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A Roundup of Some of Our Favorite Furniture Pieces (That We’ve Used Over and Over again) with Article

Being a content creator means that we get to constantly style, restyle, shoot, reshoot and play around every day—and call it my job – we are very lucky. With that job comes the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing brands and makers, but there are certain ones I/my team go back to again and again for good reason. Article is one of those brands. I’ve been a longtime fan. Their furniture (and now decor) is well designed, beautiful and comes at a very reasonable price point due to their direct-to-consumer structure. So when they reached out recently about partnering together before the end of the year to show off some of their new pieces as well as some of our favorites, it was a resounding YES on our end.

As we were prepping this post, we started making a list of all the makeovers that we have used their pieces in and they just kept coming…and then someone would say “oh wait, what about THIS one” and we were all like “ohhh yeahhhh”. It’s great furniture, at a great price point. I recently did a little shopping on their site for this post and snagged the beautiful leather chair you see above and below. It’s good folks—supple leather, refined arms and detailing and man is it comfortable.

Ehd 181212 Article Chair Vignette 2 01

Let’s play a little game of which piece is your favorite from all the different pieces we have used. Pop quiz at the end.

Elliot’s Nursery Reveal

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal19 1 Edited

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame My Scandinavian Home Greenhouse 44

Welcome to my favorite sheepskin pelt rug. I originally used it in Birdie’s nursery because VERY cozy rugs are basically required in those types of rooms. Fast forward to now where this rug is not only currently in my living room but it has made it into lots of other shoots. I love it because it’s incredibly soft and larger and than your average sheepskin which makes it usable as an actual rug and perfect for layering on other rugs. 100% lay-on-the-floor/cuddle approved. (Lanna Ivory Sheepskin Rug, 4×6, $369)

Suzanne’s Kid and Pet-Friendly Living Room

Bright Modern Kid Friendly Cozy Comfortable Family Tv Room Emily Henderson1

Bright Modern Kid Friendly Cozy Comfortable Family Tv Room Emily Henderson4

My love of poufs has been well documented (especially when I had kids) and this one is my new favorite. Its soft warm tone, perfectly worn-in leather and simple tufting detail make it INCREDIBLY versatile. As you can see, it brings that little bit of warmth/texture needed in my friend’s living room but is also very kid-friendly. No sharp corners to stab any adorable children or pets. (Timpani Charme Tan Ottoman, $699)

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Renovation Makeover Lake House Country Rustic 1

You may also remember we used it in the Boathouse Makeover last year. It was the perfect piece for this sectional and space. Sometimes sectionals and sofas with chaises are tricky because you feel like they want a rectangle but often can’t fit one, and a square can work but it’s a lot of corners happening. A large round piece often solves the problem as it sure did here. Plus, the leather added warmth in this room and brought in a different finish than linen. It made the space feel a little more welcoming and cozy. Just so you know, it also comes in three other colors. 🙂

The Portland Project: Master Bedroom Reveal

Emily Henderson Portland Traditional Master Bedroom251

Emily Henderson Portland Traditional Master Bedroom17

Now, while I love that first ottoman, this darker and more modern shaped gal is a CLOSE second. We chose this one for the Portland Project master bedroom because the rich dark tone of the leather really helped to ground the space visually. I love that the material is more on the rustic side but the shape is interesting and modern. HOT TIP: When styling a traditional home, make sure to throw in modern accents if you’re trying to avoid things feeling too stiff or stuck in one style. (Stone Rawhide Brown Ottoman, $649)

How We Styled the Living Room to Sell

Emily Henderson Living Room Staged To Sell Boho Mid Century Eclectic Blue White Styled Couch Sectional Staged4

Emily Henderson Living Room Staged To Sell Boho Mid Century Eclectic Blue White Styled Couch Sectional Staged2

As you may recall, my old living room went through a lot of looks but this one will always be my favorite which is incredibly ironic since this was the look I did to sell the house. A very big part of the reason this was my favorite version was this sectional. It simplified the seating area and is the kind of sofa that goes with so many different styles of houses—so I knew it would appeal to a plethora of buyers. I was extremely impressed with it and we all commented on how it just worked so much better than the awesome leather strapping sofa I had that yes, was “editorial” but not very practical. Seeing it in there really made me think “this is what this room wanted the whole time.” I’m even considering getting it for the mountain house because I liked it that much. (Burrard Seasalt Gray Left Sectional Sofa, $1,899)

A 120-Year-Old Barn Makeover With the Frame TV

Henderson Samsung The Frame Louise Roe The Barn 40

We used this black leather beauty in the Barn Makeover last year and I truly loved it because of the quality and finish of the leather. Unfortunately, this exact style is no longer available but this one is a very close second option. So if you are in the market for a beautiful and comfortable black leather sofa that is in no way “bachelor” or cheesy, then I can’t recommend it enough. (Alcott Oxford Black Sofa (similar), $1,699)

