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The Feel-Good Modern Romantic Bedroom Makeover Jess Did For Her Dear Friend (All Thanks To The Company Store)

Franchesca and I go back many years. Technically we were a part of the same sorority in college but she dropped out right before I joined. I don’t disclose to people I was in a sorority unless I know them really well. But we’ve all been friends for a while so it’s time:) Anyway despite having lots of mutual friends in school, we didn’t meet until we were both in line waiting to get into a random club in Los Angeles once I was already living in New York. I think that was 2010?! So while I was cursing the existence of the LA nightclub scene, swearing that waiting like this in NY would never be a thing, I did have a very sweet meet-cute with a person that would become a dear friend. Fast forward to her moving to NY a few years later, us becoming friends, and then 3-ish years after that both ending up in LA again, but this time both living here (with a zero-tolerance policy for club lines… if we ever go to one again:)). 

This is also the same friend that introduced me to my current dream apartment! And if you know that story from this post, you know that she and her husband are my upstairs neighbors. It’s an actual dream for me! A beautiful home next to wonderful friends. And wonderful they truly are. Both Franchesca and Ben are the kindest, most generous, fun people around. It’s just impossible not to love them individually and as a couple. I’ll give you the highlight version of their love story because it’s pretty darn sweet. 8 years ago they met at Coachella. Ben is Australian and was on a US trip with his friends probably not intending to meet the love of his life. But after one weekend together he made a point to fly and see her one more time before heading back Down Under. Despite Franchesca’s hesitation of starting up a VERY long-distance relationship, they were able to make it work with phone calls, long visits, and eventually (through an insane amount of visa stress) Ben was able to stay full time. Actually, he was able to get his visa just in time for their wedding. And speaking of their wedding, talk about a showing of how loved these two are. It was such a special weekend.

But just as life gives us these incredible highs, it also serves us intense lows and a few months ago Franchesca lost her mom unexpectedly. As most of you know I lost my mom about 10 years ago and while all of our experiences are unique to us, I knew what she was and is still going through. As the next few weeks passed, I realized that it wasn’t an accident that we were living in the same building. I was meant to be here for Franchesca (and Ben). Grief is a roller coaster. Some days you are fine, some days you can’t get out of bed, some days you want to talk about it and others you just need someone to sit with and not talk at all. But one thing that is universally hard, especially in the early days, are the evenings… and especially bedtime. So when Caitlin asked if any of us had someone in our lives that could use a little cheering up by way of a bedroom makeover from The Company Store, I raised my hand.  

the frog’s name is luke and was given to franchesca by her mom when she was 18 before she left for college<3

You should know that Franchesca has a deeeeep love for all things vintage (just wait until you see her closet). And like most normal people she has been taking her time decorating her home. Had we not destroyed her living room with stacks of boxes and props for the shoot I would have had Sara take a photo of it to show you all. It’s inviting and cozy, full of jewel tones and vintage accents (plus a few LA Dodgers bobbleheads because they are both die-hard fans). Because of this, I was a little nervous to ask if she’d want this makeover having me take the reigns on the design.

She happily agreed since she was feeling a little overwhelmed with taking on this project even though it was next on her list. I of course assured her that I would get her approval on everything so it would be a place both her and Ben could really feel happy in. Cue slight panic since this would be my first “client project”!

This was the inspiration that she pinned:

What I took from this was that she wanted romantic floral patterns, vintage or vintage-inspired lighting, fringe if possible (duh), and mostly green and blue tones.

This is what the first mood board that I put together looked like:

To my relief she loved it! Aside from not being sure about the art and table lamp, we were set to start ordering. Once the wallpaper was locked in (which I’ll talk about later) I wanted to get the bed and bedding all set since a bed is kinda the whole base of a bedroom… and needs to be the most inviting.

Quilt (in Buff) | Duvet Cover (in White) | Flat Sheet | Fitted Sheet | Pillowcases | Pillow Inserts | Shams (in Buff) | Lumbar Pillow (14″x40″ in White) | Throw Blanket (in Navy)

I really loved and was pumped by the number of options The Company Store had. But as soon as I saw those striped sheets I knew those were the jumping-off piece I would build the rest of the bedscape around. I actually asked them if I could “over order” since I hadn’t had a chance to see their products in person. They graciously said yes and let me tell you I was impressed with everything. I kinda wish we could have done more looks to show it all off! But with the guidance of stylist extraordinaire, Emily Bowser, we decided this was the best combo for this room. Neutral, textured, and classic.

