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The Best Wallpaper Roundup (ever)

Wallpaper can be daunting to shop for, commit to and hang. But when you do it correctly, it really MAKES a room. In case you missed our recent post on the impact it can bring in to a room, click through here to read more. It not only provides a big pattern that creates impact but it actually makes the rest of the room easier to design because you have a pattern, color, motif, or design that leads the rest of the room. A few years back we scoured the internet pulling together some of our favorite sources (both the ones that we use time and time again and a few that were new to us), but with some of the patterns being discontinued, some new ones being introduced to the market, and so many new artisans creating beautiful prints that we love, we figured it was time to update the roundup and highlight some of our favorites in a massive roundup. So, folks, here are 402 of our favorite wallpaper patterns in alphabetical order. Just what you needed for a Thursday morning pick me up.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Abnormals Anonymous

Abnormals Anonymous

1. Animal House | 2. Lobby | 3. Mr. Blow | 4. Buggie | 5. Lily’s Pad | 6. Ernest | 7. Holden | 8. Flash Dance | 9. Spot

These guys are exactly what they say they are; a little bit abnormal and a little bit amazing. I hung quite a handful of these in our old office for our opening party and everyone couldn’t get enough of them. They have reintroduced a lot of the classics in some more muted colors and I love the playful aspect of them.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Amy Wilder

Aimee Wilder

1. Shadowcat | 2. Love Molecules | 3. Cactus Spirit | 4. Cosmic Splash | 5. Forest | 6. Jungle Dream | 7. Analog Nights | 8. Snow Scene | 9. Love Clouds

This has been one of my favorite sources for fun, fresh and playful patterns. They all come in a variety of color ways, and I loved her Shadowcat pattern so much that I used it the Cattery project I did a few years back. Looking back on that project is so much fun and I am still very into the pattern of the paper.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Anthropologie


1. Cloud Formation | 2. Artemis | 3. Ascending Diamond | 4. Pas De Trois | 5. Eventail | 6. Geo Mosaic | 7. Herbal | 8. Etched Arcadia | 9. Fanned Fronds

It might not be a secret to you, but if it is…. here is my big secret – Anthropologie sells wallpaper, and their patterns are SO good. They really pick the creme de la creme of patterns and designers to sell online in a really curated collection. Their patterns rotate with each season so if you find something you love snag it up before it’s gone. They don’t sell in store, but some of the stores do use them in some of their installations.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Ashely Woodson Bailey

Ashley Woodson Bailey

1. Centerfold | 2. Into The Garden (blush) | 3. Cherry | 4. Welcome | 5. The Calm Before The Storm | 6. Pink Poppies | 7. Dutch Love | 8. Magic | 9. DeWalt

We recently found out about these beautiful florals when she sent through some samples to our office and I love them so much. As soon as we have the right project for them, you can bet that one of these patterns will be on the wall.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Betapet


1. Spot | 2. Rain Drops | 3. Herringbone Geometric | 4. Ginkgo | 5. Vintage Floral | 6. Leaf | 7. Monochrome Herringbone | 8. Solid Gold Leaf | 9. Triangle

Simple colors with beautiful geometric patterns that feel timeless but fresh.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Bien Fait

Bien Fait

1. Animals | 2. Stardust | 3. Modular | 4. Carlton Denim | 5. The Wild | 6. Mosaic Classic | 7. Copenhague | 8. Bahamas | 9. Cloudy

These guys are not for the faint of heart. They are not available in the US for purchase but can be shipped over. I used their Animal pattern in Charlie’s nursery  in our old house and although I love his current room I do miss that beautiful wallpaper so much. Their patterns are all custom made for your room so that their murals fit the space perfectly and really feel like they are made for the room (which they are).

