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by Emily Henderson

Prepare for a controversial design decision in today’s post. If you hate when people paint BEAUTIFUL natural wood pieces, then perhaps come back tomorrow – or ‘hate-read’ this post (which is what I would do). I remember in the 90’s, in the heyday of shabby chic, there was a huge trend of painting pretty pieces of furniture teal, then distressing it. This trend continued FAR too long on makeover shows and I hate-watched the whole time, with an ‘OMG PLEASE DON’T RUIN THAT PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF WOOD FURNITURE’. And if I were to see it now I would generally say the same thing … except sometimes, and today is one of those times.


The victim in this case is this vintage pine dresser I found on Craigslist for $300 before we moved in. I loved the shape, finish, function, and sweet English country style. It was perfect. Sure, I didn’t have a place for it to go but I knew that it could go either in the living, entry area, or Charlie’s bedroom. Three pretty good options so I pulled the trigger.

It landed in the entry (we photoshopped it in this pic, since we didn’t have a good pic of it in there from before):


I loved how the curved shape helped keep the flow open. I loved the storage – the top drawer is our junk drawer and the bottom two house kid’s art and play dough. And the style. The shape, style, and function were all PERFECT. But it wasn’t right.

Emily-Henderson_House_Modern-English-Cottage_Entryway_Painting-Console_Update_1 Emily-Henderson_House_Modern-English-Cottage_Entryway_Painting-Console_Update_2

Three things about the space really bugged me –

  1. The fact that the dresser was the same color as the floor.
  2. I didn’t love the wood with the gold of the sconce – I wished one of those finishes were different.
  3. The entry is the only dark space in the whole house and I really felt like we needed something brighter in there.

When I found this piece (below) at Round Top I thought, ‘ooh, maybe it could go in the entry to help brighten it up and solve all three of those problems.’


But it was too perfect in the living room and the dresser couldn’t be in that spot because it’s too deep.

So a month ago I made a decision. The shoot for the house was in a couple days and while I wasn’t totally sure that we were going to shoot the entry, I was feeling motivated to just solve this problem. I had looked around for the perfect storage/entry piece in the perfect size/shape and color, but came up empty.

Around the same time there were a lot of comments about how I now just shop for the perfect piece, instead of the old renegade blog solution of ‘making it work.’ And I think there really is something to that – that having the budget and time to scour the world for the perfect, probably expensive piece is a luxury, while painting what you already have in your backyard in 2 hours is certainly doable for anyone.

Typically I would have had this professionally painted, but there was no finish on it, so it didn’t need to be stripped, just a light sand. Emily and Erik were already booked that day, prepping for the shoot so I was like ‘eh SCREW it’. Let’s just paint it.

To help rationalize, I gave myself a scenario – if I had found that exact piece, but in the perfect matte french blue would I buy it to replace this piece? And the answer was ABSOLUTELY.

So we ‘made it work.’

We sampled 5 different colors – two that we chose for that day and three that I had laying around that I knew I loved. They were 1. Portola ‘Sharkskin’ (Charlie’s room), 2. Portola ‘Wellfleet’ (which had been an option for Charlie’s room) 3. Farrow and Ball ‘Down Pipe’ (the trim of our house), and two Benjamin Moore colors, 4. Pike’s Peak Gray, and 5. Shadow Gray.


We painted two coats of each on cardboard and let them dry. Outside they looked WILDLY different than they would inside, so naturally we brought them to the exact space that we would put the piece. We needed to see it with the wall color (blackened) and the island color (which is directly behind and in view of the entry).


These photos above are not photoshopped so you can tell really how dark it is in there. I felt that the Down Pipe was too dark and kinda sucked the light even more. Wellfleet was too teal. Sharkskin felt kinda baby blue. So it was down the two that I had originally sampled.


Here they really seemed like they were going to pop off the wall enough … paint is so tricky, folks.


They were virtually identical, but we chose Pike’s Peak Gray because we liked it slightly more. We got it in a flat paint because we love that matte chalky look – it’s what is happening right now, folks. Oh and they bought the primer/paint in-one to avoid the process. We bought it at Jill’s Paint in Atwater Village because they are a lovely small business, with good customer service that we like to support.

I had to leave for meetings so Emily and Erik got to work. They sanded and painted and texted me photos:


When I got home my first thought was ‘SO MUCH BETTER’ and my second was ‘Hmmm… it could be darker.’ It could pop off the wall more. But I figured I’d wait ’til I got home and then live with it for a while.

So this is where we are now, it’s painted and we are living with it, and while I’m so glad it is no longer wood (truly) I do kinda wish it were slightly darker. We had tried to color match that blue french cabinet and while it’s very similar it could just go one shade darker.


Below you can see how dark the space is – the left isn’t brightened, the right is.


The rest of these have been slightly brightened, because putting in dark photos on the blog is emotionally and visually hard for us.

Emily-Henderson-Entry-Way-Ask-The-Audience_06 Emily-Henderson-Entry-Way-Ask-The-Audience_09 Emily-Henderson-Entry-Way-Ask-The-Audience_14

I think that shot (above) is the best representation of the space (although in real life it’s not as bright). You can see the kitchen/island behind it, which is a color that we need to work with. So we photoshopped in a few options for you:


The first one is what we already have. And I like it but it could pop off the wall more. The other three all are good, right?  Hague Blue is what I painted my kitchen cabinets in our old house and it’s a great indigo (I don’t think it’s actually that dark – it’s hard to pull colors online and photoshop accurately). Newbury Port is what I painted my front door in the last house and I LOVED it – sophisticated but with a lot of happiness. And Cyclone is a good in between.


It’s another ‘Ask The Audience’. Which color?

You know that I love to admit a mistake, but I honestly like it so much better – not the piece itself, but how it works in our house. It took a while to get over the guilt and shame but again, I reminded myself that had my eyes not seen it as it’s natural wood, had I only found it in the perfect color, I would have bought it for that space. I did, in fact, just ‘make it work’ for us and I’m happy that I did. Now, lets make it the perfect color.

Are you upset it’s not wood anymore? Do you think I made a mistake? And if not, then what color should we re-paint it?

***Outdoor sconce from Shades of Light, indoor sconce from Circa, vintage black lamp from Amsterdam Modern, red door painted in Rectory Red from Farrow and Ball. Rugs are vintage.

  1. I like the teal of the Wellfleet! Or Newberry Port works for me too. I think both pop off the wall, but the Wellfleet seems happier, which I think is good for a dark spot.

  2. Love that piece in wood, I would never have painted it, sorry Emily! To add color and brightness – better lighting and more art on the walls.

    Cabinet looks dead in flat paint – sorry. Shabby chic painted and distressed to give depth and character – which sadly, this piece now lacks. The wood was gorgeous in photos.

    1. While I follow all your discussion of why you decided to paint it, I agree with Sherrie. That piece was lovely. I loved the wood finish and the grain. But now it looks flat. Maybe paint in a glossier finish, and darker, and change the knobs. Just my opinion.

    2. I think that the simple shapes and clean detailing of the piece is what makes it not as good in flat paint. this piece says art deco laquer to me.

    3. Yep, I agree with all this.

      Why not strip and stain? The grain is gorgeous – that’s what really made the piece shine. I would go with a light walnut stain, but a grey or blue toned stain could be nice too!

      1. Love the idea of a darker walnut stain and maybe new knobs (maybe something to tie in the sconce?)

        1. Yes — was thinking the same thing about the knobs!

        2. Yes to knobs. It just needs different knobs that give it some contrast.

    4. I’m so, so, so sad that you painted that beautiful piece of furniture. 🙁
      It wasn’t the same colour as the floor, much more golden – like the stairs. Now (in any of the blue/gray colours you chose) it doesn’t look special and simply clashes with your kitchen island.
      The golden wood was welcoming on entry from the front door. It kinda looks ‘plasticy’ (for want for a better word)and off-the-rack-reproduction the unique piece is WAS.
      In the words of a pommy (AKA: as English country)…Bugger!!!

  3. Newbury Port has my vote, if you don’t stick with the original color – which I also really like.

    1. Newbury Port also has my vote! It’s just enough color to give some contrast and it looks the best with the kitchen island color. Cyclone and Pike are too light and for the lack of a better word “blah” looking while Hague is too dark and screams for attention. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you choose!

    2. I agree!

      1. Agreed! Newbury Port, but not in flat.

  4. Cyclone. It just needs to be a touch darker, too dark and you might lose some of its shape and handle detail with the shadows and room darkness.

    1. I agree, Cyclone. And I understand why you painted that piece.

    2. I agree with Cyclone! and i’m totally on board with the “make it work/paint it” train. if it were my house it would have bothered me how much it matched the floor.

      1. Cyclone, the dark ones are tooooo dark, I see why you painted it, it looked like a pine piece I had from Pottery barn. And who said paint and distress? Yuck, that ship has sailed. I hate seeing the fake distressing. I have many antique painted pieces and they never look distressed, they look gently worn and faded

  5. I personally like the cyclone. I think it gives it that right amount of “pop.”

  6. I’m definitely feeling the Hague Blue – the other two are very close in shade to the kitchen island, and it looks just slightly as though you tried to match the island (ick) and it didn’t quite work (even more ick). The obviously darker shade makes it clear you were going for contrast (and it pops the most against the wall, which helps balance out the high contrast of the red door on the other side of the hall.)

    1. I think they are a lot bluer and look like a totally different color , but thats interesting that you said that because it is definitely something we want to avoid …. Definitely something to think about.

      1. I agree with Monica above! It’s not that it’s the middle two are the same color as the kitchen, but sort of the same intensity. I like the contrast of the Hague Blue, and loved that color in your last kitchen. Either that, or I would leave it as is. I also would have painted it… it just didn’t pop enough against the floors or wall. I think the folks calling for it to be a glossier or faux finish are crazy! That chalky matte paint is on point!

    2. Ditto.

      Would it make sense to have a glossy/lacquered finish so it reflects the light? I think part of my dislike of what you have is the flatness of the sheen.

      For your space, I’m totally okay with you painting the wood!

      1. I agree with glossy paint! Glossy paint will reflect light, rather than soaking it up. If brightening is your aim – go glossier (at least semi). And I’m personally a fan of going with a different color range that pops, rather than blends, which I think will define the entry space and not compete with all the other blues/greens/greys in the adjoining rooms. Maybe a yellow?? Risky, I know. But if I have to select one of your four options, I choose Hague Blue as well. I always love whatever you end up with. 🙂

    3. I agree. It’s like you were trying to match the island and it failed just a bit. Go with something that specifically says “I’m not trying to match anything”!!

      1. To my eyes, on my screen, the newly painted piece looks a little violet, and the kitchen looks more teal, i.e. a reddish blue vs. a greenish blue, and that’s what doesn’t work, vs. the darker or lighter shade.

        Although the violet blue DOES work with the blue blue of the living room sofa, which may be the struggle? Just can’t tell if my screen is giving me accurate colors.

    4. Agree! Hague blue gets my vote for all of the reasons stated here!

      1. Chiming in again to say that I think cyclone & newport may be too matchy with your rug. It feels like the space is dying for a little contrast. Also, some glass knobs on the hague blue would be alllll the heart eyes.

        1. I agree. Hague Blue is gorgeous and really pops. The others are too close to the other elements in the room and nearby and look a little blah. I love the idea of glass knobs!

    5. She said it best! Just exactly what I was thinking too! Hague blue for contrast and intention. 🙂

    6. Absolutely Hague Blue. I’m a fan- it’s what I painted my kitchen cabinets (as did Emily!) and it has a gorgeous hue. In picture, like you said, it’s a bit dark, but the real deal color is lighter. And it’s darker than the kitchen island so doesn’t compete.

    7. Totally agree! Hague Blue is the best pick that doesn’t seem to be a miss match and I love more high contrast.

  7. I agree the color is a little too shabby chic-Esque, but the lovely rounded shape of the piece in the darker colors is lost.

  8. I think it looks great just how it is, but Newbury Port would be my choice if you were to paint again. I think the current color is a nice complement to both the outside trim (when viewed from outside the front door, and the kitchen island color just beyond. Also, being picky, but why another small lamp when you have a sconce right there?! It just throws off the vignette for me.

    1. Ha, I was just about to comment the same thing about the little lamp! Ditto also on Newbury Port. And although I’m typically on the Do Not Paint Pretty Wood train, I think it’s nice that you were able to make the piece work for your family–seems less wasteful than getting rid of it and buying a new piece! My only question would be, if it’s a dark area, why use flat paint? I’d think that a more reflective paint finish could brighten things up a bit.

      1. Agreed on all accounts, Allison and Meghan!! I also like toying with the idea of changing out the knobs, as some other people have mentioned.

        1. I agree with the three of y’all! Newbury Port would look great, and maybe a satin finish paint, if you don’t want to go with gloss. I am also usually a don’t paint the wood!! person, but I think in this context it does make sense.

  9. Cyclone is my vote! I think painting it was definitely the right choice. Cyclone will pop off of the wall without being too jarring and making the space dark.

    1. I think Cyclone too – darker would make it read really differently than the kitchen or the other wall, while Cyclone reads as the same tone to me in a different color.

  10. Love the color. Change the knobs.

    1. Agree! I think the knobs need to be changed!

      1. Also agree! Black knobs would tie in with the other pops of black (sconce, handrail and detail above the door)

    2. Yes! This piece would be so much more special with pretty knobs. Changing hardware is my favorite thing to do when I don’t love a piece as-is.

  11. Thank god painting a dresser teal and distressing it is a fad of the past. I still occasionally see a flea market swap and cringe.

    I think the dresser needs to be darker than the kitchen island so either Hague blue or newbury port!

  12. I vote for cyclone, but could you get a color that matches the Kitchen Cabinets?
    Since it is in such close proximity to the kitchen cabinets it might be a nice continuation of the color.

  13. Cyclone all the way….

  14. I see why you painted it, even if I would have made a different choice. That being said, I’d repaint it with Cyclone now 🙂

    And though it wouldn’t have bothered me for you to shop around for the perfect piece, it does help me see how you made it work, and how I could apply that to my own home. Thanks Emily!

  15. I like Newbury Port. It isn’t as matchy at Cyclone but flows well.

  16. I like it now! So soft and pretty, and it looks beautiful with the flowers and the painting under the sconce.

  17. I love the transformation but think that it could be darker to be more in line with your inspiration image’s feel. Cyclone has my vote!

  18. Cyclone for sure.

  19. Leave it. The other colors compete with the island.

  20. Hi Emily! I agree that darker would pop – I would do the Cyclone and then replace the hardware with some kind of round gold knobs to tie into the beautiful sconce. Alternatively…but harder to accomplish…I think it could look beautiful if you stripped the wood an did a darker stain on the wood. It would bring out the grain.

    Anyways, love your experiments with color

    1. I think round gold/brass knobs are a good idea …. or black? maybe I keep it as is and just switch out the knobs??

      1. I love the piece so much more now that it is painted and I especially love the idea of keeping it as it but switching out the knobs! Plus, that is probably the easiest option for now – if you still think it should be darker after that then I’d think about repainting.

        For about a year I lived with wood floors, a wood buffet, and wood table in my dining room. All basically the same color. It was like a black hole sucking the life out of me. I finally painted the buffet white (even though my husband was against it) and it immediately feels so bright and cheery in there now! (My husband agrees it was the right choice.) I’m definitely team paint if you want to!

      2. Trying switching out the knobs first. If you don’t like it, then I’d go Newbury. I do like the darker color, but the knobs need to be changed out to give it back it’s lovely shape.

      3. Yes!! I fist commented to go with Cyclone but keeping it lighter and changing knobs for black ones would be very interesting, very english and happy since it’s a lighter color.

      4. Or even glass knobs? I think a darker color for sure and replacing the knobs – it’s such a large piece, since painted, it has no variation then it did with wood. So having something to make it interesting like knobs I think will help!

      5. I recently used these knobs https://www.cb2.com/hex-brushed-brass-drawer-pull/s602849 for a white painted dresser and they are gorgeous in person

      6. That is what I was going to suggest! The color bounces the light well, which I think was your intended purpose. It does look a little flat, so some interesting knobs would add some depth.

      7. I’m definitely team ‘leave it Pike Gray but replace the knobs!’

        Cyclone seems to be too close in tone to the island color, and because it’s a dark entryway I wouldn’t want to go as dark as Newbury Port or Hague Blue.

        But there is something about painted wood knobs that feels too shabby chic, and what makeover is complete without some new jewelry!

      8. i love that idea! Keep the color but change the knobs. I think it’ll help make it pop and feel different from the kitchen island, since the island also has knobs that are the same color as the cabinet.

      9. I think the color looks great! My next decision would be to switch out the knobs a brass or black would be stunning. I think the knobs blending in make it feel a little 80s, and having the contrast there will make it look really finished and beautiful!

      10. Yes on the knobs! It needs something for visual interest. The sheen is not my favorite either. I would wax it for a soft sheen and add new knobs!

      11. I think crystal knobs would be great! Be careful on going too dark on the piece for the paint, you don’t want it to stand out like that TV room did when you walk in. The piece should fit in harmony versus commanding all of the attention. Cyclone looks like a great shade/tint.

      12. That’s what I’d start with — testing out gold knobs. Easiest thing first then decide if you want to change the color. I love the softness and the vignette that the current color provides. Gorgeous! But I’m seriously in love with Hague blue too ! Loved it in your last kitchen – not certain it’s right for your foyer…

      13. Yes to brass knobs! Or even marble knobs with brass detailing. I like black too, but I think I’d need to see the knob first.

      14. First, I like it as it is painted now. Second, I like this idea of new gold/brass knobs. Something vintage-shiny might create that touch of brightness without ruining the old English country look (also why the matte paint works so well). In the natural (darker) light especially, the current grey looks a few shades darker than it does when photoshopped. And bonus: it would be the quickest, fastest change to try!

