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A Roundup Of Our Favorite Article Pieces And A Chance To Win a $2,000 Gift Card (+ A Sneak Peek At The New Mountain House Living Room Sofa)

There are certain brands that I/my team go back to again and again and Article is one of those brands. I’ve been a longtime fan and have used their pieces in many a makeover. Their furniture and decor are well-designed, and beautiful, and their delivery and installation services are truly unmatched. We love working with them and have tried out so many of their pieces so we can confidently attest to their style, quality, and longevity. Today, in honor of Article’s Presidents’ Day Sale (happening right now!), we have a $2,000 Article gift card to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do is check out their site and leave a comment here with the piece that you’d love to bring home. To help aid in your search, we’ve rounded up the best deals along with a few inspirational shots of our tried-and-true favorites. But before we get into that, I wanted to show you the sectional we grabbed for the mountain house. When I needed a really comfortable yet sturdy, beautiful sofa that could hold up with renters AND our extended stays with lots of guests, I turned to Article…

My New Sectional

Last summer, my sofa frustration was at an all-time high as our awesome vintage sectional fell apart anytime anyone sat on it. Literally sitting on it was a problem. My friend, Annie, so bluntly put it – “You hate this sofa, get a new one.” Yes, it was almost 3 years of tolerating the vintage sectional. I knew that I needed A. Extreme comfort – this is a vacation house for Pete’s sake. B. It needed to be family/kid/pet-friendly (i.e. dark and hard to destroy), and C. Not have a crazy long lead time or be super expensive. Even though we weren’t living at the mountain house full time we were renting it out and the guests were also complaining about how annoying our vintage sectional was. So I ordered this sectional from Article (it’s a new sofa for them), it came within 2 weeks, and after the wonderful white glove installers put it together and left I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief and joy. It is SO COMFORTABLE, with a wide whale corduroy that is so soft – and has the perfect mountain house family-friendly vibe.

Over Christmas, I would come down every morning early, throw myself on the sofa with my coffee and kindle, and say to myself about how it literally couldn’t be more comfortable and perfect for our needs there. I recently convinced my friend Kaitlin to get the green version even saying, “As your friend, I want you to have this level of comfort in your family room.” I don’t know what magic foam or filling they have in their cushions but I swear it’s the perfect level of comfort and give. Some sofas are too tightly filled so even though the cushions are high-end/quality it almost propels you off the sofa. And then other types of filling don’t have enough structure so they look like garbage after a few months of use. It’s this high quality + perfect amount of give that makes it so comfortable and long-lasting. I should know, I’ve had their other sectional, the Burrard, for almost 9 years now and it’s still so comfortable and yet structured! I hate showing you iPhone shots, but we are going to shoot this summer.

If you’re the lucky winner of this $2,000 gift card, I can’t recommend this sectional enough. But if you want to stretch those winnings a little further, we’ve rounded up the creme de la creme of their Presidents Day Sale offerings (happening now until 2/20). These items will deliver on comfort, style, and quality over and over, for years and years.


This was the debut of the Burrard sectional in our Glendale house before it sold. It really was perfect. We then used it for our living room in the LA house, and I’ve moved it up to Portland, where it lives in our living room right now. Sure, the chaise isn’t going to work where it is and it’s the wrong orientation for this room, but it’s just so comfortable that it’s hard to buck up and buy or invest in a new statement sofa. I’m going to miss how comfortable it is!

Like I said before, we’ve used Article sofas in many a makeover including Sara’s TV room and Ryann’s living room. Sara has the Sven Sofa in their velvet Pacific Blue color and loves how it completes the monochrome look she was going for plus it is super comfortable. Ryann chose their Texada Sofa because she wanted a statement sofa that had an interesting shape but would still blend with many styles. She loves this sofa and how stylish and comfortable it is (and it’s pet friendly!).

If you are looking for a new sofa these are some new styles we love that are also a part of their Presidents Day sale:

1. Abisko Sofa | 2. Timber Sectional | 3. Lappi Sofa | 4. Klara Sofa | 5. Abisko Sectional | 6. Nordby Sofa Bed


A good accent chair can provide additional seating but also add more style and intrigue to a room. This armchair that we used in a couple of makeovers and LOVED is sadly no longer available but speaks to how Article knows how to construct a comfortable and stylish accent chair like no other. Anytime I use their chairs, I am always thrilled with their quality. Here are some new accent chair picks that are currently on sale:

1. Netro Lounge Chair | 2. Abisko Lounge Chair | 3. Chantel Chair | 4. Oscuro Chair | 5. Angle Lounge Chair | 6. Meklen Lounge Chair

Benches & Ottomans

If you’re looking for an end-of-bed bench or an ottoman, you can’t go wrong here. In Suzanne’s bedroom makeover, we choose their Level Bench to add a sleek, modern flair. I love the U-shaped leg design on the backside and it has just the right amount of tufting. And longtime readers might remember this makeover where we paired this beautiful caramel ottoman with a blue/gray sectional. I wanted to ensure that the sofa had a warmer-toned best friend that was also pet and kid-friendly and this was the perfect fit. I still love the subtle tufting and stitching that swoops down the sides.

