time you’re in Portland stop by Hawthorne Vintage…they have 2 sofas that you could reupholster to resurrect your blue one 😉 https://www.instagram.com/p/BokCE6yhnkp/?hl=en&taken-by=hawthornevintagemodern

  98. Hooray! This post had me surprisingly emotional. I’ve always been a design lover but recently took a dive into being a design nerd and aspire to some day be a designer. As a learner, it’s easy to see IG and Pinterest and get caught up in the idea of perfection and rules. It’s refreshing and inspiring to hear a seasoned designer and stylist say it’s okay (and actually wonderful) to kind of not give a f*%@ and just experiment for the love of making beautiful, interesting spaces. Thank you!

  99. Honestly Emily this is truly what I love most about your work. I’m so happy to hear this! Good for you!

  100. This post makes me SO HAPPY! Yes, to all the things you do, and do so well, but I’m especially impressed that you are introspective and willing to regroup and re-prioritize. I am copying your paragraph “That’s what stylists do” because it’s the perfect description of how I live in and love my home. A lot of people don’t understand the joy a small change/experiment at home brings me, and I love how you put it into words. Thanks for all you do-your blog is my favorite.

  101. Sounds great – I really enjoy your blog and am happy to follow any direction you take it (oh – and your career)!
    But just one comment: you’ll let us know when/if you get that blue couch back, right? I’m oddly, overly concerned about this. Thanks!

  102. Love this! Thank you so much for being so open about your career successes and misgivings, it is really helpful as someone else who is also trying to figure out what is it that I actually like about what I do, and how can I do that part more. Your willingness to be open about where you went astray in th past and vulnerable to mistakes is inspiring. Yay for you!!

  103. Wahoo! Excited for this switch-up 🙂

  104. You literally just made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about all the stuff piled in my garage because of these sentences :
    “We have unnecessary collections of vintage fabrics because it brings us hope that we will turn one into that perfect pillow. We hoard beautiful things like a writer jots down ideas on cocktail napkins. We don’t know where they are going to go but we know that someday they will make a room.”
    Man, I was feeling bogged down by all the stuff, but now I realize why I purchased any of it in the first place was a sense of hope in one day using it for just the right project. Hope! How awesome…..

  105. Go Emily! I love that you are going to do more experimenting and interesting stuff and you should definitely change things as much as you want to in your home. The only thing I want to point out is that what gets some people all annoyed (me!) is when you go on at length about how something is worthwhile as an investment even though it’s expensive because YOU WILL KEEP IT FOREVER and it’s so versatile or so special etc. and then… it disappears to never be seen again from you life. For example that string art piece – I remember you writing how you’d definitely have it forever and it’s in storage? sold? trashed? I don’t know. You can afford to play around and spend money and I will love seeing it – I just don’t want to feel like you’re saying nonsense to “sell” me on something when clearly you aren’t actually going to keep it very long at all. No need to justify! Sorry. Love.

  106. Yay!!! So excited to see the changes! And for the record, I am one of the fans (thousands, I’m guessing) who LOVE that pic of your living room from the Commonwealth years – hand chair, crazy blue wall hanging and all! I honestly think that’s when I first got excited about decorating my house – that room was so inspiring!

    One comment about your great vintage pieces. Yes, I love being able to ‘shop’ the room, but I think you can still do that with the vintage – your pieces give us a place to start. For the untrained and unskilled, going to a flea market or vintage shop can be completely overwhelming. But now I know I’m looking for say, a landscape in blues and grays – or a funky brass tchotchke.

    Congrats on the new direction!

  107. YAYYYYYY!!! This makes me so happy! I’ve been following you since before your TV days, when it was just The Brass Petal, and LOVED the beginning when you were getting weird! It’s why I’ve followed you for so long, and to be honest, I’ve been bummed about the edited-Emily. I want full-fledged, wacky, not afraid to make mistakes because that’s when unique and beautiful things come out Emily! Can’t wait to see what comes out of this new season!

  108. I love this!

    1. It makes me want to find old Design Star. I loved that show. Come on Netflix, bring it back!

    2. I love when you redo a room in your house. It makes me rethink my own and look at it differently. When you replaced the busy rug with the quiet one, i looked at my living room and paired things down to make my room much less busy. Keep doing that, please!

    3. All of our passions and hobbies evolve over time. Sometimes I am really into redecorating my space and I read every word you write. Other times, i’m really into cooking or cocktails or fashion and I go in search of new blogs that become added to the list of blogs I skim every day like yours. My point is that as you are evolving, so are your readers. If you lose some from going back to your roots (and good for you to recognize and focus on what makes you happy), then so be it. You’ll also gain some new followers who are eager to dive into everything you are putting out there!

    I love your eclectic style and it always gives me inspiration for my own place. Thanks for what you do!

  109. Yes!!!! Can’t wait to watch along!

  110. Wonderful!
    Personally I did bristle a tiny bit at the ‘practicality kills creativity’ because I’m very inspired by the challenge of making things function as beautifully as they look. But I get it. You have an audience that pitches a fit you put a pricey rug in the dining room or expensive wallpaper in a nursery where actual kids live. In trying to provide helpful information, it must feel restrictive to you sometimes.
    I can’t wait to see your new vintage finds and vignettes.

  111. I totally related to this post. Bravo! I am a big fan of you and vintage style. Thanks for this post 😀

  112. Yes yes yes. I don’t have much to say that everyone else already hasn’t, but I’ll say this:
    SFAS helped me when I was trying to decorate my first home, introduced me to vintage furniture and gave me the confidence to combine quirky and Target. While I think some of your recent work is really beautiful, it hasn’t excited me in the way some of your early work did. And I think some of that isn’t so much the content (which is pretty) as much as it’s been missing your whimsy and creative confidence. And I think there’s definitely room for you to hold onto that quirk while also maturing as a designer.

    Bravo, and I’m looking forward to seeing the changes.

  113. Love it! I distinctly remember your eclectic, vintage style being what drew me to you on HGTV! I’m personally sick of everything looking the same out there . You do you, and I’ll happily cheer you on!

  114. Bravo! So happy for you. Bring on the weird.

  115. I can’t wait to see more weird, vintage finds – they’re definitely the most inspiring and creatively stimulating!

  116. I love this post. I’m so inspired by your style. Some I love for myself, some I don’t, but I always enjoy the beautiful spaces. Thank you for sharing with us.

  117. Yay! So very happy to see the stylist that I fell in love with and who inspired me, return!

  118. Holy hell…..YES!!! Emily I am right there beside you! I so dearly miss OG EHD. I’m literally giddy.
    Fan Girl

  119. I love this! The sponge bob throw up living room is what first led me to you and I still like it. Your creativity and ability to find and use interesting pieces is one of my favorite things about you. So this reader is happy 😊 I was lucky enough to visit the Portland house and it was beautiful, but it was definitely not relatable to someone who is not in the market for a 2.5 mil home and parent of two like myself. So excited to see what you have to share with us going forward! And thank you for your honesty with this process, it’s life and it’s the real deal like you.

  120. It’s all about giving yourself permission. I found your post very affirming and it is good to know somebody else feels the way I do. Resist the wet blankets, judgers and naysayers. Whose life is it, anyway?! Go, Emily!

  121. Yay! I’m so happy you’re going to get weird again! 🙂 I have been disappointed recently with the change to less color and interest in the rooms you show. It seemed like it was just like a bunch of other blogs out there. I was originally drawn to your blog because of your fun style and lately I was wondering where the weird was. I’m so excited to see the real Emily back again and it’s even better if you have more fun too!

  122. YES! Thank you for writing such a thoughtful, personal reflection with so many visual examples of how style can evolve. So excited to see what comes next, and very much looking forward to the focus on vintage/weird. You may have already written them and I just couldn’t find them, but I would love posts about how to buy vintage (especially rugs?!) along the way!

  123. I have been feeling this EXACT way about my own style evolution and your words have inspired me to ask myself those save questions and try to get back to a more authentic me. Thank you!!

  124. GIRL. YOU DO YOU. My personal style is super minimal and simple and I come to your blog daily for a few reasons 1) I think you’re damn hilarious. 2) I have a kiddo Birdie’s age and all your mom posts make fist pump in recognition 3) your style makes me challenge my own (and thank God or we’d be sitting in a white room with a jute rug and literally nothing else) 4) you owning your desire to shake stuff up makes me feel even more empowered to do the same in my home because it’s a reminder that styling is a never ending process; a room is never done it’s just paused at a moment of perfection.

    Rock on, Emily. Weird, simple, Sponge-Bobby, whatevs.

  125. “Lack of money meant I had to be more resourceful, and excess of time meant I could dedicate hours to that resourcefulness. And where practicality kills creativity, resourcefulness ignites it. This is not to be misconstrued as “poor Emily can’t have fun because she’s so busy but can just buy stuff instead.” It’s really just the truth for ANYONE.” This comment is such an encouragement to me. I love your style so much, and others that have way more money than I do, and sometimes I get down and think, if only I had more money it would be easier. I need to remember that resourcefulness does ignite creativity. I just found you two years ago. I loved looking through your earlier pics and realizing that you too used to thrift, and it still looked amazing. I also love that you are returning to what you truly love to do.

    1. Absolutely agree!

  126. Yes yes yes! Like Meg Ryan in the diner YES! Here for this. This to me is relatable. Taking time finding pieces to love and playing with different layouts arrangements and configurations. Go OG EHD!

  127. Emily, you do you. As weird and vintagy as you want. I’ll certainly follow along (and secretly make judgemental comments just like I do about Oscar red carpet dresses). I won’t love everything that you do … and if I did, you’d be playing it waaaay too safe and bore the crap out of everyone else.

    So weird it up girlfriend. I’ll watch! Go SpongeBob SquarePants on us.

  128. Woop Woop! Weclome Back Emily!
    Super excited about what’s to come!

  129. I AM SO EXCITED! I was recently watching some of those old videos of you and Orlando talking about mixing patterns, setting night stands, etc. and it really made me miss how you did some things back in those days. You’re very skilled at what you do, but even lately it seems the way your write about your work isn’t as exciting to you yourself, and so this seems like an awesome new chapter!

  130. In todays society where we are all programmed to want to change ourselves based off the opinions of others on social media, etc, I’m glad you’re taking a step back and being self aware enough to recognize that you may have fallen victim to this a time or two, too many. Celebrate that as your biggest win! Self awareness is the most powerful tool in unlocking unlimited happiness. At the end of the day, those following your journey for your design expertise and stylistic background that incorporates all things quirky, we will still be here!

  131. YAYYY I’m so excited 🙂 Loved your layered, vintage style and am excited to see this new iteration of your style!

  132. Looking forward to it Emily! I think partly why people get weird about you changing stuff all the time is because non-stylists pick out house decor and then leave it. And people hate anything that’s against the “norm”. Your blog is not a sustainable design blog- it’s an inspirational and aspirational space for you to explore your creativity! Looking forward to seeing it unfold!

  133. YAY! I can’t wait 😀

  134. This is awesome! Way to be lady! You do what makes you happy! Can’t wait to see where it takes you and beauty you’ll create!

  135. This resonates with me so much!! I also have felt shame for constantly changing my home. I love how you put that it’s a way of creative expression and I honestly never thought of myself that way. Thank you for sharing your journey and I am sending screenshots of this to my husband!

  136. Good for you – this is awesome!

  137. I stayed at a Miami hotel this weekend and there was a hanging BRASS PETAL lamp! I thought of you. All the best to you, can’t wait!

  138. Yaaaaaaas. I’m SO ready to get weird.

  139. Yes! And please start with that too safe dining room! When you style with ‘vintage finds’, yes I might not be able to recreate it exactly, but it sure does get me interested to go out and see what I can find. That’s what keeps me interested in following you. Been missing that😢 And you can keep the I Design You Decide. Where’s the Emily Designs and Emily Decides that I need💕 Now get out there and do what you do best and I’m going to get back to my vintage shopping😍

  140. Hooray! Your stuff over the last few years is very sophisticated and professional, and I enjoy seeing details / behind the curtain, but I’ve really missed the brighter / more personal / weirder stuff. Looking forward to the next stage.

  141. What an awesome post. Read every word, and I treasure your honesty and transparency. Very excited to see what’s next for you!

  142. YAY! can’t wait to see your employees spaces. More more more! I remember that you’re a human being and growing and playing ☺️ And I don’t judge you for the stuff I happen not to like. I’m here for the PROCESS.

  143. You go girl! I have never commented before, but love everything you do… Even in your “Sponge Bob” phases! What a big and FUN decision. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see where this takes you!

  144. Awesome! I love to hear you fired up and getting weird. I haven’t followed your whole journey but I’m all for shaking things up, especially as you say, design is all starting to look alike lately

  145. Get it girl!

  146. I really resonated with your comment about redoing your home and the criticism you’ve gotten. I’ve been rearranging and redoing my spaces since middle school. It is so much fun and experimental! It’s also an expensive hobby, so I’m beginning to get into staging to help support that obsession. Thanks, Emily, for sharing your journey!

  147. Yes!!!!! I found you on HGTV and loved you and what you did there, the vintage and the risk taking. I am so glad you are back.

  148. Yes please!

  149. Yes yes yes yes! I have been closely following you since DS days and I miss weird EHD and am so excited to see what happens next!

  150. I love this! I fell in love with your “quirky” style when you were on design star and have loved all of your style evolutions, but I’m really exited to see you return to your roots maybe a little more grown up roots, but you non the less! And I am a mom of three so I super resonate with so much of what you said. So many pieces in my home were chosen for practical reasons and while it bums me out sometimes I also love all of them. I am inspired though to see what “funky” and impractical I can put in my home.
    And for your dining room I vote for an amazing oversized statement lighting! It would juxtapose with the rest of your furniture in there and bring something fresh and “unsafe” while still leaving it practical for your kiddos.
    Thanks for inspiring!

  151. Good call Chica! Love your style in all it’s Sponge Bob glory, and even the more sedate looks. Nothing wrong with either, but ‘Sponge Bob’ is certainly where the life is at!

  152. I admit I cringed when you were talking about ripping out part of your relatively new kitchen to put in integrated appliances because that was wasteful but I’ve never understood the criticisms of you changing things like furniture and light fixtures. If something doesn’t work the way you want it to there’s no reason you should have to keep it.
    I grew up in a house where nothing ever changed and it’s been so freeing as an adult to swap things out whenever I want/need to. What’s the benefit of holding onto a piece of furniture that doesn’t “work” when I can pop on CL or FB and sell (or give it away) to someone who will love it?

  153. So excited for you and congrats on finding yourself and not being scared to be you!!

  154. This makes me feel good. I often feel guilty about switching my things around and wonder why I can’t just live with the same setup for longer but you’re right, it’s self-expression and creativity coming out and there’s never anything wrong with that!

  155. I know it may seem small but this really encouraged me to be me! I tend to play it safe even when I really like some out there kind of stuff (hello wideleg flower pants). Thanks for being you and being real! It is very refreshing.

  156. Emily, I started following you years ago for design inspiration, but somewhere along the line I began to read just as much (maybe more) for inspiration on how to be a human.

    I like pretty things. I express myself visually. But also— I am trying to build a family full of honesty and joy in which every member thrives. I am trying to build a career where I send good things into the world and help the people who work for me fulfill their amazing potential. I am trying to be brave and kind to myself as I evolve.

    You have been a daily source of inspiration for all of the above.

    I’ve come to cherish your honesty in this blog, with all your grappling, work-in-progress, sometimes nonlinear evolution. You are a human on a journey, just like all of us. Reading about yours helps me with mine. And it turns out the pretty things might be the least of it.

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us this way. Here’s to your return to weird! I’m excited to cheer along as you continue to become you. <3

  157. Yes, girl! I loved the Sponge Bob living room and the giant dalmatian. You’re the reason I hung a painting under a window and purchased a miniature beaded Guatamala horse. They are little unexpected surprises for me and my house guests.

  158. YES.
    I miss weird Emily.
    I appreciate the ever evolving Emily. But I really miss weird Emily.
    And I can’t wait to see what you do!

  159. Selfishly I love that you went through the 1200 decision period while I was building and furnishing my new home. Now that it’s mostly done I’m really excited to get stylist Emily back and have fun changing my “finished” house along with you. Lots of continued success to you from a very long time fan!

