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New Spring Target Collection

If you’ve popped into a Target lately you’ll notice that their spring collection is extremely eclectic, colorful and bohemian. It’s inspired by places all over the globe and it’s full of color, fringe and organic materials. It’s SUPER wonderful and easy to mix with any style – I should know because that’s exactly what I did for this shoot. I turned three rooms of our house into a Target set to show you how you can layer on this vibe over ‘traditional’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘luxe and glam’, and we created a little video (scroll to the bottom to watch it) with them to take you through all three looks.

First up is Traditional but with that global bent. The dining table, slipcovered chairs and bench are all more farmhouse-y and traditional, but we shook it up with the textiles and tabletop pieces.


The rattan chairs are awesome, in fact we now have them outside at our dining table and despite them not technically being outdoor chairs, they are holding up perfectly and are extremely comfortable (we put a pillow in the seat because you know I love added comfort these days).


That table and matching bench are pretty darn good, and many people were like ‘I like your new table’ thinking it was the one that I had shipped from the farm in Indiana (which ironically is not as good of a scale as this one). But it’s solid and extremely durable in finish – so no kiddos can ruin it.


The pottery from this line is a favorite and I had already purchased it for myself before I knew I was going to do this shoot. 


We mixed in some air plants and tropical flowers to make it feel even less serious.


Oh and that artwork is GREAT and such a good scale, color and price. Emily-Henderson_Target_Global_Traditional_Dining-Room_2

The footed planters on the ground are favorites around here, despite being a tiny bit too small for that vignette – I mostly just wanted you to see them.

So, if you are into a more traditional look but want to dabble in something more boho, and like to shop at Target – then here you go – or shop this page on the site to get the whole collection.


1. Large Candlestick | 2. Medium Candlestick | 3. Table Runner | 4. Framed Art | 5. Gold Metal Wall Art | 6. Slipcovered Dining Chair | 7. Dining Table | 8. Turquoise Vase | 9. Bench | 10. Rattan Chair | 11. Woven Basket | 12. Tall Green Planter | 13. Short Blue Planter | 14. Blue Tassel Pillow | 15. Black Tassel Pillow | 16. Throw Blanket | 17. Water Jug | 18. Serving Tray

For those of you who are more luxe and glam, but want to give this boho-chic look a whirl then this one is for you. We took the reading corner of Birdie’s room and turned it into a luxe and glam meets bohemian reading nook.


Obviously the wallpaper is not part of the collection (purchased here) but I figured I’d show it off for the first time (stay tuned for Birdie’s full room reveal). If you are wondering if that pink Nate Berkus chair is as good in person as it looks here, IT IS. I can’t believe it’s $230. There is nothing that feels cheap about it and the scale is great. Please ignore that the curtain is too short (the 96″ that we ordered didn’t arrive in time so we bought the 84″ in the store and had to use them because the light was just insane that time of day).


That hanging planter is just amazing … put some flowering jasmine in it and WOAH. I got that jasmine at the flower market for $7 and it’s the perfect draping plant and smells so good.


We brought a bit more color in this room – what with the pops of pinks and that deep magenta. Those lidded pots are in the top 10 of my favorite things from this entire spring collection (except I love the white ones for myself more). You can use them as decoration, storage or planters. And the white ones are just so easy to mix with any style. I also love that ladder which isn’t part of this particular collection but is great! Birdie quickly realized that she can’t climb on it and it’s honesty not a problem anymore.


The taller rustic vase on top is also GREAT for those of you who don’t want to dabble too bravely into color.


I love that this person reads both Alexa Chung, Thomas Pynchon, Kafka and a book that just says ‘MetaPhysics’. Glamourous, stylish and intelligent!!!


Right now since my house is more muted with blues, grays, and greens, what I am mostly hoarding from this collection is the pretty white textured pieces with a lot of fringe, tassels and of course some gold. I love all three of those pillows so, so much. But if you are into bold colors, they have you covered, too. Here is a get the look for the room and you can shop the entire look here.


