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Fall 2021 Is All About Comfort, Ease, Affordability, And Gathering Again In Target’s New Big Launch

This fall is going to be different than last year – 100% guaranteed. The kids will actually go to school (after a year and a half of “home school”, they’ll start soccer and we might even know what day of the week it is. Sure, the end of summer is always a bit sad, but we are ready to cozy up for fall. Today I’m showing you the fall Threshold collection that just launched from Target and it’s all about warmth, clutter-free comfort, and setting up your home to create more analog moments. It’s time to cozy up, hunker down and create some touchpoint fall decor pieces that might involve a pumpkin or nine, depending on your pumpkin level (I’m a 2 :)).

The Importance Of Comfort

I sound like a broken record, I know, but with spending more time in our homes (and hoping that continues) I need every piece of furniture to be comfortable and inviting. I’m not interested in the chair that everyone secretly avoids sitting in. So I’d love to introduce you to a few of my favorite pieces of furniture that I LOVE, should you be in the market.

That green chair is SO GOOD and rivals this bench for my favorite piece of furniture in the fall collection. We are going to get it for the mountain house since I’m bringing up my vintage chair to Portland. The color is perfect, the velvet is soft and looks luxurious (not cheap, I promise) and the wood arms are a perfect complement to most sofas. Also the SCALE … it’s just VERY good – large enough for roomy comfort, but not huge.

The dining chairs and table are also EXCELLENT. The chairs feel solid and yet the leather has some stretch so they are totally comfortable. Again, their scale is very good – minimal in design, but large enough to be comfortable for all sizes. And that table – it’s such a good simple and modern design that can work in so many different styles of homes, but certainly has a fresh look.

Dining Table (coming soon!) | Dining Chairs (coming soon!) | Dried Branches

Also, that sconce – SO GOOD and could easily go over nightstands. The vase is also excellent with a lot of texture but such a simple shape. Target is actually selling those plumes, too!!!

1. Faux Leather Sconce | 2. Fall Trees Art | 3. 16pc Porcelain Woodbridge Dinnerware Set | 4. Placemat | 5. Vase | 6. Champagne Silverware Set

Smart Storage Pieces To Control The Clutter

You know how I feel about clutter these days (I’m NOT part of the clutter-core movement), and yet our lives require us to have some things, and many of us want to display our prettier pieces. Vertical bookcases and hutches take up less space than horizontal and they can go far more places if narrow enough. These wooden shelves above are so pretty, look very high-end (yet are affordable), and when combined with pretty canvas and leather bins they can still hide what you want to hide (toys, remotes, etc) while looking nice on a shelf.

1. Framed Landscape Print | 2. Set of Candlesticks | 3. Bookshelf | 4. Woven Basket With Handles | 5. Harvest Squirrel Bookend | 6. Squirrel Bookend | 7. Fabric Plush Pumpkin | 8. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy | 9. Magnolia Table Volume 2 by Joanna Gaines | 10. Wild Creations by Hilton Carter | 11. Educated : A Memoir by Tara Westover | 12. Glory by Kahran Bethencourt & Regis Bethencourt | 13. Home Body by Rupi Kaur | 14. Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity by Justin Baldoni | 15. Home Edit : A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals by Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin | 16. The Nickel Boys – by Colson Whitehead | 17. Leadership Strategy and Tactics by Jocko Willink | 18. The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V E Schwab | 19. Billie Eilish – don’t smile at me | `20. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city | 21. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On | 22. Temptations – Number 1’s | 23. Taylor Swift – evermore | 24. Halsey – Manic (LP) | 25. Harry Styles – Fine Line | 26. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On | 27. Queen – Greatest Hits 2 | 28. Taylor Swift – folklore |29. Billie Eilish – WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

That hutch is EXCELLENT. It reminds me of the one that I had in our dining room in LA for years, except even better because it has 1/2 closed storage to hide things like extra candles or linens for entertaining. The black metal is super chic and modern, but the shape and style are certainly classic. We styled it out to go in three different rooms as you can see below – dining, den, and living room.