  160. So exciting to hear! You are a phenomenal stylist!! Can’t wait to see the mountain house styled!! 🙂

  161. Woohoo! I’ve never commented before but you just sound so excited and I can’t wait to see how you make fun and funky and eclectic pieces work! Can’t wait!

  162. Please don’t do anything (or refrain from doing something) because you’re afraid someone will shame you on your own blog. Delete those fucks and block them. Or don’t, but don’t listen to the haters. You do you!

    Another point that you touched on but didn’t go into depth is that the trends have changed. In 2010-2013, hot pink and bright colors were HUGE. As the biggest fan of pink, I never imagined I would get tired of hot pink or berry pink, or combining pink with orange, color with pattern – but now I’m just fatigued by bright colors and patterns. I think it’s a cycle – bright and crazy, followed by muted and classy. I think it’s also political – the Obama Era was full of hope and optimism, and bright colors; and now… it’s so dark, we just need soothing colors to keep us sane. (Likewise, the 1960s – bright, cheerful, optimistic; the 1970s – dark, scary, soothing colors.)

    You should absolutely do what feels authentic to you – and if that means toning down the bright colors, or buying higher end merchandise, then you should do it.

    Also, listen to the Hidden Brain podcast episode from July 23, 2018, You 2.0: Rebel With a Cause. It’s about people who are rebels within their field, and I think it’s really appropriate for this realization you’re having.

  163. Welcome back! This is great news. I have to admit my interest waned somewhat as you grew more conservative (read: safer) in your choices (but can completely relate having recently become a mom myself). Can’t wait to see your re-birth. Does this mean you’ll be bringing back craigslist series? That was my favorite–helped me stretch my imagination to spot diamonds in the rough.

  164. Look forward to the results of your creatively enjoyable experiment. I notice throughout your houses, you have kept the walls and drapes very neutral. Have you ever experimented with one accent wall color, and if so which color did you choose?
    Thanks for sharing your style with us.

  165. Hallelujah!!!!

  166. Shhheeee’s back! I applaud and fully support this. I haven’t loved your new home as much as your other spaces and it’s because it hasn’t been as reflective of you as it could be. I think you hit the nail on the head.

  167. Emily – you go girl. Thank you for this post. We have recently finished a renovation. The walls are bare (and white), we have the comfy linen sectional, awesome mid-century patterned cement tile, white oak wide plank floors…and all is just waiting or some personality, some hint of what makes us tick or smile and yet, all of my vintage quirky finds are in boxes! Why? I keep thinking I need to be more minimalist even though I love thrifting and finding that unique thing that speaks to me and that I place here or there to create a fun vignette, and evoke a feeling. Your post is like a wake up call…I almost squelched my need to curate and create in my space and haven’t thrifted in a while. That’s going to change – today! So again, thank you for this and your beautiful weirdness. It’s all awesome.

  168. SO HAPPY FOR YOU, EMILY!!! This post is exactly why I love you and your style so much. There’s nothing more inspiring or empowering to others than someone that is GENUINELY excited about what they’re excited about. Sending all the hand-clapping emojis your way!

  169. Yay! I’ve missed you! I’ve been reading your blog since your HGTV days, and I am so happy you are going back to weird and vintage.

  170. I am slow clapping so hard!!! Thank you, Emily for being true to yourself. I happen to love you just as you are.

  171. I loved this post. So important to remember that things evolve, but not to lose sight of what makes you you!

  172. i can’t wait! what a great integration of your strengths and the strengths of your team. can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  173. Hooray! When you feel free to play and try things and love some and change some, it gives us permission to do it, too. I love this!

  174. Oh yeah, this is a revelation!! I am so excited to see Emily-the-stylist back!!!! Your love and use of vintage, and your eclectic style, is what first caught my attention; I have really been missing it more and more in recent years. I hope to be getting a lot more inspiration from your posts going forward.

  175. WOOHOO!!!

  176. So I’m guessing you’re not a Target brand ambassador anymore… ?

  177. The Sponge Bob house was always my favorite! I would stare at it all of the time. It makes me sad that someone’s comment made you feel self conscious about it. It had so much personality and you really felt like you knew the person who lived there. Unique art and furnishings is what make design interesting! Yes, the reader can’t go out and buy it but they are inspired to create their own haven.

  178. Way to go! In the year or so since I have been following along, this is by far my favorite post yet! Thank you for being so honest and brave in your new direction. I cannot wait to see what evolves (and changes, and changes again) as you explore and find amazing pieces. And then I won’t feel guilty for rearranging my own console table 1,000 times.

  179. I’m pretty excited to see OG Emily again! It’s a bit more my style than a lot of what I’ve been seeing lately so I’m really happy to see where this leads. I still find everything else interesting but it’s always nice to see a combination of easy to buy and vintage (MCM, art deco etc) designs. Not just one or the other.

    I get the comments from readers not being able to *exactly* reproduce a room but honestly doing that is super boring and there are so many great vintage pieces that could work with a design. It might not be that exact teak dresser, but there’s another one for sale locally that would look just as good etc.

    There will always be pieces you can find locally (vintage or new) that can be substituted out with what is shown in a design with a little bit of effort.

  180. I’m not a frequent comment-er either, but i am pumped. Bring it on. Life always changes, nothing ever stays the same… that goes for our homes and personal styles as well!

  181. Hell yeah! I rarely comment, but I just want to say I’m so excited for you and inspired by you. Truly love this. Hope you have a ball moving all the things and getting weird again. 😄

  182. Emily! I can’t begin to express how deeply this touched me and the sincere joy I feel on your behalf in this moment! To stop amidst the chaos of a successful life and realize within yourself that something isn’t just right. And not to settle with that but rather taking it upon yourself to make a change. I admire your confidence to love yourself in this way and look forward to seeing you get weird.
    I’m going to do everything within myself to show myself that same love. Thank you! – Allison

    1. This was such a beautiful comment and reflection on this moment. Yes to showing everyone, ourselves included, lots of love.

  183. Emily, I started following you years ago for design inspiration, but somewhere along the line I began to read just as much (maybe more) for inspiration on how to be a human.

    I like pretty things. I express myself visually. But also— I am trying to build a family full of honesty and joy in which every member thrives. I am trying to build a career where I send good things into the world and help the people who work for me fulfill their amazing potential. I am trying to be brave and kind to myself as I evolve.

    You have been a daily source of inspiration for all of the above.

    I’ve come to cherish your honesty in this blog, with all your grappling, work-in-progress, sometimes nonlinear evolution. You are a human on a journey, just like all of us. Reading about yours helps me with mine. And it turns out the pretty things might be the least of it.

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us this way. Here’s to your return to weird! I’m excited to cheer along as you continue to become you. <3

  184. Hugs to you Emily! I love this post. I’ve been an interior designer for 15 years, and my goodness, I could say so much about this. Maybe if I win the trip to the Mountain House, we can gab 🙂 . The internet would love to put each of us designers in a neat box- this is my brand, this is what I sell, this is who people buy into. That’s just not real…and not a full life. So thrift your heart out, girl. And you know what, if in a few years you decide to simplify again or evolve into something else, just do it. Live your one life well and love the people that are near and dear to you. One of my mottos: Nothing to prove.

  185. I’ve never commented here before, but I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t worry about what “we the people” think. Even when I haven’t exactly loved your design choices, I can still appreciate your style and what led you to that design choice. I also struggle with designing what I know will be popular or thinking more about how others will perceive my home, and you’re absolutely right that it crushes our creativity and takes the fun out of the process! I hope that in the future you’ll find the fun again and be able to balance that difficult practical/kid friendly home with your own sense of style and creativity. I’m excited for all the quirky, Spongebob rooms to come!

  186. Awesome! Welcome Back!! I missed you!!!

  187. I’m so glad to hear this. I follow you because you are eclectic and quirky but in a really good way. I don’t think you ever looked “thrift store chic.” The safer choices in your new house were actually pretty boring to me. I loved the Portland house. I can’t wait to see the styling of the mountain house. I still miss your last house – that one was SO my bag. 15 years ago I loved Cottage Style but today I am somewhere between Mid Mod and California Casual – styles change and so do people but you are not boring. BTW, I am pretty sure I sold you the red lower-case t in one of the top vignettes, the one with the map – I used to sell vintage at the Rose Bowl and I remember you being there the day we had all of those letters.

  188. I have been around for 8 years or so… and really have appreciated all the twists and turns you have taken. As a lot of people have mentioned, the blue velvet era is my favorite, although I felt I have really learned through out all of it, which is why I have remained faithful. Happy and excited to continue along side you madame!

  189. I am so excited for OG EHD! I honestly love the whole progression and process – and I believe that we don’t have to personally like everything to appreciate the creativity and thought that goes into every design. Kind of like how I can appreciate ultra-minimalist, monotone interiors while knowing that I couldn’t personally live that way. Everyone needs to follow their heart and passion and we, your cheering squad, will only benefit from EH doing EH. Bravo and wishing you and your family all good things xoxox

  190. As a fellow design professional who frequently colors outside the lines, I am elated to hear you wish to embrace weird again! I look forward to being inspired by your unique design point of view!

  191. Brava! Looking forward to seeing your new/old style come to life.

  192. YES!!! I have so missed the buying vintage and making it your own aspect of this blog. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  193. I honestly LOVE that you came to this realization about yourself and then shared it with us. I too, love to change things constantly in my home, much to the amusement of my family and friends. I’ve never understood the stylists and bloggers that rarely move items around their homes. Isn’t that boring? To see everything on its same place every day? I’m so so so excited to see you share your weird again! Yay weird! 😀

  194. I have never commented before, but the timing is so ironic for me. I stopped coming to the blog when commentors started slamming everything and you stopped designing for clients. I found others to follow, but missed the “old original Emily” and this week started looking up your old posts and reveals for inspiration and darn It, you are the only stylist/decorator that shares my taste and decor philosophy, so I applaud you for doing what your gut tells you to do and finding your inner mature “Sponge Bob”!!!!!! We need YOU for inspiration!!

  195. Gotta say my house looks a bit like Sponge Bob Square Pants AND all his buddies barfed all over it, but that’s me. And I always adored OG Emily Henderson. I was a fan from the very first episode of your Design Star season (I’m totally bummed that HGTV has gone full-on real estate — so boooooring — I hardly watch it anymore), and I’m thrilled to read this blog post. Thrilled to goose bumps!

  196. Never commented before but I wanted to say YAY EMILY! I’m so excited for you (and me as a reader!). I think when you we let ourselves get weird and experiment – magic can sometimes come from that. Imperfect but MAGIC.

  197. I have only followed you for a couple years, so this post was a bit of an introduction to the past versions of Emily… and I have to say as you travel back in time I like your design more and more. After reading this I guess I should call my personal design aesthetic “Sponge Bob Vomit”. I’m crestfallen that the internet has become such a negative vortex that nasty negative commenters contributed to you shifting your focus, but I love to see you reclaiming your power here. I’m also so sad to see the disappearance of the live-edge coffee table and gorgeous blue sofa (it was PERFECTION!), but can’t wait to see what you discover/rework/experiment with to replace those gems. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  198. I get you. Welcome Back, Emily. ♥

  199. Loved hearing your design journey! As an eclectic vintage lots of color person I’m excited to see what you have in store. I love all of your work but enjoy your quirkier designs the most. I hope you’ll be incorporating more original art into your projects as well as vintage. Since I’m an artist, I’m biased in favor of people living with one of a kind originals. I believe that it creates a much richer environment that encourages us to live bigger.

  200. Yes! Wonderful! Honestly, things were getting a little boring around here design-wise (although overall the content was still interesting and you are adorable so I kept reading the blog). I’m so happy to hear you are going to start honoring your creative self again. Have fun! Xoxo

  201. I am so happy to see this post! I started following you because of your risk taking and fun vibe. Lately it has seemed much more muted, and while i like that, i have missed your creative side! Welcome back!

  202. Good for you! You have a great team and I love what you all create together!

  203. loved this post! as an interior designer + mother of three i related to every word! keeping the playfulness as a professional is not easy and the pressure to get it perfect is the death of creativity- follow your heart
    Looking forward !!!

  204. Get it, girl! I hope this renaissance in your interior style means we’ll also see revival of your old fashion sense—I always thought you rocked the colorful tights, bright floral prints and big curly hair. Fun, flirty, and head turning in a “that-girl-doesn’t-give-a-damn” kinda way. You can totally pull it off. 😘

  205. Thank god Emily!!! I was getting bummed out that it seemed like you were jumping on the bandwagon of “design must be purchasable/linkable/accessible to EVERY PERSON, EVER” You know what happens when creatives start thinking that way? EVERYTHING LOOKS IDENTICAL. I can’t wait to feel your breath of fresh air again, it’s been sorely missed.

  206. I swear I commented saying that I missed your trademark style.

    So, am joining the ranks of the standing ovation.

  207. Welcome back to the unique Emily style .
    That’s how you got my attention first.
    An original voice.

  208. THIS is the post I’ve been waiting for!! Thank you!! Can’t wait to see what you get up to!!

  209. Omg…. I’m SO GLAD! I’ve lived all the evolutions… but your BRILLIANCE IS WHEN YIU FEEL FREE TO BE YOU! And let’s face it… you need a great mid century chair to reupholster in some crazy fabric…. YOU need to set a crazy head somewhere from time to time. I’m singing and sending you every weird piece I find!!

  210. I feel like you and Orlando must have had a really good time at the flea market this weekend. 🙂 Life is learning (and sometimes remembering) what you love. Good for you!

  211. YAAAAAAAAS QWEEN. I love that “Spongebob” livingroom. Its inspired my most recent livingroom redesign. I would pay even more for that blue velvet couch…it’s a dream! Also, I just want to point out that there is nothing shameful in a “thrift” design theme. You yourself wrote in your book that every room should have at least one vintage piece for character. Isn’t that the truth?! I think being vulnerable and taking risks in a creative field is exhausting and scary and your influences shift over time. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. It’s inspiring me to deal with my own demons in my creative life. Cheers to getting weird.

  212. YES!!! Your eclectic style is what drew me in so long ago. I am so thrilled that you are going back to what you love! I am constantly inspired by you, and just love your vulnerability here. Thank you for being YOU!

  213. Yes, yes, YES! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. I do feel like things have gotten more “serious” over here–in some good ways and in the less good ways that you pointed out above. Personally, the moments that stand out for me here on the blog are things like the vintage birdcage ladder, that giant cement dalmatian, that cabbage rose-print pillow, and vintage flags galore. Moments of pure personality that aren’t tied to elevation measurements or even floor plans. Pretty arrangements of things that don’t require a reason or explanation beyond, “this is pretty and it makes me happy.” I can feel your renewed enthusiasm and, let me tell you, I’m reciprocating that enthusiasm right through this computer screen.

  214. Good for you!!!! xo

  215. Yes!!! It’s so difficult to be self reflective and honest but it allows you to readjust your path. I am very much looking forward to seeing where this takes you creatively. Also, from the Commonwealth era to the Tudor era to the mountain house era needed to happen. You couldn’t have stayed bright pinks and blues, that would be boring and become not-weird as well. But EH does need to come back home and re-discover herself without the pressure/executions of others as the priority. What sparks joy in you is no. 1, cause that’s why we are all here reading your blog and loving your evolution!

  216. I look forward to you being you! Go crazy!

    Also, first dibs when you want to sell those dining room chairs.


  218. Girl, when my husband finally “got” that redoing things in the house over and over was MY hobby, and I wasn’t spending it on partying or shoes or my hair, then he totally left me alone LOL. :o)

  219. Thank You! for putting it all out there. I love to move around, change out things to see if they work or not all over my house…..because it’s my house and it makes me happy to do so! ! BRAVO to you Emily! Can’t wait to see!

  220. Love this! So excited to see what comes of it. And love the tone and ambition of enjoying and expressing yourself every step of the way. That’s what creates the real value and magic of doing it YOURSELF rather than outsourcing to someone else’s visions. Go you!


  222. “Spending my time and money redecorating my house is not wasteful; it’s an act of creativity and self-expression.” Thank you. I’m similarly obsessed, and a few years ago my then-partner told me that he thought I was “frivolous.” I responded, with some outrage, along the lines of your argument — that this is my outlet for creativity and self-expression. And speaking of change? He’s gone! 🙂

  223. We read and follow you for YOU!

  224. Thank you so much, Emily, for naming something I’ve been seeing out in the world and in my own designs of late. I’ve found myself saying “okay – you’ve got a perfect and tight design here but now I want you to fall in love with things…bring in stuff that doesn’t match…bring it in for no other reason than YOU LIKE IT.” I feel like “the rules” are strangling me. Magazines that I used to cherish get tossed straight into recycling – they feel so flat and safe. I’m desperate to see mistakes and a lack of perfect cohesion. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  225. Pip pip for you, go get weird!!!!!!