1. Pom Pom Pillow | 2. Hand Woven Tassel Throw Pillow | 3. Macrame Lumbar Pillow | 4. Pink and Cream Throw Blanket | 5. Hanging Gold Planter | 6. Curtains | 7. Floor Lamp | 8. Brass and Wood Side Table | 9. Tufted Chair | 10. Brass Elephant | 11. Tassel Garland | 12. Accent Ladder | 13. Framed Art | 14. Pink Dash Vase | 15. Short Pink Lidded Vase | 16. Tall Pink Lidded Vase | 17. Small Bookcase | 18. Wooden Frame | 19. Pineapple Bookends | 20. Woven Basket | 21. Cream Throw Blanket

Last up is a more contemporary/modern living room that has a hefty layer of eclectic pieces to give it that boho look – but in all neutrals (which is a really, really easy way to go).


Most of these pieces were the ones I was like ‘yep, and this for me and this for me and this for me‘ as I was shopping.

For this room I wanted to show how someone who doesn’t like to go too bold can still have this eclectic sort of personality. So all the furniture is neutral then the layer of fun was added.


That rug is one of those pieces where everyone was like – “Wow, where is this rug from?’ and we now have it in Brian’s office downstairs. It’s GREAT and super kid-friendly because it’s busy but it’s not like bold and busy, it’s a quiet busy.


The sofa is from Target and you should know that it says ‘grey’ but it’s definitely more brown. I think it looks great in here (and man the petite size certainly made that room feel bigger!) and it helped warm things up. The pillows in this colorway are particularly covetable and easy to mix with others.


Fine, I bought another fig tree. It was shot 3 weeks ago and it’s still alive so I’m a really good person.


On the other side of the room we put another Nate chair in the light cream colorway which is SO pretty. I wish I could keep this room like this but a white tufted chair in the kids play area is probably not the best idea. That ottoman is actually an outdoor pouf that I bought for our patio photo shoot but that chair needed a friend so we pulled it in here.


That black and white basket is WONDERFUL and that standing lamp is one from Target that I already had and still have, and looked great in that little corner vignette.


There’s that lidded pot I was telling you about! It comes in two sizes and they are both so easy to use everywhere.


The size and shape of that white pillow makes it super easy to pair with larger squares and while some of the pillows have stiffer filling this one is SOFT and can really be cozy anywhere.


If you are into the look then we have pulled together a get the look below, or you can shop the entire living room collection here. And we even created a little video to walk you through the process:


1. Woven Wall Hanging | 2. Fringe Basket | 3. Mirror | 4. Short Lidded Pot | 5. Tall Blue Vase | 6. Gold Perched Bird Figurine | 7. Sofa | 8. Side Table | 9. Brass Drum Coffee Table | 10. Rug | 11. Knot Pillow | 12. Cream Lumbar Fringe Pillow | 13. Black and White Fringe Pillow | 14. Cream Throw Blanket | 15. Knotted Lumbar Pillow | 16. Black Stripe Throw Blanket | 17. Pink Stripe Basket | 18. Canvas Bin | 19. Black and White Vase | 20. Geometric Terrarium | 21. Giraffe Figurine | 22. Candle | 23. Cream Ceramic Pot | 24. Pouf | 25. Tufted Chair | 26. Floor Lamp

A note about the global collection – Target is committed to sustainability and community by hiring artisans who weave the baskets and throw the pots. These pieces were made all over the world, buy by the artisans who specialize in that craft. Their Good Weave rugs make me feel good about purchasing.

But there is more good news. As Target launched this global collection they also teamed up with Accompany who is a socially conscious B-corp company that curates artisanal pieces all over the world. I worked with them on The Mercantile and was impressed not only by their mission to make individuals and communities better through commerce, but also their curation and style (in other words I love their clothes, jewelry and home goods and their integrity and dedication to doing good).

So without further ado here is the Target x Accompany collection:


1. Blue and White Dip-Dyed Cross Body Bag | 2. Tassel Necklace | 3. Pink Box | 4. Pink Turkish Towel | 5. Blue Throw | 6. Orange Cosmetic Bag | 7. Oversized Scarf | 8. Wooden Bowl | 9. Blue Bead Bracelet | 10. Handmade Card | 11. Wooden Pen | 12. Pom Pom Key Chain | 13. Black and White Coasters | 14. Teal and Navy Bracelet | 15. Mug | 16. Pink and White Dip-Dyed Purse

Each piece was made by artisans that Accompany works with in the country of that craft. It ranges from home to apparel and supporting it supports not only Accompany and the artisans that they hire, but also sends a message to larger retailers that collaborations with B-corps, like this, are financially successful, not just a philanthropic project. Target gets that and is dedicated to growing their amazing store in a socially conscious way while providing you and I with accessible, affordable and stylish pieces for our homes. It’s a win, win, win, win, win. That’s a lot of winning which makes you feel good while you are shopping.

