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Target Chapter 9: Bohemian Bathroom

Bathrooms are people, too and deserve time, consideration and some styling. So we treated this bathroom like the princess it is and styled the heck out of it.

For this video we took on the personality of a 20 something bohemian city girl. Her apartment is small (even though this bathroom is twice the size of my bathrooms in New York) but she still wants to bring in a lot of style and storage through accessories.

Vanity | Blue Ottoman | Brass and Silver Table Lamp |Metal Hanging Basket | Blue Shower Curtain | Graphic Print Shower Curtain | White Shower Curtain | Metal Hanging Baskets | White Wall Ledge | Grey Floor Mat | Plant Hanger 

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_before and after

This bathroom is a set – totally fake. The production designer, Meg, basically designed it to be an urban bathroom, with pretty new finishes – subway tile, penny tile and a clawfoot tub and a traditional sink. You might wonder where the toilet is? And I’d say, don’t be disgusting, she would never own a toilet. Actually, we made the decision to not have one because we needed the space to tell the story and also who really likes to look at a toilet, real or fake? No one.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_bts emily1

Look how satisfied I am with that bathroom styling. I have to say that for a bathroom there is a lot of style up in there.

Click through to see the rest of the space.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_bathtub

Target wanted us to show people how they can mix shower curtain patterns, and I was into the idea – it certainly makes it feel more bohemian. And then to show off their other textiles (towels) we simply flipped baskets to create a shelf, which is a strangely simple and functional solution.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_shower curtains

We also created a couple clever solutions with unexpected things. First up, we threw these bowls in double macrame hangers that we got on Etsy, put a plant in one of them and some bathroom accessories in the bottom one. Granted this mainly works on clawfoot tubs like this, but you could also hang it from the ceiling.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_storage baskets

We did the same thing with some decorative wicker baskets.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_shower curtains 1

We created these pretty cute tie-backs with wooden beads and rope. Well, I use the word ‘beads’ loosely as we couldn’t find beads big enough to really show up on camera so we actually took a square dowel and drilled large holes in it to accommodate the large rope. Then threw some knots in there to break up the all the beads.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_vanity1

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_storage baskets floor

Woven Storage BasketGrey Floor Mat | Multicolored Bathmat | Blue Towel | Mint Green Towel | Green Bath Mat

And yes, that rug is vintage and its mine 🙂 Sorry, friends. If I had a larger version of it I would be happy, happier than Pharell bathing in a pool full of hats.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_storage basket

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_vanity

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_vanity5

I love that little tufted ottoman/seat. Also someday I will have a vanity, because that means you are a woman.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_vanity3

White and Orange Tray | Orange Dip Bowl  | Clear Cosmetic Cylinder | Clear Organizer

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_vanity4

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_mirror wall
Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_mirror wall1

Blue Vase | Wood Vase | Brass Pillar Holder: vintage | Scalloped Mirror | Oval Mirror  |

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_bts emily mirror

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_metal hanging baskets storage

Sometimes we hang baskets on the wall, like shelving pockets and it turns out just so darn cute and functional. Why did it take me 35 years to put cute shelves on a wall?

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_mirror wall with sink

The whole video series was extremely fun – 6 days, 9 videos with this pretty awesome huge family staring at me the whole time. But they stared at me with loving eyes, supportive smiles and very little awkward whispering. Kidding. It was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again. And we are!

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_bathtub crew

We did an intro walk through for each of the videos where I do some sort of action – like fluff the pillows or move a pouf, etc. So for the bathroom one I was supposed to walk through and open the shower curtain, and play with a towel. Everybody was in on it, but Brady was in the shower and jumped out and scared the side braid out of me as you can see below:


To see me SCREAM and see Brady’s man cleavage in the flesh, click HERE

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_full view

There you have it – our bohemian young urban bathroom.

* Hair and makeup by Danielle Walch, wardrobe by Jordan Rudd. Photos c/o Target.


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67 thoughts on “Target Chapter 9: Bohemian Bathroom

  1. Love it! But the blue geometric squares shower curtain isn’t linked. The one linked is waaaay less cute and is circles. Can we get a source for the luminous one in the picture?

    1. Me too! I love that graphic shower curtain but was so disappointed when the link sent me to one with not-as-cute circles. Would you mind giving us that link again, Emily? PS, I LOVE this whole bathroom.

    2. I’m guessing the blue squares shower curtain isn’t from Target. Sucks because I would so buy one.

      1. The diamond/herringbone one is indeed from Target, but a few months old. Per a staff member, “it’s not even in the system any longer”, so you can’t search for one through the store.

  2. We’ll just assume the toilet is in its own separate room complete with a door, plants galore, blue and white art on the walls, and of course, just the right rug underfoot. Dreamy bath, Emily!

  3. So cute! I love the multiple shower curtains around the tub.

    I feel the same way about vanities!! One day…one day…

  4. Who knew that using multiple shower curtains at once was even a thing?! It looks so great. Is the tapestry on the back of the bathroom door from Target as well?

  5. Love that this room has no toilet! ha! Fantastic. I’d love to live on this set…but would always be worried Brady was hiding in the tub.