    2. Ooh, in a perfect world, a darker stain would’ve looked nice and brought out the color variation in the wood. Pine isn’t my favorite, and it takes stain funny, so maybe that was why Emily decided not to do it. I like it painted as well, and sometimes we have to take what we have and make it work for us. I think the current color looks better in the natural light photos – there isn’t enough contrast when you lighten the shots. Of course, that’s a problem if you photograph your house all the time. In that case, I think the slightly darker gray will work well.

    3. I agree, was staining not an option before? I’m a member of the don’t paint wood team.

      If you repaint–cyclone.

    4. Instead of (or in addition to) changing the knobs, my initial thought was cladding the bottom few inches of the legs in brass. That would both tie the bureau in with that lovely sconce as well as prove a finishing touch, like trim on curtains.

      Color is so difficult to tell online / in pictures, but I do like it painted and matte.

  21. Newbury port!! All the way.

  22. Hague blue! On the larger question, I like it painted. Way too similar to floors before.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  23. Cyclone

  24. I think it’s perfect as is!

  25. Hi Emily, I’m glad you painted it! It looks so much better now. My first thought was “this would be perfect a little darker”, so after reading the whole post, I’d say you paint it something in the middle between Pike gray and Cyclone.

    1. Definitely darker! Love your zest for life, people and just you being you, always so genuine!!!

    2. I love it painted! Could go a little darker. I also agree with other comments to change out the knobs and what about adding a marble top? It’s very pretty as is though!

    3. In between Pike Grey and Cyclone could be different enough from the wall and different enough from the kitchen island that it could be just right.

  26. Love love LOVE Newbury Port!

  27. My pick is Newbury Port! And maybe change out the knobs to brass. It’s a beautiful piece.

  28. I totally agree with you painting it. I like cyclone or newbury port, but as you say, it’s really hard to look at colors on line.

  29. I love it painted! Great choice. And definitely go Cyclone. It’s too light right now, and the other 2 are so dark you lose the lines of the piece. Great decision!

    1. 100% agree!

  30. So, so much better painted. It does need to be slightly darker, but not a lot. I’d go with Cyclone.

  31. I’m not a hater of painted wood at all – but I do have to say that I think the natural wood was so much better in the space, I don’t think it actually matched the floors too much and since this is the darkest space in the whole house and now you are just going to paint it darker than the wood color it was naturally, I don’t get how painting it helped the situation. Also, I don’t think it clashed with the sconce, maybe just a different frame or piece of art would have been better. I loved the wood, There already a lot of painted or colored surfaces in the entry I think it lost a nice natural element.

    1. ITs not that it clashed, it was just dead and everything felt the same – floor, dresser, sconce … But to each his own 🙂

  32. Definitely repaint it. I’d go for Cyclone or Newbury Port.

  33. Cyclone!

  34. Newbury Port! It looks lovely with the island color in the background and you already have a history with it!

  35. I think you’re right that Pike Gray is too light and doesn’t pop off the wall enough, even though it is a beautiful color. My vote would be one of the darker options – Hauge Blue or Newbury Port. Cyclone is too close to the color of the island, without exactly matching the island.

  36. CYCLONE for the win!

  37. I love the newbury port color. It’s just dark enough to give that pop you’re looking for and the color has enough green to add more depth and ground the piece.

  38. Newbury port with some pretty new knobs

  39. Painting it was definitely the right call! I like the current colour but I think my favourites are ‘cyclone’ or ‘newbury port.’ Can’t wait to see which colour you pick!

  40. Cyclone! Will be perfect.

  41. I love the color as is, I would have painted too. If I had to choose a new color I’d do hague blue! Fun!

  42. A really relevant and informative post for me since I repurpose and paint a lot of wood pieces for resale. I find that almost always freshly painted (in current trending colors) sell more quickly and for more money.
    I loved the piece in its natural wood state but in context of your entry area the painted version works so much more smoothly and it just sits more easily and comfortably in its space there with its new look.
    I would choose Newbury Port for the darker color option – a smoother transition among all the tones and colors surrounding it.
    I have a question please:
    I have never painted furniture using a paint roller I only brush on paint, does the roller leave a stipple texture on the finish? I’m certain rolling is much faster than brushing on but the texture would be troubling to me – what’s your secret to this technique?
    Thanks so much – I look forward to reading your daily posts and appreciate the content immensely!

    1. To me it doesn’t look like whoever painted this was a master by any means (although the flat finish may be contributing to those results). But I’d suggest using flotrol and a sponge roller if you’re going to try it. I’ve had success this way.

  43. Newberry Port. And the barn door is still so off to me for this style of house. I know functionally sometimes you just gotta have it, but maybe painting the hardware white or brass so it isn’t so I AM A BARN DOOR!ish would work?

    1. I’ve thought about painting it white … will always regret not putting in a pocket door (I think there was a reason but I totally forget now). I wonder if it would chip if it were white, although I could get it powder coated …. hmmmm….

      1. No!! The black ties in with the stair railing and kitchen sconce; it’s perfect.

    2. I love the idea of it painted white, maybe with a graphic black knob?

      1. I was thinking the dresser white, not the barn door hardware.

  44. I like it how it is! The middle two tones are not enough contrast with kitchen cabinets and Hague blue too dark and lose the shape of the piece some? I think the current color is different and less expected and perfect.

    1. yes

    2. This! I like the colour you painted it.

      I normally like to keep good wood but the knots in the pine bugged me so I don’t mind that you painted it. I think Hague blue would be making the same mistake that you did with painting the front room too dark, and the others clash with the island (although appreciate they may not in person).

      I see the people suggesting knob changes but that feels too fussy to me. There’s already quite a lot going on with all the doors, sconce, overhead etc it feels like this can just be a quiet piece.

      I also like that you’re being ‘normal’ with this piece and it isn’t joining the $3k revolving door of Craigslist finds 🙂

  45. I loved so much the wood version !!!! It was warm and authentic, sorry Emily.
    But now that it’s done, either change the knobs or paint the dark blue color.

  46. I’m generally against painting beautiful wood, but it works here. I like cyclone for the repaint 🙂

  47. Newbury port!

  48. I love painted wood. Here it comes, hide your eyes Emily. That beauty would have stayed unpainted.Not a hater, honestly!

  49. With your initial unpainted photo of the piece, I thought it was a shame you painted it. And then you shared the photos of it unpainted and my immediate was that it needed to be painted b/c of the sconce and floor coloring. And then I loved the color you painted it and now I see how it could be even better darker. So no help here at all. Good luck! I’m sure wherever you land, it will truly be perfect! Love the rug colors and style!!!! Is it a little small for the area?

    1. Ha. but thank you for the support 🙂 the rug is basically our entrance rug and its a good size – it could actually be smaller because it gets caught in the door which is super annoying, but i love it too much so we deal with it 🙂

  50. I like the newbury port… this might be more shabby chic, but what if you had kept the top wood and just stained it slightly darker? Honestly you could easily do that now since there’s only one layer of paint. But overall I get why you painted it and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I mean, it’s just wood! And it was pretty but I don’t think it was super rare wood or anything.

  51. The existing pike gray color is airy and perfect. I agree that the other colors “compete” with the kitchen island- especially cyclone.

  52. I like the color it is now, but if I was going to go darker, I’d choose the Newbury Port. It’s kind of a nice happy medium!

  53. That blue and wood knobs make it so 90s! A darker color and even some simple brass knobs would make it look more modern while still being perfect for the entry.

  54. Light (like it is now) or darkest – the two in the middle colors look like they’re trying to match the kitchen island color and failing.

  55. Staining it a darker color would have nicely contrasted the floor tone. Of your four color choices, Newbury Port looks the best.

    Flat gray paint (even if that’s what’s in now) makes the piece look like it has been painted with primer and is awaiting its actual paint color.

  56. I love that you painted it! I think it could be darker, but not too much since the space is so dark. Cyclone looks like a happy compromise. I also think you could change the knobs to help it pop.

  57. It just looks too new to me. Can you distress it in some way? Maybe white on top of the color you have now so it doesn’t almost match the kitchen island? Also new knobs would be tops.

  58. Another vote for Cyclone, and gold/brass knobs.

  59. I lean towards the Cyclone — or even a happy medium between the Cyclone and Pike Gray. Newburry Port blends a little too much with the cabinet color, and if the goal is to lighten the space – you might not be happy with the Hague Blue. Oh – and paint was definitely the right call — allows those floors to really shine!

  60. Cyclone. Hands down. Also, I’m not usually a wood painter but this was a good call. I support the difficult decision 😉

    1. thank you 🙂

  61. It wasn’t a mistake at all! The wood wasn’t really working in that space plus I really like the piece itself better after being painted. I love all of the colours but think Newbury Port looks the best with the kitchen island in the back. Congrats for making it work! Love your blog 🙂

  62. Cyclone or Newbury Port, both look lovely.

  63. I love that you painted it. And, I actually love that it doesn’t pop so much against the wall. With the matte paint, I think it gives it a little modern/current edge. Newport, though, if I had to pick.

  64. It is so soft and lovely. If after several months you want a change, then do it. But I think I am right on this one. 🙂

  65. Cyclone! I am on team pro-paint when it’s the right fit.

  66. I think Hague Blue, although dark and presents the problem of adding to the ‘too dark’ issue, is the right amount of contrast against the wood floors/gold sconce/light walls/and the color of the island. Be bold! Go dark!

  67. cycle

  68. I think it looks really pretty painted, but I agree – I think it’s the painted knobs I don’t like. I would consider changing the knobs on existing color or going with Newbury Port which is one of my favorite colors.

    One more thing that is throwing me off is the red door … it just doesn’t seem to fit with the soothing blues, greens and neutrals of your house and especially the entry way. It feels very jarring. Would you considering painting it a dark color and then perhaps you could keep the console as is?

    1. nah, i LOVE that red. Its just so happy – from both the outside and inside. Its like a jolt of sunshine everytime I look at it!

      1. I love the red too!! It’s perfect!

  69. I can see why you painted it, and I like the light color (I think any darker takes away the impact of your island)!But Im not a fan of the painted knobs. Your old round top piece has metal hardware, right? Could you replace your painted round knobs with something more interesting in brass to match the sconce or black to match your stair rail? Just a thought…

  70. I like the newberry port but I literally have to paint every room 3 times to get it right so ignor me 😉 I like it painted, especially in a matte finish.

  71. I’m a fan of painted pieces, when they work with the space. So on that note, I think the Newport Port works with the green/blue of the island the best. the original Pike Gray seems to light now in comparison to the other colors. Cyclone gray looks too blue compared to the island I think works the least out of all the options.

  72. I think painting wood is nobody else’s business, whatever makes you happy! ….love Newbury Port best.

    1. thanks! We need the storage and I like the heft of the piece. plus I like the rounded shape … but thanks for the suggestion!

  73. I adore the shape of this piece. I think I would have stained it a richer color and changed the knobs to brass or gold. As is, it looks unfinished, a bit more like a bedroom piece. Perhaps changing the knobs would help.

  74. Not upset at all that it’s painted; it can be stripped later if needed. I vote none of the above for colors. It should relate to the Downpipe color so make a custom color: half Downpipe and half existing wall colorn to create a color that looks like Downpipe does in outdoor lighting.

  75. NEWBURY PORT!!!!

    That color is sooo good.

  76. Yeah, this was painful to watch unfold in Insta, but whatever. It’s your stuff!
    Too much grey. Waaayy too much. Why the Blahsville flat paint? Whatever the color, a flat finish will sit there at the entrance of your home like a big dumb stone and suck the life right out of your foyer. That said I vote for Cyclone. 👍

    1. HA. that made me laugh. I’ve thought about a glossier finish because of the dead light in there, I should have asked the audience about that! TBD …

      1. Really all I have to comment is how much I seriously commend you for opening yourself up for such criticism. Sheesh. I would assume your decision to keep it flat was to keep with the English feel of your home. Regardless what you choose, bravo to you for even reading some of these absolutely ridiculous comments. 🙈

      2. Just needs a bit of a sheen. Use a natural wax that is used on chalk paint a buff. It will be fast and gorgeous! Are you opposed to ever so lightly distressing this piece? Just a bit to break up the color and show more of the lines? Especially on the wooden knobs. Happy medium…get warmth of the wood and your color! If you repaint, maybe try that first and see how it looks? Can just paint over it!

        1. Totally agree that the piece looks lifeless flat. It’s also just not practical for an entry table. A little soft wax or a satin poly would help.

      3. I kind of like all the colours, sorry! But what I’d really love to see is a gloss. They all look a bit dead in the matte in that spot

      4. If you’d WAXED it instead of painting it, you could have had a bit of a ‘glow’ on the wood. Ah, well, too late now.

  77. I’m OK with the painting! agree that it’s a hair too light and vote cyclone or newburyport, but if you repaint it, i’d reconsider the flat/chalk and go with something that as at least a bit of shine – i think reflecting some light will help the shape stand out a bit more.

    you could also consider doing a slightly contrasted tone (maybe the current paint color) on the edges of the drawers so it just barely peeps through but will bring a little more focus back to the shape.

  78. I think leave the color as is and change the knobs to something cooler. Like a tear-drop enamel pull or something. It will add visual interest without being busy (also adding some sort of metallic would help break up the paint color). I think painting it darker will make it look too heavy for that space. Also, why not embrace the shabby-chic and slightly distress it so the wood shows through a bit? I think the matte paint kind of makes it look like a blob instead of the beautiful piece it could be. The reason your other piece is so beautiful is because of the distressed finish.

  79. My vote is Newbury Port!

    Also, to brighten up the dark entry way, could a window be added to the front door?

  80. It’s such a great piece for the space. Kudos for snapping up such a treasure. I agree that it could go a little darker. If you went with Newbury Port, you could have a piece of marble cut for the top to bounce some more light around the room.
    Love the house. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  81. I like the Cyclone. Are you sure it has to be matte? It seems Not quite done without a bit of a gloss, but of course I am not a designer. Agree on new knobs to look a bit more finished.

    1. I”m not sure it should be matte … generally right now I like matte more, but I do think that it feels sooooo flat and it might be because it is too flat …

      1. Have you thought about giving it a wax finish first to see if that helps? Annie Sloan has great ones. (I fully support the wood painting, sometimes it needs to be done and I think this piece takes it really well!)

        1. +1 on the Annie Sloan was. It feels awesome and looks great. You could also mix in just a touch of her antique wax to darken the finish just a tad. It would add a little age to the piece without fake-stressing. I usually find that wax plus a bit of the antique wax makes the piece about a shade darker. That’s just about perfect in your case.

          1. I third that suggestion! Just a touch of gloss from a was would work wonders, and I also agree on new knobs. The wood ones remind me of 90s children’s furniture. And I think you made the right choice painting – that natural pine color is just not my thing, and I think it has a very “colorado cabin” feel, which doesnt go well with your house. Even if you left it exactly as it is now, i think thats a hhuge improvement!

      2. I commented above that the matte fits your old English country style, so no going all glossy on me! Buuutttt, if it needs a bit of oldy looking light reflection, how about a clear wax finish? I have only used Annie Sloan wax over her chalk paint, but I will guess that it would work over regular paint too. After it’s applied and dried it can be buffed to a low shine that brings out the color slightly. It may be just the extra oomph the piece needs to stand out that bit more (it will also bring out the natural wood grain).

  82. Newbury Port

  83. I like that you made it work! I love it but would opt for the darker Cyclone color.

  84. I love Newbury Port, and I really like this particular chest painted. Having it painted adds to the space while staying in the English country family………

  85. Love the Hague Blue but I would change the knobs.

  86. I love that you went with your gut!! Nothing to be ashamed of—It’s YOUR house and YOUR dresser! =) I love Newbury Port when set against that island in the background though…

  87. I support painting wood furniture when it’s what works best. I think you made the right decision. I say repaint it cyclone.

  88. Hague blue. I know the style you are working in is country casual, but even that needs a beat of contrast. The darker color emphasizes the bright white openness of your walls and brings a bit of sophistication–not too formal though. It attracts the eye and gives it a place to rest, so that everything doesn’t wash out and blur together.

    I love that you painted the dresser though. (Too much wood!) And I love the dresser itself–the rounded shape is so good and functional in your entryway!

  89. Newberry Port!

  90. I’m like you . . . normally, I wouldn’t think of painting wood, but the piece really needed to painted to work in your entry. I vote Newbury Port but not in flat. Newbury Port will balance the dark red of the front door, doesn’t look like you were trying to match the island, the color will pop, and it looks great with the vintage rug. I would change the knobs though.

  91. I really love Newbury Port. I understand why a lot of people are picking Cyclone, but I can’t. It just reads too country blue to me. And not in a cute way.

  92. I’m sad to see that beautiful wood painted, but I understand why you did. You can always strip and sand the paint in the future to refinish it back to wood if you want. Of the colors, I’d go with the Newbury Port, but switch the hardware to a brushed brass to coordinate with your light fixture.

  93. I like the wood. It added a warmth without being too dark. If you repaint I won’t go darker than Cyclone. You wrote that you wanted to brighten up the space.

  94. I like the blue it is now. I feel like the other colors look too close to the cabinets in the kitchen, and I personally don’t mind how quiet it feels up against the walls. I’m sure you’ll make the perfect decision though!

  95. Okay, so while I love the IDEA of Pike Gray and Cyclone, the powder-ish blue and the shape of the piece makes them feel totally 80s. Which I’m pretty certain is not what you’re aiming for.

    Hague blue is dark and dramatic and beautiful, but Newbury Port looks like YOU.

    Also, this may not go over well, but would you consider doing new hardware? I only say that because, again, the painted round wooden knobs give off a late 70s/early 80s vibe. An Emily Henderson brass (or maybe even black) touch would be nice here via hardware.

  96. I love that you decided to paint it, and I love the shape and size of it in that entryway space – and I don’t think any of those colors are going to give it any pop at all. I really feel like it wants to be an english green in there. I think the Calke Green you considered for Charlie’s room is maybe too saturated, but something like F&B’s Yeabridge green would be way more interesting in there, and give a little something different for the wall art to play off of. This isn’t a space where you hang out, but it does welcome you home – a little extra zing right here wouldn’t be out of place, in my mind.

    P.S. I LOVE this house and everything you’re doing here! Srsly think about green!