I love the bold yet simple pattern of the navy striped sheets and how the scale is perfectly sized in between the pattern scales of the wallpaper (large) and the blue throw blanket (small).

Then you have those cream shams and quilt for added texture and warmth. Always important for optimal visual coziness. Lastly, Bowser chose to add some contrast with that white linen duvet cover and super soft velvet lumbar pillow.

It all feels very “modern vintage” which was my goal. Oh and all of the pillow inserts are from The Company Store too. A one-stop bedding shop.

Bed | Rug | Chandelier | Curtain Panel (in Blue Sea) | Drink Table

Yikes, I love this shot and that bed. Speaking of that bed, I can’t believe I found it because it’s almost exactly what Franchesca and Ben wanted – green velvet, channel-tufted, and not too tall so it wouldn’t block the light (aka that bed/window design agony, woof). Oh, and the best part is that it’s super affordable and gives off some serious Brady DIY headboard vibes (but less labor:)).

P.S. If you are wondering why there is only one single curtain panel it’s because I don’t know how to read. I thought I was getting two panels in one order (palm to face) and didn’t open the package until it was too late to request more before the shoot. But don’t worry I am getting them a few more panels so they can have their privacy back. These are from The Company Store too!

But now please move your eyes up to that glorious chandelier. When I showed Franchesca this chandelier from Mitzi as a lighting option, she was instantly in love. It was like no other chandelier had or could exist again. I think it’s incredible in the space, the quality is so good, and when it’s on, it gives off the prettiest filtered soft light. Plus yours truly installed it with little to no hassle. Those theatre tech classes are still paying off. And having dad on facetime to ask questions doesn’t hurt either.

Table Lamp | Nightstand (vintage) | Clock (Vintage) | Shell Paper Mache Tray | Vase (unavailable) | Flowers (Chocolate Comos)

As I said before, Franchesca is a true vintage lover. From her dishes to her clothes to her decor. However, she is more antique vintage (but not too decorative) whereas I am more post-modern vintage. This is where I was a little nervous about finding pieces that we would both be super psyched about because like I said, I’ve never really designed for anyone but for myself. So when I tell you I hit Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace hard, I went deep. Then on hour 20 (just kidding) of clicking “next page” I saw this little nightstand beauty for $75. It had just enough romance and whimsy with the shape and scallop top but clean enough lines to not be too much. We both loved it.

Brass Coaster

Since we were just talking about the nightstand, let’s talk about that fringe lamp shade. I searched and searched Etsy for a pretty fringed lampshade that could get here in time (we only had 7 weeks to get this whole thing done and with these lead times…not as easy as you might think). Unfortunately, all of them seemed to be from England and the delivery times were too close to take a chance. But then the stars aligned when I went to pick up that nightstand because it was actually next to a huge antique warehouse in Whittier called King Richards. I clearly had to check it out and there she was, just waiting for me to buy her. The original base was ummm, not great, so back to the internet I went. When I found that base above, I wasn’t sure if it was going to get here on time. But we both loved it because THAT SHAPE. So we ordered it and crossed our fingers. Now online it wasn’t so “psychedelic” looking so we are trying to get another one to see if it’s less “groovy”. But honesty the more I look at these photos the more it’s growing on me.

In terms of decor, I knew I wanted to keep it simple but special:) Those brass dome lamps were SUCH an awesome and last-minute find at World Market. That clock was one that Franchesca already used and that paper mache shell tray, that I had been eyeing from Jayson Home for a hot minute, added the perfect amount of fun and texture. Thank you Jayson Home for sending it! I now might need to buy one for myself.

Wallpaper | Art (vintage) | Table Lamp | Nightstand (vintage) | Clock | Glass (unavailable) | Brass Coaster | Candle and Candle Holder (unavailable)

Before I get into this wallpaper (!), let’s talk about mismatched nightstands.

