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Design Studio Design: Jen’s Office + Decor Roundup

There are few rooms in the entire world that I love as much as this room. Truly. The photographs will NEVER do it justice, because what you can’t really see is the fact that it is wallpapered completely in a pearlescent glitter wallpaper, which reflects the light around in a way that I can only describe as heaven. I’m not talking about the pink streamer hanging on the wall under the window – sure, that is lovely too, but that wallpaper took my heart and soul into another dimension that they haven’t been to before. Then add in those hot pink chairs, that beautiful vintage desk, the vintage rug, the metallic linen chair, the chandelier and the lavender ceiling that rains a soothing happiness all over her lavender hair, and what we have is a truly enviable, dream-like office. For someone else.‘s creative director (and my friend), Jen Gotch. So rude.

Here is how this magical, heavenly room all went down. It was once a boring white room with good bones and lovely light.

Jen's Office

Jen really wanted her room to be quieter and calmer, but still exciting and powerful – like her. She specializes in smaller things that have a lot of personality (read = weird, awesome, little stuff), so our goal was to create a space that wasn’t overpowering on its own, and would rather serve as a blank canvas for any small inspiration pieces that she wanted to bring in.

We started pulling together some ideas:


These ideas didn’t necessarily go forward, but they were our ideas and its kinda fun to show you.

Then we pulled together more of a product board (I think very few of these things made it in either).


Chaos ensued, as it does, but slowly the room started to pull together:


In the picture below you can kinda see that the walls look different than the picture above – but it looks like it was just painted a cream. It wasn’t. IT IS GLITTER WALLPAPER. I’ve never in my life done something so important that is so unphotographable. Maybe I should sell tickets to see/feel the room on the weekends?


You can see the paper below laying flat and then installed on the wall, close up.


We got those dope chairs from the flea market, had them reupholstered in hot pink velvet and, wow, was I jealous. Then Jen found that rug at another flea market, without me, which was both irritating (I want it) but wonderful for me, as I get to take credit for it. The chandelier is from West Elm and yeah, its surprisingly awesome.


We created these two mood boards out of plexi for Jen to tape her insanity on to. It wasn’t an easy or cheap process that I necessarily recommend but man, did we love how it turned out. We chose the colors and had them fabricated by a plexi dude. The front of Jen’s board is an opalescent and the sides are neon, so you just get a hint of that intense color as you walk in, but its not overpowering.


Then she uses washi tape to put stuff up. I’m actually totally inspired by this idea, and I really wish that I was able to prioritize my time/life and creativity to print out imagery that I love and keep it surrounding me. I really think this can take your imagination and creativity to the next level.


Ok, all the above photos were the process and nothing was quite finished. So, ready to see where all that art direction comes from?

This room:


The fact that I haven’t prioritized having a fantasy/dream office of my own into my life is a tragedy, nay, a CRIME. We are growing out of our studio already, and thinking about getting a bigger space. When we do, I’m getting my own office and I’m not only going to put glitter wallpaper on the walls, but on the ceiling, desk and floor. Although by then I’ll have moved onto doing a rustic french country house and my style will have drifted into smearing plaster all over the walls so it looks like a 17th century castle. What I’m trying to say, through those rambles, is that because I’m such a lover of all styles I tend to gravitate a lot towards the projects that I’m currently working on or writing about. Which is why I can do this style, but also this style. 

ANYWAY. You get the point. My house blew up with color while I was working on this job, and now that I’m working on this more Remodelista style, neutral, minimalist home, things are shifting in that direction. I’m so messed up.

But so is Jen, so that’s cool:









So there she is, the most glamorous, heavenly, magical, glitter-rific room in the world. Says me. Let’s recap where we started, and where we ended up.




