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Pink and White Bathroom Roundup


In my quest to be president of the lifestyle mafia I have decided that my bathroom “things” need to be prettier. My love of blush, gold, and white has not waned, despite the fact that my bathroom isn’t exactly this color palette. I started pinning for myself and couldn’t stop, so I figured why not make it a post. Some of the items below are splurges, some are cheap and utilitarian, and many are just really good standard options. I’ll call out my favorites below. For now let’s enjoy some major blush and pink bathroom inspiration.

Blush Pink Bathroom_Inspiration_Modern_Pink_blush_feminine_bathroom 2

Blush Pink Bathroom_Inspiration_Modern_Pink_blush_feminine_bathroom 4

Blush Pink Bathroom_Inspiration_Modern_Pink_blush_feminine_bathroom 3


1. Hair Straightener | 2. Candle | 3. Porcelain Tray | 4. Bath Salts | 5. Electric Toothbrush | 6. Wire Basket | 7. Metallic Pink Headband | 8. Copper Tweezers | 9. Textured Leather Makeup Bag | 10. Marble Canister | 11. Glass and Brass Box | 12. Morgans Box Shampoo | 13. Brush Set & Pouch | 14. Hair Dryer | 15. Linen Hand Towel | 16. Portable Speaker | 17. Glass Soap Dispenser | 18. Rosegold Hair Pins | 19. Hair Turban | 20. Eye Makeup Set | 21. First Aid Box | 22. Gold Razor & Shaving Oil Set | 23. Pink Bath Mat | 24. White DOPP Kit | 25. Coral & Cream Hand Towel | 26. Wire Bin | 27. Emery Board Set | 28. Bamboo & Marble Tray | 29. Disposable Razors | 30. Glass Canister | 31. Rosegold Shower Hooks | 32. Marble Toothbrush Holder | 33. Crocheted Shower Curtain | 34. Pink Towel Set | 35. Linen Makeup Bag | 36. Rosegold Hair Brush | 37. Soap Bar | 38. Sculpted Towel | 39. Pink Canister

#1 and #14 are really pretty hair tools from the same company and they are white and gold. I had the same hair dryer for 7 years and it was rather disgusting, so I did get these and now the inside of my cabinets looks wildly more beautiful. The twirl curling iron is a magical tool if you like big waves like I do.

#3 is a blush porcelain tray from my favorite Australian porcelain company, Mud. Someday, when I no longer ever need to handle my own plates (as they are really fragile, and I have a severe spacial awareness issue), I will have a full dinnerware set by them. Meanwhile, I have a few pieces here and there that are so simple, and yet SO beautiful. Their pale pink is absolut perfection.

#12 is a full set of of everything you need for the bathroom – deodorant, shampoo, razors, soap, etc, and it comes in the simplest white bottles. I think it’s absolutely perfect to buy the whole set for guests (and you can subscribe and have it come every month). Even the razors and the toothbrushes are so pretty. Although, if you are into something more budget-minded go with Muji (#29), and if you want to splurge on a GORGEOUS razor go with #22, it is a stunner and the oils smell heavenly.

#34 is a splurge but so beautiful, while #38 is a really pretty and fun budget friendly option.

#20 is the new line of makeup (hippie tested, diva approved) that a lot of people told me about in this post, so I tried it and I’m really liking it. While this wasn’t supposed to be a beauty post, I also really like the S.W. Basics and have been obsessively using the rosewater spray which instantly tightens my face.

I really want everything up there, but I don’t need it all, and I shouldn’t even call them “essentials, ” as a $110 porcelain tray isn’t essential to anyone. But my, my wouldn’t they all look pretty together in a bathroom. To have a huge mound of rose gold bobby pins in that clear glass decanter would make me so happy every single morning.

***Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Aargh! Really want that brush set, but it is no longer available.

Great sources and round-up, though. Thanks!


Love! Wonder how the husband would feel about it though..


I think it looks pretty for styling, but in real life stuff on the counter just seems cluttery and a magnet for waterdrops and toothpaste smudgies. Plus, even though I like the look of it, glass canisters and soap dispensers spell breakage in my bath. Just a transparent plastic soap dispenser and otherwise the counters are perfectly clear.