    It drives me crazy that my eye automatically goes to the one amazing vintage item in the room that I cannot have. Rug here, awesome throw in the bedroom, you name it. Stop eye, stop! Though I do love that wood vase…

  6. i totally love all the hanging things! such a creative idea to use the plant holders + bowls for something other than plants!

    Two questions – where does the white basket that is under the sink come from? And the link to the bath mat that is hanging is coral, but I think its blue in the shot. Is it a different rug?

    Love it!!!

  7. The room looks fabulous! I love the vintage stuff of course and the mixing of shower curtains looks great.

    But one thing that bugs me about styled rooms in general is when stylists do things that are really cute but so impractical in real life, such as putting plants in dark corners/shelves where they would die because there’s no light (though the boston fern is a plant that could handle the dark). Or like the crate of towels on the floor that would just get wet and dirty. Or always using fresh flowers (not in this particular post), when I might have them only once in a while. I would LOVE to see more rooms styled practically and showing how they would look on an everyday basis.

    1. 🙂 There is an ‘aspirational’ versus ‘practical’. Consider styled shots more of the runway look, and then you hopefully get inspiration because we are all a little more ‘ready to wear’. However, I do think that a boston fern would stay alive in there – they hate light 🙂

  8. I’m doing a bathroom renovation as I write, and because the space is taking up both the original 1956 master bath (seriously 4’x7′ -could barely turn around in there) and the small bedroom behind it, there became this nook for which I obsessively needed a purpose. It’s now going to house a vanity area just for makeup. I totally fell like a grown-up lady, finally at 46. 😉

  9. Lovely!

    Could you link the Etsy Macrame hangers please? Also, dying to know what that beautiful plant is that has the close-up shot on top of the towel basket 🙂


  10. Apparently this bathroom, unlike mine, is free is humidity, dust, hair, bits of toilet paper, and disgusting germs. And apparently the lucky girl who bathes here has a tub, that unlike MY clawfoot tub, does not leak whenever I take a shower (rental apt woes). Those baskets, the jewelry, the dressing table, the pouf, the lamp, and the beautiful rug would be toast in no time (the baskets need plastic casters on the bottom/side.) Also, if I had a (breakable?) bowl hanging in my shower I’d either not be able to close the curtains completely and drip water everywhere (see above) or close the curtains and elbow the bowl and /or plant repeatedly….

    1. This post should have been titled: Target Gives Me Money.
      None of these accessories make sense, not even the makeup brushes should be in there. Cluttered, random, ridiculous. Toilet comment, hilarious.

      1. Not seeing “Bohemian” in any of this. I see: A Collection of Crap I Inherited & Collected That Doesnt Belong Together and For Sure Doesnt Go In A Bathroom. I like some of your work Emily, but you are WAY off mark here.

  11. “Don’t be disgusting, she doesn’t have a toilet…” LOL. Literally. Like I laughed out loud for a good 5 seconds, repeated it out loud to myself, and laughed for another 7 seconds. And the bathroom is great, BTW – several ideas I want to – no will – incorporate into our small bathroom!

  12. SO much inspiration here. I love the shower curtain (link doesn’t work, but I think that would be a pretty easy DIY), beads and rope, and hand towels in the hanging basket. And of, course, that floor. Fantastic job Team Emily, as usual!

  13. This is a SMALL bathroom? OMG. I have a 3,000 square foot house and my bathrooms aren’t this big. Love it, though. I seriously love every thing you do!!

  14. totally Emily. Fantastic as always. Do you ALWAYS have to use blue?? I also was wondering about the woven macramé thing on the back of the door. What is it. It adds interest to a door and how interesting can a door be?

  15. Wow–there are some pretty bitter comments here. I think it looks awesome! It’s meant to be inspiration, a few beautiful ideas that you can adapt for your own bathroom, not a solution for your moldy bathroom issues. It’s a set, for lord sakes, not an actual bathroom. I can see hanging some plants above my window and I love all the accessories you picked out–especially the wood vase and the ceramics. If you have the link for that blue geometric shower curtain, I’d love it too!

    1. ha, i clicked the comment button and got sidetracked before commenting. otherwise i would have just written, “I agree.” under your comment.

      love that wood vase too! : )

      1. Ha. Thank you. I wrote a big response but then read yours and was like, exactly. Its inspiration and new ideas, take what you want, leave what you don’t. It’s like fashion – I don’t try to replicate runway looks (which is what I consider magazine shoots – kinda over the top, but so fun), instead maybe buying a piece of two of the ready-made. But thank you. xx

  16. Hmmm, I am left wondering if there might have been a classier way for a couple of your critics above to express themselves.

    I love the overall vibe of the bathroom. While it might be easier to appreciate some of the elements if it were pared back a little, I understand that this is not a client’s home, but a production set meant to market products while imparting some inspiration and style tips. Based on the majority of positive comments, looks like a job well done.

    1. I second that need for respondents to be more discerning in their critical commentary. Rather than shoot from the hip and draw blood, focus on one element in the design and say why it doesn’t speak to you and what might have made it stronger. At the same time, make it more clear from what perspective you are coming from. Not a macrame kinda person, then how might a hanging plant be incorporated that would work for you?