Henderson Samsung The Frame Louise Roe The Barn 39 1

Speaking of the Barn Makeover, we also chose this blue velvet sofa. The tone of blue was perfect. Moody, sophisticated but still warm somehow. It’s the best of both worlds because it has a style of a “parlor” sofa (what everyone thinks they want) but the comfort of an everyday living room sofa (what everyone ACTUALLY wants). (Matrix Cascadia Blue Sofa, $1,299)

Henderson Samsung The Frame Louise Roe The Barn 36

Henderson Samsung The Frame Louise Roe The Barn 34

Here is another piece from that shoot and man it is beautiful. I loved this little vignette—the perfect flirty two-person game lounge. This daybed is perfect for any larger living room that needs more seating that doesn’t visually cut off the space with high backs. It’s also great for an office/guest room. Needless to say, it’s super versatile and bonus, it’s also available in yummy cognac leather. (Sven Cascadia Blue Daybed, $1,099)

Sara’s Living Room Reveal

Emily Henderson Sara Moto Neutral Cozy Masculine Living Room 2

Emily Henderson Sara Moto Neutral Cozy Masculine Living Room 1

This sweet living room belonged to our very own Sara Tramp (head of the photography department here) and she can’t say enough about her leather sofa. According to Sara, it’s incredibly comfortable, the quality is awesome and she loves the timeless design. There’s a reason why it’s Article’s most beloved and popular sofa. She loves it so much that she ordered it for her parent’s living room makeover (on the blog in the new year) which is a totally different style than hers which just speaks to the versatility of their pieces. So many fun new projects coming up…did I mention Sara and her boyfriend bought a house they are renovating?! Get ready folks. (Sven Charme Tan Sofa, $1,799)

An Epic Gallery Wall With “The Frame”

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 30

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 42

I normally don’t go for such a modern leather sectional but this was the ideal look for our Barge Makeover. The shape is modern but like the dark brown ottoman in the Portland master bedroom, the warm leather softens the look and feel. They work together perfectly in my opinion and gave this space the depth and softness it was craving. The low back is also deceptively comfortable, there’s tons of room to stretch (even those of you at over 6-feet tall), and its sleek profile means little to no room flow disruption. Plus, it’s just a cool sofa. (Mello Left Arm Corner Sectional (similar), $3,899)

Our Modern English Tudor Living Room Reveal

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Living Room Reveal12

Emily Henderson Living Room Update 4

This is one article you have probably seen a lot. And for good reason. I have had this credenza in my new living room since day one and it’s not going anywhere. It’s perfect. The tone of wood is dark but warm, the style leans mid-century modern but is “modern” modern and it has a ton of storage space. I hear that’s important in a “storage unit.” I honestly can’t recommend it enough. Bonus: If you have a smaller space, Article just launched a 47” two cabinet version of this credenza. And man is it cute in mini. (Seno Walnut 71″ Sideboard, $1,199)

A Greenhouse Makeover With the “Frame”

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame My Scandinavian Home Greenhouse 49

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame My Scandinavian Home Greenhouse 13

We borrowed this sideboard for the Greenhouse Makeover and it was the perfect addition. When you are styling a very light and neutral space, you need to bring in some warmer toned pieces to give it dimension. This sideboard was the perfect warm tone and its very angular design contrasts the soft textures, pretty plants and rounded furniture. Visual tension is the goal for any well-designed room. The dining table in this style also has some really great industrial elements. (Madera Oak 65″ Sideboard, $1,249)

The Portland Project: Downstairs Media Room (SNEAK PEEK)

Emily Henderson Portland Traditional Media Room4

PORTLAND SNEAK PEEK ALERT. Hold the phone because those curved wood arms on that accent chair are everything. This piece is so simple but also so special which is basically the reason I love all of Article. And I know I sound like a broken record at this point but this accent chair totally grounds the space. It’s warm, happy yet elegant and gives that contrasting colorful pop the space needed. (Pender Charme Tan Chair, $799)

The Portland Project: Lower Deck (SNEAK PEEK)

Emily Henderson Portland Traditional Exterior 14  Emily Henderson Portland Traditional Exterior 41

This is the lower deck of the Portland Project and was my first time using Article’s outdoor furniture. No surprise here: I am a fan. The dining table and sofas are all Article and if I say so myself they look awesome. We actually used their lounge chairs too but we didn’t show you because we didn’t want to give too much away. 🙂 Just like all of their other pieces, they are modern, extremely versatile and very well made. I know it’s winter but whenever you are ready to invest in your outdoor space do yourself a favor and check out Article. Their outdoor furniture is made for the the harshest of elements and in true Portland fashion, it poured on those pieces and they’ve held up so well. (Teaka Dining Table For 6, $1,099 | Calo Graphite Sofa, $1,999)