Lucky for us, Article has a ton of cool new styles of ottomans/benches on sale:

1. Cossa Ottoman | 2. Virk Bench | 3. Hira Pouf | 4. Oda Bench | 5. Bamba Pouf | 6. Abisko Ottoman


Article of course makes extremely quality casegoods that provide style and storage. I had the Seno Sideboard in my LA living room since day one and loved it so much. It’s a solid Midcentury Modern piece with a lovely finish and wood grain and oh so timeless. Ryann used the Seno Media Console for her TV stand and it ended up being the perfect low-standing piece to complete her living room. It has storage on both sides and a little open shelf in the middle, and similar to my sideboard, the color and finish look very high-end/expensive.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: my best friends 1970s basement gets a makeover

In Robyn’s basement makeover, we went with the black Oscuro Cabinet with brushed brass details. It complements the awesome wood paneling without being too loud and we love the fluted glass doors.

No matter your style, there’s a casegood for you that will look great in your home. Here are some new styles on sale:

1. Merto Cabinet | 2. Nera Cabinet | 3. V Bar Sideboard | 4. Floru Sideboard | 5. Vireo Dresser | 6. Seno Media Unit


Article has incredible indoor and outdoor tables that we’ve tried and tested for you. To balance the dark, moody walls in her rental dining room, Arlyn used one of Article’s solid oak tables (similar)  which has a light, warm wood finish and matched it with oak and leather dining chairs. She loves how the light tone pops against the dark walls and how sturdy it is. On the left, we have Jess’ communal patio where she opted for this round rattan outdoor table that can easily seat six people. It’s somehow both extremely special and unique while also being neutral and so versatile. Arlyn’s table is no longer available but here are some awesome picks (including side tables) that are:

1. Erno Round Dining Table | 2. Alna Dining Table | 3. Vena Café Table | 4. Oscuro Dining Table | 5. Crena Side Table | 6. Grale Dining Table

Lighting + Decor

We talk about Article’s furniture a lot but they also have amazing lighting and decor selections. Their sheepskin throw is great to layer over area rugs for a layered, cozy look. I have used it countless times. They also carry awesome lighting like this floor lamp that Sara used in her living room. It’s perfectly modern and sculptural and it adds movement and height.

If you want to browse more decor and lighting, here are some of our favorites:

1. Suru Small Pendant Lamp | 2. Beau Floor Mirror | 3. Lanna Pillow | 4. Tuva Small Planter | 5. Wyndrow Pendant | 6. Bori Lantern

Again, we are truly fans of Article and their timeless, quality pieces and we feel very lucky to partner with them. In addition to the $2,000 giveaway (enter by commenting below what Article piece you’d love to take home – open to U.S. and Canada residents), Article kindly offered to make sure all our readers get a little extra value out of the sale. Click here to get $50 off a purchase of $200 or more (valid until March 31, 2023). Discount will apply automatically at checkout.

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Quick Changes I Made To My LA Living Room

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9 months ago

The Abisko Lounge Chair is dreamy!

9 months ago

I’ve loved Article’s Sven sofa ever since I saw it in Sara’s TV room. Tufted velvet! So cozy, yet elegant!

9 months ago

I love the Fantol Wide Natural Oak Bookcase. It would be perfect in my living room!

9 months ago

That Sven sofa is to die for! Love it in green … so beautiful!! Thanks for posting this. I love so many things on their site!!!

9 months ago

I love the large Level bench in Bella caramel!

9 months ago

I love that blue Abisko ottoman, and could REALLY use 2 dressers to organize a playroom I’d love to stay clean but keep with the style of our home!

9 months ago

We just did a remodel and addition and our new large living room would love a pair of Timber Charme Tan sofas. I love the lines and now that we have a separate rec room for the kids, I want our sofas to look more grownup 🙂

9 months ago

Thank you for this lovely walk down your design memory lane! So many beautiful and cozy spaces. I have always loved your Seno sideboard and could really use the storage so I would probably pick that. It would look great in my MCM era house. The Oscuro and Merto cabinets are so pretty too!

Keegan Flaherty
9 months ago

The Krossa desk are what office dreams are made of!

9 months ago

My dining room NEEDS the Floru sideboard!

Julie Talbot
9 months ago

Sara’s TV room inspired me to paint my own TV room a dark, moody blue and I would love to follow her lead again and add the blue Sven sofa!

9 months ago

I’m eyeing the Avenia coffee table. Love the chunkiness of this piece!

