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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

You know that epic house party that you got invited to, when you were 16, by the cute boy that was a senior and drove the fancy sports car. He picked you up, winked at you on the drive over and introduced you to all his cool friends. The entire night all you could think about was how perfectly your hair was crimped, how on point your shoulder pads were, and how well his last name would sound as yours? It was love at first site and the perfect whirlwind romance. You casually held hands while swaying side to side in his group of friends and nothing else could make you happier than that party and that night and those memories…then before you could even decide which 15 lucky friends would get to be bridesmaids, as you told him your vows, the cops showed up and busted all of the fun you were all having. Well…the Ban.do Party House is all finished and we feel like that girl that just got the fun ripped away from her.

When my friend Jen, the creative genius behind Ban.do, first approached us about helping her with their new studio space I knew it would be fun, but I never knew quite how much fun we would have designing a new office space for her and the Ban.do gals. We have certainly documented the heck out of it. So we figured we’d do one big recap post, so you could see the whole project at once. We are real thorough like that.

We now present to you, with no reservations, no censors, and no holding back, the Ban.do Party House. Get into it folks.

The Ban.do Studio Design Reveal – The Front Room: Because all good impressions start with a good front room.

Bando_Office_Before_After Emily_Henderson_Refinery_29_Disco_Ball_Wall Bando_LA_Office Before_After_Emily_Henderson_Bando_Office_Front_Room Emily_Henderson_Bando_Office_Vintage_Velvet_Lamps Bando_Girls_Gang_Office Emily_Henderson_Refinery_29_North_Star_Ballons

1 Day DIY Striped Walls: Striped walls…enough said.

Emily_Henderson_Bando_Office Emily_Henderson_Refinery_29_Plexi_Desk_Dividers Emily_Henderson_Refinery_29_We_Are_Serious_About_Fun

The Ban.do Studio Design Reveal – Jens Office: The place where all the magic happens…and where Jen takes her daily naps (you know, for creative purposes).

Before_After_Girls_Office_Ban.do Plexi_Glass_Bulletin_Board Jens_Office_Details Styled_Office_Space

The Ban.do Champagne Room: Because it’s important to name a room after the best tasting beverage that you can pour down your cocktail hole.

Bando_Before_After_Office Vintage_Brass_Folding_Chairs_Meeting_Room_Bando DIY_Painted_Closet

The Ban.do Pop-Up Shop: Everyone needs a pop-up shop full of the most adorable things you ever did see.

2x2_Before_After_Shop Emily_Henderson_Bando_Shop Girls_Girls_Girls_Neon_Sign Shop_Ban.do_Store

There you go! All the bright, fun, and perfectly glittered office space you could ever want.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, check out the whole Refinery29 tour here. Want more info on the whole process? Check out these posts: The Beginning | Floor Plan & Progress | Ban.do Update | The Ban.do Studio Design Reveal – The Front RoomThe Ban.do Studio Design Reveal – Jens Office | The Ban.do Champagne Room1 Day DIY Striped Walls | The Ban.do Pop-Up Shop

*The first round of ‘after photos’ by Kelsey Tucker. Refinery 29 ‘after’ photos by Tessa Neustadt.

  1. I’m not really a pink kind of guy, but pink is done SO well here that I could possibly change my stance on the color.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  2. Umm, wait a minute…so…why is this post like the cops breaking up a teenager’s party??

    1. Because Emily’s done designing the party house, which was so much fun for her it’s like the party’s over.

      1. Gotcha.

  3. Such a fun design, it must make smile everyone who walk into this space.

  4. Well, it is a one-of-a-kind place. Tell us about the dark pink swag light next to the pale pink sofa!

  5. I think this might be the best thing I have ever read about and seen! Great Job!
    Leah Faye

  6. This looks like it could be from the film “pretty in pink” or “hairspray” (the original version)
    I totally love it although I pity whoever has to sweep up the confetti, do they also have to sprinkle new confetti every day (now that would be an awesome job)!

  7. It really does look like a FUN space in a cool ’20s/’30s building. I love pink & those light pink/brass office chairs are killing me..I wish I had one (the deep pink ones are gorgeous, too).

  8. Woah I wish my office had one room like this.

  9. What’s that pink called?

  10. That sequined dragon jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Who wouldn’t want to work there??? Just begs for creative ideas!

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