It’s not always easy to find matching nightstands (that function well) when you want to go vintage and don’t want all your money to vanish. As you know we loved that first nightstand, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to get another one that worked well with it. But then Craigslist came through again with this beauty. The wood tones work well together, the scalloping on the bottom of this one speaks to the scallop detail on the other one, the heights are similar, and they both have clean lines. Bonus that the key for that drawer actually works! A functional nightstand was one of Ben’s only requests so I needed to make it happen for him.

Hot Tip

If your nightstands are mismatched, choose matching bedside table lamps or scones. If your bedside table lamps or scones are mismatched, then choose matching nightstands. That way it can look eclectic without looking too all over the place.

Ok, THAT WALLPAPER! I honestly just can’t stop staring at it and I’ve considered asking for visitation rights. After the one and only Mark (the wallpaper installer that also did Caitlin’s home and a bunch of other famous designer’s projects including Emily and Amber Lewis), it made the room feel simultaneously larger and cozier. It was such a huge risk since I’d never had a room wallpapered like this before. But holy cow did it pay off. Rebel Walls was kind enough to gift it to us and I was so impressed with them. Both the sample and rolls each came within three business days and the quality was stunning. Mark actually told me that their wallpapers are one of his favorites to install and that this mural looked just as good as others that are waaay more expensive. That was really cool to hear that from such a pro. I also asked him, if need be, how “easy” would it be to take down this wallpaper since this is a rental. Just what he wanted to hear I’m sure. But he said it would stay on for 50 years and still come off super easy. Sold. However, Franchesca and I have decided to tell our landlord that keeping this wallpaper up is mandatory for all future renters. We think it’s super reasonable. I mean it looks like it was always meant to be there. But I also think I bought a few more years of us being neighbors since Franchecsa said she never wants to leave this wallpaper. Glad that my secret reason for making over this room worked like a charm;)

Bins (vintage Target) | Hangers (vintage Target)

I told you I would let you see her closet. My gal loves a vintage dress and a bold print. Oh and not to mention extremely cute shoes. Bowser took out a bunch of her clothes so you could admire them a little easier in this shot. So just know there’s a lot more where that came from and they are all equally amazing.

Sconce | Mirror (vintage) | Outlet Cover | Shoes (vintage) | Chair (vintage) | Pitcher (unavailable) | Flowers (Queen Anne’s Lace)

I get giddy when I see this shot. First off, that sconce from Katy Skelton is what my dreams are made of. But before the sconce could happen we needed a mirror. Franchesca really wanted a mirror so she could see and choose her very cute outfits. Makes sense. This mirror was actually being sold by a neighbor who was moving and she got it for only $15!! But as you can see it’s not huge and it needed a buddy to fill up more of that wall. I knew that sconce would be the perfect addition to really make that side of the room sing with some modern contrast. This was the only piece I had to push for a little with Franchesca. She of course thought it was beautiful but didn’t know if it was too modern for the space. I convinced her to give it a go and now she is over the moon about it. Katy is such a talent and her pieces are sooo special. Em has been working with her for years for a reason.

Please note Bowser’s masterful styling of that beautiful chair, vase, Franchesca’s incredible heels.

Oh and if you are wondering if I was nervous to make holes/mistakes in the wallpaper the answer is YES. But luckily, it all turned out ok and all first trys were sucessful.

Dresser | Shower Curtain (in Clay)

Welcome to the dresser that saved the day. Originally, I had sourced this dresser from Wayfair but there was a little shipping complication (not normal for them), and it wasn’t going to be able to get here in time for the shoot (it’s actually arriving today!). I was sweatin’ since I found this out a week before the shoot. But then I found this incredibly beautiful dresser at HD Buttercup who had a floor model I could borrow. I love the little drawers and how it could easily work with a ton of different styles. It has a slight vintage feel but also looks modern. I highly recommend and y’all it’s solid metal so it’s extremely sturdy and high quality.

If you are curious if we have the same bedroom layout, not exactly but our bathrooms are both located in the same area… however they are the lucky ones with that clawfoot tub. We chose that happy light terracotta shower curtain to bring in a little warmth. It’s from Target and so cute in this shot and in person.

Lampshade (unavailable) | Lamp Base | Art | Frame | Candlestick (unavailable) | Candleholder (vintage) | Match Cloche | Vase (unavailable)

See what I mean by “psychedelic”?? But again the more I look, the more I like.

