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My Best Friend’s Los Feliz Home + Get The Look

It’s a sad, sad day for me, but happy for somebody in LA. One of my best friends ever, world famous prop stylist Scott Horne is selling his amazing Los Feliz home. I LOVE this house so much. After his breakup with his long term boyfriend he thought he was going to keep it, but he’s recently decided to sell to get a fresh start. I don’t typically do real estate listings but I thought it would be fun to show how we styled it for a more editorial site (mine and the book) compared to how it can be shot for a more informational purposes (real estate). I suppose overall one provokes more of a sense of person which gives the viewer an emotional reaction whereas the other shows the space in a broader way, giving more information. I like both and I know that some of you do, too, so we are trying to shoot more wides for you, in addition to our pretty vignettes.

Let’s start with the living room – here is how we shot it for Styled, the book:

STYLED THE BOOK_Emily Henderson Design_ScottHorne_DesignbyScottHorne_0479

Rarely do I see a house with no real color and wish it were mine. This is that house. I know that my heart needs to be surrounded by more color, but man, he knows how to mix a neutral.

Here is what the real estate photos look like.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_7


They use a wider lens, to show more information which has to distort the sides and makes you feel further away, thus less intimate but it’s nice to see the whole room.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_8

Or at times the lens squishes the middle of the frame like in this one, in exchange for showing the whole space. This is not me saying that one is better, they just have different purposes with different end results. So many people wish we took huge pulled back shots (and we are trying to do more of that) but that means you have to use a different lens which changes the perception of the space. Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_9

I love this one, by the way. When it’s a smaller scope it still works and looks great.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_11

As a buyer, I definitely want to see these pulled back shots from every angle.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_12

But I sure do like our Styled shots from the book, like this entry:

Styled the Book_Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Masculine_Natural_White_6

Here is how they shot that the entry, more pulled back which I actually love because you can see the arches and more of the architectural interest.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_13

This one was also shot for the real estate photos, which I love. So as you can see this has nothing to do with the photographer, just the function of the photo.

STYLED THE BOOK_Emily Henderson Design_ScottHorne_DesignbyScottHorne_0693

We figured we’d pull together a get the look, for those interested in that beautiful living room.

Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Livingroom_Masculine_Monochromatic_Neutral_Soft_For Sale_Get the Look_3_ EDITED

Couch | Rug | Coffee Table | Side Table | Tripod Table Lamp | Fringe Pillow | Plaid Pillow | Chair | Leather Pouf | Etched Ceramic Vase | Ceramic Urchin Box | Black and White Lined Vase | Cream Pillow | Black and White X Base Pillow | Navy Throw | Brass Bowl | Short Woven Basket | Woven Basket | Brass Wishbone | Black Lamp | Gesturing Man Print | Black Lines Print

(His sofa is from Cisco Home, where I also custom ordered mine from. It’s expensive and has a long lead time, but the quality and comfort for such a slim, modern design is uncomparable for an investment piece).

Meanwhile this dining room was never shot because “it was never ready”. So we don’t have editorial shots of it, just the real estate shots.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_15

It’s such a pretty room (hague blue, from Farrow and Ball) and its dark deep color was dramatic and yet calming.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_18

Onto the hallway:

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_20

That’s how they shot it for real estate, and here is how we shot it for Styled:

STYLED THE BOOK_Emily Henderson Design_ScottHorne_DesignbyScottHorne_0341

You know, a bench in the middle of the hallway …  We placed the bench, rug, plant and obviously the art/shoes to help tell more of a story.

Styled the Book_Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Masculine_Natural_White_3

Now the kitchen, here are the real estate photos:

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_21

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_22


Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_23

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_24

And here are our styled out shots:


Styled the Book_Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Masculine_Natural_White_1

Lastly, the powder room. We shot it like this:

Styled the Book_Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Masculine_Natural_White_2

And they shot it like this:

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_27

WAY more information, but so good to see how the space works, right?

We shot his master bedroom two different ways:

1. Tight and close (for Styled)

Styled the Book_Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Masculine_Natural_White_7

2. Pulled back and yet still intimate (for a sponsored makeover):

Emily Henderson_Parachute_Sheets_Scott Horne_Neutral_Masculine_Monochromatic_2

Emily Henderson_Parachute_Sheets_Scott Horne_Neutral_Masculine_Monochromatic_1

And then the real estate photo shows an even more pulled back angle.

