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Guest Bathroom Sneak Peek + Shop The Look


Two and a half years ago we bought this house, and for two years and three months we lived with it like this:

Before Grid Guest Bathroom Remodel Emily Henderson Design

Technically when we moved in we painted the walls white so we didn’t live with those green walls, but its been pretty eye-scrapingly bad since then. I put it off forever because demo-ing and redesigning a bathroom is expensive, loud, disruptive, and time consuming. But it’s happening.

Here are some sneak peeks into the process. I’ll write a full post with all the details, costs, process, and tips when we shoot it (in 3 weeks or so, waiting on a couple more items).

Process Grid Guest Bathroom Remodel Emily Henderson Design

Here is the product plan we ended up going with. I think it’s fairly accurate, although I may switch out the mirror (it was something that I already had) to be frameless or just not gold because there is a lot of aged brass in there right now and, while I love it, I want to make sure that I have balance, too.

I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have it almost finished.

NEW Bathroom Remodel Emily Henderon Guest Bath Get The Look Brass Blue White Tile

Stay tuned for the full reveal coming to a blog near you soon.

1. Tolson Toilet Paper Bar | 2. Duravit Toilet & Bowl | 3. Erin Adams Designs Lee Tile | 4. Vintage Midcentury Dresser (similar) | 5. Graydon Sconce | 6. Higgins Mirror | 7. Tolson Double Towel Bar | 8. Tolson Towel Ring | 9. Chaine Homme Tile | 10. Tolson Thermostatic Tub Shower Suite & Shower Head | 11. Mirabelle Tub | 12. Tolson Wall Mount Faucet | 13. Duravit Vessel

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Fin Mark


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Love the “H”enderson tile on the walls.


LOVE. Especially those “H” tiles! Can’t wait to see the reveal!

I love that you all noticed that!

How perfect are those tiles for you guys! Love the progress!


Was the floor tile intentionally installed for the pattern not to match the way it does in the sample photo? I’m in the middle of six month bathroom renovation (nightmare) and that’s the kind of stuff that’s had me banging my head against a wall.

Oh that sounds fun (your 6 month reno). The tile matches and the pattern is awesome. It took us like 40 minutes to figure out how the pattern worked, though. I love it very much.

We just finished. As in: the plumber left two hours ago !! We still have the toilet paper holder and two hooks to hang but I can’t already tell you this: it’s sooooo worth it.

The H tiles are awesome !!!


There is only one kind of tile in Emily’s floor. You need two different kind of tiles to make the pattern look like the sample photo. Anyway the floor is looking great. I love those colours and your style, Emily!

Oh that is interesting. The sample image does show 2 different patterned tiles. But I also like the way Emily did it in this bath since it’s a small space. That tile is gorgeous!

HA. I just stared at it forever trying to figure out what you guys are talking about. Yes it looks like there are two different tiles, but I actually love my pattern more – stay tuned 🙂


You’re clever Tanja! Took me ages to figure out what was going on, even with your explanation 🙂

EEK so exciting! Can’t wait to see this!


Love the tile!!


Would love a post on how/why to decide to do a tub vs a shower only when doing a bathroom renovation.


Is this blog sweeps time or something? I feel like the last two weeks you guys have been en fuego!
And UGH to the ubiquitous newborn-poop flecked tile. I have now had it in four bathrooms! Saving the world one bathroom at a time.

HA. thank you 🙂 I think we’ve found a really good groove with a lot of great help. Of course now i’m getting greedy and i’m like ‘can we do two posts a day???…..’


What you didn’t want barnwood ceilings in your mid century modern home? LOLZ

Im PSYCHED for the full post, but loving this teaser. You’re so lucky your last name starts with H, i would DIE for a bathroom with “monogrammed” tiles! It’s seriously amazing. So excited.

That white H tile is gorgeous!!!!


Oh man, that is looking fantastic!! Can’t wait to see the official reveal! 🙂

Love that tile! We have a impending bathroom renovation coming as well I’m looking forward to but not the cost and wait time. Can’t wait to see the final product.

Rachel B

Wow! Wonderful. Can you tell me about the commode?


We just had a new toilet installed. It’s very similar to yours with smooth sides but much more affordable. It’s a Delta Riosa model from Home Depot. The smooth sides make cleaning it so much easier. I just thought I’d mention it in case anyone is interested.

I totally agree. At first I was afraid it would be too modern but then I came around and now I LOVE that its so easy to keep clean.


THE TILE…so damn perfect!

Like all your plans, this is lovely. As soon as I saw that tile I was transported back to the 80s. I still have my beautiful white Halston towels which would match that tile perfectly.


Do you ever feel guilty for “repurposing” furniture like that? I think I need to get over it because from your sneak peek it’s looking gorge.

And yes, the last 2-ish weeks the posts have been AWESOME!


Interesting comment! Do you mind elaborating, I haven’t come across that viewpoint before … do you mean furniture should continue to be used for its original use?


No, not necessarily. My parents were antique dealers, so I think I’m a bit weird about “damaging” a good piece of furniture. Having said that, I love the sneak peak and I’m always for something custom/unique rather than just something off the shelf at a big box store.
One of the contributors to this blog used a piece from West Elm (I think) in her bathroom and it looks great. Maybe for me it has more to do with a piece being old.

I love seeing your renovations and designs because your style is so different than my own, it’s fun to see something new. Can’t wait for the final reveal!


I feel like you plucked the vessel sink set up I’ve been dreaming about right out of my brain (but better!) Can you help me understand the height for a cabinet/table for this? I can’t figure out the balance of standard height less the vessel sink vs. needing a normal height for a counter. The struggle is real!!!


I’m just about to re do our small bathroom and I love the way you can put all of the materials together in collage. It would be great to see all of my selections for the bathroom together. Do you use an app? I appreciate the help!

We use photoshop for that 🙂


Try polyvore! Just use their pinner to pin all your selections from websites, then you can make a collage. It gets addicting though.

Nice tiles on the floor and the walls 🙂


It makes me feel better knowing others also have those rooms that clearly are waiting for an update but just have to wait for timing and budget reasons. I’m always mildly embarrassed when friends go to use our bathrooms because they are all very much a “before”!

Those “H” tiles!!! This is just perfect!


I like it, but I just can’t get behind the vessel sink. I didn’t like it when it was “new” and I still don’t like it. And I think that it’s going to be one of those things that instantly dates a room.


Same with me re: vessel sinks. I am actually kind of shocked to see one of these in Emily’s house!


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I love the tile choices you picked! The H tiles are such an uncommon choice but I think they always look amazing! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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