  97. definitely cyclone!

    you are right that it doesn’t pop off the wall color enough – but the other two options are too dark IMHO, and work against your initial intention of needing something to brighten the space. also the cyclone is closer to that french country feel you are going for.

    as for painting wood stuff – it’s your piece now, do whatever you want to it!

  98. I vote for stripping off the paint and bringing back to life. If I was forced to paint it, I would have done a deep color with a distressed look and a waxed finish but I would have left the top natural.

  99. Newbury Port! I like that it pulls in the blue and a bit of the green from the island.

    Hague blue is a close second.

  100. Newbury Port – for sure ! Looks great with the kitchen cabinet colour and your rug.

  101. Cyclone

  102. Used in that space with those floors – I agree it fits better painted. If it was in a room with different flooring that I can see leaving it in it’s natural state. I think when you don’t adjust the lighting of the photo that it looks good as it is in what I would call “real life”. However, I agree if it was a touch darker it would look even better. Bring out more of that rug too. Of those 4 options Cyclone looks the most natural in that space. Since you like the tone that it is now – why not try going one notch down on the paint swatch samples and try Wolf Gray?

  103. i would go cyclone, but see if you can get the wood top back.

  104. It looks beautiful painted! Good choice with the flat paint…it looks smooth and buttery. I’d pick cyclone myself!

  105. don’t change the color

  106. I like the color but I don’t like the artwork above. Your house looks so lovely. You’ve done a wonderful job.

  107. I would keep the Pike Gray but change out the drawer knobs.

  108. Cyclone!

    1. This was painful. I often like painted wood, but not this time. It had some character and charm before. There was an aliveness to it. Painted it looks dead. I would walk right past this piece with paint on it if I saw it in a shop. But it would stop me in my tracks if I saw it before it was painted. Sorry.

  109. In my oh so humble opinion, Newbury Port is perfect and doesn’t seem to compete with the island color in tone/shade. How about some new pulls? Antique brass, vintage porcelain?

  110. Newbury Port. Although, I really do like how soft the paint looks now.

  111. Hi Emily –

    I really like it painted – the grain on the drawers looked odd to me – it looked like it was waiting to be painted – I do like it the color you picked. I think if you want to darken it a bit you could start with the next darker color (cyclone) and see how it looks –

    Your home is really beautiful – thanks for letting us in for a peek!

  112. Hague Blue with white/ grey marble knobs would be beautiful!

  113. When I first looked at the pictures I thought Hague Blue because I liked the contrast with the island but I actually think Newbury Port would be my final answer. It’s enough of a contrast with the island that it pops but it’s not too dark that it darkens up the space.

    And I’m not against painting wood pieces. We build houses out of wood and no one cries when we paint those. And yet you try to put a coat of paint on a piece of furniture and people have a nervous breakdown.

    1. To be fair, houses are built out of cheap lumber and wood that is used to make furniture can sometimes even be endangered. Black walnut for example is so gorgeous. Or burl wood pieces. Really nice oak…. it’s sad when people don’t see the beauty in the tree that gave its life. Cheap pine… ehh paint if you want to. But often if you don’t like a wood piece you might be better just passing it along to someone who does appreciate it and finding another item.

      1. THAT’s what the drawers are like now = cheap pine, painted.

  114. I think it looks way better now, but I really love the Newbury Port color, it looks beautiful with the kitchen island and pops off the wall more. I would go for that one.

    Ps. I too hate it when people paint beautiful wood furniture, mainly because they usually do it badly and without a good reason.

  115. That piece is lovely. Different knobs, absolutely. But what is really missing is a “finish”. Maybe you don’t want distressing in this space, but it has value. Some kind of wax, or gloss — something to make it come to life. The lines of the piece are so simple, they can be easily lost. Defining the edges happens with light hitting on a glossier finish. Stay away from any more “color” than it already is, though. The antique piece in your other room has so much appeal from all its dimension and aging. This space craves a bit of that.

  116. I like that piece painted more than left in the wood, it is nice but painted the shape is more defined. I like the pike gray or the hague blue, on my computer the other colors just seem to blend with the island in the kitchen so I am not sure. I do not think you made a mistake .

  117. Cyclone!! And yes, i wold have painted it too! When it comes down to it, it needs to bring you joy. Not meh, it’s ok.

  118. Cyclone!!

  119. Love the darker colors for sure. They look more purposeful and thought out than the light blue, which works OK but doesn’t pop or flow into the other spaces.

    Also, I’m with you on painting it. It looked decent before but there was too much wood going on in that small space. You do you!

  120. Newbury Port- dark enough, but not too dark and a different enough color from the kitchen island do it doesn’t look matchy.

  121. Painted furniture was WAY overdone in the 90’s and 2000’s, but that doesn’t mean there’s never a reason for it.

    Based on photoshopped pics above my preference would be Newbury Port, but I am a little concerned it will be too dark in a “not lit for photographs” space. I like Cyclone too and I think it would give enough contrast when lit, but not be too dark in normal situations.

    Side note: I think it’s hilarious that everyone gasps when you paint wood furniture, but barely bats an eye at kitchen cabinets.

  122. I have to agree with some of the comments that the flat paint feels a bit lifeless in photos—maybe it feels a little more current in person? I hear you on “it’s what’s happening now”, but I keep imagining how wonderful those curves would look in a high-gloss/shellac finish…

    I love Cyclone as a color, but in context with the cabinets, it’s too matchy-matchy since they’re the same tone; the space falls flat. I like that Newbury Port gives a little more contrast, but it’s still almost too coordinated with the cabinets—it needs a bit more contrast.

    I totally agree the current color doesn’t pop enough against the wall—in photos, at least. In the non-brightened images I can see how the current color might be really nice in person. Hague Blue seems like it would be a good solution in a space with lots of natural light, but since this is the darkest part of your home, I don’t think the richness of the color will really shine.

    Is the color of your bathroom wainscoting too vivid? It seems like something a little closer to that might be a good solution to get the pop against the wall, some contrast with the cabinets, but nothing too jarringly different from the rest of the house.

  123. I’m so okay with painting wood when needed and done correctly.
    – Hague Blue looks too dark for that space, even if it’s not as dark as the photoshop image, it might appear as a void when the front door is closed.
    – Cyclone looks too similar in tone to the kitchen island, they seem to compete in this shot.
    – Newbury Port might also be similar in tone to the kitchen island IRL but in this shot it looks like it could work and it would provide the contrast/wall pop.
    – Pike Gray gets my vote. To me it looks the most like the color the console wants to be. It has a more vintage feel.

  124. Cyclone… The existing colour is too pale. The Cyclone brings out the blue in the rug beautifully and allows you to see the beautiful shape of the console. The darker colours make it look more like a solid blob. Also, brass / ceramic knobs would be great!

  125. Hard to admit here but you made the right choice. It looks perfect now. I love the color it already is but I would pick newbury port if you have to change it. Thanks for sharing.

  126. I’m in the minority here, but I say leave the paint color as is. The concern seems to be wanting it darker so that it “pops” off the wall. But the island color is SO beautiful, that I’d rather the dresser/console blend in and not compete with that gorgeousness. Change out the knobs (with something like this: https://www.anthropologie.com/search?q=harvey+knob), and you’re set. Good decision to paint :).

  127. No likey. I’m not mad that you painted it but I think the baby blue and the curved shape AND the boring painted knobs make it feel like it straight up belongs in a nursery. And not a very good one at that…..
    I would bring it back to wood but bleach it so it contrasts against the wood floor. And for god sakes new hardware!

  128. Love the function and shape of this piece! I vote for cyclone, with more of a shine to the finish instead of flat and brass/gold round knobs. Thanks for sharing your beautiful house and the design process!

  129. #1 Cyclone; #2 the color you already have.

    I also think an eggshell would look pretty, instead of matte? Might help it pop more?

    P.s. You’re great!

  130. I vote for Cyclone or Newburyport.

  131. What about using a dark wax on the current color to give it some depth? Otherwise, cyclone is my vote.

  132. I vote Cyclone! Honestly, I think all your reasons for painting were completely valid and the piece looks great in the space.

  133. I’m on the fence about painting wood furniture, especially one as pretty as that was! I’ve painted my fair share, but I also love a good wood finish! But sometimes painting is for the best, and I agree with using what you have vs. shopping for new. Especially since you already loved it and it was so perfect for the space. As far as paint color, I’m on team cyclone. And honestly, it’s just paint. Yeah, it would be a huge pain, but it could be stripped off and re-finished if you (or any possible future owner) wanted to show off that wood finish someday.

  134. Hmmmm…..while I personally can’t bring myself to paint old pine, I understand your decision to paint and use a piece you love. I admit to not liking any of the paint colors. I think the color of the kitchen island is really throwing me off. Glad it’s your decision and not mine!

  135. Don’t worry about painting the chest. When I make a change to a piece of furniture that might not be the ideal version of the piece but is better for my needs, it helps to remind myself that furniture exists to serve the needs of its human owners – not the other way around!

    As for the for the color, although I normally love gray-blues, to me it feels a little tedious in your entry since you can see the blue of the kitchen island beyond, and knowing there will be more similar blues throughout the house. It just feels too predictable and matchy to me — and lacking in the fun I associate with your spaces.

    I love to open a door and immediately see in the entry a pop of something fun or daring, glamorous or unusual. Adding something more dramatic might distract from the darkness too. What about painting the chest in a pinky/orange? You’ll be much better in choosing a specific color than I am, but I think it would be great to walk in and see a color that signals your sense of fun and joie de vivre! The entry now is pretty, but doesn’t reflect the personality that shines through in so much of your work that I love. I know that sometimes when I’m so focused on getting something right or solving a problem in an interior it ends up looking too watered down. I think you should go “Bold Emily” in your entry!!!

  136. I’m a sucker for a blue with a touch of green so naturally I’d go with Newbury Port which ties in the green of the kitchen island a bit more. And usually I love a mate finish but I have to say it does look a bit dead in that darker foyer. Maybe change the finish to something that catches the light a bit more and bring in the black of the barn door hardware on the knobs (love that barn door btw). Or you could get a piece of white marble for the top with white knobs?… Don’t feel bad about painting it, it was a very pretty piece in itself but that wood color just disappeared into the floor and in the end it’s about where you need to use that piece in your house. Well done for going for it!

  137. Newbury port for the win! You made the right call to paint it for that particular space, for sure.

  138. Change those pulls. Add a marble topper.

  139. Love it! Cyclone…

  140. Hmmmm…..while I personally can’t bring myself to paint old pine, I understand your decision to paint and use a piece you love. I admit to not liking any of the paint colors. I think the color of the kitchen island is really throwing me off. Glad it’s your decision and not mine! I forgot to say I adore the rug!!!! I would pull out a dark brown color out of the rug.

  141. Okay, so my opinion is that you should either leave it Pike Gray (because in your real life, when you haven’t brightened it in Photoshop, it looks really good), or paint it white (I love the color white and it is bright, after all), or paint it Newbury Port (because it will look good when it’s Photoshopped and because that color has an emotional connection for you).

    I think Hague Blue is too dark, even when I mentally lighten it in my imagination to how it used to look in your old kitchen. And I think Cyclone sort of competes with the island (they look too similar, if that makes sense).

    Actually, if this were my house, I might replace this piece entirely with a bench that looks built-in (possibly with storage underneath) or a chair – it’s helpful to have a place to sit and take off boots in my neck of the woods, where I realize the weather is more temperamental than in CA – and it’s also helpful for me to have a place to set down the mail, the diaper bag, the whatever, when I am bringing things in from the outdoors. It just seems like there is already a lot of storage in this home, and so I don’t think I’d be concerned about losing a drawer or two in order to make things more streamlined, especially in a congestion spot like the entryway.

  142. Though i love the piece as wood I have to admit I really like it painted too. You do you and if you is happier with it painted then that’s the right choice. I personally like the color it is now, it’s subtle and airy which I like. If I were to change it I would go Cyclone to keep the feel the same. The other 2 feel much too dark and abrasive to me for that spot. LOVE the art above it by the way. Sigh. You do have the loveliest art.

  143. I would repaint it in the Newbury Port. The Cyclone looks too similar to the rug for me. And even though the flat paint is what’s happening now, I think that something with a little bit of shine to it would really help reflect the light in the space because it is so dark. And given how much you love brass, why not add some brass hardware to change things up? Or add some gold outline to the drawers? I don’t know. I just feel like it needs some shine.

  144. Is there anyway to treat or tint (v. paint) the wood so that is a lighter, sort of bleached out hue and the beautiful wood grain can still show through?

  145. “Hague BLUE”

    *****with previous art work (picture #5) ,and not the lamp.

  146. Love the color, actually – but the sheen. Definitely should have gone gloss. Especially since you aren’t worried about a ton of imperfections. Plus it’ll be easy to wipe down the area around the knobs after little hands have pulled at them to get play-doh out 🙂

  147. It’s really pretty and much better without the wood matching the floor. I would consider choosing my favorite local artist and having the whole piece done as a landscape or still life….something very personal to represent your family. If not that, I would consider some of the unique knobs at Anthropologie. I like the door mat shape repeating the chest shape. I’m loving your house, Emily!

  148. Generally speaking I’m anti-painting-wood-furniture, but in this scenario, I get it. I’m still not quite on board with how this one turned out though… I think I agree that it could go a little darker, and perhaps this is just my taste, but the piece is looking a little… Pottery Barn Kids? I think it’s the painted wood ball knobs. Maybe with some glass or metal or wood grain knobs it would look more special? Right now it’s a little bit of a snooze.

    But I love you love your blog love your face love everything you’ve ever done I could never criticize you!!

  149. Cyclone! And I think you did the right thing in this case for the space. Gotta make work what you have for the house you live in.

  150. Cyclone.

  151. Would have have a very hard time choosing between all those good options. Love this entry but would look fantastic and special with an interesting paper especially going up the stairs!

  152. I love it! Well done on the choice of colour it blends so well. The other colours are lovely too but they make the piece stand forward too much (enhancing the depth) you did the right thing! 👍🏻 Love it

  153. Beautiful as it is but I think one shade darker would really make it pop against the wall. I vote Newbury Port!

  154. I vote Cyclone! I’m so happy you are showing an option to work with what you have.

    1. Also, what do you think about the flat finish? I’m not in love with chalk paint and I don’t find it to be as durable. How is yours holding up? I typically paint my furniture with a satin enamel paint and it holds up so well to everyday wear and tear that I’d be nervous to switch to a flat paint.

      1. I painted my bedside table with flat finish and I was so scared they would get scuffed because thats a high traffic area for us, and I have been SHOCKED how durable it has been. 7 or more months and no scuffs.

        I agree, the chalk paint scuffs too easily where you dont want it to.

  155. Cyclone is the best: not too dark but dark enough until you see it with the kitchen island in the same view, then it’s not enough of or the right contrast
    So Newbury Port it is!

    1. Agreed. Cyclone seems to look really good with the rug and pops off of the wall well, while keeiping it light enough to see the details of the piece, and not be too dark in a dark space, but it is the same value as the green in the kitchen, so the Newbury Port, shich gives more contrast is probably a good thing. Hague Blue just reads as too dard for the dark space to me.

  156. After additional “reflection”…
    paint the top a complementary high gloss color
    and change the knobs

  157. I like the Pike Gray. Lighter for a dark area and distinctly different from the kitchen island.

  158. I am in 100% agreement on the flat paint – NO! It just looks unfinished and weird. I think you need something more reflective, especially for that piece and that space. Also ,I have Newbury Port Blue on my walls in the dining room. The room does not get a lot of light and it looks nothing like the mock-up that you have. It is much more of a navy. I love it, but if your space is darker, it will likely look quite a bit darker (as all of the colors probably will). I vote for the lighter gray but in a finish with more shine.

  159. I agree that tone of wood didn’t look the greatest in the space. Too bad you didn’t try staining it a darker color first, then you would have still been able to see the wood grain, giving it some depth. If I had to choose a color, I am leaning more towards Newbury Port 🙂

  160. Hague Blue with new hardware that pops and will break up the heaviness of the piece!

  161. Hague Blue is my favorite. I painted my (lame, similarly boring blue Home Goods) entry table navy and added brass faceted knobs from Anthropologie and BAM – WAY BETTER. I think some stunning knobs will take it to the next level.

  162. You are the professional. Pick what makes you happy. It’s your home after all. You have great taste, go with your gut. 😉

  163. I actually love it best exactly as it is now! The lightness is needed in that space, and it doesn’t compete with the rug or island. Very pretty.

  164. I think the color you picked is so pretty! I would change the knobs out though. Maybe a simple white marble pull or brass? I think that would make the dresser feel more like a complete piece, instead “let’s just paint it so it works with our space.” Either way, it’s your dresser, so whatever you feel like works best for you is obviously the right choice 🙂

  165. would you, could you please share more pictures where you show the pre- and post-photoshop brightening? I appreciate that SO MUCH. like do it for every post because for me, even more than having envy about not having nice furniture or decor pieces, I always think why can’t i have such a light filled space? so it’s nice to have that little reality check where I can see that it’s not so bright and light in real life all the time. thanks

    1. I feel the same! I don’t need every pic with a before and after, but I just appreciate so much that she shared them this time!

  166. I say keep it as it is. The other colors seem like they are competing a bit with the island.

    I aint mad at ya for painting it either.

    Also since it was unfinished you could technically strip it back fairly easily. But dont. It looks much better painted.

  167. I do see why you painted it! Though I might have left the wood, as it didn’t really bother me at all, in the shots you shared.

    As others have suggested, I would go with Hague Blue – it seems to be the only color with enough contrast to the island. The others all seem very similar and therefore conflicting. I would also suggest paint with a sheen – the matte finish seems to hide any definition / structure of the dresser and does looks a bit dull. What type of finish did you use on the kitchen cabinets/island?

    And last but not least, I would swap out the hardware for something in brass, as others have also suggested – for more contrast/character. I do really like the Hague Blue – I like how it contrasts with the light walls, brass accents, wood floors, and sort of ties in with the black stair railing. It seems to add a little bit of drama, which I like.