Can’t go wrong with an all white bathroom! And color accents can make any room better. Pink may not be my color, but I dig all of the above – especially the 2nd one.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

Love love love. My apartment bathroom came with old pink tiles so, since I love pink, I embraced it and went all out. I actually have the same bathmat and shower curtain from that second photo. Now I want all the rest of those pink accessories…

Cris S.

Which “twirl curling iron” do you love? (I’m assuming this is not the same as the hair straightener you mention right before it). My daughter is 12 (just you wait!) and would love some “big waves.”

When we moved into our house 12 years ago the bathroom was a mishmosh of pretty pink floor tiles from the 50s, beige (not white, which was the mistake) random wall tiles, and horrific pink sponge painting that tried to tie it all together and failed. And a non-grounded light switch inside the tub/shower to turn on the ceiling fan that vented to the attic (but that’s another story). I was so relieved when my dad put his arm through the wall tile and the whole thing had to be gut renovated years before we would gotten to it normally. Your post makes me think fondly of the pink tiles but then the beige and the sponge painting memories tackle me and I’m grateful for the white, silver and marble that we live with now.


I’d like to know which spiral as well. I searched Amazon and didn’t c it.


She may mean the T3 twirl convertible on…it is the same white and gold brand as the hair dryer in the post.

Where or WHERE was this post a few weeks ago when I was trying to renovate my hideously outdated powder room with pink tile countertops?? I searched for inspiration everywhere and settled upon the fact that just no one ever wanted a pink bathroom! Anyway, I tore out some of the pink and designed some wallpaper for the walls that take it to a chinoiserie place, if you’re interested, link is below!


Jess Hartnett

Love this type of post! Thanks!!


Lovely, pretty post – thank you! Hum, not sure I could get the pink past my husband though even if I sold it as blush. Love the vanity in the picture. I just wish is wasn’t so hard to find a nice wall mounted vanity in real life (specifically one with an integrated sink and no tap holes…) and that they weren’t so expensive!!

I love the pink details in an all white bathroom, but I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to commit to the pink walls. I guess I like the idea of being able to swap out pieces easily when my taste changes.



This is one of my favorite posts! Everybody can learn something from this, and even treat them selfs to something from this!
Just ordered my toothbrush!


I ordered one of those toothbrushes, and ended up being disappointed. I assumed for the price (and description) that it’d be a somewhat electric toothbrush. But it’s more like those kids singing toothbrushes one gets from Walgreens, it’s a manual brush with a vibrating notification.

I couldn’t justify spending that much on pretty (it IS very pretty!), so I returned mine. But it sure was prettier than any manual toothbrush I’ve had 🙂

(I had the metallic matte black)




Hi Emily! Just love the pink bathrooms! I must do it. A few months ago you featured a makeover of a dining room that you painted pink. Oh how I loved it. Please please tell me again the brand and color. I’m seriously ready to do it. Please help. Thank you so much for featuring pink!!


This is Jill again. After scrolling and scrolling (and scrolling ;)), I found it! It’s valspar, pirouette. It’s gorgeous. Thank you for featuring it!


Image #4 has that “accidental perfection” look that I love most!


This is a more general comment but I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered doing a post about eco-friendly furniture. I’ve had my eyes opened about flame retardant chemicals and feel a little duped that none of my favorite design blogs have mentions about the change in the law (no need to use the chemicals any more) and how to check if your furniture has these nasty chemicals. In any case – love your blog!


We are on the exact same wavelength right now! In fact, I have that top hand towel. I have a powder room that I’m looking to pretty up with some blush and coral accessories. 🙂

pink my fave love everything.

Some really pretty options here. I’ve always been drawn to older homes (my current home is a 1925 Craftsman), which frequently have pink tile in the bathrooms, and thought it would be a really fun challenge to try and work around it.

As much as the idea of a pink bathroom was not appealing to me at first, I absolutely adore these photos! This has me now swooning over blush details for the bathroom in my own home. Might take some convincing with the boyfriend, but these accessories are too pretty to pass up!


So pretty!


You are amazing!
I love love your posts on what to buy, and including all links.
These posts of yours make me VERY happy
Thanks again,


As someone who has a retro pink bathroom this post seems so much more tame and sensual than I thought it would be. I wish I could pick your brain on how to renovate a totally pink bathroom from the 50’s. As a side note why are husbands trained to detest pink? It’s pretty, perhaps girly, but what’s wrong with that? Thanks and more pink!!

wow amazing post

amazing post

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