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Cavern Home

Cavern Home

1. Paleolith | 2. Burst | 3. Thesis | 4. Trellis | 5. Serape | 6. Plume | 7. I See You | 8. Talisman | 9. NYC Water Towers

Some of these are a little bit off the wall but in all the right ways (no pun intended). They have some large scale prints that really command the space as well as some darling prints like #7 that add just the right touch of whimsy.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Cb2


1. Cross Hatch Navy | 2. Jackson | 3. Caymen | 4. Expressionist Rounds | 5. Palm | 6. No Regrets | 7. Aurora | 8. Damask | 9. Cross Hatch Blush

In case you weren’t aware (like we weren’t, until we went to update this roundup) CB2 new sells wallpaper and they have a great little selection.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper

1. Geo | 2. Peonies | 3. Delicate Thoughts | 4. Wild Things | 5. Botany | 6. Leaping Bunnies | 7. Rosebud | 8. Parrots | 9. Tally

These guys make GOOD peel and stick wallpaper in such great patterns. We used #6 in a nursery makeover and it instantly made the room so fun and playful. If you need temporary then definitely check them out.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Clever Spaces

Clever Spaces

1. Half Moon Wallpaper | 2. Grid Wallpaper | 3. Terrazzo Wallpaper | 4. Confetti Wallpaper | 5. Harlequin Wallpaper | 6. Herringbone Wallpaper | 7. Concrete Wallpaper | 8. Arch Wallpaper | 9. Vertigo Wallpaper

If geometrics are your thing, then you definitely will not get sick of what Clever Spaces has to offer. I am very into some of the more simple patterns.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Cole Sons1

Cole & Son

1. Great Wave | 2. Flamingos | 3. Acquario | 4. Seafern  | 5. Melville | 6. Palm Leaves | 7. Wisteria | 8. Woods | 9. Feather Fan

Flamingos, Waves, Trees, Poppies, Fish and Parrots… these guys have it all, and I love their saturated but not crazy prints. Their patterns are classics and feel painstakingly hand-drawn by artists. I used their wave pattern in my old laundry room and man I have to say, it make doing laundry a bit less terrible.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Devine Color

Devine Color

1. Buffalo Plaid | 2. Celestial | 3. Metallic Texture | 4. Speckled (black) | 5. Ribbon Peel | 6. Windowpane | 7. Weave | 8. Wild Flower | 9. Speckled (gold)

We love this brand and have used a few of their patterns before. These guys do temporary and sell directly through Target, both in store and online, which makes them perfect to pickup this weekend for a quick project 🙂

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Eskayel


1. Dynasty | 2. Grasscloth Banda | 3. Up For Anything | 4. Native Stripe | 5. Stratum Mural | 6. The Drama | 7. Kalos | 8. Nairutya | 9. Cocos

These guys have a lot of tribal and watercolor inspired prints which if that’s your thing would be perfect to add to any of your walls.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Farrow Ball

Farrow & Ball

1. Gable | 2. Aranami | 3. Hornbeam | 4. Turbillon | 5. Atacama | 6. Lotus | 7. Helleborus | 8. Orangerie | 9. Amime

Farrow and Ball has long been the king of the best paint colors but they also carry wallpaper, and my is it beautiful. It leans more to the traditional side but I love some of their prints so much. I have used quite a few of them in my current house and they made every room they were installed in feel so special (and also so much easier to design).

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Finest Wallpaper

Finest Wallpaper

1. Seascape | 2. Flamingos | 3. Senzo Spot | 4. Bird | 5. Bersa | 6. The Moat | 7. Narina | 8. Lines | 9. Fiji

Artful and fun patterns in a variety of color ways. Some of theirs are pretty busy so they might not be the best for the bedroom, but man I could be very into using #1 in a smaller space like a powder room.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst

1. Horses Stampede | 2. Cockatoos | 3. Shadow Floral | 4. The Cranes | 5. Spotted Floral | 6. Japanese Bamboo | 7. Ikeda | 8. Japanese Floral | 9. Egrets

Oh, Florence. She is a super inspiring Australian designer and her patterns are mostly from the 60’s and yet feel so incredibly fresh and just generally amazing. They aren’t cheap, but man are they special.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Graham Brown

Graham & Brown

1. Geo | 2. Optimum | 3. Elan | 4. Java Stripe | 5. Tudor Houses | 6. Frames | 7. Grasscloth | 8. Harvest | 9. Triangolin

I am sure that we have all seen that Frames wallpaper on one of our pinterest boards somewhere (I used it here). These guys have a little bit of everything to suit anyone’s taste levels and generally the prices are affordable.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Hygee West

