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The Relaunch Of Target’s Pillowfort Collection Is SO GOOD (And No, It’s Not Just For Kids)

I wish this was my room – look how happy I am! Maybe it was being with my team again producing (safely) a fun, styled out shoot. Or maybe it’s the energy from this new collection breathing new life into my world of neutrals. Five years ago, Target launched Pillowfort to universal praise. Moms (and dads and kids) across America celebrated their favorite major retailer launching affordable stylish kids decor. And now… they’ve totally redesigned it, with fresh colors, modern patterns, extremely playful and chic accessories (that mirror!) not to mention non-gender specific designs and furniture cute enough for all ages (that bed! and nightstand!). I chose a bunch of my favorite pieces from the collection and my team and I styled them for your viewing pleasure.

Bedding And Super Sweet Pillows

I always lean in hard on Target for their bedding and accessories – especially when I want something fun for kids. The patterns make them very easy to mix and match as you can see in the duvet and sheets. That olive green quilt could easily be on a sofa or a grownup’s bed, too (“the color is VERY GOOD” says our stylist Emily B. and she is to green as I am to blue). The white pillow with the pom-poms is SO GOOD and soft and now resides on our sofa in the family room (but can go on beds).

Furniture That Makes All Of Us Happy

The headboard and nightstands just launched and clearly just as cute for a tween or teen as a kids’ room. Lucky little ducks. This is a far cry from the fake brass daybed I had as a kid (which sounds much cooler than it was) and it can grow with your kid until well past college.

The blackout shades with little tassels are playful and functional and come in many different colors (and see how it works with the rug? Not “matching” but goodness it looks good).

Both my kids came to see what we were working on and after a “don’t get any big ideas” lecture about not jumping on the bed until we were done, they both really responded to this room. Charlie loved the jungle-inspired bedding, they both wanted the cheetah “pillow” and they were strangely obsessed with the nesting suitcases (inside the nightstand). Likely because they need more “secret” places to keep all their “treasures” (random things like an old car key of mine, a compass, and two rocks that look like gold). The black and white leopard lamp is awesome and that hit of black really edges up the space.

1. Blackout Tassel Curtain Panel | 2. Twin Rattan Headboard | 3. Box Stitch Microfiber Sham | 4. Cheetah Microfiber Sheet Set | 5. Box Stitch Microfiber Quilt | 6. Botanical Garden Comforter Set | 7. Round Plush Pillow with Pom-Poms | 8. Cheetah Throw Pillow | 9. Braided Border Rug | 10. Printed Paper Suitcase Box | 11. Striped Paper Suitcase Box | 12. Rattan Bedside Table | 13. Round Bluetooth Speaker | 14. Leopard Lamp with Cylinder Shade | 15. High-Rise Distressed Crop Jeans | 16. Women’s Greta Mules | 17. Ruffle Short Sleeve Linen Top

Practical Cute (And Modular) Storage

We’ve had those bins forever and they are great because the front lip keeps toys in without needing an additional basket. Having your kids be able to see their toys is strangely important or else they forget that they have them. These are stackable and just really great if you are in need of something like them.

The mirror and hooks are solid pieces of simple design (we installed these at the back door, finally). The pom-poms around the edge feel modern yet playful and the little painted detail on the hooks is fresh without being too loud or young.

1. Canvas Painting Pad | 2. 9ct Watercolor Brushes | 3. Plastic Translucent Tumbler | 4. 2750ct Pony Bead Set | 5. Stackable Wood Storage Bin | 6. Round Colorful Pom-Pom Mirror | 7. Painted Wood Hooks | 8. 250ct Butterfly & Bloom Beads | 9. Create-Your-Own Critters Kit | 10. 24pc Artist Brush Set | 11. Create Your Own Kaleidoscope Kit | 12. Girls’ Jean Jacket |13. Mini Backpack with Floral Pocket | 14. Tacocat Spelled Backwards Game | 15. Cat Crimes Game | 16. Trouble: On the Moon Game | 17. Sulwe Book | 18. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Book | 19. The Day the Crayons Quit Book | 20. Antiracist Baby Book | 21. Over the Moon Book | 22. Where the Sidewalk Ends Book | 23. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth Book | 24. The Cool Bean Book | 25. Dragons Love Tacos Book | 26. The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Book | 27. She Persisted in Sports Book

A Cozy And Cute Corner

Kids get strangely into these canopies and I love them more than tents because tents take up so much real estate when not in use (with a canopy you can just gather the fabric together and tie it in a knot to save space). Even they need some alone time these days 🙂 We layered a soft shag rug, bean bag, and those cute pillows to create a cozy look nook.

Favorite Pieces Alert: the standing lamp is ridiculously cute. Bowser had a good grownup hack for it, just to spray paint it black – the shape is that good.

The hanging shelf would be great above a bed, next to one or to add to a reading corner when you don’t need a full bookcase.