1. Brass Tray 2. Waterfall Chandelier 3. Chair 4. Paint in Cheery 5. Paint in Lily Lavender 6. White Quartz 7. Amethyst 8. Tufted Chair 9. Gold Accent Table 10. Lamp 11. Pencil Holder 12. Desk 13. Rug

*The first round of ‘after photos’ and all the progress/installation photos by Kelsey Tucker.  Refinery 29 ‘after’ photos (and portraits) by Tessa Neustadt. Check out the whole Refinery29 tour here.  Want more info on the whole process? Check out these posts: The Beginning | Floor Plan & Progress | Update The Studio Design Reveal – The Front Room | The Champagne Room1 Day DIY Striped Walls

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8 years ago

NEED the glitter wallpaper – that is amazing! What a fantastic creative workspace!

8 years ago

I’m curious about the windows – is it simply colored cellophane that’s washi-taped?

8 years ago
Reply to  Karen

I’m curious about the same thing — those window inserts!

8 years ago

Love that glitter wallpaper! Would be perfect for a craft room!

8 years ago

Oh, Emily, Emily, Emily! I came here to tell you how great your deck is but now I’ve forgotten all about it. This room sings! It’s girly-glam but not over-the-top; it’s so soothing, though it has those crazy-hot-want-them-so-much velvet pink chairs…. Mmmm. delicious. Yes, you should sell tickets. So much of decore is how we feel in a room, not just how it photographs–and this room looks as if it feels lux and relaxing all at once. To me, at least. Yeah, I’m envious.

You had me at glitter wallpaper! Love seeing the whole design process! My design style is unfortunately more of a “wing it as you go” strategy which is probably why things sometimes seem disjointed. Thanks for giving us a peek at the inspiration behind such a gorgeous space!

8 years ago

Jen ( and Bri (DESIGNLOVEFEST) both have amazing instagrams and blogs. You should check them out to get more of their inspiration!

What you did with windows here.. pure genius. Love the idea! I may have to borrow it for the plates in the windows in the front of my home office.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

Emily I am impressed !
Such an inspiring transformation. One day when I have a work space I will have to email you to transform it????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

8 years ago

Brilliant project. I really like that bright colours of the interior and golden adding. It must be great pleasure to work in place like that:)

8 years ago

Emily, do you have any info on the director’s chairs? I have one that is the exact same (dragged in from an alley), but haven’t been able to track down origin info/ maker. I always like to know the history of my furniture, when possible. Thanks!

8 years ago

Where did you source the glitter wallpaper?

8 years ago

I see you’ve changed the font size, much better, thank you. But…. it’s still a hard-to-read font. One of the things i love about your blog is your special, wonderful easy to read style and this is not helping that 🙁 Especially in your longer posts, which I love, I think this is going to be a problem.

Even just looking at the non-serif font in the commenting box against the serif font of the post itself you can see how much easier the non-serif font is to read (although when it actually posts it goes into the harder to read font too)

Also, the font on the main page (before you click “read more”) is grey not black, and that too is not helping at all.

Apologies for the negative feedback, but I know things always need tweaking and I’m a huge fan of your blog so my comments come from the heart!

8 years ago
Reply to  downwithbeige

Yep. All of this is dead on.

8 years ago
Reply to  downwithbeige

Might I add that the “Load More” feature at the bottom of the comment section (reading on a laptop) is no fun? One of the things that bugs me most about blogs is hard-to-navigate comments. I don’t know how it shows up on other devices, but on my laptop, having to “Load More” after every 3 comments is a little high-maintenance. In the past, I LOVED that A) all comments on your blog showed up all at once, and 2) that yours stood out in a different color.

(also, sorry for the negative feedback, but it also comes from the heart!)

8 years ago

I’m so madly in love with these rooms you’ve done for this lady. I actually recently recovered my couch in pink velvet and got some gold accent tables to go with it. So naturally I felt that this was the perfect way to finish my living room… however, my boyfriend was a little less than impressed when I asked him if I could cover our apartment with pink glitter wall paper. Apparently I’ve already reached his limit for pink decor. I’m curious/excited to see how these rooms inspire her design, I’m going to have to follow her company now.

8 years ago

I love this office space! Those pink chairs are giving me all the hear eyes!