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Flo and Frank Office + Shop The Updated Office Look



Hello again, it’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator and I’m so happy to be back – It’s been way too long. I’ve been busy curating art, writing books, creative directing the design of Flo & Frank (a brand new site for smart and funny women, i.e. you), AND hanging out in New York with Emily’s husband – don’t worry, Emily totally knows. Let me explain – Brian and I met up in Soho, at the empty white box that was the Flo & Frank studio earlier this spring. It was time for that empty, and frankly kinda sad, white studio to be turned into a lovely, eclectic space for creativity to flourish. Obviously we needed to document that process for the entire world to see, because, social media. Basically we love all of Emily’s videos and we wanted that same look. How do you do that? Hire Brian’s company,  Scrunch Media,  and let them do their thing! Brian and his business partner, Chandler, arrived with their lights, cameras, and other fancy film gadget type o’ things – and away we went.

They started by documenting the “before.” Bare bulbs, plain walls, and not a throw pillow in sight. Meanwhile, we’d been working behind the scenes with Justin DiPiero, a super talented designer who came to us from Homepolish. I’m just going to add here – THANK GOODNESS FOR JUSTIN. Ok, so we got the ball rolling by working with him to create a mood board. We knew what we wanted – a calm, creative oasis in the middle of Manhattan – a place where we could focus on making beautiful, clever content. Justin suggested colors, textures, plants, and obviously a fluffy pouf or two:


He sourced gorgeous products from stores in New York such as West Elm (desks, chairs, tables and the couch) and Farrow & Ball (the beautiful patterned wallpaper), while we drew on our network of talented makers to create unique pieces to fill our space with handmade love. Araya from Willful Goods provided paint-dipped bowls for our tables, Michal from Micush Art & Illustration supplied artwork and office decor,  Tjockt knitted us a throw – on an extreme scale – and Sea & Asters gifted us air planters that we’ve scattered around the office to breathe life (and a little more color) into our space. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the gorgeous custom macrame wall hanging that Maya of Juniper & Fir created for our studio wall:

Flo and Frank Office Redo Reveal Emily Henderson Workspace Office3
Flo and Frank Office Redo Reveal Emily Henderson Workspace Office5

And the final verdict? We love it so much! Brian and Chandler did a beautiful job documenting the transformation (mistakes and all), and Justin created such a relaxing atmosphere that we may have to start a sign-up sheet for 4pm naps in our cozy studio lounge.
Flo and Frank Office Redo Reveal Emily Henderson Workspace Office4

The couch. The bar cart. Deadly combination on a Friday afternoon.

Flo and Frank Office Redo Reveal Emily Henderson Workspace Office6

Our office workspace area also got a new look and we are loving having a clean and inspiring space to work in now:


Flo and Frank Office Redo Reveal Emily Henderson Workspace Office1


Take a peek at the full video below. We had so much fun collaborating with everyone that I’m thinking of pulling creative director rank and insisting we redesign/document every few weeks. Brilliant, yes?


Open Work Area: Desks | Lights | Carpet Tiles | Wall Decals | Paint Storage Units | Rattan Chair | Flokati Stool (similar here)

Kitchen: Cabinets | Counter | Shelving | Stools

Photo Studio: Leather Settee | Chairs | Reclaimed Wood Side Tables | Lamp | Area Rug | Coffee Table (similar here) | Wallpaper | Bar Cart |

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Photography by Alpha Smoot and Rebecca Pollack for Home Polish



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  1. Don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t see a video. It wasn’t there in feedly so I came to the site to check and still don’t see it… I take full responsibility if I am just a mom who hasn’t had her coffee yet (brainless), but wanted to let you know!

  2. I don’t see a video either – was looking forward to seeing the transformation in full….

  3. Such a cute space! Nice job on the video, Brian! Does this mean you aren’t doing the real estate thing anymore? I have been following a long time and last I remember, you were working as a realtor. But you’re great at videos so kudos to you for the change, and it’s so perfect that you can do all of Emily’s videos. Great teamwork!

  4. This is such a fabulous plug for Brian’s work!! He and his partner truly have a great talent!

  5. What a beautiful space! Can I ask where those throw pillows are from? I love the colors on them!

  6. Gahhhh!!! Danielle it’s so good to have you back for a guest post. I miss your guest art posts so haaaaard! I stalk your Instagram to see what new goodies you find, and have fell hard for several artist’s works that you feature. Especially that twisted paper piece from not too long ago. Wow! Good for you on your new space, congratulations!

    1. oh, thanks so much molly – yep, i jump at the chance to be part of emily’s world whenever i can ; )
      ps. i’m having that paper artist on the podcast in a couple of weeks… should be interesting to find out how she makes those crazy things!

      1. Yes, I vote for bringing back your guest posts!
        Thank you also for the heads up about the podcast, I will definitely listen in.

  7. Justin and I were interns together at HGTV (Hi Justin!!) and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that he’s an awesome designer that’s fun to work with. The space looks AH-mazing <3

  8. I love the white and blue spotty mugs on the table with the notebook. Where are they from? Beautiful working space, Justin did a great job creating a calm, bright environment!

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