I was surprised by how soft the rug is the multicolor flecks make it easy to mix with other colors. I love the mustards mixed with the pink – always an unexpected combo that I love. Also, a direct quote from Birdie when she saw these dolls in this photo, “Look! It’s me and Hero” (her best friend from school). Let’s hear it for inclusivity in all toys, eh?

1. Modern Simple Ball Shape Floor Lamp | 2. Square Tassel Throw Pillow | 3. 3′ Faux Fur Round Rug | 4. Dotted Square Throw Pillow | 5. Pom Canopy | 6. Sprinkle Rug | 7. Triangle Lounge Chair | 8. Pink Ballerina Throw Pillow | 9. Mint Ballerina Throw Pillow | 10. Wood House Caddy | 11. Tulip-Shaped Woven Basket | 12. Yellow Waffle Throw | 13. Flower Wall Decor | 14. Seek & Find Coloring Poster | 15. 72ct Colored Pencils | 16. Create-Your-Own Kaleidoscope Kit | 17. Cheetah Jungle Wall Art | 18. Shadowbox Wall Art Display | 19. Rattan Arch Leaf Shelf | 20. The World Needs Who You Were Meant to Be Book | 21. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History Book | 22. El Jardín Secreto Book | 23. What Matters Most Book

Another Vibe, Ready To Mix And Match

The new collection has so many pieces in it – patterns, themes with the whole idea to mix and match as much as possible all with really playful details and quirk that sets it apart. Please note the hand-drawn planets on the comforter, and we know that navy mixed with that mustard is one of my favorite color combos.

The whole collection has a modern playful feeling that was absent in the affordable kids decor world. I love that lamp (it’s the table version of the floor lamp in the canopy vignette) but the standout accessory here is this bed pocket. We styled it here so you could see it (and it looks so cute) but you can also put it into the bedframe near the box spring and it can hold books, little stuffies, even a small sippie cup.

The headboard and nightstand are part of the new furniture collection (and there are a LOT of new pieces). It’s all so affordable, simple, and can age with them for years.

Big shout out to Sara and Emily B. who worked hard making the kid art on the wall. There’s nothing more endearing and hilarious than when you pop by the location to see how everyone is doing and the photographer and stylist (your friends) are sitting on the ground and coloring. 🙂

I want to reiterate the great pattern play here – the bed, rug, and sheets are curated so well – organic, graphic, and playful. Just add hammerhead shark and another GREAT pom pillow – all the details are so good.

1. Blackout Chambray Curtain Panel | 2. Oblong Pom-Pom Throw Pillow | 3. Upholstered Kids’ Headboard | 4. Dotted Microber Sheet Set | 5. Box Stitch Microfiber Quilt | 6. Space Cotton Comforter Set | 7. Hammerhead Throw Pillow | 8. 2 Drawer Nightstand | 9. Multi Stripe Rug | 10. Bed Caddy Hanging Storage | 11. 11pk Bright Glitter Washi Tape | 12. Modern Ball Table Lamp | 13. Lego Duplo Classic Brick Box

Welcome to our little reading and corner. The bookshelf has a lot of versatility (can hold cubbies when they are little and books/games as they get older) and the cloud bookends are heavy enough to hold those tall thin kids books that don’t stay up on their own.

The kids and I snagged that new nightlight that gives off soft starry light – and speaking of light, that modern lamp is definitely not just for kids (but so good).

1. Space Wall Art | 2. Cloud Ceramic Nightlight | 3. Light Gray Bookcase | 4. Desk Lamp | 5. Cloud Bookend | 6. Lego Duplo Classic Brick Box | 7. Armless Bean Bag Chair |8. Oblong Pom-Pom Throw Pillow | 9. Small Canvas Stripe Bin | 10. 2750ct Pony Bead Set | 11. Acrylic Paint Set | 12. Create-Your-Own Paper Mache Rainbow Kit | 13. 9ct Watercolor Brushes | 14. Floor Canvas Stripe Bin | 15. Dotted Square Throw Pillow | 16. Dinosaur Throw Pillow | 17. Teddy Bear Plush Throw |18. 24pc Artist Brush Set | 19. 5pc Paint Palette Set | 20. Small Wood Divided Storage

The Star – Finally An Egg Chair For Kids (Or My Dogs???)

IT’S ABOUT TIME. I took a photo of me inside of it (you know, for scale) that is on stories – but trust me that I went through every room in our home figuring out where I can possibly justify needing it. It’s even in an outdoor fabric so it could go outside. It’s solid and so well made and basically going to sell out asap. So if you have a lonely corner in your kid’s room, and are in need of a cute reading chair that will bring everyone joy, this is it.

The final shot of this awesome new collection features the rug I wish I had had for our kid’s room in LA (I was looking for a playful animal hyde for weeks) and an art/paper wallboard that is a great scale.

