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The New Nursery + A Roundup

Turns out this whole ‘second baby’ thing is still happening and not shockingly (and yet SHOCKINGLY) this one is gonna need to sleep somewhere too (which I’m genuinely/hormonally/tearfully happy about). I’m 28 weeks along (I think, I might be 29 weeks – if anyone knows please let me know) so therefore this little lady is coming in less than 3 months. I took me a while to mentally commit to giving up a grown up room to another baby. We only have three bedrooms, so it feels insane for two of them to have cribs!!! But its happening, and we have our old office downstairs that we are turning into a guest suite so I feel ready and VERY excited to turn the current guest room into my baby girl’s room. Plus once I started thinking about designing it, I became REAL excited.

Let’s recap a bit with the history of the room and remind you what it looks like:

We moved in and slowly (over 9 months) – top left – pulled together this room as the guest room. It hasn’t really changed since that last photo (well, the plant died and the bench moved to the family room) – and it gets a lot of use by guests that claim to love it.

It’s a pretty good size, has high ceilings and gets decent light – not a TON but it’s not dark. I actually love that it’s a darker, cozier and always cool room because sometimes I lay in there during Charlie’s nap with the curtains drawn and marathon Empire or Flipping Out, and it feels like a tiny escape.

Emily House_Girls Nursery_Guest Bedroom_Currently 1

That’s what it currently looks like, and here are my new baby room needs:

1.This needs to be a baby room, sure, but only by way of function, not necessarily style. I don’t want it to be too girly or too baby because I love a gender neutral room, mainly for my own flexibility. We aren’t sure how long we’ll stay in this house but who knows, I might have the kids share a room eventually and this room might turn into a tv den, home office, or back to a guest room so I wanted it to have a foundation that I loved for myself, too. OR since this room is a lot bigger maybe this would be where they both share a room and then Charlie’s room is more of their play/family room. I don’t know, I just like gender neutral and flexible rooms that I like to be in as much as the kids, so when designing it I kept thinking what have I been dying to do in a room, baby or not? I have needs/wants as a designer and I’ve been craving to do something like this in a room for a while.

2. While we don’t need this to double as a full size guest room I do want it to have flexibility for me to nap/marathon my stories, and especially, for when we have more than just two guests, to accommodate another person. My best friend stays the night with her toddler sometimes (when we want to have girls night when one of the guys are out of town) and I want a comfy place inside the house for her to crash, not just outside/downstairs in the guest suite.

Stylistically I’ve been craving a cozier, slightly more traditional room that leans a bit country and sings of my pacific northwest routes. In short – I’ve wanted a forest themed cave room for a while, and I’m ’bout to get it.

Now, I’m not sure this is IT, and don’t hold me to the final design, but here is what will probably happen in the new baby girl nursery and I’m VERY excited.

Emily House_Girls Nursery_Moodboard_green and pink_with copy

1. Crib: I love this crib so much. I have not decided if this is where I’m splurging in the room yet, and I know I have this inexpensive backup option, but that is one beautiful crib, and frankly just looks so much more beautiful on my mood board.

2. Flokati Rug: Right now I have this beautiful white Loloi rug which I’m going to keep, but I might layer on a larger sheepskin or flokati in the middle for added softness. A white viscose rug isn’t the smartest decision for a kids room, I know, (they are so beautiful because they look like silk, but fairly fragile) but I already have it and I want to use it to help keep the room feeling as big and bright as possible.

3. Pink Pouf: Obviously dark olive greens need to be balanced out with a bit of femininity and softness, so those accents are going to help it say ‘baby girl’ when needed.