Emily Henderson_Scotts House_For Sale_English Tudor_2 Bed_1 Bath_Pool_Traditional_Real Estate_31

He has done such a good job of making it feel really inviting and lived in, with all neutrals.

Emily Henderson_Parachute_Bedding_Scott Horne_Bedroom_Masculine_Monochromatic_Neutral_Soft_For Sale_Get the Look

Upholstered Bed | Rug | Nightstand | Table Lamp | Coal Linen Bedding | Linen Sheets | Cream and Black Throw | Wishbone Arm Chair | Candles | Brass Bowl | Black Bud Vase | Cream Throw Pillow | Grey Alpaca Throw 

Lastly, the guest room. We styled/shot it like this:


For real estate staging it looked like this:

Emily Henderson_Scott Horne_Guest Bedroom_Masculine_Monochromatic_Neutral_Soft_For Sale_Get the Look_2Bed | Nightstands: Vintage, Similar: Curiosity Nesting Tables | Rug | Patterned Sheet Set | Embroidered Duvet | Linen Euro Shams | Wall Sconce: Vintage, Similar: Princeton Junior Sconce | Plant Stand: Vintage, Similar: Ceramic Planter Stand with Pot | Art: Vintage,Similar: Hovering Union Art | Side Table: Vintage, Similar: Round Metal and Glass Accent Table | Global Oversized Pillow | Raw Edge Quilted Sham

We also shot the Izze party, tons of Target content and many Redbook DIYs here. That special house will be missed. I believe he has two more open houses this weekend if you are interested. Check it out here. 

Don’t worry, his next house will be all over this blog, too….

For more of Scott’s Sophisticated Home Makeover: Bathroom Makeover | Bedroom Refresh | Bedroom Refresh

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7 years ago

Maybe you should play matchmaker with Orlando and Scott! Talk about a power couple!

Amy Madeline
7 years ago

I sure do love this home and it’s style and kept pinning and pinning and pinning. It is a less cluttered, calmer version of my cozy bungalow home. Particularly drawn to the neutral, sculptural, and graphically interesting art. Looking forward to seeing his new home.

Karen T.
7 years ago

Swooning over these photos and the styling. The club chairs in his living–I know you provided a “get the look” option but I want those exact.same.chairs. Any idea on source?
Best of luck to Scott in his new home–yay for fresh starts!

7 years ago
Reply to  Karen T.

2nd vote on the chairs! I would love those same exact ones.

7 years ago

I don’t understand why the guest room had to be completely rearranged and restyled…can you explain why the drastic difference?

7 years ago

What do you call the type of curtains/blinds he uses throughout? They look linen-ish.

Scott Horne
7 years ago

OMG! I welled up. Love you! Love the round ups !! ?

7 years ago

I find the before/after staging photos of this house way more similar than the before/after of your house. HIs personal space is far more general/neutral than your more unique tastes. It’s lovely both ways, but I do like the “jazzed up” Emily style so much more!

7 years ago

Great post! I’m surprised how much I love the neutrals, which he made not boring at all. And comparing the photos is very interesting.

Any chance you have a source for the piece he has on the kitchen wall in one of the pics, displaying his fruit? I love that idea. Thanks!

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Thank you! Didn’t realize you had already replied. (Some comments re-loaded…weird.)

7 years ago
Reply to  Christi

I second the request for the fruit storage/display piece in the kitchen!

7 years ago

This is really enlightening! And I may be unusual but as a househunter I would prefer to see the Styled photos (and they would be much more likely to make me fall in love with a house). I know that conventional real estate wisdom is to go impersonal and ‘staged’ with your MLS pics – but as long as it’s not a house full of family pics that make you start wondering about the occupants shouldn’t the rule be, The Prettier The Better? Not that the MLS ones here aren’t pretty but dang the Styled ones are killer!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Elise

I wholeheartedly agree! I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t like the real estate photos compared to the styled photos. This might be because Emily’s styling is so amazing and this real estate wisdom doesn’t really apply in her case. Probably for most of use it’s better if less “styled”. But i would have been much more interested in the house if they used the styled photos as they were (I can see how some additional views of the kitchen or the bathroom were needed). Very cool to see the difference.

7 years ago
Reply to  Elise

He has such a fantastic house! I actually am house hunting right now and I wish it was for sale in my area.

I think both the real estate photos and the Styled photos have their place. The Styled photos are beautiful and great for decorating/styling inspiration, but they are pretty useless in terms of actually showing how big the rooms are or how the rooms fit together. When I’m looking at real estate listings, I want to see the entire space without any clutter, so I can imagine where my own stuff would go. And pulled back frames are also really

7 years ago
Reply to  Emma

Whoops, I hit post before I finished formulating that last thought. Anyway, the close, fully styled shots are all about the items in the shot, and not really about the house. Which is annoying if the purpose of the shots is to show you what the house looks like. (But perfect if the purpose is to show you how to style pretty things.)

7 years ago

Link to brown leather chair in THE LOOK: Guest Bedroom please?

7 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

This looks like the Eiffel Chair from Crate and Barrel to me. I have this in an amazing one off grey suede and it is the most comfortable chair in history. I love it so much.

7 years ago

Girl you better be setting Scott and Orlando up.

7 years ago

This is my favorite house in your book!

I like both the “styled” versions and the “real estate” versions. What would you call the style here – California neutral? Whatever it is, this style really speaks to me.

Thanks for posting all the yummy images.

7 years ago

love it!! curious – would love to know where he got the awesome wooden wall hanging in the guest bedroom??

7 years ago
Reply to  Paige

I’m wondering too – its amazing!

7 years ago

This is SO interesting! I really like how it shows the difference between the pulled back shots and the more “intimate” shots. On the one hand I always like seeing the whole room, but it’s always so distorted. The closer shots have so much more character. πŸ˜€
But I do see how both have their place.
Oh, and also: Such a lovely home! I hope you’ll take us on a visit to Scott’s new house.

7 years ago

Wow! What a stunning home. Can you share the paint color Scott used in the living and guest rooms? He sure knows how to choose a neutral color and make it look beautiful!

7 years ago

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the spelling and grammar of this blog’s posts since your survey at the beginning of the year. I know it’s irritating for you to proofread, but the extra effort is very much appreciated! Thank you!!

7 years ago

Oh my, I am in love! This home is beautiful. I like how you show the styled shots along with the real estate shots.

7 years ago

Lovely home! Love the paint choices and blues.

7 years ago

What a great house! With great style!

7 years ago

What a sweet home, and perfectly done! And that pool! LMK if any of your friends are selling something on the west side πŸ™‚

7 years ago

Styled or unstyled~~ so much awesome! I wanna live here!

7 years ago

Another plus to the real estate photos: It allows me to see room layout.

I LOVE the Styled photos (and I remember them from the book). However, I often don’t think I can achieve it. But when seeing the real estate photos, it’s easier to think “I can do this!”

7 years ago

Very interesting post. I do like seeing the bigger picture as it is more helpful to train my eye how things work together. Love the styled bedrooms the best.

Curious why the kitchen clock is hung so high? It’s not just in this house but many houses seem to hang the clocks near the ceiling and I don’t know why it would be hung lower like other decorations.

7 years ago
Reply to  Idril

That should have said “why it would not be hung lower….”

7 years ago

I’m curious, do you know the reasoning for turning all of the lights on in the real estate shots? It’s clearly daylight.

Good luck in your next home, Scott.

7 years ago
Reply to  Liss

oh, i didn’t even notice that. i’m curious as well. i recently told someone to turn her lights off in her listing photos. eek. although her pictures were really bad and the lights on weren’t helping anything. oh well.

7 years ago

Do you happen to know the paint color in the living room? It is a great neutral.

I have used Sherwim Williams Alabaster and while I like it, may be a little ‘whiter’ and less warm than the walls in the photos.

As always, great content.

7 years ago

Name of paint color in living room, please?

7 years ago

For some reason the real estate staging for the guest room makes it look much smaller than they way you had it for the book!

7 years ago

It took me a long time to pick out why I have never liked most real estate photos. I feel like the distortion isn’t always worth viewing everything. It’s not natural to the eye! I like your styled photos better. The pulled back real estate ones are good for information for sure, but I fall in love with the close ups!

7 years ago

Stunning! I love every room! Amazing that desk in the kitchen! Nice idea!

7 years ago

This is just awwwsome….!!!

7 years ago

I love the fruit holder on the kitchen wall! Is that a unique piece or readily available?

7 years ago

What an awesome post! I’m about to list my home and this is very helpful. In the past I’ve been critical of real estate photos because they didn’t look like magazine photos, now I understand why.

7 years ago

I’d always wondered about the justification for wide-angle lens shots — thanks for sharing your thoughts on its usefulness! In real estate like this, I find them to be really misleading; you get to the house and feel let down that the room isn’t nearly as big as it seems in the photo! It also seems like they’re often used as the “after” part of “before-and-after” photos, to make the end result look bigger. Feels a bit sneaky πŸ™‚

Is there any push to use wide angles less in before-and-after shots, to minimize the enhancing effect of the lens itself?

7 years ago

I love that house! So chic!

7 years ago

oh, he does have a nice house!! i like seeing those wider shots too, especially for a listing. it’s neat seeing the comparison, styled vs. not.

interesting seeing that tile in the kitchen!

7 years ago

Totally love this beautiful home, but my favorite thing may be that ladder display in the kitchen office. I assume it’s vintage?!

7 years ago

Thank you for all these terrific photos. Scott’s house is beautiful. I like the styled photos best because I do not like the insistence by agents to depersonalize houses. I am sure Scott’s house will sell quickly and I wish him all the best in his next adventure.

7 years ago

Hi Emily,

I can’t find a way to contact you by email so I’m going to put this comment here:

My browser (Chrome) says your site is “not secure”. I think it’s been dong that for a while but today the first time I clicked on this post from your main page I got redirected to something called “dirty Tindr” which included a stream of pictures you might expect on a site with that name. I’m not a prude but I would hate to open that page with my kids in the room. I hope you can figure out whatever the problem is.

Love your site!

7 years ago

Great masculine style.

Random but I LOVE the round fruit holder hanger in the kitchen!! Where can I find it?

7 years ago

I really like those bar trays. I’ve been semi-obsessed with bar trays lately. Could you do a post (or even just an insta-video) on styling a bar tray?

7 years ago

In the guest room, I must ask where he found that hanging wooden wall art, with the varying horizontal wood slat pieces. Even if it’s vintage, what would that be called? I’d love to have something to go on to try to find another one out there!

7 years ago

Such a a gorgeous house!

7 years ago

I have a hard time figuring out what Scott’s house looks like when he comes home on a Tuesday evening. All of the switcheroos are confusing to me, though it all looks great. Eh, such is the life of a Hollywood stylist/designer I suppose.

7 years ago

So bright. I am in love! This home is beautiful. I like how you show the styled shots along with the real estate shots.
Jio TV

7 years ago

In the dining room, is that a giant glass bin of matchbooks? What a cool idea! How long did it take him to collect those?

7 years ago
Reply to  Jess

Yes – I want to know too! Are they matchbooks? πŸ™‚

7 years ago

That master bed is great, and great price! Do you know — 1) It says the color is charcoal, but in the pics it doesn’t look that dark. Is it really a dark charcoal, or a lighter gray? 2) the box spring situation… The website says use a box and shows one, but I hate the look of seeing the line where box and mattress meet. In the house pics it looks like he has a box or something that comes just to the top of the frame edge… ?Perfect! Do you know what that situation is?!?! If I have the details I would order the same and be hap-hap-happy!!

7 years ago

Oh maaaan. When I got “zen/contemporary” for the OG styled quiz (book not web) I was like nope! And then I saw these photos throughout the book and I knew I was just lying to myself. This is my absolute favorite house. I’d buy it in a heart beat. Unfortunately I just bought in Brooklyn and the coffers don have enough for two houses at the moment. Shucks. Others have asked but I’m going to upvote those comments, can we get a roundup of the paint colors he used? It’s really nice to see neutrals done so well and not feel like someone gave up. I always thought I’d do white in the living room (cause I’m a sheep) but that cream white combo is giving me feelings.

7 years ago

I love his style! Where is his dining room rug from?

7 years ago

A second request for the beautiful neutral wall color in the living room! Seriously considering moving to LA so I can buy this house.

I just delighted to be here and to read this perfect post ever.Thanks for share this with us.