Hygee & West

1. Nethercote | 2. Otomi | 3. Underwater | 4. Daydream | 5. Peonies | 6. Foret | 7. Strike | 8. Aja | 9. Petal Pusher

Hygee & West carries some of my favorite patterns that I seem to go to for inspiration each time I need a new wallpaper for a project. They have a range of styles from old world, to modern traditional, to a little bit kitchy. I love all their stuff.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup James Dunlop

James Dunlop Textiles

1. Charleston Pearls | 2. Athopol | 3. Epoxy | 4. Bowood | 5. Cabaret | 6. Kicho | 7. Wave | 8. Etta | 9. Tulcea

Classic, beautiful, and pretty timeless. He does have a few more modern patterns like #7 and #8, but I love a lot of the older classic patterns.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Jill Malek

Jill Malek

1. Dune | 2. Sandstone | 3. Shag | 4. Peel | 5. Plume | 6. Yoyageur | 7. Baby Elephant Walk | 8. Stampede | 9. Amemone

You have heard me say it before, but I love designing nurseries and playrooms and I could be completely satisfied with so many of their prints in any and all nurseries/playrooms that I design. They are fun fresh and totally modern in a way that will stay current for years to come.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Jocelyn Warner

Jocelyn Warner

1. Scribble | 2. Kew | 3. Peony | 4. Cube Star | 5. Tree Tops | 6. Poppy | 7. Botanical | 8. Dandy | 9. Blossom

Silvers, Golds, Metallics, and Flowers… what else could a girl need in her life (or in her wallpaper). Their metallics are some of my favorites as they bounce around the light of the room in just the right way without going too cheeky or cheap.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Joss And Main

Joss & Main

1. Spatter Gold | 2. Lines Washed | 3. Waves of Chic | 4. Banded | 5. Tilly | 6. Modern Geometric Fan | 7. Trellis | 8. Savoy | 9. Candescent Weave

Yep, one of your favorite online retailers also carries wallpaper now. They have a large selection that you might have to dig through, but we did find some really good ones.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Juju

Juju Papers

1. Pavlova | 2. Salad Days | 3. Indian Summer | 4. Sisters of the Sun | 5. A View of the Woods | 6. Big Moon | 7. Cle Elum | 8. The Sou’ West | 9. After Chinterwink

Juju wallpapers are local to Portland and we all know how much I love a small business, especially a small business in Portland that puts out some lovely patterns for your walls.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

1. Graffito (teal) | 2. Chalet | 3. Feline | 4. Currents | 5. Avant (teal) | 6. Agate | 7. Coquette | 8. Graffito (linen) | 9. Avant (black)

What doesn’t Kelly do? First interiors, then chocolate, and now beautiful wallpapers. The prices aren’t for the faint of heart, but these patterns are worth every penny.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Lizzie Allen

Lizzie Allen

1. London City Gents | 2. Jazz in Central Park | 3. Red Buses & Black Cabs | 4. Festival of Britain at Southbank | 5. Red Buses & Black Cabs | 6. Changing of Guards at Buckingham Palace | 7. St. Paul’s | 8. The Royal Guards | 9. Up, Up & Away!

For those of you that miss a little bit of class or english charm in your life, you might find it on your walls with any of these prints. They have a great collection of British inspired prints in some very fun and vibrant color ways.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Lulu Georgia

Lulu & Georgia

1. Half Moon | 2. Pink Agate | 3. Tropical Leaves | 4. Jungle | 5. Cloud | 6. Vivian Mae | 7. Green Marble | 8. Midnight Tropic | 9. Moroccan

Another one of our favorite online retailers has some fun and fresh wallpapers that will give life to any room. Remember when I used #6 in Sara Sugarman’s floral glam nursery (founder of Lulu & Georgia). Also, check out the prints by Sarah Sherman Samuel who I am very into right now.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Makelike


1. Contour | 2. Wilderness | 3. Range | 4. Pointy | 5. 2.0 | 6. 100 Things | 7. Drift | 8. Roll Right | 9. Wrought

Blue Trees, Green Cacti, and anything else that your little Alice in Wonderland Heart could desire. They have a fun mix of botanicals, modern graphic prints, and well Mushrooms if that is your sorta thing.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Milton King

