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by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged2

As you might know at this point our house is on the market. I’ve decorated it a few different ways over the years – at some points loving it more or less, but never taking advantage of that light and the bright airiness the living room has. It’s a beautiful room with an insane view and so much light all day long. When we moved we needed our sofa, so we had to restyle it to sell. This is the ‘How we styled the living room to sell’ post.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged3

I wanted to show off the light and space, so everything we did was with that goal in mind. Since we moved our sofa to the new house we needed to replace it with something for staging and selling. Around that time Article reached out to say ‘hey, we just finished shooting some sofas in LA for the catalogue, do you want to borrow for the staging and potentially sell it with the house?’ I looked at the sectional in question and said, YES.

Now that this sectional is in here, man this room is prettier and more inviting than ever. It simplified the seating area and is the kind of sofa that goes with so many different styles of houses – so I knew it would appeal to so many different buyers. I was extremely impressed with it and we all commented how it just worked so much better than the awesome leather strapping sofa I had. Of course because this is linen (and not sunbrella like my white sofa was) I wouldn’t have felt as confidant buying it with two toddlers, but seeing it in here really made me think ‘this is what this room wanted the whole time’.

Remember when it looked like this?


One of the major changes was the removal of the tree. Visually I missed it SO MUCH but the pot was rotting, the leaves were dropping sap, ruining furniture, flooring, rugs, etc. (It was healthy and new in that photo). Walking over there was like walking on a fly trap. But it was so big and daunting (and expensive) so figuring out how to best solve the situation was so hard. Ultimately we knew we couldn’t have an open house with the sap. So we gave it away to a friend (after trying to sell it for 1/5 what I paid for it), and did a light refinishing of the flooring around it. At different points it was a GORGEOUS tree, but when it was sick it really caused me more stress than any other thing in my house. And then I would talk about it like that in front of it which I think made it more sick. It wasn’t properly potted in the first place. UGH. I’m so glad it’s gone and off to a better place.

Since my eye knows it was there I miss it, but looking at these photos makes me think – it doesn’t matter, that room is so lovely without it and it really does look so big and airy. We bought a $100 fig tree instead. Done. And yes, I thought about bringing the old tree to my new house, but when my friend Tessa said that she wanted to plant it in her back yard and that she would LOVE to love it properly, I said – maybe that’s just best. Brian grew to hate that tree so maybe it’s just best to move on and cut our losses. It was in three magazines, it did its job for my portfolio. Time to move on.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged4

I was very worried about how to style this room to sell, and yet be full of enough personality to represent me. Brian kept telling me to stop and that it was good enough and I kept joking dramatically, ‘this is my life’s work!’ So I kept all the color and pattern in the textiles, and used a (what I like to think) universally loved color palette of gray, blue, navy, white, wood, with some hints of lighter toned pinks as an accent. I didn’t want it to be boring. I took your advice from my master bedroom staging and decided to leave more style/stuff than I was advised from others. Hopefully I was right. The pillows are a mix of ones that I already owned, vintage fabric I had made (that are available on the flea) and Target (most are linked up below).

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged1

I took off the more neutral bench covers along the fireplace and revealed the vintage indigo (that has been brightened from the sun) instead. It added a nice pop of color (and if you are the buyer, of course you can keep both covers).

I brought back that awesome table with the sadly cracked marble top (that you can barely tell). I coudln’t have it with the kids (it was extremely easy to knock over) but it looked amzing here.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged5

One thing that you may or may not notice is that the two sconces up on the second level don’t match. It’s ALWAYS bugged me (in photos, HA). The order came in wrong, but it was right when we were shooting the laundry room post so I just installed it for the shoot. They are so affordable and I should have replaced it, but I didn’t because that sounds like a super boring way to spend time and money, especially since it was already shot. 🙂 In person it didn’t really bother me and most people didn’t notice it (one is gold and one is white, both the same style).

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged6

We paired back the shelving (stay tuned for a video/post on that as part of our ‘staging to sell’ series with Curbed). I brought in one of my saddle chairs for the shoot. It looks small here, but looked great in the room. I actually brought that one (and the lamp) home before the open house because I wanted them in this house so bad. We kept the color palette calm, with these pops of teals and blues.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged9

That is the view from the dining room and it’s a REALLY really good one.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged7

Not sure if you guys watched the Facebook live but in it I talked about how everything is for sale to the new buyer, but then retracted almost immediately saying ‘well not that, and not that, and definitely not that’. One person asked what would be the one thing I would save from a fire, and I answered that would be the blimp painting. Most everything else I can buy again or find a version of which I love. I would definitely re-buy those ceramic bells, that pouf (it looks so good in birdie’s room), that throw (which is so expensive but man, it has looked good every place I’ve styled it) and some of the Rebecca Atwood pillows. And that black Jonathan Adler pot (that I got at the flea market for $20!) I’m hoping the new owner wants to buy the sectional, that dresser, the saddle chair (pair … even though they aren’t there right now), the coffee table (I LOVE it but it’s too heavy for us to move for our fort-making in the new house) and the rug – because those pieces don’t have a place in the new house as of right now.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged8

The dining table and chairs also don’t work in the new house size-wise (and since our countertops are marble it would be weird to have marble next to marble) so I’m hoping the new buyer wants to buy that table and chairs, too (If not, you KNOW that I’ll be doing a big instagram sale so stay tuned).

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged11

Well, there she is. I’m going to do a big ‘Glendale house Biography’ post, putting all versions of all rooms in one post (with links to them), with all befores/progress and afters so that you can see everything in one post, all together. That’s mostly for my own reference, but I figured you guys might like it, too.

Emily Henderson_Living Room_Staged To Sell_Boho_Mid Century_Eclectic_Blue_White_Styled_Couch_Sectional_Staged12

I have to say that I really do love this more than how we had it before. It’s making me question not having a sectional in every room, if possible (we put one in the family room, too and it looks so good). They are just so inviting, cozy and in a way a sectional makes designing the rest of the room easier – just add a club chair and you are good to go. I love the slim arms of this sectional so much, by the way – it maximizes the seat area without it being too bulky.

So here is a get the look for the last and final Glendale home living room. Hopefully the new owners want ‘the look’ so much that it he/she buys it all (except for the things mentioned above :)) WISH US LUCK.