1. Hutch | 2. Bowl | 3. Wreath | 4. Brass Leaf Bowl | 5. White Wine Glass | 6. Red Wine Glass | 7. Wire Basket | 8. Can’t Catch Harry | 9. Exploding Kittens | 10. Cards Against Humanity | 11. You’re On Mute | 12. Throw Burrito

1. Floral Diptych | 2. Media Credenza | 3. Record Player | 4. Orange Gorde | 5. Ceramic Cream Pumpkin | 6. Ceramic Pumpkin | 7. Braided Basket

For those of you in need of a horizontal media piece, this new credenza or media cabinet is pretty darn handsome. It can even go behind a sofa facing out and act as a sofa table for lamps and extra storage for records or board games.

Fall Touchpoints In Decor – That Can Be Year-Round

Some things are distinctly fall (pumpkins) but warm caramel-y tones and textures can be year-round (or you can store them for every fall if you are a seasonal decorator). You know I love a broken stripe pillow and that one is VERY good and would work in every single room in my house, and all I’d need is that beautiful rust toned velvet pillow on our sofa to go from summer to fall (because, yes I am a seasonal decorator which shouldn’t be shocking). Add some dried branches and some woven pumpkins and there you have it – fall, done simply, affordably, and with elegance.

Baskets, Bins, And Clever Furniture

It’s hard to see in these shots, but that basket above is SO SMART. You can transform it from low and wide to tall and deep with a quick little latch change. The wood handle on top is soo good – every single person on set wanted this basket – and I very rarely freak out about baskets.

1. Chair | 2. Sweet Home Hook | 3. Wire Basket

We put it under the coffee table which takes a stack of magazines and makes it look FAR more organized and pulled together. Also, that coffee table is excellent, and the bottom shelf adds always needed extra surface area for less sightly storage (like a box for remotes or magazines/coffee table books you don’t want to clutter the top).

1. Sofa | 2. Plaid Lumbar Pillow | 3. Velvet Red Lumbar Pillow | 4. Stripe Black and White Pillow | 5. Floor Lamp | 6. Grid Blanket | 7. Wood Coffee Table | 8. Fall Candle | 9. Vase | 10. Side Table | 11. Rug | 12. Accent Chair | 13. Grid Pillow | 14. Basket | Throw Blanket

The top of the coffee table is a really pretty wood tone that looks very high end and the scale of it is great for a small space. We at EHD love a round coffee table especially when the rest of your furniture is squared off. P.S. that is a smaller version of the same vase on the dining table that we LOVE.

How good is that bench??? It looks so high end and the mix of textures (linen, wood, and leather) makes it definitely look special. The basket vase holds dried branches (also sold at some Targets) and those two pumpkins are my favorite and the ones we’ve brought out for years.

1. Mirror | 2. Oak Leaves Art | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Stripe Orange Lumbar Pillow | 5. Wire Basket | 6. Corn Husk Pumpkin | 7. Woven Vase | 8. Stripe Basket | 9. Bench

Adding Warmth To The Bedroom

While you may not put pumpkins in your bedroom the warm textiles can certainly help the transition to winter. Emily Bowser threw that beautiful rust-toned quilt over a simple wood headboard and it looks totally upholstered and high-end with mini-channel vertical tufting!).

We layered all the textures – faux fur blanket, velvet bolster, and stitched longer pillow to make it look super tied together, warm but not fussy at all. This is our formula that always WORKS (you can lose one decorative pillow if you want, but we are huge fans of less decorative pillows – just a long one or two – I’ve been writing about this for years – see this post).

The mirror is EXCELLENT – it’s oversized which takes it from your average closet mirror to a more substantial piece. It has this really pretty curved wood that is thin and delicate, making it look really high-end. Good Job, Target. This can be hung or leaned and could be great in many rooms (not just for bedrooms). I love how Emily B. hung the dried flowers over the mirror to add some character and style (and they are from Target, too!).

We were also all big fans of that wicker lamp – simple, textural, can go anywhere and feel boho in a really soft way.

