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Every 2021 Room Reveal: Including 5 Kitchen Renos, 10 Bedrooms, And So Much More

There few things we love more than a room reveal. If we could reveal one every day of the year rest assured we absolutely would, but what we love most about the reveals is the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into them. So if you ask us, they are well worth the wait. This year our internal EHD team revealed 6 rooms and with a small team of 4 (excluding Emily) who’s main duties are running this blog, social media, and partnerships, that’s pretty impressive. We also have an incredible team of contributors to thank for sharing their homes, designs, and thoughts with us and you. And without you, our lovely readers, we wouldn’t have a space to share these designs so THANK YOU! We appreciate you more than you know. Now, before I get too sappy and emotional, we have a lot of fun reveals to reminisce on so let’s get into it:

Ajai’s Neutral Living Room Refresh + How Her Design Choices Parallel Her Journey Becoming A Black Interior Designer

design and photo by ajai guyot | from: ajai’s neutral living room refresh

Ajai kicked us off this year with her neutral living room makeover. If you follow Ajai (and you should!) then you know her designs are often calming, organic, and whimsical and yet she always nails practicality as well. It’s also an amazing read so I very much insist heading over and reading about this design and her journey being a Black interior designer.

How To Create A Home Gym (Or Nook) You Will Actually Enjoy Using

design and photo by orlando soria | from: how to create a home gym or nook you will actually enjoy using

Next up we have Orlando’s bright and playful home gym. I always love Orlando’s use of paint to create architectural interest and as you can see he does it again here and it’s SO fun. I love everything about this design from the colors to the art to the awesome DIY bulb pendant. This is definitely a gym I’d work out in and he also wrote a beautiful and thoughtful post about body image that is so worth the read!

Emily Bowser’s BEAUTIFUL Hardworking, Multipurpose Room Reveal (+ Get Ready For Her DIYS)

design by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp| from: emily bowser’s beautiful hard-working multipurpose room reveal

This reveal has everything. Dark moody walls! DIYs galore! A Peloton! Cats! Storage! I can’t get enough of it. Emily Bowser is a star as we all know and she killed this room reveal (you definitely want to see the hilarious before).

How Does E-Design Even Work?? Velinda Shows Off Three Client Reveals She Never Saw In-Person

design by velinda hellen design | from: how does e design even work?? velinda shows off three client reveals she never saw in person
design by velinda hellen design | from: how does e design even work?? velinda shows off three client reveals she never saw in person

This is technically 3 reveals in one but it is also a lesson in E-Design. As the title suggests, the VHD team designed these 3 client homes without ever seeing them in person! In case you don’t know, EHD alum Velinda Hellen started her own design company in January of 2020. And we all know how 2020 went… SO she and her team had to adapt fast to stay-at-home orders and ended up doing all E-design for these clients. They are so impressive and it’s no secret we have mad love for the entire Velinda Hellen Design team :).

Lea’s Living Room Reveal: Her Pet And Family-Friendly Open Concept Design Agony SOLVED

Lea’s living room reveal is one I go back to again and again for inspiration. Even though her living room and mine are vastly different, I take a lot of styling notes from Lea. I relate to her designs a lot because we both have big dogs that we need to design for because they are our children ;). This room is functional, pet-friendly, and beautiful (obviously).

A Total DIY Laundry Room Transformation (AKA Peak Adulting)

design by albie k. buabeng | photo by ellie lilstrom | from: a total diy laundry room transformation

Albie’s laundry room makeover is peak adulting. This is one of those projects where the before and after side by sides are sooo satisfying. This reveal is also full of fun easy DIYs that you must check out if you missed it.

How Ajai Added A Lot Of Character To Her (*Cough* Her Husband’s) Builder Grade Bathroom

design and photo by ajai guyot | from: how ajai added a lot of character to her builder grade bathroom

I have major envy over this apartment-friendly bathroom refresh. Adding charm and character to a builder-grade bathroom is not easy but Ajai nailed this one. I love her use of a Persian rug instead of a bath mat and she manages to bring in a ton of texture and intrigue with art and decor.