4. Wallpaper: This really should have been #1. That wallpaper KILLS me and excites me and just generally makes everything that is wrong in the world, right. I love it so much. It’s a mural that goes around, about 6′ high. While it is foresty its also a bit playful in how its drawn. I’ve been looking for a forest mural FOREVER, something that helped me ever since I did this project with Moby, but they are all kinda cheesy. Most of you might remember that I was debating really hard what to do with that cement block wall and I decided AGAINST wallpapering it. But that was before I had all the information. Basically what my wonderful installer told me to do was to buy and test (which we did) this material called Faster Plaster which is basically a thick under paper that covers all the seams and texture, giving the wall a smooth surface to then paper over. It’s not cheap, around $400 for the wall and an additional $200 to paper it. But listen, I want that paper and I’m just so happy that we don’t have to add dry wall or plywood or any of the other solutions that I thought we would. Faster Plaster is your friend (and its easily removeable). I’ve wanted wallpaper in this room FOREVER and now i’m gonna get it. I highly suggest you guys check out Rebel Walls paper because they have some crazy awesome murals that are wildly cheaper than most on the market.

5. Hanging Rattan Light: Because every baby girls room needs a little bit of victorian. I think I’m getting this bookcase, too, but it didn’t fit on my mood board.

6. Rocker: I have Charlie’s glider which I love and I may just move that in here, but the gray wasn’t looking as good as this dark gray/green one, so it’s on here for now and I’ll figure out soon whether I want to get it or just work with what I have.

7. Linen Drapes: This one is a bit of a bummer because those curtains in the room were custom and are expensive and beautiful and great in so many ways, but they are going to be too dark for that wallpaper and I think that your eye is going to want a break with some cream linen drapes. It will frame the window perfectly and lift the whole room. I’m wondering if I can use those curtains in the guest suite downstairs, but I’m not sure color-wise if it will work down there either so if anyone needs some custom beautifully made curtains shoot me an email. I’m not sure what company I’m going to go for with these – maybe just custom (stay tuned for a big curtain roundup VERY soon).

8. Fawn Night Light Foresty and cute.

9. Rattan Side Table Again with the victorian. Not the most functional in here because I find that you need a lot of hidden storage in baby’s room to hide gross things like ointments and nipple creams, but I want this little table to float around and just look cute.

10. Sofa I’ve wanted this sofa forever out of sheer simplicity and absolute comfort. I shopped for a TON of pull out sofas for this room even though we don’t NEED a pull out sofa. I figure when you have kids you kinda can’t have enough extra sleeping for visitors, right? But none of them were comfortable enough for me to curl up on with my kids to read stories (or again, for me to hide away from the kids to watch my smutty TV), plus again, we do have the guest room downstairs. But this sofa is crazy deep, so comfortable (it feels like its full of down) and yet because its so low and has no arms it doesn’t feel nearly as big as it is in the room. When the back cushion is removed its basically a twin bed – but a REALLY REALLY comfortable one. I haven’t purchased it yet, I’m still making sure that I don’t want something vintage in there, but I love that it has the comfort I need, the overnight capabilities that I want, and the simplicity with the wallpaper that gives your eye a big break (clearly a pattern in here or something dark wouldn’t work with the paper).

Lots of pretty textiles/accessories that are still up in the air, but the board gives you a good idea of what I’m kinda looking for: 11. White Quilted Pillow 12. Pink Linen Crib Sheets 3. Pillow 14. Woven Hamper

15. Dresser: Vintage: I found this dresser from Sunbeam Vintage (they have a great online site that they keep up to date with their inventory) and I fell in love with it. I think its Haywood Wakefield, but I’m not sure. What I love about it is the lighter, richer tone but without any shine. I’ve seen them before and even since I bought this one, so they aren’t crazy rare or anything, just beautiful quality dressers from the 50’s that have pretty architecture and the right tone to work with my victorian bamboo.

16. Hedgehog Table Lamp: Because I can’t seem to design one room without putting an animal somewhere in it (but how cute are his little gold spikes!!!!).

So what do you guys think? I’m very excited. My only fear is making sure that it feels light and happy, but with that huge window and all the white in the sofa and rug, I really think it will be. I have another option to show you (my backup design) that I’ll pull together soon that feels totally different, but this is the winning design and I’m moving forward.