  168. Keep the current color! It really works without competing with any of the other colors in neighboring rooms. I would probably change out the knobs to some antique-looking glass type knobs, but with that same blue. Also, I’m usually a natural wood person, but I would make the same choice here.

  169. I like cyclone best

  170. I would definitely say Newberry Port with black knobs, and yes, echoing others, I think you should make the finish a little glossier.

  171. I think the original wood was the wrong color and like it painted. Cyclone would be my vote and also I’d swap out the knobs.

  172. Newbury Port is my pick!

  173. Love it painted! I even like the color as is

  174. Newbury Port! So pretty as is but I think it should be a bit darker. At least for photographs. 🙂

  175. Way better than the wood! The rounded-ness in wood was very 80s to me, but now I love it! I’d say keep it as is or go a smidge darker with Cyclone, and maybe swap out the knobs!

  176. I do not think you will be spending life in prison for the decision of painting the dresser!! If you do get convicted I will bring you a cake with a means of escape baked inside…
    I am team like it the colour as is, and change the knobs… I am also team matte and not shinny (its not in keeping with the piece, or your house really… ).
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop and process, it’s nice to feel needed!

  177. Cyclone! I think it’s a good medium.

  178. cyclone blue is sooo pretty. The medium color to me gets it noticed but in an AHHHH way !

  179. Cyclone is definitely my vote! I really like the Hague Blue as a color, and think it looks great in the brightened photo, but worry that in actuality the entryway would then feel too dark with such a dark piece. Also, out of curiosity, would you and your team ever consider a post on photographing interior spaces, and how you then edit the pictures? I loved seeing the side by side comparisons of the initial photo and then brightened photo (Orlando also touched upon this subject in his master bedroom reveal). Anyways, just a thought for a future post when you need a break and your talented team can step in! XO Love your blog!

  180. All pretty, but I love the Newbury Port!

  181. Newberry Port. The Hauge Blue is too dark. If the space is already dark, the dark is going to make it even more difficult to see the knobs and detailing of the dresser, you don’t want it to get dark. The cyclone is nice, but based on that picture it looks too close to the island color as far as shade. The way you have it is a pretty color, but you are right in that it doesn’t work quite right. With it that light it looks like it belongs in a brightly lit, all white farmhouse, not a rich Tudor, and it looks to airy with what you currently have going on in the rest of that area.

  182. Newbury Port!

  183. Cyclone

  184. Newburyport!!!!!!

  185. Cyclone would be my first choice. I love the Hague blue but won’t it be too dark in the dark room? Or no?

  186. I like the color! Maybe a little distressing and some new knobs. Something retro or modern.

  187. I like cyclone or newberry port.

  188. Cyclone and I love that you painted the wood- this time. It looks better painted

  189. I like the way the blue over the front door and cabinet are so similar…continues the color from outside to inside. I have a dark entry as well. I know the struggle

  190. My heart hurts to see the piece painted, but I totally see why you did it. I vote to repaint it Cyclone for an extra pop. I like the Hague Blue, but it may be too dark and the details of the piece might get lost and not catch the eye.

  191. I like the Cyclone best. And while it was lovely in wood, it didn’t work for your space. Painting it was a smart option

  192. I like it the color you painted it. The others are either too dark or too close to the island color (for me anyway). I loved the natural wood! but it definitely wasn’t right with the floors. It’s a beautiful piece no matter what color it is though! I’d love to find one like it.

  193. I think painting it was a good choice. It really looks like it needs to have a tad more contrast with the wall and a sheen that will reflect light a little bit to bring out the roundness of the shape and bring back a bit of character. Have you thought of using a wax with a bit of pigment to just darken a tad and add some sheen? I really think that and adding a different knob, would make it just right!

  194. Here goes…Cyclone is my choice. First, because I think it “pops” just enough with the wall color. The darker colors suck [what little] light there is in the entry right out, and the lighter options look washed out. And I agree with others that some simple brass or black knobs would be perfect (tying back to the sconce or the railing).
    PS–painting furniture is not always a sin 🙂

  195. I love the Newbury Port because it gives a deeper color and does not match anything else. The others are too sweet or too dark. I prefer the paint to natural color.

  196. I love the blue…it goes really nice with your green island.

  197. 100% Cyclone, in a satin finish (not so flat – which reads a little too Rachel Ashwell 1996), and change out those knobs to black knobs to bring in barn door hardware. I support the paint! Looks much better in your space.

  198. Emily…I love wooden furniture, but also like painted furniture and in this case love your piece painted. To me it depends on what you are trying to pull out in the rest of the room(S). I love the softness and peaceful look of the Pike Gray…I would even like it painted in white to work with the white trim, but that is just me and I love white. The Hague Blue plays off the stair railing and the hardware on the barn door. Cyclone is pretty, but I see blue in it and green in your kitchen cabinet so this is probably my least favorite. Newbury Port and your kitchen cabinets seem to coordinate well because they both appear to have green in them. Your style is wonderful so I know whatever you pick it is going to look great! Can’t wait to see what you decide. xo

  199. Cyclone! I think you already know it😊the fact that you’ve painted that furniture piece is absolutely great so becoming!the present colour lacks character in the context of this entry’s vibe. Good luck, your style is lovely tgough, I fillow your work! Keep it up!

  200. i like it best as it is. lightens dark space, works with rug and island, and most especially you don’t need another pop of color, or high contrast dark piece, after the eye popping red front door.
    the rug and the island do the high contrast dark work with the door and more would be too much, and also a light sucker.

    1. p.s. i can’t even read some of these suggestions. you’re incredibly kind to ask some of these hyenas for them. a thousand pardons.

  201. Pike. Also, i like it better painted in that spot. I too hated the matchy matchy look with the floor. Maybe in another location, don’t paint it, but I think it comes alive here……in Pike. 🙂

  202. I think what is throwing the paint colour choice off is the fact that the blue mixed with the pink and brass is going a bit 80s. Therefore Newbury Port is looking better right now because it feels less 80s. But I think if you changed the flowers and art then Cyclone would look better because the tone is perfect and its nice that its not so matching with the kitchen (not two greens). Hope that helps.

  203. I don’t have any riveting comments about painting or not painting wood furniture other than I didn’t like this piece when you first posted about it but now that it’s painted I do.

  204. Newbury Port with a semi-gloss finish and brass knobs! Very pretty, Emily!

  205. Why don’t you paint it the same color as your kitchen island is? You had several pictures
    here where one can look into the kitchen and see the island and also the console. Wouldn’t
    it be nice to have a continuity of color here? If this is a no go – I’d keep it as is, the color
    is quite neutral and with the accessories you’ve added, it looks quite charming.
    Usually I belong to the do-not-paint-nice-wood crowd, but here, I think you made the right choice
    to paint it.

  206. I would change the knobs and leave the rest as it is.

  207. I’m ALL for painting if you want to change something up. It can be hard to find that perfect quality piece of furniture for a specific spot. I agree a little darker would be better. I agree with one of the other comments about the sheen. If you threw a wax on there it would darken it up slightly and give it a nice soft sheen – not too glossy. As far as colors, I like the Cyclone color best the darker colors just seem heavy to me.

  208. I like it painted but not necessarily a blue or grey. I think it would look amazing in F&B Calamine….

  209. I am with keep the colour, at least for now, and live with new knobs for awhile. Maybe trying gold/brass and dark alternately. IF you later decide to repaint, then go for the next sheen. I very much prefer less sheen and just had my kitchen cabinets painted satin since flat was not an option 🙁, but I think some sheen in this case would enhance the cabinet. If you repaint, would you consider another colour completely, such as a mustardy yellow (not the ugly mustardy yellow)? I know the world is divided between those who love mustard and those who hate it.

  210. It really is a great shaped piece for that location! I vote Newbury Port for the paint and brass knobs, along with a slight shine on the finish – too flat as it is for that space. 🙂

  211. The flat, chalkboard-style finish makes me sad. I’d go with a combo of Newberry Port (agree with other comments that Cyclone looks like trying and failing to match kitchen cabinet color), a shinier pain finish, and new knobs.

  212. I love the flat paint AND that you painted it. (Although I agree that it was beautiful before.) I really like the current colour but if you want something different, I also think Newbury Port works beautifully with the island! Hague Blue, although i love it, reads as too dark. And Cyclone reads as too close-but-not-quite with the island colour. Those are my two cents!

  213. I think either cyclone or newbury port. I too am very judicious when it comes to painting furniture, but when I do I sand and wax the finish. I also sand back down to the wood on the edges of drawers, the top edge, etc.– i.e. in places where the paint would be worn down over time. I know that sounds shabby chic, but trust me, it isn’t. The final effect is not unlike your gray cabinet from Round Top. It takes a practiced hand. Without sanding, I think most painted pieces just look like big painted blobs.

  214. The Newbury Port seems to coordinate best with the island but the Cyclone is a good looking, darker gray. Good luck!

  215. I like Cyclone because it seems to pick up the colors in the rug. And it will look a bit darker without the photo editing. The best shot to check out was the one where you had the door open and you could see the house trim paint, the dresser paint, the rug AND the island paint. When I saw the 4 colors in the “Ask the Audience” I was immediately drawn to Cyclone so that’s going with my gut. Good luck! And while I love me a good natural wood finish, sometimes paint really does do wonders 🙂

  216. Ooo fun, defo Newbury Port for me.

  217. Definitely cyclone! Seems like the goldilocks color (not too dark, not too light). I think it would accomplish what you want but not feel too heavy (and look nice with that beautiful rug)

  218. Tough call! My vote is to repaint it Newbury Port. Although…perhaps you keep it as is and replace the knobs? I would love to see that and if that doesn’t do it – change it to Newbury Port.

  219. I actually love exactly how it turned out. It looks “french blue” to me which is the look you desired. Any darker and the piece looks heavier and becomes too much of a focal point.

  220. I like it painted, and I think I’d pick Cyclone. What you currently have is pretty and probably almost perfect in person, but in photos it blends into the wall too much.

  221. Newberry Port, if you have to change it from the Pike Gray. Even though the Pike Gray kinda blends a little too much with the wall color, it actually works because it’s a transitional space where you don’t want too much going on. That said, a darker color would probably look better, and Newberry Port is the only other option shown that works well with the kitchen cabinets behind it, IMHO.

  222. I like hat you painted it! Sometimes it is better to make something work, then try and find another piece. I also think…it’s your house so do whatever you want! I also love the two bottom colors a bit more (the Newburyport and Cyclone). New pulls would help it pop off the wall a bit more too!

    1. I agree! new pulls would help too!

  223. I agree that it could be darker, that was my first thought when I saw the top photo. I like all three of the other options! The Newbury Port looks a little too close to the island color, although that could just be the photoshop version. My first instinct was navy, so I guess the Hague Blue would be my choice, but I think any of the colors would look great!

  224. Hague Blue. The lighter gray shades are too blah for me.

  225. Emily, please shift your focus away from the paint colour! 🙂 Make changes elsewhere in the vignette: a different combination of lamps, frames, and paintings could do wonders to this piece of furniture’s color and sheen. I would prefer something black (the picture frame?) to ground what’s above.

  226. When I first saw this dresser on that first post I actually assumed you would paint it! The grain is beautiful but it is way too similar to the floor and railing. Good decision! As far as the color goes, I think the delicate blue is perfect, but if you want it to pop more, you could give it some cool/cute handles? Or possibly a subtle stripe on the edges? I think you should leave the main color the way it is, its sooo lovely and any other color either wouldn’t look good with the island or would be too dark. So jealous of your beautiful home!

  227. Newbury Port! It coordinates best with your kitchen island color. I like that they are in the same color family but the entry table is darker so it’s not too matchy-matchy. And totally agree that painting was the way to go!

  228. I personally would have never painted that piece. Especially since it had all that wood grain variation! So my first instinct was to tell you how appalled I was about your decision. BUT, after seeing it in the space a’natural, it didn’t really work. There would have needed more wood somewhere else for it to seem right. So I get why you painted it. Now, it makes sense & still beautiful.

  229. Hague Blue FTW. Maybe change the hardware to something brass to make it feel a little more special?

  230. Cyclone is perfect.

    Sometimes the wood color just doesn’t work. This is a perfect example and I like that you used what you had and made it better for your house.

  231. Oh, I forgot to add that I LOVE and appreciate the natural / not lightened photos. I understand why the pics must be brighter, but it is great to see different real-life conditions and how to approach them.

  232. I love that you knew you would buy the same piece in French blue…a clear sign you definitely should have painted it!

    I like the next lightest paint color — the others are just too dark. The knobs painted the same color as the body of the piece looks odd and makes it seem awkwardly new. What about different hardware?? Good luck with it 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your next iteration.

  233. When I saw the photo on instragram, I thought the colour was way to close to the wall colour and the piece disappeared. I was quite surprised about your choice. But then reading the blog piece and seeing the unbrightened photos, I love it. When you add light to the photos the colours are too close and everything is washed away. In the natural darkness of the area, the wall and cabinet colour are different and look quite lovely. I wouldn’t change it up to Cyclone as a result…but if you do need a Canadian vote, I would go for Cyclone.

    1. And no, us Canadians don’t call it instragram! Just my busy typing fingers.

  234. If you’re going for darker I love the look of Cyclone. Good luck finding the right fit!

  235. Newbury Port. I think you made the right decision to paint it. I am also over the painted and distressed furniture trend, but the original wood grain and finish weren’t special or remarkable. I think the chest is 100% better painted but would be even better a darker color with more contrast. I also agree with the comments suggesting a higher sheen finish. Perhaps something like eggshell would look better. I think the flat paint look too much like the chalk paint trend which I hate.

  236. Newbury Port!

  237. Oh man – this is a tough one. For me it’s a tie between Newbury Port and Hague Blue. Good luck deciding! And, as for if you should have painted it or not, whatever. It’s your piece of furniture. Nobody died because you did that. If it makes you feel happy to enter your house each day and see that there, painted, that is what matters.

  238. Why wouldn’t you have just stained it to be a different color (darker) wood? If there was no finish on it you could have just stained it so it no longer matched the floor… alas.

    I think the current blue looks a little “twee” and doesn’t set a good tone when its the first bit of furniture you see when you walk in the door. What about painting it a darker hunter green, so it relates to the kitchen island green somehow? Blue seems too safe! There’s no impact.

    If it does need to stay blue, it really needs new knobs to break up the flat paint color (which, I agree with other comments, is looking chalky and sort of cartoony).

  239. Cyclone for sure. The other two anchor your eye too much and cyclone brings it in but allows it to float as well. Good choice painting it!

  240. Just wondering why you didn’t just stain the wood a little darker since it didn’t have a finish on it? I like Hague blue for the contrast as far as paints. Behr has a color called “elephant skin” that would look nice too.

  241. Newbury Port

  242. I think you keep it! It works great with that rug in front and contrasts with the other paint colors in the line of sight! XO, Amanda @ life on linton

    PS – My destination travel map would be a fun addition and not a big price tag! http://www.lifeonlinton.com/diy-destination-travel-map/

  243. I vote for newbury port. Bring a little drama, and a little history in (your old door).

  244. Newburyport is my vote. I would also be inclined to change out the knobs/hardware. It feels almost immature with the round knobs now that it’s painted?

  245. Cyclone!!! Hauge I think is a tad too dark, and Newberry Port looks to similar to the island to me. perhaps it’s the photoshopping, tho? but it looks like it’s trying to be the same as the kitchen island but isn’t.
    Also. I would ABSOLUTELY put some different, fun knobs on the drawers!

  246. Hague blue or Newbury port for sure (even if just for photos?!) or a very dark green? Good luck cant wait to see the big reveal 🙂

  247. I like the idea posted about a slightly darker top. Plus new knobs. And maybe…. new legs??

    Also I fully support the red door. So cool!

  248. Newbury Port! What’s not to love about sophisticated with a lot of happiness?

  249. Not a fan of the original piece, and it looks SO much better to me painted. It wasn’t like an amazing wood, which would have been a strike against painting and it wasn’t a notable design or precious antique, so I think your furniture karma will be okay. I do like the blues, just on their own, but all together with everything else in the home, it looks a little too matchy-matchy to me. If I could play god in this room, I’d do a pretty pale yellow. I’d also ditch the rug and do another half-circle interior mat for dirty feet like you have outside. I think because the entry is sort of an odd, asymmetrical shape, that big rectangle of rug confuses the eye and draws focus down instead of up into the house.

  250. Just have to add when I saw the photo you shared on social media (Facebook or IG, I can’t remember) I had no idea what the post was about but I remember thinking “why did she paint the dresser to match the walls?” I think it’s way too matchy-matchy! Alternatively to getting an entirely different color, maybe ask the paint store to make the color 20% darker to add a little contrast/depth?

  251. Newbury Port

  252. I loved reading your thought process on this idea! Many times I come across a piece I need to have as well, but then I’m scared to change it with paint. I like the way you think! Xo

  253. Cyclone!

  254. Cyclone is my first choice and then Hague Blue, but I’m worried Hague would be too dark…I love the painted cabinet. Understand the paint/don’t paint dilemma but making it work was the way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  255. Cyclone!

  256. I love the color you chose is beautiful! What I’d do is probably add a couple of different knobs so it pops more? What I think is actually killing it is not the dresser but the sconce so low with that mini piece of artwork, the proportion looks off, but the blue color is lovely.

  257. Pike clashes with the wall color. Cyclone is too close in color depth to the kitchen cabinet and looks like a missed match. Go with newbury or Hague, although Hague is my preference. Either way, I’d avoid the flat and definitely switch out the knobs! I don’t know why people get so upset about painting wood. Paint can always be stripped off if you want to go back to the wood. It’s easier than changing hair color.

  258. I’m a fan of Cyclone! BTW, thank you for your honesty in sharing when photos were lightened! I get really jealous of these gorgeous pics on blogs with their endless natural light. Now I realize that it can be some creative editing!