Need Some At-Home Easter Brunch Inspo?? Our Never Before Seen Easter Shoot From Last Year Has You Covered

styled by julie rose and velinda hellen | photos by sara ligorria-tramp | from: need some easter brunch inspo?? our never before seen easter shoot from last year has you covered

We actually shot this easter brunch story in December of 2019 to be published on the blog in March 2020. But we all know what happened in March of 2020 and the content just felt wrong. Fast forward to 2021 and we realized we had this beautifully styled shoot that we never showed you guys so we finally posted it in hopes it would give you (and us) some Easter inspiration.

Sara’s Kitchen – An Updated Sneak Peek (It’s Functional, But Still Not “Finished”…)

Sara’s luxe modern traditional kitchen update has me swooning to this day. I love the green cabinets that are very reminiscent of the Portland kitchen, the marble backsplash, her oven, and all the brass finishes are *chef’s kiss*. I can’t wait to see her “final” reveal although this iteration is pretty dang perfect in my eyes.

Blue Walls Be GONE! Key’s Totally Transformed Office Reveal – Maybe The Most Dramatic Before & After Ever (?)

design and photos by keyanna bowen | from: blue walls be gone! key’s totally transformed office reveal

Okay folks, Key REALLY transformed this space and it was her first EHD mentee makeover! (the one she applied to the program with). If you missed it or need a refresher, I suggest heading over now to see the stunning before and afters that she executed in just two months. She made a dark and uninspiring room feel fresh, bright, and multifunctional. I could easily spend all my time in here!

The Relaunch Of Target’s Pillowfort Collection Is SO GOOD (And No, It’s Not Just For Kids)

styling by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the relaunch of target’s pillowfort collection is so good

Target’s Pillowfort collection knocks it out of the park once again (and so does Emily’s art direction and Emily Bowser’s styling). This reveal is full of tons of great kids room ideas and obviously, the rooms are adorable but what really impressed us was the furniture that isn’t just for kids. The rattan side table and ball floor lamp for example are so good and could be cute in any modern boho room.

Bringing The Movie Theater Home With Your Family In Mind (It’s A REVEAL Y’all!)

design by albie k. buabeng | photo by ellie lilstrom | from: bringing the movie theatre home with your family in mind (it’s a reveal y’all)

Again, Albie reminds me what peak adulting looks like. Who wouldn’t want their own media room for family movie and game nights? I love the design risk she chose by going super bold with the black walls which makes the metallic sofa really stand out. It’s like being in space and I loveee it.

Malcolm’s Bedroom Reveal Is Here… How He Found Healing Through Design + The Incredible DIYs That Transformed The Space

design by malcolm simmons | photo by keyanna bowen | from: malcolm’s bedroom reveal is here

This is easily one of my favorite reveals of the year. That gorgeous headboard is a DIY and truly everything in this room is executed beautifully by Malcolm. If you click over to the reveal, you’ll see how intricate every detail is which goes to show how Malcolm designs with so much intention and grace.

After Three Years We Can Actually Use Our Upper Deck (Because We Finally Have The Right Outdoor Furniture…And Fabric)

Can you believe this is another mountain house reveal? Just like everything in the mountain house, the design is beautiful and functional thanks to the Sunbrella fabric and Blu Dot furniture.

Orlando’s Primary Bedroom Reveal!! (And His Super Simple Paint Trick That Will Add “Architecture” To Any Space)

We love this version of Orlando’s primary bedroom but if you follow his blog or Instagram you know that it looks a little different than this now. Like I said before, Orlando is the king of paint hacks and here he showed us how to use paint to add “architecture” to space. Genius!

Rashida’s Totally Transformed Kitchen Reveal (That Includes One Of Our Favorite “New Classic” Kitchen Trends)

Oh how I love this kitchen reveal. This is actually Rashida’s debut room reveal on the blog! There is so much to love here but to get the full effect you must go to the post to see the mind-blowing before and afters. They are SO satisfying.

Reveal Alert: How Albie Designed The Hygge Inspired Luxe Kitchen Of Her Dreams (+ What She Learned Along The Way)

design by albie k. buabeng | photo by ellie lilstrom | from: reveal alert: how albie designed the hygge inspired luxe kitchen of her dreams

Albie’s hygge inspired kitchen renovation does not miss. She created a space that is full of warmth, function, and of course a ton of style. Plus she writes honestly about what she learned so it really is a 10/10 post.

