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The Mountain House

All the New Fall Target Products We Used at the Mountain House Are Now Available

When we revealed the mountain house in August, we were granted early access to use a lot of pieces from Target’s fall collection that weren’t yet available online or in stores (perks of my partnership with them) so we couldn’t link it up for you when we rolled out those posts. I could sense your up-in-arms-ness through the computer, understandably, being teased by the affordability and style of those pieces without the ability to get your hands/bodies on them. Now that the fall collection has launched and is online, we got you and we are linking and calling out what is new (or evergreen that we used here) from Target. It’s peppered throughout the house, in every room, and it’s very, very good. Oh, and we have another big fall launch post coming up later this month with SUCH good stuff, so stay tuned for that. Target’s over here killin’ it, per usual.


Emily Henderson Mountain House Living Room Lores11 Updated

Shop the Look: Pouf | Green Throw | Candle | Cream and Wood Accent Chair

Because I used so much vintage, I shopped for mostly accessories, textiles, lighting, candles, pillows and smaller pieces of furniture. It’s the mix of high-end, vintage and more affordable pieces that makes the “low” feel high and makes the high, well…not bankrupt you.

Emily Henderson Moutain House Living Room Lores22

Shop the Look: Log Holder | Candle | Pouf

That log holder is the single best out there for how affordable it is. And that candle on the coffee table is so good. In other shots, we styled it with a black cone-shaped candle that we all loved, as well.

Emily Henderson Moutain House Living Room Lores321 Updated

Shop the Look: Green Throw | Striped Pillow | Pouf | Entry Bench | Mirror

That green quilt is big enough to go on a bed, but we loved the color in here. I likely spent a combined 45 minutes throwing that quilt on the sofa to get the perfect “land” for every single angle. It moves based on the composition of the shot (like if the branches are right in front of it, then we moved it to the right or left). I wish I had footage of all the throws, over and over and over, unhappy in whatever way until you get THAT LAND. And then some passerby or child sits on it and you sadly have to murder them.

But the quilt is good, and that pillow is the perfect “interesting stripe.” In the entry (that we still need to shoot!), you can see a round mirror and a bench that are also from the fall collection.


Loft 091 Updted

Shop the Look: Chair | Throw Pillow | Faux Fur Blanket 

Our kids have adopted the faux fur blankets as their current blankie du jour/summer for the singular reason that they are the softest thing you’ll ever, ever, ever feel in your life. Like, if they were an animal in the 18th-century, royal women would pay thousands to wear this coat. Yes, they catch the light beautifully. Yes, they are in really warm colors (Charlie has this one and birdie has the pink ones) but my kids care less about colors or style-ability and more about how INCREDIBLY soft they are. They drag them down from their bedrooms every morning with them to watch cartoons and up back at night.

The wingback is great and while nobody sits there, it’s a really simple, classic piece to put in front of the busier railing. It was released last fall, and it’s still a winner, stylistically.


Emily Henderson Moutain House Dining Room Lores17

Shop the Look: Pillows Left to Right: Dash Pillow | Striped Pillow | Pom Pillow (similar)

While you know that we are likely going to redo the back cushions that came in too big (read this post for more info), for this shot (and for now) we styled the banquette with a ton of pillows from the new line, that will simply make it into other projects soon.


Emily Henderson Moutain House Family Room Lores1151

Shop the Look: Table Lamp 

You know I love a black shade on black lamp base. It’s so graphic and modern and edges up any room. This one is crazy affordable (and comes in wood, as well). We also like that it’s petite enough that it doesn’t overpower a vignette, but not so small that it feels like a child’s room.

Emily Henderson Moutain House Family Room Lores151

Shop the Look: Oversize Square White Pillow (coming soon) |  Black and White Contrast Pillow | Candle

More pillows, more candles—all really good. Target launched their new candle collection that rivals ANYTHING you’d find at a hipster store for $30. I love a pretty candle, mostly to make me feel like a grown person who can handle “nice things” but my kids will dig their fingers into the wax, thus I mostly just hope to receive them as gifts. Side note: Did I ever tell you about the candle I received as a Christmas gift from a famous European company that will remain nameless? It was the size of a gallon of milk and retailed for, get this, $600. I didn’t know what to do with that information and couldn’t believe that someone out there would indeed purchase this. WHAT IS THE WORLD??