Emily Henderson_Home_Living Room_Staging_For Sale_Curbed_Get the Look_With Numbers

1. Couch | 2. Brass Chandelier | 3. Coffee Table | 4. Rug | 5. Leather Pouf | 6. Wood Accent Chair | 7. Leather Accent Chair | 8. Side Table | 9. White Lamp | 10. Woven Tray | 11. Turquoise Vase | 12. Coral Stripe Pillow | 13. Green and Gray Pillow | 14. Navy Fringe Throw | 15. Blue Strip Throw | 16. Dash Pillow | 17. Cream Euro Pillow | 18. Blush Pillow | 19. White Handled Vase | 20. Pink Ceramic Vase | 21. Striped Bell with Beads | 22. Moon Phase Bell | 23. Painted Eye Bell

Do you like it better than how we had it? Or am I alone in that?

***Update: Due to last weeks executive actions I have decided that 100% of the net profits from The FLEA will be donated to the ACLU until March (or until it’s sold out). Regardless of politics, America is a country founded by immigrants, and our moral standing is in question right now as we are rejecting those in need out of unsubstantiated fear. We, the people, define what being “American” means, and I say it means freedom for all and acceptance of everyone – (yes, with vetting, protocol and proper paperwork). Also I’m taking suggestions on where to donate, if anyone knows any organizations that are better at promoting love and fighting for civil rights, then please leave in the comments.

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  1. Well said!

  2. Beauty all around — both in the living room & in the tone of your afterthoughts.

    1. I dont think keeping our nation safe by enforcing immigration laws is hateful. America has always been there to help the rest of the world because we are strong and secure. We need to remain that way by being smart about our national security, laws, economy, immigration, and our military. If we no longer have a secure country, how can we then help others? When you are flying on an airplane they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, then help your child…because if you don’t survive, neither will they. Our government is taking a step back to make our country strong again so we will be around long term to continue helping others. We need to have a strong foundation first and then focus on issues that are also very important, but cannot be accomplished without the support of a solid government.

      1. Hi Lisa, I hope this message thread can find some understanding between you and me (and people who think in similar ways than each of us). I agree 100% with all the things you are saying. Indeed America has a strong place in the world and we cannot let our guard down on these very important issues. I have been following the news and the consensus is that this order does the opposite of securing our borders. The people who are not allowed to enter the country are people who were already vetted multiple times. Resources that should go towards intelligence are going -again- towards vetting the least suspect population.
        I’m alarmed (to say the least) at why would our president wants to distract us from real issues.
        Please let me know what do you think of my comment. I don’t want this to be a one-sided conversation ever. Thanks!

      2. Hi Lisa,
        You seem to be a thoughtful person and I respect that you laid out your concerns in a diplomatic way. I would encourage you to think about this from a historical perspective as well. During WWII, we refused Jewish refugees into America because we were concerned that spies would sneak into the country. Anne Frank’s family was denied asylum in the U.S. because they still had relatives in Germany, which the U.S. believed made the family a security risk.
        I agree with you that keeping the nation safe is important; however, these refugees have already been deemed safe. As Liz said, the executive order targets refugees that have already been heavily vetted. I think we will eventually regret turning our backs on these people, many of whom are women and children.

      3. Lisa please know that I mean no offence but… as an European I sometimes find your ignorance (“not knowing the facts”) on geopolitcs appalling. Lisa you state “help the rest of the world because we are strong and secure” – what exactly are you talking about? Funding what will become Al Qaeda because they were against the Russians? Who btw should not have been in Afghanistan in the first place? Or are you talking about the occupation of the Dominican Republic in order to have control on the Panamanian Canal? What about Nicaragua and Chile? Or supporting Israel against the Palestinians no matter what? BTW As we are speaking of refugees… don’t you think that this kind of “imperialism masked by help” is what created them?

        Oh, and don’t think I condone similar behaviour of the present or past from any other country! What makes me mad about this is that I “get it” when dictators of left and right ideologies do these horrors. But from a democracy such as the USA I expect better.

        The World is not your child to take care of, thank you very much. Nor it is a market to exploit for capitalistic gains.

        You really want to help the world? Do some volunteer work or support NGOs who are living and dying everyday helping people in refugee camps. I do the latter of the 2 options because I don’t want to risk my life. I’m lazy like that. But please know that the issues at stake in these situations are much more complex that what you think or believe.

      4. I completely agree with you. This isn’t something that in new…


        1. In reference to Lisa’s comment ^^^

  3. Thank you so much for using your platform to stand up for immigrant rights.

  4. KUDOS to you for your support of the ACLU, for using your platform as a voice for good, and for your message to all of us to not be selective in how we express these moral values.
    I’ve seen on Instagram that both Jaime Derringer and Anna Ullman have put up for sale original artworks, at extremely reasonable prices, with 100% of the proceeds going to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood respectively.
    I absolutely LOVE that all of you ladies are using your talents to support causes that you believe in. What a fantastic way to put your money where your mouth is. Bravo!
    Also, I love the way you styled your old living room, in all it’s iterations. Keep up the amazing work!

  5. That’s a great note at the end, thanks for writing it! It’s fantastic that you are donating net profits to the ACLU. That organization is a national treasure.

  6. I´ve never commented (anywhere!) before, although I´ve been tempted several times. However, I am now so full of admiration that I´m going to: I´m very, very, impressed that you really put your money where your mouth is. What an example!
    Reading a design blog often feels slightly frivolous to me, but I learn so much here about so many different aspects of life (in America) that I keep on coming back. Keep at it!

    1. Thank you very very much for commenting 🙂 It honestly is what keeps me going at times xx

      1. By answering, you’ve encouraged me to comment more often. So pleased that we’re both pleased. Thank you!

  7. I have always loved that Serena & Lily rug. Can you tell me about its durability? I have two toddlers – 3.5 and 1.5 – and am worried about the color.