Well, there you have it. Like I said, their pieces are both super versatile (i.e. can work with a lot of different styles) but also pretty stylistic in that they feel modern with special details. Oh, another selling point for this brand is that their ship time is great. No more waiting impatiently, staring at your window/refreshing your tracking number for four months waiting for your furniture. Arlyn maaayyyy be using some of their dining room furniture in her Makeover Takeover she’s working on and it only took two weeks from when she placed the order. To top it off, they delivered on a Saturday (prayer hands emoji), were on time (heck yes) and super nice (BONUS). And if you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days and they will come back to pick up the piece after you have tried it in your own space. Thank you to Article for always being awesome and great to work with. Can’t wait for all of our 2019 makeovers (we already have a lot on the calendar) and to continue to show off and enjoy more of their pieces.

Which one of their pieces is your favorite from the makeovers that we have used them in?

*This post is in partnership with Article but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.

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5 years ago

This made me remember those Frame styling shoots – they were amazing. I’m sure it’s hard to find partners who want something like that but I love it when you do! The Sotheby’s shoot was similarly great.

5 years ago

Thank you for this post on Article. I ate it up! I recently bought the Seno dining table and love it so much.

Lindsey Seip
5 years ago

How do I get the $50 discount? 🙂

5 years ago

Love Article and have been eyeing so many things! However, is the promo code missing from this article? When you click the Article link, there is not correlation with your blog for the discount.

5 years ago

Ohhhh. I love that new chair so much in the space – it edges that little corner up. Please say that you are keeping it there. I love the hit of black with the lamp and the art. Love this post

5 years ago
Reply to  Halley

Yes! It’s so comfy – it is still there for now and I am loving the way that it looks over in that corner. xx

5 years ago

I’ve been eyeing the Burrand sofa for some time and I’ll have to pull the trigger on a new sofa next year. Can anyone that has it attest to it’s comfy factor? Like are the bottom cushions firm or sink in soft? Also do they ripple/dent after time and look worn in or does the seat section stay looking nice?

5 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

I bought the Burrand and ended up returning it because although it was gorgeous, it was not comfortable. The cushions are on the firmer side, but the reason it wasn’t comfortable was because the seat isn’t deep enough to really support your legs (and I’m only 5’7″, taller people would be even less comfortable). It sits very upright too, so you can’t really sink into it or slouch. Would be good in a waiting room or a more formal living room, but if you want to lounge on it, it’s not the one. I do have other article furniture that I love and they are wonderful about scheduling delivery and offering free return shipping. It was a shame this particular sofa wasn’t comfortable and I learned my lesson to consider seat depth before ordering online. 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

I just posted on this. I am sad to say, this is the worst sofa Ive ever bought. Horribly uncomfortable, material pills up, bottom cushions do sink and lose shape over time, massive wrinkling, my 19 month old sofa is toast. Not even worth selling on Craigslist. My previous ikea sofa still looked great after 10 years and was super comfy. This was supposed to be an upgrade. We now have to purchase another sofa as our backs hurt every night. Save your money.

5 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

I have a few pieces from them (the leather sectional emily used in the samsung boathouse, and a leather ottoman) and LOVE both pieces. The leather does age with time (as leather does) but it has only made it softer and more supple. I would DEFINITELY recommend them and I love the pieces. Also – Emily, love to see all these places you have used their furniture. I bought the couch after I saw it in the boathouse and have loved it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Kaitlynn

All the pieces that we have used from them in different projects and shoots we have loved. Their customer service is also one of the best we’ve worked with and the free shipping and returns makes it a great option for you to try something out before you fully commit. xx

Lauren L.
5 years ago

Love seeing this huge roundup of all the projects you have used their pieces in. So much good inspiration here.

5 years ago

i thought this was going to be including accessories i.e. paintings and pottery. 🙁 i see the same artwork in alot of her shoots, vintage or not would love to know the artist and makers of those!

5 years ago

I have a leather sectional from Article. The customer services has been outstanding, but the leather is quite thin. IMHO, it’s not up to the quality of pieces from chain stores such as Crate and Barrel. My leather chair from CB is indestructible and worth the additional investment.

5 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

The leather ottomans we have used from them get such a pretty patina over time – so glad you had such a good experience with their customer service. xx

Natalie McGehee
5 years ago

Hi! Where’s the link to the very first chair pictured with dark leather i throne and wood arms. I think you said it’s a new purchase. Thanks!