How To Throw An Elevated Garden Party with PRESS Premium Seltzer + Sustainable Outdoor Party Styling Tips

I have this post bookmarked for any future outdoor parties I may be throwing. It’s full of practical and sustainable outdoor styling tips + the best charcuterie board inspo (we call them Boards by Bowser and we all think she should start her own charcuterie board styling company).

Londo Lodge Guest Bedroom: Creating a Space That Is Wild Without Going Overboard… + The 3 Decor Elements That Can Make A Space POP!

design by orlando soria | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: londo lodge guest bedroom: creating a space that is wild without going overboard

Another Orlando bedroom reveal! Again, paint makes a huge impact here but what I am really interested in is that amazing Japanese screen that he used as the room’s focal point. The mixture of color, texture, and style here is really impressive and so exciting.

Jess’ Long And Skinny Balcony Reveal!! + The DIY IKEA Floor Tile Hack That Was WELL WORTH The Blood, Sweat, And 2-6 Tears

design by jess bunge for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’s long and skinny balcony reveal!!

Jess kicked off the MOTO’s with her balcony reveal and it is SO damn dreamy. Her flooring DIY is so simple yet impactful and the bistro set adds just the right amount of vintage charm. I would gladly sip prosecco here any day of the week.

Malcolm’s Bathroom Reveal – The Power Of Pivoting, Intentional Design, And A DIY That Will Have You Digging Into Your Walls

Malcolm does it again. He always manages to create thoughtful, inspiring designs and include DIYs that will blow your socks off. Can you guess what the DIY in here is??! It’s that subtle but super impactful wall nook! I know, I would have never thought to do that either but it is so cool.

New Reveal: ALL The Details Of The Primary Suite At The Real Simple Home

This was a fun reveal because it was the first-ever Emily Henderson and Keyanna Bowen collab! Emily took the lead on the overall look and feel (much inspired by the farmhouse) and then Key took over on accessorizing and styling. How good is that wallpaper??

See How Ajai TRANSFORMED Her Client’s Builder Grade Guest Room -Get Ready For A Ton Of Cozy Design Ideas & Working-Mom Real Talk

design and photo by ajai guyot | from: see how ajar transformed her client’s builder grade guest room

I am so into this guest room designed by Ajai for one of her clients. The wallpaper is stunning, the paneling adds so much charm, and that bedframe is perfection. Everything here is 10/10.

Fall 2021 Is All About Comfort, Ease, Affordability, And Gathering Again In Target’s New Big Launch

styling by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: fall 2021 is all about comfort, ease, affordability, and gathering again in target’s new big launch

This fall Target collection may be my favorite one ever. Everything from the coffee table to the bookcase to the lighting is exceptional but probably my favorite detail here is the headboard that Bowser DIY’d by covering it with a tufted quilt. Genius!

The Only Outdoor Halloween Entertaining Idea Post You May Ever Need: Emily “BOOswer” Does It Again

design by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the only outdoor halloween entertaining post you may ever need

Emily Bowser blew us away once again with her incredible outdoor Halloween styling tips. This is a Halloween gathering that will give anyone FOMO.

Caitlin’s First MOTO Reveal – A Vintage Bathroom Gets A Modern Update

AH Caitlin’s first MOTO! She is the queen of choosing the perfect wallpaper for any space as you can see. She really transformed her dated vintage bathroom into something magical. It has also been decided that we all need a bath giraffe.

Caitlin’s Long, Dark Hallway Makeover (And The Perfect Paint Color That Worked With All 3 Of Her Bold Wallpapers)

design by caitlin higgins for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: caitlin’s long dark hallway makeover

Only Caitlin could manage to reveal two rooms in a row while also overseeing all of our partnerships. She is a gem as is this long hallway that she designed! The wall color may be my favorite thing but the gallery wall is a close second. You should definitely check this one out if you missed it.

Another Feel Good Flash Makeover Has Wrapped – Here’s How Lowe Transformed This Empty 2 Bedroom Apartment Into A Cozy, Kid-Friendly Oasis

design and photo by lowe saddler of hot sunday home | from: another feel good flash makeover has wrapped – here’s how lowe transformed this empty two bedroom apartment

Feel good flash makeovers are back! We definitely hope to do more of these in 2022 with our lovely friends over at Pen + Napkin. Our team was able to assist with this one and it was so fun to see Lowe do her thing and make this empty apartment a home for a beautiful family.