  226. So excited to read this!! You’ve been a design beacon to me since I first saw you on Design Star and I’ve loved you ever since. I loved the eclectic, quirky ness of you and your designs!! I’m also a designer by trade with 2 young kids, and I really relate to your message of good design takes either time or money. I struggle with both because I work full time and, if I’m being honest, spending $2k on wallpaper makes me feel guilty! So glad you’re “back” and will live a bit vicariously through you perhaps!! ;))

  227. Loved that tagline! Was something I had never seen before and always made me think of you. Do you!

  228. Going back to the Emily who knocked my socks off from Design Star and your t.v. show sounds good to me. Vintage, eclectic, comfortable, trying different things! Too bad that some followers don’t want you to grow or evolve. But I think it will be exciting! 💖🙋‍♀️

  229. Just over here yelling “YESSS!!!!” and pumping my fist in the air.

    I LOVE your vintage finds because they inspire me (even through they couldn’t be replicated exactly). Instead I have the courage to shop outside of big box stores and find weird stuff myself. Bring it on.

  230. I hope this means that Trolling Craigslist will live to see another day!!! It was so fun to see you and Orlando at the Rose Bowl this weekend. Gave me warm fuzzies. I’m excited for what’s to come!!

    1. I agree! I think your Craigslist posts are actually how I found this blog. I’m excited to see you go back to your roots and do what you love. I wonder if you’re feeling more comfortable doing this again because “modern maximalist” is becoming trendier? As for being told not to include vintage pieces because they’re hard to replicate- I love seeing them and being inspired to find my own piece, even if it’s not the same!

  231. YAY! I can’t believe you felt so restricted by the watchers and commenters. I’m glad you are liberating yourself and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!! Also like Nana below – first time commenter – and maybe that’s the problem, we weren’t speaking up enough??

  232. I love the styling, so yes!! That’s what makes a house sing.
    And in all your loads of free time to relax and read good books, you should check out Joyful The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by Ingrid Fetell Lee.

  233. Fun to see your perspective on your style evolution.

    I get the sense we all do that to some extend, so it is validating to hear it from the EH!

  234. This is very exciting news! First of all I’m so happy you feel you can come back to yourself again without all taking all the shame some people put on you, and second I am so relieved to hear someone else talk about changing things up regularly in their home! I’m not a professional designer, but designing and playing with my home is my main hobby and is hard to explain to people without getting a lot of judgement! Thank you for your openness to sharing your life and inner self with us readers; it certainly plays a huge role in making all of the other things you share on design burst with with even more character. Stay weird!

  235. Love this, Emily. Thanks for sharing. I TOTALLY get what you mean about people nitpicking or calling you “wasteful.” I see this happen all of the time to influencers who share parts of their lives that might look different than a reader’s. The criticism seems to come from a place of comparison or (dare I say) envy. You’re not a wasteful person, and you always go out of your way to show readers how you repurpose/donate/sell no-longer-needed pieces. You still have art from your 20s!! That’s insane and awesome. Please keep being you!

  236. You are adorable. I love your honesty and agree you should GO FOR IT! Do what makes you happy!

  237. Welcome back! I have a navy down stuffed couch in my living room because of you! My home sparks joy and I shake up my little vignettes, because of you! You have been so inspiring for so many years, its nice to be able to read the literal pep in your step to DO YOU. Continue to focus on the things that make you happy and don’t worry about the whiners, those that love you (like me!) will still be here following your journey!

  238. Love this blog post! I originally started following you because I loved how you mixed a ton of fun vintage items into your rooms! You were so inspiring! So YES, I’m def. looking forward to watching you add some more OG-EH to your beautiful home!!

  239. You’re allowed to evolve and figure you out. I’ve enjoyed being along for the ride through all the steps of the journey and I’m excited for the future. Love your style and your blog.

  240. Keep on playing, designing and styling girl! It’s a creative evolution for us all. Thanks for sharing! : )

  241. Long time reader here and this is my favourite post yet. Your vintage style got me into design half a decade ago (!) and I’ve LOVED following your evolution. Excited your going back to your roots a little bit! I admire your honesty and dedication to do what you find fun. You’ve worked so hard, this is the time to experiment! 👏

  242. Like another commenter… I too have never left a message but this post really reasonated with me. I can completely relate to wanting/needing the time to really make the home “you” and a represenatation of your style. It is so hard because I think as a mom we want the reassurance and peace of mind that our design choices dont compromise the safety and functionality of the home. I can’t wait to see the direction you take as I know it will be amazing!!!!

  243. This is great! I’m so excited to keep following.

  244. LOVE this post about your journey and I am excited to see what’s next. Let’s get (a little bit) funky.

  245. Well, crap. I read that entire thing through, hoping that you were going to announce that ORLANDO is coming back!!! Oh, well, it all sounds good to me. I love your posts, I love your style, no matter what you do. So just keep on going and I will keep on following! (Unless you really go weird and your spaces start to look a little too bordello type or something)… otherwise I’m on board.

  246. 💛💜💛 I loved Secrets of a Stylist because it was unique to every client, and am so excited to see what you do as Emily… hopefully with less pressures on what is “right.”

  247. Get weird, Emily! Now where the heck is that string art?!?!

    1. I also wonder, did the positive response to that recent blog post (not by you) on embracing color sway you at all? I was reading those comments thinking, hmmm, I wonder if Emily is seeing this. In any case, welcome home 🙂

  248. Fun blog post! Congratulations on your decision to change things again. I’ve been following you since Design Star, and have enjoyed following your journey. I enjoy all the different types of blog posts: design, family, personal, and miscellaneous. My style is completely different than yours, I like contemporary and minimalist (the Scan part of your mountain house is my favorite), and since moving to SoCal in 2011, we’ve been renting. Finances are tight and there isn’t much room in the budget for furniture/home decor but that’s fine. Your blog is a fun daily read, and I don’t understand why people have to be so hateful in their comments. Not just your blog, but many other blogs I read. Guess they all forgot what they learned as children “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. Looking forward to your future blog posts.

  249. Yes, girl!!! I want to see your weird style! I’m a fairly new follower and your safe, California vibe is beautiful but generic (it’s similar to what I have going on!) I need inspiration to be weird in my home and you seem the perfect person to help me. Can’t wait!!!

  250. Ohhhh I really loved the hot pink Emily and got into you right around that time so your use of color pops and quirky accessories had inspired a lot of what I did in my last few homes. You and I also had our 1st and 2nd kids right around the same time and bought our “forever-ish” homes same time so I had a similar shift. I’m hoping your shift back helps me too. I never got into that California minimalist look that’s been so popular so I did start to tune out a bit around that time, although I still love everything you do. Anyway, very excited about this and can’t wait to see the new old Emily! You know what might be a good idea for a post is if you do a room that is 100% Emily using every source available to you, and then an “everyday person” version of the same look. Sort of like a high low but less about price and more showing readers the inspiration room and then how they can achieve it without spending weeks at a flea market. What do you think??

    1. Actually to clarify- the blog post I’m envisioning would be almost like when you see a runway look and its a bit over the top but you want to achieve the vibe so a magazine gives you ideas on how to do that. I think of your designs (your older ones anyway) as the the “avant-garde” inspiration- so then show us how to obtain it in real life 🙂

  251. I too love vintage, thrifted and one of a kind items. Our home should reflect who we are and that usually doesn’t stay the same over time. Love your style and loved your show.

  252. Without a doubt, one of your best blogs ever. Well-written, honest and funny. You go, Emily Henderson! We’re all happy to be along for the ride.

  253. I love this. I feel like there’s always a pull to be inspirational and I can see how that desire allowed you to skew “safe”. I find this styling rebirth, if you will, to be the most inspirational thing you’ve done yet! Individual, brave, and true to yourself. Exactly what home design should be. Huzzah!

  254. Eeeeeee! Getting weird was my favorite and really inspired me to be brave about choosing the things I liked that I couldn’t explain. Now I have an art collection that I get compliments on all the time! You know what? Some of the stuff is v strange but I never would have picked it up of it weren’t for the confidence you gave me through your blog. You do you girl I love it!

  255. Great post! I’m an artist and decorator and have been stressing (for longer than I care to admit) about recovering my own vintage sofa. Velvet for sure, but a safe neutral? or a sexy mauve that will be a bit bossy? and oh my goodness what if I get sick of it next year? I totally get the push and pull of practical and interesting, the struggle is real for sure, but it’s also the stuff of a healthy creative process 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  256. Dear Emily,
    I command you for being brave in putting out something (i feel) is so personal! You soooo deserve to feel good and fulfilled and YOURSELF in your work.

    I started to read and fell in love with your blog as soon as i saw your Los Feliz living room and that gorgeous blue couch! I have loved every single second of your style evolution and feel as if my style has grown thanks to you as well. I look forward to seeing you stay true to who you are, honing in on your strenghts and pushing yourself.

    I met you at the Target registry event in NYC and all these years later you are STILL my one dream designer/stylist that i’d love to design my future LA home 🙂

    Big hug!

  257. Bravo lady! One of the best decisions I’ve made as a designer is get back to what I love doing and it’s exactly what you’ve stated above. Stay weird, have fun and enjoy your personal creativity! XO

  258. YOU DO YOU, GIRL! 🙂 So happy you’re back.

  259. Yay! I’m so happy to see design by Emily and not blog reader democracy. Voting on the mountain house completely bored me. My two cents on using less “found” items in your posts; frankly, anytime you put a mass produced item in a design, that I was interested in buying for myself, I’d click on the link only to find that it was sold out before I could get my greedy little hands on it. So mix it up! Your blog should inspire, not be a recipe to follow. Sometimes my best dishes come from NOT having all the ingredients on hand. A little personalization and the result is often a delicious surprise! Can’t wait for you to surprise me again 🙂

  260. I’m so happy to read this!! I’ve ne er commented either, but I’ve missed OG Emily! Thank you!!

  261. Bravo OG Emily! I am so looking forward to you experimenting and switching things up. I love to do that in my home (and of course it is not always understood) and can not wait for all the inspiration to ooze out of my computer!

  262. Amazing, I love it. I freaking love getting weird! I like to keep a little “edge” in my life. My boyfriend (now husband) didn’t understand my style sense (mostly wardrobe related) and now he LOVES it, he says it makes me different. Now at random he’ll say, “babe don’t lose your edge”.

    You go girl.

  263. Yay!!! I am so excited for this! I actually loved that SpongeBob room…it was one of the first things you did that grabbed my eye and turned me into a fan! It totally resonated with me at a time in my life when I was developing my own personal style, and though I have also grown out of some of the craziness too, I love the fun, eclectic, personal touch! Can’t wait to see what is to come!

  264. I love this article, thank you for always being an inspiration. So happy for you! xoxo

  265. Really long-time reader here, and YES! I like the weird and eclectic side and you’re right – your style has evolved in really interesting ways, but I miss the more quirky approachable style with personality. I’m a reader that doesn’t want to hit “click and buy” on all your links. I see photos and read stories of the process and then try to recreate ideas for my home a little at a time. I would much rather shop vintage and thrift because it’s better for the wallet and the earth.

    One of my favorite things is when you redo sections of your home, or another person’s home. I think it’s really sad that others have pressured you to get it PERFECT from the get-go. That’s just not attainable, much less sustainable. Keep experimenting because we love doing that with you – it helps us (your readers who aren’t professional designers) understand the design / creative process and work through ideas of our own.

  266. Hi Emily – long time reader tho I don’t comment often. I wanted to say woo hoo how exciting for you and us readers. As a blog reader I really connect with authenticity and look forward to sharing your new styling directions.

  267. I’m SO glad to hear this!! Loved your former style/approach! Congrats!!

  268. I loved this post!!!! ❤️

  269. THis makes me so happy!!!! I can’t wait to see what you do. It will be almost like watching Secrets from a Stylist again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough exclamation points!!!!!!!!

  270. Yay! Welcome back! I couldn’t read your blog for a while because you were transforming into Joanna Gaines. Nothing against Joanna Gaines. I have resorted to looking at Anthropologie’s website because design this past few years has been largely uninspiring. Can’t wait to see more colors. Please incorporate more color! Adding colors help stimulate children’s brains, too. Please bring back that funky Jewish Palm Beach grandma that we have missed over the past few years.

  271. Thank you Emily for so clearly expressing what it’s like for people who love the hunt and for those of us who use their homes as canvases for our personal expression. Once we create a canvas we want to start a new one or improve on it. We are not static. People are drawn to our style because of its uniqueness and it should not be compromised to in order serve everyone – it’s rewarding enough to have a few clients who just get us. Yeah for you!

  272. It must be very discouraging to feel like you always have to please everyone but yourself. Personally, I LOVE seeing designers/bloggers changing things up. It gives me new inspiration, as well as an idea of how the tone of a room can be changed or adjusted pretty easily with a few different choices. I love it. So excited to see what you come up with!

  273. Yes!!! Completely agree. Love OG Emily. I’m building a house and recently decided I only want to buy the essentials (beds, sofa, dining table+chairs) and let all the rest evolve over time and change as I feel the mood. As a mom of 3, practical and comfortable is key, but I also want my personality and what’s important to our family to shine through. You Go Emily!!

  274. This post was so great. I had (have) tears in my eyes just because – I loved every word! I never thought “Emily should change her style” – at all. But I LOVED hearing your explanation for over the years.

    (Plus, one of my biggest interests is hearing about your past design and how you feel about it/what you would change and not change… to then help me with choosing pieces I will likely like for years to come.)

    This blog is a radiant spot in my day.

  275. YAY!!!! I have loved your blog through all of its (and your) different phases, but this post gets me really, REALLY, excited. I love watching your big renovations and builds, but restyling shelves every weekend and maybe, someday, probably never, making a pillow from stacks of random fabric is so much more fun and inspiring. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

  276. Best news I’ve heard all day!

  277. I’ll never forget the first time I read where you called yourself a “stylist”. I thought that’s what I AM… to that I applaud you for acknowledging your roots. YOU GO GIRL!! I don’t always like all your design work or styling, HOWEVER I love to see what you’re up to AND see your Individual Style. Your quirkiness “weird on” is why I love you! Can’t wait to see how you changeitup. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION.

  278. I’ve never commented before either, but I love this and wanted to say so. I was contemplating today that those people I think of as “effortlessly cool” really don’t care what other people think. They lean into their own personal likes and quirks and in general I think people are attracted to that freedom of self.

    We all long to stretch our own creativity and not just “replicate” what someone else on Instagram or Pinterest did. Yes, I might want a vintage piece that you find, but if I could just go on West Elm and buy it it would lose something of it’s magic.

    It would be commodity, not creativity.

    I’d rather be inspired by you than copy you.

    And if people give you flack for it then they’re not your ideal audience anyway.

    Be free girl, be free.

  279. I love all the stages you’ve gone through and I can’t wait to see you be W E I R D again! Honestly, I think as creative people (I’m a graphic designer, painter and nature photographer) we need to go through phases that feel “safer,” but really we should think of them as visual palette cleansers. I’ve been feeling a bit down the last few days and uninspired. You have pepped me up with this post. Thank you!

  280. Thank god you’re back … I have missed you SO

  281. YAY!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your designs! Do not change for anyone! These nay sayers can move on down the road if they don’t “get” your vibe! It’s what makes you, you! And that’s what I love! 😉

  282. Yay!!!!

    I am so happy!! I have been following your design since Design Star!
    I love to thrift, mix and match and use vintage with new!! I am currently moving furniture all over my house and adding a few pieces! Because I get BORED!! I like to create and recreate and you are a big inspiration for that! But you had gotten safe and I was looking elsewhere, so glad you are going to be true to yourself and live like the “creative” you are!!