  259. Painting it was the best choice and I think that it looks great! It sounds like you may not be totally satisfied with it? Perhaps do another quick change of the knobs to a large round (same scale as what’s there) brass or a burnished black to tie in the railings and slider/door hardware, live with that a while and see if you like it better? The IRL photos (vs the light exposure) does seem like there is more contrast between the wall and dresser probably because of the lack of light. The color you picked works nicely with the island and so lovely against the tile! I dig the flat finish and while based on the Photoshop options I might have chosen the Hague Blue (I love the contrast it gives and think it plays nicely with the kitchen) I’d hesitate because in the paint sample photos the darker ones just don’t seem to read well in there.

    Regardless I think it looks great!

    1. I think I’d go a whole different color -something lively from the rug – like so https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5727f5e7cf80a17bbd8a414b/t/5951750e440243892991e27d/1498510610841/?format=500w Please forgive my hasty photoshop job – just trying to get the essence. Also since it’s an animated gif, the color got chunky but I think it will give you the idea.

      1. Omg YES. Those both are beautiful tones, and definitely brings in contrast without competing. pink tones- in a sophisticated unexpected way. I vote either of these! A Mauvey rose, or slightly pinky wood color. All the heart eyes!

  260. I too, am shocked that you painted it. I really liked the wood on this one! However, Newberry Port gets my vote. On the fence about the flat paint, I say paint it newberry and if the flat doesn’t work then add a satin finish to it, but not gloss. I think I’d like to see some different knobs on it as well.

  261. Newbury Port PLEASE!

  262. So this reminds me of a dresser passed around in my family that was Scandinavian in origin, very straight lines, and teak. I was a child when I saw the first paint iteration, which was a lovely burnt orange shade, but (this was what blew my mind, didn’t know you could do this because I was 9 and had never seen anything like it) only the top and sides were painted! So best of both worlds, wood grain and pop of color. Later it was painted again in a deep ocean blue, still only on the top and sides, which is probably my favorite or your color choices. A little contrast with the wall would do wonders.

    Unfortunately it’s a little too late to not paint the top. Then you could have had the color, which would have helped separate it visually from the floor, but you still would have some of the wood. Which would also keep the painted top from getting scratched and dinged. I also agree with another comment I read about the finish. Paint with a slight gloss or satin would be nice, it would wear a bit better, and make it glow a little. And how about some nice chunky brass knobs to play off that sconce and picture frame above?

  263. Cyclone. I realized that it is similar value to the kitchen island. the others seem to not work as well and that was the reason.

  264. It needs to be navy blue. That Hague blue is ok but I’d find some other navy paint options that work well with the kitchen island. I also think changing the knobs on the dresser to something in gold and or a combination of black and gold knob would brighten the whole thing up more and play off the framed art as well as the sconce and railing. I’d also turn on the sconce light every evening to make the space feel inviting.

    1. And I’m not a fan of flat paint on this piece. It makes it even more blah…

  265. I think you made a good choice. I like how it jibes with the kitchen island. Also I get sort of a Michael Graves vibe with the shape + color, which is fun

  266. I think cyclone is the best. If it’s already dark in there, you don’t want to go too dark, but I agree the color it is now is too light.

  267. Darken what you have by 50%, add matte black knobs. Call it a day. Love you, love your home, from one Oregonian to another.

  268. Hague Blue would be my first choice, and Newburyport my second. I think these two work best with the kitchen island. The tones match better. Yes, it’s a dark room, but you do have some light sources, with the sconces and the front door.

  269. Hague in a glossier finish with brass hardware. I might even consider having a piece of carrara cut for the top.

  270. I like the piece and I like it painted. My vote is for Hague Blue. I know you wanted to lighten up the area but to me darker looks better. And round gold knobs might look super. What color is your railing? Perhaps even that dark so you’re not adding another random color?

  271. Newburry Port!

  272. First Choice: Hague Blue (my favorite blue)
    Second Choice: Newbury Port

  273. Also, new knobs! I hate painted wood knobs the same color as the cabinet. It looks like it was the easy way out. Some really fun knobs would bring a lot of life to the piece!

  274. Love this post! I was upset, am no longer upset because I see you made the right decision.

    I think Cyclone is *slightly* better, but not sure it’s worth the effort for a 5% degree of improvement. Hague Blue seems too dark and Newbury Port looks too close to your island color.

  275. I would say Hague as my first choice and Newbury Port as my second choice. I think they both work well with the kitchen island and create enough contrast with the wall. I might also suggest painting it flat, like you did, but then waxing the piece after–it’ll make the finish more durable and feel more old world than a glossier paint or a varnish. Just my two cents 🙂

  276. Em, I love it much better painted!! It could be a smidge darker, but I love the color and this piece of furniture is so beautiful and unique.

  277. I love the color as is. Maybe change the knobs. I am also in the paint wood camp unless it is a true antique or family treasure.

  278. I agree it was too similar to the floor and gold piece. I would have stained it a darker color first which I thrink would have made the interesting grain pop. Now that it is painted am liking the cyclone since the current color seems too baby blue light.

  279. agree, a pinch darker, and I kinda wanna see a glossier finish. let some light hits bounce a bit. 🙂

  280. I like the Newberry Port–it works better with the color on the island but isn’t too dark. I also think that a satin or gloss finish would give this more life.

  281. Downpipe. Always downpipe. 😂 Such a gorgeous colour in different lights. But if you don’t want that, I agree something darker.

    And I’d lose the rug; it’s much more old fashioned (for your granny’s house) than the rest of your style.

    Otherwise I think it all looks great.

    1. Or match the island colour? Although personally I’d opt for dark grey or a blue/black (not Hague Blue – too light!) And new knobs maybe.

  282. At first sight I loved the Cyclone color…but after seeing the switching photo at the end of the post, I definitely was drawn to the Hague Blue more. I think that it meshes really well with the color of the cabinet in the kitchen when you have that view and overall I think it’s a beautiful pop of color for the entryway.

  283. Newbury!!!!

    1. Newbury!!!! I am glad you paited it. I would change out the nobs to give it a bit more interest.

  284. You know I also think it is an improvement being painted. I do also think natural wood looks best when it’s color and grain are highlighted beautifully. But some pieces do work better in a pop of color. I wasn’t a big fan of the tone on tone before. But that slate blue color that is just a shade darker looks best in my opinion (which I know doesn’t mean much) but pops off the wall and floor beautifully!

  285. Cyclone would be my pick. But I would change the drawer knobs to something more visually interesting. This is an entry and should help to introduce you as the creative, quirky, talented person you are. The entry is very well put together but maybe different shades on the scounces would help “pop” the space and give it more of “you”.

  286. definitely Newbury Port!

  287. This piece looks so much better painted! It really is stunning! I would try different knobs with the current color, which is beautiful. Hague Blue would also look amazing, because it would add the perfect contrast to the other lovely colors you have in your gorgeous home.

  288. I like newberry port its warm & pops without conflicting with the kitchen island.

  289. You made the right choice. I’m team keep it the color it is and get better contrasting knobs (black? brass?). Also, it needs a little shine to add depth. Wax coating perhaps?

  290. cyclone is my favorite color and I don’t see anything wrong with painting furniture

  291. Newburyport or cyclone. Both relate to your wrought iron handrail and have contrast to the kitchen island. Hague blue seems too dark, and pike’s gray — not enough contrast. I agree with your decision to paint the piece 👍. A gloss finish could be interesting, too. As for changing out the knobs, sample brass, white porcelain, black (wrought iron), and milk glass. I love crystal knobs, but not sure of the match here. You could also consider a salmon color to relate to your front door, carpet, and flower painting. Good luck!

  292. I probably would’ve tried a darker stain instead of painting it (although someone who seems to know things about wood mentioned that the type of wood was perhaps not ideal for staining, so maybe that’s the reason; I know nothing). In any event, I’m not mad at the paint job. I vote Cyclone if you change it. And I think it’s funny that someone asked if the rug was too small for the space. Like, ??? It’s literally taking up almost the entire entryway area; it’s the perfect size. Such a weird unsolicited comment.

  293. Cyclone, but not flat, and with different knobs. At least when viewed via a computer monitor, the darker colors make that lovely semi-circle shape disappear.

    The original wood finish would have been good on a carpeted floor, but placed on top of your lovely wooden floors (which are a different color), it diminished the beauty of both the furniture piece and the floor it was sitting on.

  294. Hi Emily! I’m 99% NOT mad that you painted it. That other 1% is the wood purist in me. Ha! I struggle regularly with whether wood should be painted or not and it’s seriously HARD. Anyway, I agree absolutely that it should be darker. I thought I liked Cyclone the best, but then after reading the comments I’m leaning more toward the Hague Blue. Good luck!

  295. I personally would choose light and airy, bright and happy and a bit less vintage and old english (Pike Gray or just the way it its now). For me just the art and and deco need to change to make it work.

  296. I vote Newbury Port. It feels like it ties into the green on your kitchen island just a little bit better plus I like the undertones better than the lighter blues which read too cool in such a dark spot.

  297. I like the new color. You could wax it to make it less flat looking if that bugs. New knobs might be fun. If the point is to create a lighter ambiance in the entry, the dark paints don’t make sense and I agree with those who say it would look as if you tried to match the kitchen colors and failed. What is off to me is that little lamp on the dresser. There are sconces above, so it seems redundant and the style/color isn’t really in keeping with the rest of the vignette. Love the peonies and your blue rug is wonderful with the other blues in the space.

  298. Newbury port.

  299. Well……..I am in minority here, but I love what you did to it—I like the lighter color😀

  300. I like the Newbury Port with some cool brass hardware added. I don’t mind the painting of the console but I do think that some of the detail has been lost and it now kind of reads as a large amorphous chunk. So I think hardware could add some cool detail and tie in with the sconce. I love the thought you put into everything! It definitely pays off.

  301. I love it the way it is.. (you were super right to paint it.. because it is the shape that commands the best attention not the woodness of it) and this color shows the shape.. but doesn’t over demand to be noticed too much whereas the other colors seem to pushy to me.

  302. Hi Emily,

    I’m not mad atcha! It’s a tie for me b/t the Hague Blue and Newbury Port. I love the drama of the Hague Blue and I like the Newbury Port b/c it seems to tie the rest of what you see in your house together maybe a little more. Still maybe I’m a little more drawn to the drama of the Hague. Your call, they’re both beautiful. I think you’re right though that something that pops a little more looks more interesting. You have a beautiful home, thanks for sharing!

  303. Hi Emily, I kind of like the light color as is. I would maybe put some lacquer on it and new knobs because the flatness of the paint and same color knobs takes away from the beautiful curvature of the piece which you like so much.

    Good Luck!

  304. I absolutely love the paint you chose. It screams, “YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A CLEAN, SERENE HOME.” How calming to walk into a foyer that doesn’t scream at you, just beckons you in to relax and retreat!

    1. *It whispers . . .”, not “It screams . . .”.

  305. 1. I too laughed at the life-sucking stone comment – I needed that.

    2. My eye prefers Hague and new knobs, oddly enough, as I’m not usually a dark furniture person.

    3. Love your style! Thanks for the daily inspiration.

  306. I think it looks great in the color it’s in now. If you absolutely must go darker, go with “cyclone.” And ignore the folks who say you shouldn’t have painted – you could always have it stripped back to natural wood if you really wanted to!

  307. Ask the audience! I’ll throw in my two cents. The color you chose is nice. I especially like the vibe from the photo walking in the front door. Definitely sets the tone as a English country house. But the pastel may be a little too grandma- or maybe it’s the combination with the floral painting above? I would personally opt for a paint finish with more sheen. Not only is flat sucking light in and flattening the great round shape- but it will be more practical with two sets of child paws running around. A glossier paint will make each color read completely different so I cant say which to choose. I’d test a deeper forest green with metallic knobs, but that’s only because I’ve mentally moved in and that’s my preference!

  308. My vote is for Newbury Port, it’s happy and bright, like you mentioned. And I would switch out the hardware too. In this case, I think you made the right call by painting it.

  309. It looks great the way it is now (Pike Gray). Hague Blue is such s great color but too dark, esp. bc the space isn’t naturally bright. I think Cyclone is also a great color but don’t love it w/ the kitchen island color. If you really want to go darker ( and I’m not sure you really need to), Newburyport Port is your best bet. And whichever color you end up with, painting was a good idea. Too much brown wood is…too much brown wood!

  310. Love it painted. I vote for the Newbury port.

  311. Honestly don’t love it! I think it would have looked better stained a bit darker and more grey.

  312. I like the contrast of Hague blue

  313. I vote Cyclone…for sure. Nothing wrong with painting wood furniture…I totally get what you’re saying about it blending in with the floor when it wasn’t painted. Looks much better with a coat of paint on it. Good luck, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  314. I agree that the chest might pop more if it were a darker color. My eye keeps going to the color that you have painted your kitchen island. Every time I would scrolI down to various photos and I could see a tiny bit of your Island…great color! So I think that would be an amazing color and would also compliment the rug that you have in your entry.

  315. Instead of painting the knobs, use the same color gold knobs as the light fixture above the chest.

  316. Hello Emily,

    I would strip it back to the wood and stain. The wood and grain are so nice and it is lost by painting it. 🙂

  317. I agree with your decision to paint it! I also really love the current color. It’s so light, airy, fresh and reads as a “french blue” to me. If there was a color that was EVER so slightly darker I’d go with it just for a touch more contrast.

    Now if I have to choose between the above options, I’d say Newbury Port. Hague is too dark and Cyclone reads too similar to the kitchen island (at least in these photos).

  318. It’s perfect! You nailed it again Emily!

  319. Oh, this is easy. Definitely Hague Blue, switch out the knobs for something classier (a touch of metal would be nice, but not copper, as you’ve already got that covered a-plenty! maybe pretty handmade ceramic knobs), and get a marble top cut. OR (maybe this is a bad suggestion, but whatev), keep the top the current color and then paint the bottom body Hague Blue. I just feel like it needs some contrast between the top and the body.

    I am not a fan of the other colors as they all appear a bit too similar to your kitchen island color.

  320. More power to you for making it work! I definitely don’t mind that you painted it, though the wood was very pretty, but the shape and knobs read sort of like 80’s nursery furniture to me. I think if you split the difference between Hague Blue and Newberry Port it would be perfect.

  321. I like the “Cyclone” but in the pictures it looks almost identical to your kitchen island. If you’re looking to go darker the “Newberry Port” is a beautiful shade but I would try it out first because it might darken the entry too much. You may want to reconsider the “Wellfleet” I love the color and I think that it would add interest (and a nice pop of color) to the space.

  322. It’s good but I’d be so tempted to paint just the top Annie Sloan’s Aubusson blue for a rich pop of color that would pick up your runner.

  323. Cyclone is everything I pictured in my head when I read about your dilemma. I think Cyclone is perfect for the space. Not too light and not too dark.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing home with us!!

  324. I’m one of the people who wrote that I wished bloggers were ‘making it work’ more so I am in FULL support of you painting it. It has to work for your home – it is completely irrelevant whether or not the wood was pretty or special because it has to live within the context of where it’s home is. That’s it.
    And I think it looks so good in the color you chose, but if you really really wanted to paint it I think Newbury Port would look lovely especially against the red door and that awesome rug. I agree with some other readers about the knobs, too – while I love wooden knob charm (like your kitchen cabinets) I think some stunning brass pulls or knobs would really shine here. Maybe knobs so you don’t have to drill any new holes. It would tie the sconce in so nicely too. So my vote is keep it as is and change the knobs!

  325. I liked the wood, but pine? Meh.

    I think it needs to be darker. Cyclone with some sparkly gold and or crystal knobs would be pretty. It’s too plain with the pale flat paint and matching knobs.

  326. This inspired me to write today. Picking an off White for my living room why is it so challenging!?

  327. Newbury port!! To me cyclone clashes with the kitchen cabinets that you can see, (and it’s too 80s) and the dark blue is so dark that it’s too much of a contrast, like it’s the only thing you notice in the entryway! But Newburry is perfect. 🙂

  328. I agree with Sherrie….floor, chest, stairs worked together…
    Maybe shine it up as was suggested…the color you picked is best if it had to be painted…❤️

  329. Hague Blue in Pearl finish. Need a bit of sparkle in both finish and knobs. Maybe glass knobs or the brushed brass. I think over the long run a tougher finish works for a well used piece and with little kids. You need some better pop on the top too. Not a big fan of the little modern lamp – takes away from your beautiful sconce.

  330. I actually like the color you originally chose, but it’s hard to tell without seeing it in real life. I think Cyclone is a good compromise.

  331. Hague blue or newbury port! The greener colors work a lot better!

  332. Definitely Cyclone. It’s beautiful, and the cyclone color would bring out the color of the island behind it. Love it!

  333. I think it would look good lacquered in newbury port, to get some light bouncing off of it, with brass pulls.

  334. I think it’s great! The lightness of the color is kind of a surprise! It makes you look even though it doesn’t “stand out.” It’s INTERESTING! Yay for you for painting it! It’s just the right size and interesting shape, too. Love it.

  335. That piece was so beautiful as it was! However, of the choices above and in the particular lighting in these photos, I personally like the Newbury Port the most and secondly the Cyclone. It’s possible that in person it probably looks totally different!!

  336. I love painted furniture… it’s actually what I do, but I don’t love this. It was such a Cool piece with amazing wood grain:(. That said go darker .. and change hardware to a metallic , maybe vintage… for a little more contras 🙂

  337. Love the color it is now but the hardware could be switched out to add more interest. The painted knobs aren’t working for me but a brass ball that’s modern yet “English country” would make the space.

  338. Newbury Port would be my choice for color. Just a thought but you could always try layering on the color as well to get some additional depth — even wax over areas to keep the lighter color and then apply thinned out (with some water added) layers of the darker color over it so that it gets a bit of the distress you have in the piece you found at Round Top. Plus, nothing wrong in painting something if it helps you like the piece even more — sometimes that’s the way things are meant be — its not like you HATE wood finishes — you went through a lot to preserve it in other areas.

  339. I like the current color if you put some black knobs on there, and I like the Hague blue if you keep the knobs painted. I feel like it is lacking contrast, but not necessarily the whole piece. Maybe a few knobs would do the trick. Very pretty! I’m into the paint.

  340. I get why you painted it, but I agree with the masses here that it isn’t totally working. My first thought when I saw it was that it needed black knobs, but when I saw the photoshopped versions of the darker paint colors I liked that even better. But hey, everything in your house looks 1000x better than mine even with these little “mistakes” so who am I to weigh in?! 🙂

  341. i like the color…but it needs more depth, imo. maybe antiquing it? and different knobs…an unfinished brass. 🙂

  342. Emily, just saw something you might like. Caitlin Creer Interiors Home page shows a sofa upholstered in a similar blue with a large, very colorful painting above. Love that look!

  343. I would leave it Pike Gray. In real life your hallway isn’t that bright-in natural light it’s a nice gray.
    •Cyclone-too similar in value to the island.
    •Newbury Port-looks like you had a paint chip with 5-6 colors on it and this was the darkest and your island was the middle color (too matchy for me).
    •Hague Blue-looks like a dark blob even in your “brightened” room.

    Any option was better than the wood!

  344. Hi, maybe this is in the comments already but–what about painting the drawers the three colors you are considering (or three different tints of a color), leave the knobs and case part the color you have it now…and keep it flat so it doesn’t get circus-y. I have an oval chest in my entryway and love it for the same reasons you love this one!

  345. I started painting furniture 2 years ago,there are some great piece that just need a facelift.at an antique fair this woman told me she liked my stuff
    but she liked furniture in its natural state.i just nodded my head.what I didn’t say was if you saw some of this stuff in it’s natural state you wouldn’t
    Want it.whatever color you choose it’s your house nobody’s has to live with it just you

  346. hague blue with new knobs. Makes more of a statement instead of getting lost.

  347. Wait – you found that lovely piece on Craigslist for $300???? Please more trolling Craigslist posts – like do one for Denver ASAP.

  348. As usual, I think you were dead on to paint it. My favorites are Cyclone and Newbury Port. So hard to tell online. Can I come over? Don’t worry, I’m kidding. I think if I couldn’t see the kitchen cabinet, I would vote Cyclone hands down. But since I can, I like Newbury Port best. Online, at least.

    Good luck. There is no question you will nail this. Can’t wait to see!

  349. Newbury port. It also picks up the color in the area rug!

  350. Newbury Port FTW!

  351. Cyclone. 100%

  352. Newbury Port!!

  353. I like Hague. I think some pretty knobs would be nice, especially since the kitchen cabinet that you can see from the entry already has more basic knobs in that space.

    You could also try just painting on a black glaze that you wipe right off. It would darken the blue that’s on there already and just give the piece some depth. Super easy to do. I’ve repainted many pieces of furnish and resold for profit and used this technique. 🙂

    Fun post!

    1. (furniture not furnish)

    2. SO many comments.

      I LOVE you but I hate all the blues. Hate ’em.

      I would paint it Farrow and Ball ‘Nancy’s Blushes’ in a high gloss. That would be dreamy. Trust me.

    3. SO many comments.

      I LOVE you but I hate all the blues. Hate ’em.

      I would paint it Farrow and Ball ‘Nancy’s Blushes’ in a high gloss. That would be dreamy. Trust me.

      PS If you’ve read this far you deserve a medal.

  354. I like it as it is.
    It’s a piece of furniture. Not worth the stress. Even for a decoration.
    And besides that it looks wonderful. The whole house looks wonderful. Just enjoy it.

  355. I would say go darker or go white. The problem I have with painting it though is it went from looking expensive and unique to looking kind of run-of-the-mill. The paint kind of hides the curve and makes it look more recessed if that makes sense. But I know you love it and have no regrets!

  356. Love that you painted it! No shame! 🎨 And I love a bit deeper shade in the cyclone. 👌 Great post, as always!

  357. Hey so most everyone agrees they love the piece painted OR wood me too!), so maybe Target should recreate it under your name unpainted (do you have a furniture line yet?) and then everyone can do whatever works for them. Call it the Birdie cause it’s such a cute piece!

  358. I think the paint, particularly since it’s flat, makes the piece look cheap. Maybe it comes off different in person? I hate to be negative, especially after all the mean negative threads in prior posts, but it’s a poll!

    Someone suggested a marble topper along with updating the pulls which could be great.

    Otherwise I would have loved to see a darker stain. The grain was so pretty!

  359. You did NOT make a mistake, it’s your house, your furniture. The paint looks lovely. But I absolutely think new knobs would give it just that little extra something to make it special.

  360. My $$ is on Newbury Port…..and swap out the wood knobs for brass!

  361. I’m totally cool with painting wood; if it makes the piece more desirable to the owner why not?!? Personally I do wish it was slightly darker though but definitely think it’s an improvement over all. Well done!

  362. Cyclone!

  363. In the GIF, I was surprised by how much I liked Newbury Port. I get lost in that color. It’s like swimming in a deep lake. If I walked in and saw that, I would be so drawn to it and I think I’d have to spend time looking at it. Love it!

  364. The piece of furniture is wonderful and you painted it a fine color. The wall light is very pretty and matches the one in the next room. The room looks airy- but the furniture arrangement looks a bit “tight”. How about removing the black lighting fixture and the painting? A pair of mirrors on either side of the wall light would look more balanced and add height. Just a thought.
    Love your style, and your blog.

  365. EMILY! You’re overthinking this….made me dizzy reading all the comments. You are such a talented designer and when I look at these photos of your entryway, it reads pure calm to me. I love the way it looks just as it is. In my opinion, it is the perfect piece, in the perfect color. Embrace it and move on. FYI…I do the same thing, question every design choice I make and drive my family crazy.

  366. I like it painted – more cheerful and the space needs the pop of color- but agree with the lacquer finish idea and also new knobs!

  367. Keep the knobs. Very English looking. Cyclone is the perfect color. Just a little darker and more dramatic.

  368. That piece turned out great! You did an amazing job!


  369. Yeah, it is kind of blah–go with the Newbury Port.

  370. Cyclone has my vote. It looks best on the screen as it has the same level of ‘darkness’ as the island, at least on the screen.

  371. Newburyport. Rich and elegant, but tonal in a good way. Nod to the history of the home. Also curious if you might have though to stain the natural wood a darker color for contrast? We debate about refinishing a coffee table/chest and risking losing the beautiful character/flaws and getting the stain the wrong color…

  372. I think darker for sure – Newbury Port or Cyclone both work – but I would maybe do them in a semi gloss. I know you mentioned that the matt / chalky look is very in right now but wouldn’t a semi help reflect a bit of light around the space and make it feel brighter – to counter the slightly darker colour? Would the semi gloss to give it a bit of a lift?
    Either way, when you do posts like this it just confirms to me how hard this whole interior design process is, despite how easy you make it look. I mean if YOU – professional interior designer and Design Star winner! – have design conundrums then what hope do the rest of us mere mortals have??? Thanks for keeping it real. 🙂

  373. Two ideas:
    1 – what if you painted it to match your kitchen cabinets? You can see them together in the photo above and I’m wondering if you just embrace that instead of adding another blue?
    2 – I know what the answer will probably be to this, but what about black?! I know you are going for bright, but next to the stair rail I think that would look so good and really pop off the wall more. plus with the gold sconce – so good!
    If it were my house, i would go with one of those options personally. I’m not mad you painted the wood. Yes it was cute before, but you are right to paint it for this space! Excited to see what you decide!

  374. Before you repaint please try a hardware change. I think it will make a huge difference. If you repaint then it’s Hague blue, but I think this light color is just right. I love the practicality of this piece and I appreciate the impulse to paint. It wasn’t overly special but very useful and lovely and these are the pieces to take a chance on.

  375. Totally fine with it being painted! That said, I do not like the color or the chalky appearance- sorry!
    I actually vote for it NOT to be blue or grey– what about black …and cool knobs to tie in the sconce!!!!
    As for overall entry darkness– add a cool lamp !! The right size and look should work well with the sconce….
    Huge fan,
    Lisa H.

  376. So many votes — are you keeping a tally? I would have painted it also — but the current color looks a little Grandma to me. I’d go with either of the darker color — and new knobs too!

  377. Newbury Port in a gloss plus new pulls/knobs in brass/gold tone would be gorgeous!!

  378. pike or port

    I really love the lightest version. I thought I’d go hague, but love the softer hue.

  379. Newbury Port. It carries the green from the island but is different enough where I think Cyclone might read too similar. But Cyclone would be my second choice. Have you thought of waxing the piece with the clear furniture wax like Annie Sloan et al sells after you repaint it flat? It adds a depth and very very subtle sheen. I’ve used hers and also the paint by Amy Howard from Ace Hardware. Amy Howard sells a matte sealant online too, just to protect it but to maintain the matte finish.

    1. Actually, I looked again and I think Hague Blue would look best if it’s just a titch lighter than the swatch above. Newbury Port miiiiight be too close to your island if it’s a lighter color. And ditch Cyclone.

  380. One more vote for Cyclone!

  381. +1 for Cyclone!

  382. Cyclone! For sure.

  383. I paint wood furniture sometimes too. That tone of wood would not have worked so other than staining it a bit darker this color works but it needs darkness (depth) because it just looks too flat and blah. Maison Blanche has really great waxes that go on easy (they are soft) and it will add just the right depth. They have a clear and a light and dark brown. I’d go for the light brown. They are not cheap but they last forever. They even have a lime wax which is white and will lighten up painted furniture or darker wood.

  384. Cyclone!

  385. Cyclone doesn’t contrast enough with the island. I agree with the reader that said it would look like you are trying to match and failed. Perhaps changing the knobs to either black or gold would be enough to set it off. Glass knobs may be too Victorian / Great Gatsby for the house and the piece.

  386. Newbury port! It pops and it goes best – compliments – the island color. The others. Too light ; too dark; and competing shades with island color

  387. I like the lighter color I just think it needs some distressing… it looks like cheap painted furiture the way it is now. Maybe some sheen would help too and would reflect some light to help with brightening up the space. It seems too flat with no character and that’s so not you

  388. Love that you are brave and take chances, it’s fun and life is supposed to be fun – right? Looks much better now, would never have thought that it would, I think you are right and it will look even better a bit darker Newbury Port! Looking forward to seeing final decision! 👍😊

  389. Ok, well I like the darker options. Not really digging them though. I think the colors and the matte paint make it look totally shabby chic. Have you considered an enamel white?! It’s not high contrast but the sheen and color would make the cabinet “pop”. It still wouldn’t compete with everything else. I think the sheen on it and color would modernize it and enhance the awesome shape. Also, new knobs something aged either black or brass (cause it’s you).

  390. I agree, painting it was a good idea. The original wood tone was too “orangey”. I think a gray that is a little darker than what you painted it would contrast better against the wall. Cyclone or newbury port. 😊

  391. NEWBURY PORT!! With GOLD Knobs!! 👌🏼
    Love it painted, just needs to be a bit darker😊

  392. The wood was so beautiful, I understand the guilt (I have the same guilt re: a headboard I painted), but I get why it looks better.

    My vote is Cyclone.

  393. I like the color but the flat paint isn’t doing it for me. The Swedish do it better with milk paint and a wax. Then add brass knobs,

    Your house looks superb, btw.

    1. *Swedes, not Swedish, oops.

  394. I hate it painted!! 🙁 it’s too matchy matchy, dentist office vibe.

  395. Hague Blue is what I would choose and I would change the hardware to Brass to allow the cohesion from the kitchen light fixtures and the one above it.

  396. Go darker!!! Newburyport is my 1st choice 😍

  397. Pike Gray! Best choice! Love it for all the reasons you listed above!

  398. I’m personally in love with the dark navy Hague blue. I think it would look amazing if you painted those walls to the right (with the sliding barn door) that darker color blue that you show earlier in your post (photo above the 3 reasons why).

  399. PAInt it black and change the knob hardware!

  400. Definitely paint it darker!!! Love it painted much better than wood- good call. I’d go with Newbury port

  401. I’d paint it a blush pink, satin finish for a little sheen, then add gold knobs. I consider blush a neutral and think it would look good with the blues in the rug and the red door, as well as the colors in the adjoining rooms.

  402. Newbury Port!! Looks great painted.

  403. Cyclone! No doubt about it!!

  404. I love it the way it is!

  405. Newbury Port for sure! Has a bit of green coming through to match the kitchen

  406. I love the “cyclone” color, but I feel like it’s too matchy matchy with your kitchen cabinets. I would keep it the lighter blue, and add some different hardware. I don’t like any of the darker than cyclone colors.❤️❤️

  407. I think it looks great too Emily. Just not sure about that little lamp under a sconce..? otherwise I like the current colour works really well!

  408. Love the painted look! I like the light color that you used so it doesn’t “fight” with the kitchen island in the background. I think the light color is very soothing. But ultimately, it’s what you and Brian like. People will always disagree with you but you have to live with it. If I had to choose an alternate color, then it would be Cyclone.

  409. I think Newbury Port is the best out of all the options. I like Cyclone too but I feel it’s too similar to the kitchen island.

  410. I think either keep it the current color or Hague Blue. I think the other two are not as complimentary of your island color and you can see it in the background. I’m glad you painted it and agree it was too close to the floor color. Beautiful furniture piece, though! Just needed some love. Cant wait to see what you pick!

  411. Of course darker would look good but I think the colour is fine, you just need to change the pulls./handles.

  412. Hague blue. The other colors are too close in color to the kitchen cabinets.

  413. Newberry Port is the best option to pair with the kitchen island. The current color is too close to the wall color. Not a fan of the flat finish, especially since it is so close to the island.

  414. Newbury port! definitely.

  415. I like the blue color it is now. If you had left it its original wood stain, then I would have changed the knobs to something brass. I think it’s perfect this way though.

  416. Happy compromise…. strip the top and leave it wood and paint the bottom Cyclone (or whatever painted finish).

  417. I actually like the color you painted it but I am not a fan of the drawer knobs. I personally would change them.

  418. Cyclone works better in the space. It also helps to bring the blue from your rug into the space.

  419. Newbury Port for me. Dark enough to relate to the railing and door hangers, right tone to relate to the kitchen, deep enough for the rug and sofa. It pops off the wall too. A light piece will blend I to the wall in the dark hence the need for the contrast even in a dark dpace

  420. I’m probably not helpful, but I’m most feeling the Portola ‘Wellfleet’. As for painting, do what you want! It isn’t irreversible 🙂

  421. Newbury Port

  422. Newport! Great pop and looks the best with the kitchen cabinets.

  423. Newbury Port 👌🏻🙌🏻

  424. LOVE that you painted it! I would never have been able to live with the wood, especially as the color was so close to that of your floors.
    I would,however, go darker!

  425. Weeeeerk it girl! I love that you made it right fir you. That’s the em hendo I know and love. It’s wildly better but I would have never known that it would be…if not for your blog!
    I think I like Hauge blue best cuz it’s clearly not trying to match.

  426. New Perry Port! So pretty!

  427. Of these I love the darkest blue color. I also like the idea of having it be matte black or ebonized. Could be sexy and bring in some the iron accents around the house. Excited to see what you choose!

  428. I prefer cyclone. Also, new hardware could be fun…maybe crystal? The overall look of your foyer is great. I’m not sure how I feel about the picture and sconce about the table. The picture needs to be larger and the sconce prevents that.

  429. I hate that you painted it because it’s a beautiful piece – when I watched your stories I was yelling “no!!!” at my phone – but I agree with your decision. It’s your house, your stuff. Your choice! I also appreciate that you made it work and that the piece is perfect in all save for colour.

    I don’t love the colour now (it looks too pale, like it fades into the wall but not in a good way!) and of the four above I like the Newbury Port best. Bonus: it will remind you of happy times at your old house, which you loved.

  430. I’m in love with the idea of this piece of furniture in Newbury Port! I think it maybe should be in a semi matte finish so maybe the light can be reflected off of the furniture instead and give it more life! Also I would change the knobs to bring in some more dimension- maybe some brass ones? I think the accessories could be in a brighter tone too maybe add some hot pink flowers in the bouquet with the pale pink ones and add some different textures to the entryway too! I think this is a great space no matter how you chose to style it though 🙂 your house is looking so beautiful 😍

  431. E,
    I ike this color better than the natural or going darker. It sets a grand tone for the foyer. You might consider a circular rug since it looks like a central thruway and lots of movement but might be more formal feel than wht you like

  432. I like it as it is actually!

  433. Sand off the paint and stain it ebony! Better yet, use an oil finish like Woca or Rubio so it stays matte, but dark dark dark

  434. Strip and stain darker or go with a darker grey! Such a pretty spot.

  435. Cyclone! 😍😍

  436. Newbury Port for the win!

  437. Hague Blue! Love the stark contrast between the wall and the piece. But it also compliments the kitchen island color nicely!

  438. Definitely Newbury Port!! Hague blue is too dark, and the blue tones in Cyclone compete too much with the green tones in the island. Newbury is the perfect compliment and it makes a fun statement!

  439. I like it better painted, but I would have done a gloss though.

  440. I never paint furniture but after seeing the original and reading your reasoning, I actually agree that it needed to be painted. I think The Hague blue would be really pretty because it pops off the wall. 🙂

  441. I vote Cyclone or Newbury Port! Right now, in most lighting, it looks like the same color as the walls

  442. Newbory port! Go girl!!!! And I would rearrange The rug, looks weirdto me

  443. New berry port, love the contrast

  444. I say Newbury Port then Cyclone.

  445. Newberry Port 🙌🏼

  446. Painting the dresser was the way to go! The pine was too close to the floor color and looked dated. However I think the current color is too light. I vote Hague Blue – I feel like the other colors look like you were trying to match the island but just missed the mark. It needs to have a presence and make a statement in the entry.

  447. It looks tops. Colour is BANG ON! If it popped out of the wall anymore it would be itchy on the eye.

  448. Em, I actually like the colour you went for (although I would have loved to see it in an indigo) but understand, given the lack of light in the space, you went with a lighter colour.

    All I would do, is bring the drawers back to wood & stain them in the colour you want them. Just to bring some warmth back to the piece & help anchor it against the wall a little?

    I aint mad.

    Big Love

  449. Newbury Port! I agree with another reader… That red front door has always been off to me too. It seems like it’s screaming “oh look at me. i am like every other door these days”.

  450. Hi Emily!

    I think the issue is that it’s blending into the walls too much in finish and depth and I also think that blue/green of any sort is competing with the island, therefore taking away from that color as well.

    I suggest the following:

    a) going with something that creates more of a juxstaposition such as very dark charcoal (not quite black, too strong) and relates to other elements such as the stair railing.


    b) if you prefer a softer look, changing the finish to something that is not so flat and not high gloss either….perhaps a strie effect that gives a slight pattern and dimension. Some stries can be so elegant esp for statement pieces.

    That’s my two cents!:) xx

  451. Haig blue and some sheen

  452. Hague blue or Newburyport

  453. I love the piece you bought in Round Top so much. I have been envious since you first posted your finds! It is exactly what I have been looking for for my dining room. Color, size, style. Sigh. But, I digress…I am normally a don’t paint the wood person, but I would go with Cyclone for the entry piece.

  454. I love the unique piece. Smart move keeping it there! I think a color in between cyclone and pike gray would be perfect. Perhaps a brass knob (keep it round) would be nice?

  455. Someone may have already said this…..so many comments….but what if you painted it the happy red like the door? Or I would make it a shiny (v matte) version of whatever blue color you pick.

  456. Cyclone is my pick – the others are too dark, but any thought to changing the knobs so it doesn’t mirror the gray cabinet in the living room?

  457. Where is the overhead light from?

  458. Im trying to read through the majority as to not completely repeat.

    But, while I cant necessarily decide which color, I think new knobs and then maybe strip the top surface of the paint and stain it a smidge darker than the natural/unfinished pine?

    Best of both worlds?

    1. I do like to retain a wood top if it is in good shape. Like the idea of staining it.

  459. Okay, I love the Newbury. But, have you thought about adding a dark wax over the existing paint? I paint tons of furniture, and I love a wax finish. It is authentic to vintage furniture and doesn’t look shiny. A dark wax (like BriWax Dark brown) will darken that color, and take it slightly greener. Could be perfect and easy!

  460. I vote darker. Such a fabulous piece but it’s a bit lost on the wall. The contrast would be fabulous. Love your amazing home!

  461. It was (and still is!) a beautiful piece of furniture… it’s just rockin’ a different hue. If it were me, I would paint it darker. My preference is the ‘Hague Blue’, as it gives a nice contrast to your island (from scrolling the picture above).

    Love the blog! Always excited to read about out what projects you and your team are up to.

  462. I am working to get past you painting that lovely wood…

    But I do think it needs to be darker to pop off the wall.
    1) Hague Blue is too dark (especially considering you painted the aforementioned beautiful wood to help lighten the space…)
    2) Newbury Port and Cyclone are much better as far as tone goes, but each is too close to your cabinet color. They don’t quite match, but they’re close enough to look like that’s the intent, just slightly off the mark.
    3) I think the color needs to be more toward the blue/grey spectrum and away from any semblance of green to avoid clashing with the cabinets. Maybe something along the lines of the Newbury Port but with more blue and less green?
    4) Did you consider staining or even pickling the wood a different tone so as to maintain the beautiful grain and finish but make it stand out from the floor? I do understand not wanting a bunch of matching wood tones right next to each other!

    Just my $.02! I’m sure whatever you decide will be lovely, and that I’ll eventually forgive you 😉

  463. You definitely made the right choice by painting it but I agree, it could go darker. I like cyclone, but I also like wolf grey.

  464. Great call painting it. I have the same struggle – my fiance loves dark wood furniture and hates when I paint it – but sometimes you need a bit of a balance!

    I think of the options above, Newbury Port is best. It definitely needs to reference the kitchen island, but in a darker tone.

    Can you replace the knobs on the dresser? I feel like the dresser looks a little flat, though maybe that’s due to the limitations of photoshop. Maybe a light/ white ceramic with gold accents? Or a nicely detailed gold/brass?

  465. Newbury port is the clear winner. I feel like the piece needs to be grounded though. Maybe that area gets its own little rug? Nutral sisal? Xxx

  466. It’s kinda nice to know that you go thru the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us when it comes to making this type of decision. It is also nice to think about all the options. I think you scored an amazing piece for a great price. But I did not love the wood finish. I love the color you have on it now, especially because the entry is a bit dark. It looks cool and sophisticated…it is beautiful without being showy. I think you made the perfect choice.

  467. I love this piece painted, but agree it should be a little darker. I like cyclone or newbury port.

  468. I’d go Cyclone or add some dimension with distressing or some sort of gold accents.

  469. I like the darker teal seems to tie in the teal from the rug and your kitchen cabinet 💕

  470. I love the pike grey or even to match back to your kitchen island would be pretty. Can’t go wrong with these greys and the light colorway is very inviting. 😊

  471. The wood tone was gorgeous but I don’t think there should ever be shame in changing it when it can always be stripped down to wood again one day! Although I do agree with others that the pale blue lacks depth in these pictures.

    1. Also- is there a reason you didn’t consider a glossy white? Too modern? It would tie in the roundness of the shades with the round island pendant.

  472. Hague Blue 100%!

  473. I have had an auto body shop paint several pieces of furniture for me. I found the guy on Craigslist. My Nissan Navy Blue dresser is gorgeous and sparkles ever so slightly in the sun. The finish is just much prettier than flat paint. Just an idea.

  474. Newbury Port! Newbury Port!

  475. I would have painted it too! I say darker and agree with the knob consensus. Happy making it work/finding the perfect piece! Love it all.

  476. Like the color, but think the knobs could go back to wood or glass!

  477. Hi Newbury Port!

    I think it has the pop that’s misssing….and I think it complements the Island color in the kitchen.

  478. Cyclone!

  479. Newbury point for sure!!! I didn’t love the finish of the wood particularly so I think it was a good call…I think if it’s not a fine antique then who cares! & i agree that the color is a bit light…something a little moodier would be great. (I’m worried before we know it shabby chic will be back in again…I’m seeing a little of ruffley Laura ashley type stuff come back and it’s a bit too soon for me)

  480. Leave it the color it is now!

  481. Newberry Port is my favorite of the paint colors. It compliments the tones in the kitchen and still gives contrast to the entry. I think painting it was the way to go!

  482. Maybe a smidge darker to hold its own with the kitchen island? I say if you love the feel stick with it though, real life doesn’t always translate in photos 😉

  483. Of those paints, I like hague blue. But, I agree with much of the audience that said to change the knobs first and then see how you feel.

    But–why not use Annie Sloan paint? The color is “duck egg blue.” I love their paris grey and their warm grey. With that paint, you just mix the colors until you get what you like. It is soooooo easy to use. No sanding. You do wax at the end, but that gives it depth. I’m not saying paint it and distress it or use the brown wax. Pick your color, get a nice matte finish. Paint it carefully not to emphasize brush strokes, but don’t stress out if you see some. Then, finish it up with some clear wax and you are golden.

    I understand your wanting to paint the piece. I have a lot of furniture I want to give the Annie sloan treatment, but I’ve held off and just strategically did a few pieces.

  484. Newbury Port! Looks great with the rug and compliments the kitchen behind it. You gotta do what is right for you and if that is painting a dresser then you do you 🙂

  485. If you decide to change the color, I’d opt for Newbury Port. Cyclone is pretty, but too close in value to your kitchen counters, and Hague Blue seems too dark and the detail of the chest would be lost. That’s my two cents! Thanks for sharing.

  486. I love it painted!! I think I’d like a bit more color – I’d go for Newburyport Port

  487. At the start of the article, I didn’t think I liked the new color (Pike’s Peak) at all. As the post went on, it grew on me. My favorite view is the shot from outside your open front door-it looks amazing! All the heart eyes! If you DO go darker, I think you should only go for Cyclone. I think the others will be too dark in the space and Cyclone is my favorite color with your kitchen island color.

    Thank you so much for showing the dark photos! It makes me feel better about my life, uh, house, I mean. 😉 xo

  488. First I’m not mad at you for painting it! Most of us who love decor and are on a budget can take fo and purchase a new piece, but we can make it work! That being said, Newbury port would be my choice. I don’t like to be matchy-matchy but in this case, newbury port ties in best with the area rug! Which seperayes your entry from the outdoor trim and the kitchen nicely.

  489. I really like cyclone. The color you have it painted now is great also…a close 2nd. 😊

  490. Regardless what color you paint it, the flat finish is really bad! Add character by putting clear minwax over the paint which will. Reath a soft sheen but won’t look like a shinier paint. It’s soft and adds depth. Hope someone reads this…..

  491. Newbury Port – as long as it is a strong enough contrast from the kitchen island in person! Otherwise, I’m leaning towards the darkest shade. Interesting because at first, I didn’t think it needed to be darker! But I do like the “pop” of the darker colors against the wall. Good luck! You’re the best and so inspirational in how I style my space (in Orange County, also working full time, with two little toddlers and a husband to keep alive around here). xoxo

  492. Cyclone or newbury port! If you want it to pop but still retain some softness- then Cyclone. But for a real pop of bold, complimentary color then newbury all the way..it’s gorgeous.

  493. New berry port all the way!

  494. Cyclone or Newbury Port have my vote. I get the matte look and like it in some instances, but I feel like this particular piece needs a little sheen. A satin finish would be lovely. The matte color it is now is reminiscent of a primered car, ya know? A sheen would give it more life.

    Also, please continue to show your design process, including the “mistakes”. I pour over everything you do and enjoy it all. I so appreciate your candor and the honesty in the process, that you share with us. You have been so inspiring to me over the years! Xoxo

  495. I actually really like the color it is now!! I think darker won’t allow you to lighten the space, which is what you originally wanted to accomplish. If it has to change though, I’d choose Newbury Port though. Hands down. I love it with the gold frame & sconce. Also I like that it looks just slightly darker then the kitchen island.

  496. Newbury Port. It needs to be darker! As for painting the wood, it can be stripped if you want it to be wood color again.

  497. I like cyclone.

  498. I think the paint you have on now looks great. My second choice would be Hague Blue. The other two colours don’t work as well in my opinion. Cyclone and Newbury Port are too similar to your kitchen island colour.

  499. Cyclone! With a touch of sheen. And please consider replacing knobs with ones that have a hint of brass. Maybe brass centers or rims. Or other…just not painted. Awesome piece.

  500. Newbury Port: transitions well with island and great with the rug.

  501. Looks so much better, good call, Emily. I like the Pike Grey but also like Cyclone.

  502. You can do what you like with your things. 🙂 but since you asked…

    Not sure painting it a flat color instead of glossy was the best choice. (Believe me I made the mistake of painting the trim of my 1st grownup bedroom a flat (not even semi-gloss) blue sort of NOOooo) was the best idea.

    The suggestion of changing out the knobs is a good start, but I wonder what you could have done with the real wood?

    Your dark hallway does not cry out for darker furniture! If you keep the piece a painted color please don’t make it darker.

    new knobs yes. glossier paint yes. sanding to real wood yes.

    good luck!

  503. Cyclone for sure!

  504. I’d paint it in Cyclone and swap out the knobs for something that matches the sconces’ finish. I feel like the matching wood knobs make it feel a little dated and perhaps more bedroom appropriate? I’m sorry for those who would be offended, but I too paint furniture to make it work in a space and agree that it 100% didn’t work in the wood finish. I also don’t feel bad when painting stained plywood or pine wood. If it were a rarer or special wood, I’d definitely think twice about painting it though. It all boils down to personal taste I guess. I do feel strongly though that everyone has the right to do to their furniture what they want too! If you don’t like it, don’t look 🙂

  505. Much better painted, but needs more contrast as it’s kinda blending in with the wall. I like the darker options for sure 🙂

  506. Newbury port!

  507. Newberry Port! Also, Cyclone. I love it painted, it just needs to stand out from the wall a little more. I think that changing up the hardware would help too.

  508. I like the Newburyport color, but I wish it was painted in a shinier finish.

  509. One more vote for Cyclone. In the picture of the open door, it shows how much more harmonious the flow from your outside trim, the rug and the kitchen island, and now your dresser, will be.

  510. Is there a way of changing the knobs? Perhaps Copper ones or a cool ceramic look? Definitely agree that it had to be painted! 👍🏼I like it the colour it is or the Hague Blue.

  511. I’m Team Paint. I’m also Team No Guilt.

    Cyclone is my favorite of these, but have you tried F&B Parma Grey? That seems like the perfect color for this space. Although, as you say, paint is tricky.

    1. Just adding – that the piece looks to me as if it has already been stripped of an earlier finish OR (if it’s new) was never finished in the first place. It can always be stripped again.

  512. I like Newbury Port best. Perhaps you can add a mirror to bounce off the little light you have there?

  513. My vote is for The Hague Blue…. I like how it makes a little trifecta of darkness with the stair railing and barn door track. Also, love how it looks with island color!

  514. I love the color you painted it and think it doesn’t need to pop off the wall because the rug is already darker and it just looks calm and lovely when you walk in. And I totally have a aqua piece or two of painted furniture in my house still. 😉

  515. Absolutely, without hesitation – Newberry Port. Lovely colour and it seems to blend well with both your entrance, the carpet and your kitchen island.
    I think you made the right choise painting the dresser, it has such a nice shape, but looks kind of colourless in Wood.

  516. Newbery Port!

  517. I love everything you do Emily. Any of these colors are fine. I think you’re having trouble with this because it really should be PINK!!!
    Try a good EH corally- pink and see if that doesn’t solve the entire issue.

  518. Any chance you’d consider going brownish green? You know Downton Abbey kitchen kind…:)

  519. Newbury Port & some new hardware, maybe brassy gold!

  520. Cyclone!

  521. This is another great option from a gorgeous English paint maker, Mylands, (similar to F&B)…we used it for our kitchen cabinets instead of Downpipe and it added a lightness that we couldn’t find with other options while still being a dark color. It’s called “Bond Street” and is a very dark navy:


  522. Your dresser, your decision. I love the Pike Gray–light and bright. The subdued, even coloration accentuates the dressers great shape!

  523. Newburyport is my first choice and not because I live there! Wink wink. Cyclone matches island in a non match way and Hague Blue is too dark. You could always paint your walls! Not!!

  524. I love the light color it’s painted now. There’s nothing worse than a room that’s all one color (i.e. leaving it natural wood) or a coming home to a dark sad room (i.e. painting it darker). I think the only improvement might be new knobs for it? Maybe something leather or gold? Otherwise, beautiful job as always! And I absolutely love the rug!

  525. Newberry port!!!

  526. I like Hague Blue because it looks less “sweet” than the other colors, especially whenncombined with the brass accents.

  527. Cyclone or Newbury Port!

  528. I vote for Cyclone. I am also among the ranks of those who appreciate that you made something you already had work for your home; projects like this give me more inspiration for my home [rather than seeing something newly-purchased]!

  529. Def the darker two colours. Both work but maybe Hague Blue for me.

  530. Newbury port!!! Go a little darker.

  531. Ummm, it’s pine. Who cares if you paint a pine dresser that isn’t that old. 100 year old walnut, different story. I think before you paint it darker you need some gold or white knobs to match the light above it. Love it Emily.

    1. Thank you! You read my mind.

  532. Newbury Port all the way!

  533. Newberry port gets my vote. I think you were definitely right to paint it, but it’s too light! It reminds me of baby nursery furniture at the moment and looks a bit DIY; in my opinion, it needs to be a stronger, darker shade. Newberry works great in the space, especially with that rug, floor colouring and the kitchen island! Xxx

  534. I love that you painted it and I love that chalky finish! My vote is leave it the current color or just go a bit darker with cyclone. The space is dark, why suck more light out of it with a dark piece of furniture. Thanks for being “brave” enough to continue asking our opinions on things… it’s one of the many things that makes your blog great.

  535. Paint it darker for sure! The Farrow & Ball color. It will ground the piece plus look nice with stair railing.

  536. I would have a hard time deciding which one; such lovely colors! I love painted wood. Wood has been painted for hundreds of years.
    Question: If a wall color is a blue-gray, would you default to painting a rough-shaped, wooden antique piece white? Good luck and can’t wait to see the winner!

  537. I LOVE that you painted it… it’s a sweet beautiful peice and you enhanced its beauty with paint. I like it as is or in cyclone, but you really can’t go wrong with any of those color choices.

  538. the shot from outside the front door is gorgeous! newbury port has my vote.

  539. Hague Blue with a bit of a sheen, doesn’t have to be totally glossy. New knobs. The darker color will feel more grounding.

  540. It’s better painted. One shade darker (cyclone) would be perfection. Go.

  541. Emily, this is a fateful moment! And I am not even a fateful person…BUT! I was just reading THIS: http://www.thecreativityexchange.com/2017/04/chalk-paint-milk-paint-and-specialty-paints-differences.html which is an old-school link because I have to work off of an old mac because my up-to-date one died….When one of your sharp commenters mentioned it looks to flat- I thought “yes!” (and I love flat paint). The point is, chalk paint, if you read about it in the link, has way more lime. And, as you know because you have posted on the sublime beauty of lime, this causes a chalky variation in the texture of the paint that is beautiful- OR milk paint has lime but is a little more watery so you can get more of a vintage finish….I implore you to read this post I just hijacked for your needs and make a glorious new post of your findings!!! If I didn’t live in Colorado I would happily do this for you and be your new team member! Cheers- Danielle

  542. I would have stained over painting it but now that it is done I would say Newbury port, or a bit darker, and it needs at least a little sheen with some wax. And it is screaming for contrasting knobs of some kind.

  543. Newbury Port!!! I think it’ll anchor the space nicely without being too dark. And I personally have no problem with painting wood. 🙂

  544. First choice would have been darker stain with glass and brass knobs.
    Second choice, light pink with glass and brass knobs.
    Works with red door and colors looking through to kitchen and other angle to living room.

  545. Is is weird to suggest a dusty rose color??

  546. Hague Blue would look amazing but I think what the piece needs more than anything is different knobs. Something special. But not brass because you already have the brass sconce and picture frame.

  547. Love it the way you have it now! Don’t second guess!

  548. Go DARK or go home! Hague Blue, is my choice. It compliments the rug, it’s a great contrast to the island and it’s the pop you need. Add some brass hardware and this project is complete!

  549. Before you paint try changing out the knobs, that might be all the difference that it needs. If you do decide to paint, I vote for Cyclone. I can’t wait to see what you will do!

  550. I can totally relate. We have an old sewing table in our bedroom that I turned into a vanity and it took months before I could confidently say to myself “painting that was the best decision”. Because the pictures are lightened a bit Cyclone is my favorite choice. If the room had more natural light I would go for the darker shades but I think Cyclone is a happy medium.

  551. I’m English so can I claim a little authority here? Pine ( deal ) was a cheap wood for servants areas and always painted. Stained pine with pine knobs is hilariously 1980s. Absolutely ditch the knobs.
    I love blues aquas teals and greys but you are really struggling here because you have too many of them. I would favour looking at the entry way rug and perhaps picking one of the Farrow and Ball pinks ( someone has already said calamine) which chimes with the pinks in it. Preferably one which really clashes with the front door! Perhaps looking at Ben Pentreath’s work might supply some inspiration.

  552. Hi Emily
    I ilke the cabinet painted in the color you chose and in the flat finish, but i would put a marble top on it and cuter knobs to give it a bit more character.

  553. I prefer the cyclone. The other colors are too dark for when you show the room as dark as it really is. As a matter of fact, the present color looks fine in the room when you have not lightened it. But the cyclone would be a better contrast with your present wall color.

  554. Painting beautiful antique pieces is not something I usually like – and I find it’s WAY overdone here in TX. However, I agree with you – if you have a piece that is perfect for the space but isn’t the right color, why not make it perfect with some paint! As long as it’s the exception not the rule to your wooden pieces 🙂

    I think a darker color paint would be pretty. I love the Hague Blue. I would also consider a finish –
    lacquer or distressed to add dimension and hardware to add interest. I think pretty brass rings or an interesting knob would be beautiful and would help preserve the vintage look.

  555. I like the Newbury Port. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Plus it is a process it is not always just bam – and better. 🙂

  556. Newberry port It is weighted like your rug. Black is too dark there. Also hardware. Whatcha doing on that score? Walls inside are now a lighter gray or blue yes?

  557. Emily, I looooove all these perspective shots of your house! So great to see how all the rooms connect and relate to one another. Truly lovely…
    (As far as the dresser goes, I agree with the commenter who said the color options are too similar to what already exist in the house. If it’s there in the rug to draw from, I think the dresser painted pink would be the lighter ‘moment’ you are going for..?)

  558. Cyclone or just go crazy and paint it pink

  559. I love it painted! I can see why people would get bent out of shape about an antique… but not this… 🙂
    I think Cyclone would be perfect. The darkest color might make it feel even darker… and the second darkest color looks close to the blue wall color and might look matchy-matchy.

    1. Oh! the wall is not blue anymore. Changed my mind. Hague Blue. Just a thought- maybe start with painting just the top piece. In the picture from the side it looks like it could add some extra geometry/interest. It’s hard to tell if the top is defined enough for that, but it could look really cool. Bonus – if you don’t like Hague Blue there’s less to repaint!

  560. Cylcone, but with a glossy finish to bounce the light around more. I feel like it needs different knobs too, maybe a brushed gold/brass to tie in the sconce and picture frame and make the whole piece a little more special?

  561. 650 comments! Wow. Well if this one makes it to you, I love the color you chose. The darkest is too dark, and the second two in my opinion, compete with your kitchen color too much. Keep!

  562. I think you should paint your furniture if it makes you happy.

    That said, I think the artwork and sconce needs to be rethought. They’re too close together and too close to the table. I’d raise the artwork, maybe swap it for something larger, and put a sconce on either side, rather than the double sconce above the artwork.

  563. Newbury Port!

  564. With the rug and island, Newbury Port is the choice! They tell a nice color story together but aren’t ‘matchy,’ for me at least.

  565. Newbury Port!

  566. At first, I was all for the darkest color- Hague Blue!! I instantly loved the dramatic contrast that was happening. But after seeing the photos of how dark the space actually is, I say go the in between color of the 2 darker options – Cyclone. That will make it pop off the wall more but not feel way too dark for the space, especially right up next to the stair railing??

  567. Something with more of the dreaded teal….it would match the rug better and go well with the green counter showing in the kitchen. Other than that I would do a grayer gray that doesn’t read baby blue or black which defeats the goal of lightening the area.

  568. I love cyclone!

  569. Cyclone!!!

  570. cyclone has my vote! Although i did really love it in its natural finish!

  571. Newbury Port

    1. AGREED. Definitely PAINTED. and definitely NEWBURY PORT!!!!!!!

  572. Cyclone, by far (if you paint it again)! If not, I think you can definitely make the existing color work and it’s still 1000x better than the wood.

    As a side note, while I love digging through the comments to see everyone’s reasoning/logic for their choice, I miss having a quick look at where the audience is trending. Is it a lot of work to put in a poll to a post like this so we can “vote” and see where it’s landing? I’d LOVE that feature in questions like this where there are clear choice options.

  573. My vote would be to dry paint it in one of the two darker colors and rub if off a bit, so that some of the lighter color you have now shows through. I think what I love about the other blue cabinet you found have is that it has layers of color, some brown showing through even, but in a natural worn and not-chabby chic way.

  574. I love the colour you already painted it. I think if you went darker you would loose the details of the piece and it would end up feeling too heavy for the space. I would leave it as is! It’s lovely 🙂

  575. Cyclone for suuuuuuure!!!

  576. LEAVE IT seriously it looks so good

  577. I do honestly like the wood better…but it’s hard to judge a space sometimes when you’re not seeing it in person. So I think if you are happy with it and feel better that’s awesome. And it does look great painted, it’s just such a hard decision at times.

    I do like any of the last three blue choices better, as you said it pops off the wall more then.

    And I’m sure everyone will think I’m crazy but I kind of wish the sconce above the dresser was black. The brass doesn’t pop for me. Black would tie in with the stair railing and give the eye another pop, albeit a slight one.

  578. Newbury port. Good call painting. That wood wasn’t that pretty.

  579. Cyclone is the best option in my opinion.

  580. newbury port!

  581. I think you should paint this Benjamin Moore – Jet Black add round brass knobs. Ties in the railing, the gilt on the frame and will had a much needed slap of contrast. The blues you are contemplating are all too close to one another and look like they have been picked up from another room in the house….which they kind of have.

  582. I think i t looks perfect now. Bright and happy. Let it be!

  583. It could be a little darker, but not too dark? I prefer Cyclone, but Newbury Port would also be good.

    No matter which you choose, however, something needs to be done about how flat the color is– there’s no dimension there, it loses all the charm of the curved shape. Perhaps varnish it over the color in a semi-gloss? And the knobs need to be replaced with a metal– gold, brass, something. Anything! It’ll go from nice to superlative 🙂

  584. I support your decision to paint that piece 100%, and I agree it could go a shade darker to help ground the dresser in the space. Of the options presented, I like Cyclone the most, but it might be a tad darker than necessary. I am wary of the other two beautiful, deep colors because you said the space is dark most of the time.
    In the low light photos, you already have a contrast between the dresser and wall color. My goal would be to have that same contrast even in the brighter instances (Even if they are Photoshop induced.) Good Luck!

  585. I realize this wasn’t what you asked for…what if the answer is none of the above?! I love the idea of a warmer color!
    A red, an orange, or even a coral. Something that would pop in contrast with the kitchen island but not clash with the front door.

    1. Or a soft pink, like the color of the peonies in the picture. It’s sweet and welcoming but would have a nice pop. Also the right pink with the right red (the door) can be funky, modern and just really fun.

  586. Love the Newbury Port, it pops off the wall and is in the same color family with the kitchen cabinets that are also visible from that spot.

  587. The paint is too flat and is competing with the cabinets – at least that is what it looks like in the photo. Would you consider a high gloss or lacquer finish? Or does that not match with the tones of your home? Or maybe new hardware to give it some gravity.

    1. AGREED. totes competes with the wall it’s sooo flat and weird and especially bizarre since the console is such a curvy chunky piece! My eyes are confused.

      1. Cabinets* and yes I agree about the hardware.

  588. I love cyclone! It is a nod to the kitchen & speaks to the rug.

  589. I think with those options I like Cyclone the most. It feels more in line with the tonal/monochromatic trend that I’m VERY into right now. That being said…what if you went just one shade darker (or lighter) than the island? Or what if you keep it the same and get a marble piece cut for the top? Or even brass? A little bit of contrast could go a long way!

  590. I know you said it is the darkest area of the house, but I feel like the dresser is begging to be painted black. It would look so amazing, especially with perfect knobs. It would tie in with the railing and other black hardware/details around, and it would give the piece it’s WEIGHT back (if that makes sense… on my screen, it looks powder blue and it just doesn’t mesh!!). She is a big, hefty mama and wants to be sexy black!!

    Though, I don’t know that I would do a flat black… maybe a satin, or give it a soft wax finish.

    If you didn’t want to go black, I would maybe pull a colour from your drool-worthy rug and then get it in it’s darkest shade.

    AND, since I am finally commenting…. I love yoouuuuuu Emily. Your book is my go-to gift for friends.


    1. Ditto on considering the wax finish.

  591. I like Hague Blue or Newberry Port best.

  592. Cyclone is my favorite. It keeps the room bright, isn’t too matchy with the kitchen cabinets, and allows the scone and painting to take center stage. The dresser was beautiful in the original wood – but your intuition is correct. In that space, it is better painted. The cabinet accents the painting and sconce – making those pop and glow. There is already a lot of warmth between the wood floor, gold frame, and gold sconce – you did not need more wood. The painted finish brings in the colors found in the kitchen, rug, and living room so everything flows. Good call!

  593. Honestly I like the color, and I like the trending chalk finish look, but not here. I would put s high gloss lacquer on here and I think it’d look really banging. Tell me if you try it! P.s. Who cares what’s trendy.

  594. Newberry port

  595. I vote for Hague blue

  596. I’m so late to the game here and haven’t had time to read through the comments. Forgive me if I’m echoing anything others have said.
    If you’re set on staying in the blue family, I think The Hague is great; especially if you switch the knobs to something bright (gold?).
    Here’s a nutty idea- (Please be nice, people!) I keep envisioning it in a sweet shade of 70’s “burnt orange”. It would provide enough of a contrast to the floor and wouldn’t compete/potentially clash with your blues and grays. It would also be light enough to show off the beautiful form. Add some fun, interesting knobs (like these? https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/mother-of-pearl-knob?category=hardware&color=010) to pull everything together?
    You probably think I’m nuts (maybe I am, just a little) but I thought it would be fun to throw it out there.

    1. OMG I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! a lacquered Hermes orange would make it look SO fleek. emily, emily, over here look what heather suggested!

  597. I feel like you should match to the Round Top piece more with a grey that has a lot of periwinkle/ lilac in it (at least on my screen). Towards that end the Cyclone seems best, but it also seems to clash with the cabinets. The Hague Blue is nice for pop but seems overly bold. Also, what if you used a matte milk paint the issue appears to be as much textural as color.

  598. I really love the hague blue. The others look too close to the color of the kitchen island in a way that confuses my eyes a bit.

  599. My vote is for Cyclone. It’s dark enough to pop against the wall but light enough to still show off the curves of the piece. I also think it’s blue enough to read as totally different from the green of the island (at least it is in the photoshop version).

  600. Cyclone!

  601. I love it as is EXCEPT, please change the knobs to brass.

  602. Cyclone, hands down. Totally understand why you painted it! Also you only spent $300 on it from Craigslist. If you spent more on it I would be more cautious but that’s well within the range of ok to paint. Also, it’s you’re house! You gotta do what works for you!

  603. Newbury Port gets my vote. But, this photo shows the hallway as lighter than it actually is so I dunno…

  604. I think this is an example of you being so close to perfection that you don’t have to change too much at all. Just change the knobs. I don’t know the answer to what they should be, but I just think the plan painted knobs are what is holding this back from feeling really expensive and perfect.

  605. The wood was great. Could be stained darker and yes about changing the knobs. Now the flat paint plus same knob color just makes the dresser flat in pictures. The wood actually had tones and dimensions. I would never paint it. Now it looks like it needed to be lacquer black or something, with brass knobs to tie in the sconce brass. I might even go out and buy a new piece for the entry or custom made one. All the best, Emily. 🙂

  606. Hey ! In this space, I like it more after the painting, its fresh and looks more modern. Pike Gray looks nice, maybe Cyclone would look better. But in my opinion, definitely not Hague Blue.
    Have you considered switching the knobs?

  607. I honestly like it both ways. I understand not wanting wood painted, but I also believe people need to do what works for them.

    The new color is nice, but I agree that it doesn’t pop. I think Newbury Port is the way to go.

  608. Newbury Port!

  609. Gotta be Newbury Port! I initially thought Cyclone, but I agree with a few other commenters who have noted how similar in intensity it is to the island. I feel like it should either stay noticeably lighter (Pike Place) or noticeably darker (Newbury Port). I feel like Hague Blue is too dark and will further darken the space. Just my two cents!

  610. “Make it work!” Tim Gunn voice

  611. Beautiful and fashionable dressers, pleased, that they from a natural tree, in classic style.

  612. I love your style, Emily! Also – your snap stories are not boring. They are REAL, and it is why you are awesome. I agree with your decision to paint the dresser – although the piece was beautiful in it’s original state, the paint makes it pop and livens up the entry way. I also agree that the current color, which is beautiful, is a tad too light against the wall. My vote is for Cyclone !

  613. First of all, there are exceptions to every rule! I love what you did with this. The piece suddenly has more personality.

    I like it just the way it is – same color family but different shade as the kitchen island. Visually cohesive but not matchy. Definitely helps cheer up a dark space.

    Kudos! Love it.

  614. Definitely like the Hague Blue – it’s a contrast to the blue of the island and doesn’t look like an attempt to match the color. The richness of the color makes it look less like a painted dresser and more like an elevated, intentional piece of furniture. I liked the wood tone before you painted it but agree it looks better in the space now that it’s painted. It is such a pleasing vignette to see when you walk through the front door!

  615. I love the current color!

  616. Go back to your roots and paint it metallic gold? It is such a perfect piece for that space. Then it will reflect light in a way that also adds dimension and animates the space. Find a faux finisher who will make it look amazing? (You are in LA… ) 🙂 Something along the color of this brass item: http://images.horchow.com/ca/1/product_assets/H/B/0/4/2/HCHB042_mu.jpg

  617. I’d like to put a word in for eggshell. It’s the best sheen ever. Well, it’s the best sheen for walls and low-traffic painted furniture. I would advise against waxing if you want to repaint it, because painting over wax is impossible without stripping the wax off with mineral spirits first (it’s a pain, don’t do it). You can never go wrong with navy and I’m pretty sure you’re the one who taught me not to be afraid to go dark in an already dark space. 😉

  618. Leave as is – or Cyclone. The other two are TOO dark.

  619. I like Newbury Port or Hague Blue. The wood was beautiful but if it wasn’t working for you, there’s nothing wrong with painting it.

  620. Newbury Port

  621. Leave it as it is and change the knobs. ( porcelain?) It looks much cleaner & brighter than with the other colours. Also its the color that in my opinion goes more with the green of the kitchen cabinet.
    …. I don’t love the sconces……
    your house is gorgeous!

  622. Emily,
    Keep the color it is currently it’s fresh, light and beautiful. In some light it almost reads as a very pale periwinkle….GORGEOUS! I will say though, there’s one detail missing… I think you need to switch out the knobs with these bone inlay/brass ones- https://www.etsy.com/listing/269730176/brass-gold-drawer-knobs-with-white-stone that’s going to make the piece feel complete! I promise 🙂 I do this for a living too 🙂

  623. From the paint selections you have posted, I’d go with the Cyclone. I think that the idea of stripping the paint and applying a colored stain is also interesting but it may be too late to turn back! The piece has a lovely shape though and the scale is perfect. If you want it to really “pop” maybe take a chance and think about colors other than gray?

    On another note, I’m really curious about your front entry and wondering if you’d consider posting on it (if you haven’t already, that is). We are remodeling the exterior of a 1980s English Tudor that currently has a tired but beautiful wooden door. (I notice your door is painted red…) So, our predicament is similar to that of your wooden piece of furniture….. to paint or to stain? Would love to hear your perspective!


  624. While I follow all your discussion of why you decided to paint it, I agree with Sherrie. That piece was lovely. I loved the wood finish and the grain. But now it looks flat. Maybe paint in a glossier finish, and darker, and change the knobs. Just my opinion.

  625. Much better painted & I am a fan of pine. I think it would look even better painted the blue color of the trim above your front door. To me it would say come on in😊

  626. I think the light colour looks lovely. I keep thinking it would also look nice with a piece of marble cut to fit the top.

  627. I like the piece. I think it would also look great with a piece of marble cut to fit the top.

  628. I started this post totally in the hate-read category {sorry, Emily!!}, because that was a beautiful piece with lovely wood grain. But if I pretend I didn’t see the before, I think the Newbury Port would work well with everything else going on in the house. And I can see why a painted piece would work much better than a natural wood piece in the space. I’ll just pretend it wasn’t THAT particular wood piece.

    Instead, I think I would have done a dark Old English stain and some bright brassy hardware to match the picture frame over it.

  629. Newbury port

  630. Newbury Port Blue! have it in my kitchen and its the perfect color here.

    My mother was always horrified by painting “that good piece of wood”. Won’t paint some bathroom cabinets that would look SO much better. So I feel your pain, but you made the right choice.

  631. Cyclone for sure.
    Didn’t like the wood color

  632. Ohhhh!! Whoever said lacquer, yes!!!

  633. Considering the “reality” of the space and how you described it as the darkest place in the house. I think the lighter color that you went with is the best decision! Light & bright is always happy.

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