9 months ago

It would be amazing to win this for my sister, who is a single mother and a teacher, and is currently in a disaster situation requiring her to replace some of her furniture including her sad sofa. Article would be luxury she didn’t even know was possible.

9 months ago

Either the Ceni Fresh White Corner Sectional or the Extendable Madera Oak Dining Table, but really so many more!

9 months ago

I love the Oda Bench. It is perfect.

9 months ago

The Oslo Table Lamp would be perfect for desk. Thank you for the giveaway!

Jen B
9 months ago

I love the Beta Cypress green! Would be perfect in our sunroom!

9 months ago

Our bed is literally falling apart. The leg is chewed up (by not even our own dog, it was a $60 yard sale find) and the footboard frame is popping off. So I would go for the daska bed in oak!

9 months ago

Article is my favourite for furniture as well. I have the Sven chair in the living room, 4 Nosh and 2 Chantel chairs in the dining room as well as the Envelo side board in there. I would love to redo the master bedroom with a Sven bed and Lenin walnut nightstands!

9 months ago

If I could only pick one, it would be the Cossa Ottoman!

9 months ago

I would take home that Meklen lounge chair!

9 months ago

It’s so hard to pick one! Either the sven cascadia blue bed or the green beta sectional 🙂

9 months ago

Haiv oak dining table

9 months ago

I’ve had my eye on the article beta sectional since you first posted about it and was actually looking at it yesterday so thank you for the updated review! We’re welcoming our first baby any day day now and the idea of a cozy place to cuddle up is so appealing. Bonus points for being dog friendly and big enough to fit myself, my partner, our baby and our Bernese mountain dog all in one cozy couch! I would definitely get the beta sectional in blue!

Adair Edwards
9 months ago

I would get the Beta Cypress Green Left Chaise Sectional! Our current sectional doesn’t offer enough contrast to our wall color and have been looking for a good deep green one that wasn’t a “hunter green”.

9 months ago

I am slowly renovating our kid’s playroom and upgrading our hand-me-down furniture and would love to have the Loukos Charme Tan Sofa in there for a more refined look. Thanks for all the inspiration and recommendations with this post!

9 months ago

Sven Cascadia Blue Sofa for me.

9 months ago

The Sven sofa! But maybe also a coffee table…so hard to choose!

9 months ago

either the soma pull out couch or the outdoor full metal lounging bundle! Too hard to decide!

9 months ago

The Lappi sofa is beautiful!

9 months ago

I love the Sven sofa in the grass green velvet so much. I really wish that style came in a sofa bed! I also wish they would add a peachy/pink or a cute mauve/lavender to their line of velvets!!!

9 months ago
Reply to  wally

The Sven sofa is my favorite, too.

9 months ago

I would use it towards the Plumas dining table! Trying to phase out all the dark would in our house and this would make a huge impact.

9 months ago

The Nosh dining chairs in den in blue and walnut

9 months ago

The Oscuro cabinet for me.
Lovely collection.

9 months ago

Divan chaise lounge- I have the perfect space to put it! (Been waiting on a west elm piece since I ordered it in October!)

Leigh H
9 months ago

The Abisko sofa looks soooo lovely, the gold color looks AMAZING, white looks so nice as well! I also really like the look of this end table . 🙂

9 months ago

I’ve been wanting a pair of the Level benches for my in-process new dining nook! Such a classic look with interesting legs.

9 months ago

I neeeeeeed that Vireo dresser! And thanks for making this giveaway just via comment. No IG or FB here, so it’s nice to be able to participate. 💜

Greg Butler
9 months ago

The Nordby Sofa Bed looks snug enough for several naps!

9 months ago

Merto cabinet for my tv/play room! What a great giveaway!

Katie DiSano
9 months ago

Would love the Beta sofa!

9 months ago

I need a level bench for my entry!

9 months ago

I love article and very much am in need of a new couch after my dog and kids ruined my old Craigslist fine one! Love the beta sectional!

9 months ago

Ah so fun! I love every single thing Articles makes. I would love to replace our tippy plastic dining chairs with super comfy upholstered ones like the Chantel Licorice!

Nicole Gabrielsen
9 months ago

I would love to have the Sven Bed, it looks so cozy.

9 months ago

Ohhhh! I have my Article swatches right here at my desk! We’ve been debating between the Pacific Blue or Yarrow Gold velvet in either the Sven or Abisko for our living room. And we’re in need of poufs or coffee tables in our living and family rooms.

9 months ago

I’d love to get a few of the Lenia nightstands to update my bedroom!

Ruth Ann
9 months ago

I love the Crena side table!

9 months ago

I too have Article’s Sven sofa in our family room, and the Candra black media unit would be the perfect piece to complete the room!

Kelly Skiles
9 months ago

Timber charm tan section sofa would be great for my fam!