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Design Champagne Room + Get The Look

This room in the studio started out as a dude name Todd’s office (the big boss that oversees a few different businesses). It was to be ‘rustic midcentury vintage surfer dude’ – kinda. But slowly Todd came to the office less and less, probably because we did this to the front of the studio. Meanwhile the girls had no where to drink their champagne and eat their colorful candy (or take conference calls, have more private meetings or store samples). So what once was a dude’s space became this happy little weird room full of color and inspiration.

When we first started the project it was like the rest of the studio/house – totally blank. Like so:


It was always kinda that room that was prioritized last both in budget and time – you know that room, we all have one (or more) in our house. Todd was never around I really didn’t have a firm grasp of what it should look like. So unfortunately, I don’t really have any product pics or mood boards for you as we didn’t really even get that far. We focused on the other spaces and then near the end Todd was like ‘Eh, just take the room and do your worst’ so we did. Perhaps he was just terrified that we’d do what we did in the other rooms. Or maybe he saw all the girls drinking champagne in the hallway and realized that what would help the company thrive even more is a room dedicated to drink champagne. We had already installed his chandelier but other than that we kinda just scrapped the whole dude thing and had some fun.

As we were planning and shopping for the rest of the space we kept this room in mind. Between the extra furniture that we already had, some good finds, and a few weird/fun solutions we were able to make it a good room that had a lot of personality and function.

When we thought it was going to be a man’s room we had ordered these pretty peg legs that screw on to most desk tops so we kept those guys and instead of making it a desk we floated it so it was more of a mini-conference table.


As we were installing we realized that the ceiling was white and that was a crime for a room that needed a simple (and yet impactful) dose of fun. We had just painted Jen’s ceiling that lavender so we had the bug in us to eradicate all white ceilings. We went with a hot pink (Pink Lips from Benjamin Moore) and it definitely added a heavy of dose of ‘CRAZY TEEN’ that we needed. Todd was thrilled when he saw his new ‘office’.


Meanwhile this studio just generally needed a lot of storage to house all of their samples that they constantly sent out for press. So in that room we had both open shelving and a big closed shelving unit. Wait, back up. Remember Jen’s room and that amazing metallic silver linen chair that is her throne? Well, that was actually originally going to be in this hand painted black/white canvas pattern we made below.


*Photo on right by Jen Gotch

Jen really wanted to do something special and weird for her chair – something artful and custom. We found the inspiration on pinterest and just kinda went at it one Sunday in my studio. We used black house paint, mixed with water and some cheap brushes. I did more large scale loop -de – loops and she did a random/weird thing on top. The end result was totally craft day at the insane asylum – which for a lot of people would mean a bad thing but it was pretty accurate to our situation. We both still liked it in a way, but it definitely was too large scale and amateur to be on her gorgeous chair. So we folded it up and scrapped the idea… or so we thought.

As we were styling up that champagne room we realized that the ikea storage unit was a big boring white block of dead space – begging for a pattern. We had that fabric hoarded in the closet so we quickly mod podged it to the front of the closet (see instructions here).

We styled and played and organized their wigs and collection of cardboard die, hung some art ledges, stuck up another block of that nude glitter wallpaper and called it a day.

Here you go, folks – The Champagne Room:



I love how that shelving unit turned out. It works with the simpler scale polka dot rug (from Lulu and Georgia) but adds a heavy dose of ‘nutso’ which is never a bad thing in an extra room of a creative studio. Plus it was cheap, fun and a good story.



Art ledges are the new gallery wall and I’ve been using them A LOT. These bad boys are from ikea and are pretty simple to hang and style with.






This particular room started out with me being a bit stumped. Creating a room that looked/felt wildly different than the rest of the space (as Todd’s office) was difficult, so once it turned back into another extra studio room things came into place for us. While we didn’t have too much time or budget left for this little guy, I really love the energy and fun it exudes. It’s sure to liven up most conference calls, no?

Now go get that look:



1. Ice Cream 2. Mobile Pendant in Antique Bronze 3. Table Top 4. Photo Ledge 5. Agenda 6. Table Legs 7. Rug 8. Buttons 9. Folding Chair 10. Shelves 11. Paint in Pacific Ocean 12. Paint in Hot Lips 13. Disco Ball

*All photos by Kelsey Tucker. Check out the whole Refinery29 tour here. Want more info on the whole process? Check out these posts: The Beginning | Floor Plan & Progress | Update The Studio Design Reveal – The Front Room | The Studio Design Reveal – Jens Office | 1 Day DIY Striped Walls

Also want to buy some happy, smart and cheeky notepads pouches, agendas and iphone cases? Head on over to Everybody is doing it.

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8 years ago

Where oh where did you find that framed confetti delight in the third photo from the last???? Is it Suspended in water? Want!!!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago
Reply to  Ren

it’s from but i’m not seeing it on her site now. she makes really cute stuff and she sent us that frame and then we filled it with confetti (cause that’s what we do).

Susie Q.
8 years ago
Reply to  Ren

It looks like since the frame is plexi, static is causing some of the confetti to adhere to the sides, making it look “suspended.”

8 years ago

Oh I love it! Wonderful work as always!

If you ever have a spare moment (ha), I would love to see what your mood board for the rustic midcentury vintage surfer dude would have looked like. That sounds like a dream!