To help you through the process, we pulled together this little video on how to bring some of their new pieces and that Boho look into any style.

The whole collection is so good, you guys. Look how happy I am to style with them. xx


And for those of you who are wondering what we did with all of these pieces after the shoot – come back tomorrow. xx

**Photos by Tessa Neustadt

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6 years ago

Oh my Gorgeous!! I can’t even. I am Canadian, and target coming and leaving my homeland had a profound affect on my home and life decor. Okay, perhaps a bit drama llama, but truly I am a bit of a target junkie – I have to drive three hours for a “fix”. Looks like the old jetta is making a trip south of the Canadian border. I want everything in this post. I was just in the Mayan Riviera and there were market stalls filled with everything pom pom, tassel and macrame – ack! The textures, the colours – My suitcase was full. xo Lola

6 years ago
Reply to  Lola

The abstract rug is wonderful…but appears to only be available in 2×3???? Say it ain’t so!

6 years ago
Reply to  Anna

They just grabbed the wrong link – easy to do because in some ways the Target website just makes no sense. Here’s the 9×12:

6 years ago
Reply to  Lola

Grrrrl! Can I jump in that Jetta with you? Those magenta pops are everything! Come back to Canada Target, please!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Natalie

🙂 I bet we could run a Target Tour Bus company for Canadians!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lola

Drama llama… You made me chuckle. Totally using this from now on.

6 years ago

I am absolutely loving all of the fun colors in this collection. Every room feels so inviting!

6 years ago

The Target collection is really great and I am buying some of it online as I write this, but I wanted to comment to say I am swooning over Birdie’s wallpaper…I cannot wait for the full reveal!

6 years ago

Wow-your house looks stunning Emily. I was team vintage rug in your previous family room post but this post has me craving the neutrals in that room since they look SO good!

6 years ago

I love when you do target posts…. unfortunately it feels like everything you showcase ends up immediately selling out and NEVER seems to come back in stock.

I wish Target would figure out their inventory issues or not do sponsored posts with items they have limited quantities of. I fall in love with something, can actually afford it, but can never actually buy it. Its a bit like torture. ( example: both of the AMAZING chairs you featured a few weeks ago…. Rodney Wood Arm Chair & Lincoln Cane Chair with Upholstered Seat both sold out…. and they have NO IDEA if they will be coming back in stock, all they can say is keep checking back. I’ve called more than once haha)

I know its not your fault and I genuinely love your target content… well all your content and posts =)

6 years ago

Man, Targets got game! I chose that brass drum coffee table for a client and it seemed to be out of stock? The link you showed has one left. Hopefully I can snag it somehow. So excited about this as a source.

6 years ago
Reply to  Katie

I know! It’s killing me that it’s out of stock 🙁 Is it coming back?? Target, if you’re listening, please – more stock on these things so that they’re not sold out BEFORE they even get advertised on blogs!

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Oh – I meant the side table in Elliot’s room. It’s so beautiful and I’m so sad it’s not there anymore!

6 years ago

I just bought two of those lidded pots, they’re fantastic! I’m glad I read your post early because usually everything sells out by the time I get to them. also, great post today, I enjoyed seeing all the different looks.

6 years ago

Is the rug available in any size other than 2×3? I’m having trouble finding it on their site….

6 years ago
Reply to  Erica

For some reason the link is to the 2×3 but I searched and was able to find a 9×12 and 5×7. I was looking for a runner 🙁

6 years ago
Reply to  Brady

Thanks! The problem is that the rug names are something like “geometric area rug” and “gray wool area rug,” which are so vague that they lead to 20 pages of results. But I appreciate the updated link! I’ll find the size I need.

6 years ago

I saw this colllection in store today. I just nodded as I cruised the display saying to myself, “Looking good Target. Looking good”
Good styling as usual, EHD Team, now I’m wishing I picked up a few things.

6 years ago

thanks for this post and all of the detailed photos of the products…this isn’t my favorite target collection, but you did a beautiful job with it! i especially love the look in the living room!

6 years ago

I really like nearly every single item. Seriously.