  283. Let’s get weird!

    Have fun, and good luck to everyone with the new approach—


    i am so happy to read this post. i only started reading your blog about a year or two ago. I hadn’t heard of you before that, but my sister kept saying i would like it. and i do, BUT, i had also started going back to your old stuff (yay for the powers of google) to see what your style is, and i have to say, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your OG stuff. and i really like your newer style, but i don’t really relate to it. and when i started following, i did notice the tagline, “perfection is boring. let’s get weird.” (or whatever it is, i’m just writing based on memory here) and i kept thinking, i mostly see perfection, and i don’t see any weird. 🙁 but i definitely saw it in your old stuff. i totally gravitate to that style and find it so interesting. anyway, i’m so excited for this. and, i kinda totally related to this post because i feel like my style has gotten more practical since having kids (and having a husband that doesn’t want a pink couch or glitter everywhere), though i guess it is still pretty close to your OG weird (it’s all relative). i’m so excited to see what you’re going to do! OH, AND. one of my favorite things about your OG style is all the vintage. i don’t care what anyone that complained to you about not being able to recreate it because it’s vintage. that’s just ridiculous. that is what makes it interesting. who wants a room that everyone can just go out and buy. that is boring. if those people want to recreate, they need to go hit the thrift stores. YAY EMILY!

  285. VERY happy that you are going back to your roots! I’ve learned so much from you about styling and making mistakes. That is my most favorite thing about your blog!

  286. Love this! I look to you to see where I am able to ‘color outside of the lines’ so to speak, have comfort with a bit of surprise that is ‘me’! I applaud your decision and look forward to the future and cannot wait to see what happens!!! Go Emily Henderson! 💕🙌🏼💪🏽

  287. I am so happy to see what you do and am genuinely am so happy because you sound (read) happy! I have loved your work since I saw Design Star and have loved everything you have done since. I do realize that I also missed the old you, only because it felt like your creativity took a backseat to the critics. I am excited to see what you do next and am so happy that you are being true to who you are.

  288. I LOVED /LOVE eclectic/weird/vintage Emily, and am super excited for this Emily to come back with a bit of comfort and kid friendliness! Sounds awesome!

  289. GOOD FOR YOU! Looking forward to the ride. You remind me of me sometimes – I’m in a completely different, non-creative industry – but am talking about the the primal need / urge to please. Friends used to tell me, you don’t like everyone, why should everyone like you? To which I used to reply – but, but I like everyone! But at some point, you just have to chuck it and be who you are. Go do YOUR thing honey.

  290. So inspired by this post! You are speaking to me so much in this. I have loved watching you work all of these years. Your self awareness is so spot on and I’m thrilled for you. I’m a mom with a toddler and baby and Some interiors clients on the side. I feel like I have no time left to thrift or experiment, and it’s those very things that originally got me clients! Looking forward to getting some good inspiration from you on how to “take back your style”, as my husband often encourages me to do! Come thrift with me if you’re ever back in Eugene 😉

  291. I’m excited for you (and for me, as your audience). As an artist, I get your need to freely pursue what YOU want to do. Your enthusiasm comes through clearly in this post. You go! I’m looking forward to it.

  292. OMG yesss, I’m here for Emily the Stylist!!!!! I never comment but I just had to! Yes to experimenting, playing making mistakes, and having fun :). I can’t wait to see all of it

  293. I too had stopped reading your blog. Looking forward to checking in again!

  294. Yes! I miss the vintage!

  295. I actually just got some goosebumps! I’ve known you since The Brass Petal and have so missed weird Emily. 🤪 I am excited and eager for this re-focus on your unique stylin’s.

  296. I don’t know you, but I feel proud of you. This feels big, but also, it’s really not because this seems to be a return to an authentic you. I think it’s awesome. I also think your instagram “moment” over the weekend was awesome too, and it was brave and stand up of you to reply to haters. Keep it weird, keep it you! <3

  297. When I saw you shopping with Orlando at the flea market (via Instagram), my heart skipped a beat at those amazing paper mache masks you picked up. I thought to myself, “that seems like her older style” and I was all at once happy and a little scared. Happy because your quirky style is my favorite (those wooden cranes are the best decor in your new house). Scared because now I have lots o’ competition for the quirky at the flea market. By the way, I cannot wait to see where you put those masks. They are great.

  298. I too have never posted before, but this blog made me pretty sad.

    I am sorry that anyone has ever made you feel like a) you have to defend yourself for doing what you want and b) you have to be something you’re not out of fear of their comments.

    But it has made me happy that you’re going to get back to you, the you we all fell in love with.

    and personally, I like seeing you change your space, equals more ideas, inspirations, and lessons for me!

  299. Hooray for you playing again and not worrying (or worrying less, at least) about what your blog readers think. I’m sure most of us will love what you come up with. I am looking forward to seeing the results of your play time!

  300. What an honest amazing moment of self reflection bravo! 🎈

  301. Just want to say, “You GO!” This self-reflection is such a great exercise and I loved reading your process and your plan! Thanks for your authenticity!! Can’t wait to see more 😊

  302. Love hearing this! Leanne’s house must have put you over the edge! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  303. Very exciting times!

  304. Yay! I missed the OG emily. As a long time reader I’ve been really bored with all the renovations and have really missed the interior design aspect of your site. I’ll be checking in again more often!

  305. such a wonderful & inspiring post. i am all for seeing “more eclectic, vintage, style experimentation OG EHD” xx

  306. Oh Emily you are too hard on yourself! I love the Sponge Bob room, the dangling pink vintage pendants and your love for blue and pink. Your very first living room is one of my very favourite rooms of all time and I still reference it when trying to balance colour, placement and high and low. I also love how you are going back to the very core of what makes you happiest and I think we’ll see your spaces return to “weird” and wonderful. You’re right – a lot of rooms are looking very similar right now – white walls, vintage rugs, new furniture, hand woven textiles turned pillow and eucalyptus and branches everywhere. I can hardly wait to see more of your style – the Emily Henderson style that everyone has come to love and appreciate. You be you and be proud!

  307. More power to you! Obviously you have to pay some attention to the feedback you get bc iof your job but live and style for you! Buy things you like regardless of the negative comments you know someone will inevitably have. You’ve worked hard and can spend money on an item you want, good for you! Some people like to spend time and money on cars, some people like to spend time and money on making their house an enjoyable home. It’s personal to everyone and they don’t have to agree with you. Although I’m a much bigger fan of your older style I still follow you and have an appreciation for the other designs you do. To each their own. I’m excited for you! I hope you can embrace the joy and resist the critic. Have fun! I’ll be cheering you on!

  308. Great post Emily! I really enjoyed reading about your evolution and am so glad you are choosing to embrace your true nature. I love weird, and vintage is my deal as well. Just because readers might not be able to replicate, they can still walk away with the inspiration of what to do with one-of-a-kind objects. Hooray for you and for us!

  309. For what it’s worth the Spongebob Square Pants room has been a massive inspiration for me for years. I still have it saved in my phone and look at it when thinking about new purchases. It gave me the confidence to buy a gorgeous blue velvet sofa even though everyone told me it wasn’t practical, would date etc. It turned out to be my favourite thing ever, super comfortable and inevitably the first thing people comment on loving when they come to my home. I don’t want to live in a mass produced room, I want to live surrounded by things that make me happy.

    1. I love this.

  310. I am so happy to eat your epiphany! I am ready for you to show us how to mix it up. I have felt you started curating Target items or other click and buy items, versus bringing your unique sensibility to your work. I am a bit tired of the deep dive into your mountain bathroom designs. Interesting but too much angst, too much drama…we turn to you because you have skills and knowledge and experience to show us how to do it! Sometimes you may love it and sometimes you don’t! That is what I expect- some unpredictability, some surprise built on an approachable fountain! So glad you’re back!! I’ve missed you!!

  311. This post moved me! Emotionally, creatively, it moved me! It helped remind me who I am as a stylist, so thank you for that.
    I can’t wait to follow you and your team on this new journey!
    Best of luck to you! Stay weird!

  312. I’ve been a faithful follower for years but admittedly have missed the weird and quirk in recent times. So excited to see it again!

  313. On board for the ride! I look to you & your team for inspiration. Chances are I can’t exactly replicate it but I can have fun getting inspiration and trying to simulate the style. For example the kid’s bath at the mountain house 🤩🤩. I don’t think I would ever have guts to do that and so excited to see how it turns out. Stay weird!

  314. Mama, do what you want. We’re lucky to watch you do it FO FREE. #ThankYou #FellowExMo

  315. I’m so excited for this! I’ve been following for a year or two, and missed the weird-eclectic-ever changing side of you, which I LOVE! Let your creativity shine!! Can’t wait to be inspired.

    Side note: my first furniture purchase was also a not so comfortable but beautiful vintage blue couch last year, and I just bought a more practical, more comfortable one, but this post made me decide to hoard that couch and never let it go. Even if that means two couches in my living room.

  316. Could not love this more, Emily.

  317. Awesome! You do you! And then share it with the world, please:)

  318. I rarely comment, but I thought this was so beautifully written, insightful and very self-reflective. I remember most of those “negative” comments you mentioned, and while I am in a completely different profession, I would definitely understand how that would push or pull me in various directions.

    I understand the hundreds of comments that say “we missed you”. But as a long time reader and fan, I say you were always “here”.

    Like life itself, it would have stayed almost “anti-weird” if you stayed in one place both emotionally, intellectually and creatively. So I think this is just part of living, the ebbs and flows and trying to figure out who you are and what makes you happy. However, I think it takes a very mature, smart, and insightful person to be as self-reflective and honest (and eloquent!) as you were to your thousands of fans.

    I have honestly enjoyed the breadth of your work-from the more ‘safe’ to the more ‘eccentric’, and I look forward to many more posts to come. Thank you for your openness and for being such an inspiration!

  319. ugh, THIS! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I love Target as much as the next person, but I do so miss why I fell I love with your style from the good old Brass Petal and Design Star days. SO excited to see this evolution/back to basics and am pumped to follow along the way! You do you—I’m sure it’s eaiser said than done, but who gives a sh*t what any of us think. You. Do. You. (And maybe get that amazing couch back…)

  320. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, and I’m so excited to see more of the OG EHD and to read your other writers’ perspectives as well! As someone in the creative field a lot of this article resonated with me. Thank you for always evolving!

  321. So excited. This is why you were always my favorite designer. Your spaces always felt personal not perfect (which is a very good thing, imho). They were always beautiful and inspiring and I personally love the way you incorporate vintage items. This part speaks to me on so many levels…. ” We buy something that brings us joy even if it doesn’t have a use, and we put it where we can see it even if that place makes no sense. We lean art when we could hang because we like the flexibility of life. We have unnecessary collections of vintage fabrics because it brings us hope that we will turn one into that perfect pillow. We hoard beautiful things like a writer jots down ideas on cocktail napkins. We don’t know where they are going to go but we know that someday they will make a room. We source, curate and create vignettes for no other purpose than to extract a compelling emotion in the unused corner of a room.” Oh my gosh, yes, yes, yes. You get me EH. You seriously get me.

  322. I’ve been missing the “old” Emily like you’ve been missing your awesome blue sofa. (Please, whoever has it, give it back!) By the way, if you ever tire of that little dog painting that looked so great in the shelf nook in your old place, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. It was the disappearance of that little painting from any of your recent designs that made me wonder where the Emily I fell in love with had gone. Welcome back!

  323. Vamos Emily!!! Your fan from Buenos Aires…

  324. Finally! You are the reason I started caring about home decor and fashion. Those high-waisted bells and floral tops gave me life back in the day. I’ve always loved your work because it felt personal and real. I noticed the shift in styles and I have to say, I missed the playfulness. I find it remarkable that you listen to the ugly comments, but I’m glad you’re ready to stay true to you now. The bungalow will always have my heart!

  325. Emily. I have been following you for a while now. I have 3 comments. 1. I guess I like SpongeBob vomit cuz that room has always been my favorite and inspired me in so many ways. 2. You seem like such a kind, lovely, genuine person who has been getting a bit lost lately in trying to please everyone. I can tell by your posts how much people’s rude, cruel comments hurt and I totally get it as it’s normal to feel bad or take them to heart. So that leads me to 3. You Be You. You Do You. Decorate how you want, style how you want, mix it up any way your heart desires. At the end of the day, you’re still not going to please everyone so have fun and go for it! We love you for you.

  326. If I want safe, I can read House Beautiful. Let’s get weird! YAY!

  327. Yaaaaaaay! I am so excited to see what you do.

  328. Like the song (by Ron Gallo) says:
    Trying to please everybody
    You just let everyone down
    Including yourself
    You’ve got to please yourself

    You do you, Emily! 🙂 If I wanted something that looked like it came from the pages of a catalog, then I’d buy from that particular company. I’m glad you mix things up. Giving tips on how to combine family heirlooms with Craigslist finds with brand new stuff is great! Sure, people can’t just link to a vintage item and order one just like it for themselves, but they need to do THEM.

  329. Best news ever!

  330. Get it, girl! (For the record, I loved the spongebob room)

  331. Emily, bravo! This is such a refreshing post. I have followed for years and watched the ebb and flow of you and your design. At times, I was not feeling the vibe, other times I was sucked in to your every post. For me, that was what I appreciated the most; times when I was delightfully surprised, mixed with the moments of “not so much”. It wasn’t expected and cookie cutter and you wanted to try things and do things and live with things, all for the sake of design! I certainly do not have time to swap out my living room rug eight times a year (exaggeration kinda), I NEED other people to do that for me and let me see the results, to help me make BETTER decisions for my space. You have to remember what you got you here, that authenticity and raw talent, heavy with hunger and no one to please. You can never lose sight of that, there will also be those whose words weigh more than others, but you can never be disingenuous to who you are and what you got here. Or what is the point, right? If you are happy and your family is thriving and your business is affording you a life you love, than take all that energy and run. Seriously, do not look back, there is no need to redesign “this”.

  332. YEEESSS!! So excited about this, and to follow along.

  333. Bravo Emily! Don’t let anyone clip your wings.

  334. I’m excited!

  335. Yay!!!!
    As a designer to “normal” people with average budgets, I see plenty of safe, mass produced, dare I say boring STUFF.
    I’m so excited to come here and be surprised and INSPIRED!! I have loved your recent work— but it is starting to feel the SAME.

    You do you, and we will follow!

    Ps. What is OG? Am i clueless?!?
    PPS. What does this mean for your partnership with say, Target?

  336. Thank you for sharing this! A friend recently commented, you have owned so many sofas! Why yes I have, and I have loved each and miss each for different reasons. If I had more time I would probably experiment more often dang it! Bravo to you for being true to yourself.

  337. Get it, girl. I am so thankful you shared this. It really spoke to my heart tonight — and yes, I know how corny that sounds — but it really did. Thanks for being real. 👊🏻

  338. Let your freak flag fly!! Can’t wait to see what you create! 😘

  339. I needed to read this tonight. I too (like Nana) have never commented, but this post. This. Post. Emily, I have always loved your stuff, but that sort of transparency grips me (and I’m sure so many of your readers) more than “picture perfect”. Freedom to be weird, messy, honest and to own the season that you are in— bring that on. Thanks for sharing.

  340. I can feel your excitement! I love seeing you style spaces different ways by switching out different pieces. I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  341. Emily, your post today was powerful. You righted the ship. You’re back heading toward true north again and I am so relieved.

    I was puzzled by some of the negative responses lately and I felt your struggle to produce and please, and explain and justify, and it was hard going for me.

    Today, you turned on the sunshine again and I’m so happy for you. To thine own self be true……..

  342. I’m so glad OG Emily is back to embrace the weird! I used to devour your posts the day they were published several years ago and now they tend to pile up in my feed. I couldn’t ever put my finger on why. But it all makes sense now.

  343. Emily, I’ve been a reader forever and ever and I’m so excited to read this post! I’ve always adored that quirky “sponge bob” living room, I still have it on lots of my mood boards because it’s a HAPPY ROOM! Can’t wait to see what weird stuff you do!

  344. I did a blog edit and my finger hovered your spot. Yes, I will continue to follow and this post is the reason why.
    I am 5 months in my brand new dream home. Luv it. But you have made me realize it is ‘safe’. I have always enjoyed the challenge of make g di on a limited budget. New and perfect is boring. I am looking forward to the challenge of fitting in the ‘weird’. Tu’ heck with sage. I want to have fun!
    Thank you.