Anyway, no need to spend even $40 on a candle unless it’s something you are really into (which I get). The new ones at Target look just as good for $15.

Also, those plush pillows are SO SOFT. They are out of the same material as the beloved blankets I mentioned earlier.


Emily Henderson Moutain House Downstairs Guest Room Lores113 Updated

Shop the Look: Grey Quilt (coming soon) | Green Quilt | Linen Comforter | Green Pillow 

Bedding is one place where I like to mix one to two pieces of more special/high end with mostly affordable layers. The comforter is Target’s linen one that’s been out for a while, but the stitched gray quilt and green velvet quilt (same as on living room sectional, although a little more muted here—the living room shot is more accurate) the green pillow, as well as the basic fillers, are where you can save, easily.

Emily Henderson Moutain House Downstairs Guest Room Lores1311

Shop the Look: Sherpa Chair

That sherpa chair is soooo good. We used it in both bedrooms for the shoot. It worked perfectly with our warm Scandi vibe, although it could have worked well in our Atlanta makeover, as well.


Hb Upstairs Guest Bed 011 Updated

Shop the Look: Velvet Quilt | White Lumbar Pillow (coming soon) | Pink Lumbar Pillow | Duvet Cover | Sherpa Chair

We were all legitimately impressed/obsessed with that velvet quilt. The color is BEAUTIFUL and very on-trend and modern, while being so warm. I wish it came in 10 more colors; it would sell out and fast.

The sherpa chair is here again, although now that we switched this bed to a king, it doesn’t fit so we’ll need to re-home it (which I don’t think will be a problem).

Like the throw that was in the loft, that pink lumbar pillow (and the white lumbar) is ridiculously, indulgently soft. It’s one of those things you want to smoosh your face into, but instead, just run your hand over to avoid judgment. And while I don’t think it’s new, the duvet cover is such a nice subtle texture to get that layered upscale bed look. It’s actually a very light blush, even though it looks almost white in that photo.


Hb Master Bedroom 03

Shop the Look: Green Quilt | Lumbar Pillow (coming soon)

Probably my favorite pillow in the house from Target is this faux leather lumbar (which, at the time of publishing, is sadly not yet available but we’ve been told all new fall product will be live no later than September 22 so we’ll come back and update this). It’s GREAT on a king-size bed and it’s all you need. We layered it with other pieces, but for everyday life, you don’t need more. The green blanket underneath the world’s more luxurious non-Target blanket (the $750 one which I just can’t get over in every way) has a great texture and is really simple and light (and big, so it’s easy to layer/style).

Mh Master Bedroom 05

Shop the Look: Side Table | Throw Blanket

We paired my beautiful Fernweh Woodworking chair with that side table that we all love and have now used in like four projects. It’s not new, but I just wanted to call it out for being so pretty in here with that chair. It looks like a million bucks. Sadly, it’s no longer available online, but a reader mentioned in the reveal post for this room that they saw the table in-store, so be sure to check your local store.

***photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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42 thoughts on “All the New Fall Target Products We Used at the Mountain House Are Now Available

  1. looks great emily, but where is the grey disk wall hanging from that is over the fireplace please.

    1. it’s from Mquan! All the sources for each room are linked in the room reveal post (linked in each section here!)

  2. How do you like the easy care duvet? I have an aversion to sheets that aren’t 100% cotton but curious if you prefer this to the linen duvet. Thanks!

    1. I love it for guest rooms, and its sooo pretty and looks super high end, but brian doesn’t like linen so we don’t use it on our bed. We also don’t like top sheets and its a comforter not a duvet. wait, are you talking about that one?

      1. i’m so confused! I thought that you linked to an easy care duvet cover in your master bedroom post? What do you guys use in the master? THANKS!

  3. Is the green velvet quilt “green” or “olive”? I’ve been dying for that and the leather lumbar. Can’t wait until it’s available!!

    1. it’s pretty GREEN but not bright. maybe a bright olive? its two sided – one that is matte and the velvet side that is shinier and therefore brighter. is SO pretty.

      1. I think the issue is that target has two “ green” one called green one called olive. The lighting can change things and the olive is very green while the green seems to match in photo look more? The other issue is the green has been sold out for weeks and not in stores at all. So choices are still kind of hit or miss not knowing which is the right one ? The olive ships after 9/22.

    1. Hi Jill! We linked up each room in this post that has all the resources for anything you could want to know from each room! That rug in particular is from Annie Selke, though!

  4. Gah! The leather lumbar pillow is the one thing I want! It’s so good. I’ll be refreshing the Target site every hour for the next 10 days.

  5. This is so great! So many things I’m loving! Where are the tabletop pieces that you said you’d link below? Maybe I missed them somewhere? Thanks!

    1. Velinda’s mini-series didn’t pay the bills. All this free content you are demanding is never free to the people creating it. There are costs.

      And the headline tells you it’s about Target. You aren’t required to read it if it doesn’t interest you. Duh.

      1. I so appreciate this post. Have been waiting with bated breath to get my hands on the green quilt and thanks to Emily and team linking to the website, it shall soon be mine. Thanks Emily and team!

  6. Oh man, at the Reader Event I fell in love with those velvet quilts! I’m pretty sure it was the one in the blush guest room (upstairs). SO INCREDIBLY SOFT. I’ve been waiting for them to be available!!

  7. An FYI, the Trubeck Tufted Ottoman is advertised on as being 32” long. I came to store because it appeared to be the perfect size. But it’s actually 22” long?. Love the look of everything in this house!!

  8. In the downstairs guest room, the gray quilt in the room looks so different from the quit on the Target site that is linked. Is that the same quilt?

  9. All these items look nice in the pictures, but its all mostly made in China. Plus, its expensive. No thanks

  10. I know Target is a great sponsor for the blog, but I still LOVE your seasonal selection shots. I have bought several items after reading the blog AND it gives me great ideas on using the high-low look. Thank you EHD and Target!

  11. The picture that has that amazing Frenweh Chair.. where is the lamp from? And where can I get it.. I been looking for something like that for ages!!! for my reading nook.

    1. that’s from Katy Skelton (all the links for that room are linked up in that post, which is linked above!).

  12. It looks amazing, I love Target, that faux leather pillow is fire! I’ve been looking for one I can afford and literally just got somebody to make me one on etsy. I hope it’s as awesome as that one!

    Question… the cream/black dash pillow in your dining room… the cream looks very white on the site, is it more white or more cream? Thanks! And… are there any posts on your blog where you talk about pillow styling on sofas like how many per side? Should they match? etc. Thanks!

  13. Thank you for all of the helpful content! I appreciate it all. I am having one issue, though. It’s rather odd. I actually ordered the 3-light brass pendant from Linden & Co (The Lester) using the link you provided on a past post here on the blog. I ordered this pendant on 8/29. I have yet to hear from this company and I’m having an extremely hard time getting ahold of anyone from the company. I’m hoping someone here can help? Maybe you’re more familiar with this company. Maybe the link is fraudulent? Either way, I thought you’d want to know and hopefully someone can help me. Yes, they did take my money. THANK YOU.

    1. Update. Linden has finally replied after many attempts. They’re claiming the order got lost in their spam. Although, I was charged… Okay. So I’m hoping for the best.

  14. There’s a lamp in family room that I can’t find a link for (I checked the family room page). It has a white base and a navy blue shade, and it’s on a little table next to the sofa. I saw it at the reader event and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

  15. Thank you SO much — I LOVE these posts! The cozy, textured neutrals of the mountain house is making the transition to fall a little easier for me. I picked up some Target goodies, and I can’t wait to refresh my home. Thanks again for the inspiration! ?

  16. this is an amazing space! I love all of the decorations. the way you incorporated so many styles was amazing and made the spaces look so good and well put together. it looks like such cozy space to be in

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