6 years ago

I am SO bent out of shape that Target messed up so badly in Canada. I would love to get my hands on some of this stuff!!!!!

6 years ago

Where are your gold sconces from?

6 years ago

Man, do you have the best gig or what?? Every time I walk through Target, which is a few times a week…..I think to myself, “I wish I was Emily Henderson so I could buy all of this stuff and try it out!!” If you ever need an East Coast styling buddy, I ready and willing.

6 years ago

Such great finds, cant believe its all from Target!

6 years ago

My issue w/ Target. Quality and scale. Baskets – fine, not too bad. But their pillows, lamps and my goodness even – that wannabe brass coffee table — are way too small to have any decent style punch. That’s why it’s cheap and ends up in a landfill/ stops off at a few garage sales on the way…

No offense. I know you have a good gig with them. Just hope someone over there is listening…

(And I like them for kids clothes – not a total hater)

6 years ago

I love the peek at your updates to the living area. I like a moody space, but this one definitely works best all brightened up! I know this isn’t your final version of this room, but the vibe and layout you’ve got here are definitely working for me 🙂

6 years ago

is the pink nate berkus chair actually comfortable. Thinking of getting it for my toddlers bedroom.

6 years ago

Emily, this is a great post but it’s really really long. I am overwhelmed by it and could not read all of it, let alone, really examine each item and shop for them. We can blame the short attention spans that comes with daily internet browsing ( not to mention reading on phones and tablets..) Maybe break it down on multiple posts for each area? just a thought..
I just noticed there is a video too! sorry!

6 years ago

So sorry, the Nate chair is only online. The shipping fees are too much for me. I bought one of Target’s slipper chairs for my office and my kids have taken it over — so comfy. Unfortunately, their is a 250 weight limit on the slipper chair. Fortunately, most folks over 6 ft avoid that chair anyway since it’s very small.

6 years ago
Reply to  DP

If you sign up for the target red card, you get 5% off, and shipping is free. It just links to your normal debit/checking account so its not a credit card. Worth it in my opinion =)

6 years ago

What kind of tree is that in the kitchen?

6 years ago

My local Target has many of the items in this post on display in the store so I have had the chance to actually see them in person and handle them. I have picked up quite a few Nate Berkus items and several of the colorful global things. One of my favorites was the colorful tassels that you have draped over a ladder in your post. I bought them without knowing what I was going to do with them…they were just so colorful and different (and let’s not forget inexpensive) that I couldn’t resist. Well, after getting them home and looking around my house, I noticed a huge, neutral basket in my living room which houses my very large fig tree. The strand of tassels fit PERFECTLY around the top indentation of the basket! They look so perfect that visitors think they came on the basket and have asked where they could buy one! Target has outdone themselves this year…quality home accessories with a reasonable price point. I ❤️ Taret!

your house so beautiful home decor design really very nice and beautiful thanks share your house photos with us

You had me at the cobalt blue.

6 years ago

Love it all, especially the pillows and pottery, and, your home showcases it all beautifully! On another note, regarding how to entertain toddlers, onceuponatime I was a toddler teacher, and one of the favorite activities was a sensory table. Do you have one? Hours of guaranteed fun and learning. We filled it with a variety of things such as colored dry noodles with cups for filling and dumping, water with little boats and floating sea creatures, rice with waterwheels, sand with shovels and buckets and little molds, white flour with plastic cars and trucks to make roads in/with, etc. The sky’s the limit and it’ll keep their little hands and minds busy. Every day it was filled with something different so it was always a surprise as to what was under the cover and inside the box. It’s fun to take outside, too. And do you have a big sandbox in your yard? That’ll always keep them busy as well. Clayplay is also another favorite and actually very calming. Just a few ideas; thx for your decorating tips; gotta go to Target now 🙂

6 years ago

I love this selection so much! And totally in love with that wooden bench! Wonderful!

6 years ago

Loose dresses, holding up pillows/blankets in every shot… does this mean what I think it means?

6 years ago

These are beautiful! What is the big tree from the Traditional Global room? Is it a Ginko? Thanks!

6 years ago

Gotta ask about your blue boho dress in the first image. Love it.

6 years ago

First up is Traditional but with that global bent. The dining table, slipcovered chairs and bench are all more farmhouse-y and traditional, but we shook it up with the textiles and tabletop pieces.

Excellent information. This really made me add knowledge. Thank you very much. Hope Always update