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'House of the Year' Bathroom Makeover

I’ve been in a lot of bathrooms in my life, sure. Powdering my pale little nose and trying to look ‘put together’ but not ‘whore-ish’. But I’ve only designed a few bathrooms and I find them tough. They just need to be so functional and they are often so small so where is my chance for style? You gotta try to find it, certainly, and it’s all about the lighting, mirrors, and just splurging on the bigger ‘moments.’

We wanted it to be a modern country bathroom — warm and casual, but fresh and still feeling very 2013. Jami and Isabella had Deary construction build this pretty console sink out of reclaimed wood, which I think turned out beautiful.


But the real stunner is that awesome Granada Tile. I’ve been a fan of that tile for a long time and can’t wait to use it in my own home. It has the perfect combination of organic and modern; it’s handmade so it has texture and the quality of feeling custom, BUT the pattern and colors are vibrant and so fresh and modern. Plus they are a small family run company in Los Angeles. That color in that pattern is instant happiness.

The shower is awesome, although we did try to get bathtub in there because Lord I do love a bathtub. Logistics with construction and availability with the sponsors kinda inhibited that, but the shower is great, too, don’t get me wrong.

modern country bathroom

We kept the farmhouse/country-vibe with the wall mount faucets from Moen, and then added a bit of industrial chic-ness with those Schoolhouse Electric sconces. The mirror was tricky and I went back and forth about it. Is it weird good or weird bad? We weren’t going to get rid of the window because we obviously loved the light, but we also kinda needed a mirror above the sink. So instead of trying to use a mirror that was roughly the same size and shape of the window, and therefore competing with it, we decided on something drastically different to just make it an obvious statement.

I love that sink very much. It’s simple and modern but not too mod. It gives a nod to a farmhouse style sink but it’s totally updated.

Resources: Schoolhouse Electric sconces  ($159) and ceiling fixture ($359). Tiles: $7.76 each; 8″ square; Granada Tiles. Sink $960; Wood ($12 per board foot) The Hudson Company. Shower fixture $1232, shower arms  and sinks all from  Basket, Stools; vintage. 


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