  345. Yes! I so miss the more funky, fun Emily!

  346. Good for you, Emily! This post makes me happy. 🙂

  347. Emily I love this! Going back to what you LOVE is so important. It’s easy to get sucked into the machine – and you’ve done such a fabulous job at it – but you gotta do what makes your heart sing. I loved reading this and have loved following your evolution. Even though it’s been several months I STILL think about the styling at the Portland house all the time. It was so freakin’ good! It got me excited. That’s hard to do! (My kid was the one doing cartwheels 🤷🏼‍♀️) I emulate your styling tips every time I do a house. You are amazing!

    Also someone needs to ‘fess up about the Spongebob comment, c’mon who said it?!!

  348. I’m excited!!

  349. Yay! Fell in love with you on DS & loved your quirky fun sponge bob style! Personally I love when you change things up!! Can’t wait to see more fun content

  350. YES!!!!! YES!!!! YES!! FINALLY!!! I had stopped looking at your blog as often bx I no longer thought it was you!! I felt like you let everyone’s opinions affect your style to much and it was showing! I am SO happy you are back to being YOU!!! Thank you, and can’t wait to see what you will do to your house now (those are my favorite posts)!

  351. Yes! To thine own self, be true. ♥️

  352. Just throwing this out there, while I am SO SO excited to have you back to what feels authentic to you, but I also did really appreciate all the thought and effort your team puts into the renovations. I know first-hand how overwhelming and consuming it can be when you are starting from scratch, not just tweaking an already finished room. When you mentioned your renovation plans last year I thought “woah, thats A LOT”. I actually build hi-rise condos for a living, and this year had to build my own suite from nothing including layout, finishes, etc etc. and it was ONE MILLION decisions that I normally make for others, but somehow mine had to be the RIGHT one and the BEST one and ONLY one because so many people who know I am in the industry were working on, gifting me and contributing to my home. I can’t imagine if I also had 1 million people behind a computer also watching, judging, etc. So while I am definitely super happy you are going back to doing what you love and seeing more of your personality again in your spaces, I also think you should be proud of what you took on with the new, big, expensive, serious challenges you did this year. I love your blog and think you ALWAYS put out great, authentic content even when it is a serious post on a new challenge.

  353. I have enjoyed all Emily’s. I have grown with you over the years and my style has evolved and matured as well! I am happy to hear you are going back to what makes you happy not because I think you lost your way but because being true to yourself and passion is the only way to live! I can not wait to see this new season in your life!

  354. I, too, have never commented here, but…YAAAAY! This OG gal is the designer I fell in love with. I’ve watched you evolve and tried to follow while I, and my style, grew up too. But deep down, I missed the risk-taking, the colors, the textures, the crazy old junk. 🙂 I’m completely re-invigorated along with you and can’t wait to see where you take us! Viva la vintage, Emily! Welcome home!

  355. I have also never commented and I am so excited to see what you do. I LOVED the weird vintage Emily and can’t wait to be inspired again!

  356. Cannot wait to see all the content you create! I can’t count the amount of times I have bought something, lived with it, and flipped it so I could afford to try something new. I love the process and I think our homes often become stagnant because we are too safe. Why not hang art, restyle the shelves, and move furniture? So happy to continue to follow your journey! Cheers!

  357. I am an interior designer and my home has always been my creative laboratory. I am always changing things and re doing things. If people told me I shouldn’t do that anymore or criticized me for it I would not be a happy camper. So, kudos to you for recognizing what makes you happy and then committing to doing it regardless of other peoples feedback. GO EMILY!!!

  358. YES 🙌🏻

  359. I love this!! It’s great you will be expressinf yourself through design! I want to learn how to put everything together! I have not defined my style, I love vintage, clean, weird, color. I never find a way to put everything together…

  360. Yay!!!! I have been a loyal reader for years, but have found it harder and harder to relate in recent months/years. I think for many people, styling, especially with vintage, is so accessible – whereas renovation isn’t. Super excited for vignettes, changing furniture around in rooms, fluffing pillows, and other style-y stuff :).

  361. Ooooh someone is fired up! I love it- so exciting! Best wishes xx

  362. Never commented before, but I had to after this courageous post. My heart sang the hallelujah chorus as I read your beautiful words! I think there’s so much to be learned by reflecting on where you’ve been, what you love and where you want to go. Thanks for being brave enough to put aside perfection and embracing, yet again, the WEIRD! Your vulnerability gives the rest of us “private” designers so much freedom to express ourselves too… and I think that’s what you’re after too! Thank you for the permission to get weird and spend a stupid amount of time hunting for pieces that truly make our homes sing!

  363. Emily’s! This post made me so nostalgic. When you said the last 10 years I had no idea I had been reading that long, yet I remember every phase! I think my own life has taken a similar trajectory (young, unafraid, small budgets, low risk, low expectations, aka fun decorating) to worrying about only getting investment pieces and wasting less and ultimately having a lot less fun. I celebrate your success and the turn your blog has taken but this post made me so happy. It’s so great to realize what you really love. It’s not always what the design community considers the hardest thing. You’ve proven you can do that. Do the fun thing! Xoxo

  364. Yes! I miss that weird Emily style that I fell in love with years ago. I’m so excited for this evolution.

  365. I can’t wait! I loved your experimenting days!

  366. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I LOVE WHAT YOU DO BEST!!! The mountain house has been so exciting to be a part of, and honestly has given me hope that you are stretching your creative muscles in a new but familiar way, if that makes sense. I’ve had to take my own home back to bare bones after my upstairs washer broke down. The result has been that I brought back in far less than what I had before. It’s more polished, but I chose to dial back the wall colors…no art on the walls yet. When I look back on the colors I had incorporated before, what I have now definitely is not as exciting. It’s still a work in progress. My point is that I get it!! You are successful because you have made your mark with your own brand of creativity!! And no one can tell me that a vintage look can’t be recreated! There are enough resources out there, whether it be estate sales or thrift stores! I do it and have done it for years without spending a fortune. I am on the East coast, though, just easier and less expensive in my area. Kick some styling ass!! I’m still plugged in as I am always waiting to see what direction you’re going in!

  367. I am so excited to read your post, let’s get back to some “weird”! Please ignore those who say what your doing is wasteful. You taught me how to love vintage, thank you so much. Scoring a perfect mid century 1960s velvet sectional for my room for $700 means less cash out of my pocket, a smaller carbon footprint and a room that doesn’t look anything but gorgeous!

    Can’t wait to see what you do now!!!

  368. LOVE this! I love the “whole Emily” I love your eclectic fun and funky stylist side, and also the great designer who know how to create rooms that last.

    I’d LOVE to see more posts, or instagram stories or whatever, of cool things you find. I LOVE seeing other people’s thrifted finds. My sister and I are always texting each other random weird items that caught our eye. It’s just so fun to share and be shared with beautiful, quirky, and UNIQUE things. I understand why it’s practical and useful for bloggers/designers to highlight great things at target and west elm and places like that, but I think the world is yearning like me to see the random stuff, the stuff that makes you do a double take. Bring it back!!
    I remember once seeing a picture of the shelves in your studio filled with objects and props just waiting to be used and I just wished so bad that I could take a whole day to peruse those shelves.

    I’m so happy you wrote this and have been doing some good soul searching and reached a place you feel good about. Keep it up!!!

  369. I’ve often wondered recently why you haven’t removed “weird” from your tagline because there hasn’t been a lot of weird going on. I’ve thought it was because of the reasons you’ve outlined in this post. I still think your interiors are gorgeous but they haven’t been as interesting as they were in the past. I look forward to the return of a little bit more “weird”!

  370. Ohhhh I’m sooo excited about this that I could put extra letters in every wooorrrddd! I’ve loved every room you’ve ever done. All so different but all equally beautiful! Can’t wait to see your new vibes.

  371. In 5 more years I’m going to send you my resume and portfolio. I can’t wait for you to see it. I’d send it in right now but my baby is 13 and won’t graduate high school for 5 more years. So no moving right now. Though if you are interested in designing homes in the heartland (1.5 hours from Chicago!) I can be your intrepid corn-fed midwest designer…

  372. YAY!!!! I have butterflies because I am so giddy with excitement!! Squee! I saw you on Orlando’s stories at Rose Bowl the other day and wondered what you were up to 😉 I have been reading along forever and you have been such an inspiration and I cannot wait to see what you do next! Also I would not complain about a Trolling CraigsList post now and then 🙂 SO EXCITED!

  373. This is great, emily!!! On the vintage thing: I am so inspired by your vision for vintage pieces you find. So, although I will never find the exact piece you use, it helps me to widen my vision. And you’re so good at that! Keep it up – this is so good for you (& for Brian and your kids to see mama coming alive!).

  374. You lost me for the last little bit of time, and I was such a dedicated follower since routing you on from Design Star! . I’m so damn happy to have you back! I can’t wait to experience Emily 3.0!

  375. For the record, I LOVE the sponge Bob room! I’ve been following you since the cross flag over the blue couch and the cowhide rug, and I think that’s my favorite Emily living room (RIP blue couch). I can’t wait for you to get weird again! And for the love the hand chair is finally back home! Let’s do this!

  376. Feeling inspired myself now! Can’t wait to see what fun stuff you come up with Emily!

  377. Can’t wait to see quirky, practical kid friendly stuff from you! Hands down my favorite and this post makes me want to upholster, rearrange and consignment shop!

  378. Yes yes yes!!! Love this. The advice I always give people when they ask me what to buy for their homes is “buy what you love.” When you overthink it and buy things outside of your real style, THAT is when it starts to look off! Go with your gut! I’m so excited to see what you come up with next! ❤️

  379. Yay! I haven’t been gravitating to your blog lately because it feels too much like everything else I see online. So glad you’re getting weird again – I’m here for it.

  380. Yes!! This makes me so excited to hear. I am still so obsessed with your book and it’s a constant source of inspiration, I feel like it helps me look outside the Instagram world and helps me design for myself and not for the people of the internet. I cannot wait to see the beautiful spaces you create!

  381. I loved this post. I’ve been a reader since Design Star and can’t wait to see OG EHD in all her fun, vintage glory again!!

  382. You and Spongebob are welcome to come style my place anytime!

  383. Sounds great! Can’t wait to see what you do. 🙂

  384. Halla-frickin-llujah! You go Girl! Do you, I miss her!

  385. Yay!
    I feel like interiors where everything is new become boring and too similar to all the other houses where everything is new. I loved your eclectic “weirdness” and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  386. Wow. Good for you. But sounds like you’re being way too hard on yourself. You have small kids with lots of stuff and a chaotic and wonderful life. You needed order and calm and it showed in your interiors. It’s just a season in your life, not necessarily a reflection of becoming too safe or practical. Still, sounds like you’re excited about a new adventure that brings you back to your roots. Enjoy. So fun to follow you.

  387. I love design and prior to having kids I would move furniture (all by myself) all the time. My husband would come home and say, “what did you move around today?” Then I had kids and gave away my hoarded tchokes and fun vintage accessories. I only recently re-hung some of my favorite collected pictures in my powder room- all of the sudden I found myself feeling inspired again and feeling like my personality was back.

    I love the spongebob barf and the refined… they’re all chapters in your life. 👍🏻

  388. Love this! I’m a mom of two toddlers and can totally relate to the shifts that happen as I’ve gotten older, less worried about what others think, and wanting my home to be comfortable and reflect not just me but the people I live who I share it with! It’s refreshing to think of it that way. Thank you for sharing and for your inspiration! Rock on weird one!! 🤘🏻

  389. Good on ya

  390. Hi Emily!

    Bra.vo. I was nodding and literally clapping to this post.

    I’m so happy to read that you are bringing back the fearless, colorful, weird Emily I first “met” in 2012. I still have many of your old photos saved not because they’re perfect, but because they are interesting and inspiring.

    I’m one of those who read the blog religiously every morning for years but now read it only once a week or so. I cannot wait to read it every day again! I’ve missed it and you!

    In terms of waste… this one is so tricky because I care deeply about this. I get so tired of/angry at being told to buy new, consume more, get the latest thing. I have had a negative reaction to the high turnover of furniture and Target accessories on the blog not because I expect you to be safe, but because it’s felt like more of the same, harmful consumer culture.

    BUT. AND THIS IS SUCH A HUGE BUUUUUT. OG EHD was about finding something interesting and seeing if it works. Especially with vintage things, I think that’s wonderful and sustainable. Honestly, I’m excited to see more of that. And when you do buy new, I hope it’ll truly be something you love enough to hang onto for awhile. But if it’s not, I get it and I trust you to be conscientious about how you move it along.

    In fact, I was thrilled to see that you chose to redo your ceiling in reclaimed wood. I saw in that the original Emily finding a creative solution that turned something that wasn’t working into something that does. Whereas before I was skipping your IG stories about it because I was dying at all the prospective waste, now I CANNOT WAIT for your ceiling.

    Now that I’ve written the longest comment ever, I just want to reiterate that I AM PSYCHED FOR YOU TO GET WEIRD ON HERE AGAIN. Thank you so much for letting me come along on the journey!

  391. Happy for you, Emily! Do your thing! 💖

  392. Awesome Emily! So happy for you and j’adore your blog and voice. Importantly, who makes your blazer?? xoxo

  393. Can’t wait for more vintage styling from you. I recently went back to my passion renovating furniture which I did at the London College of Furniture to start One Brick Lane after a 30 year gap in IT (arrghh). Loving every minute and it doesn’t matter I am nearly 50. Doing what you love in where you find your purpose, seeking your purpose is where you’ll find what you love. You rock Emily and love what you do. Go girl 👧🏼

  394. Welcome back!

  395. YAS

    I saw the Portland house in person and it was the physical embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. I feel like I’ve learned so much from reading your blog and you’ve honestly inspired me to dig for vintage finds with personality instead of shopping online

  396. This was inspirational af! I’m so excited to see what you share with us! I love eclectic and vintage style! Bring it on girl we are ready!

  397. So so so happy to hear this!! Loved taking a trip down memory lane with your style. I’ve followed along since DS days and I definitely miss the vintage/risk taking/weird stuff. Can’t wait to see how you style the mountain house!

  398. Wow. I read and reread this post today.
    I enjoy your work as a stylist! It was your way of working with clients to tease out their style and switching out options that originally caught my interest. I bought your book (love it) and then found your blog. It is on my favorite list and I would love to find more styled inspiration images vs. home reno. (Although we are planning a new unfitted kitchen project)
    Love reading the theories behind styled images! I also use blue/red combinations and perhaps that is why I find your work so helpful!

  399. I’ve been a fan since design star and I remember ALL those rooms — I’ve loved your style each phase of the way! Keep being you! Stay vintage and give us something to aspire to even if we can’t find it quick and easy online. Keep Emily Weird! 🙂

  400. What a great post. It’s so interesting to look back at the evolution and hear your self-reflection. Thanks for sharing with us. I can’t WAIT to see what comes next.

  401. Yeah!! Get weird. 💯💕


    Honestly, I’ve been thinking the last year or so that life is short and I like a lot of cool, creative stuff and have tons of ideas I’ve never tried. And sometimes you read about these people who were inspired by their weird, creative parents so I decided to try inserting fun things into the normal routine. Like paint a mural, paint my bedroom dark turquoise, hang up silk lanterns by the built-in bookcases, or hang a painting in an odd corner to brighten it up.

    I am ready for this, and excited for you!!

  403. I’m so excited for this!

  404. Love love love this! The you that God created was intended to be totally unique.

  405. Yes!! Be your best self, embrace what others call weird. I love all of my thrifted pieces because it makes my house feel warmer, like it has a bigger story to tell than just, “I found it on page 52 of the catalog.” I love connecting with the moments of the past by incorporating them into our present, not to mention that thrifting with my kids is fun… occasionally.

    I look forward to seeing you move in this direction.

  406. This is such a great post. Thank you for being so honest. It’s funny, as a long-time (silent) blog reader, I never expected you to “cater” to the readers. I was always visiting the blog or Instagram to see what you’re doing, not because I wanted it to be adaptable to my life. I love your style, and want to incorporate it into my home – and honestly, the Spongebob room? I sort of love it. It’s not all for me, but it’s inspiring to me because only you have the color sense and style to create that room. So don’t tone it down, for me, or for anyone.

  407. I fell in love with you when you were competing for Design Star and I loved your quirky sense of style. I also, however, understand that stages of life being different priorities. That said, I would prefer seeing you styling and trying things, even though it may not always work the first time, than “here’s the perfect room that I got right he first time”. That helps me see what works and what doesn’t work. I’d prefer design guidelines to “here’s how you can do the exact same thing”. And while I, too, cringe when you want to change up something that you did recently and spent a lot of money on, that is in fact your job, as well as your prerogative. Besides, I love deciding what I do or don’t like about something and if you don’t change it up I won’t get that chance! In short (or rather, in long!), there isn’t anything that you’ve done yet that makes me not want to follow you, and doing what you love most will in turn make amazing “content”. Love ya!