    1. And if you’re thinking about selling it when the house sells, let me know!

      1. You can spill a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine on it and just sop it up with a paper towel. It’s INSANELY stain resistant. I’ve had two of these – one in the bedroom and this one in the living room. The bedroom was a pass through to the outside deck and got a lot of indoor outdoor shoe-wearing traffic, so where the foot traffic was the hair/fur wore down, changing the tone of it to be darker, but not dirty – just balder (that sounds so gross). I didn’t notice it until we moved and I saw the area under the bed was a brighter white. The one in the living room doesn’t get the consistent foot traffic (at least not in one particular area) so it still looks brand new after 2 years. I will say they aren’t the coziest rugs for toddlers, but man are they durable and pretty much your only option if you want a white rug that is stain resistant. xx

    2. I also have two toddlers (3.5 and 2 at the time of purchase) and have this rug. I 100% agree with Emily’s comment about it being stain resistant. Before I purchased it, I actually ordered a sample. I let my kids go to town with spilling stuff on it to see if it would come out. Everything did, including the things we let sit on the sample overnight.

      Unfortunately, unlike Emily’s, mine is in a very high traffic area. I live in a very narrow rowhouse with an open plan, so everyone has to walk over the rug to get to and from the other rooms. The side with the foot traffic is more than just a little bald. It’s very noticeable and really bumming me out. Even my husband (who never noticed anything!) has commented on it.

  8. I completely agree with you 100% about Syrian refugees, absolutely we need to help them and let them into our country. It breaks my heart for those families.

    I don’t want to make this into a religious post, but as a Christian, I just wanted to clarify one thing. Jesus Christ was not just a good guy, He is God, fully human and divine at the same time. Christ claims many times to be God, so either he is God or he is not. If he’s not God, he knows that he is not God and that makes him a liar, or if he mistakenly thinks he is God and he’s not, then he is a lunatic. I think we can all agree that he is neither a liar nor a lunatic. Just some food for thought.

    Thank you for donating all your proceeds, that is a very generous thing to do! Thank you also for your beautiful design blog!

    1. Thanks Allison. I actually deleted the part about Christianity to avoid people some how mis-interpreting me, thinking that i’m anti christianity, because i’m certainly not. I woke up at 5am with a ‘gah! do you really want to bring that kind stress on yourself right now? did you really just talk about Jesus on your blog?’ panic. But since we are here again … I hope that more Christians can act more like Christ – whether you believe he is a human or God, he was/is a very, very good example to all. Helping those in need and living with compassion should not necessarily be drawn from religion, but i’m constantly disappointed in the people (specifically in politics) who claim to have these religious values, and yet don’t consider human beings that have less, in their political motivations. And i’m not just talking about refugees – i’m talking about the homeless, the mentally ill, those under the poverty level, those in the prison system, poor families all over the country – cities and rural areas, who actually benefited from the ACA, who don’t have access to good education, etc, etc. We just don’t care about our people anymore and we keep setting up systems that benefit the upper class, keeping those in need suffering. Don’t get me started on what I fear is going to happen to public education …. And now I just think that the wall and the ban are breeding more hatred against us, and no, that is not a good thing for us globally or morally.

      1. I get where you are coming from and why you took down your original post. I hope I did not cause you any undue stress by commenting about religion in my post, that wasn’t my intent. After I posted, I did see you took it down.

        Once again I am in total agreement with you that it is our duty to care for ALL life (refugees, homeless, mentally ill, the poor, criminals, etc. ). Not one life is more important than the next. I wasn’t necessarily offended by anything you wrote about Christianity and get where you are coming from when people claim to be “Christian” but their words/actions speak otherwise. That is very hypocritical. However, there are real Christians out there. If we want this world to be a better place, we do need more love and compassion and to stop judging others. It is morally and ethically wrong to discriminate against any one group of people and make judgements about them, including Christians. Please know, I am NOT at all saying you did this, just wanted to point out that sometimes as a Christian I too can feel judged and hated just because I am a Christian.

        Thank you for your blog!

  9. Thank you for that post, Emily.

  10. Extremely well said, and I couldn’t agree more. We are an embarrassment to ourselves on a world-wide scale right now, and it’s disgraceful.

    (Also your LR looks great, and I hope the Open Houses will prove to be fruitful for you.)

  11. Gorgeous as always! And thank you so much for using your designer celebrity status to stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. My grandparents lived in Holland during WWII (my grandmother has stories of hiding behind a chest that got shot full of bullets) and immigrated separately to Canada (they met here) in search of a better life after the war was over.

    I identify as a Christian feminist, and man does it make my heart break and my blood boil to witness all the things that are being done in God’s name — or in spite of his words. “Jesus never talked about governments… blah blah blah”.

    Also, I don’t know about other people, but while I might be envious of your beautiful things, I will never get tired of posts about your house. 🙂


  12. I like the sectional alot but preferyour earlier versions. that said this is great too. Good selling!!

  13. Bravo, Emily! Very well said– I spent some time over the weekend writing my Senators and Representatives as well. Our country was founded on religious freedom, freedom for all, not just Christians. This is a founding tenet of our democracy and it is being sorely tested right now. But back to the house, I love the staged version of the living room– I esp like the hits of green in the pillow on the couch, the fiddle leaf fig, and the art work beyond in the foyer. It’s just a bit, but so delightful to the eye. I can’t say I love it more than the earlier renditions of your living room because I love all the character of those earlier versions, but this one is awesome too! Thanks for being so real, and being such an awesome styling teacher.

  14. Emily, I love you! The end of this post was perfect. Spent the weekend demonstrating and trying to help friends who have already been affected by the EO. Thank you for speaking out!

  15. I tried to comment earlier but I don’t think it went through. Just wanted to thank you for speaking up. I’m a non-evangelical Christian and I don’t think some of these people are reading the same Bible I do.

    Hope the new owners keep the living room just like you styled it!

  16. Thank you for speaking up about the hypocrisy of the current “Christian” dominance of our politics. You nailed it.

  17. Thank you for your comments. I couldn’t agree more.

  18. Looks great, Emily! Speaking of the Flea…is there a way to filter out the sold items? I like the option of seeing sold items to get an idea of what kind of stuff is sold, but most of the time, I only want to see the items available for purchase (and that way the page loads faster too). If there’s a workaround that I’m not seeing, please let me know!

  19. Thank you so much for your statement at the end of the post. What is happening is not normal, right, or just. We have to use our voices in any way we can to oppose and reverse this terrible executive order.