1. Table Lamp | 2. Mantel Clock | 3. Cream Flannel Bedding | 4. Quilt | 5. Grid Oversized Lumbar Pillow | 6. Velvet Bolster Pillow | 7. 24″ x 30″ European Hillside Framed Wall Art | 8. Faux Branch | 9. Mirror | 10. Plaid Sheets | 11. Dot Sheets | 12. Faux Fur Throw Blanket | 13. Nightstand | 14. Vase With Faux Branch | 15. Rug | 16. Basket

Time To Gather And Entertain

This fall there will be more gatherings, but most of these pieces are totally year-round. There are heavy pottery plates that look totally hand thrown. And the cutest little personal french onion soup containers (fun fact – it’s Brian’s favorite soup and the only one I have never made. I know what I’m going to do for his birthday in October (ahem CROCKtober, now).

Those glasses are the ones that we have that I SWEAR by (thin and modern, but hard to break) and the terracotta vase and amber vessel are great additions to the collection that Emily B. wanted to steal from the shoot.

1. 14×15 Gold Oak Leaf in Ceramic Pot | 2. Pumpkin Baking Vessel | 3. 16pc Stoneware Tilley Dinnerware Set| 4. Measuring Spoons | 5. Mini Cast Iron Baker Orange | 6. Magnolia Table Book | 7. Vase | 8. Plaid Hand Towel

Analog Experiences For Family AND Friends – WAHOO!!!

Our family has had to drastically shift our screentime habits due to covid and the last few months we’ve really tried to focus on no screens (except our kindles). Board games, listening to records (the kids have Brian’s old record player in their playroom) have increased and become quite the joy for us all (and make us feel less like garbage parents).

And yes, Target sells all those records – a lot of GREAT ones that are both classic and new pop. That record player is really good, too. Brian is a big fan of records because it encourages us to listen to whole albums through – for us it’s mostly The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, and Taylor Swift.

Dress | Shoes

There you are, folks. The Fall Target Launch. It’s full of great pieces for adding comfort and ease to this season with extremely affordable prices. Everyone deserves to have an inviting and comfortable home, all year round. Great job Target, and happy fall friends. xx

*Art Direction by me, Styled by Emily Bowser
**Photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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2 years ago

Love it and love so many of these items. Also, just a heads up that 80% of the links I clicked on (probably about 12) were broken and/or the items were totally out of stock 🙁

in need of dining chairs
2 years ago
Reply to  Christina

LOVE the chairs posted – is there an alternate link?

2 years ago
Reply to  Christina

Yes I came here to say the same thing : (

love the whole cozy fall look going on here! only thing is some links don’t work. bummed the green chairs don’t have green as an option (cry face emoji)

2 years ago

Lovely, When I clicked the link, the green option was available. It’s called ‘Olive Velvet’ and looks darker on the swatch.

2 years ago

Gorgeous post! Is the rug linked the exact rug used in the living room shots? The colors look pretty different on Target’s page…thanks!

2 years ago

Great way to start off Monday morning, great post! I want those vases!

2 years ago

Hello – Great ideas and inspiration in this post – thank you! I was curious if you had stained the Threshold bookcase used in the is post. The color looks lovely and warmer compared to the pictures on Target’s website.

2 years ago
Reply to  AL

I ordered the shelves and even though they appear really light on the Target site they came as shown in Emily’s pictures.

2 years ago

OMG I am so excited about all of these pieces, I am Kristin Wiig right now. Target has been bringing the good design, loving it. Great round up, so beautifully styled and photographed, team EHD crushed it!

2 years ago

CUTE! I’ll take one of everything!

2 years ago

Gaaaaaah!!! Why, oh why doesn’t US Target buy out Aussie Target and give us all the good stuff?!? *pout*
Our Target is garbage. The only thing that’s the same is thd name and logo.

Oh, how I wish homewares were as affordable in Australia!
That exact, same coffee table that is $200 at your amazing US Target is @ $800 here at a different shop, and our Target doesn’t even sell good stuff like that. I’ve been wanting it for a coupla-three years, but not at $800.

Truly nice homewares! All the fabrics, colours, glazes, etc. are right up my alley.
Wishing, wishing, wishing….
You lucky, lucky people! 🤗

2 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

That’s a big price gap, Rusty. You’re so much closer to China, where most of Target’s merchandise is made, that I would have thought prices would be lower than or at least comparable to US prices. There must be a lot more to retail prices than transport costs (and you said “$800 here at a *different* shop”) but I’m still surprised the comparable coffee table sold in Australia is four times as expensive.