In an effort to not put a ton of holes in this wallpaper, I took one of my framed prints and leaned it again the wall. I think it gives it a more relaxed feel which I love and I wanted a more modern print to contrast the wallpaper. Then what 2021 EHD room would be complete without a lit taper candle? That’s a vintage holder but you are in luck because that match cloche isn’t vintage and was sent by Jayson Home too. It’s just so cute and elegant. It looks like super sophisticated adults live here!

franchesca would like it on the record that the hamper mess is all ben:)

O hey, it’s me! This was such a whirlwind project that I couldn’t have been more grateful to do. When Franchesca told me that she now really sees the value in investing in a rental home, even though you know it’s temporary, because of what a difference this makeover made her feel, my heart could’ve exploded. That’s all I want for everyone and especially my dear friends who I love so much. A huge thanks to all of the companies that gifted, Ben for all of his lifting and building, and of course The Company Store who actually made this whole makeover possible.

Franchesca and Ben, I love you and hope you feel amazing in your new room. Now I’m off to finish my living room:)

Love you, mean it.

*Design by Jess Bunge
**Styled by Emily Bowser
***Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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2 years ago

Oh Jess you are so wonderful! This new room is gorgeous and what a gift to your dear friends. You are an amazing designer and writer. Not only is the space stunning, but your “tour” through the space was delightful.
I too am enamoured with that whole lamp. The base and shade were meant for each other.

2 years ago

Well done – and I’d leave that base/shade combo just as is! Really wish the striped sheets came in a deep pocket version.

2 years ago

Love it. The shower curtain peak looks so pretty behind the wallpaper. It’s always special when you have a friendship like yours!

2 years ago

What a wonderful gift for your friend! Everything is perfect to the last detail! That beautiful wallpaper would make it difficult to leave this bedroom in the morning.

2 years ago

What a beautiful room and I love the bedding!! It was so fun to read this—thank you Jess!

2 years ago

This is so beautiful I could cry. Jess, you are so very talented!!! What a lucky friend you have.

2 years ago

I am NOT a wallpaper person, but THIS I love and want. Looks like it’s always been there, peaceful, beautiful. The whole room is a stunner and I actually love the lamp base. Doesn’t look psychedelic at all to me. I also love the way the terra cotta shower curtain plays with the wall color. It’s all just womdeful. Well done

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD GRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is freaking gorgeous. It’s giving me Great Expectations vibes (from the 90s movie with Gwyneth Paltrow) I seriously love everything about this. ALL THE VINTAGE! that wallpaper! every freaking thing. i even looooove that show of the headboard with the gold necklaces hanging off. like, what?! okay, going to go back to work. ugggg. love love love.

emily jane
2 years ago

EXACTLY my sentiments!

2 years ago

I looooooooove this! The wallpaper is fantastic, the textures from the bedding and rug are so good, and I just love how all the lighting works together!

2 years ago

DON’T TOUCH THE LAMP COMBO – IT IS PERFECT AS IS!!!! (Okay, but if you do, we need to see it so we all know how it could possibly be better than it currently is.) Love the mixing of vibes. Want to install this wallpaper in every room in my house now.

What a gift for your friend at this time. <3

2 years ago

Wow I think this is one of my favorite rooms you guys have ever done! Great job Jess!

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

Aaaahhhh…..that’s SO good!🤗

I never liked wallpaper until this year because of you mob! It’s gorgeous. My old girl cottage has textured walls, alas, not gonna happen here.

I love love love mis-matched bedside tables/nightstands. I much prefer them to matchy-matchy. Even if you don’t have matching lamps if the wood tone or material is similar, they speak (loudly) to each other. They just work!

Haha…Down Under(caps) is a pro-noun, same as Aussie-land. 😂🤣

Jess, beautiful job for ypur beautiful friends. What a geart-felt gesture of love.💞
Me thinks you’re all very lucky to have each other!

PS: Okay….*drumming fingers on desk*, we’re waiting to see your living room reveal!

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

Shame I can’t fix my numb hands causing a miriad of typos! 🤣

Lauren H
2 years ago

I never comment but I had to take a moment to say how much I love everything about this room!! The lamp and shade look great together, don’t change it. I actually looked seeing the bed off center from the window. And I liked the single curtain panel just being on the one side. I thought it was intentional to give the room balance. Personally I would hang shades on the windows and just use the curtain as a decorative statement. Great job all around!

2 years ago
Reply to  Lauren H

YES, I was also also also thinking how much that single curtain works! Before I read that it was an ordering mishap, I was thinking to myself “you see, THIS is why they’re designers and I’m not, I would have NEVER thought of doing a single curtain to balance having windows off-centered from the headboard.” It works so well! Some subtle shades would be a great idea, so that you could keep the single curtain.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jamie

You said it so well — I was thinking similar thoughts!

2 years ago

So beautiful! Well done! I always learn so much about combining styles/colors/etc from these reveal posts. Could you speak to the decision about how to place the bed along the wall? My bedroom has a similar dilemma where the bed is either centered on the wall (but partially in front of a window), or pushed further over to one side. How do you make that call? Just go with personal preference and then try to balance with artwork? Or is there a rule of thumb about centering furniture? Like you said, the bed/window design agony is WOOF!

2 years ago

That wallpaper is really special.

2 years ago

The serenity of this room! Somehow cool and cozy at the same time. The only thing missing is Luke the frog, who, incidentally, would look right at home in this fresh-water color palette.

2 years ago

This is so stunning Jess! I love the mix of traditional wallpaper and vintage with modern elements like the sconce. I can’t wait to see you living room- I still look at your old living room regularly! 😍

2 years ago

Ok, here’s the big reveal!!! But wait, the curtains will change, and the lamp will change, and the art will change and the dresser will change…

It’s beautiful as it is and it’s nice that your friend gets the hook up for being EH-adjacent, but if all you’re going to do it put in temporary pieces, why not just style on a set in someone’s garage?

2 years ago

This is stunning. I can’t get over that first nightstand – it’s so damn cute! AMAZING WORK, Jess!!!

2 years ago

Are you KIDDING ME? This is a DREAM bedroom!!! I literally sent the post to my husband with a bunch of eye emojis hoping he’ll get the point. You did such a lovely job!

2 years ago

Interesting choices! I think the wallpaper really helps bring cohesion to a small room with a million challenging little angles! I thought the sole curtain to one side was deliberate – Given that the headboard blocks the window I’m curious as to where the second curtain will go? I guess you plan to mostly block that window, which in LA I guess is not an issue. Here in my north facing East coast bedroom I hold onto any sunlight with a death grip LOL
I am using a small room with a corner window as my master and have the same issue – foot of the bed hits where any open curtain will live and I hate roman shades … Trying to match curtain and bedding so curtain can lie on foot of bed when open and when I am alone, move the bed to let it hang behind when company comes….

2 years ago
Reply to  Mouseface

I have a similar window issue in all my bedrooms. In a primary bedroom window is on one side and headboard touches the bed. I had to move the bed away from the wall for there to be enough space. In both of my kiss’s rooms there’s no space so the bed pushes the curtain panels. It does take more effort to open curtains and it never looks that great. Sheer curtains and blinds are best for us as it takes least amount of effort to bring in light without moving the curtain panels.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lane

Yes! My Br is cold so I need heavy curtains for nighttime / wintertime

2 years ago

Hands down the first ever title picture that made me want to jump straight into the comments to say just how dreamy is it 😍😍😍 It’s a knockout, and I can only think of one thing that might have topped this whole look…Luke making it into the reveals because, in the grand (colour) scheme of things, he is a perfect match!

2 years ago

That wallpaper is everything!

2 years ago

Love the headboard, wallpaper, vintage finds, lights, bedding!

2 years ago

Everything is just stunning!

2 years ago

JESS BUNGE YOU GENIUS. Ugh I love you so much, I love this room. I love the wallpaper. I LOVE IT ALL. You know this is right up my alley. What a dream, and you and Franchesca are so lucky to have each other. Is there an apartment in that building for me and Charles? 😉

2 years ago
Reply to  Arlyn


When I first saw this bedroom I thought to myself….
this looks like something Arlyn would love…..and here
you pop up !!!! Jess outdid herself and probably several people would like to be her neighbor .

2 years ago

Love, love love! This may be my favorite bedroom that’s ever been on EHD!

2 years ago

What an awesome transformation!!

2 years ago

I love this room! Beautiful outcome, and it’s really nice to see rooms of this size featured. We also have small bedrooms with this style (high baseboards, five panel doors) because our home was built in 1900. So it’s nice to see inspiration that so relevant. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the room, as well as the size of the rug used? Thank you!