1 Lion Head Wall Decor | 2. 4’x6′ Character Rug | 3. Oversize Rattan Egg Chair | 4. Rectangular Message Board with Paper Roll | 5. Metal Stackable Storage | 6. Pineapple Paper Suitcase | 7. Striped Paper Suitcase | 8. Printed Paper Suitcase | 9. Sorry Board Game | 10. Monkey Throw Pillow | 11. Green Waffle Throw

When we shot this story, the collection had just launched and now even more pieces have rolled out. So before we end this cuteness, here are some other of our favorite pieces from the new Pillowfort collection.

Happy shopping 🙂

This post was sponsored by Target, all words are my own.

*Photography by Sara Ligorria Tramp
**Art Direction by ME! Emily Henderson
***Styling by Emily Bowser

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3 years ago

Oh wow, this is all so adorable. Target is the thing I miss most living in London now, for real. And I love a gender-neutral kid bedroom that’s still cute by adult standards! That’s what I’m going for in the new apartment we’re moving to, but Target access sure would help. So great.

3 years ago

So glad they are going gender neutral! I’m an adult and I love Mondo Llama craft stuff. They have these scratch off sheets that are just so soothing. I keep some in my desk so that if I am super stressed, I can use them to take a break. Also love pillowfort – they have a cheetah lamp that is a near dupe of a far more spendy one at Urban Outfitters that I desperately want, but really have no place for another lamp in my tiny NYC apartment!!!

3 years ago

Shut up and take my money, Target. So much good stuff for our LO’s room – and great book choices! We love Antiracist Baby, Dragons Love Tacos, Jory John’s books, and Vashti Harrison’s books.

EHD team: how do the Target affiliate links work? I want to give you all credit for a few things from here, but also from Emily’s round up on housewares – will it work if it goes into the Target app? What if they go into the same basket, but from different sessions of clicking from your page?

3 years ago

And now my children have new sheets. Thanks Emily and Target.

3 years ago

So much good stuff you could have stretched this post over two days. I’m having a hard time picking which is my favorite. Loved them both.

Roberta Davis
3 years ago

I want all of it.

3 years ago

This might be a weird question, but do you have a source link for the floors in the first room? The wood is so pretty!

3 years ago

By all means, get that money and keep the blog running! But would love to see the Target posts a little more spread out. Three in a week makes the blog feel like an ad for Target. Just my two cents- I appreciate the content y’all pull together. It’s just been so target heavy lately.

3 years ago
Reply to  Megan

I very strongly second this. As a devoted daily reader, I love that the blog is free to read and know that the Target sponsorships are a big part of keeping it that way, but 3 Target posts in 1 week is a lot. 🙁

3 years ago

Thanks Emily! I just ordered that rug for pickup today! It so cute!!!! Can’t wait for my fellas to see it! 🙂

3 years ago

Oh, I so wish Australia had the same Target as the US!!! I wish the US Target would buy them out and change the stores to be more like yours.
It’s so great to see many sustainable materials in the range, especially rattan! So much better than plastic that goes on for at least 1000 years.
And, the pieces are really cure!
I really like that floor lamp!
Everything’s fun, snuggly and creative+!
Great products….bring it to Oz!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Second that!!! So many cute & beautiful things that we can’t buy in Aus!

3 years ago

So many cute things! I don’t have any kids but I did spot a few bits and bobs that would totally work in my apartment.

3 years ago

I’ve been looking for a Queen-sized sage green (or olive) quilt. The one featured here looked perfect, but it’ polyester. I need one that is cotton. Any help from out there? TIA

3 years ago

I’m technologically challenged. Does anyone know how to get rid of the banner at the top of the page on a computer? It cuts my screen my a third and makes it hard to read any of the posts (and cuts the pictures in half). I’m talking about the part of the page that says “Home, Blog, Design, Shop, etc.”

3 years ago

It is all just seriously SO cute!! About to go order that blue ball lamp- would be so perfect for my little one’s bedroom!

3 years ago

I “discovered” the new Pillowfort collection a couple of weeks ago and fell in love! I’ve already ordered a few things for my kids’ recently updated bedroom. They love them and so do I: win-win! I was/am really impressed with the high level of quality, especially with such an affordable price point! Target does it again!

3 years ago

So much good stuff! Love the way you guys styled it!

3 years ago

We’re changing my son’s room over to a space theme later this spring, so this post could not be more perfect! Emily & team, would you mind sharing the paint color in the space themed room, please? Thanks!

3 years ago

I REALLY loved the new pillowfort sheet sets especially the space ones but they only make the patterns I like in microfiber, I REALLY wish they’d offer all the patterns in either cotton or micro. We just aren’t a family that sleeps well on microfiber.

yup. i got sucked in. but am justifying it as stuff i need to stage my house to sell : )