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Design The Front Room + Shop The Look

The Party House is finished, obviously. We don’t celebrate with $100 bill money confetti cannons for nothing. All it took were 2 designers, 1 creative director/former stylist, 8 months, a budget that we refused to calculate, 42 disco balls, 19 gallons of glitter, and 3 sacrificed kittens. It was incredibly fun, creative and ultimately just so satisfying. Working with a good friend as a client could have its challenges, but those challenges are easy to overcome if you have a mutual love of the color pink, champagne and vintage wonderfulness.

Click through to see the whole design project.

But no big design can be revealed without a quick recap of the project:

Before blew up they were like all small creative companies – outgrowing their modest studio to the point that it was becoming not only uninspiring but probably illegal. There was just too many people and too many yards of tulle in one room to function properly.


So they got a bigger/prettier space that was 100% a blank canvas. A canvas that needed to be COVERED in happiness, ready to be painted with our 7 years of friendship in the form of design and style.


See the rest of the blank ‘before’ photos here.


The process for any of our projects is as follows: find inspiration, make a floor plan, make a shopping list so you know how much and how big, shop, install, solve a problem, re-assess, shop, install, solve a problem, spend HOURS AND HOURS on minutia, install, style, shoot, smile, feel satisfied. That’s how you do it. (Want more info on our actual process then click here and watch this video).

It’s a long complicated process and the better you are at it, the easier you make it look.

So first up was the inspiration:Bando-PartyhouseThat is how the space was to ‘feel’. In case that was too conceptual she sent through this, too: ban-do-moodboard

Then we created a floor plan and layed it all out (but not after laying it out like 4 different ways, see here). The tricky part? Making sure the right amount of desks and people fit and yet the flow worked, and then obviously making sure that we weren’t laying it out with desks that were fantasy dimensions – these desks needed to actually exist and be affordable and available.


Then we spent months pulling it together. It always looks so easy – you shop and arrange furniture and Viola! You are done!!! But it’s not like we have ever created a disco ball room/wall before, or hung color blocked curtain panels on sliders or built a whole wall of pegboard. So figuring out all the logistics, solving problems and adjusting really becomes your full-time job. We planned the install in a few different stages – the major pieces of furniture came in first and got put together/installed. Then we planned more and more, and set aside a few days that we would install more of the fun stuff – gearing up for the shoot.


The first round of installation was really just to get it functional and see how all the pieces looked together. You can design/every single detail before you even see a space, but I personally think that kind of ‘designing’ creates generic spaces. You really need to see and feel things in a space before you can commit to other things. It’s like planning an outfit on a computer or even planning it laying down on your bed – you kinda need to put the pieces on before you know if it REALLY works together or if it’s just ‘fine’.


Jen and I found these huge letters ‘RAD’ at the flea market for $15 each. Serious bang for your buck. We really wanted a feature there and we didn’t want to spend $5k on a custom mural or anything too crazy. So this was a pretty awesome cheap solution. We installed them with french cleats.


But Jen had painstakingly wrapped the edges with brass foil tape and it was slowly (and then quickly) coming off. So while these are up in the shots, they ultimately just weren’t the right fit and the peeling tape was really annoying to everyone.



At this point a lot of the major elements were in – the plexi on the desks (details on that later), the color blocked curtain panels (details on that later), the secret wallpaper, the disco ball wall – and obviously all the major pieces of furniture and storage.




Installation day is always a lot of fun and work. We were pretty slammed with work during this time so we did this on the weekend and Jen, like the party den mother that she wants to be, made us all DELICIOUS bloody marys and we ate tacos all day.


I want that table for me, it’s from Dot and Bo and pretty much makes any space look modern and fresh.


Then a few weeks later we came back to shoot it, to pitch out for press. Most people just take scouting shots with their iphone to send out as a teaser, but naturally, not us. We hired Kelsey Tucker and I styled it so we’d have wonderful scouting (and ‘almost done’ shots). Thanks, Kelsey!


At this point the space is pretty darn finished and looking as young, fun and cheeky as those chicks.


The peg board wall was something they needed (that is a good idea to steal) because it’s where they display their new product and set up their merchandising before trade shows. This studio isn’t a store so they don’t really need to put quantity on there, but they need to be able to look at product and arrange it how it makes the most sense for both the stores (merchandising) and the trade shows where most of their buyers place large orders.  We hired someone to install this because that wall had crazy cut outs and it just wasn’t something easy to just throw up there safely.



I’m not sure you noticed but there is a room of disco balls with plexi on both sides. Its kinda wonderful. And I wish that you could properly see how wonderful that wallpaper on the underside is – it’s a nude-toned glitter and man, it’s so great.


This is the area where they eat lunch and chat about boys.


It looked pretty good we thought, possibly 90% as good as it could on the budget we had, but I thought it was missing a few elements that would make it go from ‘Kinda blase’ to ‘All you can eat buffet’.