  408. I am very glad about this!!! Your weird is my favorite! Be free!

  409. So awesome! I love this post so much and normally would never comment on a blog. But, this posts completely speaks to me and struck a cord. I feel you! You do you, and have fun. Your OG EHD style is my personal fave, always has been. Congrats!

  410. I love OG EHD! Welcome back! I love when you tweak and change things. Isn’t that what normal people do!?! Paint a room, move your favorite chair, put your crazy mirrored table that everyone hates in the front window because you like the rainbows it makes in your ceiling (maybe that one is just me)! Design with abandon! Get weird!

  411. Welcome back! I personally miss your vintage, fun, quirky design choices. They are why I started following your career in the first place. Excited to see where you go now.

  412. Thank you!!! When i first started following you, I loved your quirky style and was inspired to create in the same way. Things seem to have become very safe lately so it will be exciting to see what you come up with next.

  413. It’s so fun to see you looking forward with joy. I’ve loved following along over the years. Embrace the weird – and don’t be afraid to nurture that bold, creative spirit.

  414. This post really resonates with me and makes me respect you even more. We are all sharks when it comes to creativity, and if we don’t swim, we die. Keep evolving, devolving, unravelling, getting weird, what have you. I think you’re brilliant.

  415. First comment ever… because I figured you get so much that mines would be list in the masses. But. I JUST HAVE TO COMMENT. Own your truth EH! Such freedom and joy is bursting with an unapologetic “hurrah!” is what I feel comi your post. Be set apart, stand a top your colorful, vintage, ecclectic mountain and SHINE!!!! I am a fan of your style and now you. You. You. You. Be Brave, Be You. Thank you for owning your true self and letting go of safe, practical and trendy. I cannot wait to see what you will embark on next with the rediscovering, reilluminating and reviving the bad ass stylist that you are. Praying God’s great favor over you!

  416. Love it. I’ve read your blog to look for quality and the “latest” but I must admit I’m a bit bored with all the grey and white in decorating. I do like a neutral background but colour and something “weird” do add personality.

  417. I’ve been quietly reading along in this beautiful space for years. It must be incredibly difficult to deal with negative comments and those people out there that feel the need to express criticism and negativity. Please know that there are one or two quiet observers that find what you do and how you do it ethical, beautiful, responsible and inspiring. Thank you

  418. Emily – I started reading your blog some 4 years ago – and it has helped me understand decorating/interior design and help evolve my design aesthetics – so thank you! Having said that, I find it funny that people berate you for changing things in your own house! You spend time & energy and money (so that we don’t have to!) to figure things out – and we get to learn from your mistakes and successes – why would anyone complain about that, I do not know! Please be yourself – the weird vintage stuff Emily or the Emily you have been during the Portland house/Mountain Fixer – I actually loved the latter more (as it’s closer to my aesthetics) – just goes to say, you can’t please all! All the best!

  419. Emily you are such a huge inspiration in my everyday life! Thanks for sharing your doubts and your choices. Your work has always been and is still so great! Go on being yourself you are such a beautiful person!

  420. Yay Emily! I was in the business of tinkering around with decorating our home and trying to “find my style” when I watched my first episode of ‘Desgn Star’ and you were a contestant. After a couple of episodes, I found myself being drawn to your style and vision and really focusing on the details of your designs. It was the episode when you were named as one of the two finalists that I “discovered my style”. I finally heard my eclectic voice which had been calling me but I kept trying to ignore because I had never seen it in a catalog, magazine or someone else’s home so I thought “it” was probably wrong. I stopped worrying and began embracing; I have added and edited throughout the years, defining and refining my style, discovering more along the way. I have three sisters, each of them have beautiful homes decorated in very conventional styles and they simply cannot understand why in the world I purchased a “used” green velvet sofa for our den! What can I say? It makes me happy and content, the hubs is happy and content and I feel like “we” live here. Go for it, Em! I’m so excited to see what’s in your creative tank. By the way, you sound really happy.

  421. YESSSSS! I loved your early style! This is great news. Vintage quirky clothes too? 🙂

  422. Amazing! What about gold leafing that dining room ceiling? Hmmm. You really won’t go wrong with any of this. Each transition just leads to the next and I always love everything you create. You have the Spirit of beauty and creativity within you!

  423. When I tell my friends/strangers about Emily Henderson (and I do it often) I always say “I love her style because she’s a stylist, not some fancy interior designer.” You have an eye for arranging things and a sense of fun that I’ve always admired. Kudos to you for being able to articulate your design transformation over the years and recognizing your unique gifts and making a decision to do what you truly love. This is an incredible blog post and I loved every word!

  424. Yes! Finally! Honestly, I have to tell you that over the last year or so I stopped really paying attention to your content because it was kind of simple. It was a look that I could easily put together myself. Glad your back!

  425. This makes me so happy!!! I love your new house but it just didn’t sing to me the way your weird stuff did! I can’t wait to see what you do next! I’m an avid follower!

  426. I loved this post! It came at just the right moment for me as I’m “playing” big time in the dining room of my century home and having fun – yet stressing a bit over so much change! You gave me such a boost – an affirmation that taking risks is OK and just to have fun with it. Thanks Emily!!!

  427. Loved reading this post! Good for you to dig deep and determine what makes you happiest and what feels most authentic and satisfying to YOU. I’ve been fangirling here since right after Design Star and have loved watching you evolve and shift. You do you! Try not to let the dumb hater’s hate get you down bc there’s SO many of us cheering you on! 🎉👏 Go, fight, win! 😂

  428. Yay! Emily you be you!

  429. Love this and what you plan to do. I have neither time nor money at the moment so feel stuck in my design but so admire you for doing what you want and makes you happy. It inspires me and hopefully before the kids go to college I’ll actually finish our living room and get the dining table I want though the kids are attacyto the current one. Thanks again. I just find your writing and self reflection so great. Laura

  430. I know you get a lot of grief for the target posts but I would love to see content on mixing target/big box stuff with antique/vintage/thrifted. Eclectic is more interesting and is my reality but sometimes I don’t know how to blend them all.

  431. Hi! I have never commented before, but this post was the perfect post to put in a comment I’ve been thinking about for some time.

    I realise that you are a designer and that consumption to a certain degree is your job and something that you can’t escape from completely. However, I know that you are also a person that cares deeply about other and more important aspects of life than design, and I wonder how you view your blog and it’s content in relation to the existential environmental threat of global warming.

    We all need to be much more aware of and lower our consumption, not only of goods, but of electricity, water etc. Blogs like yours fuel a culture of consumption and “staging” of our lives that is not in any way sustainable. , and maybe one of the most obvious ways is the staging and amounts of props that are used only to throw a birthday party or have a movie night.

    I love your blog and as I said I realise that consumption to a certain extent is your job, and that you basically make your living selling consepts, dreams and “stuff”. I am also no stranger to the love of luxuries myself, but I try to restrain myself and I now have strict restrictions for my own consumption in regards to both clothing, interior, transportation and other aspects of my life. I think we are all morally obliged to put these restrictions on ourselves. And as a fortunate middle class euorpean I am even more obliged than others to do so. And in my honest opinion, so are you.

    You have a platform and an audience. I would love for you to address the consept of environmentally friendly design, although I realise it’s not easy.

  432. Yay! So happy to read this. Can’t wait to see more. (And ugh – that SpongeBob person! Why do people share meanness online? Why couldn’t they just unfollow or click away??)

  433. Yes! Yes! Yes! I can so relate to this post! I have always enjoyed the unique aspects of your designs and am the last person to say never change things – my husband is often afraid to leave the house in case he comes back and it’s all rearranged :). I appreciate your openness and honesty and really feel design in your house should reflect YOU! Have at ‘er! We will all enjoy the journey 🙂 Thanks for fighting the sea of sameness and celebrating what makes you unique.

  434. Emily, very much looking forward to this change! I have been a long-time reader and sometimes silent critic of a few of the blog changes in the last few years, particularly of the sometimes boring, usually safe rooms, and the frequent changing of items. (btw, I relate this to knowing they were usually gifted, were often expensive, and to wanting to change my own space and not being able to #jealous). That said, “Style. Be careful. Don’t mess up. Everyone is watching. Do it once and never touch it again.” makes me much more understanding of your process. Very much looking forward to and hoping for more “let’s get weird!” on the blog! That’s your brand differentiation, it’s what got you your audience and I think what will help you maintain us! Thanks for sharing.

  435. Yay! I fell I love with design star Emily and I have watched you evolve….and will continue to watch you evolve. Be you…… because you are awesome!

  436. Love the post! The space between well designed and practical is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Also, maybe stop getting rid of your coffee tables because you seem to always regret it 😂 inspired by this and you!

  437. Sometimes we need to go full circle to find out what we truly love. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to live under the microscope of so many people who all have their own distinct tastes and views and I totally see how that would steer your choices. I’ve been a furniture rearranger my whole life after helping my mom change up the living room every month or so. I still do it three kids later and frankly it’s the only thing that keeps me engaged and having fun in my home. And PS, how boring would life be if everyone’s houses looked and felt the same?! Bless your heart Emily – I cant wait to see you play!

  438. Thank you for this! My husband is a pastor so we live in a parsonage. I don’t get much control over a lot about the house we live in, but I’m a homebody and a very creative person. My home is so important to me. Sometimes I feel bad for wanting to change window treatments or paint when there is nothing wrong with them, it’s just not me. My home is an expression of who I am and I have fun playing around with things. Can’t wait to see what comes next, Emily!
    P.S. I loved the pink-lamp bedroom. I thought it was so much fun!

  439. I love this post. thanks for sharing. I think big lesson as followers is that feedback and comments is ok but to still be accepting of that decisions as we dont know the other options and parameters you work under. As an event designer I get feedback from clients thinking that a certain piece they saw on pinterst is available locally….well it often isnt the case and they are bummed when it costs to much to ship. You keep me inspired and I’m excited for what is next

  440. Emily!! I love this post! I read it yesterday afternoon and have been thinking about it ever since (and how I need more vintage in my life!). Self reflection is so important and I loved head about your thought process and seeing your journey visually. Don’t listen to the negative comments about making changes to your house. I love the idea of seeing your living room change and ideas for freshening up my own house. I understand stand the itch to restyle every year or so.

    And can you please hurry up on the mountain house!?! 😉 I’m waiting rather impatiently to see what you do, so I can decorate my new mountain house.

  441. Emily, this makes me very happy. I am always experimenting with my home and sometimes I feel guilty when things don’t work out or only last a minute before I change them again. BUT I recently decided that my love for the process makes it worthwhile. I’ve been a fan for a long time and I’ve loved all your homes. I’m in my mid-30s now and my style is also evolving toward more neutral and classic. I’m okay with it.

    Also, for what it’s worth, I prefer inspirational/aspirational spaces that are alternatively sourced (e.g., sourced from my mama’s garage) and/or furnished with mostly vintage. I generally don’t buy new for lots of reasons so I love seeing what can be done with one-of-a-kind/second-hand/vintage items. Who cares if I can’t replicate the look – why would I want to? You do you, girl.

  442. I’ve never looked at your house and thought, “this looks like Sponge Bob.” Not. Even. Once. Excited about the return to your origins, and how that shift parallels with babies. You’re awesome!

  443. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Bring back the OG Emily!!!! Cannot wait to see what you do with your space!!!

  444. As someone who almost exclusively ships vintage/second hand, I have to say I’m THRILLED you’ll be returning to purchasing those items more regularly! I still think about and miss your Trolling Craigslist series regularly (like, all the time) because it taught me how to look for timeless pieces. My purchase after that have been quality and still live in my home.
    The only worry I have for the future is that your style now is much more in line with my own, so a dramatic shift makes me selfishly a little bummed. I hope you won’t decide that the past couple years were garbage and you throw out the baby with the bath water.
    Regardless, I’m a 7 year reader who isn’t going anywhere.

  445. I completely agree with your summation. The last few pictures are not you, way too safe. Getting older does not mean getting safe or boring. So good for you to recognize this and move forward.

  446. Bravo!!!!! Yes! The blog has gotten safe, and it is SOOO much more fun for us (and for you) when you experiment and play. I may not like everything you come up with in the play, but it’s entertaining at least and it’s good for us to see someone try it (and maybe fail at it).

    I’m a perfectionist, but as I’ve been talking about with my therapist, we can’t connect as humans when our perfectionist is in our driver’s seat……basically, by getting back to “you” (instead of the perfectionist), you will be connecting more fully and humanly with your readers…..and I think that’s really important in the blogosphere.

    So excited for you!!!!

  447. Hallelujah!!! While so very good at your job it was starting to look like a Sears catalogue. Everything perfect and appealing to the masses. I was first attracted to your quirky eclectic look and I cannot wait for it to come back!

  448. Thank you for this post!! I couldn’t agree more. Like you, I have to shake things up, cannot stand for things to stay the same. It’s how I relax, stay happy, grieve. (My dad just passed away) My home is always changing because that’s who I am. May not make sense to some people so this blog came at the perfect time!

  449. EMILY!

    I am not a commenter and to be honest, haven’t been an avid reader for the past year or so. I missed the crazy “Sponge Bob” version of Emily. Being an interior designer myself, I know your personal style will and should evolve.. but you my girlfriend where put on this earth to “DO” vintage. Understandably, it’s a lot more work ( I am in the same boat) but there is NOTHING better than incorporating it into a project + seeing the UNIQUE results.
    Thanks for being true to you, can’t wait to see you evolve!

    xo- Tasha

  450. LOVE THIS! I have read (and loved) your blog for years…mostly because of the risks + creative play you expressed in your own space. So happy to see you getting back to that! Inspirational, fun + YOU, what any good home should be. Can’t wait to see!

  451. Number 7 really gets to me….I’ve seen you talk about it before and I get angry every time and want to scream at my computer and tell you to not listen to those people criticizing you for switching things up or changing your mind because it is wasteful, or I want to tell you to not make decisions or choices because readers may not like it. I want to put a big mute of those readers! This is YOUR blog and YOUR business and we are all here to follow what YOU do! It isn’t your job to make us happy in that sense, to chose not to do what you love because it may be unattainable for us. If someone wants to see you decorate a room (especially one that belongs to you) based on their parameters well then frankly they can start their own blog. There are plenty of informational posts you put out there for inspiration. Just remember to do YOU and we will all still be here!! xo

  452. YESSS! So excited for this shift – I love the personality you infused into a lot of your earlier work.

  453. It made me so happy to read this. Go Emily!

  454. I love this so much!! I can totally relate! With 5 kids, I’ve had to fight to express my style with practical pieces and less stuff. I look forward to the days my kids are grown and I can have nicer things again. But for now, I’m happy to find the fun in hanging mirrored ornaments from my windows. I love watching the sunlight dance around the room as I enjoy my family & the little ways my style still shows up in our home. Can’t wait to see more of your “weird” and playful side!

  455. Hi!
    I very rarely comment but few the need this time! I’ve been reading your blog since the second living room pic 🙂
    I’ve always loved the eclectic weird style you bring to the table and it has always inspired me as a designer. My style has also slowly matured and moved towards the more neutral, layered texture look as I now have two kids and am older.
    But I still remember the super weird guest bedroom that you redecorates with the two-toned paint colours that you once said you regretted doing & I never understood why; it was your home, you were experimenting (which you can’t do with clients) and I found it so inspiring to just DO SOMETHING BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO TRY IT! And to say “screw the people who don’t like it!” It completely inspired me to think outside the box!
    A lot of us have been along with you for the ride & you are still my absolute favourite designer and inspiration.
    KEEP DOING YOU. That’s why we are all here, still reading the blog after so many years! For your ballsy design, your relatability, your tales of family and your transparency!
    Love it all!

  456. I treat this as EXCELLENT news!!!

  457. EMILY!!!! This post is so refreshing! You’ve always been a major design inspiration for me and while I’m no Emily Henderson, I feel the struggle of refining my design aesthetics and not blending in with the trend. I struggle with wanting something different but wanting people to appreciate my home. Thank you for pointing out that having kids means you have to think in a more practical way! I am so glad that you are doing what makes you happy. There will always be people who don’t appreciate a particular style- but that’s the beauty of style, it’s just A style! I’m hoping you do you and share all your vintage tips and tricks with us!!!!!