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106 thoughts on “The New Nursery + A Roundup

  1. I LOVE this room. The wallpaper is fantastic. I’m a HUGE supporter of wallpaper, and I think it makes this room so magical. The only thing I would change is the chair. It seems kind of dark and imposing somehow. But your baby, your room, right? LOVE the pink touches.

  2. I think that is one of the cutest nurseries I have seen! Definitely unique and untypical.

  3. I love the rattan pendant!! I have been looking for a rattan pendant to do as a set over the nightstands in my Master. Do you have any concerns that there is not enough filter/would it create harsh lighting for baby?

    1. This! Am curious about the same thing. So many exposed lightbulbs these days! I’m also thinking dreaded ceiling fan for our nursery, but with a light? Agh! Need to find one that’s pretty? Is that thing?!

  4. I think it’s going to be hard for me to wait! I always look forward to seeing all your projects come together. Still dying to see the bathroom(s). Like everything you do, it will be be done beautifully and with that EH style I can’t get enough of. That wallpaper is very cool. It reminds me of a Maurice Sendak illustration, which is fitting for a child’s room. I like that your bringing in touches of pink. You just have to when you have a sweet baby girl to bring home. Exciting stuff happening!

      1. Yes. Immediately thought of Where the Wild Things Are with the wallpaper. You may need to consider when or if you want to read that book to your daughter. Will she like sleeping where the wild things are?? Ha.

    1. Second the “Where the Wild Things Are” vibe. And now, Let the wild rumpus start!

  5. That wallpaper reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are, which is kind of amazing. I can’t wait to see how this room turns out, I think it is going to be so cozy and sweet. And I’d be pretty psyched if I got to stay in there as a guest, too!

  6. Totally unrelated, but you were just on the morning news from Vancouver, BC! Something to do with your outraged and shocked face from the bachelorette. I love your blog!

  7. Well I paid $700 for a crib 26 years ago and it was nowhere near as stylish as yours. I love the shape of the chair, and I looooove that sofa.
    I think it’s hysterical that you found a fawn night light. What did you google to come up with that one?

    1. I saw this INCREDIBLE, oval rattan baby crib at a garage sale for $60. It was unbelievable. Would have looked amazing in this nursery. (Of course, I don’t know if it was “baby safe” but boy did it look homey.)

  8. I have that crib (in pink…) and it is beautiful. I love it. It’s probably my favorite piece of furniture in our entire house. I sort of wish I’d gone natural, but at the time I thought we’d be in a blah rental for a while. And pink is a really pretty salmon. Anyway, I think it’s a great place to splurge. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

  9. I’m going to play devil’s advocate and be a Debbie Downer and say “no” to plastering over that brick wall. I think it adds character and texture to the room/house and keeps the original architecture intact. There’s nothing worse than going into an older home with character that was updated to make it look like something it’s not supposed to be. I’d recommend having a wood/drywall frame built over the brick and then have that papered.

    Also, you may want or need to sell your home someday and it would be easier to have that drywall and framing removed than removing the paper and plaster to restore the wall.

    1. I love that block wall, too. But I think she did say her planned treatment was fully removable.

    2. I agree. I love that block wall! I think it makes the room. I’m actually kind of sad the guest room is going away completely because I like it so much as is.

    3. Don’t worry – its not plaster. It’s ‘faster plaster’ which is a roll that you wallpaper on that is easily removable. I don’t want the blocks right now but someone might and its easy to take off!

  10. this nursery seems magical…and if you need to gift me the current furniture in the guest room, that would be ok.


  11. Um, I shouldn’t even tell you this, but when I bought that identical Kalon crib directly from Kalon 2.5 years ago it was $695+$100 shipping. (And they gave me a $125 credit because shipping was delayed. Score!) Now that Serena & Lily have discovered that it’s the best crib ever, it’s $1050 to get it home. So tragic. (In the “first world problems” sense of the world only.) I will say we absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful and I still love to see it every day. As soon as my toddler moves into her toddler bed (a day of which I live in fear), we’ll give that crib to her 6 mo. old sister. The baby is currently in a white Ikea job I got on Craigslist for $50, which is actually pretty cute. But that crib story tells you everything you need to know about how preparing for and parenting #1 differs from #2!