8 years ago

I love the art ledges – they work really well stacked with all that lovely stuff. It’s a fab approach to using them and now they feel more accessible, I’m probably off to ikea… #easilyled

8 years ago

Beautiful outcome!! I also love the art ledges as it gives you more to show than hanging them on the wall (totally wrong and you just drilled it). I don’t know how they work in there with all those colors?! I would go crazy of awesomeness. Just amazing. Cool space!!

Megan T
8 years ago

I love all of the rooms you did for! I had been thinking of making a desk with peg legs and a top but I did not know where to get a nice/cheap top. Of course I should have thought about Ikea! Thanks!

8 years ago

Man…. the biggest bummer of my life (ha) is that now, with your website upgrade, I can’t look at any of the pictures on your site on my ancient browser at work. And they take foreverrrrr to load on my iPhone 6, too. I bet this looks AWESOME (like everything you’ve done for!

8 years ago

Hi Emily!

Not sure if you know about this yet, but all your May 2015 posts are missing from your blog! I tried to refer back to an old Target entertaining/outdoor party post you did, but couldn’t find it. 🙁 Hope it’s back up soon!


8 years ago

I’ve loved following this redo–so fabulous!

8 years ago

a little (unsolicited) feedback on the new design… i find it horribly hard to read. i love your style and content, so i’m going to try, but so far, i haven’t been able to get through an entire post. the serif font is just too hard to read on the screen… (for reference… i like everything else about the redesign, but not that part. even your headlines and this comment entry field is sans-serif and easy to read, but the post content text is so dense and hard to scan.

i know you spend tons of time working to get it just right (and i’m sure you LOVE the font), but working on web design myself, i know there are some things you just don’t know until you launch, and some tweaking at that point is usually the most critical piece of the puzzle to get it right.

8 years ago
Reply to  megan

YES! This is my 2nd time posting EVER and I completely agree. Please change it to SANS. It is so hard to read with this font – it gives me a headache. But everything else is perfect! 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  megan

I have to agree. I LOVE your blog. And have really enjoyed reading it over the past couple of years. But it is now really hard to read the font, even after you increased the size. PLEASE consider changing it to something entirely different.

8 years ago
Reply to  megan

I’m seeing the same (serif) font on the comments as the rest of the page, though the font in the comment entry box *is* sans-serif.

I agree completely that the serif font is hard to read. The biggest problem to me is that the kerning is too tight (letters are too close together).

8 years ago

Love the “Hot Lips” hot pink ceiling…. I have the same color ceiling in my dining room. I love it so much that I’m planning to carry it over to the adjacent kitchen.

Dining Room

8 years ago

Hey, Emily–
Even with a larger size, this font is difficult and painful to read. I hope you change it for a different font.

8 years ago

Love the jade folding chairs. So beautiful!

8 years ago
Reply to  Jenna Meow

Totally!!! Those are the prettiest folding chairs I’ve ever seen!

8 years ago

I love what you did with this space! It’s amazing!


8 years ago

Thank you for making the font size bigger!!!! Lovin’ the new website!

8 years ago

I love how this all came together!!! Those peg legs and the abstract shelving paint job are to die for.

8 years ago

I love that paint color, “PINK LIPS”!!! and the name just really puts it over the top for me!

8 years ago

This is such a fun room! All of the designs for have such much energy and character. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you and your team have put together.

But I have to repeat what some other readers have said – the font on this design is very hard to read, even at a larger size. Could you maybe change it to the old font?

8 years ago

yay, i can read it now..thanks for the bigger font!

8 years ago

So cute! And that ceiling, love it!

The larger font is much more readable now (for me at least, though I guess not for everyone).

There are still links that aren’t clickable from any page on the blog–the “about” and “follow” at the top right, and also the “comments” section from the blog front page.

Still hating the “load more” comments thing as well. Just show them all, please.

On another note, the EHTV preview video in the side bar is ridiculously cute. I’m sure someone spent lots of time on getting it just right!

8 years ago

The lazy person in me that still hasn’t put up a gallery wall after 2 months loves the photo ledge movement.

Also, here’s another request for a mood board/makeover featuring the “rustic midcentury vintage surfer dude” aesthetic. It’s EXACTLY how I’d describe my design style and your makeovers are always nail-on-the-head in line with how I’d beautify a space.

8 years ago

Hi Emily – Random question. I’m looking for the source of the exposed bulb chandelier featured in Orcondo’s recent post “Let there be light.” For some reason, when I try to view the post I get a page not found. I am in LOVE with that chandelier, please help!!! 🙂

8 years ago

I love this space!! Seeing as I love the whole makeover I guess that’s no surprise… The pink ceiling adds such a fun pop of colour in an unexpected way – definitely something I’m dying to try out when I get the chance!

8 years ago

where do i find those gold light bulbs???

8 years ago

The new website is so difficult. I hope you fix it soon. I didn’t even know you wrote a new post today because your index page is pointing to the old post from Friday. (just go to to see what I mean) I only saw this new post by clicking on your instagram url.

Anyhow, I love the design, so many great ideas. And I love the loop’d’loops.

P.S. You mentioned this, ‘rustic midcentury vintage surfer dude’ style and I just died. I have to know more!!

8 years ago

Love you Emily! But this font still isn’t doing anything for your site. I say nix the serif font all together – its looks old and it doesn’t match your personality.

8 years ago

The whole place really did come together with different designs and idea’s – love it!!

8 years ago

For sure, my favorite room of the whole office! Nice work!

8 years ago

im drooling over here!

8 years ago

I am totally in love with this room, if I was allowed to paint my house (I rent) I would totally go over board girly for my office! So awesome!