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Need Some At-Home Easter Brunch Inspo?? Our Never Before Seen Easter Shoot From Last Year Has You Covered

Two Decembers ago (that’s right 2019) we shot this Easter story on our patio, then right when we were going publish it (March 2020) the world had a different plan and we decided not to post it (even though gathering with your immediate family was fine, it still just tonally felt wrong). So as we were brainstorming this year I lamented that we didn’t have any easter inspiration (because I need it myself) when my team reminded me that we have this WHOLE story sitting in a draft. Now, most of the product isn’t available, but the ideas sure are 🙂 While myself and my family might have another low-key, no-fuss Easter up in the mountains it doesn’t mean that even I couldn’t use some inspiration on how to make it a little bit more festive (especially for the kids who are acting like it CHRISTMAS I think because they are desperate to look forward to something).

So here are a few tips and mostly visual inspo for this Sunday if you are celebrating.

Start Base with Spring Colors

I have a lot of vintage plaids and florals that I’ll be using, but feel free to bring out of the pastels and layer them as much as possible. Pastels, florals, plaids – I want all the springy patterns for this lunch (but sadly have none here!!!). I’ll pull something together, but sure wish it was this (which got ample styling help from Julie and Velinda).

Just Add Some (quiet) Bunny

We plan to lean into all the bunny themes possible because this 5 and 7-year-old joyfully scream when they see anything that implies “Easter bunny”. When we shot this it was December and these were all samples for photography, but I would do anything to have this set up right now. The bunny pitcher, the bunny plates, the gingham tablecloth. Sure this is perfectly curated and shot on my favorite patio ever (oh how I will forever miss it) but there is still time to buy or DIY some bunny and spring-themed table decor.

Keep It Low Maintenance/Low Pressure and Affordable

IF you are eating outside a lot with kids then melamine might be your friend this spring and summer. Just make sure to need them and can keep for years to make good use. For flowers (which my kids are obsessed with) go pick what you can outside first – we have a ton of daffodils that literally pop up a week or so before easter – it’s like it knows 🙂 We’ll clip them for our table that day and hopefully, they’ll last a few weeks. Use your inside flatware and glassware outside if you are eating outdoors – it’s just a quick trip to the sink 🙂

GAH. I love this shoot so much. Of course it’s editorial and meant to look aspiration a (not necessarily what everyone can do) but those bunny mugs would bring my children a LOT of joy (I bought them vintage bunny mugs for their baskets) and that bunny figurine would have gotten a lot of play at my house. If you have a bar cart feel free to turn it into a coffee station.

While this isn’t NECESSARY boy is it sure cute for the kids and they obviously freaked out when we shot this (in December 2019 :))

Happy Easter, folks. Whether you are going all out or keeping it low-key. May this be the last Easter without friends and family!!!! xx

*Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

**Styled by Julie Rose and Velinda Hellen

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3 years ago

Amen to the last Easter without friends and family! Somehow this post makes me feel very hopeful for better times ahead – maybe it’s the idea of family, friends, food and sunshine and, yes, a pretty tablescape all coming together again…just joy!

3 years ago

Thank you so much for this! I’d planned just a few extras for Sunday, mainly traditional Easter brunch food, a big chocolate bunny, and dyed eggs. Now you’ve inspired me to look deep in my closets for the few pastel-colored things I own and decorate the mantel and table with them.

Your children’s area is fabulous. How did you make or where did you buy the Happy Easter “booth”?

3 years ago

Those rabbit items are ADORABLE!! I just thrifted a very similar bunny pitcher in fact, I’m assuming yours are vintage and not online to purchase right?

3 years ago

I think the bunny items in the shoot are last year’s Target spring line, since this was shot in December 2019.

3 years ago

Cute bunnies s but I am head over heels for plaster crane ! Plaster crane! Where in the world did you get that plaster crane???

Amanda McCullough
3 years ago

totally looking forward to hosting …. on my back deck! should be almost 70 so the kids can run around in the yard and we will sit and watch and enjoy! love using a fitted sheet on my outdoor table for an easy tablecloth that won’t blow away! can’t wait for more warmer weather! happy easter everyone!

Sarah T
3 years ago

A fitted sheet as tablecloth is a great tip, Amanda! I’m going to try that. Happy Easter!

3 years ago

Hi, I like your table/chair set? Can you provide a link to it?

Courtney Tait
3 years ago

Such cute ideas!

This had me wondering, is Emily still collaborating with Target? It feels like there is usually more Target content when the season changes…just curious from a devoted fan! (Of both EHD and Target. :))