2 years ago
Reply to  Irene

Our tax is a flat rate on everything.
They had an enquiry into why even IKEA is more expensive here (regardless of exchange rates) and the outcome was that Australians are prepared to pay more. Wot the?!?😳
The low population has an impact too, in that we don’t have the critical mass for bulk shipments, but still!
Things like sheets, cookware, lighting, cushions, pretty much everything is more. A sofa that’s @$800 in the US could easily be $1200 here.
That coffee table is ridiculous though!!! It’s usually not that extreme.
I’m on the west coast, most isolated capital in the world, and we pay more than the east coast for lots of things, because of shipping….aahhhh….the tyranny of distance!

2 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

I hear you Rusty on both distance and small population – try being in Aotearoa, New Zealand! Prices here are even worse 🙁 Pre Covid I used to visit my sister in the US and stock up on Target sheets…

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

Target has great stuff! This collection is really nice.

2 years ago

I think I clicked on seven or eight links, and everything is sold out/unavailable. Also, the link to your favorite drinking glasses doesn’t seem to be working. Oh well, I was afraid how much money I might spend on the old Red Card when I saw the title of today’s post. Ha! It’s probably a good thing everything is sold out. Well done Target!

2 years ago

I would honestly like to know if someone on your immediate staff read those books before they were recommended as decor? Same with each album.

2 years ago

The sofa in the photo shoot isn’t the Target sofa linked. While the Target sofa seems nice I REALLY want the details on the one in the photos bc it’s a single cushion which is my preference to three cushions. 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Tara

it is the right sofa. that’s the long cushion from the chaise + one of the couch cushions + and a crease being covered by some good blanket styling

2 years ago

The full length mirror shown in the styled photo is not the same as the one linked/in the moodboard…. 🙁

2 years ago
Reply to  cara

Yes! I was hoping this had been re-linked already. I’m having trouble locating it on the site at all…

2 years ago
Reply to  cara

Same here – looking for the LONG mirror as styled in photo!

2 years ago

Threshold is my favorite especially due to its affordability. The only problem is by the time I know there are new items, they are all sold out. Is there some trick to finding out about new collections from Threshold that I am unaware of? I get the Target weekly ad, but it never said anything about a new Threshold fall collection. There was a notice about the first fall collection this year, but I had no idea there were new items. I feel like if I don’t buy new Threshold items the second they come out, I can’t get anything. I amon a very strict budget, so thus is one of only a few lines that are in style that I can purchase decor from. It us very frustrating. Do other people feel this way?

2 years ago
Reply to  Julie

Yes, I second that!

2 years ago
Reply to  Julie

There are people who blog about it and are dedicated (I think that’s the word I want) spokespersons/endorsers for Target. EH is kind of a part-timer for Target. Anyway, you can follow those people’s blogs or instagrams and some have newsletters that they email on a regular basis. Please note, I don’t know who these people are, I just know that I have a couple of friends who call themselves “Target women” who feel a personal loyalty to the store. They have talked about following people on social media who give them the drop before the rest of us hear a whisper. I do not intend to ask them who they follow, as it took me a very long time to train them to talk about Target *and other topics* when we hang out together. Lol, I’m not about to undo that hard work. Another option is if you have a Target card, sign up to let them send you any marketing emails they want and you will hear about stuff. People with Target cards tend to spend more during each trip to Target, and making them feel “in the know” and “ahead of the crowd” nudges their spending up… Read more »

Karyn Meadows
2 years ago
2 years ago
Reply to  Karyn Meadows

Yes I was bummed about this too! Looked around and found a similar Greece print, but love the one in these photos much more!

Nancy S
2 years ago

Waaaa – I was ready to put that bench in my cart – sold out already?!!

2 years ago

Great release, thanks for sharing. I’m heading shopping.

Just commenting to say that letting your kids have screen time (even too much screen time) does not a garbage parent make. We are still in a global pandemic where women disproportionately are caring for children while working – and screen time doesn’t equal garbage parents.