Milton & King

1. Byronian Hills | 2. Fracture | 3. Empire Weave | 4. Dandelions | 5. Cactus | 6. Cockatoo | 7. Nixon | 8. Deep in the Forest | 9. Dash

These guys are an Australian brand and have so many fun and fresh patterns. #9 might look a little dizzying on the computer screen but in person I could be very into it.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Mini Modern1

Mini Moderns

1. Dungeness | 2. Peggy | 3. Whitby | 4. Sitting Comfortably? | 5. Moordale | 6. Gulls | 7. Festival | 8. Play/Record | 9. A Forest

Anyone who has a wallpaper print with vintage midcentury modern chair silhouettes is bound to be on my roundup of the best wallpapers online. They have some very fun playful prints to feast your eyes on.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Miss Print

Miss Print

1. Laurus | 2. Woods | 3. Frontier | 4. Guatemala | 5. Foxglove | 6. Leaves | 7. Little Trees | 8. Mountains | 9. Ditto

They have got some fun and crazy patterns that would be great to add some serious drama to any room. The saturated colors and bright patterns might not be for everyone (or every room) but for the right space they could really make it special.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Paper Mills

Paper Mills

1. Topo Hum | 2. Strata | 3. Sargasso | 4. Little Havana | 5. Quartzite | 6. Shanti | 7. Zebra Fern | 8. Bark | 9. Native

These guys take abstract wallpapers to a whole new level. Some of their prints even look like they have been block printed so it really makes your walls look custom and much better than any old bland beige paint that you could slap on.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Porto Teleo

Porter Teleo

1. Kintsugi | 2. Matrice | 3. Outside the Box | 4. Painted Plaid | 5. Refracted | 6. Fluid Tones | 7. Conte Stripe | 8. En Plein Air | 9. Ink Blots

Their wallpapers will take your room to a whole different level. Each pattern is designed after hand painted pieces which means your room will look as if the most skilled artisan came in and transformed your room.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Pottok Prints

Pottok Prints

1. All of Us | 2. Aquatic | 3. Dead Trees | 4. Shadows of the Paranormal | 5. Girls | 6. Hands | 7. Apples | 8. Lines Forest | 9. Little Whales

Pottok has some very fun prints and patterns. If you are looking for stripes, chinoiserie, or anything too classic then steer clear but if you want fun, modern, playful and youthful prints then you can get lost in some of their wallpapers.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rebel Walls

Rebel Walls

1. Bellewood | 2. Cotton Skies | 3. High Seas | 4. Animal Tree | 5. Treasure Hunt | 6. Tres Tintas | 7. Jungle Land | 8. Pulse of Passion | 9. Briar Roses

I originally stumbled into these guys when I was sourcing tree mural wallpaper for Elliot’s old room (yes I know she has had tree mural wallpaper in both rooms) and fell in love with so many of their prints. Some of them are a bit wild and bright, but they do have a great selection and the tree mural that I used could not have been more perfect for Elliot’s first nursery.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rifle Adn Co

Rifle Paper Co.

1. Safari | 2. Peonies  | 3. City Toile | 4. Pineapple | 5. Queen Anne | 6. Peonies  | 7. Peonies  | 8. Rosa | 9. Queen Anne

You might be familiar with their stationary but these guys make some pretty joy inducing wallpaper patterns as well.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Rocky Mountain Decals

Rocky Mountain Decals

1. Cactus | 2. Bella | 3. Japanese Wave | 4. Raindrop | 5. Tropical Leaves | 6. Moody | 7. Blush Flower | 8. Banana Leaves | 9. Quirky Cactus

Haven’t tried these guys out in person, but they do have some pretty cute temporary wallpaper options.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Serena Lily

Serena & Lily

1. Priano | 2. Thatch Stripe | 3. Cortina | 4. Blossom | 5. Feather | 6. Fallbrook | 7. Stowe Stripe | 8. Lamu | 9. Dahlia

We are long time fans of everything Serena and Lily does, and their wallpapers are no exception. I love some of the more simple and subdue patterns like #5 and #8.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Sian Zeng