The 3 Best Ways To SAVE $$$ On Your Kitchen Reno (+ Our EHD Alumns’ First Reveal As a New Boutique Team)

design by grace de asis and julie rose for velinda hellen design | styling by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the 3 best ways to save $$$ on your kitchen reno

This kitchen had me at hello. The Velinda Hellen Design team (with so many EHD alums which is so fun) nailed this kitchen and did so with budget in mind. I could pour over every detail of this reveal for hours. It’s too good.

Caitlin’s Hard-To-Design Balcony Gets A Palm Beach Regency Refresh (+ Her #1 Balcony Must-Have Rec)

Another Caitlin reveal! I told you this woman is a rockstar. We love how she mixed styles and textures and just had fun with this balcony reveal. The curtain hack is hands down my favorite detail and is such a smart way to hide ugly railings.

Target’s Holiday Assortment Is Here To Make All Our Gatherings Look And Feel Extra Special This Year

I am not gonna lie, this reveal really got me into the holiday spirit and that is a lot coming from me. The team did an insane job showcasing target’s holiday assortment. I could stare at these photos all day long!

Ryann’s MOTO Reveal: A Moody Multi-Functional Living And Dining Room With A Lot Of Soul

HEY, THAT’S MY HOME. This design really does feel like a reflection of my soul and it’s still so surreal that I got to share it here with you all. These photos still make my heart soar!

The Reveal You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For – EHD Alum Photographer, Tessa, Shows Us Her FINALLY Updated Kitchen (Including A Classic New Trend)

design and photos by tessa neustadt | from: the reveal you didn’t know you were waiting for – ehd alum photographer Tessa shows us her finally updated kitchen

I loved this surprise reveal. In case you don’t know, Tessa is another EHD alum (she was the photographer before Sara) and we feature her work on the blog all the time. This kitchen is one of those reveals that just looks and feels effortless and cool even though you know a lot of work was put into it. The before and afters are nuts!

Lea’s Seasonal Dining Room Decorating Ideas That You Won’t Have To Swap Out Once The Holidays Are Over

design by lea johnson of creekwood hill | photo by chelsie lopez | from: lea’s seasonal dining room decorating ideas that you won’t have to swap out once the holidays are over

Lea’s seasonal tablescape ideas left me breathless. She really nailed how to decorate for the holiday season so that you don’t feel like you need to redecorate as soon as the holidays are over. I am definitely stealing a lot of these ideas for next year!

Julie’s First Lead Design With VHD – A Primary Bath Reveal + Tips On How To Easily Blend Classic & Contemporary Styles

Another EHD alum, miss Julie Rose, graced us with this gorgeous bathroom makeover. There is so much to love here but I am really attracted to the tile and cabinet finish combination. There is something about it that feels vintage but in a very fresh modern way. I am head over heels for this bathroom.

The Feel-Good Modern Romantic Bedroom Makeover Jess Did For Her Dear Friend (All Thanks To The Company Store)

design by jess bunge for ehd | styling by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the feel-good modern romantic bedroom makeover jess did for her dear friend

We ended our year of reveals with this utterly romantic bedroom by our very own Jess Bunge. She designed it for one of her dear friends who lost a loved one this year so it is both a beautiful design and a heartwarming story. None of us can get over that wallpaper and all of the vintage accents are truly stunning.

Well, there you have it! That is every single room we revealed this year. I don’t know about you, but that just made me so excited to see what’s to come in 2022. Cheers! xx

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2 years ago

How lovely to see these all on one post. I enjoyed each and every one of them along the way. I sincerely need an Orlando makeover in my bedroom. So much talent ladies and gentlemen!!!

2 years ago

Just beautiful!

2 years ago

ok, now I have lots of inspiration to peruse. One thing, in the first paragraph of this post, there are two grammatical mistakes. The second word is missing (“are”) and “who’s” is a contraction of “who is” which is not what is intended. “whose” works much better!

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

Makeovers have gotta be my favourites (along with those tgat point out tgerealiyies of kife as a human and push the boundaries).
Thanx for the refresh of all the good feels. 😊

2 years ago

What a great year end post! I had forgotten some of these and I loved every one of them.

2 years ago

Well, that’s my morning sorted! Thanks so much for these reminders from a busy year when I seem to have missed a lot of stuff. Love it!