  20. As always, thank you!

  21. I missed the FB live, but I have a question, I’ve noticed in the shots of your front door (from the outside) there seems to be some sort of ledge or something to the left but kind of in front of the door, what is that? I always imagined it was a planter, but I’ve never seen you put anything in/on it.


  22. loved the room both before and after.


    always hesitant about donating money without knowing exactly where it goes, but i have worked with my nashville chapter of world relief and have seen my money and time go to good use. i’m sure there are several LA chapters.

  23. Your house is a dream; I could look at pics of it all day. I love the way it’s styled now, but yeah too bad the tree didn’t work out.

    Bravo for donating Flea proceeds to the ACLU. Imma go browse through those things again…

  24. i love how bright everything looks….definately gives ideas on how to make home improvements

  25. Love how you styled this! I also have an Article sofa and we love it! We went with a dark colour to help with toddler messes.

    I’m so sad that the coffee table is no longer available at anthropology. I love it!

    Happy selling

    1. Hi! I have been spying the sectional for a while now. How comfy would you consider it? The husband has such a requirement. ?

  26. emily, who is that painting by in the dining room – the one where the woman is looking back at the viewer? It was love at first sight when I first spotted it in the guest room – the colors, the style – and I’d love to know the artist or more details so I could hunt them and other hopefully similar pieces by them down. karine x

  27. Thank you Emily!!! Your house is beautiful and you are a beautiful person ! This is a good start of the monday after a week with these horrible events. As a visa-holder myself and living in the US for 17 years, this weekend my husband and I had a serious talk about leaving (and no, i’m not from one of the seven countries). I had some hope after walking the LA march last week but got hit hard this last week. I’m so disappointed in people, looks like this president brings out all the ugliness what was hidden inside them.

  28. I love the room but what made this post truly wonderful was your update. Powerful. Thank you.

  29. I have an idea for you to consider. Possibly you could move many families of properly vetted migrants into the home you are trying to sell.

  30. Your home looks bright, calm, airy, and wonderful! I look forward to reading about the bidding war and how that went down. As for the current state of affairs regarding immigration…our minds may go to the Syrians and those in need first, but let’s not forget that our medical system is dependent on foreign nationals. Surely anyone who has walked a hospital corridor or been treated in the last two decades knows this. Our president doesn’t seem capable of seeing the forest for the trees.

  31. Hello!

    Thank you for using your platform for good. If you’re looking for additional organizations to support, may I recommend the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), National Immigration Law Center (NILC), and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)?

    1. Please do a lot of research about SPLC before donating. Stephen Bright, a hero among anti-death penalty advocates, has written about the war chest Morris Dees amassed in the name of poverty law (over $100 million), and contrasts it with the small amount of legal services SPLC actually provides to poor people. Mr. Bright notes that plenty of other poverty law groups help many, many people — and do so on a shoestring budget. (EJI-Alabama is my personal favorite.)

  32. First time commenting but have been reading for a long time. I love your design style but really admire your integrity and courage to stand up for what you feel is right. I also just donated to ACLU but am looking for more to do. It’s a scary time for the country but I’m glad people like you are taking a stand and making a contribution.

  33. I’m a daughter of an immigrant and this made me respect you even more. Thank you, for always putting your real, raw feelings out there, even when it’s not the easy road.
    And for putting your money where your mouth is!

  34. Do you have a link for your hallway sconces? Thanks!

  35. I read your blog all the time but very rarely comment. Thank you for continuing to be a voice of reason and love during these troubling times. Thank you also for donating to the ACLU. Cheers!

  36. I’ve been waiting all weekend to see your opinion on what’s happening in the US. As a Canadian (who reads your blog daily), I’m shocked at what is happening across the boarder and am very afraid of how easily it could happen here (Google Kevin O’Leary). Thank you for providing us with a lovely post with pretty pictures (a break from all the dark and stormy) but ALSO using your stage to support equality and stand up for human rights. We need it for humanity.

  37. LOVE the staged living room. I completely know how you feel about the selling (or not selling) of some of your treasured items. Our house sold last August and I staged the whole house with my own belongings…which included some of my treasured vintage pieces. The buyers decided they wanted to buy as much of the large items as they could as they were moving half way across the country and didn’t want the burden of moving furniture. It really worked out great because I was able to itemize what I wanted to keep, which was mostly accessories and desperately clinging to my Erik Buck dining chairs. But really wasn’t as much as I thought it would be…. and the buyers moved in to a house all ready for them. I got to go shopping for new pieces for the new house! Collecting that check wasn’t a bad thing either. 😉 Your staging will surely sell the house and the furniture in it! Good luck!

  38. Emily, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to support the ACLU and to buy the floral shams you had on your guest bedroom. We just painted our bedroom green tint and I think the colors would be so happy together AND it would make me incredibly happy to give further support to organizations that will help keep our country TRULY American!! xoxo

  39. Whoa with the unfounded, unfair attack on Christians. I don’t care if you and I believe different things, but you lose me completely when you lump an entire group of people into a box and label them negatively. They have a word for that – stereotyping.

    Our politics and political system are not representative of Christianity – not now and not over the last 8 years either. You wrote as if the executive order was signed “in the name of Jesus” and endorsed by every Christian. What on earth does any of it have to do with Christianity? That attitude and the blaming of Christianity is factually incorrect and incredibly offensive. It’s also a sign of some pretty intense ignorance, since there are large groups of Christians working for refugees now, and who have been for years.

    I don’t care if our beliefs are different, but its supremely uncool and ignorant to blame everything you dislike on an entire category of people who didn’t have anything to do with it. This immigration ban was about politics, not Christianity. You lost me as a reader today. I see you’ve since deleted those words, and I’m glad for that. I wish you and your family all the best, and hope you’ll open your world a little bit to other perspectives.

    1. I didn’t blame the religion of Christianity for anything, I would never do that, and I’m truly sorry you are sensitive and that you interpreted my words as such. I have first hand experience with the amazing power of good christians (my parents are on a mission right now in Samoa) and was raised with those values. I simply see a lot of hypocracy amongst individuals – please note that word – NOT the organized religion as a whole, but individuals who claim to be so Christian but frankly act mean towards other people. Good christians, like you, prioritize helping people into their daily lives. Donald Trump will never represent a good christian to me because as I explained to Charlie today he isn’t nice to people, he doesn’t stick up for people and he doesn’t help people in need like a nice guy would. It’s that simple. Don’t pretend to be a christian and then be mean to others. Don’t say you have the values of a great religion that does great things if you aren’t going to use them to inform how you treat other people. I understand that this is the same amongst every religion and I find fault simply in the people, not the belief systems or the organization as a whole, no matter what you are, but specifically since the Christian thing has been coming up in our politics so much this last week. I hope we are good, Kristin, because trust me, I think that if we all just had the values that many religions, including christianity have, regardless of our beliefs, that we would be a way better country and world.

      1. Wish you can hear me applauding your right now. Being a kind, respectful person has no religion

    2. Agree…so many, many misinformed and misled people commenting. It makes me very sad to see the hate coming from those who profess love for “all”.
      The division in this country began with the country’s founding. We are a young and rambunctious nation, however, we have always strived to be a nation of laws and order amidst chaos and dissent. Embrace the chaos – this is what this energetic lawful nation is all about! The right of all legal citizens of this country to dissent is written in the US Constitution. Emily has a perfect right to donate her profits to whomever she wants. I’m not sure all of this belongs on a Design blog – but here it is, she chooses to let us know how she feels – California style activism, and once it’s posted, the rest of the world, who also have opinions, possibly not California style opinions, chime in.
      It’s all good – it’s good to be open to other citizens’ opinions on these things. Just know please, that we don’t all live in “California bubble world”.

      1. What hate are you talking about? I haven’t read all the comments yet, but they all seem to be positive.

    3. I completely agree with you, Kristen. You said exactly what I’m feeling.

  40. Everything looks so beautiful! You did a wonderful job! We are currently redoing our entry way and I’m looking for a nice, casual bench. I would love to know where yours is from!

  41. It is, of course, beautiful. But you are preaching to the choir with me, so I popped in here to say that my (male, if it matters) colleague just glanced at my screen and said, “Wow. That is a gorgeous living room!” So: mission accomplished! You’ve nailed it! 🙂

  42. You are amazing for redirecting the profits from FLEA sales to ACLU. We all are in this together to stand up for one another and those with voices like yours doing this is inspiring. Thank you, Emily!

    Also, I seriously want to move to LA now just to buy your house. This is exactly what my dream home that I’m looking for is- you did a beautiful job staging! These are the exact color palettes I am decorating in 🙂

  43. THANK YOU!!! Donating the proceeds to the ACLU is amazing. I feel like that should be at the top of the post!!!!!

  44. I have always LOVED that you left the fireplace stone au naturale. I guess there’s a place for whitewashing stone, but gah!

  45. Shopping the flea means BOTH supporting the ACLU… AND potentially getting something personally shopped for by Emily Henderson? My Monday just got a whole lot better. Kidding aside, thank you Emily for sharing the beauty you find and create in the world AND for using your platform for important things that need to be talked about. And desperately changed.

  46. Ooh! Beautiful room! Calm, airy, cozy, and still full of personality and interest. And, somehow I never realized there was a window behind your tree (onto the entry). Your other versions always seemed beautiful (loved that blue sofa) but maybe in person it was too “leggy” with all the slats and slings.

    Love that you’re using your platform to share on things you feel strongly and passionate about.

  47. I know you said you’d rather cut all ties and let it go without knowing what happens to this home, but man, it’d be fun to have a spin-off blog, so I can see the new owners love it, cause they’re GOING to love it! Has that been done?! Like the Rhoda to your Mary. Or at the very least a Holiday Special or Where Are They Now.

  48. I feel a little silly asking a frivolous question when this post took on a much deeper meaning, but really am just curious: is it common for buyers to buy a lot of the staged or previous owner’s furniture? I live in TX and have owned 2 houses but never experienced that. Wondering if it’s a regional thing or more common at a higher price point? Thanks!

    1. I don’t really know to be honest. I personally think that the buyer should buy a few of these pieces because they just look so perfect for the space. But of course they may not be their taste … or maybe they, you know, already have a sofa 😉 But I do know a few people who have sold so much of their furniture when they sold their house. In fact you know that Spanish California Mod house I designed? Well, they are friends of mine and when they moved she basically sold them a lot of what she had because it wasn’t going to work scale-wise in their new house. Also she loves to design and I think wanted a new project 🙂

    2. Chicago chiming in here – we’ve done that both times we moved, so not sure if it’s regional or what. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for responding! I appreciate learning new info like this. 🙂

  49. Love! Where is the white pom pom throw on the couch from?

    1. I misread that for a moment as “what in the white pom-pom” and I thought it a hilarious way to call out on a design blog.

      1. That is funny! I think that should be a new phrase.

  50. For a person WITH young stain-causing children, what sectional (or sectional fabric??) would you recommend? Does it matter as long as the couch pillow cushion covers are washable?

    Note: Assume the person WITH kids also has a cat (^’x’^)

    1. I’m going to do a whole post about it. For our old sofa we had Sunbrella which was SUPER easy to wash and hard to stain, but the texture isn’t that good. For our new sofa we got the fabric pre-treated with stain resistance, with hopes that even though its navy it will resist my children. Other good options are leather (but not cozy and very expensive), ultra-suede (which I don’t like the look of but you know, is certainly stain resistant), performance velvet (which is a cheaper poly based velvet. Generally poly or synthetics clean up WAY better than linen or cotton. And then yes, slip covered which is high maintenance but works. Or a crazy pattern, which is definitely a harder choice to make 🙂 Even dark doesn’t work that well because yogurt/milk gets all over it. But we recently washed our gray couch cushions professionally and they look brand new (they are poly/velvet) so if I could just do that more often then our house would look 25% less disgusting. Good luck!

  51. I seriously can’t believe that you even have to list your house! Aren’t people clamouring to buy it? If I lived there, I would be itching to buy an Emily Henderson designed house!!!

    1. Offers are coming in today! I’m sooooo nervous. xx

      1. Wow! Multiple offers after the first open house! That’s wonderful! Hope at least one of them is at or over asking price! Maybe a bidding war to get all of your furnishings?!