      1. draw blood? I’m pretty sure I know what comments you’re referencing, and both contain compliments to the stylist and are pretty exacting in what they don’t like about the bathroom from a design perspective. Clearly, Emily is a stylist, not a designer. I get that people visit this blog because they are fans, but the amount of hero worship found in the comments is excessive. This should be a space for conversation about better living, that’s what home improvement is about. It’s more than reasonable for people to discuss failings of a room post without people getting bent out of shape.

        1. “Target Give Me Money” — doesn’t exactly encourage “conversation.” Discuss generally means a thoughtful response as opposed to a blatant opinion/claim with unsupported evidence.

          I don’t worship Emily, just so you know. The Bohemian style is not my vibe but one thing I took away is the need for green in my home–more plants–and inviting in more texture–maybe even an artsy small macrame hanging from Etsy. And that multicolored bathmat from Target in my neutral bathroom could be just the ticket for a pop of energy and fun that could echo elsewhere.

          1. “Target gives me money” ABSOLUTELY encourages conversation– it gets to the heart of the problem with sponsored posts, and raises questions about whether EH is compromising her design sensibilities to schlock disposable goods for a company that treats their employees poorly, rather than staying true to her claims that folks should be quality, lasting goods– even goods that have lasted through mutliple owners!

          2. Feedback is never a bad thing, I promise. Sometimes it sucks to hear, but I always learn from it and strangely appreciate the comments. Thank you (all of you). xx

  17. I am EXCITED about this post! You don’t often see such styled bathrooms, and I think you did an awesome job!

  18. Did anyone else notice how very….caucasian….everyone is in the group shot? Would love to see some more diversity, Target!

    1. Why is it okay that you notice that the group shot is “very caucasion.”? I am offended by that as much as you might be if I made a comment that a shot was “very African American” or “very Middle Eastern” or very “insert your favorite ethncity”. Reverse racism is still racism.

  19. I just bought a bigass macrame plant hanger at a thrift store. It’s as tall as I am. I might have to hang it from a tree and use it as a swing. I may have also bought a large macrame owl. It was a good thrift day.

  20. Hey Emily,
    Great job, per usual! I love displaying rugs opposed to bath mats (those can drape over the tub!)
    One thing is killing me though… where is the shower curtain on the right side from???
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Too much styling… It seemed like you wanted to show off a maximum number of Target products. It now looks very messy. I have to admit I like the before picture better. Sorry.

  22. I’m a bit on the fence about this one. The bathroom is gorgeous, no doubt, but it does feel a little over-styled to me. I love a good well-styled aspirational shot, but there’s just a little too much stuff and not enough function in this room. I like to see photos styled out and pushing the edge of function just a bit, but this goes a little too far in that direction for me.

    As someone who hates cleaning, I always love the IDEA of tiled walls in the bathroom (and in kitchens and wherever else people like to put them), but ughhh I hate cleaning the tiles in my shower, I certainly don’t want to do my walls every week too!! And I just want to point out that I’m a 25 year old gal with a good job and there’s no way I could ever find an affordable home with a bathroom like this haha. 20-something seems a little unrealistic in this case, though I wish that weren’t true!!

    Also all I want in life is a place for a proper vanity. One day…. 🙂

  23. This is the dreamiest bathroom EVAH! Love all the plants and the double macrame hanging situation is genius. Literally. I’m doing it TONIGHT! Ok this is a majorly RANDOM question to be asking in a post about bathroom styling but the group picture..the girl with brown hair in the middle…in the adorable Chambray shirt dress…I am DYING to know where her dress is from?! I’ve been looking for one exactly like it forever and have had no luck! Love this Emily. You’re a rockstar!

  24. As always I truly love your brain and design Emily. This one feels a little cluttered. Love the colors

  25. hi! kind of off topic – but i love your kitchen floor and I see the direct link to your floor is at build direct for 3.50ish a square foot. we’re building a house soon and I love this textured variegated floor. is you floor really from build direct? i ordered a sample…but it’s very hard to tell the actual colors and how they look when the whole pattern is variegated and we just receive a small sample… and ideas?

  26. STOP IT! I can’t take it! This is one of the most gorgeous things I have seen you do! It’s unusual cause it’s 1. boho and 2. a bathroom- new territory for you. I LOVE it! Don’t listen to the haters. This post is for inspiration and a bit different than your usual. They clearly don’t get it. More please?

  27. Sorry Emily – I’ve got to say it: I think that quality of your blog has rapidly dropped since you started this Target cooperation.
    C’mon girl – you’re deserve better than being a Target salesperson!

    Ps.: it was always quite a wonder for me: why Americans, who have such big homes, that they can afford to have two living rooms (formal&family), haven’t invented a simple thing like a separate toilet?!:D

  28. Yay! A bathroom! I am super into seeing how you style bathrooms and this is so cool. It feels very San Francisco city girl. I would never think to use different shower curtains, I love that idea! And the hanging plant holders to hold bath items. You’re too good, Emily. xo

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