Sian Zeng

1. Chinese Trees Wall Mural | 2. Classic Mountains | 3. Woodlands | 4. Dinosaur | 5. Chinese Storytelling Trees | 6. Chinese Storytelling Trees

Found this company last year when designing Elliot’s nursery and fell in love with their prints and patterns. I used #1 in Elliot’s bedroom because who doesn’t need a pink tree mural in their room. I cannot say enough good things about the details, quality and coloring of their stuff.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Studio Print Works

Studio Printworks

1. Animal Farm | 2. Lotus Flower | 3. Trash Day | 4. Blast Off! | 5. Petit Pineapple | 6. Webs | 7. South Beach Toile | 8. Lock & Key | 9. Cones

They have got some very off the wall patterns and narrative murals that are bound to make your friends, and your walls talk (literally) and if that is not your thing then you can find some beautiful geometrics and florals in their shop as well.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Tempaper


1. Tokyo | 2. Garden | 3. Thermoscad | 4. Peonies | 5. L’Amour | 6. Tropical | 7. Feather Flock | 8. Spatter | 9. Marble

We showcased #9 in a blog post last year and they have just introduced some new patterns to their lineup this year that are so beautiful. They are all temporary and can be DIY’ed and Brady swears to me that it is so easy that anyone could do it.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Trustworth


1. Alice In Wonderland | 2. Hydrangea | 3. I Love Little Pussy | 4. Seagulls | 5. Apothecary’s Garden | 6. Bat And Poppy | 7. Bird And Holly | 8. Four And Twenty | 9. Whoot

These guys make reproductions of some of the most beautiful antique prints. That Alice in Wonderland print is beyond words, it makes me so happy

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Turner Pocock Cazalet

Turner Pocock Cazalet

1. Penguins | 2. Ostrich | 3. Toucans | 4. Zebras | 5. Cricket (blue) | 6. Owlet | 7. Cricket (natural) | 8. Ibis | 9. Tennis

These guys fulfill my animalistic tendencies in all the right ways. They have got some great patterns that are fun,  youthful, and perfect for a kids room.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

1. Swansy | 2. Willa Wildflower | 3. Whimsical Floral | 4. Daniella Floral | 5. Flora | 6. Cactus Icon | 7. Wonky Grid | 8. Madison Floral | 9. Frame

Urban Outfitters has been expanding their home collection and introducing some very good items into it, including these wallpapers. As with Urban Outfitters a lot of them are retro and vintage inspired but if you need a blown out black, yellow and green floral like #8 they have you covered.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup Walnut Wallpaper

Walnut Wallpaper

1. Mr. Fox | 2. Hua Trees | 3. Modul | 4. Windmill Vinyl | 5. Seascape | 6. Flashdance | 7.  Lines | 8. Equinox Harvest | 9. Angles

These guys have an extensive collection of prints, botanicals, and geometrics in a huge variety of colorways. They also have a handful of designer collections that are tailored to suit every style.

Emily Henderson Online Wallpaper Roundup West Elm

West Elm

1. Little Cheetah | 2. Hand-Blocked Bursts | 3. Mid-Century (white) | 4. Fern | 5. Strata Marble | 6. Textured Metallic Dot | 7. Mid-Century (frost grey) 8. Stripe | 9. Fern

Another major retailer that is now carrying wallpaper. I don’t think any of the stores have these in person for you to see, but from what we found online it does look like they have some good ones.

There you have it folks, 45 of my favorite wallpaper retailers. Now get out there and wallpaper your life, and in case you missed our other EPIC roundups, check out: Best Online Fabric and Best Online Art

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8 years ago

YAS. I’m on the hunt for wallpaper for our guest bath and I’m whining about it today on my own blog. Excellent timing.

8 years ago

Check out these fun wallpaper designs from Australian designer Anna Spiro. Her book, Absolutely Beautiful Things is also divine!

8 years ago

my fav is this fox wallpaper for a kids room.$prod_exlrg$

8 years ago
Reply to  Debra

I also love the rug in this print – one of my favorites!