        The staged living room looks beautiful. As many of your readers have been clamoring for a post on sectionals, it was a good idea to stage the house with a sectional. A lot of people have (or want) sectionals in their living room and/or den/family room. I hope the new owners realize that the room looks light and bright BECAUSE of that light sofa and don’t change it for their big, bulky, dark brown leather/faux leather sectional (which are VERY popular in the LA area but are never appropriate for Emily’s blog. I had to special order to get a white sofa because poofy, dark, oversized leather sofas are hugely prevalent in stores in Orange County.) The light through the windows is ENHANCED with white or light furnishings.

        My apartment gets afternoon sun but has chocolate brown carpet and paper bag brown walls. Every apartment I’ve seen in the complex is decorated with earth tones and is dreary, dark and depressing. I decided to cover much of the carpet with lighter colored rugs, a white sofa, white table and chairs, and while bookcases. The bed and dresser are dark wood but the bedding is tonal white. My apartment is light and bright, even before the sun pours in in the afternoon. I toy with the idea of painting the walls to make it even lighter and brighter but haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet because it works so well right now that I’m not sure it needs lighter paint.

  52. SO admirable Emily.

    Also, where in GOD’S NAME did you find a fig tree for $100?!?!?!?!?!?! That would easily cost $700 here in Chicago. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!!

    Kira | http://www.theimperfectionistblog.com

    1. Oh really? From the flower market, downtown. The ones that are more of a tree are way more expensive but since this one is more of a plant (I guess) it wasn’t too bad.

      1. I am legit contemplating a trip to LA just to buy a bunch of these suckers. Although the journey home would probably kill them all. Good luck with the offers!!!

        1. I moved my 5-6′ tall fiddle-leaf fig from DC to Chicago in my car! It can be done! I did the drive in one very long day. Water well the day before, then wrap the pot in plastic, including the top, to keep the soil in place. Put the pot into a plastic bag-lined box that fits the pot. It *will* leak a little. Consider laying a tarp or garbage bags in the back of the vehicle just in case. Depending on the shape of the tree, use soft cord or shoelaces to tie the branches together into a bundle. Wrap the leaves gently with bubble wrap to keep them from getting caught on to things in the car. Lay flat, and you’re good to go.

          Or buy a smaller tree and wait for it to grow 😉

  53. The room looks great! Do you have a source for the wooden pegs holding up your ceramic bells?

    1. We bought them with the bells at Lost and Found LA. You could call them and see if they can sell them on their own? I belive they were expensive, like $60 each or maybe $60 total … I don’t remember.

  54. Looks amazing as usual. And thank you for contributing to the ACLU!!!

  55. Thank you so much for your words and donating the ACLU. I donated for the 2nd time (ever) on Saturday night. I appreciate the fact that you will address what’s going on in the world, and also offer a little respite from all the bad news.

    Your LR is gorgeous, too! Can’t wait to see the new one!

  56. funny, this is actually my fave look in this living room so far! i don’t typically like sectionals but its heft really sort of anchors the room…even though it’s so big it still looks light (good on article).

    you’re not taking that dresser? bummer! i’d buy it up if i could. sad about tree!!! 🙁 but i didn’t even notice. haha. i have got to stake my fiddle. my 2 branches are almost touching the floor they’re so tall/heavy. i’m sure that’s not proper tree maintenance.

  57. Beautiful! And props to you for sending support to the ACLU. I’m so happy they got 24 mill + in donations after this shameful executive order. Good for you!

  58. Applause on the ACLU donation-they got 24 million dollars donated this weekend alone- six times what they usually get in a year. So glad to see that people care! On a more prosaic note, what size is your living room rug? And how easy is it to clean, especially with babies around? Do you just vacuum it? It’s been on my wish list forever…

  59. I LOVE this look and your philanthropic contributions. Can you tell us where the actual coffee table is from? The one listed is similar but not exact.

  60. Love everything! It’s so bright, crisp and inviting. Can you share where you got your fig tree? Any online recs for buying one? Thanks Emily!

  61. Thank you for using the power you have to do good to do just that.

  62. Emily, your home looks stunning! I am jealous of the lucky humans who will next inhabit it. I come to your blog daily for inspiration and your wonderful writing style and humor. What I love most, though, is how you use your platform to voice your beliefs and to stand up for what is right. THANK YOU. It is so encouraging to see someone put their money where their mouth is and not shy away from what might be perceived as controversial. As an aside, how something like basic human decency and core American values could be controversial, I’ll never understand.

    Anyway, thank you again and I just pulled the trigger on a piece in the flea that I have been pining over for some time. Your commitment and generosity were just what I needed to buy the damn thing. xoxo

  63. I would buy that rug in a second if you would haul it to a Fex ex. Let me know if the buyers don’t want it!

  64. It looks beautiful. I hope it sells quickly. Most of all, thank you for your statement on immigrants.

  65. I have been so sad about our country, but proud when I see people standing up. They can’t get us without a fight!

    I will miss some of these pieces – the saddle chairs that great credenza in the living room… but I have been covering that portrait of the woman since I saw it in the guest room makeover at the rented house! I’d love a shit at it if the buyer doesn’t want it!

    1. Sorry about the swearing. It was a typo.

  66. Thank-you for contributing to the ACLU. We are, indeed, a nation of immigrants. This is an attack on one of the core values of America.

  67. Good for you Emily to donate to ACLU! You can easily donate something to them every month, I do. They will have lots of work to do with this administration.

  68. It is so gorgeous. I actually like the $100 tree better than the ginormous one.

    I’m dying to know… Am I the only one who totally doesn’t see the appeal of the bleach-stained blue flag? To me, the house is like an art gallery of gorgeous home decor but then with one old bit of ruined laundry tacked to a wall. It reminds me of when you see an old sheet used as a curtain in a poverty level apartment. I don’t mean that to sound insulting, it just is so over my head! A lot of times I grow to love odd decor I see here but that thing has always been a head scratcher for me. For staging, I would’ve put up that beautiful string art.

    1. I second that. I love the staged living room but would have taken down that flag for sure. I get that you need an oversized piece there but not that one. Way too seller specific.

    2. Oh Mary, I couldn’t disagree with you more! The flag is what makes the room to me. It brings the unique, hand-made, wabi-sabi element that elevates the room to a higher level.

