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Utilitarian & chic #1 – The bathroom

I’ve always had a daily bingeing and purging problem – house-wise. I buy a TON and then purge it out/sell it off. Well, I’ve gotten help and kicked that habit – I got rid of anything that wasn’t awesome before we moved into this house. I threw away (or donated) mops, buckets, waste baskets, dust pans, baskets, ANYTHING that was ugly/cheap even if it was functional. I’m not encouraging you to do this, I just needed to. I wasn’t bringing a 2-year-old stupid Swiffer to this new life of mine – those things are just expensive pieces of garbage anyway.

I really wanted to start fresh and have nothing in the new house that was gross, loud, messy or just distracting from the calmness that I’m trying to create. I mean, there will be a lot of distracting artwork and accessories but I didn’t want my paper towel holder to be center stage.

Well, welcome to the new series called ‘Utilitarian and Chic’ where I post functional things that are designed very simply and pretty.

My theory is, if you HAVE to have a toilet paper holder (which you do) why not have one that is simple and kinda ‘goes away’. Sure, if you live in Downton Abbey-esque castle you might want something more decorative, but for my house right now, I’m digging things that are wood, white and simply designed, like these:

1. Bath bowl | 2. Hand mirror | 3. GLA Nature Bodywash | 4. White lacquer bathroom accessories | 5. Porcelain toothbrush holder | 6. Soap dish | 7. Toilet roll holder | 8. Shaving cup | 9. Teak bathroom accessories

Utilitarian Bathroom

My bathrooms are SMALL, but somehow I will manage to take 6 baths a week in them … whilst watching or reading something with either teenagers in it or suppressed Brits.  I’m toying with my bathroom design (still pinning away … bathrooms are HARD) and right now I’m loving all these refined/warm woods, polished white marble and brass, naturally.

Utilitarian Bathroom

Utilitarian Bathroom

Utilitarian Bathroom

Or maybe some white, stainless and concrete finishes… I don’t know. Part of me needs color (obviously) and then part of me is all shhh … be quiet .. make it white, organic, soft and spa like. The color part of me says,  ‘But why not make bath time fun? and then the spa part of me says,  ‘What are you 6? Do you want to play with tickle me Elmo in the bathroom, too? And then color me says,  ‘Will Tickle me Elmo do anything interesting in the bathtub? like massage my …. feet? 


Utilitarian Bathroom

Utilitarian Bathroom

Images pinned from: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Regardless I’m shopping for really simple, clean necessities and accessories that won’t distract from the relaxing/entertaining times I will be having in said bathrooms. Gone are the days of hot pink flower embossed toilet plungers … My only criteria is that it has to be functional (the copper/wood ‘bath bowl’ up there is probably not going to fly…but so pretty) and simply designed. Oh, and not expensive. I may post some things that are, but if you think i’m buying a $220 bath mat you are wrong, buster.

Stay tuned for lots more Utilitarian/Chic posts  – including for the mud room, laundry room, kitchen, cleaning supplies and general household goods (and yes, more bathroom … this was just my first mood board).

I’m on the hunt ..


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