So when Refinery29 came to feature it (Tessa Neustadt took these photos below) we decided to pull a trigger and paint a couple of walls with that pink diagonal stripe pattern (details on that to come). It just needed a feature, something to punch it all up and help it match the inspiration board more.

Ok, so just to be clear – all the above ‘after’ photos were the ‘almost after’ and here (below) is the final, final final AFTER. 








We probably should have done all of the shots BEFORE the confetti cannon – but man does it make a nice messy background, right?



Note to self: don’t be the one sitting the closest to the camera when you are pregnant (you look the biggest). That dress is not my friend today. But also I can’t believe how suspenseful champagne confetti cannons are – you know its coming but it’s still SHOCKING. These girls practically snort confetti over there and they were all still given a small heart attack when it went off.

Then on the other side of the room we have this (pre confetti cannon):


Where else do you store your piñatas? Just piled in the corner, obviously.



The plexi dividers on the desks are still one of my favorite elements that we did. We are doing a post about the details but in case you are desperate for some quick knowledge – it’s all custom and not from stores you can order from (google your local plastic or plexi dealer).  We were going for a pseudo Her, the movie cubicle feeling. The desks up against each other made the most sense for the layout and they were super affordable (from Ikea) but they needed something to elevate them and make them feel special. We chose all different plexi (some opaque, some mirrored, some pastel and some neon) and custom ordered all of them, then drilled them in.


I’m doing a whole post about the stripes (that are strangely easy and impactful). We actually ended up painting the pink ceiling and walls back to white last weekend because it was just too much – the stripes were awesome but the pink was a bit cave-like for people to actual design product and look at colors in. We took it slightly too far. The mood board on the wall you see in the above photos was a custom acrylic board that was a mother of pearl finish and just so pretty. I felt that on the white you couldn’t really see it and I thought that it would pop out so much more on the pink, but it just reflects the pink everywhere and it gets lost anyway.

The studio has 3 more rooms that we’ll be revealing all week. This is the space where most of the girls work and a lot of social media happens. Let’s do a quick recap – from where we started to where we finished:


I love that the pineapple is just sitting there, drinking its coffee, mocking everyone working.


The space really went from ‘Kate Goselin’ to ‘Ryan Gosling’.



There you have it – The studio front room. It’s so happy and fun, and pretty much instantly makes you want to drink and dance.

We pulled together a ‘get the look’ below. In case you are like where are those amazing chairs they are sadly all vintage. Same with the sofa and the hanging lamp. We’ll try to get links to the wallpaper and the fabrics for the curtain panels when we do those posts, too.


1. Wallet 2. Filing Cabinet 3. Pouf 4. Vintage Chair 5. Piñata 6. Storage Unit 7. Agenda 8. Curtains 9. Tabel 10. Paint in Cheery 11. Paint in Rose Petal 12. Cabinet 13. Table 14. Confetti Bomb 15. Stool 16. Tumbler 17. Fabric 18. Office Chair 19. Couch

It’s a pretty darn happy place. But that’s not all – coming the rest of this week is Jen’s office (which is one of my favorite rooms to be in the world), their conference call/storage room (dubbed the champagne room, obviously) and their pop-up store. Plus all the details that you might be wondering about – the stripes, curtain panels, plexi projects, secret wallpaper, and disco ball wall.

I’ll have all of you snorting confetti by the end of the week.

*The first round of ‘after photos’ and all the progress/installation photos by Kelsey Tucker.  Refinery 29 ‘after’ photos (and portraits) by Tessa Neustadt. Check out the whole Refinery29 tour here.  Want more info on the whole process? Check out these posts: The Beginning | Floor Plan & Progress | Update The Studio Design Reveal – Jens Office | The Champagne Room1 Day DIY Striped Walls

Want to buy some happy, smart and cheeky notepads pouches, agendas and iphone cases? Head on over to

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8 years ago

beautiful! and i spy those awesome pink lamps. perfect use for them! (and psst–i don’t see the list of where-to-buys. :))

8 years ago
Reply to  jess

nevermind! i swear i looked 600 times for the list of links. i must have still been distracted by all the pretty colors.

8 years ago

You and the team totally captured their style and essence Emily. The new space looks like a great place to work, so light and bright and cheerful! I cannot imagine working there and not wanting to smile. Congrats on a job well done!

8 years ago

Love this so much! It looks like the perfect office for them with all the fun colors and glitter! The disco ball idea was genius too.
xo, Scarlett
The Trendy Chick

8 years ago

This is the funnest office I have ever seen!

8 years ago

I was wondering if you used the gold paint from Target anywhere? We used it in my son’s room and it is bad ass to the point that I’m painting our hallway in it. It seems perfect for the Bando Party House!
P.S. You look fantastic in the blue dress, don’t let anyone tell you different!

8 years ago
Reply to  kelly jo

Wait, which paint? I don’t think i’ve used it but now I want to. House paint or craft paint?

8 years ago

House paint. It’s in the house paint section of any Target store. I found it online here:


8 years ago
Reply to  kelly jo

okay now I want to use this gold paint! Sorry for being all up in your comment lol, but this is news to me!