8 years ago

Wow Emily this is an amazing round up! I have never heard of some of these sources, and they are excellent.

I would also like to suggest “Grow House Grow” for charming, narrative-inspired wallpaper, and also “Calico” for super chic, avant-garde type stuff like marbled and ombre papers.

8 years ago
Reply to  Ms. Weatherbee

I second Calico… Droooooool

Those penguins! STOP IT. So good.

8 years ago

So much pretty! Must. Wallpaper. Everything.

Thank you for doing this round up! 🙂

8 years ago

What a treat and so fun to see that one of your selected papers, Owlet from Turner Pocock Cazalet is one I used to paper the back of some bookcases I painted a dark blue. Makes me wish really hard I didn’t live in a rental when I see all of these wonderful patterns……not my growing up wallpaper!
Thanks, as always, for sharing.

8 years ago

Ok that Pottok one called “shadows of the paranormal” is BIGFOOT WALLPAPER! you will be mine you will be mine all mine. In the charcoal colorway they offer. Already ordered a sample! Thanks, Emily, for this outstanding roundup!

there is not a single one that i dislike. so good.

8 years ago

This is really an amazing resource! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

8 years ago

This is a GREAT compilation! So many fun patterns!

8 years ago

I literally just searched your site for wallpaper this weekend. You are so awesome for putting these round ups together. I love love love you for doing all the hard work. Love you. If I could afford to pay you, you would just come in and do my house for me. In the meantime, I appreciate the tips and tricks from the master and try to employ them the best I can! I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate more wallpaper in my house since I completed my son’s nursery with this wall paper on a feature wall last year I am planning to wallpaper the inside of an ikea book case that I want to add to our dining room (which is open concept with our living room, otherwise I would wall paper the room). Of course, I don’t know if this roundup made my decision easier, but clearly you did it just for me. All the best!!

8 years ago

This is a fabulous round-up. Thank you to Emily and the whole team for all of the work you put into this. We’re very lucky readers!

8 years ago

Florence Broadhurst will forever be my favourite wallpaper designer. And she’s an Australian, like me! No matter how often I look, I always seem to find a new design. Talk about an extensive portfolio (and a very beautiful one)!

8 years ago

Hello, there are some awesome wallpapers – I do have a question though: do you know if any of these companies has vinyl/bathroom appropriate wallpaper that does not look cheesy or 80s country with flowers? I would love to wallpaper my little bathroom, but it has a shower that is used daily (has good ventilation though) and I have been desperately looking for fun wallpaper in there. Thank you!

8 years ago

Thank you Emily, for putting together this amazingggg post! So helpful. I’m basically pinning everything. You = The Best

8 years ago

Trustworth! That’s a style that’s very hard to indulge. Thank you so very much for sharing such an amazing resource.

8 years ago

WOW and THANK YOU! So much!

8 years ago

What is the chandelier in the Lorey’s house photo, it is amazing!

8 years ago

What a fantastic roundup of the best wallpapers around. Thanks for sharing! I know I’ll be back to this post regularly on my searches for the most covetable wallpapers. I put up Jocelyn Warners Kew wallpaper in gold in my first house and it is a real showstopper! I was so sad to leave it when we moved out!
Have you seen the Swedish brand Sandbergs wallpapers? There fabrics and wallpapers are just gorgeous, some very traditional patterns but they also do some more daring designs. I think you might really like them 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Niamh

Their Raphael paper design is my all time fav!

8 years ago

Thank you so much for this fantastic roundup! There are so many designs here that I love. I would appreciate information about how to measure and order the correct amount of wallpaper. Especially when working with an expensive wallpaper, I would like to get the right amount without having significant overage–to save money. Thanks!

Kelly S.
8 years ago

The title of your post is so apt. A truly epic roundup! I’ll add Magnolia Gold by Cole & Son. Looks brown on your computer screen but really is a soft beautiful metallic. Thanks, Emily!

8 years ago

thank you for this!!! Loved taking the time to read this post!

8 years ago

Ridiculously amazing and I want to wallpaper the world right now. Thought you might like a sneak peek into Baz Luhrman and Catherine Martin’s house – for sale in Sydney. They LOVE wallpaper (she has a wallpaper range). Gwahjus!!