    1. This cracked me up, because we have identical stories. Got the Kalon crib for that same price 2 years ago and I agree- it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and by far the best furniture purchase I’ve made in years! Baby #2 is on the way now (Em, our kids are the same age!), and I just ordered a crib from Wally World. Whomp whomp. Poor #2. Anyway, that crib is so worth it.

      1. HA. that’s hilarious. I wish that I had discovered it for Charlie because splurging on it for one, knowing that we were most likely going to have two cribs makes sense, but buying it for the second (and most likely last) is a lot more difficult.

  12. Just a thought here but the rattan rocker you just got for Charlie would compliment this design nicely and having a little place for him to sit/play/be might ease the transition of the additional babe. Keeping him included and giving him a little space to hang with you and the family might curb some jealousy.

    1. It’s going in the space just isn’t on the mood board – i totally agree with you 🙂

  13. I’m in the same boat. 3 months away from baby girl arriving… and have yet to put the room together. The room currently is our yoga / fitness room. I’m having a hard time giving that up for a baby’s room! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  14. Love it! It like that is obviously a girls nursery, but doesn’t feel too “baby”. It has a certain amount of sophistication to it. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  15. Love this nursery! but my question is about your guest room as is…what is the need for bedside sconces and lamps? I’m not a reader so maybe there’s that. It looks great but curious if it’s more than aesthetics??

    1. Ha. it is for reading. ONe is directional light for the book and one is for ambient light for general mood. You don’ t NEED both but I like them. Although these days with e-readers you don’t need the directional light nearly as much.

  16. I love all the pieces that you picked out! I also love that you want it to double function as a possible place for guests! We have been wanting to do something similar to that in our house and I love the couch that you have picked for it!


  17. I am head over heels for this mood board in concept, but your comment about the curtains rubbed me the wrong way a little. I understand that you are a professional and aside from creating the perfect room for your little girls, this is also your JOB, but getting all-new curtains when the pretty blue ones were admittedly expensive seems so wasteful and unnecessarily luxurious to me, especially when many of your readers (like myself) look to you as an inspiration when mixing high and low priced items. I’d like to see you incorporate the blue curtains somehow. I thought I’d seen a black and white forest wallpaper out there… and mix the blue in somehow? Sorry if this offends. I am just thinking about this in a practical, non-designery way.

    1. No offense at all and I totally appreciate your comment. But I want to make it a portfolio room that feels well designed – top to bottom, so if those drapes work, then AWESOME – and they might!! but we picked them out before we knew the direction of the room (even as a guest room) and I do fear that they are not only too dark but also don’t open wide enough to really show enough light. I’m hoping they work downstairs, but sometimes you admit mistakes and move on instead of trying really hard to make something work.

      1. The biggest thing I’ve learned from reading design blogs is my worst problem is not being willing to quit trying to make the wrong things work, because of their cost or how much work it was to get or install. So learning what doesn’t work helps me a ton. I liked that about your show, too. We’d see you make mistakes and reverse gears.

      2. Thanks for such a gracious answer 🙂 There really is something to be said for letting go and moving on. Now that your guest room is getting dismantled I can shamelessly copy it for my master bedroom without feeling like a creeper 😉

  18. Super cute! Love that it is unique and different! The crib is GORGEOUS! fun fun fun!

  19. So beautiful and story-bookish for a Sweet Tiny Lady! A question about the photo of your current guest room: did you use a special lens for this effect? It looks foreshortened or forewidened : ) or computerized in some way. Just trying to take pictures of some of my own narrow rooms…..