8 years ago
Reply to  kelly jo

Do you have pics posted anywhere? I might need some ‘bad ass’ paint soon!

8 years ago

This office is amazing! So bright and inspiring!!

8 years ago

the stripes really made it!

8 years ago

Need a copy proofreader? Lovely space you did there.

8 years ago
Reply to  Teri

kinda. my sister is doing it and she’s been unavailable lately 🙂

8 years ago

Such a fun office! And I think you happen to look GREAT at the front of the photo! The dress looks lovely!

erika mccarthy
8 years ago

seriously so fun!! love every bit of it, can’t wait to see the rest!

8 years ago

Wow, what a fun space!

8 years ago

WOW. Epic space! Did you save the other pink hanging lamp for your daughter’s room? Please tell me you did. Otherwise, I’m down to sneak into the office and steal it back for you. It’s worth the risk of jail time.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

YES. Jen isn’t sure its going to stay there either because they are expanding and might need to put another desk there – in which case I’m taking it back!

8 years ago

Holy moly! This is my happy place!

Seriously.. doesn’t even look like the same place!

I’m not a HUGE fan of pink, but I could seriously get down with this as my office.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

I’ve never seen a space match the aesthetic of a company’s website/overall so perfectly. You’ve really captured the essence. Great job Emily and team!

8 years ago
Reply to  Shannon


8 years ago

Amazing transformation Emily! And that first shot, with you in the blue, uh maze ing

8 years ago

UGH I DIE. Really, y’all killed it. This is so fitting with their style/branding! I think the BEST part is that other than a few big things (wallpaper, disco ball wall, pops of color here and there) for the most part you really let their product and their “props” (?) be the star of the show. (I mean who doesn’t need 16 pinatas!!?? It’s fabulous.) Now if you excuse me I have to start thinking of ways to justify that amazing watermelon bag to my boyfriend…

8 years ago

Love it! couldn’t be more fun and INSPIRING. Love looking on your blog for exactly that- INSPIRATION. Love your style and what you share. Hope to meet one day, may be when I outgrow my current 133sf studio in L.B. 🙂

8 years ago

I would have used gold paint on the edges of the letters (for all I know you considered that and there were other factors). They are super cute! Love the space and the look at all that went into it.

8 years ago

Hi again, forgot to ask a question.
Where did you source from the plexi colored plastic desk end and dividers?
Thank you

8 years ago

Two things:

1) My son has been watching “My Little Pony” on repeat for the past three months (approximately). Pinkie Pie would totally approve of this design, and while she’s not a unicorn per se, it’s close, right?

2) I was all “Grr…” when I signed into BlogLovin, and then I saw this post, and I knew sunshine and smiles were just a click away. Thanks for the ongoing cheer!

8 years ago

“The space really went from ‘Kate Goselin’ to ‘Ryan Gosling’.”


8 years ago

I love! So where have you put that one piece of technology that is big and unsexy… Aka the printer? I cannot figure out what to do with mine!

8 years ago

Love this! Where are the gold-trimmed office chairs from? I’m in the market for a chair just like that and the one shown in the pics above is perf. Thanks so much!

8 years ago

This is a testiment to your amazing design skills Emily. You expertly created the Bando appropriate space with perfected form and function. I recognize it is perfection for the client/space/purpose.

8 years ago

I’m obsessed, as usual!! Is it weird if I print this blog post and frame it as art in my home? Ha! This was so fun to see and I look forward to the rest of the reveal!

8 years ago

OUT OF THIS WORLD ! when creative minds meet it’s such a beautiful thing. thanks for being so generous with all the detail and process too !

8 years ago

I would love to know where the “we are serious about fun” lettering came from!

8 years ago

Wow. This is an absolutely stunning makeover. What a fabulous job you guys did, Emily! (As always!)

I love how uplifting and whimsical everything looks… Totally what Ban.Do is all about. You guys truly nailed it!!!

8 years ago

This is next level. I love spaces that are so special and unique and I think the stripes really sealed the deal. Some parts feel like an art installation (the disco ball wall) and that it truly inspiring design!

8 years ago

I’m obsessed with that pink light

8 years ago

I’m in love with everything; it’s difficult to pick out a favorite. If I was forced to, the pink stripe walls. My favorite paper object is a heart and gold star. Could I borrow your glitter machine? Love you ladies and guys.

8 years ago

obsessed. everything you do is magic from a refined, spanish, dark hued master bedroom to this bright and playful office! ugh! I love it all. Please come to Dallas. And please choose my home to make over because, we’re both pregnant with our second and we’re meant to be friends!

8 years ago

One word…wow. It looks amazing! You guys have truly outdone yourselves with this project, the headquarters have never looked quite so fun and colourful. It really speaks volumes about the brand and looks like such a vibrant and creative workspace for everyone, so much so that I wish I had a job there! Amazing transformation and something I’m sure the team will love for years to come, congratulations.

With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday