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Some Quick Fall Vignettes

I just decorated our house for Halloween (stay tuned) and now that it’s under 75 degrees in LA, it is starting to feel like fall, for sure. To celebrate, you get a second post today – just some quick vignettes with some Target product that is about to be off the shelves at the stores. You may have seen on my insta story that I was there over the weekend (three times to be exact) and their fall collection is still on the shelves, but only for a couple more weeks before the holiday collection starts to roll in. So, we figured we’d buy some of our favorites, style them in pretty real environments and show you how easy it is to take items from a major retailers and make them look totally unique. We threw them into Scott’s house and my house, just to shake up the environment and give you guys some ideas. The wreath and hurricanes above are both Target and I love how well they work together in the above shot. The cane collection is not surprisingly NOT Target. I keep buying him canes in hopes that they make it in that collection, and yet they never do. He’s VERY picky about the canes that he displays on his front porch. I just realized that we might have the same door color (Newburyport blue) which is oh so lovely.


If any of you are on the fence about that blanket, I can tell you right now to get it. It’s crazy soft and looks extremely high end. I own it in 3 colors. Those pillows are also Target and I love them. I gave that pouf to Scott years ago (I believe to thank him for throwing my baby shower) and I’d like it back, please.


That abstract piece at the top there is indeed a Target piece of art and it works pretty seamlessly with all his other original art.

Back at my house, this vase is getting some serious play as you may have seen. I have both shapes and the bowl, and they are instant classics.


The versatility of those candlesticks is making my life easier. We’ve already used them in 3 shoots and they can live on shelves, dining tables, or credenzas. Currently they are on my coffee table with some pumpkins. They are pretty sculptures without the candles in them and with them even prettier.


The stool, pillows, and throw above are all making their way around my house right now and aren’t going anywhere soon. If you live in LA, I highly suggest the Eagle Rock Target – it was fully stocked over the weekend with good stuff I hadn’t even seen before.

Stay tuned for Hendo’s do Halloween. We shot it today (so head over to insta-story to see some behind the scenes). Meanwhile here are my pics that are still available. xx


1. Gold Leaf Wreath | 2. Plaid Blanket | 3. White Textured Vase | 4. Tall Marbled Blue Vase | 5. Short Marbled Blue Vase | 6. White Knit Oversized Pillow | 7. Green Marble and Gold Side Table | 8. Deer Wall Decor | 9. Black and White Abstract Print | 10. Berry Patterned Pillow | 11. Plaid Throw Pillow | 12. Black and White Lumbar Pillow | 13. Gold and Leather Mirror | 14. Green Marble and Wood Lamp | 15. Gold Table Lamp | 16. Tall Ceramic Vase | 17. Large Concrete Candle Holder | 18. Medium Concrete Candle Holder | 19. Berry Woven Pouf | 20. Gold and Marble Tray | 21. Gold and Marble Console Table | 22. Drum Table | 23. Large Lantern | 24. Small Lantern

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7 years ago

Love these pieces so much and they look so great in all the pics. Definitely doing some online shopping right now.

7 years ago

I have the wreath and am patting myself on the back for grabbing and EHD approved product 🙂

7 years ago

Where is your leather tote bag from?

Cf Betcher
7 years ago

I can’t help but notice the berry pattern pillow is different in the stock photo from the styled photo. Online they are that way too. Is it available both with and without the green?!? Thanks.

Jeanz Beanz
7 years ago

Ugh this just makes this UK-based girl so envious. Wish we had more affordable beautiful homewares available! I love autumn, and this styling is beautiful 🙂

7 years ago

Love the picks! Great selection!

7 years ago
Reply to  Ella

I’m with Ella. I’m in the UK also and desperate for Target and these homewares. It keeps getting better!

7 years ago

Great picks Emily! I especially love those candlestick holders you chose 😉

7 years ago

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