  458. I’m sooooo excited. I’ve been following you since Design Star for your eclectic and vintage ways. I still read your blog but I missed your standout styles, so I’m super excited!!

  459. I’m beyond excited by this post!!! Can’t wait.

  460. I have loved you from the beginning and loved seeing how comfortable you are experimenting with styles, mixing it up and reinventing. And here you go, reinventing again! It’s a strength you have and I strive to do the same. Thanks for being you and not being afraid of exploring all that is in YOU!

  461. Emily, this might be my favorite design post ever written and so relatable. I imagine it’s so hard to hear criticism on the web and not have it hurt your identity and confidence and affect your style. Your home is still so beautiful but I understand. I’ve also started taking less risks in my home. Your post is inspiring so I say to both of us… girl, design what you love! (Especially to you because you have been successful because of the risks you have taken.) Question: The I design you decide posts….are you going to keep doing those? Does having a lot of response from readers hinder you from going in the direction you want? As a life long people pleaser, I could see that as being hard for me. Just something to consider. 💕 I am so excited to see you get creative….and along the way would love to hear why you do the things you do….why you like things….how you decided to put things together. Can’t wait!!!!! Blessings and cheers to a creative adventure. (Insert Rocky 2 training montage and picture me leaving my house mentally preparing to go look for cool vintage piece in thrift shops…to decorate the way I want to….and to have more confidence….😂…I feel like I just got a pep talk from Adrian but instead of being told to, “Win,” insert, “Get weird, creative, and be yourself!” https://youtu.be/ABg0c_E7OOI (please only watch the first minute and thirty seconds 😂☺️👍🏻)

  462. Emily.
    This post is everything.
    I am also a stylist (in South Africa) and I can sooooo relate to this post. My style was also severely ‘influenced’ by having my two kids. As they get older (and everything on Pinterest and Instagram is looking the same-same), I can feel that adventurer returning in protest.
    I’m off to buy the weird rattan elephant side table I saw on our South African version of Craigslist that I saw this morning.
    Thank you.

  463. Yes!!! I love this so much. I’ve followed you since your show and I have secretly been missing your quirky vintage side. So excited to see what you do! (And never apologize for wanting to change things in your home. You have to live in it and it is your profession, so don’t stop until you’re happy.)

  464. So glad to have the “weird” Emily back! I’ve missed her. Your quirkiness and creativity were why you were my favorite contestant on Design Star and why I’ve followed you ever since. 👏👏👏

  465. Have fun, Emily! I’ve been following you for years (around the end of your Design Star time, I think) and I’ve enjoyed your many adjustments and evolutions. I actually was a-ok with your higher-end work because my own life circumstances changed and I realized that you yourself might not always want to do the “cheap and cheerful” — so ultimately, all I want to say is just enjoy what you do. While I know it’s tricky to balance “making content” and keeping us happy, I’m glad that you’re feeling like you can be authentic to yourself, whatever it is that is right now.

  466. I love that your home (and projects) is so different from other stuff on instagram which can be very samey! I’m not in the business, but I get fear when changing things incase I make a mistake, spend too much, people will laugh/ criticise etc… so everything you say is so relatable albeit on a much grander scale. Ps. I am a recent follower, can’t recall how I found you, im from Scotland, and I love vintage/antique. Would love it if you could give demos on styling ( or get people to submit photos and you could make suggestions. ! Like you have enough time for that 🤣! )

    Thanks x

  467. YAY!!!! I’m so excited for you Emily!!! I absolutely LOVED this post!! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  468. OH MY GOSH!!!! This post is amazing!!! I’ve followed you for years and have definitely noticed a style shift but that’s normal- we learn new things and grow from it and so our tastes may change as well. I am such a huge fan and you inspire me everyday. I constantly refer back to past rooms you’ve done and with almost every choice I make in my current home I use your designs as my jumping off point. I have thought for years a reason why I love you as a designer is that you love the essence a room has, the things that make it cozy, warm and inviting. That’s what I love too. I’ve been teetering on whether to become an interior designer or decorator and I really just get mesmerized in the finishing touches, the colors and decor of a space. So maybe I’ll become a stylist like you someday. You are amazing and your writing is so genuine. Thank you Emily!

  469. I LOVED this post!!! I too am a stylist, although I refer to myself as a redesigner and color consultant; but I have recently been reflecting on my creative choices in my youth and how I used to silk screen an illustration I did on a whim, add watercolors, and frame it or spray paint an entire collection of furniture I had picked up at a yard sale. (not always the best outcome.)
    I know in my bones that resourcefulness leads to major inspiration, but when I think that, sometimes I feel like I am sending this odd secret message to the universe that I don’t want money but instead oceans of time and the feeling of being a renegade again. I don’t want it to be either/or. I just want the sweet spot which is what your post is inspiring in me. Claiming who I am and running with it. I am excited and happy for you…CHEERS! xo

  470. YES! So into this. Also, I personally like seeing styling with vintage because even though I might not be able to find that exact same piece, it always serves as inspiration for what I could find and what is possible.
    I know my house is never perfect the first time around, so why should yours be? The process is so interesting I think.
    Can’t wait to see more!

  471. ohmigod! exactly what so many said below: i’ve missed what drew me to your blog in the first place. the funky. the pretty. the weird. the sponge bob (which i forking LOVE! not sorry.) … personality is what makes a house a home, and you’ve got too much to keep in a boring box. BUH-RING IT!

  472. You nailed it. As we move along our timeline some things change. Your illuminating post is an aha! Down sizing, moving, building forever dream house with a mind set of simple, practical and budget mindset has left me puzzled. I am pleased but not happy. Why? For just about all the reasons you have wonderfully shared. I am and have always been a ‘tweaker’, aka stylist. I start spring with a simple modern style. Summer I add faded colours and vintage touches. Fall makes me funky and embracing plaid. Winter snow is kept at bay with layers of rich cranberry, gold/brass, candles, cozy fur throws and lots of ‘stuff’. First hint of spring crocus and I clear everything away and start again. I was stuck in spring,- safe, practical and bored.
    Thank you for your candor. I want to click reply to just about all the comments and say, Yup! agree.

  473. Loved reading this -thank you ! I am ALWAYS inspired by you and your team -never stop doing what you do best . You are incredibly gifted -we need you, your creativity, your vision, your fearlessness….. thank YOU👏💕👏😘

  474. Hey Emily, nice to meet you AGAIN. I realized I stopped reading your blog because I didn’t get you anymore. Love to see your’re following your heart. I happened upon the Instagram post and I’m sure glad I did.

  475. “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird , when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love”
    When life feels like it’s trying to strip away at my weirdness I am often reminded of this dr Seuss quote we have hung above my kids’ ‘creation station’. I love it! I would say ‘welcome back’, but from my perspective you have always been you- just been on an evolution to your truest you, you know!;) I heard recently that when we feel we have come full circle and may have missed out on time as ourself..it’s sacred to be grateful for the woman that stuck it out on her journey.
    As a mom of young kiddos as well, I am encouraged by your ongoing authentic voice and inspired by your journey to connect, inspire and of course play! Just want to say thank you! And I love your work!! Or shall I say have fallen into mutual weirdness? (Okay wait, maybe that sounds weird?or is that good?🤔😌) anyhoo- thank you for your inspired work!!

    Ps when we updated our first and current home, my hubby and I got into it over what knobs to use. Pathetic, I know. He then surprised me by finding my favorite designers (your) budget friendly kitchen hardware -it’s truly embarrassing how many times I put that in my google search 😬) and I am frequently uplifted by its beauty and his romantic gesture.

    And I’m rambling! I clearly read too many inspirational quotes and listen to too many podcasts😂 simply want to express my appreciation for your staying the exploratory course!

  476. Yay! I love your quirk, your je ne sais quoi. I know I can’t totally recreate vintage- but that’s OK to me. I don’t want to be like you. I want to be inspired by you. You are adorable. Your family is beautiful. And your stylist skills are mad science. Poof! Can’t wait to see what you cook up.

  477. People who “shame” you for acquiring new pieces of furniture and switching up your spaces are, I’m sure, just jealous that they don’t have the means to do the same as often. Seeing you do that makes them realize they can’t, so they take their personal frustration out on you to make themselves feel better. “Well, at least I’M not wasteful!” What?? It’s SAD lol but also a predictable human response. So screw those people!! If you never change anything up, you won’t have new home content to share and in turn we don’t get the benefit of fresh inspiration from you new ideas. Change it up! Get weird! Often! I can’t wait 😊

  478. Jesus, it’s like you’re our Quarterback hyping us up in the locker room! YES!

  479. This post sings like an artists soul and is giving online creatives everywhere the permission they (I) have been looking for to be you, get weird, show what makes you you. Thank you SO MUCH for writing this and sharing it and doing it. I cant wait for more vintage, it makes us think outside the box and ask WHY we liked a piece you used instead of mindlessly purchasing a replica and never really understanding why its just 1% off. All the praise hands for this!

  480. You are wonderful. Love this post and love you. Keep rocking it girl!

  481. Emily’s back!!!!!!!!

  482. Emily – Your humility always inspires me. You are such an extraordinary designer but so honest about your mistakes and insecurities. I love your work and your blog.

  483. Yes!!! I have goosebumps and am so happy that you shared this! As a parent of 2 small children myself, I relate to so much of what you are saying. So excited for what comes next!

  484. Yes yes yes! I watched a show with Maria Schriver today and she was asked what is the one piece of advice that she would give her kids, if she could only give one, and she said “trust your gut” and then went on to say that we know who we are but we have to listen to it and reconnect with it. I loved that. Sounds like you are listening to your gut and taking back the power. As a Mom, I always have this voice in the back of my head that is worried what people will think of my parenting when in public and then I stop and realize, WHO CARES!?! But, it can be hard to get my head in that place. I think this is similar. Anyway, you do you and we will all be here to enjoy it!

  485. Love Love Love … that is all

  486. You just be you! You’re so talented and have so much passion – I hope don’t let what everyone thinks hold you back from expressing yourself and having fun! I always look forward to your content!

  487. I still remember snipets from episodes from design star and how much I related to your eclectic style with vintage pops!! So so so excited for you to go “weird” again👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼!!!

  488. This is awesome good for you! To everyone who has something to say about you redecorating your own home…I have a very simple suggestion: if you don’t like it, then don’t read it! Emily’s style is meant to be inspiring

  489. Good for you! So happy to see you going back to what you love.

  490. Let it all out, Emily! Your “SpongeBob Period” has been such a source of inspiration to me over the years. What it may lack in sophistication is made up in joy, risk, and individuality. It’s fun! I’m excited to see what’s next. Truthfully, I used to read your blog more and have lately just followed you on IG. This is the first blog post I’ve read in ages and I’ll definitely be back. Best of luck to you as you rediscover your style.

  491. I’m so glad to read this. I really hope you are back! I followed you for years and the last year I’ve stopped reading your posts because they’ve gotten kind of boring. Yay for the old Emily returning!

  492. Awesome! I love this idea of looking in on your own life and career and deciding your future based on your passions and your path. You go girl! (I learned about styling in 3’s from you and I regect the Spongebob reference).

  493. YES!!!!!! I know the tapestry isn’t for your living room today, but it is the single greatest piece of art I’ve ever seen. I’d just never seen anything like it before, and I’ve been mesmorized since the first time I saw it. You’re an incredible designer and business owner, and I’m excited for you to do more of what you love.

    Also, experimenting is SO IMPORTANT! And just mixing things up for the sake of mixing them up – I move a piece of furniture in my house whenever my husband has a long business trip (he obviously loves this), just to see what happens. Sometimes magic. Sometimes not magic. I’m excited to see more experimenting! And for you to follow your heart, no matter what we pin the most.

    I wish there was a good way to keep out the haters. And even the people who love what you’re doing now, and want you to keep doing it forever, instead of growing and trying new things. All the iterations leading up to the final magic are such great learning experiences! And even when the final magic happens, it usually gets boring after a while anyway, so nothing is ever finished forever.

    I’m very environmentally-conscious, but the work you do needs supplies, and you never strike me as being wasteful. Any iterations along the way were just supplies you used to get you to your final product. If anything, it’s less wasteful since the supplies aren’t used up the same way they would be if you just kept covering a canvas with paint until you achieved the look you wanted and all the extra paint was stuck under layers of new paint. Insetad, you get the look you wanted, but now some of the supplies that got you there can be reused or donated!

    <3 <3 <3

  494. I am an French Intérior designer; as I love and use also a lot of vintage, I know exactly what you mean. Well I know what you mean for your all article. It’s hard sometime keep your “in, funny, weird, whatever” style and it’s more convenient to be more polished for your client. So a huge huge thank you for your article that put everything on perspective and motivate me a lot on keeping and pushing to some odd but nice interior design choice !!!!

  495. This is so exciting! I love reading your blog, and can’t wait to see what you do next. I have learnt so much from you, and your passion for what you do. Reading this post makes me want to start altering my home again. Bring on all of the fun……
    Thank you

  496. I’m excited! Welcome back Emily Henderson.

  497. Yay!! Don’t listen to the naysayers! I change things as often as time and money allow. I always have. Why the heck not you??? Yippee! Next year will be fun 😃

  498. Good for you! Love your aesthetic and seeing your evolution but I have to tell you this was a therapy session. I made it to number 3 and skimmed the rest. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the OG EHD designs.

  499. This makes me so happy!! I’ve been following you since Design Star and I’ve loved watching you evolve. But, I’m thrilled to watch you get back to your roots and the Emily style I fell in love with all those years ago! Yay! Go you!

  500. Yay for figuring out how to do more of what you love and what brings you joy. I’m excited for you, and have been cheering you on since the beginning. In fact, my husband and I have jokingly referred to you as “our friend Emily” ever since one of our kids gave you that handle.
    Here’s to your continued success and many more years of eclectic fun!

  501. Emily,
    You’re so inspiring and multi-talented, you could (CAN) do anything. But I’m so glad you’re doing what makes your heart sing. Can’t wait to see/read/get inspired along the way<3

  502. What a trip down memory lane.. I can’t believe how long I’ve been reading your blog. I like when you get a little crazy with color. I’m much more interested in the rooms that have a colors other than white, blue, and pink. One post in particular I remember is when you restyles d your bookshelves and limited it to a few colors. In my opinion it lost its magic but I like that you take risks. The barn post was my absolute favorite – I could live there. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  503. I’m SO jazzed! I started loving you in that 2013 living room and I am so excited to see more change. It’s what I love to do in my house and it makes me so happy to read this post. ❤️

  504. ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! and i mean that in the best way possible!! I’ve missed the OG Emily!!! Can’t wait to see her back! 😘

  505. I’m so excited (for you and myself as a reader)! l am glad I have stuck with the blog and you in all the phases and am looking forward to the weirdness come.

  506. So many things to say here… I wonder if you all will read the comments on this one because there appear to be thousands.
    1. Can not WAIT to see what you do next. The idea of seeing your old quirk mixed with your new season in life/maturity/mom of 2 is really exciting to me. Seriously, I can’t wait to see the first post!
    2. I am sorry for the times I’ve expressed a negative opinion (i.e. the kitchen appliances debate), but I can honestly say that I learned a different perspective from reading the other comments and from this post as well. It would feel wasteful for ME to change a kitchen remodel a year later, and I mistakenly compared the two of us. Having your other readers remind me that this is a DESIGN blog and you are not only creating content but also exercising your creative muscle was really helpful for me to hear.
    3. I stand behind a comment I made once before – I’m sure the opportunity to have much of your current house reno sponsored was too tempting to pass up, but I truly believe the pressure to have it DONE on a deadline with photography scheduled may be what pushed you to play it safer than you otherwise would have.

    You’ve been at this design thing for a long time and at blogging for quite a while too. There have been different seasons along the way, and I am truly happy for you to be entering a renewed season of feeling less pressure to please and more freedom to be YOU!!!

  507. Long time reader – first time commenter. YOU ROCK! This article was so moving and well written – I’m sure it spoke to many many designers and real life people. Thank you for existing in this world of “perfect – got it right the first time” design!