2 years ago

I love this wallpaper! Note that the designer who collaborated with Rebel Walls is Diane Hill, an extremely talented Black American designer. Her Instagram is terrific:

2 years ago
Reply to  AzureSongLA

Oops, she’s actually British!

2 years ago

It looks like the new curtain is too thick to slide behind the bed so how will she have privacy?

2 years ago

Jess, it’s stunning 😍 You did such a wonderful job for a wonderful friend. Everything about this makes my heart happy.

2 years ago

Absolutely fabulous, Jess! I can really see your style and confidence developing from your earlier posts.
Just a thought:
I know the curtains are only part completed, so maybe they’ll look better when there are two, but in my mind, if that was my room (I wish), I would hang vintage looking sheer “ish” curtains with minimal embroidery or lace mounted on the inside of those windows. This would allow the beautiful molding to show and with white curtains would echo the shape of the doors.

2 years ago
Reply to  Donna

You could even use a vintage french tablecloth or runner as curtains!

2 years ago

This is so pretty and inspiring! A refuge.

2 years ago

Just gorgeous! Every single detail is spot on! I am going to flatter you by copying so many of these ideas. 🙂

2 years ago

Really beautiful and so inviting! I love it all, especially the wall paper. Your use of colors and textures is marvelous.

Katie McNabb
2 years ago

Is the Target rug the beige or gray version?

2 years ago

wow this must be my style. I just want to copy every single thing about it in my place 🙂

2 years ago

I have a similar layout with one window on the right side of my bed and no symmetry. My bed doesn’t block the window but it does block the curtain. There’s a narrow nightstand on the left (nothing else fits) and a wider cabinet on the right side and under the window. I still don’t know what to do with the wall. Would you suggest a gallery on the whole wall or something just above the bed? Could you create a post about various spaces with no symmetry where centering furniture on the wall just doesn’t make sense? How to create balance when window placement disrupt it.

2 years ago

This is really romantic, I like the colours most, thanks for this awesome article.

2 years ago

This looks great! Seems like you nailed the clients’ desired vibe/mood.

About those vintage clothes, I would be interested in a post about them. I see other people putting together vintage outfits, but I’m always like “what accessories go with this?” “what size would I be?” “how do I know it would fit me?” “how can I make this look cohesive?” The owner of the closet in this post clearly has all the answers.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jessvii

I mean those mint-green shoes alone deserve their own post.

2 years ago

There is so much to love in this bedroom. I like everything about it. That wallpaper, the vintage nightstands, the bedding, pillows, shams, blanket, the headboard. Thank you for talking about how you decided to put things together, how different items and colors speak to each other. I want to learn how to make moments like this!

2 years ago

This is one of my favorite EHD rooms of the year!! I adore so many items, especially the bed and the lamp shade/psychedelic lamp. Amazing work, Jess!

Joyce Garrity
2 years ago

love it1 one question… Emily taught us curtains must be hung at ceiling??so…?

2 years ago
Reply to  Joyce Garrity

“Now, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be 20″ above your window, literally just under the ceiling, but go at least 1/2-2/3 the distance towards the top to help your ceilings look as high as possible.”

Amy Siegfried
2 years ago

Those before and afters are insaneee – that wallpaper is just perfection. Love this so much!

2 years ago

I would happily let Jess design for me. This room is both stunning and cozy. We have that Company Store quilt in our guest room in a different color!

Julie S
2 years ago

I love love love this room (blue and green and wood is my jam 4eva) and all it needs is another couple curtain panels! Great vibe, lovely limitations, and most importantly it makes you want to go to there.

2 years ago

You nailed (er, pasted it) to the wall! Their inspiration photos came to life. It’s absolutely charming.

2 years ago

I’ve been an EHD reader for a while and this is hands-down my favorite post on this site ever.
Not only do I love Every. Single. Thing. about this room, the love and care with which it was designed shines through, which takes it from special to extraordinary.
What an incredible talent you have, not only for design, but clearly for making the recipient feel known and loved.
Well done.

2 years ago

As an Internet-savvy person, I love to read your blogs. And it helps me at many points. So, Keep sharing interesting posts. Truly I am going to be your fan. Thank you.