  69. I’m a little disappointed you removed your original comments about hypocritical “Christians.” I thought it was one of the most moving things I’ve read here. But, I totally understand why you’d want to take it down.

    Your house looks great, staged or unstaged. We bought a totally gross place that needed a gut renovation. It was so easy to look past the ugly & imagine us there after a remodel. But I think if I were a potential buyer of this place, I would be hard put to visualize it without all your gorgeous stuff. (Of course, if all of that is for sale, too, things are different!) Best of luck — I feel a bidding war in my bones.

  70. Emily,
    Just wanted to say keep fighting the good fight over here. I have been a reader of your blog for years and have always ALWAYS appreciated how you keep it real, are open about what you believe in and encourage others to walk in the light as well. For now, all we can really do is keep seeking to encourage and love each other (plus donate and volunteer etc etc).

    Also, your living room is stunning; wish I could live in LA!

    1. A very long-time reader from Chicago wanting to second Emily’s comments! Walk in the light and live our values!

  71. Thank you for taking action. We need to stand together more than ever.

    I’m addicted to your blog; it’s the first thing that I check every morning. I love both the old and new houses.

    Also, please let me know if you need help with the saddle chairs =). I am more than willing to take them off your hands.

  72. I love that you make your view point known about what is going on in the country today.

    I write a blog about living in Belize as an immigrant (I moved from NYC). I have been here for 10 years and am so thankful that I was allowed to come here and work because I found the country beautiful and welcoming.

    I hate that my homeland is turning in such a…different direction. Keep doing what you are doing. I think it’s brave and amazing. Because I’m sure people have told you to keep politics out of your posts.

  73. Hi Emily, I think any organization helping American vets would be a good idea for a donation. They are dying waiting for medical services, while ACLU and/or anyone else NOT fighting for their right to live.

    Sadly, I have to make the decision to withdraw my support of you web site, I do not like my interior design with a side of political lecturing.

    1. She is showing her support to an organization who protects people.

      Also, the current president has put a freeze on hiring for the VA. There are positions that need to be filled so veterans can be served.

      Standing up for what you believe and writing about what you believe on your own blog is not lecturing.

      1. I’m applauding you Sarah

  74. Beautiful.

    Even more beautiful than room, your choice to support the ACLU. Thank you for donating. I’m tearing up because my dad is an Indian immigrant. We are Indian and I can say that me, my sisters, my parents and extended family do make this country better.

    When I read this blog I often imagine going to my dads house and trying to make it better because we love and appreciate all he has done for us. I love my dad so much and thank you again action.

  75. I love your decision to donate ‘The Flea’s” profits. As your neighbour, a Canadian, I’m proud of so many Americans like you and how you are fighting back with kindness through these trying times.
    I’m heading there now to shop….assuming you ship to Canada : )

  76. 1. Beautiful!

    2. I never noticed how GORGEOUS the floors are.

    3. 100% of proceeds to ACLU –> YAY!

  77. I could never choose which room design I like best because I have loved them all. I do cheer for sectionals because they are so versatile and comfy. And The Flea…yes

  78. I never comment but want to congratulate you on acknowledging the situation on your blog and for putting your money where your mouth is as well!

  79. Bless you for your decision about the Flea! <3

    This room does look really great. I'd buy that saddle chair if I was in LA!

  80. Looks fab – but hard to compete with the living room you lived in. Either are fabulous options for buyers.
    Question – where is the fabulous cream, tasseled throw (on your couch) from?

  81. Hi-maybe this was mentioned already-but the link to the bells doesn’t work. Love them!

  82. Good on you for donating that money-I feel soooo sad for Americans right now & so sad for the whole world!
    Please don’t sell those leather chairs… you will regret it!

  83. I really hope you do something similar to this in your new place – it would make it look so good!

  84. Emily – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years, and have continued to enjoy reading your opinions in this current climate it’s hard not to acknowledge what’s going on. I’m enjoying reading your comments – and super impressed by your ACLU donation – because I don’t always feel like most of the bloggers I follow have the similar perspective as me. Some I have come to realize may have very, very different views which doesn’t always set right with me, and I appreciate being able to read & support you – which allows you to support others.
    The International Rescue Committee is another great organization.

  85. All your posts are amazing, funny, real and honest-I so love reading them! Not only do I love your style (as mine is very similar), your blog helps me learn to style my house more thoughtfully and skillfully.
    It is also awesome to know that you are a great person as well! Kudos to you for using this to help donate to the ACLU!! If some of your readers are offended, well, they don’t have to read your posts do they? We do live somewhat in a “bubble” in LA, but not in many significant ways. We know not every person in this country thinks the same but we believe in extending kindness and sanctuary to those who need it. I love how progressive our state is and am proud of all the activism I am seeing! Hate is hard to erase. Love is taught. I am glad you are raising your children to treat others (even if they are different from you in every way) with respect, compassion and kindness.
    I hope such divisiveness will come to and end in our country.
    As human beings, we are more alike than we are different.

  86. Love the light and bright space you’ve created! I can’t imagine a better look for the room and I know the new buyers will love it too. Also I would have never noticed those sconces 🙂

  87. I’ve always thought your dresser in the living room was spectacular-love the brass handles! I use a 1957 E. Gomme G-Plan tola and black sideboard in my living room, but I’d ditch it in a heartbeat for yours if I wasn’t 2600 miles away on the east coast. Good luck with the house offers!

  88. Brava — I love what you’re doing with the Flea proceeds. No action is too small and you are making a difference. Thanks

  89. As I read through your post, I thought “Oh my, how pretty.” And then I got to the end and thought, “Oh my, I’m tearing up.” Thank you Emily for your never ending generosity

  90. Dearest Emily,

    You’ve been a part of my daily life for 5 years now. I began reading your blog while I lived in Iran, trying to stitch one day onto the next after my mom’s death.

    Now I’m back in the U.S., this country that I love truly, madly, deeply. Not because it’s perfect but for what it is and promises to be–a work in progress. And, you’re much more than a woman with fabulous taste to me. You could just talk about design and paint colors and pretty chairs (all things I love). But, here you are, taking a stand and speaking up and asking questions.