    1. No offense at all and I totally appreciate your comment. But I want to make it a portfolio room that feels well designed – top to bottom, so if those drapes work, then AWESOME – and they might!! but we picked them out before we knew the direction of the room (even as a guest room) and I do fear that they are not only too dark but also don’t open wide enough to really show enough light. I’m hoping they work downstairs, but sometimes you admit mistakes and move on instead of trying really hard to make something work.

  20. I have that crib, and it’s beautiful and sturdy, but I’m devastated because the short time period it has been used and I’m already having to plan what to replace it with since my boy is a climber.

    The conversion kit to make it a toddler bed is $400 and backordered so I’m not sure I want to invest that much further into this piece.

  21. This is my dream room! I LOVE that wallpaper and would just die to have a gorgeous, traditional mural/wallpaper forest room (a library/lounge with a fireplace would be perfect). This is going to be so, so good!

  22. Green & pink make a gorgeous combination, I love the muted tones. I’m kind of jealous of your baby’s new room! Congratulations.

  23. The only thing I don’t love is the rocking chair. I like the color, but that wingback style…not so much.
    For some reason, my eyes completely skipped over the picture of the couch. When I was reading the list, I read “10. sofa…huh? there was a sofa? Oh, well there it is!”
    That mural is … just perfect. It reminds me of “Where the Wild Things Are.” Out of curiosity, roughly how many meters of wallpaper will you need? I was trying to figure out the cost of the mural.
    I think adding a few very small things (toys? lampshade? one pillow?) that were either lavender or rose would give your color scheme a little “oomph.”

  24. So cute!! Love the forest-y feel with touches of baby pink. So excited for you! Also can’t wait to see your new guest suite!

  25. I’m excited for you, Emily! Your Oh, Joy posts convinced me to wallpaper with her petal pusher, and I did and I love it! I totally get how wallpapering is so exciting! I have a cute art print for sale in my Etsy store that would look great with this plan! I’d be honored if you wanted to check it out. XO and best of luck!

  26. You’re a couple weeks ahead of me! The only things I bought for the nursery so far is an aqua pouf like the one you listed and a deer head, both from RH Baby & Child.

  27. I love most of your rooms but that wallpaper looks like giant broccoli florets to me. Sorry!

    1. HA. That’s hilarious. The real question: What do you have against broccoli themed bedrooms?

  28. Love the guest room, and love the plans to transform it into a little lady’s nursery (*especially if you send that Oregon map my way)!

  29. I L-O-V-E this! I almost never comment, but this is the sweetest, prettiest, yet somehow still forest-y thing I’ve ever seen. Well done!

    1. Yay, so excited to see this post!

      Just curious, have you ever worked with the caravan crib before? I was/ am lusting after it pretty hard, and love the materials they use etc. too but was really worried by a LOT of reviews I read (manly on amazon) about how the crib was missing parts and the company taking many many months to fix the issue. I was also bummed to see that the conversion kit to make it into an (equally beautiful) toddler bed was over $500

      For what it’s worth I think the linen drapes you pinned are really beautiful even if it’s a pain to have to deal replace them. Any chance they could just be bleached? Either way, love the inspiration board overall – I feel like I’m on a brighter, beachier (erm that’s a word, right?) version of Where the Wild Things Are, looks great!

      Also, happy 28th or 29th week 🙂

    2. I have and have a client that wants it. I LOVE it. Its too dark for me right now (cut to me in a year and i’ll be painting all my walls black). but man, i love it.

  30. Love the forest vibe! What a great fantasy room for baby girl, or Charlie, or anyone! I have the most beautiful crib (I think) where the short curved sides morph into the necks of swans. It’s 23+ years old, and made of just lightly stained/oiled maple. I had it in a room I hand-muraled with the sun and the moon and animals. It would have been gorgeous with that paper too. And I also had a modular sofa, 2 pieces covered in white linen, for a daybed. It got used to death!

  31. Where’s the blue??!! Who posted this? Seriously, this room is amazing and I think its brilliant that the only color is in the accessories. BTW – I didn’t think it was possible to top Charlie’s wallpaper but somehow you did!! Just beautiful.

    1. We are thinking about it and I put it in the mood board, but the all wood one just looked better. I may change my mind, but believe me we considered it (especially because Target sells it as well).

  32. Ahhhh! This is probably my favorite design board you’ve ever done! Can’t wait to see the final design! xoxo

  33. I purchased the Kalon Caravan crib in natural and would do so again in a heartbeat! It is so beautiful!

  34. AMAZING! Have you seen the Babyletto cribs? It has a similar look to this with the natural wood and the price point is in between the S&L and the Ikea one, if you want to check them out: (plus, who doesn’t love gelato?) I want that hedgehog lamp to be my pet. He’s ridiculously cute. Also for what it’s worth, I tried the Flokati rug in my baby girl’s room. It looked beautiful, but once she started crawling, I had to take it out . She was grabbing clumps of it, it was shedding on her, it’s not fun to clean spit up off, etc. Just something to think about if you haven’t already.

    We have the same yet opposite situation. I’m due with #2 in September and mine will be almost exactly 2 years part. First was a girl and #2 is a boy! Anyway, i was looking for girl ideas from you when I was pregnant the first time, but you were having a boy 🙂 Now I”ll steal your baby boy nursery ideas! But I can’t lie, decorating the girls’ nursery is just more fun.

  35. I love that we’re having baby girls around the same time! My due date is a week before yours, so you are actually almost 27 weeks 🙂
    Definitely going to have to steal some of these ideas for our nursery. So many cute options!!

  36. So great! I love that you’re doing what you want! You’re then one that has to spend the most time in there. Of course it still will be great for her. 🙂

  37. Beautiful nursery. Congratulations on your new baby girl. Do you have a name picked out?

  38. Hi Emily!

    Love your blog, loved your Men Tell All appearance (and your obvious love for Ben H, yum).

    Do you think these curtains:
    are a good alternative to the curtains on your mood board?

    They are just so much cheaper! I’m due in 6 weeks and we just got the babyletto crib that other people mentioned in this post – I LOVEEE it. But the all natural one will look amazing with that wallpaper.

  39. Although I think flokati rugs are sooo pretty, if the baby is on the floor all those loose-y fibers could become a choking hazard.
    Also, I can’t help but picture throw-up and soggy cheerios in the mix. Not cool…

  40. LOVE this all. So, so pretty! I don’t think the dresser is Heywood Wakefield, but it is similar to their Kohinoor line.

  41. Love the plan–but seriously, do NOT splurge on a second crib. You will regret not buying something awesome that has a longer life in your home. IKEA cribs make great second cribs. And they look and function very well. You will feel smarter for it, trust me!

  42. Love the wallpaper. It reminds me of antique verdure tapestries.

    Checked out the website and I’m also in love with the sky/clouds and constellation map and ….. But I don’t understand the pricing. $59 USD 2m – is that $59 for 2 meters? I assume 2 meters is one roll, yes? How wide are the rolls?

    These murals also would be great mounted on folding screens, which would solve the smooth wall issue. I have two antique folding screens made out of 8′ x 1.5′ canvas frames with hand-painted Chinese wallpaper on them and they are my favorite find ever.

    Lucky little girl to have such a pretty room.

  43. This room is going to be good!

    My daughter just turned one and has a Flokati rug in her nursery. Once she started rolling she became obsessed with eating it and I was convinced it needed to find another home. But, in laziness, I just covered it up with a giant quilt and within a few months she stopped trying to eat it. But, she is absolutely crazy (like crazy crazy) about touching it. It’s the first thing she cares about when she wakes up and she just walks around “hunting for fuzzies”. Luckily, I think crazy = adorable. So I say go with the Flokati. Since you already have it, you can switch it out if it doesn’t work.

  44. I think it’s dainty and interesting. However, I think it needs another layer of color, BUT if you are going to use that wall paper in the whole room, it might be enough to have everything else lighter and on the pastel side…thinking…maybe a hit of rasberry or peach or a lighter green amongst the “stuff”.
    On another note, the rocker shouldn’t be the only dark heavy piece unless it is camouflaged against the wall paper.
    Of course, we’re not going to hold ya to it AND I’m sure what ever you end up doing it will be fantastic!

  45. Love this – do you happen to have any ideas for a gender neutral nursery? That would make for a great post – just a thought 🙂

  46. Fantastic! I was looking for the RIGHT wallpaper for our indoor pool hall and few months ago I decided also for this one. I am so curious how it will look like in your baby room!

  47. What an elegant – yet still fun – nursery design. And it’s so nice to see one without a grid of those baby animal photos (I still love ’em, but they feel a bit over-done now, y’know?). Your little girl is going to grow up with serious style ingrained in her, if this is her first bedroom…

  48. I am in love with this room. Its possibly my favorite thing ever from you. So good!

  49. We have the crib and we love it! Great for baby to teeth on with no fears of them eating toxic paint or sealant. We made an all natural rub for it out of beeswax and mineral oil that gave it just enough polish and moisture, because this crib does come completely bare.

  50. I think it’s all great, Emily, but I am concerned that your baby girl will be in the basement, with the rest of you upstairs!!! And for some reason, that slider door rubs me the wrong way (I’m all about safety), probably because my second son ran smackdab into one @ Cannon Beach; what a nightmare. I thought you had three bedrooms on the upper floor; what happened to that option? As I recall, that one also had a slider but at least she’d be closer to you all….. and be sure to integrate those pink velvet lamps for a punch of color in the forest! Can’t wait to see the finished result; no doubt it will be smashing, as always (oh and btw, fun seeing you in the audience @ MTA!!!).

  51. Your nursery ideas are gorgeous. And I know this is your job so you basically have to come up with a new design plan. But I SO wish you could reuse most of the guest room design and turn it into a super cool baby girls room. I HATE that everyone uses baby pink for a baby girl. It’s so typical and expected. I bet your girl could totally rock the blue and hot pink tones in the guest room. It just goes so well with your whole house scheme too. It would just be so fun to see a room that’s not so “baby”.

  52. Emily,
    First time commenter, long time reader.
    Saw that beautiful crib your eeying. Don’t know if you have bought already something with Kalon studios.
    Ordered the Isometric Table 3 years ago.
    I live in Montreal and maybe that explains the delay but it took 5 months before I was able to get the table.
    From what I understand there was a problem with the fabrication of the first table (wood warped) and they had to make another which also may explain the delay.
    Just wanted to give a heads up since your little girl is coming in 3 months, make sure you can get the crib before she’s born.
    Yours truly

  53. Love this nursery design! I am also trying to plan a nursery (I think we are due pretty much around the same time – my EDD is 21/10). I had been trying to think of how to do a woodland/faraway tree themed room, and I think you may have just answered many of my design dilemmas! One question – are you planning on having the wallpaper around the entire room or just one main wall? Thanks for all your amazing ideas and advice.

  54. skip that rocker! Have you sat on it? We got it for our baby 1.5 years ago, when it arrived and we sat in it I collapsed in hormonal tears and we returned it with a shipping fee that was half the price of the rocker. It is the size of a truck and you have to push back with your feet to stay in it. I don’t understand how they keep making it – once we had it I started digging deeper into reviews to see if I was crazy or had a defective one, and there are many reports of the same experience.

  55. I love the upholstered bed in your guest room. It looks amazing and would compliment many decors. Could you tell me where it is from? I read your posts regarding the renovation of your guest room and it was mentioned at the end of one of the posts. However, when I clicked onto the photo of the bed for further details there is no additional information. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

  56. Beautiful, but the wall paper might be frightening at night for a baby or toddler……

  57. This is such a pretty room. Not sure what your first choice crib runs but wondered if you’d seen the Babyletto crib on Amazon?

    babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, White
    by babyletto

    Can’t wait to see this neat little nook when it’s wrapped up.

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