8 years ago

All beautiful! You just missed one great designer. 😉
Ellie Cashman’s beautiful florals:

Hope you like her work! xoxo Ana

8 years ago

Absolutley stunning collection of Wall art- I am so grateful to have found your blog!!
I am an artist residing in San Diego, do you know if its possible to purchase samples of some of these wall paper designs?

Thank you again for sharing

8 years ago

Do you know Walls of Ivy
Every wallpaper roll is hand screen printed to order here in Montreal.

8 years ago

Best post ever. Thank you!

Anthropologie has some ridiculously good ones. But then… they stop! I’m still kicking myself for not buying a minerals and gemstones pattern they had a while back. I wish I could figure out the supplier but pretty sure it was a limited time thing. But now I’ve learned!

Jenn B
8 years ago

What a get round up of pretty papers. I’ve been searching for papers for my bedroom–the problem I’m running into is the ones I like won’t ship samples out of the UK. Any suggestions?

8 years ago

I’m getting ready to have Oh Joy’s petal pusher in gold installed in a recess in our foyer, and I can’t wait! The wallpaper guy is so busy these days, he’s scheduling a month out. So, sadly, I have to wait a month to see it and I’m so psyched. Seeing it in Joy’s home that you styled sealed the deal for me. Thanks!!!

8 years ago

Very interesting juxtapositions! It can be really daunting task to choose a wallpaper when looking at such a selection. Also, choosing a whimsical and patterned rug from this source
is a daunting taks for me right now.

Judy Huynh
8 years ago

Thank you for the awesome round up of wallpaper. Please do a post about hanging wallpaper or how to hire the right people to hang wallpaper with estimates etc. Wallpaper can be fun, but with no knowledge of how much to buy, how much it will cost, do it yourself or hire someone, it is way to daunting to even consider! Please help! I want wallpaper in my life too! =)

6 years ago
Reply to  Judy Huynh

Seconded! I want to wallpaper (or more realistically, hire someone) but I am so scared of messing it up! The world wants your guidance on this, Emily!!!

8 years ago

I love wallpaper and I looove this roundup! Have you checked out Detroit wallpaper?

8 years ago

Great article! Just a little recommendation… none of the names of the companies are actually spelled out on this page, so no SEO. IF you typed them out, people searching those companies will see this awesome roundup =)

8 years ago

also, Hygge & West is misspelled… Hygge, not Hygee =)

8 years ago

I want so many of these for myself but more importanty I want hops I sliver or pink for my daughters room. She’d lose her marbles over it.

8 years ago

Thank you! This is dangerous because now I want to wallpaper every room in my house 🙂 I have Mountains by Miss Print in my powder room and still love it 2 years later.

8 years ago

You’re not kidding, Emily–best wallpaper roundup ever!!! Love these and this little pleaser from Flavor Paper in Brooklyn:

6 years ago
Reply to  Tim

Flavor Paper is the best!

8 years ago

Which wallpaper is the one at the top, in the little girl’s bedroom? Love it.

8 years ago

Wow, thanks for such an extensive list. There is really something for everyone here. I appreciate you taking the time to do this — and sharing your good taste with all of us!

8 years ago

My friend painted her own version of Charlie’s Bien Fait animals. So fun!

8 years ago

great post! cant wait to check them out online!

8 years ago

Thank you for this! I’ve been on the hunt for just the right paper for my foyer and thanks to you, I’ve been introduced to a few new names/companies out there. Great timing!

8 years ago

Hi Emily, any recommendations for removable wallpaper? Thanks!

8 years ago

So many gorgeous things!
What a fantastic round up. I’d never heard of Porter Teleo, but now I’m most certainly a fan.

8 years ago

Thank you for this post!

8 years ago

Oh, thank you so much for this list, very usefull!

another good brand is:

8 years ago

I think you’ll love everything on this website:

Brilliant post, Emily. I’ll be using this for reference sometime in the future, I just know it!


8 years ago

Beautifully designed rooms, very inspirational too. I always get my wallpapers from – similar to the ones above.

8 years ago

You’re right! that WAS the best wallpaper roundup ever!