    Things are crap right now, but they’re also beautiful. Something I learned while watching my mom die: that in the midst of misfortune, we can be extraordinarily fortunate in the love and generosity and compassion we are gifted by others. To see people pouring into airports, to see lawyers sitting on the floor with their laptops while trying to help perfect strangers, to read your post–I can’t say thank you enough.

    So, I’m not giving up on this wonderful country. I’m giving to the ACLU and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Because where would we be without a free press? I’ve lived there and I know what it means.

    Thank you again for being so gutsy and true.

  91. I admire you sticking to your resolution to be more outspoken about political issues you believe in! And, of course, your living room looks great! So bright and airy!

    Sending love from Canada,
    xo Jules

  92. This looks amazing! I’ve had my eye on Article’s Sven sofa (in that gorgeous camel leather) for awhile now, and I think this may be a sign that it’s time to pull the trigger. I love the room as you guys lived it, but I can’t deny that the sectional looks fab in the space.

    As for your statement and your generosity, brava. This is bigger than politics, this is about basic humanity, and literally means life or death for thousands of people. That anyone could be offended at you choosing to assist the ACLU (and other charities) in the preservation of life just boggles my mind. I think part of the reason a lot of us are here is because you have so much heart — it shows in every post, in every design, in every photo of you and your family, and it’s wonderful to see it extended so plainly.

    Now, what to buy…

  93. Thank you for the note at the end about Flea sales being donated to the ACLU. I have to say, I’ve started to unfollow style bloggers if they don’t make any mention of what is happening in this country. Pretty houses are lovely, make me happy, and that break is necessary. But I am loosing all respect for people who don’t take a stand, even if their job is to make rainbow jello shots, and crocheted unicorns.

  94. As the daughter of refugees I thank you for your donations. Very few people in this world understand what it is liked to be forcefully uprooted from your home and family.

    Much love to you, Emily, and your team.

    Sincerely, Lillian C.

  95. Emily,

    Your donations and speaking out in support of immigrants are very much appreciated by this long time reader/fan. You are a good woman. (And this room looks amazing.) xox

  96. Emily Henderson, you are sunshine! Stand up for what you believe in. This is when it counts the most. So many innocent people are voiceless at this moment, feeling terrified and lost. What you do on this beautiful platform of yours means more than you know. Those wonderful babies of yours will look back on these dark days and be so proud of their mama for speaking up and taking action. Thank you.

  97. All the respect to you Emily for always presenting us with such beautiful and inspiring pictures and words but especially today for standing up for what you believe in. We need to keep believing that there is more good than bad in the world and that means we all need to speak up when we know someone is doing something that is blatantly wrong.

  98. Your honest feedback re: the tree in your living room is so helpful. I have very tall ceilings and have been planning to save up and get a huge tree like yours but after reading your thoughts, I am wondering if it would be more trouble than it’s worth. Do you have any thoughts on what you should have or could have done differently to keep the tree healthier so it didn’t drop sap everywhere? I would love to see an entire blog post dedicated to the topic of extra large houseplants – where to find them (seriously, where do you find them?!), how to care for them, etc. Maybe there is a local expert you could interview. The eye candy that a huge plant like that gives is incredible, but it’s gotta be practical for those of us who don’t need it for a portfolio.

    And big fist bump to you for donating proceeds to the ACLU. Rock on sister.

    1. Love the styling! Yes some readers might not agree with your views or dislike that you bring politics up at all. I bet you lost some fans/readers.. what I will say is that I appreciate that you placed the thoughts at the end (so someone can skip it if they wanted to). Don’t have regrets for doing what you feel strongly for. “Be the change you want to be in the world.”

  99. You’re awesome Emily! Heading over to the flea now…..

  100. Your comment about making donations to the ACLU made me love you a little bit more <3

  101. FYI – The Flea link on the side bar takes you to a post about how to decorate pumpkins. I was able to access from the top under ‘shop’. Thought you might want to know in any case…..

  102. I loved your TV show, love your blog, and love your big heart! Thank you for the shout out for the ACLU!

  103. My dear friend, Camille Mackler, works for the New York Immigration Coalition and was one of the first few people at JFK when the detentions started, to help advocate. I think they’re accepting donations and I can find out if there’s a LA branch.

    Safety for our citizens is of course our primary concern. But it has to be balanced with fairness and frankly, legality.

  104. I no longer will follow the blog. I read it for the design inspiration and do not want the continual political statements. It brings even more division in something we could’ve all agreed on, a beautiful design post. I have purchased your book and also from your links but will no longer do so. There’s just enough division already without adding more…

  105. Thank you for speaking up for the ACLU and the actions that are taking place. I had a blog many years ago and am working on restarting it as a much needed creative outlet, but it’s felt so frivolous. Additionally, it has been disheartening to see so many just stay “on brand.”

  106. I have been debating for a long time for the sectional that we are going to buy, and the two that we have narrowed down to, is the article sectional you have in your living room, and the Maxwell from interior define. Based on having sat in both, which do you prefer for comfort and why?

  107. Could you tell me where you bought the black Windsor bench by the entryway please? Have been searching high and low in Toronto and cannot find one. Thank you!

  108. Thank you, Emily, for the update note about giving your Flea proceeds to the ACLU. You are an inspiration and make me proud to keep reading (and thus supporting) your blog. We are living in terrifying times and knowing there are millions of people like you out there gives me hope that we might get through this nightmare.

  109. I can not get the link for the bells to work!?!?

    1. Hi Toni,
      I was looking for the bells online. They are by mquan. If you follow them on instagram, they are having a 20% off sale right now. They also sell them at Jenni Kayne. If you sign up for her newsletter, you will receive a welcome discount of 15%.

  110. I have had my eye on that couch from article for months, might have to pull the trigger after seeing how gorgeous it looks in your living room!


  111. Yes–to your courage to saying where you stand. What I hear in the comments is what we have all been granted in the US and worked very hard for. Freedom. For all? Apparently not. And we need to keep fighting for freedom for all people not just those President Trump deems worthy.

  112. Bravo! Thanks for standing up for kindness and tolerance through your platform!

  113. Bravo, Emily. Thank you for donating to such a worthy cause.

  114. I love this living room so much! Do you have an updated link for the bells?

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