5 years ago

It’s from Article. xx

Karen Robinson
5 years ago

Hi Emily,

I love your blog and have enjoyed over the years but it is now so difficult to read on my macbook pro. Between the bottom ads and the top white header with your logo I only have about three (maybe less) inches of your blog showing. I understand the ads on the bottom but hoping that you can redesign the upper part so that it doesn’t interfere with your content. I find myself just not going or moving away quickly as the experience has just become too frustrating. I mean this not as a criticism but more a plea to take a look at the reader experience as it is just not working for me and I assume others. Thanks so much Emily and have a great Xmas with your adorable family!!!

5 years ago

Would love details on all those beautiful rugs! And the outdoor coffee tables put together?

Paula Carr
5 years ago

Oh, man, how do I choose?

At first, it was the leather ottoman (I’m not always crazy about that particular light caramel color, but on this specific piece, I crazy love it). Then, if was the modern leather chesterfield. THEN, it was the tufted blue velvet sofa.

ARGH! But, yes, Article does great modern furniture with tons of warmth.

5 years ago

Hello. First, love your blog and your style EHD! ?. Ok, I rarely post comments and almost never say anything negative! But feel compelled to share my disappointing experience with this exact Burrard sectional in the sea salt color. I actually bought it about 19 months ago after seeing it on your site, in the staging of your beautiful MCM home. The first few months it was fine. But, then…the fabric piled up horribly. All of the cushions developed massive and permanent wrinkling. The cushions are mid-shapen of very poor quality. It is also extremely uncomfortable, causing neck and back issues. Our previous sofa was from ikea. It was super comfortable and held up well. After 10 years it still looked great, both the cushions and the material. Unfortunately I sold it on Craigslist. Our 19 month old Burrard sectional was a complete waste of money, we will have to replace it very soon. And we won’t be able to sell it on Craigslist because it’s in such terrible condition.

Buyer beware. I would not recommend this sectional!

5 years ago

We got two couches from Article (Charme oxblood) and love them – that being said, they’re in our parlor and don’t get a lot of use. They are really stylish though! It also helps that we got a darker leather that doesn’t show stains too badly. That being said, our fave couch is a leather sofa from Ikea – comfy, indestructible (toddler, grade schooler), and not stylish in the slightest.

5 years ago

It is so helpful to see so many of their pieces styled in different contexts! I’m curious if y’all have ever used any of their beds? If so, what do you think of their quality? Thanks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Hannah

We haven’t used their beds in any projects yet – but we might in 2019! xx

5 years ago

I don’t normally comment on blogs I have, but I want to say I love most everything you design. I am considering the Article Sven sofa I absolutely love the design but have been hesitant to order because of of some comments about the sturdiest. Do you have any knowledge of this particular sofa? I appreciate your opinion and look forward to your response. Thank you so much for your blog.
Also wanted to ask if you do any online consulting for home decorating

5 years ago
Reply to  Lorraine

I have had the Sven leather sectional sofa for two years and would not recommend it to anyone that has pets or kids. The leather, while soft and beautiful, is not treated (full-aniline) and therefore absorbs moisture and stains. They charmingly call this “patina” but it’s just gross. Full disclosure we have 3 dogs. The back cushions now have a couple of my pillows stuffed into them because they lost all shape.
I cover the seats with kantha quilts because I don’t want company thinking they are sitting on a dirty couch.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lorraine

I also have the Sven sofa, but so far I’m still in love with mine. The leather does have a bit of patina after two years, but I wipe it down with leather towelettes every now and then to keep the leather clean and happy. And giving the cushions a good “knead” every now helps them keep their shape. It’s such a comfortable sofa, and the color is so beautiful. And since it’s leather, it doesn’t collect cat hair the way our other fabric sofa does (and the cats don’t use it as a scratching post). I think the longevity of any sofa just really depends on the home it lives in. So far it’s holding up great for us and we use sit on it nightly to watch TV, but we also don’t have kids or dogs (just two cats).
5 years ago

nice one
5 years ago

Thank you for this post on Article. I ate it up! I recently bought the Seno dining table and love it so much.

5 years ago

So glad you love it! xx

5 years ago

I have a several things from Article after discovering them through you when you styled your house to sell! The quality and price point are worth it. I bought the target accent chair (that you have in your living room), though it was comfortable, I wish I paid more for something from Article, the quality just cannot compare. Even the 50$ plastic dining chairs from Article are sturdy and reliable. I really would recommend this company, even the delivery man is great.

5 years ago

Just bought a dining table I’ve been dreaming about with this coupon! Thanks Emily!!

Jillian Lare
5 years ago

I really appreciate this roundup, but I wish you’d discuss the comfort level of these pieces more. Although Article makes very stylish furniture, I’ve yet to sit in a sofa of theirs that is actually comfortable. If there are some models that are actually comfortable for curling up and watching tv, I would love to know!