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STYLED - The Book

The single biggest problem I confront with my clients, friends and family is “style paralysis.” They are just stuck and because of that, they don’t do ANYTHING for fear that what they will do will waste money, time or generally be embarrassing and lose them friends. I wrote and produced this book for all of those people. It starts by helping you find out what your style is (through a style diagnostic). Are you mid-century meets ’70s? Contemporary with a traditional bent? Once you are diagnosed, you learn exactly what that means and what you should be buying. Next comes my 10 steps to styling your home: Where do you start? How do you shop with confidence? And where the hell do you put everything so it looks good together?

“Styled” takes you through, room by room, vignette by vignette, sofa by sofa to show you how to style each piece so your whole space looks intentional, designed and, most importantly, like you. We all want that effortlessly designed space, right? The room that just looks perfectly thrown together—casual and inviting yet cohesive and beautiful. Well, that’s what we do as stylists. It’s less about the perfectly matching high-end sofa set and more about infusing your room with personality without it looking like a thrift store. It’s honestly not as hard as it sounds…if you buy this book and let it help you.



“Emily’s book, STYLED: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves takes rooms and vignettes that could seem hopelessly enigmatic and breaks them down, bit by bit, to give her readers ideas and explanations and the tools to recreate or even just understand why something is placed the way it is and why it works.”

– Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow


“In her new book, STYLED, stylist and design star Emily Henderson focuses on identifying your style with her signature diagnostic quiz, then applying your personality room by room using stunning homes, handpicked by Henderson, for inspiration.”

– My Domaine 


“STYLED will help you edit your home and find your inner stylist.”

– Good Housekeeping


“Henderson, HGTV Design Star winner, offers her tips for making the rooms in your home look like the ones in magazines. You can have all the right colors, furniture and organization, but without a few styling tips, it may still fall flat. First Henderson helps you figure out your style (are you seventies or traditional? Modern glam or bohemian?) then after hipping you to a few industry terms, she takes you through 10 easy steps to transform your rooms. A final room-by-room guide helps you find style secrets that work with each space.”

– The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


“You know when you look at images of spaces so different from your own and think “Man, I want to live like THAT! I would be so much cooler if my house was like that one!” 🙂  That’s how I feel about the spaces in Emily’s book.”

– Erin Gates of Elements Of Style




“Her new book, STYLED . . . is filled with tips for making rooms look beautiful and feel cozy.”

– Joanna Goddard of Cup Of Jo


“STYLED is packed with practical advice for any design enthusiast, whether their space needs a few finishing touches or a complete overhaul.”

– Architectural Digest


“It’s beautiful, but also very informative, and I guarantee it will make any room in your house way cooler.”

– Joy Cho of Oh Joy!


“STYLED is full of inspiration and advice for getting that magazine-ready look in your own home.”

– Apartment Therapy


“Your personal stylist is in the building. The HGTV darling and blog queen dishes out 10 easy style steps to update your space into something smart and savvy but ultimately still you. And with 1,000 unique decorating ideas, your home will be ready for its close-up.”

– USA Today


“. . . STYLED is a must-read for anyone interested in beautifying their space.”

– Lucky Shops


“I know you’ll love what she has to say, and I highly recommend picking up a copy of STYLED. It’s completely packed with helpful, useable advice. Say you’ve picked out your furniture, placed everything just so, but somehow your room still feels unfinished? STYLED to the rescue! Emily will teach you how to approach the details of each room so that your house feels polished, thoughtful and totally livable.”

– Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom


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