  508. Finally you have seen the light. Get going girl! This is why are started watching and then following you.

  509. Well said! Enjoy each season of your life. Keep finding things that bring you and your family joy. One of my best friends is a gardener who moves plants faster than you change out rugs or sofas. Always striving to bring out the best in her garden as it evolves over time. That’s what brings her joy. May more women have the courage to be themselves as you have so eloquently described!

  510. I never comment, but I really enjoyed this post. I appreciate you taking a look at your artistic repertoire for what it said about you at that time and how you view it today. It sounds like you’re going back to your roots, and that’s a good thing. That playful “spongebob” spirit is what landed you on the map so hold on to that tight. There’s differences in your design aesthetic from then to now and I look forward to seeing where you go with this new artistic freedom, because it is inspires me and others to look at our spaces with a fresh perspective.

  511. Amen!!!
    That’s what it’s about, after all. And the unique is ALWAYS better!!!

  512. I saw exactly what you explained was happening but couldn’t put my finger on it. You have nailed it! I’m so happy for you to get crazy!!!! ❤️

  513. This really spoke to me! I have been following you for a long time, I went through a more eclectic and creative phase & now more minimalist/ practical/ no time because kids. I miss the creativity and fun in my house. I’m inspired to take time to find those quirky things that make my space me.
    I’m excited to see where this realization will take you! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  514. Thanks for walking us through this process Emily! I’m a relatively new fan (1-2 years) and so I don’t know the ‘old Emily’ very well at all… I’m looking forward to enjoying whatever you bring as I love your voice and your honesty. The renovation insights have been helpful for me as I did my first ever kitchen reno last year… mine was on a super small scale and I can’t imagine making so many permanent decisions that cost so much, but even so I feel I have learned from your journey.

    I often read the comments and feel weirdly protective of you. Every day you take a risk to let us into your life, I know it’s your career and you make good money doing it, but it is a challenge to expose yourself in that way. Thank you for keeping it real with us and being so transparent. That is really what makes you the only blog I read consistently and has me obsessive for your insta-stories. I’m here for the evolution. 🙂

  515. So so happy to hear this! I wondered where you went x welcome back x

  516. Emily, I just love your style and vintage vignettes all over the spaces you design. It lends itself to being interesting and tells a story of the owner and home. Looking forward to all you have ” in store ” for us.

  517. Speaking to my heart!! Two kids will suck the creativity right out of you, haha. Nothing brings me more joy than rearranging a room and seeing what I can create. This is inspiring me to start focusing on my house again and what I loved about styling.

  518. You had me at doorknob tassel! That’s the Emily I fell in love with 🙂 you are a treasure.

  519. Emily, it took me a few days to get through this entire blog post, but it was beautiful. People need to sit back and be reflexive like this more frequently. And also, I’m so excited, because I’ve really missed you and your risks and your play. You know, it speaks to our culture, we’ve become so afraid to take risks, to let our children take risks, that we’ve taken the fun out of life and the wonder out of learning. I can’t wait to see what you experiment with next. Also, just as a side note, vintage might not be recreatable and I might still be sad when I can’t buy the exact piece… but I’ll also be inspired, and I can’t really afford much new furniture so I gotta admit, I’d really rather be inspired then able to carbon copy you! Also, you guys have made this amazing shift of giving us advice about HOW to design and HOW to think these things through, which makes me believe that with your inspiration I can create my OWN style and space 😀

  520. Ms. Henderson,
    I’ve been familiar with you since your Design Star and Secrets of a Stylist days. I like your style, its relaxed and relate-able. You are correct – it’s YOUR HOUSE and you can style it anyway you wish. I appreciate your honesty in this article. I look forward to seeing what new styles you display on your blog. By the way, I love the navy traditional blue sofa with the tufted rolled back (the one in the tutor house).
    Continue to be you – it’s refreshing.

  521. I saw this post pop up the other day and just had to wait for a quiet moment to read it and soak it in. I’ve been uh, dismayed, by some rigid, know-it-all commenters on here in the past and I’m so happy you’re shaking it off and going back to your styling roots. I appreciate your styling so much and it has helped me have fun and not take every little move so seriously in my old, small and lovable house that I update and decorate on a very small budget.

  522. As a reader, whether you are bringing OG Emily or new Emily, It’s a win for me. Both looks are beautiful. And people can totally source vintage now on EBay and Etsy— they can find almost identical pieces. The two unique aspects of your blog are (1) consistency of real posts rather than ads and (2) intensive insights into the process. Very unique. And the Visual photos of the spaces are incredible, since you started. I’m really grateful for your blog and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  523. Oh thank god. Your “Spongebob” (grrrr) House was AMAZING! And so was the vibrant mid-mod! This Tudor is also lovely but it feels less…you (except the patio area bc that screams EHendo, especially with the giant metal bird). I’m so excited to see you getting back to experimenting and pushing boundaries with styling. You have such an irreverent eye, and I love it!

  524. Yay!! Just yay!!!

  525. I’m so proud of you, I heard your message loud and clear. People pleasing is a killer even in a business fueled by readers/consumers. Be you and the rest will follow. People may fall to the wayside but I call that refinement. I lean towards more muted but occasionally I like a “weird” piece thrown in. I’m so interested in this back to your roots journey. Like my students say “Let’s get it!”

  526. So much love for you, Emily!!! You are an amazing person and woman and a super inspirational designer to boot! I am so happy for you being so happy and excited/determined! And I’m sooooooo excited for what you will show us in the future: the good, the bad, the wild, the process 🙂 Just all the best to you!!! :))

  527. Hi Emily. First time commenter here. I want to say that I think you are great. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone nor ask for permission. Keep doing you.

  528. I’m so bummed out (for you) to hear that your readers shamed you into straying from your true impulses around dynamism. You’re an artist and I think this site will only benefit from (1) you being your most authentic self and (2) you following your impulses to create and change and create eclectic, layered, weird looks, however impossible those looks might be for (some) readers to recreate. Welcome back!

  529. This post makes me so happy! Can’t wait to see new-OG-EHD! You’re so awesome, Emily.

  530. I’m being redundant, but I’ve also never commented. (At least I don’t think I have. I’ve started many times, but would second-guess everything I wanted to say.) I love that you’ve evolved and shared the journey with so many of us. It makes me feel like I have a license to do anything that makes me happy. I’ve always loved everything you’ve done, but now that I look back at the photos, it’s like looking at fashion or hair. So cool at the time. I hope you never feel pressure to be perfect. (That would be soooo boring!)

  531. Yes yes yes! I’m so excited for you Emily! I find that even though I can’t buy the same vintage thing you are styling with I’m still inspired and often find something similar but more me. (It’s also more affordable 😉)
    Can’t wait to see the changes!

  532. Longtime reader here–I love this post! I think that you have already been doing what you now plan to do with your design team. It’s so wonderful that you have attracted and retained such a talented team and you know how to delegate!

    Let’s Make Style By Emily Henderson Weird Again! Can I get a hat?


  533. Are you a mutable sign? (Virgo, Pices, Gemini, Sagg). Mutables thrive on change. Other starsigns can be completely baffled by this, but we see stagnation as a living death.

    I’m a Virgo and I express it through my clothes (capsule wardrobe? Ugh!) and my home design. My kids are used to walking into our house to find rooms reconfigured with totally new colour palettes. I’m a single mom and do it on a shoestring (i.e the need to change things around is budget-agnostic).

    Either way, as they say to rockstars ‘I like your old stuff better than your new stuff’, and actually drifted off when you dampened down your creativity. Ignore the naysayers, you are hitting a right chord with this return to the OG Em.

  534. I soaked up everything you said here! I LOVE decorating my home and am constantly moving accessories and furniture from one room to another. I love that you helped me to see that I don’t have to do it “perfect” or “right” to love my home. I love quirky, eclectic and fun home decor and also have to have comfortable furniture. This was awesome to read and resparked my excitement to keep doing what I want in my own home. Thanks Emily!! Can’t wait to follow along with you!

  535. Yes to this! Please more weird, vintage, accessible prices and unique.

  536. So I’ve never read your blog, and I don’t read style blogs generally, but someone linked to it as a great post about getting back to your roots, and I just need to comment that it was a really amazing post and story, and the real root of getting back to YOU in this world of so much noise and expectation is just powerful and transcended the “style” world for me personally. All to say, thanks for sharing this, and I’m glad I got connected to it to read. It just lifted my spirits and energy in a great way.

  537. I have never commented before either but am so happy for you! GREAT job getting clear on who you are, and reflecting on how motherhood, financial/time changes, and working in a social environment have affected your 10 year journey. I am SO excited to see move things around, add in a great vintage find that lights you up, and just feel like yourself again. It drew me to you, and after awhile I began to feel like I needed to “grow up” watching your style evolve. You just gave all of us “changers” permission to get weird again… (as I say this my home has a few thrift store finds from when we lived in Europe, a practical Ikea couch, and muted tones, so “weird” may just mean I’ll ask to borrow your “horoscope” magazine in the afore shot). Super proud of you and grateful you shared this. Can’t wait for the next ten years of EH!

  538. So glad you’re back ! As a reader who rents I love when you style. Its shown me how to to make a space I can’t physically change feel inviting and like home 🙂

  539. So excited for this shift, Emily! I love seeing what you creative mind comes up with. I agree that your house is safe now, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. You can change it up and have fun–we readers are just along for the ride!

  540. So happy to hear of your awakening. I had been losing interest in your spaces as they were looking predictable and a bit blah for me. Hooray for vintage!! Hooray for funky!

  541. OH MY GOSH. Your pic that some fool referred to as “sponge-bob” was the pic that originally got me hooked on your blog!!! I ADORE that style. So FUN and interesting and awesome!!! I’ll admit, I’ve always loved reading your blog and seeing your work, but in the past couple years, I’ve thought, “Well, she still does excellent work, but it’s not fun, young, and quirky like it used to be.” I am SO happy you are committed to bringing that back, because I think that is a huge part of who you are–it was the way you styled before you worried about the response of a huge audience! Motherhood can make us feel like we’re 85 years old some days (haha! I have three little boys) but we bright, animated people HAVE to find ways to bring back our fun, un-expected, unique, silly-ness so our surroundings (and our souls!) don’t feel weighed down! It’s like adding a dance party to a day of pre-school, soccer practice, cleaning, errands, and making dinner. All those things are good and important, but the dance party brought the JOY!!! Anyway, I am rambling. I am thrilled, because I so connect with your original style!! Long live Sponge-bob! Haha!

    1. PS…I think that we all evolve with time, so sorry if I sounded judgey, like I was saying, “Ughh, you’re such a sell-out! You’ve changed.” haha. NO way. Kind like I no longer can stand listening to the whiny skater-boy bands I loved in high school. We are allowed to make changes, ya know? I just love getting back to the true core of who we’ve always been, and what makes us happy, even if though that is bound to look different as time goes on! 🙂

  542. I ADORE all that you do but I really love the older, more colorful style you did. That inspired me to make my home a colorful, happy and eclectic space that reflects all the fun and love we have as a growing family. I always say that my dream is to build my home and hand the keys to Emily to do what she does best! My dream stylist! ❤

  543. I am so damn proud of you! You go. I loved reading this post and I felt sad hearing how the pressure from your audience got to you. You know what, you built that audience by being you and I’ve been around for a long time lurking. I’m excited to see you get back to what brings you JOY. Life is short, play away.

  544. It’s your house, your money, your blog. Do what YOU want to do!

  545. LOVE IT!!!! And you and everything you do!

  546. Creativity is hard to find these days and, you’re right when you mentioned that everything starts to look the same. I had actually stopped visiting your blog (and many others) because I didn’t find it very inspiring… the room designs were nice but not as creative as before and showed less of a unique point of view. I don’t have children but still could relate to everything you said about how and why your style has changed. Thank you for sharing this story AND for being willing to show the real you by being a true stylist!! 🙂 I look forward to seeing future content.

  547. YES get weird!!

  548. I love this! You be you! That’s why we all love your style! I’m a stylist too, and this is a good reminder for me to take a breath, and let the joy of my job be my motivator rather than the stress of finding perfection. Thank you!

  549. Thank Gawd!

  550. Really appreciate your candor. It’s so easy to get lost in what you think people want in an online world and sort of forget who you really are. I’m definitely experiencing the same thing on a smaller scale (even my publicist and social media person think I should be more “curated”), but it’s fun to be real and if people can’t appreciate the real you, then it’s their own problem.

  551. Welcome back, OG EHD! We’ve missed you and yet we’ve all learned with you along the way. I’ve never commented before but just want to say that I love what you do with Target. That price point is where I am at and makes your style accessible to me.

  552. It’s why I loved you from the beginning. Evolution is beautiful, but respecting where you came from requires preservation without consternation . You go girl!

  553. Welcome back Emily! Vintage, art and weird pieces are key to homes having a soul, so go for it, please. Liz in Portland

  554. I hope the blue velvet sofa finds its way back to you one day xoxo

  555. Hi Emily! I just wanted to tell you that my 8 year old daughter has been struggling with perfection a bit lately, and this past week I shared with her your tag line, ‘Perfection is boring!’ I fell into interior design after my kids were born and my daughter has always been curious about what I do. More than ever now I’m trying to be transparent about changing my mind or trying something I’m not sure will work out or not. Life is full of heavy things – decorating ones home should not be one of them! Cheers to you getting your mojo back and doing what you DO! So excited to follow along!

  556. Weird Emily is back!! (Said with utmost respect.) I’m so happy! I’ve been on a similar trajectory but last week (after your chinoiserie post), I bought an awesome vintage chinoiserie folding screen on craiglist. It was exactly what my West Elm / Wayfair (stylish but boring) living room needed!! My previous life/style was way weirder and way more fun. I’m going back to that too. Thank you. You are truly my design muse.

  557. I’ve also never commented before (been reading for about two years), and just wanted to cheer you on! I’m excited to see what you’ll be doing!

  558. adding vintage item to the design of my own home is what make it ours. i love it when people come in and comment on all the stuff that makes it original. a good treasure hunt is worth the time if it adds that perfect touch to the space. i just wish i had more space for collecting the treasures…i dream og my own storage space just for that reason. thanks for the inspiration!!

  559. All for this! It’s funny, I sew and just a couple weeks ago two pattern makers/sewing bloggers posted a challenge along these same lines. To focus on creating for creative fulfillment over practicality sometimes. I totally agree, and while it’s hard to balance the responsibility for creating works that take up significant space and resources, creativity and art is important. Check it out: https://closetcasepatterns.com/lets-sew-some-frosting/

  560. Emily, I am SO happy to read this. I’ve been reading your blog for 6 years… from high school, to my attic bedroom in the college house my friends and I rented, through to my first home (a renovated mill condo) and now to a single family home of my own, a 1920s cottage. Through all these different environments I’ve found your mix and match style so inspiring! I LOVE all the vintage, color, risks and redecorating – please, be yourself!!! These pictures sing in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. And don’t mind the internet commentators… when family members or friends make a joke about how I’ve redone my living room far too many times, or have replaced impractical furniture (like cozy white linen tufted chairs… sooooo comfy….. however not ideal with my young golden retriever and very fluffy maine coon cat) I remind them when I shop vintage i can afford to replace things, and am not being wasteful, but actually giving them new life before landfill! And when we’re done with things we use them to set up new apartments for refugees moving to our city! We’re your readers for a reason – we get it 🙂 Thanks again for the great post and can’t wait to see what’s coming soon!

  561. I , like you, am a serial changer and completely understand how you have come to your recent conclusion. As a interior designer in a fairly restrictive field (aircraft interiors), my creative outlet is my home. Much to my husbands consternation, I move & re-invent stuff all the time. I even have a pillow and accessories stash. If I was not able to do this I think I would be dead inside!

  562. This is a breath of fresh air and perfect timing to my total house re-do. One day at a time, I might add. Happy to of found your Insta account😊

  563. Yay! I’ve missed OG emily 🙏🏼

  564. Welcome back! I would look at the photos of your home an think ‘This looks safe. Pulled together, pleasing to the eye, safe and uninteresting’. So glad you’re back to your playful self.

  565. Yay!!!!! The eclectic vintage look is what got me into reading your stuff, so I’m so glad you’re reclaiming it!!! And yes, I have frequently thought about the young=time=thrifted/vintage vs older=more money less time=online shopping dilemma. It has bummed me out in my own house as well as I’ve noticed that’s tendency. Here’s to being you and not listening to he shamers!!!

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